Hopi Prophecy: PAHANA/jesus has RETURNED with the miSSing Cornerstone

I do hate to bang my own war drum….but hey somebody must do it.
We all have a CROSS to bear as we ascend the mountain of the adepts.

And somebody long ago uttered this parable…

1. And he said, “Whoever discovers the interpretation of these sayings will not taste death.”

The indigenous HOPI elders speak of ‘Pahana’, the equivalent of the archetypal ‘jesus’.

The Hopi have awaited three people for many, many years–for centuries. Were these three people Cherokee elder John Red Hat, his partner Dorothy (Dottie) Daigle (The Lady in White), and an anthropologist friend? Chief Mike of Oraibi accepted these three as carrying the Pahana anointing, although there is one more prophecy to be fulfilled that will validate Pahana–the small piece of sacred tablet that the White Brother took with him when he left. When he returns, it is prophesied he will bring it back with him. Hopefully, the complete write-up in the book “Red Hat’s Wisdom” will help clear up some questions, and also reveal why Elder Red Hat told me the angels wept!Creator’s plans often seem to be complex, multi-threaded. Were the three that the Hopi have been waiting for actually just three people, or could they also be three forces? In any case, the three are identified by symbols, and legend has it that they will help the Hopi people survive when all appears hopeless, and this will occur prior to the time of the Great Purification.

These three legendary symbols are the Sun symbol, the Moha symbol (swastika) , and the Red symbol. Dottie believes the Sun symbol is symbolic of Creator, the Moha symbol is symbolic of the four forces of nature which will be set in motion, air, water, earth, and fire, and the Red symbol is the Walking the Red Road spiritual path which the ancestors directed her to write. Walking the Red Road is included in the book currently available, “Red Hat Speaks.” These three forces will purify humble people and the earth, and will finally bring us to a new age of peace and harmony.

hmm…the swastika? Wink
Alice Bailey >> Lucis Trust >> recognized by the United Nations, in her book Esoteric Astrology, called the swastika the ‘HIDDEN CROSS of Christ’.

So folks, you decide, has the Great Pahana spoken?


So who is the Pahana, has this spirit energy arrived?

I woke up one day and asked for the TRUTH.
I did not want to be an astronaut and go to the moon…
I did not want to become rich and famous and become a star on the walk of fame….
I did not want to become another Jesus impersonater…
I did not even want to become a Buddha buddy to humanity….
I only asked help in finding the common denominator called TRUTH that would help in uniting humanity.
In uniting east with west and north with south.

And my focus now for nearly 5 years, much to the chagrin and the bleating of a divided humanity … has in FACT been the SWASTIKA.
It is all I THINK about.
It is why I quit my job prematurely…knowing THINKING was only 1/2 of the equation…
It is why I now vibrate and FEEL the TRUTH chills daily.
It is obviously MY PURPOSE?

Is that why I vibrate daily…my purpose has been fulfilled?
You can decide for yourself.
The focus of my entire wordblog is the ‘swastika’? Idea

You can call me Ray or you can call me Pa, but please do not refer to me as great (that would be the echo called the ego) … the return of the Elder is upon us, the lost knowledge has been recovered…cast your vote here:


“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”
-Albert Einstein


79 thoughts on “Hopi Prophecy: PAHANA/jesus has RETURNED with the miSSing Cornerstone

    • 08-51190 (E) 081008

      take a look at the bar code on that page…
      3 of my 4 numbers that I follow….

      11, 2, 5, 8,

      note the 2 is missing….that would be the bloodline ‘taurus’ ?
      followed by a nine…casting out nines
      and an ‘E’
      The letter of the temple of Apollo in DelPhi?

      …and just above that…fine structure constant
      137 and 127

      There are 137 organizations in general consultative status, 2,071 in special consultative status
      and 975 on the roster. The year in which organizations were granted their current status with the
      Council is given in parentheses, after the organization’s name.



  1. I have been very aware of Pahana or Blue Kachina for the last couple years of my life. I see that the time is now and I was awakened after my own death and dreams began to come to me that I had to follow.

    I have a book that you all can read for free called Dance of Blue Kachina.


    Hit preview and you will know the story.

    Right now the energy is out for Pahana to reveal himself to us… I believe there are a few of us that have been called to bring about this manifistation and the few that are now seeking for answers on who they are and are questioning if they are Pahana. I say I am Pahana and pray about it but this is to not say that I will be the one that is Pahana… but then again I may be.

