about…CodeX4 and the Reconciliation of Science and Religion


“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage – to move in the opposite direction.” E. F. Schumacher

That is what this blog is about, illustrating the simplicity that underlies the complexity, reconciling the big with the small, and taming violence with love.

This simplicity rests on the right triangle theorem … an idea that the fake Pythagoras was given credit for.

The Babylonian tablet ‘Plimpton 322’ from 1900-1600 BC describing the
triangular geometry later made famous by Pythagoras.
Plimpton 322 is in the collection of G A Plimpton housed at Columbia University

An old Babylonian tablet (1900-1600 BC), shown on the left, contains the so-called Pythagorean Theorem, except that it predates Pythagoras by a millennium or more. According to Neugebauer and Sachs (1946), the tablet lists in the two middle columns the numbers that satisfy the theorem. From the left, the first column indexes the contents of the table (1, 2, 3, …), the second and the third the hypotenuse c and the leg a of a right triangle all in sexagesimal numbers. The fourth column shows (c/b)2 where b is the basis of the triangle. For instance, the 11th row shows 75, 45, and 1.5625 = (75/60)2. A translation of another Babylonian tablet preserved in the British museum states (John Heise): 4 is the length and 5 the diagonal. What is the breadth? Its size is not known. 4 times 4 is 16. 5 times 5 is 25. You take 16 from 25 and there remains 9. What times what shall I take in order to get 9? 3 times 3 is 9. 3 is the breadth.

source: https://www.biblegematria.com/pythagoras.html

And a much closer study of the facts reveals at the heart of the ‘right triangle theorem’ is the 12,000+ year old swastika idea.

UPDATE June 14, 2022

As a mystic who anticipates the future (keep reading my two blogs to comprehend this claim) the following article is just another confirmation of the many still yet to come.

Sound research ~ Scientific innovations harness noise and acoustics for healing

The above website has the following YouTube video.

I left the following two comments with the video … neither is registered by the ‘counter’. Do you see them on your device? hmm … don’t you just love this brave new fake (transparent) censored world?

STANFORD Medicine heartcell media

file under: just more of the same ole’ bullshit

UPDATE May 25, 2022


He who would hear the voice of nada, the soundless Sound, and comprehend it, he has to learn the nature of Dharana.

‘Nada, the “Soundless Voice” or the “Voice of the Silence”, being the equivalent word in Sanskrit for the Senzar term would literally (perhaps) read ‘Voice in the Spiritual Sound’ (Theosophical Glossary).

Since sound is the expression of thought, it is clear that ‘spiritual sound’ is related to spiritual thought and since we have seen that language is not able to express spiritual thoughts, we have to go ‘beyond language’ and find out more about the ‘Voice in the Spiritual Sound’.

Dharana is the intense and perfect concentration of the mind upon some interior object, accompanied by complete abstraction from everything pertaining to the external Universe or the world of the senses. It is explained as follows: When the disciple is able to keep his mind free from all external objects, then he is in Dharana. But however perfect and intense the concentration, it is not enough because before the soul can comprehend and remember — in my view comprehending and remembering the reflected visions in the cavities of our brain — ‘The soul must unto the Silent Speaker be united’ and the example is given ‘just as the form to which the clay is modelled, is first united with the potter’s mind’.

If we indeed want to comprehend and remember, we have to discover more. Dharana is in the occult system the sixth stage of development but not yet the Seventh, the most spiritual.

source: Beyond Language Ali Ritsema

UPDATE July 16th, 2020

It has been a long time since we updated this intro but the following quote by George Rajna was in fact anticipated by the ancients.

Sound Shaking Light

The new technology could provide impetus to microcomb applications in power-critical systems, e.g. in space, datacenters and portable atomic clocks, or in extreme environments such as cryogenic temperatures. [37] Light is the fastest way to distinguish right-and left-handed chiral molecules, which has important applications in chemistry and biology. [36] Scientists at Tokyo Institute of Technology have fabricated a multiplexer/demultiplexer module based on a property of light that was not being exploited in communications systems: the optical vortex. [35] Optical chips are still some way behind electronic chips, but we’re already seeing the results and this research could lead to a complete revolution in computer power. [34] Electronics could work faster if they could read and write data at terahertz frequency, rather than at a few gigahertz. [33] A team of researchers led by the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory has demonstrated a new method for splitting light beams into their frequency modes. [32] Quantum communication, which ensures absolute data security, is one of the most advanced branches of the “second quantum revolution”. [31] Researchers at the University of Bristol’s Quantum Engineering Technology Labs have demonstrated a new type of silicon chip that can help building and testing quantum computers and could find their way into your mobile phone to secure information. [30] Theoretical physicists propose to use negative interference to control heat flow in quantum devices. [29] Particle physicists are studying ways to harness the power of the quantum realm to further their research.

OM sound shaking light …

~ end of UPDATE ~

“Geometry will draw the soul towards the truth”

– Plato

“Quantum gravity basically means random geometry, because quantum means random and gravity means geometry,” – Xin Sun, University of Pennsylvania

First there was (sound) — then there was Light (and shadows)

Then –there were shapes in the Light – who spoke

Later, there were Words and Numbers

Then, at last, Letters and the logics of their assembly

into transports of communion.

the translator

Then must not a further admission be made?

What admission?

That the knowledge at which geometry aims is knowledge of the eternal, and not of aught perishing and transient. That, he replied, may be readily allowed, and is true.

Then, my noble friend, geometry will draw the soul towards truth, and create the spirit of philosophy, and raise up that which is now unhappily allowed to fall down. Nothing will be more likely to have such an effect. The Republic – Plato

UPDATE January 7, 2020

This is the first update to this particular page in 9 years.
But take note that the focus of the epiphany has not been altered in any way.

Scientists Have Mapped 13 Key Emotions Evoked by Music

SOUND Map-of-13 KEY Emotions-Triggered-by-MusicAnd just recently we have come across the ARK+E+typal insights of Edmond Furter whose work resonates with our ark+E+typal recoveries being made since 2004. 

Edmond Furter BLUEPRINT Photon ARCHETYPE Two Fyrfos equals One PhotonThe next image helps to anchor and bring the many ARCH+E+typal narratives in out of the reign of ignorance and under the same umbrella of belief called ARK+E+type.

Representation of the propagation of an omnidirectional pulse wave on a 2D grid (empirical shape)PHOTON SOUND WAVE arkEtype Representation of the propagation of an omnidirectional pulse wave on a 2d grid empirical shapeStare into the center and wait for the ‘implosion’ … do you see the ‘Photon’ Crusader Cross?

Edmond Furter BLUEPRINT Photon ARCHETYPE with addendums single photon

“Let there be light” is clearly one of those eternal expressions that never loses currency.

UPDATE Dec. 12/2011

MRI, EEG, and other marvels of modern science are now helping to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that we have shadows that cause us to doubt, perhaps “Phantoms in the Brain“, which is the title of a book written by V.S. Ramachandran. Experiments made by Dr. Michael Persinger using Stan Koren’s God Helmet suggests that the soul can be accessed via the ‘unconscious’ right brain.

Thus Plato was correct, it appears that ‘G’eometry reveals itself as a universal language.

Nature cannot be hidden only vEILed with narratives that defy nature and ultimately are left with the task of defining nature, by naming every that is to be found, whether by chance or a prescribed fate.
-Raphael the author of this blog



This image was taken by me in 2006.
The location was a monastery in Arequipa Peru founded by a Dominican order back in 1580 AD.

Taking that photograph forever changed my life.
It has opened doors for me.
And closed others.

Within a little more than a year after that Kodak moment, I would leave my ‘secure’ job with the fire department, and depart willingly into the unknown. It appeared that the next fire I would do battle with, the ‘elemental animal’ would be the fire, the spark that had ignited within me.

I believe in my heART, what this symbol did for me, it can do the same for you.

Once you enter this blog, and start to read its contents, the importance of that symbol soon becomes apparent.

Without it, I am lost.
It has become part of my treasure map.
With this mandala that I have nicknamed the Rosetta Fractal, I feel a theory of everything that links the causal to the acausal is within our grasp.

“The day when we shall know exactly what electricity is, will chronicle an event probably greater, more important, than any other recorded in the history of the human race.”

“What led me more or less directly to the special theory of relativity was the conviction that the electromotive force  acting on a body in motion in a magnetic field was nothing else but an electric field.”
– Albert Einstein

“We ought so to behave to one another as to avoid making enemies of our friends, and at the same time to make friends of our enemies.”
~ Pythagoras

Of the above swastika symbols (all are variations of the Japanese Manji) which best resembles the swastika that GE adopted as their logo associated with their brand name?

“Signs and symbols control the world, not phrases and laws.”

To the reader this ‘intro’ was originally written in 2007.

I have become far more focused since March ’07, as I continue to search for the ARKetype of the Covenant.

