SwastiKA = JULY 4th and Independence Day

socrates1fan wrote:
Celebrating independance day in my opinion has gone from…

…has gone from creating independence to the creation of a dependence.

…on cheap hydrocarbon energy.

July 4th is when Sirius conjuncts with our sun Sol baby.
July 4th when the dog days of Sumer NOT summer begin … Laughing
(sirius = dog-star)
Sirius was the most revered star of the Egyptians.

AmeriKAn one dollar bill has a pyramid on it eh?
With the all-seeing eye?

KA meant what to the Egyptians?

KAballah or CAbala
KA‘bah stone in MecCA
KA Ba … Ancient Egyptians believed a human soul was made up of five parts: the Ren, the Ba, the Ka, the Sheut, and the Ib.

Swasti means good luck.

The powerful divine SwastiKA is being used against the herd of EWE….and fear is the button THEY keep pushing.
NOT the Love button, have you noticed?

Symbol illiteracy is going to cost the EWE their freedoms…

Wake up.
I have a plan to take over the vorld…want to join in?

Here is how….flood the streets of AmeriKA wearing swastiKAs.
NOT the Nazi adopted one however…there are sooo many to chose from….

Watch the Zionists, the NEOCons and the POPE flip, THEY will then know THEY have been exposed.
AND the symbol that fulfills an archetype capable of connecting the Macrocosm with the microcosm will be once again part of human consciousness.
Simple plan…easy to put into action and peaceful.
Wear on your hearts and sleeves a symbol that can be compared to DNA, neutrinos and swirling galaxies…
It will represent the swirling grassroots force, people united by a united cause that reflects the life force itself….

Surround the White House NOT with guns….
THEY will just kill the ewe.
Surround every government building with people wearing the swastiKA…then we have won.


Because the only way we can defeat the THEY is to show a unity of purpose and a melding of hearts and minds…

The swastiKA is the ONLY symbol capable of uniting EAST with WEST, NORTH and SOUTH.

Symbol illiteracy is going to cost the EWE their freedoms…
Rolling Eyes




Specop_007 wrote:

Otherwise not a bad idea. Whip something up.

Place this on the BACK of the T-shirt.

Wear the T-shirt inside OUT if you want to display the opposite NAZI symbol….and that is interesting again … because that is how a MIRROR works … kinda like pulling off the right glove inside OUT and placing on your left hand…how profound eh?
I found yet another universal analogy for the swastiKA.

And on the front of the T-Shirt you can place whichever swastiKA you like.
As I have said there are soooo many to chose from.
Many countries already have one associated with them.

Well SpaceCowboy I would need a bodyguard as I hand out the T-shirts.
Someone who can handle a weapon…but know to keep it in his pants…
I do not want someone who will frighten the female ewe away.



p.s. coming soon to a mall near ewe…
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”


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