    I am still learning much and if my time comes, if ever, to travel to the southwest, I will… For soon these few Pahanas of us that are questioning and living out our questions will travel to where we are being called and the True Pahana will reveal himself and the others will follow.

    The Time is Now…

    We are all Related

  2. Here’s one way to start raining on the parades of the wannabe-Pahanas. Ask yourself these questions? Were you born and raised in Europe? Are you still primarliy living in Europe? If not, I could probably guarantee that you are not Pahana.

    I’m only visiting Europe, so don’t look my way.

    Maybe the Hopi even prophecised all of the wannabe-Pahanas.

    • unless you can provide a link for such a statement…your comment is in danger of being EDITED OUT…yawn

      I would love to see *proof* of such silly assertions…
      I would love ALL OF EUROPE to wake up with a pahana consciousness …

      not just the Swiss who guard the $$$$$$$$$

      pahana being SWISS is a fucking joke.

      HERE is what I *see*
      >>is it a coincidence that the SWISS guards on loan to the Vatican guard the Poop/Pope who spews jeSuS crap like HE was real (when really he is an archetype for ‘spiritual gold’…and the SWISS guards also guard the glittery gold too?

      the HERD of EWE who take this Pahana crap ‘literally’ are totally IGNORANT of how powerful the underlying archetypes truly are.

      how do you get folks to put on NAZI uniforms.
      EWE teach them about a LITERAL Christ.
      Without this programming Hitler could never ever have gotten the swastika loving Jains to do the goose-step and gather up the Jews.

      No way.
      Hitler knew which button to push to get the Germans nation to dance like cats on a hot tin roof…
      Gotta be a goof not to see the TRUTH….

      Religious bullshit is the *ACTIVATION* code that gets the jews, christians and muslims to don military uniforms and kill each other in the name of *their* ONE god?

      duh how fucking pathetic.
      I have 2000+ years of history to prove it.


      • actually eric please take the time to read between the lines that you were given to rehearse backstage, when you arrived on set.

        all the world is a stage, all 4 stages are merely illusions we actors play along with…

        if I see myself as ONE of the many ARKETYPAL pahana helpers in this age of transition, then so be it.

        can only judeao/christians bang the WAR drums with a jeSuS meSSiah?
        hey eric….you will love this too….gueSS what…are you sitting down…
        What do TAROT CARD X code 11825 (spring equinox code), and the Gospel of Matthew 118:25 (birth of Christ) have in common with me?

        My birthday = 118:25?
        Would you like to see how the math and myth and music all combine?

        Would you like to see the proof that I belong to this clan of pahana helpers?
        I never really claimed I was ‘THE’ Pahana…just a figurative archetype using his imagination…….hahahaha
        And it is fucking amazing what the UNIVERSE reveals to you when you PLAY ALONG.

        THUS …. IF the prophecy is true that the swastika/maltese cross/celtic cross play a role in the end game, in these, the end of the long nights, the end of the daze, then I certainly do offer all of my work these past 5 years as evidence to how I can contribute.

        WHO else on the internet/collective has made the following claims?

        swastika = phi = light particles
        maltese cross = pi = sound waves

        google it eric…
        I rest mi case.

        share whatever you feel to be true.
        moove on dude….

        IF my ego is guilty of anything…it is merely the fact I have a habit of pointing out the OBVIOUS, and saying I told EWE so.


      • you are definitely not Pahana. you are very obviously solely driven by pure ego. And your behavior is appalling even by normal standards. I rest my case.

        And all of the me me look at me that you post on here is all the evidence anyone would need to come to the same conclusion guided by logic alone.

        I say it again. you are 100% not Pahana.

      • Eric you are the poster boy for an IGNORANT humanity.
        If I want to pretend I am the pahana, jesus, or the next shakespeare I can.
        These are merely shoes or footprints, EWE can try to fill.
        All the world is a stage dude.
        And you apparently are in the audience.
        And EWE apparently did not like the show I am putting on?
        So what…

        there is no Pahana coming in the flesh
        there is no jeSuS coming in the flesh

        it is all archetypal
        I never said I was ‘the’ Pahana
        if I ever did, it would only have been to piss off the bible babblers who await the ‘chosen one’ called jeSuS.

        I only want to say that I am one of the Pahana helpers helping to usher in a new age.

