‘KEY 528 and THEY’

Micki wrote:
…we should have seen photos of what ever the filters are blocking out.

Still expecting people who have self-serving motives to be honest with people eh…hey I heard Iraq has WMD…and there is nothing to worry about out there…we’ve got the terrorists on the run…we know exactly where THEY are…. Wink

W ords of
M EDIA (turn off the tV and cancel the newspaper subscriptions)
D elusion

Micki wrote:
What is out THERE that is NOT HERE inside the filter?

Why don’t you ask the people who spend zillions of your tax dollars.
Obviously people only like the experts to answer such questions…
or they often like to quote and put on HDtV such notable brain trusts like ‘The Madonna’, or maybe the anorexic Angelina making Brad nervosa trying to save the world by starving herself, or maybe more ‘B.S. via the Brit celtic Spears’ who has a tainted destiny?

Micki wrote:
Who tried to eliminate the belt(s) and what WAS the reason?
(I am assuming the TPTB are workign to keep the veil in place as long as possible.)

Sorry Micki but the EWE need to read this.
What would HAARP have to do with FREE frequencies eh?

Violins…Bass Cellos…Harps and Lutes and the Holy Spirit … SS.

(long ago when Oral Traditions ruled the earth)

Just like the Sacred Secret Solfeggio freequencies, project Argus in 1958 was also a secret…when was the last time EWE had clearance and access to the secrets…thank me that I have a talent for joining the dots…it is my purpose…my task…read on below…528 is the Mi or me free frequency.

Your highly esteemed EXPERTS and such have determined this is the FREE frequency to be used to heal DNA…and THEY have known this fact for a long time.

Are we veiled or about to be?
Have we been in the dark since the dark ages?
Were the lights ever even turned back on? Did the illuminated elite decide to keep us herded and penned in?
Maybe the last dark age began the same way…but a spiritual coup took place (Vatican) and we have been in the dark since…?
And maybe 2012 is the ‘correction’ needed.
Cya Pope…as Troubadour it is my job to see the truth exposed.
Simple…nice to have found your purpose…I get rewarded every day with truth chills…vibrations…true blue stuff.

Micki wrote:
Regarding the rune ring, did it have anything to do with what the post is about?

Only if you happen to notice the svastikas and the fact our universe is now theorized to exist as a ring, torus or donut…and the equilateral triangle.

Micki wrote:
Besides there being proton and electron belts, what evdence is there that this works like a polarized filter?

Why would they want to tamper with it in 1958…why was one of the first missions to outer space to try to manipulate these ‘filters’…eh?

You are NOT thinking…you are being led down the garden path OUT of Eden…

Micki wrote:
golem wrote:
Please note that what we end up with is HDV … or the Vatican version would be … HDtV
So did anybody get a jolt yet?


Too bad. I spent the entire afternoon yesterday with a psychic friend (been doing readings for 20+ years), we shared stories, insights and truth chills….zzzzt.
Maybe your next lifetime sweetie.

Micki wrote:
Your theory is that the X in the symbols represent 2 filters.
Is there anything backing this up?

Science investigators have always taken their cues from the mystics OR their own right brains that are connected to a bigger truth.
You should also surf more, read more, trust your intuition more, google more, and believe less of what you read.

Micki wrote:
An alternate theory, also without any supporting evidence, would be that it is the cross that sybolises light and that X just marks the ground spot where the cross goes into the ground.

Now you talking about something like the Celtic Cross being used as a gnomon.
…google gnomon and celtic cross, but please realize I can connect the celtic cross to the swastika, faster than you can say Seal of Solomon.

Micki wrote:
I guess what I am saying here is that just because a theory is possible, it isn’t necessarily so.

Good and valid observation, a physicist once remarked, “cosmological theories are like street cars, another will be along any minute now”…the expert smart physicists were on the wrong path (btw they are still fine tuning a theory…like me) right up until 1956-7.
Two years after Albert Einstein died they made a few changes…
Maybe it was then they realized the Van Allen Belts were something to worry about?

Micki wrote:
But in the ‘beginning there was light’ … but that I want to remind the ewe is an English vord that rhymes with fight and might and plight and blah blah baa baa…

Once again, does this have any relevance to the topic?

Only if you believe that using Oral Traditions (SOUNDS = vibrations) for 99% of human development would have an effect on how our asymmetrical brains evolve using chiral asymmetric hands with which to work the creation … which Albert did not know was asymmetrical…

Other than that Micki…
Words and Sounds mean nothing, right?
Twisted Evil
has more negative impact…than psst…I luv you, does it not?
How about KAboom?

Micki wrote:
Is there even a theory that words rhyme for a reason? (Especially when half the language comes from other languages one has to wonder if this is a case just in English then or for all languages.)

