“Blue Pill helps you see the LuX”

UPDATE Aug. 6/2013

In the demonstration above, the word PHUN (as in Physics is …) is written on the glass panel of a classroom-style overhead projector. A sample of Iceland spar is placed over the word PHUN. Two images of the word PHUN can be faintly seen in the early seconds of the movie. The crystal double refracts light that passes through it. At about the 8-second mark, a Polaroid filter is placed over the crystal and rotated. As it rotates, the two images alternately fade in and out. The light passing through the crystal becomes polarized and when the Polaroid filter is rotated, it blocks and transmits the two light paths in alternating fashion.

The result is that the two images of PHUN can be seen one at a time.

Pretty cool stuff!
Let’s have some more Phun!

The above video demonstrating ‘PHUN’ illustrates what makes the swastika a nano super hero and also why the swastika as a MEMEtic messenger, in contrast to the GENEtic info, has been passed forward through time and space.

NANO World APPLICATIONS for the SWASTIKA – the true blue AVATAR

What makes the swastika so special is its ability to polarize, bend, ‘refract’ light….even as fast as light travels, the swastika can have an effect on it.

image/design courtesy of http://myoshka.jp/

Applications of Polarization

Polarization has a wealth of other applications besides their use in glare-reducing sunglasses. In industry, Polaroid filters are used to perform stress analysis tests on transparent plastics.

Polarization is also used in the entertainment industry to produce and show 3-D movies. Three-dimensional movies are actually two movies being shown at the same time through two projectors. 

I must say I have been ingesting many blue pills since I wrote this blog in 2008.
Today I see and feel the LUX in all its glory!

137-9 Mesoamerica Code – FIAT * LUX

end of update
Good flick, good premise…do they call ‘B’ movies B, because the actors are real baad?
Painful…but an inspiration to all the good actors looking for a job…

And imagine what a cheap pair of Polaroid sunglasses allows a person to see or block out?
When I put on my super-Mman X-ray glasses I see the star of Venus…naked.
yeah baby…my kundalini is rising.

Can I offer a slightly different trip?
Pick a Red or Blue pill please.

How do polarizing filters work?
With the following schemingmatic, I hope to provide you with a basic template to construct your own pair of special X-ray glasses.
Why would you want a pair?
You would see Venus naked and never watch porn again.

Have you ever wondered about stuff other than the noise and haste and waste that surrounds us? I do all day long. It has become my job.
I took many of these sketches from the book called The Dancing Wu Li Masters by Gary (open minded) Zukav.
If you have the book … go to the last chapter called Enlightenment.
That is how I read … from back to front.

This simple, simple analogy using Polarizing filters helps explain so much.
It helps explain the ‘how to’ of ‘how to polarize people’.
Below we have several 2D sketches representing a 3D event.

What I want to present is a profound lesson on now-the-ewe-see-it and now-the-ewe-don’t kinda of quantum new age magic.
Magic on a global level…coming soon to the theater called ‘all the world is a stage’.

Let me explain how to make something appear, where before you saw nothing…or the other way around…how to make an illusion disappear.
The elusive … how to get something from nothing…or at least how to make something appear, where before there was nothing.

It is apparent (to me) that the Great Architect uses Blu-Blockers and Infrared Night Vision googles…to see and manage the bigger picture … a bigger picture that we fail to see and hear, respectively light and sound.

This is true scientific fact, as the above image illustrates. Our visible world is but a silver of what exists (we are the rainbow)…the visible world exists between the boundaries called infrared and ultra-violet blue.

All you need is a veil or two to help altar this illusion that exists between these two ‘pillars’.
What is that magic veil or cloaking device that THEY hide behind? What do they not want the ewe to know about?
Are the secrets of the universe accessible?
I want to report they are, and we can learn much about life, by looking and interpretation, using the ‘archetypal tools’, the games children and adults play.
When you become the Lord of the Ring…you know how to make yourself invisible…
Why is a ring shaped like a torus?

Rune Ring
The true Ring of Power THEY conceal…
Want me to rune the illusion for ewe?
continue reading…let me present the magic.

In this sketch of how polarizers work …

1st step is to replace the H-axis (horizontal line/s) with an x-axis.
2nd step is to replace the V-axis (vertical line/s) with a y-axis.

Now take a look at this picture and imagine those x horizontal lines and y vertical lines intersecting.
Guess what?
If you try to pass light or luX through these two x and y filters…the light DOES NOT pass through as this sketch illustrates.

