VIRGIN MARY 13th Century Monastic Symbols = SEED PATTERN?

God whispered in Mary’s Ear and got her preggers.
The following post is more of an attempt to inspire more folks like Manes as opposed to *activating* the IGNORANT as I always seem to do on the forums I participate on….
It can be found in its entirety  here:
We shall soon see what kind of human becomes *activated* as the ‘light’ entering our solar system continues to ‘change’.
Change is in the air, can’t ewe folks feel it?
I can.
It’s name is plasma.
The MEDIUM is the MESSAGE, and it radiates OUT and pulls us IN?
Plasma = Gravity = SOUND = the MESSAGE = BETTER try to get along SHEEPLE = TIME is running out…is the message found in the bottle.

Do the sheeple on this thread think that an hourglass, the infinity symbol, and the number 8 are not all related and point toward an observable TRUTH?
Of course sheeple would reBLEAT nonsense like … show me the math that all of the above are ‘connected’, prove it using science they demand!!
Instead of saying to my thoughts which appear rather alien to them. “TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER, Rapheal?”
  duh the difference between science and religion is clear to me.
The scientist starts with a world divided, IT assumes nothing, IT is trying to put the pieces back together again, whereas religion starts with a world unified and WAS an attempt to try to keep the pieces of the creation intact?somewhere along the line science and religion pretended to not agree.
call it a conspiracy that can be OBSERVED today.
Originally Posted by maneView Post
“This graphic illustrates the point that there are 3 fundamental wave forms, with a total of 6 by their polarities.”
I am all ears.

Would the 3 fundamental wave forms be called:

Brahma the Creator
Siva the Destroyer
Vishnu the Preserver

Yes only 3 waveforms result as a result of all the chaos of sound and light coming together causing a bit of heat and friction as a result?

Like when jews, muslims and christians’ world’s collide?
We needed to spend 8 billion dollars on CERN to investigate this fact of life?

POLYNESIAN MATTANG and the Sator Square.
The Malteser Cross is formed simply by spelling AEON x 4.
4 AEON = 4 AGES?

The source if the mattang is unknown, it heralds from antiquity, along with the swastika, thus we find that the source of both of these very old symbols is unknown.
I must admit that I love stuff the experts cannot explain using judeao-christian semite semantics, especially the anomalies, that fail to FIT the official story called ‘jesus’, anomalies that make these ‘westernized experts’ look rather stupid!!

And folks like me, Raphahell who is ‘remembering’ and the heathen Polynesians are of course the problem that plagues humanity?
Of course common logic would arrive in such a nasty place of the heart, which denies the obvious.

Mane, dude, you will appreciate this blog.

It clearly shows, for those who can SEE, that the Polynesian Mattang is in fact an ancient GPS.
GPS works on triangulation…the Mattang was made from the ribs of palms and coconut fibers?

Which cost more the Mattang used by the HEATHEN, made from discarded trees (palm/coconuts) or CERN?
Which method takes from the POOR and gives to the RICH?
You folks have it all wrong if you think you know who or what I am.
It appears it is TIME that the anglo-saxon hero Robin Hood made his appearance again folks.

Our ancestors were far more observant using their naked eyes than modern man is proving himself to bef looking through his microcosmic scopes and his MACROCOSMIC tele-scopes.
Experts are certainly focused on what they see in their scopes.
But they fail to acknowledge the human standing right beside them, that could have used some of that 8 billion dollars, and counting that CERN alone cost.
duh too fookin’ obvious.
pathetic and sad.

Clearly the modern man who NEEDS scopes, who relies on scopes MORE than his intuition based on naked eye observation has DIED and NOT gone to heaven, he has been spending his time at M.I.T. playing with his Spirograph.

Originally Posted by maneView Post
Hinging, quite literally,

Over the past few years, I too have become un-hinged literally and figuratively.
dude I am not quite sure what you mean (the specifics, the detail), in this post of yours, but I do feel a true connection is taking place here and now.
Thanks for participating in OUR journey.

And I do understand that an axis of symmetry acts like a HINGE
Anything that can be folded along a line of axis is thus hinged.
A book like the Bible is hinged along its spine.
A Torah Scroll does not have any hinges, it is a SCROLL.
However if we compare to the Maya/Aztec Codices which were FOLDED.
Proteins fold.
Amino acids tell them how.
DNA gives the amino acids their GOOSE-stepping orders?
But the problem with Hitler was he was trying to preserve certain DNA.
Duh what a wanker.

The REAL game folks need to realize is that your MIND/heART are in charge of the epi-genome, thus the individual, NOT the Hitlers, Popes and Political Hacks is in charge of his own fookin’ DNA/Holy Grail destiny.

Stop letting them PLANT SEEDS in your garden of eden, the temple you, ewe, and u, ALL call home.
YOUR BRAIN (tree of knowledge) and HEART (tree of life).
And the FOUR RIVERs in Eden have nothing to do with the SWASTIKA?

4 duhs, one for each river not navigated.