        As one of the Pahana helpers I offer the following…
        The SWASTIKA as a diplomat for how LIGHT particles move, and the MALTESE Cross as a representative for SOUND waves, are part of a new understanding coming down the ‘peace pipe’ dude.

        the pahana/jeSuS only represent a ‘new age’
        and if you were ‘tuned in’ EWE would know that.

        get lost
        go back to your herd dude.
        you are NOT black enough to join this flock.


      • And how do you make the jump from the symbols to light and sound?
        All I will say is that light is substance and sound if form.

      • that is for a fella like EWE to figure out eric….

        oh wait
        you have

        can I see your work eric who sees only red?

        as the pahana’s aSSiStant / teacher I will issue a fella like EWE (reBLEATing nonsense) extra marks, (an X or swastika on the forehead maybe, because folks like you are the real ignorant ‘inglorious basterds?)
        IF you can show your work eric INSTEAD OF ONLY criticism of my work and paSSions…how ‘you’ arrived at your conclusions, the pahana will iSSue you a paSS.

        can ‘you’ do that for the rest of the herd of sheeple that you apparently care so much for, who appear lost?
        could YA.
        now get lost
        EWE have much work to do before 2012…


      • I am always willing to approve comments by wankers claiming to be the Pahana.

        Especially when the wankers like to associate themselves with concepts like ‘aryan nation’ found on rte. 66 and their surname is ‘white’.
        So Pahana dude prove EWE are the real thing and not just another of ‘we da sheeple’ re-bleating idiocy?

        Magnetic U has the floor Jimmy.
        Speak loud and clear.
        Maybe you are the real thing. 🙂

        Maybe not. 😦

        selah V

    • the hopi call him the true white brother so hes in the very least gonna be of european ancestry.
      i claim to be pahana in my unfinished online book, gimme till before 2012 and ill have video evidence of the supernatural around me to back up my book claims. Be good checking my book in about february, wil include all the main points from my second book then

    • Eric I feel that the swastika is part of the TRUTH being veiled, what they flash right in front of your face dude, taunting you.
      You do realize that?

      And folks are TOO ignorant to realize the divine swastika’s role within the matrix.

      MARKO RODIN the vortex mathematician might call it the ‘cosmic blender’…

      Eric I have been posting my swastika revelations for about 4 years now.
      Any idea of many pathetic IGNORANT wankers like yourself I have had to slay dude…to get this far?
      I am still standing…and they have all learned some valuable leSSonS, son.
      fuck off can be my only response to your blah blah blah, with so parts of the puzzle acquired.

      the ‘F’ alchemist is back in Hel’s kitchen.
      about time the heat got turned up…

      don’t YA love the anagram…how blanks can play along with the game called ‘blanks filling in the blanks’?

      Learn to play along.
      The way it was meant to be.


      • Pahana and Pahana’s helpers are most likely going to be people who are born and raised in Europe and also understand a great deal about the traditions of Europe on a level that alot of people don’t understand, especially alot of people from the United States whose ancestors forgot about the traditions of Europe when they came to the U.S. People should understand that it’s not like people talk about Pahana in Europe. There is a deffinate level of esotericism in Europe, but it’s something that alot of people don’t understand, especially alot of people from the United States who come here and expect Europe to be exactly like the United States. I feel pretty connected to Europe, but I know I am not Pahana or one of Pahana’s helpers since I was not born and raised here. The traditions of Europe are fascinating and perhaps that would be a very good place to start for people who want to understand Pahana.

        One thing I’ve observed here is that there is not one day when only the Swiss bring out their masks. There’s alot more to that. There are multiple days in different towns in various countries when people bring out their masks. It’s not just Switzerland. I think the thing to do is study the traditions of Europe and add more to where more is needed in discussions about the keepers of the traditions of the Europeans.

        In fact, I saw a kid a couple of days ago whose mask stood out so much I was very very curious. Maybe that kid is Pahana and maybe Pahana’s helpers are all young kids right now who live in Europe. Who knows.

      • well if you don’t know….then all that drivel about the pahana and the helpers coming from Europe is just an attempt by the holier-than-thou euro wankers to point this honor back toward themselves?

        The Swiss wear masks?
        I am not surprised….
        What are they hiding?

        Christianity is the predominant religion of Switzerland (82% of total resident population). 11% of the total population are irreligious. The largest minority religion is Islam (4%, figures as of 2000).