So guess what?
In analogy we have those two filters surrounding the earth.
We have an x-axis Horizontal and y-axis Vertical
We call them the Van Allen Belts…and what I am about to suggest, suggests this may be the reason … THEY tried to eliminate them back in 1958.
What if this is one of the main reasons for the ‘space program’ being initiated…because THEY know what is coming…

One filter thus is represented by one of the Van Allen belts.
The Horizontal/x-axis becomes the positive proton belt.
The second filter is thus the Vertical or y-axis and it is comprised of the negative electron belt.

So that model of a FLAT 2D universe eXpands after we fill it with sheeple poo and much expert hot air also aSSists the morphing into a 3D model…that looks like this.

Neat eh?

So what I want to imply using analogy that if all you have is a x-axis and y-axis, is that this implies the fixed cross ‘+’ is suggesting a balance and at the same time … ‘darkness’.
Remember the sketch above, the light or luX does not penetrate until you do something interesting.

You introduce a beryllium filter on a diagonal, i.e at 45 degrees between the H and V filter.

Please note that what we end up with is HDV … or the Vatican version would be … HDtV
So did anybody get a jolt yet?
And as that 2D image above illustrates there exist two such filters that can be placed at 45 degree angles to one another forming an X.
One diagonal is D- and the other is D.
Light in Latin means LUX.
Here are two medieval images that represent LUX.

no. 694 and 218 are LUX representations.
218 is a LuX cross and the initials of Jesus the Redemptor …
693 the original ‘+’ sign …
694 the subsequent X of LuX
695 the modern big T (macrocosm) and the modern small ‘t’ (microcosm), yes even our keyboards reflect a truth.
The stroke of the small t is a reversion back to the original cross.

…images and text (I added too) above borrowed from H. Bayley The Lost Language of Symbolism

But in the ‘beginning there was light’ … but that I want to remind the ewe is an English vord that rhymes with fight and might and plight and blah blah baa baa…

The Latin word for light is luX. And the bible was written in Latin bee4 it was written in English…long before.
Ja way.

And then when you have the archetypes in hand…you run like the wind to tell the world…it is a Hop…Skip and a Quantum Leap to understanding the bigger picture….take LuX cross no. 218 and see if you can place it within the 3 following images…

First the HOP

Then the SKIP

And then the Quantum LEAP

Using a JUMP associated with the sacred-once-secret Solfreggio FREEquencies…that were stolen from humanity and used to manipulate, and you already know by you-know-who?

Father of Darkness, the Black Magician, the Alchemist?

Recently I ordered a book called ‘The Royal Secret’ (written by a phre-mason/freemason … and within it … I have already found a few secrets…intuitively I knew them…I have these secrests and shared them with everyone who has endured my cryptic rants and raves. No longer. I am slowly coming back from the other side, I can only describe as the archetypal world, with messages that seem to have scientific merit and truths attached to them…what started as a claim by me (Mi) 2+ years ago, a claim that both versions of the svastika placed together represented the same thing as prayer … made me appear a fool.
It helped me secure the first prize needed on the road to uncovering truth.

It helped me win, err I mean Raphael, the wingnut award … here at PO in 2006…
SPG heckled and laughed and was of course … one of my biggest critics.

Who is laughing now sweetie?
Ewe need some help…come lie down on my couch…or I could just whack ewe several times on the LEFT side with the best seller I am currently scripting?

Do the ewe want to learn from history…or are we going to be content being fed a certain scripted HIStory?
What I offer is plain and simple truth … hard to digest.
But true.
The folks people thought was some kinda spiritual Santa is really Satan in disguise.

Look at his fucking diggs man…
Look at that symbol behind the Poop, it is a symbol of the Holy Spirit, its wings spread, looks like a fucking clock…a TIME bomb.
C’mon Mon…here is the mon who is putting us ALL down?

I will soon be resting my case…today is a great day to post this.
Death / Devil / Satan / Pope arrives in Washington today, he should feel at home hanging around the Pentagon … and later in the week he will take a look at ground zero, something he helped create?

Have a nice day, hope by removing a few filters/veils that blue light got through!
So did ewe pick the Red or the Blue pill?

Because in fact there is a third pill called LSD that helps you see the matrix for what it is.


LSD the Lucky 4 Leaf Clover the New Atlantis and Prime Numbers

2bee continued as the info arrives.




