The Gift of Fire ~ The Shadow ~ Dr. Jordan Peterson ‘IN THIS SIGN CONQUER’ ~ the Meaning of Music leads us to the Sacred Cut and Tons Brunés, Nikola Tesla, Peter Plichta, Crichton E.M. Miller, Tudor Parfitt, String Theory, Philosopher’s Stone, Ark of the Covenant, Guido von List, Photon Knights Templar Cross, the ‘Concealed Fyrfos’ and the Great Pyramid … of course

UPDATE March 10th, 2019

Lakshmi, Ganesha, Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva Protoypes from the printer’s sample book. gift of FIRE ALL LIFE IS CHIRAL SIKHA QOPH

Has the ‘gift of fire’ ever been properly identified?  There have been attempts as this study from the 19th century illustrates.

Table Shewing the Older Aryan Fire Water and Sun Gods

Is the gift of fire the spARK in the Ark … the light to be found in the darkness, that place where your shadow reigns and rules your ‘daze’ from cradle to grave?

Today’s update is a cut and paste from another blog of mine helping to illustrate the ‘fire in the hole’ few dare confront.

A now-classic piece of artwork sculpted from foam core by Dr. Jordan B. Peterson in 1985. He describes this piece of art as a three-dimensional representation of a two-dimensional representation of a four-dimensional object. The sculpture attempts to portray the dynamic spatial and temporal unfolding of music in visual form, and it was part of Dr. Peterson’s investigation into the intrinsic meaning of music.

Jordan Peterson THE MEANING of MUSIC

The Meaning of Music

Can we, dare we compare Jordan Peterson’s brain fART to the work of other inspired passionate possessed people who sometimes appear to be bordering on a divine madness too?

George Merkl Life Crystals

Can we find four red arrows pointing toward a center OR even better as in Dr. Peterson’s symbol The Meaning of Music … the four red arrows appear to be off-center or asymmetrically centered and recall Peterson’s idea is about the dimensions 2, 3, and 4.
So I took the liberty of finding those four red arrows in The Meaning of Music.

Jordan Peterson THE MEANING of MUSIC Templar Cross1

Santa Catalina Rosetta Fractal Mandala

Rosetta Fractal Mandala part of the Altar of the Initiates
Santa Catalina Monastery Arequipa Peru

Now let me share with you this image that I eventually decided to call Rosetta Fractal Mandala.  I took this picture back in 2006 in a monastery in Arequipa, Peru on my way to Machu Picchu, and it clearly has assisted me ever since in my journey/quest. Sometimes its application is as compass and other times as a map. Similar to a key fitting a lock … together they open a door if you dare knock?  In conclusion the above image has become  absolutely vital to a narrative that which is me trying to merge with a bigger ME, not unlike how Dr. Peterson’s symbol in some ways helps to define him and his quest for a wholeness. 

Now this time instead of highlighting Peterson’s The Meaning of Music in red, I will use black to help illustrate a meaningful coincidence or a synchronicity that clearly exists between our two brain fARTS separated by 21 years. [1985 vs 2006]

Jordan Peterson THE MEANING of MUSIC black pieces of piSanta Catalina Rosetta Fractal Mandala cropped

It did not take me long to find on my quest another confirmation.  Noticing a similarity between these next two images, the Rosetta Fractal Mandala and the claim by  the Freemason author/journalist Frank Carlos Higgins that ‘precession of the equinoxes‘ and the beginning of Masonry share a common source.
And that source appears to be similar to a model shared by others.
Dr. Jordan Peterson and ME+me are not alone.

Santa Catalina Rosetta Fractal Mandala and The Beginning of Freemasonry

The source of ALL inspiration/perspiration/imagination, ALL brain fARTS is becoming clearer and clearer all the time.

Could it be a particle of light … a photon?

Photon PREDICTED and ACTUAL results1

All of the human narratives starting with an epiphany seem to have features common to the hologram of a photon or a particle of light … which does carry inphomation and the models or ideas presented like The Meaning of Music do mesh on another level that can not be put into words. And that is the underlying problem with an epiphany or AHA that can NOT be expressed in words … how in the hell do you communicate the ‘feeling’?

