Please do not vote on the poll until you have read the thread.

Poll can be found here…
This poll might even exert a little influence on another forum.
Or it might, like most of my threads…get buried by left brain detail and non-interest.
Please read first and then vote…send those wankers over at Thunderbolts a message that is loud and clear.

Dear Thunderbolts your theory has big fucking holes that golem can plug. He uses an archetypal mortar that helps fill the cracks due to the passage of time … the mortar he likes to use is called TRUTH Sir-Up.

People on this forum might be pleased to find out that the often misinterpreted and maligned artist Raphael and me, (love him or hate him golem), have found a new herd of intellectual sheeple people that are in dire need of a shearing…I want to direct my focus and energies now in their direction. SATURN Theory and an ELECTRIC SUN

I want to ‘MIRROR’ certain threads they are discussing on that forum, here at PO…why?
They need to be discussed and I got banned from that site.
I will confess something at this time based on my experiences on other forums.
I do prefer the funnyandmentalist theologian who has faith and hope over the empirical scientific emperors who have replaced faith and hope (everything visible and invisible) with primarily theories based on visible mechanistic evidence, chance and probabilities based on mathematics of only what they can really prove.
In other words my reality depends on how best THEY eventually define it…fuck off…get outta my space.

Probabilities leads the mind to believe the tail can wag the dog at some point, and maybe even get away with it…”God may not play with dice”…but I feel I can prove that the Vatican, that house of ill-repute does play with our lives and toss them about like dice.
Oh well, another witch just crapped out.
Go ahead make my day pilgrim…you feelin’ lucky in Casino Benedict?

And PO hosts a good cross-section of the sheeple people who might benefit from the differences of opinion that exist between Dave Talbot and me.
Especially in regards to the swastika.

Here is a point of contention of mine…
Dave and Company have abducted the swastika, long held as the Hammer of Thor, and tossed this meaning aside…to fit their theory.

Dave and Company do not want to discuss this symbol rationally.
Dave and Company have relegated this ancient symbol, which has been found mostly in the equatorial and northern regions to secondary status. It seems that I am the only person that sees the swastika in its true light or LUX.

Lux is Latin for LIGHT and it was symbolized by an X.
Actually it was the introduction of the X … that replaced the use of the +. is lagging because again they are being directed again primarily by the egotistical intellectual who is ignoring the archetypal patterns…hence they plod along.
Not me.
The boys at Thunderbolts if they are on a true course will find me there, where X marks the spot, when they arrive.
Where will I be and what is X?
I tried to tell them…and what did they do to the Trojan Horse, bearing a gift, hidden deep inside? Well they learned from myth, not to accept such a gift…because they feared what might be hidden inside…something that would bring them defeat.

As you will see Dave Talbot and me are not on the same page…but we are definitely in the same chapter of the same book. We need each other, the ‘evidence’ he has gathered actually supports my theory nicely.

Dave does not realize it YET… Wink … but I already KNOW a truth, he has yet to uncover.
Dave Talbot is the intellectual mythologist/cosmologist and me, I am the archetypal mythologist/cosmogonist, and together we could unravel the mysteries using ALL the tools, past, present and future faster than a roomful of physicists at a Shriners’ convention.

Yes it is Dave Talbot and the fellas over at that now need to be awoken.
And it is time for me to start walking very tall. Using the staff of Hermes, it is time to start whacking those fellas (from a safe distance) on the LEFT side of their asymmetrical brains.
If you go to this link, a topic of discussion that Dave Talbot authored you will see a lengthy discussion on the 8-pointed Star of Venus…which plays a fundamental role in their Saturn theory….

Please read Dave Talbot’s interpretations about the 8-pointed Star of Venus and it’s origins and then compare them to the divine archetypes and their LOCATIONS, which I have gathered…

On that site/forum they have a theory about Saturn and that universe is primarily Electric, i.e. our Sun is electric and we are surrounded by electro-magnetic waves/fields/plasma etc.
I was never disputing their theory…my threads were usually posted in the forum called New Insights and Mad Ideas, like this forum it is OPEN to discuss anything, and because I do know my place… Rolling Eyes , most of my postings were confined to that forum.
I do know that my meta-physical rantings are often empirically unprovable.
But what are the mathematician magicians doing with their crafty formula?
Same thing…who the fuck understands them…they don’t even understand each other…