It will soon be 4 years since I began my quest for the holy grail.

I use Sept. 11th, 2004 as my anniversary date, a recognizable date.

(…for 3 years between 911 and Sept. 11/2004 I lashed out at the shleep-walking firefighters, my co-workers, then in 2004 my focus started to change)

I retired at age 50 on July 31, 2007 and then I started to fudge with the numb3rs, if you know what I mean and some folks thought I was not only retired but retarded too.

My retirement date was a nice match for the Lo Shu magic square and revelations that had been already scripted and were still to come.

50 @ 7/31/200(2+7=9)

Little did I know how important the numbers 13579  would become in my journey.


37 = the number of the collective unconscious or is it …

137 = the reciprocal of the fine structure constant FSC

1376 = the Judaism/QaBaLaH/4 Evangelist Code


1379 = the Maya/Freemason/Mesoamerica Code

13579 = the Ho Tu Square/Lo Shu/I Ching

IMHO the bridge between science and religion is nearing an archetypal completion.

Science and Religion can and will be reconciled eventually.

Not in our lifetimes of course but we can still help plant the seeds of truth.

Sadly the reconciliation will not come soon enough.  It appears we still have lessons to learn because we ignore the obvious, as they say to our pErIL.

“An inch of time cannot be bought by an inch of gold”
-Chinese proverb


Religion and Science are the same currency.

Heads or tails?
The negative vs. the positive photographic print?

How we actually ‘see’ and measure ‘time’ must also be reconciled.

And  the RS or Rotas Square will help by providing plenty of clues.

“It is only with one’s heart that one can see clearly.What is essential is invisible to the eye”
Antoine de St. Exupery

What is CodeX4?

CodeX4 is the result of an intensive, 9+ year study (still ongoing) into esoteric archetypes that suggest there are no coincidences.

It is the opinion of this writer that there are no coincidences.
In fact I AM now convinced that this grab bag of what seems to be unrelated coincidences are in fact to be recognized as evidence of an underlying unity that our puny brains will never be able to wrap their MiNds around.

Maybe this is why we need to reach into our heARTS and find other ways to express ourselves?

IF you believe there exists an underlying unity or foundation from which all arises, then the deja vu experience or a coincidence is in fact just more evidence of the design, that as mere mortals living such short LIvEs are handicapped … even IF they want to take it all in.

The result is that a narrative within a narrative has been revealed.

A scripted history fraught with profound symbolism, a trail of facts that has allowed me to place the much maligned swastika, the specific form adopted by the Nazis, right into the heart of St Peter’s Square, via Peru and Mesoamerica.

A Swastika Pictorial Atlas

“Let no one destitute of geometry enter my doors.”

The origin of the swastika…how far back can we trace it?
How far back can we trace the swastika as a symbol that represented both gods and the divine forces gods might employ?

Is the body electric?
DNA  emits a faint electromagnetic field.
Is it possible to unite our micro DNA fIELds with the larger EM fIELd that surrounds the earth?

As you investigate the swastika …. because it is a UNIVERSAL divine archetype … you will find many many many meanings can be attached to it.
But this only helps prove its universality.

The evidence being compiled suggests the swastika in pre-literate times,  illustrates that cultures werer linked not only by trade, but there existed an archetypal knowledge base too.
As I continue to pull back the veils, the profound relevance of this ancient pre-literate symbol that means ‘good luck-vital energy’, never ceases to astound me.

Dramatically, but with NO mainstream fanfare, here is a symbol, origin unknown, that represents the two movements that result in either an electron or a positron.

What is essential to kick start the universe?
Ask Milo Wolff…who has been working on a theory for quite some time.

Clockwise and Counterclockwise are two ideas that can be found on every level of scaling from the quantum to the large, used to describe things like angular momentum and precession of the equinoxes, a concept dealing with the earth’s wobble and life’s foibles which was partially the focus of the Maya 2012 end times events that never materialized as many had ‘hoped’ for.

Another end of the world event which was a FAIL.
What are the Jehovah’s Witnesses to do?

Milo Wolff’s model vs. Digital Sky Survey of the Milky Way

The central phase shift is similar to the phase shift of light when it reflects at a mirror. The required phase shift is a 180o rotation of the wave, either CW or CCW. There are only two possible combinations of the rotating inward and outward waves. One choice of rotation becomes an electron, the other becomes a positron. The angular momentum change upon rotation is either +h/4 or -h/4 . This is the origin of spin. One wave set is the mirror image of the other set producing the CPT invariance rule.

New Insights

A simple spherical wave structure of the particles leads to new exciting insights, including: 1) the origin of the natural laws, and 2) the relationships between the smallest things—particles—and the largest, the universe itself. These insights are breath-taking in their scope and potential. This structure appears to agree with and predict experimental observations.

So does this next blog suggest a truth obscured by time and self-serving human behaviors?

Swastika Plate 5000 BC is a Model of the Milky Way

What happens when we connect the dots of the archetypal mind that transcends time and space and motion?
What symbol best describes both the ascension and descent?
What symbol best describes both the clockwise and counterclockwise spiral staircases?

Is GRAVITY a pushing or pulling force?

My vortex guru Vincent Wee Foo suggests gravity could be a pushing force.
Which coincides with the work of Nobel prize winner Brian Schmidt who suggests a respective 70/30 push to pull ratio.

Universal Vortical Singularity enlightenment on the geometric push-in gravity;


“I agree with you Graham that gravity is NOT a pull event.”
– James A. Graber (aka Jag of TOEQuest Forum) with twenty-five years into vortex research
14th Nov 2008.

“I must in the full recognition of the fine work he does give thanks to Vincent Wee-Foo, for his platform of ponder for explanation of gravity being a push in effect.”
– Graham Burnett

Is Gravity a PUSH ME or PULL YOU force, implosions versus explosions?


IS the swastika the miSSing piece of our collective history turned into a one-size-fits-all HIS-story?

I believe it is, as I have suggested it is the ultimate Macrocosmic/microcosmic symbol, an ancient model for both the electron and its movements, and on a larger scale, the Sun and its movements…
Herein is a secret worth burying if you expect to be in charge of ‘The Power and the Glory Inc.’

Yes, I feel the swastika is the missing link that we can use to take current string theories and either weave or unravel the truth with this symbol.

Universal asymmetry = swastiKA = spin or rotation which imparts a charge leading to a polarity … cha cha cha

Consider CodeX4 the pre-quel to the DaVinci Code.

What is a Codex however?
What is X?
What is the significance of the number 4 in ‘CodeX4’?

The name I have chosen, CodeX4, reveals itself as a code itself. Not unlike a code formed by the 4 base letters A,C, G, and T, found in our DNA that form all 64 codons necessary for a code. We further suspect these 4 letters are all that is necessary to script a code necessary for LIFE.
And would it be a coincidence, the eastern scribes discuss the 64 Healing Arts that should be attended to in LIFE?
And a competent musician who has immersed themselves in the ‘art of sound”, can in a beat timed every half second, detect an error of about 1/64th of a second.

There are no coincidences.
What we call deja vu and coincidence is actually futher proof that “All has been written”.
This I now believe.

As Albert Einstein suggested the “coincidence is god’s way of remaining anonymous”.

But our possessed spirits and our material possessions would have us believing we can indeed exercise some ‘free will’ in our lifetimes.
This paradox where ‘all has been written’ vs. ‘free will’ can be answered using figurative interpretations in conjunction with the overriding literal assumptions we have to this point fallen prey / pray to.

Can I call the paradox we seek to reconcile X?

And the letter X always seems to represent the unknown.
In math and science it appears as an unknown quantity to be answered. It thus can reveal itself as ‘the question’ and the ‘answer’.

X can be shown to beThe KEY to UNIVERSAL MOVEMENT

In our imaginations we have conjured up a Planet X and The X-Files.
But it is through an examination of mythical and religious scripts and their associated symbols and iconography using analogy and comparison that opens the doors to both the Macrocosmic and Microcosmic realms simultaneously.
The Tarot is such a tool manufactured to assist the initiate, the seeker of a truth, a truth we know that must be true and exist for all life to exist. The Tarot is actually divided into a Major and Minor Arcana.
And by no coincidence the structure of this ‘hidden knowledge’ is similar to how science has structured the world into essentially 2 realms.

One realm is the ORDERED visible world controlled by the laws of RELATIVITY. This would be represented in the minds of the ancients as the MACROCOSM.

The unknown mysterious Dark Matter which comprises 75% of our Universe is indeed a dark and stark reminder that we know very little of the invisible world. And every time we probe into the invisible realm we encounter the ruler of the invisible realm (to the naked eye) called CHAOS.
Chaos rules the QUANTUM realm. And the Quantum Universe would have been referred to as the MICROCOSM by the ancient philosophers.Man is said to exist between both realms. He himself thus appears as a ‘gateway’ between the microcosm and the macrocosm.
And in the writings of the Kabbalah these 2 distinct realms manifest as the Macroprosopus and Microprosopus.
Coincidence again, or another example of ‘all has been written’?