        Switzerland is predominately CHRISTIAN?
        The european judeao/christian savages are in FACT the ‘colonialists’ spreading judeao/christian crap, along with the banking system, and they are very effective at promoting FEAR worldwide too.

        What world are you from now I am awake?
        go back to shleep dude.


        So here you are promoting that MATERIAL SWITZERLAND is to be the progenitor nation of new stars and not only produce the great white brother, but the Pahana helpers along with his loyal flock of lederhosen Swiss guarding the MATERIAL GOLD?
        who the fuck are ewe dude?

        when you learn to add 2 + 2 = 55
        come back and yak.


      • And you think your’e Pahana? Your’e a joke. I agree with Eric. When people start getting a bit too realistic, you get pissed off. Your’e not Pahana and your’e not one of Pahana’s helpers. Your’e a joke. Have fun fantasizing about being Pahana when you’ll probably never even set foot in Europe.

        If being realistic pisses you off then this will be my last post. Bye.

      • re: the pahana must be SwiSS…?
        who says?

        but just in case that is required…in another attempt to get under the thin skinned folks like *yawn dawn* and *eric the red* I offer the following.
        All true…

        I am ever better than having been born in EUROPE…

        I have dual citizenship with both sides of the ocean…..
        Canadian and German

        And my grandfather was SwiSS?

        Yawn who woke up finally, I have a question for *EWE*
        IF this Appenzell platz is the heart of Pahana consciousness …
        why is everybody WHITE?

        explain how the Yodel will save the world?

        see YA…

        EWE are CLEARLY IGNORANT of how the ARCHETYPE operates.
        EWE are as IGNORANT as the bible babbling judeao/christians who don NAZI uniforms and dance like heathens around the maypole before they go out and round up all the non-believers and throw them into gas ovens to be cleansed?

        That is why it will happen again.
        Because folks like EWE are IGNORANT and take things too LITERALLY IGNORING the FIGURATIVE ARCHETYPE that becomes the ARK-etype.

        The sheeple will be approached one day again soon, they will be desperate, maybe hard times will have arrived, BUT some wanker will show up, whip the herds into a frenzy, and *activate* the judeao/christians into doing the cha cha goose-step once more…

        IT just never ends till we pull the plug on these IGNORANT lugs and thugs.
        Somebody tell them jeSuS vs. the Devil is only a THEORY.


      • You aren’t Pahana and you aren’t one of Pahana’s helpers “Raphael”. You are a just a mere wannabe and you a complete poseur. You are pretending to be something you obviously aren’t. If Pahana would touch you with a ten foot pole I would smack him.

      • ever hear of the Raetic language
        how about the Vinca culture of NEO-lithic ole’ europe that have the a script that is 2000 years older than the Sumerian?

        better hit the books now I am awake is still shleeping
        ignorance is NOT bliss


      • and the christians don’t have their share of Pahanas…

        how many twisted western minds think they are jesus or the devil?

        do you know what the great Pahana and Jesus have in common.

        the S W A S T I K A
        can I link both demi-semi-hemi gods to this mystic cross?


        the Great Pahana has returned
        have a nice day.


      • If you knew anything about the Hopi prophecies about Pahana you would know that he is supposed to have no religion except his own. This would exclude any sort of Christian religion. Sorry, but I think that Pahana represents something much older than Christianity.

      • I agree the Hopi should reject all pahana who take this stuff LITERALLY like Aaron Donahue the ‘satanist’ turned pahana…

        so I guess Aaron feels the pahana the long lost White Brother is the anti-christ NOT the christ….

        *yawn who is waking up now* the following quote was taken from a site you linked…

        A major Hopi prophecy concerning the end times involves two brothers who became separated. The red skinned brother remained at the Four Corners, while the white brother traveled east, toward the rising sun. The white brother, or “Pahana,” was given a mission to someday return to help his younger brother bring about Purification, or a form of apocalypse, at which time the world’s evildoers would be destroyed and real peace and brotherhood would be established everywhere.

        FOUR CORNERS is what?


        North South East and West?

        do you know how prelevant RED and WHITE are in mythology and story telling..
        duh I don’t think so…

        what color was associated with UPPER Egypt
        RED or WHITE
        what color was associated with LOWER Egypt
        RED or WHITE


        the beat of IGNORANCE plods forward because folks just can’t join the fucking dots between the archetypal associations.

        IMHO the pahana is NOT a flesh and bones entity.

        Though the SwiSS might try to manufacture a GREAT WHITE BROTHER…?
        SOUNDS far too much like the shadowy GREAT WHITE BROTHERHOOD, does it not?