Here is golem’s version of Quantum Mechanics and the Theory of Everything.
Take a bunch of experts put them all in the same room and watch the Chaos begin…ewe can actually watch something come outta nothing…

Essentially the LEFT brained wankers directing humanities consciousness are creating also at the same time a NEW mystical language that only they, the mathematicians/physicists understand, a language that will be used to build the coming empires. Without a doubt, what are they going to use…sticks and stones….Albert?
Get outta here … yup …. outta space will be where the next empires just might be…

So where do the rest of us fit in if the wacky/brilliant celebrated John Nash, one of those who helped set up this mathematical illusion, has gone bonkers?
Question…look what John Nash’s thoughts did to him, and we want to foster his thoughts onto billions of sheeple people?
I see and feel that this is just a rerun of what we just went through these past 3-5000 years…’Secret MEN’S Societies Epoch II The Age of Aquarius‘…I predict this will be the Age of the Scientist Magician, the new god whose ego wishes to be worshiped.

But my ego has something to say about that.
I truly felt my theory fit in nicely with theirs.
Here is where I would put that 8-pointed Star of Venus and the concept of LUX.
I now realize that this symbol is truly magnificent.
It is also a mandala for SOUND (Solfeggiio frequencies embedded) and a LIGHT ‘X’ .
It just might make me famous, wealthy, and certainly a target.
All three are roads of the fool I remind myself, but some seem to lead to higher plateaus of hindsight.
I only want to point out how powerful this mandala I found in Peru is in helping us unlock the past, present and future.
This symbol will become just as well known as the Rosetta Stone.
Rolling Eyes

Herein I lay claim worthy of a Troubadour who brings much trouble again back to the Church…I had a marvelous thought just yesterday, maybe I was am such a fellow?
Troubadours could not be squelched.

Here is what I understand fully now…
This mandala exposes without a doubt the Vatican’s involvement in WWII and supporting the Nazi Party … from behind the scenes.

I predict this mandala and the connections I am bringing forth, contain within it, the seed of impending change.
This mandala will assist in the dismantling of the Vatican…this mandala will play its role in helping us understand how important SOUND and LIGHT are in the much bigger picture…and maybe, just maybe it will assist people in finding their frequency on the Solfeggio Scale.

Take a look at the two SS above in the violin.
Can you find those same scrolls on the mandala above?
I see 4 pairs of SS glyphs.

S = Spiritus

SS = Sanctus Spiritus = THE HOLY SPIRIT

SSS = Sanctus! Sanctus! Sanctus!

I am currently putting together another thread showing more profound connections to the Vatican using SS.
At one time Z = S too.
Zeus or SeuS?

Without a doubt I am now convinced that ‘my frequency’ is connected to the KEY 528.
I was told 30 years ago … that I am a ‘healer’. So I was shleeping a long time, big deal. In my heart that is what I wish to become. I do realize there is still some anger and judgment yet to shed.

Please take note: I am only ever suggesting that what I see is the result of interpreting the archetypal information that transcends TIME itself, the archetypes can never be slain. They continually resurrect themselves to assist in our development.

Here are more of those profound archetypes of the 8-pointed Star of Venus that I was going to offer to the Thunderbolts Cult.
Two of them are archetypal sketches, one is describing electromagnetism and the other is a profound reference to the polarization of LIGHT or LUX … using two diagonal lines forming an X.

And of course I was going to place all of these profound archetypes into the heart of Vatican.
An ancient pagan site connected to Rome, connected to an ancient culture that worshiped Saturn, and also had a Saturnalia festival.
Why did they worship Saturn?

Take a look at the UN symbol and the middle symbol…taken from a Peruvian Monastery…notice the laurel leaf…and again the 4 lines of symmetry that make up an 8-pointed Star of Venus.
The Star of Venus is connected to the KEY 528 too. It has been recognized as a 5 and 8 pointed star…so because of its dual aspect, other people, not me, refer to it as 528.

So why wouldn’t Thunderbolts want to trade and share research notes?
Join their site … ask the Plasma sucking Cult about the swastika.
Please resurrect me over there…you have my permission to be me on their site.
Rolling Eyes

This symbol brought forth to the world consciousness in 1934, was perhaps the beginning of the Age of Aquarius OR the countdown to 2012, which marks the changeover to a new constellation, thus a new myth will be necessary…that is how it works.
Scholars suggest our history may in fact be reflected in the changing constellations marking the equinoxes and solstices…makes sense to me…I only want to add…that a morphing Electro-magnetic field has something to say about it….