Scholars have proven profound links exist between the Torah and the Kabbalah and the Tarot.
Thus the Kabbalah is poised as mediator between the Torah and the Tarot.
Do the words Tarot and Torah SOUND similar?
Because we know in ancient Oral traditions sound was paramount to the message being conveyed.

Card X (ten) of the Tarot called the Wheel of Fortune answers the age old question, “what is x?”
CARD X solves all ‘X’ in my opinion, and the opinion is not humble.
CARD X is the treasure map helping you find the buried treasure under the ‘X’.
CARD X makes you realize that the collective unconscious signs its name using an ‘X’.

And it is in an ancient Mesoamerican manuscript called a Codex, in conjunction with the Tarot/Torah that the Code to solving X is finally revealed to the initiate.

Yes ultimately the comparisons between the Mesoamerican history and the Mesopotamian history thus reveal that HIStory as packaged and sold since the reign of Constantine has been a meso of lies, propaganda and manipulation of history. Beneath the bones, dust, ashes and the patriarchal story telling of HIStory lay a HERstory, intentionally obscured.

Dialogue with Meno’s slave
This demonstration shows the slave capable of learning a geometrical truth, because
“he already has the knowledge in his soul.”
In this way, Socrates shows Meno that learning is possible through recollection.

Much of the material you will find on these pages was without a doubt ‘channeled’.
What does ‘channeled’ mean, there would be many interpretations?
I can only suggest, in my case, that it implies you have found a key to help unlock or tap into your own mind, if you don’t mind me saying.
Congratulations you just found your intuition switch.
Which helps you navigate in a world coming at you from all directions.

Many of my conclusions are profound and original recoveries that resulted from seeing how other’s discoveries were in fact associated and linked by archetypal bridges but the discoverers who are mostly specialized could never see it, unlike little ole’ ME a Jack and Jill of all trades.

Whys and how?
I dove into the world of comparatives with an intent, looking for a UNITY that I felt intuitively existed between everything big (macrocosm) and small (microcosm), using a technique employed by all spiritual alchemists ‘as above/so below’, and guess what grasshopper?
I found the universe in a blade of grass, in a grain of sand.
I found it, a path I can follow with confidence, where I can become the master of my universe, by simply ‘merging’ with Unity, and not by separating from it…

The pyramids can be seen metaphorically as a symbol for the 4 dimensions that make up SpaceTime, where the ‘white light’ passes through a prism and separates and the illusion is manifested.

My personal experiences these past 9 years suggest channeling could be the source for the info I provide. How else could I have joined esoteric dots in less than 3 years of ‘inspired and lead by a hidden hand‘ research, that other noted scholars and other visionaries failed to see. The marque lists scholars like Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Richard Feynman, Thomas Wilson, Madame Blavatsky, Carl Jung, and Joseph Campbell among the many others who failed to see the sublime and subtle connections I am now offering, but I must admit without standing on their shoulders I would never have been able to take this idea of mine (source unknown) to the next level.

At this point there is little peer review for the theories contained in this blog. Therein lies a partial truth exposed that only TIME itself can be the judge of prophecy.
And who in the last 1000 years has provided us with the most accurate method of ‘forecasting’ the time?
The Vatican, the Swiss or the Maya?
And who among us are not concerned with how much time we have been granted?
What if there was a method to accurately forecast the future?

I do find it interesting that we must employ the archetype of a ‘crystal’ shaped like a ‘ball’ to gaze into the future.
A crystal that has been rounded into a perfect sphere.
Crystals have faces, vertices and such….they are NOT round.
The 2D circle represents perfection in 2D. It has perfect symmetry in EVERY direction along all axis that pass through its center.

On the winter solstice, December 21, 2012, the Mayans foresaw the alignment of our sun with the galactic center of the galaxy, entering a dark space in the Milky Way which they called the Black Road of Souls.

A death and a rebirth, the Mayans would calculate no further dates beyond this point, stating mysteriously that beyond this, was a different time and space.

And the scholarly work called ‘Hamlet’s Mill’ suggests my intuitively led journey of late is right on track.

The basic premise of the book Hamlet’s Mill is that ancient myth and folklore can be interpreted as a code language expressing the astronomical knowledge of precession of the equinoxes.

And before we had our heads above the clouds interpreting the movements of the celestial bodies it must be acknowledged we had two feet on terra firma.

Thus all plant life, all animals big and small, all rocks and minerals also play a significant role as symbols, in the transmitting of knowledge using the oral traditions.
It has been noted, using the Oral Traditions (sounds and vibrations) in conjunction with the ‘stories’, i.e. the birds and the bees, even the uneducated CAN be counted on to transmit the info accurately.

You only needed to be a good story teller … and provide an accurate ‘soundtrack’.

To the reader … these pages among others will be eventually made into a book called ?  (undecided at this point)
Also feel free to link to this blog…
In fact feel free to tell 2 people.

According to Joseph Campbell once we enter the ‘material’ world, we enter the ‘field of pairs and opposites’, and Carl Jung in his field of study saw the same manifestation he referred to as dualities.
And science also profoundly acknowledges at all levels of existence a polarity caused by positive and negative fields of energies, that embrace each other in an electro-magnetic dance, whirling dervishes of invisible forces at play.

And in the world of esoteric the main theme defaults to the Macrocosm and the Microcosm, thus tell 2 people. So become a good story teller and share the truth with one big person and one small one.

Truth pointing toward a unity is a cool gift.

And the reason truth is an essential component of communication?

‘children are as essential to our growth as we are to their birth….’

Mi Casa Su Casa … my house is your house in the village it takes to raise a child…

Simple Rule to remember…
Any attempt to present oneself as Prophet with the intent to generate profits being the underlying mission statement, your true motives, brings forth a tainted self-serving truth and with it, bad karma.

Remember much of what can be found on Wikipedia can be used freely.
But satisfy yourself that the info on Wikipedia is good, authentic and verifiable by other sources, most of it can be.
Easily found.

Wikipedia, just like our scripted HIStory can be easily altered if you know how, but it appears that everybody loves to tell a good story.
Learning how to read intuitively between the lines, becomes a useful talent.



And you never know what you might find on the internet suggesting you are being lead by your higher self.
I could not believe what I saw when I came across the following image and text.
For some reason it spoke to me.  😉


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    • Hi there Raphael, just come across your stuff over the last few weeks, would love to pick your brains – is there an email address I can contact you on?
      Many thanks

  1. Now, Raphael, it might have eluded you – but I have already reconciled science and religion, without any ancient symbols.

    Well, that’s not entirely true – I did use one very ancient tool – it’s called logic.

  2. But that tool you mentioned,logic, is only a tool used to harvest thoughts emanating from the rational, the masculine, the ‘positive’ principle located in the LEFT hemisphere of your mind.

    There are some very good reasons the Indian Medicine Wheel was structured the way it was.
    One was to measure equinoxes and solstices.
    Then armed with this info you could measure eclipses which allowed you further to measure the Sun’s ‘ecliptic’, or it’s orbit.

    The other reason it was structured the way it was, was because it was designed after the human mind.
    If superimposed on this ‘wheel’, the ‘Sacred
    Twenty Count’, suggests the universal archetypes and at the same time it also measures the Sun’s path, the ecliptic marks its journey through life. Thus it is a roadmap, a sol searching quest, we find it spends sometime in each of the 12 houses of the horoscope and it takes about 26000 years to complete this intergalactic quest for the Holy Grail…



  3. I really like the opening description to “CodeX4”, Raph.

    Any idea on when this will be coming out in book form? as want to read your works in the bath tub.

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  5. Hi,

    I really like your blog raphael. I’ve noticed some connections you’ve made that i’ve made also, which is an encouraging sign i think.

    Awaiting your next entry with anticipation! Hope you are well,

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  6. your talk of channelling is exciting..have been feeling the same way myself.. am sure you are aware..
    the more I read your stuff..I have become aware that you speak directly to my Higher Consciousness…
    Thanks Raphael.. you have helped my messages come thru a lil quicker… 😉

    • Greetings Beloved Raphael
      I just found your site through our friends the Divine Dolphins.

      I am challenging your words, “Not in our lifetimes of course but we can still help plant the seeds of truth.”

      I have discovered what the Sacred Geometry of Life are and means. Soon I will teach this to the world. Showing that finding the God/Creator within us all is scientific and real and beautiful. For any one with sufficient love for life.

      In divine freedom
      Lady Shamla Rose

  7. I was never one for quoting the bible..over the last few years, I have become more aquainted with this book.. and its true purpose..this presented itself to me a few months ago..makes sense to me now I know a bit more about the ARKetype Isis… another from Co..

