TIME magazine uses Alchemy and proves a Conspiracy exists!

Notice the 4 alchemy colors used in the above TIME** cover.


4 stages of alchemy according to Herr Jung and Co.

Stage 1
 – Blackening
Stage 2 – Whitening
Stage 3 – Yellowing
Stage 4 – Reddening

Read both blogs on this page…and the significance of those 4 Indian Medicine Wheel colors is explained.

Some of you also noticed a 5th color used.
Biblical Blue

Why Blue?

The story of the search for the source for the dye tekhelet – Biblical blue – is one of intrigue, deception, and deduction. It weaves together clues from Torah scholarship, archeology, and chemistry, and its major players include a great Chasidic Rebbe, a former Chief Rabbi of Israel, archeologists, marine biologists and chemists.

The link above provided, takes the scholarship to new dizzying spiraling heights…

The Rosetta Fractal with the Nazi swastiKA superimposed.
For obvious effect.
Please note that there is no better match found in the world.
Please note both share the same geometry and color sequence.

Black Cross
White Circle
Red Background

Gold or Yellow is missing from the Nazi flag.
Yellowing is the 3rd step in alchemy.
The Nazis actually labeled the 3rd ingredient of the experiment.
They placed a gold/yellow star on the Jewish people.

The grand experiment being conducted by the hidden forces, the Black and White Magicians is quite profound.

The ROSETTA Fractal

The Rosetta Fractal is a mandala.
I believe it IS the KEY to unlocking SOUND and LIGHT using archetype and a little alchemy.
The picture on the left was taken by mi in Peru in 2006, found in a Catholic Monastery, I added the Nazi swastiKA to show the profound use of common geometric form and choice of colors.

Please note that mi image from Peru and the United Nations flag share the same laurel leafy image…and both have a symbol with 4 axis of symmetry = 8 pointed Star of Venus
Which in the above image is the woman wearing blue and on her Right Arm is a tattoo.

A tattoo that could represent any of the following, a compass rose/a solar symbol/or the 8 pointed star of the BLUE Goddess Venus with lovely breasts and flexing a strong right arm?

That image above and the esoteric veils it lifted, has been central to mi rants and raves since 2006.
Before I photographed this image…all I had was a feeling that the swastiKA was divine…then I found the Rosetta Fractal.

Now I can actually prove the asymmetrical swastiKA is divine, simply by showing how asymmetry penetrates ALL levels of the matrix.
In conclusion I want to suggest the swastiKA can be used to fill the miSSing gaps of a history that has been veiled from us.


**the game THEY play is all about TIME, as the above image shows, TIME is connected to the HOLY SPIRIT (in the above image the hands of the clock are actually the wings of a Dove)…so while they have the sheeple distracted and concerned about the details of life (that THEY helped script) and fighting over the SPACE …
…however THEY concern themselves with other ‘Revelations’ and prepare?

Now I recently read that ‘religions’ are really about ‘time’.

What do you think?
Do most religions have a ‘beginning’ a ‘genesis’ and an ‘end’?


“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”
-Albert Einstein


2 thoughts on “TIME magazine uses Alchemy and proves a Conspiracy exists!

  1. well that would be most interesting bianKA.

    Emet = Truth
    It simply confers with mystical Judaism >> Kabbalah >> Tree of Life >> and the Tarot specifically…

    The 22 cards of the Major Arcana can be played or interpreted in their ‘reverse order’ …

    And what this suggests to me … when placed alongside science … we are now into the realm of quantum ‘probablities’.

    Which also brings any discussion of an ‘event’ regarding ‘time’ and ‘reversals’, back to the future, called 2012.


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