Easily explained…the swastika is most often a square or fixed cross.
But the Nazis ‘twisted’ the symbol….theirs was quite distinct from the swastikas that people who are on a true spiritual journey would embrace…and the ewe need to know that…Hitler was one fucked up little RC altar boy who had sights on altering the world.
The twist/rotation of the swastika into an X from a +, is best explained on another thread about how to polarize the sheeple people by using polarizing filters formed into an X.
The Grand ARKitect uses a pair of cheap polaroid sunglasses to alter his vision…

So those who spoke Latin and wrote Bibles in Latin adopted the letter X for the word LIGHT.
Keep reading….the mystery of our ancestry just keeps getting better…

What is the symbol the Church used explicitly to denote the Holy Spirit? As mentioned in other posts…the color associated to the Holy Spirit was GREEN = Holy Spirit.
Take a look at the LAUREL LEAF and the the TWO PILLARS in the mandala below.

And again in Latin X means LIGHT…
And what if I can easily connect two more profound dots to this mandala?

I have a thread called the KEY 528 … please read it right from the beginning and keep this thread (Thunderbolts) in the back of your mind.
One dot worth connecting as mentioned before, the ‘secret Solfeggio frequencies’ can be found on this mandala…and with incredible eye popping WTF clarity … KEY 528 is the frequency that heals DNA according to those who study these frequencies that had been kept secret for centuries.
Who held the secret?
Back to the Vatican we go.

And those numbers 528 are intimately connected to three of the 4 Gospels that comprise the New Testament. On this thread pay attention to this three sequences which are part of the fundamental archetypal structure.

1, 4, and 7
2, 5, and 8
3, 6, and 9


Hello Dave…you want me to come back dude?
Do you want to ask me to dance?
Your struggle with bringing forth your Electric Universe theory and message NEEDS mine, to help it give it a real jolt.
I just directed you to the CEO of The Power and the Glory Inc.

One more really important thing I want to mention before you vote on the poll.
The other day I was thinking about my exact time of birth.
I then had a profound thought and then I immediately vibrated (a good sign), suggesting to me that I just might have added another piece to the numerical puzzle called the KEY 528 and my most profound connection in bringing forth a message…others have also identified through the numbers 528.
I called my mother last night and asked her what time I had been born…I asked for her best guesstimate…because there exists no record.
She replied about 5:30 am, but my vibrations confirmed her guesstimate was out by 2 minutes.
Also my employee number as a firefighter was 52801, until 6 fire departments amalgamated and became one large department.

My new number?
Evidently in the chaos of amalgamation my frequency 528 got a bit jumbled about but it still there, and it was not long after, that I quit the force because I had found a new FORCE…LUKE feel the force…remember Luke, you have the SS helping you.

The Holy Spirits SS were known as St. Peter and St. Paul…true and funny … eh?
I am told you need two people to form a conspiracy.
I found the founders…

SS is always there…here put this on your left arm to assist you in eliminating All the Jews. We fear the prophecy, the Return of the King…and we have our own Kings waiting to be crowned…

I now feel we should call the Pope, what else?
You can’t make this shit up by the way.
You can only tap into it and report back with an epiphany.
I am only trying humor now to help people understand they are fucked.



I gotta get outside into the garden and worship the creation…
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”
-Albert Einstein


4 thoughts on “ vs. SWASTIKA

  1. yes indeed there is a lot of ego and self aggrandisement you could do without. it only repels the reader which im sure is not your purpose mr. healer 😉

  2. it’d be deep interesting an analysis (anu/lys/isis:)* of KEY 528

    1, 4, and 7
    2, 5, and 8
    3, 6, and 9

    in its relationship with the enneagram as in Gurdjieff,
    Ouspensky, Mouravieff, but also Ichazo&co, because, you see that key – those keys: law of 3 and 7 – mesmerise/polarize also the psyche: the logos creating this uni.verse.

    p.s. “Madame” met lots of people
    and liked the swastika very much
    via Sebottendorf etc. .

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