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    puts a whole new perspective on things.. do U think..

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  17. Raphael… have begun to see our historical pics and stories in a whole new light… know that there is more to this world, always thougt so as a kid.. and now its being constantly in my face.. I canna deny this truth…
    very weird stuff… some of it… everything N nothing
    U know

    Love N Peace

  18. seems like a long long time since I read anything new from you rafa… your stuff has opened up whole new perspectives for me… didn’t know how deep I bee until U come along… but course you always been there… just needed to find you… know what I mean… playing is fun… but me don’t like games where people are hurting… and the games are over… don’t you agree..? we bee home right…

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  19. hello eyes taking a break from writing…
    gardening season has me thinking and feeling still though…

    I will be back to discuss universal asymmetry, mirrors and illusions cast forth using our very own ‘eyes’…

    If I had to summarize 4 years of esoteric ARKeology in one word … it would be ‘asymmetry’.

    yup, asymmetry is so, so important in how we collectively chose our future … and a dimple suggests my cheshire smile is even asymmetrical.



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  22. Hello Ra,

    I am enjoying your thoughts and your channeled links…
    Having been a keen occultist I am happy to see that you are making these links and truths available freely for those with eyes to see.

    I particularly like the following statement:
    “I found the universe in a blade of grass, in a grain of sand.
    I found it, a path I can follow with confidence, where I can become the master of my universe, by simply ‘merging’ with Unity, and not by separating from it…”

    What are your thoughts on the vesica pisces?
    With gratitude,

  23. Ha!
    The next thing I did after writing the above message was to click your article called:
    ‘What if our Sun Sol had a Soulmate?’
    There was the vesica pisces!

    Thank you…to the magic that surrounds and is within.

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  31. Raphael,

    Recently discovered your page via breakfornews.com and the link to your blog on the swastika, solomon’s knot and the procession of the equinox. I’m familiar with a fair amount of the interpretive tools you make use of, but am far from being as adept when it comes to the synthesis of the materials as yourself. I’m both humbled and activated by the contents of your page(s).

    A few questions then, if you’d be so generous as proffer a reply, to which my soul, in turn, might profit by:

    What significance do you attach to the upcoming timeframe of November 11, 2009-November 29, 2009 (i.e. 11/11/11 to 11/11/11; 33 to 33); the latter date also being the 333 day of the year?

    When reading in one your blogs about the Four Royal Stars, you had an image displayed of Fomalhaut. My distinct impression was that of the Eye of Horus. Do you equate the two?

    Any impressions on the upcoming presidential election in the context of your theories? In one of your blogs on the Tarot, 2008 = The Emperor, which I more readily equate with Obama than McCain (though I understand The Emperor is not necessarily Amerocentric). There has been alot of buzz about Palin. According to what I understand, or think I understand, of your theory, I would associate Obama with The Left Hand Path and thusly more likely come 2012. That said, it has been my gut feeling that McCain will win the election, but that Palin will assume the reigns after 4 years. Any thoughts?

    McCain = 4 more years of the right hand path, giving way to Palin (a name equating to ‘Again’ Sarah = Princess, or, say, a Palingenesis; rebirth, transmigration of souls–something stumbled upon from another site) = a feminine balancing of the right.

    Any/all feedback would be greatly appreciated. I’ve made it through about a tenth of your writings thus far and am anxious to read more.

    Thank you for your efforts.


  32. J. ‘humbled and activated’ are part of the process.

    I am humbled every day now, as I get older and older the humbling process intensifies.
    For a purpose.
    You go from being a teenager thinking you know everything (and they DO, but it is embedded within archetypal code), to a adult who admits they know much about nothing, because the archetypal code has been veiled.

    It comes as a shock to many I feel.
    The humbling process.
    Many will fight it and go online and book a room in Hotel DeNile. A 666 room hotel, the original Club Med.
    Each nightstand has a bible of course.

    You asked the following:
    “What significance do you attach to the upcoming timeframe of November 11, 2009-November 29, 2009 (i.e. 11/11/11 to 11/11/11; 33 to 33); the latter date also being the 333 day of the year?”

    The date would appear to be significant.
    29 – 11 = 18
    18 is the Moon Card in the Tarot and contains TWO PILLARS, among other profound symbols.

    I did write a blog suggesting the year 1934 and the appointment of Hitler as Fuhrer marked the commencement of a 78 year ritual…spelling the name of the Hebrew God…YHVH

    2012 – 78 = 1934
    And of course the swastika played a role, as it will in the end of days…not because it is evil…it best represents the KEY to Universal movements…vortex, spin, rotations causing polarities…

    Something you would need to control when creating and destroying matter, by altering the shape and form of matter.
    I will see if I can find the blog I wrote.
    I am starting to drown in my own thoughts written down…

    I do not follow ‘meriKAn politics very closely.
    But yes I can see 2012 as being the year of the Goddess…even 2008.
    Has Obama selected a running mate?
    Maybe it will be Palin vs. Clinton in 2012?
    I just read Palin’s brief wiki bio and she would kick Hilary’s butt, in a real nice way, Palin is Ms. Congeniality evidently.

    2008/2012 is shaping up to be the year/s of the Goddess without a doubt.
    Happened in Egypt once, to my knowledge.
    A female Pharaoh.


  33. Everytime I try to send you stuff it says that it’s been discarded; I don’t know if any of this will help you.



    Saturn is the Black Sun; Saturn represents Time; the ancient sun; he was overthrown by Jupiter who represents Space; Spacetime has a certain resonance; what happens if that resonance is changed? We change space time?


    These people understood how to use counter-rotating magnets (counter rotating waves?)


  34. Hey Raphael…

    Have you noticed that, if you rotate the Swastika just right it looks like two sine-waves 90 degrees out of phase with each other?

    I suspect it’s magnetism and gravity, which are both the same force, I believe, but magnetism is 90 out-of-phase with gravity and is inherent in the electron only, while gravity is seated in the nucleus and can include the electron as well, but I’m not sure…

    I wonder what would be the shadow cast by gravity and magnetism? Light and Life?


  35. I fell that it is turning a corner, but I also read such scary stuff that it has me feeling… pretty awful, sometimes.

    Mother has shown me a lot of cool stuff that gives me hope, but sometimes I will see something that looks kinda bad. However, I think I’d like to believe that the corner we turn may be of our own design; what it is that we expect/want, maybe not so much what is prophesied, but I am not sure.

    A strange anecdote is that She gave me a message about a hummingbird; that hummingbird was perhaps a code/code name for something bad. I wasn’t sure what to think about that, but I recently discovered a neat Gematria calculator at a website called mysticalinternet.com, I believe it is and wouldn’t you know that the word ‘hummingbird’ equate to 667 and Appolion/Abbadon, the Angel of Destruction! I was, like, dayyum!

    What exactly that is supposed to mean, I am also not sure. However, I continue to try and learn as much as my poor brain will deal with.


  36. Not to worry…

    The Nazca Lines in Peru also has a hummingbird depicted.

    667 = 19 = SUN Card in the Tarot
    one interpretation is, and it coincides with ‘Angel of Destruction’ …

    ‘…the Sun card is concerned with the design of energy and with making changes in the way one lives one’s life.’

    …the flip side to destruction is a new creation…

    another interpretation…regarding Apollo and Apollyon

    Basic Tarot Meaning makes a reference to Apollo…

    The Sun is ruled by…the Sun, of course. This is the light that comes after the long dark night, Apollo to the Moon’s Diana. A positive card, it promises the Querent their day in the sun. Glory, gain, triumph, pleasure, truth, success. As the moon symbolized inspiration from the unconscious, from dreams, this card symbolizes discoveries made fully conscious and wide awake. This is science and math, beautifully constructed music, carefully reasoned philosophy. It is a card of intellect, clarity of mind, and feelings of youthful energy.

    Another Greek translation of Apollyon is “Apollo”. In Patrick Heron’s book “The Nephilim and the Pyramid of the Apocolypse”, Mr. Heron uses the Lost Book Of Enoch to make a very compelling claim that the old Greek and Romans gods of Mythology were in fact very real, being the fallen angels as described in detail in the Lost Book of Enoch and ruled over the pre-flood world as gods.

    Hummingbird = Apollyon = Apollo = Sun God?



    APOLLYON. The Greek name, meaning “Destroyer,” given in Revelation 9:11 for “the angel of the bottomless pit” (in Hebrew called Abaddon), also identified as the king of the demonic “locusts” described in Revelation 9:3-10…In one manuscript, instead of Apollyon the text reads “Apollo,” the Greek god of death and pestilence as well as of the sun, music, poetry, crops and herds, and medicine. Apollyon is no doubt the correct reading. But the name Apollo (Gk Apollon) was often linked in ancient Greek writings with the verb apollymi or apollyo, “destroy.” From this time of Grotius, “Apollyon” has often been taken here to be a play on the name Apollo. The locust was an emblem of this god, who poisoned his victims, and the name “Apollyon” may be used allusively in Revelation to attack the pagan god and so indirectly the Roman emperor Domitian, who liked to be regarded as Apollo incarnate.