        The Great White Brotherhood, in some belief systems akin to Theosophical and New Age, are said to be supernatural beings of great power who spread religious teachings through selected humans…

        So I wonder who THEY plan on selecting to be their pahana ‘YES’ man puppet?


  3. I beleive that Pahana represents the sacred traditions of the Europeans. Those are traditions that originitated in Europe. Christianity did not originate in Europe. I beleive the Hopi prophecies also state that if Pahana was to return with a named religion he would have to consent to having his head cut off.

    The real Pahana isn’t going to be a Christian. Sorry.

      • Christians beleive in Jesus. People who beleive who beleive in pre-Christian beleifs beleive in things older than Jesus. It shouldn’t be that hard to figure out.

    • Pahana will verify his authenticity by bearing a stone piece that will match up with the rest of the sacred tablet the Creator had given the Hopi before they began their migrations. Two helpers will accompany Pahana, one of which carries a masculine swastika representing purity and the four directions. The first helper also brings a Maltese cross with lines between the arms signifying menstrual blood, while the second helper holds merely a sun symbol. The combined forces of these three icons will “shake the world” and bring about global purification.

      So the Pahana will return with two helpers eh?
      One is associated with the masculine swastika and the maltese cross?

      Guess what my theory revolves around *yawn*?
      Quite simply this >>>
      swastika = LIGHT waves
      maltese cross = SOUND waves

      And the other helper holds the sun symbol.
      But I thought the swastika was a sun symbol?

      So evidently both swastikas and the maltese cross are represented and play a role in the Pahana’s return?


      • I possess the “missing” piece of stone tablet. The spirit of Pahana entered me on March 11, 2012 via the star, Sun.

      • Dear Jeffery

        why don’t you read the update to this blog.
        clearly I AM one of the ELders along with Crichton E.M. Miller
        we are Pahana helpers

        go here and read the first two blogs

        so after you read those blogs, why don’t you come tell the ELders what kind of gift you have to share?

        simple enough Jeffery


  4. I was going to offer you some pretty intense insights to all of this, but since it is probably going to go way over your head I won’t bother.

    Have a nice day.

    • Raph,
      Hey man, it’s been a while since I said anything. I still visit regularly and read- need to catch up on the last few posts. Finding more peace lately… Hope things are going well for you in the garden, and otherwise.

      Take care,

      Do you run your own blog? I, personally am interested in all the ‘insight’ I can get. I’ve been reading Raph’s blog for a long time here… I don’t think anyone ever agrees fully on anything, but could we keep it more objective, please? If nothing else, it’s helped to widen my awareness- even if I can’t ‘feel’ somethings, like he does, and even if I don’t ‘get it’.

      If you’re polite to him, he’ll be polite back- I know that was the case for me. Regardless, he’s put up with a lot of my bitching before- and responded multiple times- but not to what was useless to him (okay, even a few of those probably!)… If you care, I’d just recommend you drop him a tidbit, and that’s that. Why do we have to worry about who’s going to ‘get it’ or not?

      *Perhaps it’ll be what someone else who comes here needs, even if you guys can’t see eye to eye.*

      It’s understandable that Raph gets mad, because I’ve seen him trying to do what he’s doing for a long time, and it’s high in abuse. It’s one thing to Raz him on a forum, but this *is* his blog.

      Just passin’ through… Don’t mind me.



      • Allright. Perhaps I’ll start with this. There are some who say that one of Pahana’s helpers will have the symbol of a Celtic Cross, not a Maltese Cross. Here is a link. The Maltese Cross is a different symbol.


        The Celtic Cross has origins that pre-date any Christian religion, thus this symbol pre-dates Jesus, assuming that Jesus was real.


        Whoever this Pahana person is, is a person who was born and raised in Europe. This person understands things that are extremely secretive in Europe. If one comes here to Europe and intentionally tries to find him, one is going to fail. If one tries to get him to reveal himself, one is going to fail. To understand his people one should understand the people who keep the oldest traditions of Europe alive.

        I know I am not Pahana. I was not born and raised in Europe, so there is no use in pretending. I have ancestors who are Swiss, but I was not born and raised there, nor was I born and raised anywhere in Europe.

        To understand the language of his people, one may want to learn Swiss-German.

        I’m sure this will probably get whoever does this blog all pissed off and I’m sure he’ll say that I’m spewing bulllshit, but that’s fine. People are entitled to their opinions.