It makes sense … to our chiral senses … that a light bulb meme would represent an AHA!

Imagine a ‘model’ that can be scaled big or small, from the mass-less photon to the precession of equinox cycle which documents the movement of the most massive objects in the solar system?

More evidence of sound waves carrying mass

p.s. it appears that both phonons and photons have much to say about our reality emerges … how something arises out of nothing.

UPDATE October 16, 2016

4-fold 4-foot Fyrfos versus 3-fold 3-foot Fylfos

SATOR Magic Square next to the Concealed Fyrfos and the Maltese Cross
Is this why I have lived at municipal address #43 for the past 23 years?
A man’s home is his castle and I AM both its king and queen.

UPDATE October 9, 2016

After all these years of searching for something which I could not quite define but I knew it divine, I can now say unequivocally what it was that my inner wisdom, some might call it genius was leading me too … the Photon Knight a cosmic crusader.

A former firefighter who was shaken not stirred on 911 would later retire to fight the fire of his life [i.e. inner demons and daimons in full trickster regalia] and it was just recently that this firefighter hero returned from the abyss with the ‘gift of fire’, along with insights to how this ‘gift of fire’ can align itself with the quantum nature of consciousness.

ME+me find it amazing that the Sator Rotas magic square anticipated the inspirational work of SiR Roger Penrose but the mystic/inventor/genius Itzhak Bentov helps explain why…

“one of the good things about the system is that the system wants to teach you about itself”
– Itzhak Bentov

RESCUE ME and IN HOC SIGNO VINCES ~ “In this Sign Conquer”

Photon Knights are awarded Maltese Crosses similar to this one.


Quantum holography sheds light.

FaKebook friend Gabriel Clarke shared the following link below with ME+me on October 8th at 12:09 p.m.

Hologram of a single photon ~ original pdf. dated January 11, 2016.

shape of  photons ~ Physicists created a hologram of a single light particle

Hologram of a single photon reconstructed
from raw measurements (left)
and theoretically predicted (right)

This second image contains an idea added by the author of this blog that has been superimposed over the theoretically predicted photon hologram.

What shape are photons? Quantum holography sheds light

As the above image on the left illustrates you can construct a Maltese Cross by joining the letters AEON found in this 5×5 square known as the Knights Templar Magic Square assigned the planet Mars and Mars the god of wars.
Note that wars is an anagram of Mars.
4 AEONs or 4 AIONs or 4 AGEs results in one Maltese crusader cross.

Now continue reading this blog to see if the Sator/Rotas square in fact anticipated this theoretically predicted measurement of the photon, and if it did … how could that be, I mean how and why did the crusader crosses anticipate this quantum gem?

What you will find as you plough your way through this blog is how the variations of the 4-fold crusader crosses like the Maltese Cross keep appearing in so many various theories put forth by various wise guys from so many different fields of interest, scientific, theological, and of course metaphysical.

But the the Rotas magic square superimposed over Photon Knights Templar Maltese cross provides plenty of clues why Jesus a messenger of light is associate to the cross.

This quote sums up an idea nicely.

137 is the odds that an electron will absorb a single photon.

Protons and electrons are bound by interactions with photons.

~ Bill Reimers

Protons and electrons are bound by interactions with photons.

Ta da!

One more coincidence that must be mentioned about this former retired firefighter who went on a quest and found that spARK of light called a photon.
Yes I have come full fool circle.

Victoria Cross awarded to Widukind on Victoria pARK

on the left: Victoria Cross as it appears on Commonwealth War Graves Commission headstones.

By the way did you know that I live on Victoria pARK Avenue so it would be only fitting that I be awarded a Victoria Cross?

UPDATE January 2, 2016

This update concerns a hoax.

Hoaxing, The 12x Spiral, and Tesla

But the reason for the hoax linked to the name Tesla was clearly in order to draw attention to the work of the math teacher Joey Grether who used the name Tesla to promote his own work by linking it to a hoax, and I admit this is a clever way to promote your own work.

The reason I like the work of Joey Grether veiled in the name of Tesla is because Grether’s work is very similar to the work of Peter Plichtas’ [discussed later in this blog] who had published his AHA in the late nineties.