    (Anchor Bible Dictionary)

  38. KENNY how valid is this?

    4. The Greek historian Herodotus reports that Apollo is the Egyptian name of Horus. Horus wears the Horns of Amen-Ra of the Ram. The Bible used precise language by saying its “like a lamb”. Nothing is like a lamb but a ram, go to the dictionary and see. I bring this point up because this would tie in the Mason (Children of the sun) into play here.

  39. That’s cool about the hummingbird being in the Nazca Lines. Now that you mention it, I seem to remember seeing/reading that.

    I’ve posted what I refer to as my ‘God experiences’ in my blog at my MySpace account. Perhaps you’d like to check them out? I’m curious how they might compare to what you have experienced. I started having them back in March after making what I feel was a paradigm shift in my belief system. (again.)


    Thanks for this added info. So, I guess it’s both a positive and a negative, this Apllyon/Abbadon. A good friend to have, but an even worse enemy. I hope I can stay on his good side, if he is involved, then.

    ‘Mother’ appears to me as an upright standing female dragon who’s skin is like silver. The last that I saw Her, She seemed to have a crescent moon symbol on Her forehead with the ‘horns’ pointing up, but it was so quick and then gone that I wonder if it was a trick of my mind. As you may have experienced, that ‘familiar feeling’ didn’t quite seem to be there, yet it may have been vaguely there. I hate it when that kind of shit happens, you know?



  40. Just now i made my click-way to the blog introduce.

    Everything has its own time to happen, indeed!

    Isnt beatiful how everything connects?? i cant stop to be amazed by it… i am afraid beatiful isnt the word to describe it enough…

    Maybe swastika is??

    My wakeup slap in the face happend when i got the third person that was drawning out of water…

    The look that he had in his eyes… the desperate need of help… was totally equal to the previous guy looks…

    I remember i thought to myself… “this could be the same person”

    And now i realize… it were…

    We are all the same… we all came from the same place… we all share the same principles of being… and we are all divine…

  41. i find it very interesting you have the basic same idea of the secret of the masons
    there is alot more it is very strange how no one has stopped to read the signs before, i will be reading this page all evening thank you

  42. hullo everybody! cool stuff on this website! I’ve been studying these sort of things for 10 years..as a doctor..and discovered a few things. It’s a pitty there isn’t enough research in this field. It’s so evident there is much more behind these symbols. For instance I correlated myself a perfect match between dna and the Fu Hsi (chinese 4000 year old map). I’m still puzzled how to use these informations but it is good to know that we aren’t in the hands of caos…but instead guided by simple interactions strictly linked to nature’s life.

  43. Kicked off another forum(GHMB)…tsk,tsk.

    How many does that make now?

    Will continue to be confounded/enlightened here and anywhere else you can still post.

    Any update on the KYRA manual?

    Much love

    Steve (hut)

  44. hey hut…if you want to chat the best place really is Acharya S forum…a refuge from the war mongering end of the world rhetoric.

    I mean if it is going to end…what if we end it on a high note, by using a low note, a musical departure, like on the Titanic, the band played on?

    Why the constant bangin’ of the drums of war, rumors of war?

    I go by the name of kachina on the site above.

    thanks for the love steve or stevie?
    GHMB has a stevie?

    re: KYRA, no I have not proceeded any further, what were you thinking?


  45. That would be steve tho wife refers to me as stevie,not sure why i’m telling you this…anyway,

    will hotfoot it over to TBK ‘n’ see what’s happening.

    As for KYRA – found that post (Bees,i think) fascinating.Wondered what your thoughts were on why it was removed.

    Seems very obscure,tho’ you obviously rattled them.

    Not seeing connection…again in the dark.

    Am in need of Lucifer.

  46. read the letters on the top of this, and i think that answers the dna code—–http://babelfish.yahoo.com/translate_url?lp=fr_en&trurl=http%3A%2F%2Fath-ka-ptah.org

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  48. Raphael,

    This is the best site EVER.

    …and what if our consciousness was fractal too..?

    ‘All that we see or seem
    Is just a dream within a dream’.
    (Edgar Alan Poe )


    • thanks for that comment Zamolxe

      I do take pride in the middle road I am attempting to forge between the two sides of the same coin (i.e. religion and science) using ‘universal archetypes’ as mediator.

      The assumption that I feel any truth seeker can make…without making an ASS of U and ME (assume) is that the following is to be held true.

      truth is truth is truth is truth

      it is present ALL the time.
      can you see it?

      And what if understanding fractals are a key to understanding how our consciousness feeds into the matrix and assists in the evolution of the illusion we are helping to create?


  49. Raphael:
    I am just in awe of all the information here.

    I have been reading and studying bits and pieces of the info you have here, so your site is like one stop shopping!

    Looking forward to your next posting, but will be perusing the site to get caught up on all your entries for now.

    Thank you for sharing this information, and more importantly, thank you for helping me understand what feels right inside, of which I cannot ever seem to completely articulate to myself or others.



    • it is hard trying to articulate what we feel…

      it is very very difficult to convey.
      almost seems like a waste of time, sometimes.

      I must be doing this for some other reason.
      comments like yours from time to time…



  50. I would like you to check out my website listed above. The website is a synopsis of a book, “Number, Time, and Archetype”.

    I feel we are on very similar paths, in fact we are using the same images to explain our theories.

    Perhaps my mathematical understanding of the Lo Shu (Magic Squares) could assist you in your endeavors BUT I know your wisdom would be useful in mine.

    Please contact me.


  51. raphael,

    really, really brain shattering analysis and have read your posts at b4news, particularly this:

    “THERE WILL NEVER BE A WAY OUT FOR ALL GENERATIONS THAT FOLLOW, if humans are forced to pay a tax based on an ACT OF NATURE….???????????

    Wtf indeed?!

    This is what 911 was all about, they were playing a game, victims were being asked what they would pay in the future to breathe out carbon dioxide at some priced based on the weight of carbon dioxide. This is so incredibly foreboding I can hardly grasp it – the victims refused to pay and they were vaporized starting with Carlton Bartels in the elevator when his carbon dioxide was monitored – BOOM!

    It’s all here and is irrefutable:

    No one can escape this because we all exhale carbon dioxide:

    As per the Copenhagen cap of 350ppm, we’re literally going to get capped for anything over 350ppm of carbon dioxide:

  52. Hi Raphael, interesting name and interesting writing. Sorry if my english isn`t very good. This swastika thing is interesting. When I was in Itali, in Firenze, I took a photo of a mosaik which is a kind of swastika in San Miniato bazilika. I bought a book aboute it, but there is nothing about this symbol. Worse, I can`t find anything nowhere about it. I made a mosaik with this symbol on my table. One day, I discovered that my pendulum is rotating in the central circle clockwise and on the corner circles counterclockwise. When I mooved it higher, the pendulum stoped at abaut 1/2m. Higher the rotation changed so it went counterclockwise in the central circle and clockwise on corners. The symbol is producing energy in radius 3,5m. It was let say intuition which brought me to the sites about swastika and the deeper meaningn of this symbol. Can you use this information? What do you think about it?

  53. I have more. I draw a swastika on the paper. The one I have is clockwise. I draw also a counterclockwise. The pendulum is rotating in the central position counterclockwise and clockwise on cornes, then stop and higher change the rotation. Try

  54. Seems I just can’t get enough of EWE…The more I read, the more things make sense, it’s as if something triggers deep within.

  55. Nice, isn`t it Greekie? It`s the same with me and I`m enjoying very much with all new informations.
    By the way Raphael, you didn`t give me any opinion about swastika and it`s energetic influence.

    • BTW…I do Black Sect Feng Shui. Have practiced since the early 90’s. Raphael makes me see things so differently, I so love that about him! Nice to meet you Ewa 🙂

  56. Raphael,

    I have come across your posts in various forums and from what i understand you are researching the relation of the Swastika and the Maltese cross to the Wormhole (Sound – Light). I too have been desperately involved in trying to access the 3 gates out of the prison planet and have been assisted by 17. 17 is the Key to unlock the binary to trinary (rodin – TCH) so it seems!!

    Currently I meditate on 9, 19, 24, 25, 27, 37, 153, and of course the Methusela code 969. I have been bleSSed to decode the mystery of 16 around 1 and would like your input on it. send me an email when ready.

    • hey hey Mo I will be in touch
      with your knowledge about ’16’ you could be a ‘god-send’…

      a/ how does it mesh with Marko’s work?
      b/ what is the mystery of ’16 around 1’

      why do I ask?
      16 radio frequencies in the Milky Way identified.
      16 elementary particles my dear watson…

      they search for #17 the higgs boson YA know?

