Mandelbrot CROP CIRCLES and what THEY are suggesting…

DrBang wrote:
The question is what are they trying to tell us?

You want the simple explanation?

Sacred Geometry

The ‘cosmos’ is trying to speak to us in a big way…some hear the voices and sounds already, some are being bathed in light … those signs are for the wanker sheeple people to take notice …

The earth and the state of the world today is in large part due to herds of unaware people being led by their noses.

MANDELBROT SET is a divine fractal…that screams ‘infinite cycles’

Can we place the STAR of VENUS (shhh, big secret here 4 lines of symmetry) right over the Vatican?

SHIVA LINGA… one of the world’s oldest fertility symbols…

Even OJ sez he sees a fit.
DO NOT RUN and HIDE from the event of the Century.
DO NOT RUN and HIDE and FIGHT in some silly war designed to only do one thing…..the spiritual vampire in the VATICAN wants your energy, the souls of ewe children….

The heavens above and below converse…causing invisible vortexs, in dimensions not visible, providing the necessary forces that help form these complex mathematical templates.

What if the Woodhenges and Stonehenges of daze past were built right over top of these TEMPLATES?

Can I suggest another way that we are being addressed and spoken too?
The weather…

i.e. The wild indigenous heathen who is dire need of being saved by the omnipotence of the Vatican, and the wild animals always know when it is time to flee….
The sheeple people and their domesticated animals get wiped out.

By now, the stories of wild animals fleeing the deadly tsunami (search) before it struck Asia and Africa are near legendary.

There’s even been talk that the animals possess a “sixth sense” that may have saved them from the huge waves spawned by the massive 9.0 earthquake off the coast of Sumatra (search) two weeks ago.,2933,143737,00.html

More evidence that the sheeple are half people and are NOT tuned into a much much bigger picture.
Go back to shleep.

BTW …. for those of ewe who believe in conspiracies ….

Rothschild means RED SHIELD.
The grand alchemy experiment being conducted by Santa/Satan who resides in the VATICAN began in 1934.

1934 + 78 = 2012

Why 78?
78 cards in the TAROT (origin unknown) and you need to know it is actually a divine archetypal representation of the TORAH.
It is the Archetypal Visual Aid given to a humanity, along with a Written Traditions and an Oral Tradition. Far too obvious to me.


“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”
-Albert Einstein

9 thoughts on “Mandelbrot CROP CIRCLES and what THEY are suggesting…

  1. rafa.. those silver leaves on the nuremburg shield.. remind me of the shapes made by the keys..n the white Y on the papal shield.. you see that too…

  2. for sure…thanks…

    Black Cross
    White Circle
    Red Background

    and the silver leaves represent the Green/Gold laurel leaf on that mandala from Peru.

    More proof THEY keep the strings attached…every chance they get….



      • tell me what you see as you look in the mirror.

        the word look read from right to left is kool?
        do you see kool when magnetic U looks in the mirror?

        then you are a sheeple says the law of attraction void of knowledge of the ‘other’ law that exists….

        EWE need to enter the mirror and not get entranced by its reflection, says the law of repulsion and go fix things on this side from the other side.

        Alice needs to enter Narnia through a mirror or a wardrobe, because all the world is a stAGE, we must go through.


  3. Rafa… where r U… ??

    did you see mi post on the forum..??

    pls respond… bit confused.. on this am I.. ??

    Love N Peace

  4. whats that symbol mean for you Raph.. I see links to the ‘papal shield’ for sure… but what else..

    Luv this feeling of being repaired.. with MI…
    rafa.. what can I say.. I found MiSelf Again.. n this Time its IMpossible 2 make a MIstake…

    Love N Peace

  5. i just now found a link on a david icke posting and found my way HERE.
    how lovely indeed.
    the marvelous MULTI-verse always at work!
    i can see that the last posting here was 2 years ago,
    but i would like to add something anyway….based on my own research….and my own INNER-channeled knowledge…

    what i have learned, is that crop circles….no matter WHAT pattern in formed…and we all know there are so many….
    are a kind of code as well as “storyline” being depicted as each new one is laid down.
    like reading along in a child’s picture book.

    all this can be very mind-tripping sometimes, certainly….

    but the simple or complex patterns that are formed, are also a “demosntrated” aspect of the EARTH”S own vibration, one….SHE, herself is releasing….each and every time.

    thereby SHE is helping to FORM these patterns with the “beings” above HER “beaming” their energies downward onto HER SKIN….if you will.

    it is a kind of meshing or two part process going on….
    therefore the result always has numerous meanings….
    begining with what the surface patterns look or FEEL like….
    what all the hidden codes one can “tease out”, number combos, etc….
    as well as a real “storyline” being given….that continues….as each new circle is formed….no matter WHERE on earth it shows up.

    any aspect one “picks up on” that has MEANING in any way what-so-ever…..will open one’s own INNER doorways.

    a marvelous gift on many levels.

    i am glad many circles are instantly posted on the internet for folks like me, who might never see one….first hand.

    aren’t we all living in a powerful time??

    thanks for the opportunity to speak on this gig.

    also….you certainly have a lovely website!

    i will stop in again….and buzz around!

    namaste-times-444……MY favorite number!! ha!!…..jcsu

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