The best part is that all of the above hard work conveyed by all parties concerned point to the ‘teacher’ inspiring all of us from deep within, and as this blog illustrates there is evidence being provided by all concerned parties that we are all spokes-people on a wheel of life …

Hoaxing, The 12x Spiral, and Tesla

UPDATE November 23, 2014

I added another name to the marquee.
Tudor Parfitt is a worthy knight, he is entitled to take a seat at the round table.

Professor Parfitt claims to have located the Ark of the Covenant after a 20 year quest.
His theory places him alongside many other theories or ideas that have been handed down through the ages.

The neb hieroglyph. An elaborate example from a block in the temple of Karnak. Photo: RP.
A distinctive use of the basket hieroglyph, for nb is in the composition block for the word “everything”.

The round, bowl shaped basket, like the hollowed-out shell of half an orange, was such a commonplace item in ancient Egyptian homes and workplaces that it too became a hieroglyph, representing words which sounded the same as the name the Egyptians gave to this type of basket.

They called it neb, which was the same as the word used for ‘all’ or ‘every’, and ‘lord’ or ‘master’. You will see it in the royal title Lord of the Two Lands, neb tawy, which is sometimes used with the king’s official name. It is also the last sign in the cartouche of Tutankhamun’s throne name, Neb-kheperu-ra. In coloured hieroglyphs, the neb basket is often painted in a chequered pattern in two tones of green to show that it was woven from plant materials.

 Sign for nb or lord in Egypt
The pharaoh is often shown in reliefs or in cartouche-related statements as Lord of the Two Lands.
The basket hieroglyph is used as ‘lord’, or ‘king’.
Queens, or goddesses use the ‘lordess’ form, the feminine implied from the “t” hieroglyph but not needed for the basket.
The basket is used for either.

With a feminine ending, the neb hieroglyph can also mean ‘lady’ or ‘mistress’.

One of the most ancient of the king’s titles was the Two Ladies, or nebty name, so-called because it was chosen to put the king under the protection of the two patron goddesses of Upper and Lower Egypt. The nebty name is marked by the emblems of the vulture goddess Nekhbet of the south, and the cobra goddess Wadjet of the north, each standing on a neb basket.

Another basket hieroglyph at first looks very similar to the neb, but the thing that makes it different is a simple loop handle hanging from the rim on one side. This is the hieroglyph used for the ‘k’ sound. In the shorthand version of hieroglyphs, now known as the hieratic script, the k-basket is simplified to a bar with an exaggerated loop at one end.

There is some evidence that the royal crowns themselves were originally made of basketwork. The tall, conical White Crown is sometimes shown with green stripes, bound together at the top with a cord made from plant fibres. Some Egyptologists think that this represents the simple hat made from dried grasses as worn by peasant farmers to protect themselves from the sun. This is the crown worn by Osiris, a god of agriculture, who was supposed to have taught the Egyptians how to care for the land, and how to plant and harvest their crops. This striped crown forms part of the elaborate atef crown, decorated with horns, streamers, feathers and serpents, which was worn by gods of the next world. The Red Crown of Lower Egypt was sometimes called the Green Crown and some pictures or carvings show it patterned in a basketwork design, like the neb basket.

3 or 2 Strands?

NGoMa LuNGuNDuIn the Zimbabwean Shona language, the artifact is called

NGoMa LuNGuNDu ~ Lemba Ark of the Covenant
In the Zimbabwean Shona language, the artifact is called ”the drum that thunders”
while the waLemba call it “the voice of God.”

NGoMa LuNGuNDuIn the Zimbabwean Shona language, the artifact is called

The difference in these two ‘Arks’ or ‘baskets’ can be summarized by placing the Brandenburg spear between them and pointing out the NGoMa Ark is 3 strand vs. the 4 strand weave on the NEB Ark.
that the Brandenburg spear has both a 3-fold and 4-fold swastika.
And recall the story about Moses being placed into a basket…

image on left: we see the hand of Robert Bauvel who is pointing out the change to the ‘cross’
that took place in Egypt due to tbe spread of Christianity…
On the left is a symbol of the Christian Templar Cross next to the Egyptian Ankh on a column in the Temple of Isis
Note both the ankh (flanked by two Uas) and the crusader cross are buoyed by the symbol for a basket.
image on the right:
we see the three most important symbols used by the Egyptians
Uas ~ Djed ~ Ankh placed on/in the basket of ‘everything’

note: It is here in the Temple of Isis that a ‘switch’ occurs from the asymmetrical Ankh flanked by two uas scepters to the symmetrical Maltese Templar Cross.

on the left: Oannes Sacred Basket next to the NEB basket

NGoMa LuNGuNDuIn the Zimbabwean Shona language, the artifact is called

Apollo Daphne

Apollo + Daphne and an idea called DNA?