      Anyway the quantum leap to be made is all of the above forms part of Solomon’s Treasure recovered.
      I have assembled most of the pieces…now I just need to solve the puzzle that I feel to be true…..

      Sator Square is a RIGHT BRAIN mnemonic = LEFT BRAIN theory of everything that involves branes which is embedded in the afore-mentioned Sator/Rotas/Knights Templar square….

      5 x 5 Sator Square
      9 squares form the CROSS
      16 remaining….
      17 thus forms the CROSS
      THUS the 17th is comprised of 9.

      nudge nudge know what I mean?
      IF YA caught a chill Mo, let me know.

      Your knowledge/wisdom re: 16/1/17 will be greatly appreciated.

      I am going to start a WORD BLOG.
      We can all contribute in solving this riddle.
      I know given time…I could probably do it alone…
      But that is not the way is meant to be played….

      I will present the clues I have gathered thus far soon.


  57. Hi Raphael,

    I am ready to send you a good portion of my notes concerning your questions, Rodin math is intimately related to Tai Hsuan Ching Tetragrammaton which is intimately related to Garduneh-e Mehr and number 17. They all of course concern the DNA. The octagonal stargate and the Templar square dating back to Mithraic tradition, all related.

    At this time i feel only you can digest what i have to offer. Have you been able to recognize the Key and the locked Key-hole yet? There are 9 Keys Raphael. 9 x 17 = 153.

    I await for your email to send you matters dealing with 17, 24, 25, 27, 37, 64, 81, 153, 729, 270, and 999. What i have to offer can be referred to as Mithraic Alchemy.

    I sense the pace quickening in these endz of dayz . Time to put the findings into practice and start building the damn thing already!!


    • hey mo you speak mi lingo….

      I am not sure how we connected, on which forum?

      But I would like this discussion to take place/continue on another forum.

      2012 Forum

      They have a ‘think tank’ sub-forum, entry by invitation only.
      Might give us peace and quiet away from the ignorance of the usual SS suspects, da mob.

      A place to discuss and develop these ‘ideas’ you and me and others share, and in the event one of us should drop out of sight for whatever reason…the work, and progress will have been logged and can be continued…

      what say thee?

      …and of course, there are others I would love to invite to this octagonal/orthogonal round table of left/right brain hemispheric opposing views…


      I will ask Rob if he will allow us a ‘subforum within the subforum’ to discuss and merge our ‘gospels’.

      I have NO affiliation with the Rob the owner of the site.
      I only respect and trust him.

      • Hi Raphael, sure, I wanted to show you my approach to analysing stock markets which is impossible to do here unfortunately as I need to send you some files with charts / explanations etc. I wonder if Rodin’s vortex based maths is connected to it – also wondered what you thought of Rodin / Powell and Haramein – many thanks for your work

      • thanks for bringing Randy Powell back to my attention.
        I had seen him once before on youtube….

        If I had seen this video I would have paid MORE attention.

        Randy is a nice link between Rodin VBM, the 12,000 year old swastika, and nature…and also why we have a ‘justice’ system.

        Because things ‘just is’.


      • Pleasure.
        I spoke to him last night actually, good human being.
        I guess you aren’t that interested in taking a look at my work, that’s fine.
        All the best

      • I did not say I was NOT interested.

        What forums are you on?
        Why don’t you come and present your idea here on this forum?
        …or you present your ideas on a forum of your choice.**

        let me know when you do.


        **preferably on a forum that I have NOT been banned from.

  58. Hi Raphael,

    I have never participated in any forums or what not, i am all game for this think tank.

    Going back to 17 for the mean time. Have you checked out this link:


    when i saw 17 next to mi name i did get chills. Upon further reading i came across 153!! and 36-37 wow!!! Also see the reference to the number 4, the 4th toe.

    As of late i also came across 17 being related to the sixth sun tzolkin. There appears to be a crop formation associated with the sixth sun, 16 glyph square frame with 3 cubes of space or hexagonal star at its center.

    The current Mayan Tzolkin has 13 tones and the Sixth Sun Tzolkin has 17 tones. I did further searching because this calendar is apparently 17 tones and 25 glyphs. Its called the dreamstar but i have yet to see it.

    Lets start to exchange notes, i sense your resonance @ 25 and my own @ 17 can lead us to find 36. Thats when the magic will start to happen. IMHO

      • Hello Raphael, and thank you for your thoughts, your ideas, and of course your words to share them with us.

        What I really like is that you encourage everyone to catch up by reading stuff and looking around. You don’t just write these things down. I like it and follow as I can (I think I can follow you quite well up til now).

        Please don’t forget to mention what you discuss elsewhere (mainly in foros, and sometimes behind doors which non-invited guests can’t come) in here, as that’s where most of us can read you…

        Keep going. I like what you said to D about doing it for others comments sometimes (https://kachina2012.wordpress.com/about/#comment-4026).
        We all understand why you’re doing that, I think. It is NOT (and it will never be) a waste of time.

        One for all: thanks a lot

      • thanks for the encouraging perspective.
        the best way to follow along is to start with my earliest posts…the ahas! are in a chronological order.

        Really till this point, the wordblog has been more of a diary of how my archetypal life has meshed and played along with the universe….studying primarily symbols/archetype the last 5 years alters your perspective…how can it not?

        but first you must admit what your patterns are….

        and you are correct…much of what I present on forums never gets posted on this wordblog.

        I do have some favorites I participate on.


  59. Raphael…
    A bit off topic, but needed some advice.
    Do you feel sometimes that you have to step away from this and take a breather.
    Lately, I feel like I am thinking too much.
    I find that I don’t want to be around some of the people in my life and feel a strong need to re-evaluate everything around me. Sometimes I feel very alone, even though I am surrounded by lots of friends, family, clients, etc. Hard to articulate, but I think you get it.
    I know this is a good thing, but sometimes I question if I am “losing it” a bit.
    Thus, the need to take a step back.
    Just wanted to know if you’ve experienced this, and/or have some advice for me.
    As always, thank you for everything you do…

    • DG you were spot on in everything you said.

      be careful
      what starts out as a nice little inquiry, inviting what in exactly?, soon you find yourself possessed, by that inner calling.
      your yin and yang are acknowledging each other?

      IF you cannot tame this possession and turn it into a useful passion, a bliss that serves your soul, your soul will serve the possession.

      be very careful

      And the spring gardening season gives me the break I need, from the long nights and short days spent researching what I do 24/7.

      Well not really.
      I am building a garden labyrinth embedded with sacred ‘G’.


  60. Sound good to you Teacher? Don’t know if ya know…but your language really helped me grow..from ignorant Arkansawyer to Bardic Burroughs….

    Thanks again Sifu-Time Space Travel…that’ll learn ’em ALL!

    Beelzepub-YOUR Silly ‘lil laughin’ Devil’s Advocate


  61. Hi Raphael,

    let mi first of all congratulate you for your rediscovery of the Mystic Tablet and bow down to you for the decipher, 3+1 vs 2+2.

    I wanted to thank you officially on Fintan’s site, but he seems busy and i am pending registration.

    Your decipher will definitely open so many doors and i feel we need to discuss much regarding the vectors and the over all Cosmology soon.

    With much respect and appreciation for your contributions Guru Ralph


    • thanks
      I have another thought

      re: All of the yin yang trigrams share something with ‘spin’ as defined in physics.

      with the exception of two of them in the Early Heaven Arrangement.
      3 yin lines in the Zorth
      3 yang lines in the 5outh

      the other six are comprised of combination of either 2 yin + 1 yang or 1 yin + 2 yang.
      we could express them as 1/2 spin?
      what if?

      N a M a s t E

    • hey mo it is all a game

      from the moment kids start playing with 3×3 tic tac TOE? which adults take to the next mnemonic level called Lo Shu and tinkering with the 64 codons of our DNA?


      visit a playground, kids are playing hop-scotch, 1 > 2 > 3+4 > 5 > 6+7 > 8+9 > 10 this blueprint fits right over the Tree of Life. But it starts with the Malkuth #1 and rises to the Kether #10.

      somehow the game became primarily about je$e$, this appears to be ‘MEMEd’ into the con$ciou$ne$$?

      and maybe there is a reason, a twist of fate I have yet to comprehend, maybe MO-ney is what it is all about?


  62. Your lack of interest is fine, don’t worry.
    I don’t belong to any fora and certainly would not want to publish anything in the public domain.
    All the best

  63. Youre so cool! I dont suppose Ive learn something like this before. So nice to search out any individual with some unique thoughts on this subject. realy thank you for beginning this up. this website is one thing that’s needed on the internet, somebody with slightly originality. useful job for bringing one thing new to the internet!