      • One other thing that I should probably note is that the ancient Celts did reside in the land that became Switzerland. They were known as the Helvetii there.


        To this day one of Switzerland’s names is the Confederation of Helvetica.


        If you doubt that there is any kind of connection with Pahana to Switzerland than read this.


        I could offer alot more insights to this, but I’m not sure that they are going to be welcome here so maybe I should stop.

    • Here is a video of a talk on the Hopi Prophecies.

      This is probably going to get someone pretty pissed. I’ll stop this time for real.

      • keep it coming…

        why do you say it will piss somebody off?
        I/we/me and mi would all appreciate you can offer about Pahana and the SwiSS.

      • I changed my name from Yawn to Now I’m Awake. One has to love caffeine.

        In this land of Europe in which I am residing for the time being there is much to ponder about many things. There is often so much to ponder that the list can seem endless.

        The Alps are certainly a part of Europe that I have been thinking alot of. My travels over there so far have been very interesting and are only going to even more interesting the more I go over that way.

        I haven’t been to the Swiss Alps yet, but the time will soon come. This won’t be an area to go around asking the locals about Pahana. I don’t even think this will be a place to go to for the sole purpose of intentionally seeking this person out. One will most likely walk away very disappointed if that is the case.

        So as I am doing research on Switzerland and the traditions that are existent there, perhaps it is also important to pay attention to certain aspects of the natural world that are relevant to the Swiss Alps. One such thing that is very relevant is the melting of the glaciers.


      • I’m a bit curious about this place. It will be a place to observe and to explore but to also keep everything related to Pahana or Hopi Prophecies to one’s self when I go there.

      • Sometimes it’s best just to observe. That’s what I shall do in Appenzell instead of jumping to alot of conclusions, especially when I don’t really understand Appenzell that much. Sometimes its best to say nothing at all.

      • I kind of like how the colors of some of those people’s outfits in that video are red, white, black, and yellow.

    • dude relax…write your book…BUT YOU NEED TO READ THIS…

      IF it is true that the return of this cultural ‘king’, the Pahana would be accompanied by the swastika along with either the maltese/celtic cross (I have seen conflicting versions regarding which one?), it means you fold up your Pahana tent…

      so dudes relax…
      The 3 ESOTERIC CROSSES have been revealed, the information the upper hierarchy of society is aware of.
      Embedded into the garden labyrinth that manifested this past summer in my garden.

      the TRUTH has been cast by the breathe of the whispering Pahana….and the immaculate reception was already made fellas…it was a Holy Spirit/Grail toss toward the end zone…many pairs of hands hoping to make the reception…many capable.

      BTW…I am of duel citizenship…I will soon be part of the North American Union and I also hold a German/E.U. paSSport.
      My given name translates into ‘counsel of the wolf/child of the forest’
      My birthdate matches the CARD X Tarot Code 118-25
      Which matches the Gospel of Matthew 1:18-25

      And most importantly the reason the swastika/maltese cross play a role is perhaps what I have uncovered?

      SWASTIKA = phi = LIGHT waves that can rotate either CW or CCW.
      MALTESE cross = pi = SOUND waves that are created by supernovas, blackholes and pulsars.

      And the magic is that SOUND and LIGHT (colors) can be translated, ONE into the other….

      WAVE/PARTICLE duality is best understood by acknowledging INFRAsounds and ULTRAsounds play a role in how matter ‘bonds’.

      TIME to put the BANG (SOUND) back into the Big Bang theory.

      But the bangs can be whispers…it depends on the distance….


    • Whoever the Hopi accept as the true Pahana is certainly going to be the real one. Hopefully they don’t have to deal with too many people showing up claiming to be Pahana. I’m not going to say that anybody is or isn’t, but I would think that whoever knows where that certain part of the stone is in Europe and whoever brings it with two other people who have an extremely deep knowledge of certain things that relate to European traditions is going to be the real deal.

      I’m personally not looking for Pahana. I’m in Europe checking things out and learning about old customs and traditions, some of which are from Switzerland. So if I run across Pahana that’s cool, but if not that’s cool too.

      What’s your book going to be called?

  5. One more thing. The Hopi call Pahana their true white brother. If you think that you can ignore Europe and focus on the traditions of the white people in the United States who are not recognized as the true white brother of the Hopi then you will be in for an extremely rude awakening if you present yourself to the Hopi. The Hopi won’t tell you what you want to hear. Eric is right. Don’t start crying and whining when they reject you. In fact, they may even feel insulted if you present yourself to them as Pahana.