The first ever photograph of light as both a particle and wave

The first ever photograph of light as both a particle and wave, note the ROY G BIV sequence.

The above video briefly explains how the first image of light as both a particle and wave was obtained.
The two following links provide the details of the story.

And all of the above brings us up to date with an IDEA that I have been documenting on this word blog since March 2007.

~ end of UPDATE ~

U.S. Army Marksmanship Qualification Badges
E = mc^2 is equivalent to mass at rest
What if the geometry of the crusader cross is suggesting a reverence for the the balanced cross?

What if the potent cross >> E = mc^2

Mass @ Rest

UPDATE August 16, 2014

This is a long overdue update.
Let me introduce who I would choose as navigator for the next leg of our collective journey.

I finally got around to adding Crichton E.M. Miller’s name to the marquee.

Without his stellar work regarding the reverse engineering of the ‘Celtic Cross’ resulting in at least two patents what I am about to present would be lacking something vital.

Crichton’s passion and my passion were crafted in heaven.
There is even a prophecy suggesting this might be about to come true.

UPDATE January 21, 2014

Did you know that if you draw two circles (using a compass) one inside the great pyramid and one outside the base of the great pyramid… and then subtract the length of the inside circle from the length of the outer circle you will get the speed of light 299,792458 in millions of meters per second?

Did you know that the Great Pyramid also contains Pi (3.14) and the golden ratio (1.618).

The Great Pyramid also corresponds with sun and moon and calculates the following:

  • the distance to the sun and moon
  • the earth’s radius, equatorial circumference, volume, and mass
  • the speed of the earth’s orbit around the sun

UPDATE August 7, 2013

Everything in the following blog is in support of an idEA that I AM slowly formulating regarding PRIME NUMBERS playing a role as building blocks.
The first three primes (not including the contentious ‘1’) are 2, 3, and 5.
And those three numbers are also integral when discussing our ‘roots’.

Specifically sqrt2, sqrt3, and sqrt5 vesica piscis sacred geometry.
This is a detour, come back to this link later.

Is it a coincidence that in China the prime number 2 is Yin and the prime number 3 is Yang.
Are Yin and Yang the two prime number prime time players that help set the stage for what is to come?

I recently read a book by Dr. Peter Plichta called ‘God’s Secret Formula‘.


Plichta’s theory evolved to what he identified as the PNC, the Prime Number Cross.

I will be honest with you, when he started to refer to himself as St. Peter with a destiny to fulfill, instead of discarding his idEAs, I embraced them.
Simply because I have chosen to play the role of an ARKangLE RaphaEL (the line up for both Jesus and the Maitreya were far far too long) and because of this I suspected the work of an inspired St. Peter in addition to poSSeSSed ME (obSeSSed with a Thoth thought) would be a nice fit, something a tailor might just weave for us in heaven to test out … an exorcise suit.

The idEA that I AM helping to ‘recover’ is simply called The Story of the W and Z.
This ‘story or narrative’ is a very old archaic idEA, long ago interpreted as a cosmic message to be passed forward not using ‘GENEtics’ but more aptly using ‘MEMEtics’ or should I say because the collective unconscious has a sick twisted sense of humor …

… MEMEtricks 

IF you should ever meet your trickster double self you would know what I AM talking about.
As Lady Luck would have it, my MEME mime has an SS SenSe of humor.

i.e.  It was shown to ME that St. John the Baptist and the SS strongman SamSon both were in fact Nazirites and that these former ‘Nazis’ had rights and rituals too!