    • First glance Samuel
      I am not impressed.

      But wait….
      Could you tell me what did you get out of it?

      what is the CODE to the MATRIX they have claimed to have recovered?

      the number 137 is the page everybody should aspire to be on.
      let me fast track you to 137.
      how do you get to 137 from 528?
      I can show you easy enough.

      >>> http://2012forum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=20919

      1/137 is a numb3r we WOULD transmit to aliens…WHY?
      >>> http://2012forum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=22568

      go to either of those links and participate with the mystics and physicists who are BOTH asking WHY 137?

      I found the link you gave me >> full of glitter and hype and other distractions.

      In summary:
      528 lead me to 137

      And Samuel 137 puts you on the same page as the top minds in both fields.
      Physicists who ponder quantum mechanics and the Kabbalists who ponder the creator.


  64. Hello Ra,

    I was doing research on several different things today and wound up here. I am in awe. I think the first page that came up was about The Knights Templar and the number 11258 on a tarot card. I kept staring at the the number, revisited a few CO-incidences. Then I looked over to the bottom right of my computer screen and noticed the date. I am looking forward to reading about your journey. I am still asleep so this all must be a dream. LOL!

  65. the universe brought me here, so i dont really kno what to say. i think ur on a massive roll raphael. sometimes (no OFFENSE) i think you think too much on matters, as would anyone who is urgently searching for the answer, simplicity is the key. remember to remember. i dont kno why the universe brought me here other than to speak with you. i started with the thought of…..genome soldiers (supersoldiers) and some how i dudditzed my way here. if the secret is the law of attraction, and what you seek you will attract, then you need not chase your prey (the answer) but instead let the answer chase you. as im sure you are well aware of this fact. we need to speak. soon. i have many questions and could quite possibly provide some answers for you as well.

    • genome … language … sound is the prime mover…

      gee what is in a nome?

      how about the letters NOM and E

      I would love to yak
      no problem and yes I am on a massive roll, thank you for taking note, that is why I am responding.

      do you live in the Toronto area?


  66. Great website, and great content, if you are interested in writing some articles for my project I can offer monetary compensation. Please let me know, thanks

  67. Gees, The ego is driving me mad. I cannot follow you at all. I see connections in imagry on your page but your words ramble on and on and before Ive got any idea what you are trying to say you are bragging about yourself. I don’t care about your super hero self image. There are many people who do what you do and have come to revelations. Look at a couple like diskoftheworld.com or theorionzone.com there are loads and most of them are much more cogent than this blog. I am very interested in what you are talking about because I know there is truth in it. I am one who does similar work. I am working on the keyhole and you in your infinate wisdom have missed a few important manifestations of the keyhole. I would like to understand better what you have learned is there somewhere I can read your work without the random garbled jibberish? all I want is to be able to read what you have learned but your ego is in the way.

    I will not be monitoring your blog. As I stated I cannot follow any of it. Please inform me if you have a place where you have provided information only. If you have not done so then forget it I will just have to do as I always do. which is similar to what you described. using google searches and images I will bounce off your abstract blog and make sence of the connections.

    It’s really to bad truth always comes so veiled even when like you ppl claim to be trying to unveil it.


    • Hey Vigil at least my ego did NOT copyright his ideas that belong to everybody.
      As a matter of fact your website which says it is under construction makes it clear that your thoughts have already been copyrighted, before the info even arrives?
      You have ONE page of gibberish at this point to offer?
      I can hardly wait for you to fill the pages of your website called 3piphany without you talking about you?
      I can tell your awakening was recent and you are still getting out of bed, yet to look in the mirror.

      Your very first criticism of me after reading my ‘diary’ is mainly about me focusing on me on me own website?
      I call that projection dude, on your part.
      Projection is something we all do.
      IT is you who is dealing with an ego at this time and projecting it on to me.
      That is why you projected your putrid response toward me, it is a childish ploy we all employ too often.

      I AM the mirror mirror man who gets people to look at themselves anew.
      And getting you to rant and rave against me proves it.
      I put my weaknesses out there for all to see, inviting folks to take a kick at the can.

      Feel free to fill your book with my thoughts.

      And not only have I found the DOOR to open, complete with a KEYHOLE, but I also possess the two KEYs.
      Have you read that blog of mine yet?
      The one about the zodiacal KEYS that will open your Vesica piscis eye of ra?
      When you are ready you will find it.


    • YES

      I think Sigrun and my SS theory could make beautiful music together….
      i.e SS + one more sig S rune = SSS

      S anctus!
      S anctus!
      S anctus!

      the poetry of the motion
      that which is all of us
      how the universe speaks to us is through its heART

      thank you Jenny/Marley
      you have been paying attention
      good verk comrade…

      P.s. I initially wrote all of the above based on the Cygnus/Fomalhaut connection Sigrun was making…
      After reading much of the BS on that site…I thank you for the link, I might use some of the info on that page, but the author is IMHO just another seegullible full of FEAR spreading more BS about Enki and co.

      Too many Enki Wiki sheeple out there spewing Zecharia Sitchen idiocy.

      I joined the group, I might go give that HERD a piece of my MiNd and heART.
      And well you know how that usually ends?

      RaphaEL the Ark-angEL who knows about LIfE’5 angLEs will be *cast out* by the ignorant.
      You know how the story goes?
      How many other Discount TV disclosing nothing to the sheeple belong to that group Jenny?

      Go tell Sigrun you know of a ’37’ angEL they should meet, that suggests they are close but their ignorance has caused them to make some mistakes re: interpretation.
      I would wager that Sigrun’s ego will not accept that they are WRONG about many of the buttons they are pushing?


  68. Raphael,
    I thank you for taking the time to have a look. I ask with a humble heart that you proceed kindly.
    Just as you, she has memories of a time past when her interpretation of a language led to evil men using it for evil agendas.
    I can assure you, she is not a sheeple but does need help in solving this.
    If you can prove to her that Enki did not exist, I would be very surprised. She remembers her time then.
    Argh! I wish I could discuss this with you in private.
    She is (as you are ) an incredibly old soul that has a wrong to right. She needs help.
    The content on that site is very much like DTV where the sheeple are lost in their worlds but this is where she chooses to post and this is where I met her , years ago.
    Over the years, you have had to deal with idiots derailing your threads. I understand your possition. If you can help, I would be so very greatful.
    I will let her know that you are on your way to add to her research.
    I posted the 137.5 video on her page a couple of days ago and her response is on my page on 2012connect.
    I thank you Raphael. Some incredible things can be accomplished here if we work together.
    Years ago, she was told she would, through her interpretaion, help set man free. She was decieved and the outcome was disasturous. She will not allow for that to happen again. This time, the information will not fall into the hands of an evil group who distorted the swastika.
    I look forward to your input.

  69. Sorry for the delay, Raphael.
    I’ve been laid up with a head cold.
    Did I miss something? I don’t see a video that I’m supposed to find the 137.5 in.
    Was kinda hoping you would add some of your brilliance to Sigruns post?
    Hope you are well.
    Take care, eh. 🙂

    • I have not been to the site yet Jenny…I joined but I have been busy reading, writing, and spring cleaning my garden.
      I also had my Internet Radio debut.

      click on the links, they should take you to Pateo Radio player:

      why not post it on the ‘Discount Disclose Nothing TV’ site.
      After all the sheeple heard my bARK and felt my bits and bytes, maybe it is time to let ’em hear what a German Sheppard’s voice sounds like.


  70. Raphael:
    Here is a little about me. I don’t know if you have heard of Decoz Numerology: but this is what my report gave me.

    Your Life Path is 18/9
    Your Birthday is 15
    Your Expression is 36/9
    Your Minor Expression is 14/5
    Your Heart’s Desire is 7
    Your Minor Heart’s Desire is 6
    Your Personality is 11/2
    Your Maturity is 18/9
    Your Life Path / Expression Bridge number is 0
    Your Heart’s Desire / Personality Bridge number is 5
    You have a Karmic Lesson 8
    Your Hidden Passion is 5
    Your Plane of Expression Physical is 6
    Your Plane of Expression Mental is 8
    Your Plane of Expression Emotional is 29/2
    Your Plane of Expression Intuitive is 11/2
    Your Balance is 7
    Your Rational Thought is 41/5
    Your Cornerstone is G
    Your Subconscious Self is 8

    And with that I will leave with this, something that I liked and has resonated within me while tripping on LSD:

    You’ve heard the voice in your head for so long, you believe it to be you. You believe it to be your best friend. Where’s the best place for a con to hide? The last place you’d look. He’s hiding in your head. Pretending to be you. You’re in a game. The game. Everyone is in it, and nobody knows it. This is his world. He owns it. Controls it. He tells you what to do and when to do it. You can’t accept it because you’re investment and intelligence are in question. He’s behind all the pain there ever was. Now he’s telling you he doesn’t even exists. We just put you to war with the only enemy that has ever existed. But you think he’s you’re best friend. And you protect your best friend.
    You know what’s so elegant about this little game? Nobody knows where the enemy is. They don’t even know he exists. He’s in their heads. They trust him because they think they are him.
    The more power you think you have in this world the less power you have in the real world. You are still in prison. In fact, you never left.
    The best place to hide. The last place you’d look. Behind your pain. Embrace the pain, and you will win this game. How radical are you prepared to be, Mr. Green?