So here we have an interesting difference in how two CULTures divided by the atlantic/atlantis ocean, were expressing the world we live in?

Scrolls and Bibles

Originally Posted by maneView Post
The tesseract is constructed quite simply (see here); it is a reciprocal form of an 8 point star.

I LOVE it…the consistency of how the pieces always fit.

Tesseract has a reciprocal called the 8-pointed star.

phi has its reciprocal in Phi too.

Can I suggest that many Marko Rodin groupies should now book a room in the Temple of Del-phi?
Taking instruction from the real god called Apollo or some other oracles, instead of taking all their cues to the truth from the demi-gods like Marko Rodin or Nassim Haramein.
Those fellas are mere mortals compared to the teachers found in the Temple of Del-phi?
Temple of Del-phi is in your sheeple brains, along with Pythagoras the GEOMETER who is helping the sheeple navigate through TIME SPACE using MOTION.
Clearly the sheeple are unaware of the POETRY in their motion.
Put their by the creator, our father who heART in heaven.
Harold and Maude will by thy name.

Originally Posted by maneView Post
By that logic, I observe the sequential grid of Lo Shu, and see its construction is quite simple as well.

warning: using logic on this thread only draws out the IGNORANT, keeps them grounded.

though you made it through.
few do.
good for you Chris or is it maybe ChrisTOS?
How about ChrisTAU?

4 x TAU = 8 pointed star and the Malteser Cross that tickles the fancy of the Pope?

Originally Posted by maneView Post
Thus a construction method is born.

Ever hear of the SEED PATTERN dude that is used to start a labyrinth?
Yes there is the classic 3 and 7 patterns?
Shall we reduce the obvious to 37 and the DEEPER meanings we can extract?

The centrality of the Prime Number 37 in the structure of Scripture can not be overstated. It begins in with the Creation Holograph:

I simply remember many facts, make many connections by remembering my birthdate.

July 3
Mentioned by a Vatican spokesperson (jokingly of course) as the birthdate of the coming messiah.
I did not take this literally, if he had said March 7th, or 37, it would have carried the same essential message.

37 or 73
(search those numbers out)

Originally Posted by maneView Post
I am fascinated by the super-symmetry of the Swastika, or rather, vortex, and conversely, the SATOR square.
so am I.

why do folks use words like super-symmetry and broken symmetry, instead of asymmetry when describing symmetry that is less than perfect?

Now all the sheeple gotta do is drawn a line between the two swastikas below dividing them into LEFT and RIGHT.
Consider this line, drawn in the sands of time, to be THE HINGE!!!!!

Manes you will like this thread too.
It shows the hinge and discusses 25/52.

Originally Posted by maneView Post
In constructing a four decimal matrix, beginning at the center of a 9×9 grid, counting from 9 on in a spiral, with the first decimal sequence starting to the right, the second downwards, the third left, and the 4th upwards, this pattern arises:It has asymmetrical symmetry (swastika, expand and contract) and two-fold symmetry (8 point star), forming the symbol in the center

All very cool.

Please tell me/show me manes what happens if we use a FIVE decimal pattern?
Sometimes I too can be very IGNORANT.
I only treat folks how I like to be treated.
Call it an extension of the GOLDEN RULE we can apply to phi the GOLDEN spiral. (how fucking OBVIOUS is that?)


Originally Posted by mane View Post
and as such, becomes the 6 w(e)aves (by a doubling circuit matrix)

In Latin, (was bible babble ever written in Latin?) the word TEXT means WEAVE.

Enough said

Problem folks have, is that as RaphaHELL weaves a new UNIFYING TRUTH, the sheeple will become UNHINGED!!!!!!!!!!

Do not read the p.s. it contains the MOVIE SPOILER for the recent film INCEPTION, a clever little film, that made me realize, at the very end of the film, THEY tried to PLANT A SEED INTO MY MIND/HEART, to help alter my ALTAR-DNA.



So why why why why did the director of the film Inception Chris Nolan put a WINDMILL in the SAFE?

Where the SEED PATTERN is placed, and only show TWO of the ARMS of the WINDMILL, with the numbers 4 and 3 clearly shown?

Room 528 and Room 491 or the code to the safe ~ 528 491

528 is not difficult to ‘connect’

491 is far more interesting.

U.S. Route 491 (US 491) is a north–south U.S. Highway serving the Four Corners region of the United States. One of the newest designations in the U.S. Highway system, it was created in 2003 as a renumbering of U.S. Route 666.
4 corners region?

And room 528 was directly above room 491?
Did that make sense?
Just do the math.

528 – 491 = 37


But did you notice the double XX on Charlie Chaplin’s armband?

So who are the “machine men with machine minds”? I wonder if Charlie Chaplin the heARTIST was trying to send a message?
 I noticed because the most interesting men in the world drink Dos Equis.
Swastika is the KEY of Universal Movement, forming part of an ancient vortex theory, along with phi and pi and the Maltese cross.
~ Raphael
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”
~ Einstein

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