Here is the story that I AM is slowly ‘recovering’ in bits and bytes from the Akashic Records, we call it the Electro-Magnetic fIELd.
And as Dr. Michael Persinger has shown the EM fIELd in fact contributes to our collective dreams and nightmares.


Thus I am claiming (with the help of St. Peter) that the Sator/Rotas Knights Templar magic square was “the treasure” found in the Temple Mount a.k.a. Solomon’s Temple.

end of update

sic transit gloria mundi
 “thus passes the glory of the world”

“The cube and the sphere are the sole working tools of creation“
-Walter Russell

UPDATE  June 1, 2013

“The conversion from Guan to Akan was not only a conversion from patriliny to matriliny, from loose associations to organised confederations, it was also a conversion in architecture from round to square patterns.”

Keep reading to find out how the square and circle and knowledge of pi allows you to calculate the speed of light in millions of metres/sec.


Using the template that we see on the cover of George Gamow’s book.




Clearly this video is grand.
All you need to do is watch the first 43 seconds of that video to get the picture that I AM about to unvEIL.
Sean Caroll is merely preparing you the reader in anticipation of ME showing you how far back these simpleton ideas can be traced to.
Are physicists just building on very old ideas but unwilling to give them credit?
Ideas that can be found in religion and pagan rites and rituals?

E = mc^2 means mass @ rest

I did not know that.
All I can say is AHA and thank you Sean Carroll for explaining that to ignorant little ole ME.
But wait this appears to be an echo of an idea being passed forward in time.

“Now … if they ask you,
‘What is the evidence of your Father in you?
‘say to them,
‘It is motion and rest.’
Gospel of Thomas saying no. 50


image source: KA or Karl Anderson 1892 AD

UPDATE  November 22, 2012

How could I leave out the work of Livio Catullo Stecchini showing how the two meridans of the GP are in fact expressions of;

pi – phi

Richard Merrick – On Interference Theory

“Another way of saying it is the relationship between the circumference of a circle and its radius must be stretched from an irrational number (Pi) to a rational and coherent number (3).
It is time that does the stretching, as it is a function of the golden ratio and rational Fibonacci numbers. Space is a function of Pi.”

“It is the interplay between pi and Phi that brings coherence.”

Pardon ME.
geesh what was I thinking…the omission by Stecchini was noted and recorded on November 16th and Nov. 20th and Nov. 22nd.

Now I can think of no better way to continue with this blog than to have a story teller whose story collides with mine tell his side of the story.

Let me introduce to you Malcolm Stewart.

How does the work of Malcolm Stewart who is promoting his ‘Starcut’ diagram intersect with the work of other inspired individuals? 

And is it really “just that simple” as being touted?

Continue reading this blog and you will see how much information can be derived from the ‘Starcut’ that Malcolm Stewart is promoting.
As he should.

Much of this info I present on this blog is not in his book, but it in fact could be. 

UPDATE  Aug. 9/2012

I just came across this image today. I am excited about this image because of where I found it.


Swastika as Dynamic Pattern Underlying Psychosocial Power Processes

Implicate order of Knight’s move game-playing sustaining creativity, exploitation and impunity

Animation cycle showing emergence of  avoidance container as a Swastika

As I have suggested for some time now the attraction of the swastika (source unknown)  is its ability to push hidden buttons, from a distance, at  an instant, physics calls that kind of spooky stuff ‘non-locality’.
The SS or SpookyStuff results can be good and bad.
Anthony Judge the author of the above study on the swastika is confirming what my intuition has felt for some time now.

Any musings about a Free Lunch based on Free Energy made available for everybody means I need to see the design for the perpetual motion machine that you must be hinting at?

Oh wait, I know what a perpetual motion machine might look like.
Our Sun once called Helios which we are told is about 4.5 billion years old, would seem like a perpetual motion machine, relative to our brief lifespans. Without the perpetual motion machine called hELIos, which in fact helps to determine the fine structure constant alpha ‘137’, we as LIfE forms would not exist in the form we do.
Coincidentally the universe is 13.7 billion years old.

Maybe all we need to see is a TRUE and accurate design for our Sun hELIos in order to get an idea of what makes the universe perpetual, relative to our brief lifespan?