Enough said about words, etymology and sounds…
Ask Noam Chomsky about language.
Ask the intellectual … he will help soothe the left brain.
But the left brains do not want to be soothed. So THEY brand Noam Chomsky a “left-wing-nut-coomie-sympathizer-subversive-blah-blah-baa-baa…where is a McCarthy when you need one…?”
Ever notice how the ‘nice guys’ get a bullet before they can do real damage?

Micki wrote:
LUX – Bible was written in Latin long before it was written in English.
So what? It was written in Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek etc before it was written in Latin.
I am guessing though your thinking is that since the symbolism is used by the Catholic church and their favorite language is Latin, this is of some relevance.

No guessing allowed Micki. Do you think I am guessing or following intuition and divine archetypal patterns literally and figuratively etched in stone, eh?
No, Micki the Catholic Church would not use covert symbolism or hide anything from the sheeple people eh?
Lordy Lordy Lordy…why do I bother sometimes?
Rolling Eyes

Because the resurrection of Truth is the most noble cause, I hate to be pedantic about it…it is even on a higher rung than a Nobel prize.

google the Secret Solfreggio frequencies.
Specifically the frequency 528…this is the frequency the experts you covet, are suggesting it is the frequency that heals DNA.
Then after you have satisfied yourself that the frequency sung in the KEY 528 … might just be what Stevie Wonder was singin’ about…’Songs in the Key of Life’
I make nothing up Micki…all can be googled and confirmed (most sheeple NEVER get around to going to many of the good links I provide)…I offer no new evidence…I just join existing evidence and theory together…by their invisible threads…better than most.
If I can make a psychic who has been giving readings for over 2o years, ‘vibrations’ with my connections…I just want the ewe to realize that they will never get me off this frequency called KEY 528.
By the way … my mother, before I shared with her the journey I am on…estimated my time of birth at 5:30 am…very close to 5:28 am.
With all of the coincidences for me regarding these 3 numbers, I want to suggest, because I am usually sitting at my keyboard, with a coffee, having already consumed a bowl of myrrh-ijuana around 5:28 every morning…
I gotta believe that I was born at 5:28 am.
With all that is happening I must believe it.
My employee number for 18 years was 52801.
After six departments amalgamated, i.e. we merged and things got jumbled up…so did my employee number…but there were those numbers again…8013522.

And in Gematria … an ancient code that both the Hebrew (Old Testament) and Greeks (New Testament) used…it shows up quite often…the word KEY itself adds up to 528.

Micki wrote:
Don’t take this as criticism or suggestion you are all wrong.
It is just that often I see you posts and get interested but after having read through several times just end up scratching my head and moving on.

I feel the same way after watching the news, the US president, religious funnymentalists, and American ‘culture’ if you can call it that…
So yeah … I can confer … some things in life leave you confused.

Micki wrote:
(By the way, I assume you are familiar with the site divinecosmos. Also some interesting concepts and the editor often tries to back up claims with scientific research, which makes it more pallatable and easier to grasp.)

Well let us start with those 6 divine frequencies of SOUND that the Vatican withheld from the sheeple people for many, many centuries.
6 divine frequencies embedded into the Gregorian Chants…

Micki this symbol is a divine ‘fractal’ … a ‘Rosetta Stone’.
A picture is worth a thousand words…and this symbol explains SOUND and LIGHT…the beginning.

Chapter 49 specifically.
Clue: 4 + 9 = 13 = 4

And the book I have in my possession, called The Royal Secret, written by a Freemason…states the following…in Chapter XX.

“Is it any wonder that the swastika should be classed as a symbol, or emblem of deity, when so much of the law can be read at a glance by those who possess the key?”
-I. Edward Clark


My frequency is free.
It is the Mi frequency identified as 528.
Soon the EWE will understand.
More blue light needs to arrive.
Rolling Eyes

The Six Solfeggio Frequencies include:

UT – 396 Hz – Liberating Guilt and Fear
RE – 417 Hz – Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change
MI – 528 Hz – Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)
FA – 639 Hz – Connecting/Relationships
SOL – 741 Hz – Awakening Intuition
LA – 852 Hz – Returning to Spiritual Order

For example, the third note, frequency 528, relates to the note MI on the scale and derives from the phrase “MI-ra gestorum” in Latin meaning “miracle.” Stunningly, this is the exact frequency used by genetic biochemists to repair broken DNA – the genetic blueprint upon which life is based!

What would blue light have to do with healing a blueprint?
…duh I dunno know…let’s wait for science to answer duh question….

So Micki there apparently is good news on the horizon…music to MI ears.
The baaad news however, is that apparently I have been chosen to aSSiSt in leading the fucking sheeple people back to the garden, using music, like the pied piper … herding up Pope Ratzinger’s Rats and taking them right to the fucking edge …
Call it tough love.


“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”
-Albert Einstein


One thought on “‘KEY 528 and THEY’

  1. Just A thought , when i look at the 6 different frequencies I am reminded of a childhood favourite that my daughter now enjoys. “Sound of Music”. Remember the song “Do Re Me Far So La Tea” Notice the 5 notes in middle are the same as the last 5 frequencies.

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