    • what does your God have to do with it?
      god is archetypal too

      he wants ‘sheeple’ like you to know that the best way to form a relationship with the universe is to recognize the language that transcends.

      how the archetypes get woven into biblical archetypes


  6. Have you ever been to Europe Raphael? If you have you would obviously know that talking about Pahana won’t get you very far anywhere on this continet. That’s where I’m replying from “Raphael”. Europe.

    Pahana’s two helpers must also be born and raised in Europe. Sorry “Raphael”, but that deffinately excludes you. Don’t start whining and crying about it like a little boy, start learning about Europe instead.

    I’m an American, but I’m traveling through Europe for an extended time. There are plenty of observations that I won’t share with you since all that will happen is that you will start getting mad and start throwing a tantrum.

    If you ever come here and start going off about how you are one of Pahana’s helpers, prepare for an extremely rude awakening and a great deal of extreme dissapointment.

    I’m just a wanderer making observations about Europe. Don’t expect me to share any of them here.

  7. Nowhere did I say that Pahana must be Swiss and I didn’t say that Appenzell is the heart of Europe. Appenzell is a place that I personally find interesting but is a place that you think only has a bunch of people who all they do is sit around and yodel.

    Obviously you don’t understand anything about the Alps on a deeper level. If you’ve never been there you wouldn’t understand and if you’ll never go there, which you probably won’t, than you’ll really never understand.

    All you think about when you think about the Alps is yodeling. You most likely don’t understand anything about Alpine traditions. If all you think about when you think about the Alps is a bunch of people yodeling their crap then you’ll never understand one of the Hopi elders who a few years ago came to a college that I attend. What he said of the Austrian alps is something that I won’t share here and if you think that there is no connection to some things that happen in the Austrian, Swiss and Bavarian Alps than go ahead and go back to thinking that all people do in the alps is sit around and yodel. You’ll never understand and I don’t expect that you ever will.

    I don’t expect that you will understand this but some people, like myself, are connected to Europe and can relate to the unnamed religion that Pahana represents. Some of us, however, are born and raised outside of Europe. We don’t have the full connection that needs to be required of Pahana and his helpers. You “Raphael” are nowhere near any of this.

  8. What my first name is doesn’t matter. What matters is that you know that if you come to Europe with the intention of going on some kind of Pahana hunt you will fail miserably just as everyone has so far. The more you try to find this person the more you will fail.

  9. You will not need anyone. There is no one to save you. know yourselves and achieve the alignment with the right energy. Let the creation flow within yourselves. Like a river running alone in a forest, so are you, intuit the ways, learn more. You are not free, and still need to learn. allow everything to die. let everything disintegrate. free yourselves. You are going in the right direction, to the north.

  10. Hopi Prophecy:

    Near the great purification cobwebs will be spun back and forth in the sky

    see…. chemtrails – weather control -weather modification – geoengingeers – scientists dump 20 megatons aluminum aerosol into stratosphere to de-acidify oceans and change Earth albedo (reflectivity co-efficient) without public consent or input.

  11. Maybe some people only know half the story, which is still more than anyone else knows. But do you know what Pahana means in Finnish?

  12. Or what kind of history does the swastika looking symbol have in New Zealand? It has a very rich one all over Europe. I’ve seen it in numerous places and on numerous things in Europe that go back way before the Nazi party ever existed. And in one of those places it specifically relates to the four directions. I could go into much more detail but it may not want to be what people want to hear.

  13. I am pahana. the one whom talks directly with the great spirit. the lost white brother who has been hated by the white man but does not resent them for what they do not know

    • In my opinion the Pahana is an idea worth preserving or resurrecting NOT a person, place, or thing …

      just like Pharaohs would become Osiris or Christians become Christ … it is an idea … PhDUH that anybody can buy into for FREE.

      So “ewe are the change, indeed”, get over it – I have a shrink on call who can expand your mind Dominic ~ would you like his name?

      Go here and read what my shrink sez about self proclaimed super-STARS like yourself vs. the ‘ideal spiritual man’:
      >> http://books.google.ca/books?id=HhU3AgAAQBAJ&pg=PA373&dq=swastika+ideal+man+jung&hl=

      …the TRUTH is more simpleton than ye realize.


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