Diabolus in Musica a.k.a. the augmented fourth expresses its musical geometry as a Maltese Cross.

Beginning @ 0:20:15 James Furia discusses augmented 4ths, or the Diabolus in Musica.

James claims this was an “interesting find”.
James also adds that “it is horrible sounding … you’d drive somebody crazy with this”

Why is the augmented 4th considered the chord of evil, and why was it banned in Renaissance church music

I love this coincidence regarding the chord of evil  i.e. it is successfully employed in emergency sirens. Worldwide the Maltese Cross is used as a symbol to represent fire departments.

What other concepts can we find associated to the geometry of the Maltese Cross, the “chord of evil?

Diabolus in Musica seems to bear a resemblance to the symbol associated with “In hoc signo vinces” or “in this sign conquer”.

“In this Sign Conquer”


(yourself, your own ignorances…)

cross and crown laid upon a cross pattée inscribed with “In Hoc Signo Vinces” resting upon downward pointing swords in saltire is often used to represent the Knights Templar.
(The various symbols used allude to the orders of the body, though the cross and crown is often used alone as well.)

The earliest documented link between Freemasonry and the Crusades is the 1737 oration of the Chevalier Ramsay. This claimed that European Freemasonry came about from an interaction between crusader masons and the Knights Hospitaller.

More on this symbol.

The Queen also wears the ‘mark’, it has been highlighted in mellow yellow.

The Maltese Cross Experiment

At 2:55 the professor announces  he has no idea why a Maltese Cross was originally used for this experiment.
Read this blog now to see if you can answer that question.

New scientific ideas never spring from a communal body, however organized, but rather from the head of an individually inspired researcher who struggles with his problems in lonely thought and unites all his thought on one single point which is his whole world for the moment.

-Max Planck



thought experiment or Gedankenexperiment (from German) considers some hypothesistheory, or principlefor the purpose of thinking through its consequences. Given the structure of the experiment, it may or may not be possible to actually perform it (i.e. Schrodinger’s Cat), and, in the case that it is possible for it to be performed, there need be no intention of any kind to actually perform the experiment in question.

The common goal of a thought experiment is to explore the potential consequences of the principle in question.

“Let no one ignorant of geometry enter”

Here is a thought experiment I am sure Al Einstein and Niels Bohr never entertained.
What if angels are given wings, for the same reason a Freemason is given a compass, to help measure the angles?
What if?

Isn’t nature the ultimate classroom for a ‘scientist’?


…in the video Nature by Numbers take note of the angLE that EL‘s 37 angELs incorporate….to work their magic.
i.e. 137
.5 degrees

After all don’t we call on angELs to help us out with LIfE‘s difficult angLEs?

Some scholars claim they can trace the idea of the angEL and the dEvIL to the
original ‘Prince of Persia’ called Zoroaster also know as Zarathustra.

I was lead to 4 Oracles attributed to Zoroaster.

…thanks for the book ToMM J. and  thank you for your book W.W. Wescott

This particular Oracle, the Great Star Guide contains the names of 37‘ entities clearly most of them are names of angELs.

 Great Star Guide

The Great Star Guide

37 angEL‘s = Zoroaster’s Oracle ‘template’

Great link the source of those Zoroaster images in this blog…unfortunately they are in German:

Seed/Flower/Fruit of Life and ’37’


The world protectors, guardians of the earths four quarters.

The Lokapalas are Kubera (north),Yama (south), Indra (east), andVaruna (west), ably assisted by theDiggajas – the elephants of the directions – who help with guard duties and support the earth at their nominated point.

The Lokapalas are sometimes listed as eight and also include Soma (north-east), Vayu (north-west), Agni (south-east), and Surya (south-west) — for extra directional protection.

In the Buddhist faith, the Four Heavenly Kings are four gods, each of whom watches over one cardinal direction of the world.

37 point mandala offering 2D

37 Point Mandala Offering

“The offering of a mandala containing the entire wealth of the universe is the highest ritual expression of devotion in the Buddhist tradition. ”
-Robert Beer
The Handbook of Tibetan Buddhist Symbols

Note how these two mandalas ‘axis’ compliment each other, if placed over each other.