    • Hey Revolver have you ever noticed that people tend to talk about themselves quite a bit?

      I AM also guilty of pointing the finger at me.

      Self-reference occurs in natural or formal languages when a sentence, idea or formula refers to itself. The reference may be expressed either directly—through some intermediate sentence or formula—or by means of some encoding. In philosophy, it also refers to the ability of a subject to speak of or refer to himself, herself, or itself: to have the kind of thought expressed by the first person pronoun, the word “I” in English.

      Self-reference is studied and has applications in mathematics, philosophy, computer programming, and linguistics. Self-referential statements are sometimes paradoxical.


      And guess what number is associated with Twitter and self-referencing?

      Ask to join the group here:


  71. Figs. 18 and 19 are common Grecian emblems. The first is associated with Neptune and water, the second with Bacchus. With the one we see dolphins, emblems of the womb, the name of the two being assonant in Greek; with the other, the saying, sine Baccho et Cerere friget Venus, must be coupled.

    ‘sine Baccho et Cerere friget Venus’

    Without Ceres and Bacchus, Venus grows cold

    This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with
    almost no restrictions whatsoever. You may copy it, give it away or
    re-use it under the terms of the Project Gutenberg License included
    with this eBook or online at http://www.gutenberg.org


  72. Your fabricated ramblings are so off base and nonsensical that you’re an embarrassment to legitimate scholars in this field.
    Seriously, just stop. You literally have no idea what you’re talking about and all these ‘connections’ of yours are harmful to our real research.
    I hope the readers here are just humouring you, because anyone that takes you seriously needs their head examined.

    • “You literally have no idea what you’re talking about and all these ‘connections’ of yours are harmful to our real research.”

      Okay now it is your turn to put on the table what you consider ‘real research’?
      Please, please, do make my day?

      Are you offering the kind of nonsense put forth by a Graham Hancock who travels to the 4 corners of the globe, looking to uncover ancient mysteries, yet if you take a look in the index of any of his books, the 12,000 year old ‘preliterate’ swastika is absent as an entry in his books?
      John Major Jenkins and Carl Calleman also fail as sleuths looking for truths, ignoring the connections between the swastika/Ursa Major and Minor and the Pole Stars.
      Talk about having preconceived notions and doing an end run around the ‘evidence’ that HER-story, HIS-story and history has placed in plain view for all to see.

      By the way this other web blog of mine illustrates how knowledge of the associations between the Aztec Calender Stone and Aztec Calendar Wheel helps to expose the Maya 2012 ruse!

      That dense fog was not the dark rift of the galactic center we passed through in December 2012, it was the PhDUH of human ignorance out in full/fool force.


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  74. Pingback: MS 39671 – Codex Zouche-Nuttall – and the Swastika | Alternative Thinking 37
    • very cool Orslah I will need to have a closer look … but a quick scan of your blog revealed a direct hit or connection between our insights.

      i.e. your alpha series 1 3 7 6 4 9 = 3

      AHA coincidence aka synchroNICEity

      Yesterday when you posted your reply little did you know (or did U?) that I was involved in a heated discussion over the number 3 and my ideas, most of which have a basis in ‘137’.

      Thanks for the confirmation that my aim be true blue, black and blue sometimes.
      Your offering of alpha numbers summarize my journey since being ‘reborn’

      1 3 7 6 4 9

      my rebirth began when I got stuck on the number 4 which lead me to the 4 numbers we can find on both the World Card and Wheel of Fortune, or anytime you see depictions of the MAN, the BULL, the LION, the EAGLE.

      11, 2, 5, 8,

      …which had been associated to the 4 Evangelists by scholars and then the 4 Evangelists revealed a new set of 4 numbers to ME to follow as clues, 1376

      It began with 1376 and then I realized the 6 could be flipped into a 9 to represent a different location or polarity.

      The 6 and 9 represent the two pillars and you place 137 between them.
      What if?

      So presently I AM left with 137-69 or 137-96 or 137-66 or 137-99 – anyway you get the picture … it starts to look like the book binding in the image I have attached….the title of the book starts to become fuzzy….are these numbers or letters or both depending on your POV?

      Congratulations you have hit the Motherlode of 137 on ThE NET btw
      137 + yin yang relationships represented by the 6 and 9.


      Orslah the reverseN‘ on your website suggests you should like this blog here:

      And maybe you would be interested in joining this faKebook group Orslah?
      Where else to discuss the manufacture of a brand new brand of consciousness than on faKebook, where this new world order is being scripted using a consensus of ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ built on top of LIES and FIBS…?


      Your presence would be a welcome addition to help keep folks focused on ‘137’ and what it means to the bigger picture….your 137 alpha connections are welcome anytime.

      selah V


  75. This is so beautiful! Very awakening ‘stuff’. Universal dust. So nice. I kind found out ‘the force’ by choosing my avatar name. Gprod. A G product. Thanks.

  76. Where did you get your study in esoteric?
    I live in the Netherlands. Dutch.
    According to Maya I was born on a turtleday.

    Do you know more about this?


  77. Greetings Raphael,
    Somehow I had stumbled upon your research while doing research of my own. I’m 24 years old and with each passing day I’ve become less interested in the physical world but more interested in the ethereal. I don’t want to explain the life experiences that led me here but regardless, I’m here. The reason I’m commenting and reaching out to you is I too am a seeker and servant. We, as those crying from the woods, must here each others voice. I want a part of this and I promise I have some insight.

    Hodos Chamelionis,
    Jay F.

      • hail older Brother, Raphael
        I find myself now in my 33 summer at its end. I find myself unable to stop digging for truth, and the truth I find speaking very different truths to me. It is as tho I have had amnesia an am remembering that, that I am. I know that riddle, one gift for the past the other well you know. guess im here asking for your help to unlock these blasted doors for me! What I have read here and am learning resonates with me greatly. AnyThing worth saying takes the time for it to B said. harder still is the time it truly takes to understand it. but patience is a lesson worth knowing! the other way leaves scars.
        You have said that you like to merge science an religion. it is religion that speaks very different truths to me than what is told/preached. ie. tree of life. I would like to bounce a few things off you. if you would be a sounding wall for me. I shall be reviewing you works here for sum time, I have found writing my own story though time to help. might even be a great novel one day. Any pointers for one just awakening ??

        K McG

      • brother K McG

        BTW you are on an old blog of mine that I update from time to time
        BUT the bulk of the recovery since 2012 can be found at the AT37 blog found here;


        In essence, I AM the ONE master of ME+me is doing a fine job accomplishing what we set out to do, reconciling religion and science using the swastika.

        Only the future can judge the work that ME=me has recovered, a model that has stood the test of time.

        Browse the site, use the search bar, keep the terms simple, so what are your questions?

        Let me introduce you to one of the wise guys worth listening too.


        selah V

  78. God willing I stumbled upon this trove this very day. I am 23 (hmm interesting) and have been compelled to search through various symbols lately. I was led here after searching through images related to the esoteric implications of music and sound.

    I’d recommend you check out MostHolyPlace’s content on Quantum Christ, he is on a mission using the King James Version of the Bible to unveil archetypes. He has found a few pieces of the puzzle but much of his work remains unfinished. Searching: mostholyplace will bring up his content. It is amazing how Masonic Artwork and Architecture reveals so much about the different scales of existence. http://mostholyplace.com/index.html

    I don’t mean to plug that, it’s just that I get the sense that you two would be capable of amazing discoveries. Please give it some time like everything it needs discernment, but I found my intuition lighting up similar to the way it has delving through your material.

    I felt compelled to post this, I hope it serves it’s purpose in destiny/fate.

    • Dear Rob … maybe you can point me toward a particular page that suggests the Most Holy Place [no name?] and the work I present as a mystical recovery collide?

      The link you offered is just another abyss of links … please be more direct in the future when citing an idea.

      btw this is an old blog of mine, a newer blog with more profound insights awaits you.

      selah v

  79. After a very lkng time of keenly observing the ways of the simulation we are captured in, I concluded this to be a dream world, as is this universe, and the creator and dreamer is just one consciousness, thus we dream characters are all within this one single consciousness, thus telepathy, clairvoyance, and everything.
    Problem is, how to get out, how to stop all this, it is extremely annoying, this whole existence thing.
    Running in circles over and over.

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