37= Solfeggio = Zoroaster’s Oracles = Seed of Life

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Cool, I got a nibble…First, these ‘solfeggio’ frequencies were originally ‘revealed’ to me
by a stranger’s voice in a phone conversation a few years ago…

[My studio (20to20soundesign) address is 2220… ]

I can give ya’ more than a nibble…but then again I also lived at an address for 12 years, namely @ 2220 Queen St…and sometimes of late I want you know, because my research is primarily concerned with finding the inherent Macrocosm = microcosmic ‘connections’, I sometimes call myself the Mm man.
This can be interpreted in another way … the Marijuana mystic

First the ‘solfeggio’ frequencies were revealed to me within the last year…
Sadly I do not play an instrument, certainly a handicap when delving into the Solfeggio frequencies, but I do have my intuitive guide to help interpret other stimuli has sense.
My intuitive lead journey these past 4 years was based on following a path of ‘strings’ related to the number 4.
At this point I just want to add…the next step after ‘String Theory’ will be a ‘Knot Theory’.
People like you and me need to teach people how to tie their shoelaces into little knotzis.

Then I started seeing how certain numbers related to my employee number of 18 years, 52801, kept appearing in many esoteric writings.

And of course if you divide the number 4 by the mystical number of 7 = .571428 which repeats as you know.
If you divide the day of my birth by the month… 3/7 = .428571

Both 37 and 47 as you know in numerology/Gematria are significant.
Actually the thing that becomes apparent about Gematria is the following…
Both the ancient Hebrew and Greeks used it.
The Hebrews who follow the Torah = the Old Testament and the Greeks who helped usher in the New Testament
Gematria being one of the oldest yet simplest codes to understand.
What is important to realize is the importance of number 37 when using Gematria.

So how is the number 37 connected to the Solfeggio frequencies and to the 4 Oracles of Zoroaster?
I did mention I was following the number that represents both creation and destruction, the number ‘4’ for ‘4’ years?

4 is just one of the threads/filaments/paths/journey that exist in the matrix.

Have you seen these?
Here is the gift you have been waiting for MM…

To help us both move forward by combining what we know.
Remember the Persians were the astronomers living at the same time as the Christians who were being persecuted for being to starry eyed…
Important also to remember that the Jews, Christians and Muslims have a long long history of beating each other up and stealing ideas from each other too, of course.
And before they stole from each other…there were the pagans and other indigenous cultures…
Do you think it is a coincidence that only 4 books of the Maya survived and there exists the 4 Gospels?
Is it a coincidence that a vital link can be made between the Maya/Aztec and the Tarot before the crucifix waving Judeao/Christians arrived in the New World?
As you have already shown there exists a connection to the ancient Chinese.
Self-serving religions are what stand between the ewe and mi in learning the universal truth.

This first oracle I offer is called Zoroaster’s Oracles … The Great MIRROR….yeah baby…and I ponder, can it be placed over those 18 frequencies + 18 frequencies you arrived at … using a MIRROR or polar pairs as you call them?
The 37th frequency in your image would be placed at the center?

Why 37?

Here are the other 3 Oracles…should keep you busy while I go back and read the last 9 pages of this thread.
Together we shall overcome the deliberate deceptions that befuddle humanity.

Zoroaster’s Oracles … The Great Star Guide

Zoroaster’s Oracles … The Great Guide

Zoroaster’s Oracles … The Chart of the Spirits




And we cannot overlook the esoteric connection that Zoroaster’s Oracles have to the Tree / Fruit / Seed of Life.
Can we?

Here are some random thoughts I want to share at this time based on my musings.

528 / 582/ 285 / 258 / 852 / 825 / … seem to be connected with the creation or defining of a ‘Space’.
More on that later…

Could another set of the frequencies be concerned with TIME and yet another with MOTION?
The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost = Time/Space/Motion?

As you know in the I Ching there are 3 Laws…

Law of Evolution … (is this the father?)
Law of Change … (is this the son?)
Law of Enantidromia … (is this the holy spirit or ghost?)

Enantiodromia means ‘reversal in extremis’

Reversal in extremis is a paramount concept in the I Ching.

Enantiodromia is a term used in psychology.
Enantiomorphs can be a pair of crystals that are mirror images of each other, and are optically active or the mirror image of a given chiral polyhedron
Enantiomer … one of two “mirror images” of a chiral molecule.

More on this vital clue later…the word chirality is derived from the Greek χειρ (cheir), the hand.
I believe with all my heart the following…

CHiram Abiff = CHeir or chirality = handedness = SPIN baby SPIN
…oh yeah…oh yeah…the time has arrived to let the genie out…

So MM are you left handed or right handed or mixed?
What hand would you hold a mirror with?

McClain Yantra for 432,000. Only this yantra can yield a hexagonal region where tones and their reciprocals co-incide. The hexagon has 37 tones because 37 is a hexagonal number, viz chapter 10 and the cube of Metatron.
[from p 90 of 
Meditations on the Koran by Earnest McClain, Nicolas-Hays, Ney York, 1981]

That image above was taken from this site.

But a little more investigation re: the image and the author ‘E. McClain’ reveals the following info…




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  1. !!! Yesterday I told a friend of mine: “I’m here killing trojan horses, 37!!! till now” He answered: “It’s a good number, go on!” 🙂 !!!




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