‘Pasties’ reveal the KEY to Universal Movement

Today is the 18th of June 2008.
Card 18 of the Tarot is in fact the Moon, which is connected esoterically often to the Goddess and the sacred feminine.

jasonraymondson wrote:
The only reason nudity is a big deal, is because we make it a big deal.

show us your topless pic again jayray…


please attach pasties this time…

with taSSels…
please note that the taSSels swirl and twirl about…
one taSSel moves clockwise and the other taSSel moves counterclockwise…like my favorite asymmetrical symbol.

Boobs are asymmetrical too.  One is slightly larger.
Rolling Eyes

Now watch these boobs on youtube to help prove my point…how a talented goddess makes TIME stand still…or move forward or backward…

>>>in the first video you can clearly see how the taSSels are capable of moving…

>>>in the second video … at 55 seconds the goddess on the right exhibits perfect synchronization, one taSSel traveling clockwise and the other counterclockwise.

I will be leaving for braless BraZil tomorrow, having a sip of Brahma be4 high noon …see ewe in Ri’O’



p.s. as my signature below suggests…is there anything I cannot connect to the divine swastika?
A symbol known to the ancients as the KEY to Universal Movement and the Gate of God…now I understand why.
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”
-Albert Einstein


7 thoughts on “‘Pasties’ reveal the KEY to Universal Movement

  1. glad you enjoyed my creative depravity…btw, I also worship molten calves, accentuated by flats or pumps.

    …and coincidently bianka, in regards to the above blog, the left lung is in fact smaller to accommodate the asymmetrical heart which is positioned slightly more to the left side of the body.
    The left side of the body we know is ‘controlled’ primarily by the right hemisphere of the asymmetrical brain.

    1 month of gardening, awaiting flowers and blooms and my first post is about pasties and taSSels…

    Spring is in the ‘electromagnetic’ air.


  2. I know about that heart and smaller space … every galaxy has a center)*


    So I translate (try) my last “visionbrainheart”:

    La porta d’oro

    Ora così come di pietra e viva l’acqua, le acque,
    contende il vento la tua voce, amore, la memoria e l’assenza,

    The Golden Gate

    Now so as stone and the water alive, waters,
    wind plays your voice, my love, memory and absence,
    without hands the preaching gesture,the step enters
    wellcoming silence, a music is emptying the air, it dwells moments upon the plain, on the arches.
    Do you remember? Ring after ring at the threshold of hours: that flower.
    You kissed my hair in the house of pillows,
    between moon and moon, a new day,
    through the open door now the infinite, light, night,
    burning darkness, my love,
    here lives the countless word,
    with no meseaure.


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