“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”
-Albert Einstein

11 thoughts on ““Blue Pill helps you see the LuX”

  1. where is the berrylium layer between electron and proton layer which lets the suns light through in such a case?

    and one small typo it is sliver not silver 🙂

  2. still working on the beryllium … the 4th element.

    was silver a typo?
    you need silver for the mirrors.
    consider the x,y and z axis as mirrors.

    A sliver of reality … bounded by silver mirrors.
    Nice funhouse eh…every reflection you see is either you or ewe, depends on the perspective.


  3. Where can I buy a pair of these special “glasses” please and do you accept paypal? thanks! 😀

    So, I have been thinking as well and I have come to realize that most are simply sleeping or A.I. or perhaps even AI that are programmed to mimic sentient beings during sleep!

    I think that I am awake yet sometimes I feel like a butterfly…

    I believe there are “glitches” in the system and if someone attempts to explain these glitches that they can become one with the glitch….

    I believe we have a digital creator and she might work for microsoft or it is that fucking 12 year old thai kid who keeps pwning me on Xbox!

    I believe we chose to erase our hardrives to make it seem even “more-real” and that I regret that part of the “Experiment” more then anything else…. otherwise those must have been some pretty fucked up memories 😀

    I now thoroughly despise the “hacker/adversary” program and will seek to have it removed from our next big game or I will boycott as some may need this type of motivation yet I do NOT!

    Our planet must be at least 100 times bigger and I have wings and a secret mountain hideaway where I keep me treasure and lots of pretty pretty maids who adhore me and can actually fit my gigantic junk into their anxiously awaiting orifices 😀

    Is this thing still on? Okay…

    I want to be worshipped yet I promise to never remove fire nor destroy the entire world simply because of my own miscalculations.
    I also promise to not laugh at your nakedness nor introduce a snake into my garden and all the fruit will be good to eat!

    Vote NEO for GOD 2012! 😀
    paid for by uber femininistas who secretly desire my junk in every orifice 😀

    “Are you tired of your old ,worn out, used and abused, dragged down to earth, given a name, a sex and otherwise well illustrated and thoroughly described in human detail DIETY?”

    So my friend, can you tell me… what the fuck… it all means?

    Perhaps, it was someones “turn”. their turn to “design” to “terraform” and this is the generic fabric of the matrix.
    It is infinite form and we are its seemingly finite audience.
    It exists for us and we exist for it and there perhaps is no other,

    Only the few, the brave, those with wills of iron… choose to remain, as individuals, as free everything and alls of their own design.

    Good to see you again BTW 🙂

    The rest melt back into the fabric just as they arose
    as laughter echos throughout our eternities together.

    With every word I am reminded of the madame and her seemingly endless pursuit of truth wherever it may lead.


    I wonder if she ever found it… that perhaps she discovered where it was hidden the whole time… Within

    You will never walk alone

  4. Raph,

    I recently had a psychotic break according to my Mrs and my shrink. I can no longer read your blogs. Is this the rime of the blue kachina?

  5. Magnetic fields have a north and a south. Electric fields have a positive and a negative. You can picture the two fields as the height and width of a balloon as you push down on it with your hand. As the height of the balloon collapses, the width of the balloon expands. The height is like the magnetic field, and the width is like the electric field. Notice that the two fields are always at right angles to one another. This is important to understanding polarization.

    Electromagnetic waves are oscillating magnetic and electric fields, at right angles to one another. They move at the speed of light (light is, after all, an electromagnetic field). Most light that we encounter is randomly oriented with respect to the oscillating fields. Since the fields are created by moving electrons, and the electrons could be moving in any direction, the fields (electric and magnetic) could be at any angle.

    If something causes the electrons to all move in the same direction, then the fields would all be oriented in one direction. We would say the fields are polarized (they all have their north and south poles pointing the same way).

    In our wire, the electrons are all moving in the same direction, from one end of the wire to the other. The electric and magnetic fields produced by the moving electrons are all produced in the same orientation, and the waves are polarized. Light from the sun or a candle is caused by electrons moving in all different directions, so the fields are all randomly oriented. Their light is not polarized.

    The easiest way to polarize light from the sun or a candle is to reflect it off of a flat surface at a shallow angle. Sunlight glancing off of water into your eyes is polarized if it comes to you from a shallow enough angle. The electric field becomes oriented up and down, and the magnetic field is thus left and right (remember they are always at right angles to one another).


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