37 Point Mandala Offering vs Peter Plichta’s Prime Number Cross



Peter Plicta’s Prime Number Cross

Prime numbers are defined as numbers that are only divisible by 1 (and by themselves). The organization of prime numbers within the series of whole numbers has been a mystery to modern mathematics until the work of Peter Plichta, a Düsseldorf chemist. In 1997 he put forth his theory of the structure of prime numbers being based on a cycle of 6, a product of the indivisible numbers 1, 2, and 3. While not the first mathematician to recognize the six-cycle of the sequence of primes, his work has extended this understanding to the role of prime numbers in all of the structures underlying the physical universe:

This same model has also been derived by the quantum mechanical algorithms of theoretical physicist Arkadiusz Jadczyk in a more complex rendering known as the Octagonal Quantum Iterated Function (QIF) (above, inset). The Prime Number Cross and the Octagonal QIF are synchronous patterns reflecting the structure of resonance inherent to atomic, molecular, planetarysolar and galactic structures.

But it MUST be noted that this same model  derived by the quantum mechanical algorithms of theoretical physicist Arkadiusz Jadczyk  known as the Octagonal Quantum Iterated Function (QIF) (above image inset)

But in fact prime numbers had already been identified as a significant pattern revealed to many other CULTures.


 (Devanagari: वज्र, Chinese: 金剛 jīngāng; Tibetan རྡོ་རྗེ། dorje,[1][2][3] Japanese: kongō 金剛) is a Sanskrit word meaning both thunderbolt and diamond.


A Viśvavajra or “double vajra” appears in the emblem of Bhutan.


The Eight Days of Chanukah – How-To – Chanukah – Hanukkah

Hanukkah in Modern Hebrew; a transliteration also romanized as Chanukah or Chanukkah, also known as the Festival of Lights and Feast of Dedication, is an eight-day Jewish holiday commemorating the rededication of the Holy Temple (the Second Temple) inJerusalem at the time of theMaccabean Revolt against the Seleucid Empire of the 2nd century BCE. Hanukkah is observed for eight nights and days, starting on the 25th day of Kislev according to the Hebrew calendar, which may occur at any time from late November to late December in the Gregorian calendar.

The festival is observed by the kindling of the lights of a unique candelabrum, the nine branched Menorah or Hanukiah, one additional light on each night of the holiday, progressing to eight on the final night. The typical Menorah consists of eight branches with an additional raised branch.

The extra light is called a shamash (Hebrew: שמש‎, “attendant”) and is given a distinct location, usually above or below the rest. The purpose of the shamash is to have a light available for practical use, as using the Hanukkah lights themselves for purposes other than publicizing and meditating on the Hanukkah is forbidden.

8 Days

1 + 2  + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 = 36
plus the Shamash center candle = 37


36 + 8 (Shamash is actually lit each day) = 44

44 is a number we can associate to the Great Pyramid and the speed of light in millions of meters/sec.


In hoc signo vinces ( Latin pronunciation: [ɪn hoːk ˈsɪŋnoː ˈwɪnkeːs] ) is a Latin rendering of theGreek phrase “ἐν τούτῳ νίκα” en touto nika, ( Ancient Greek: [en tǒːtɔːi̯ níkaː] ) and means “in this sign you will conquer”.

According to legend, Constantine I adopted this Greek phrase, “εν τούτῳ νίκα”, (in this, win) as a motto after his vision of a chi rho on the sky just before the Battle of Milvian Bridge against Maxentiuson 28 October 312. The early Christian symbol consists of a monogram composed of the Greek letters chi (X) and rho (P), the first two letters in the name Christ (Greek: Χριστός). In later periods thechristogram “IHS” both stood for the first three letters of “Jesus” in Latinized Greek (Ιησούς, LatinizedIHSOVS) and “in hoc signo” from the legend.

note the date
28 October 312 = 28/10/312 = 11 2 5 (2+3) 8 

Which is a match for Card X of the Tarot.

One of many coincidences:


First I present you several images depicting the same fundamental IDEA going back nearly 5000 years.

Starting with the Great Pyramid above that exaggerates its 8-sided geometry.
Most people see it as having only 4 sides with a truncated top.

8 sided Great Pyramid

And all of the images that follow seem to share at the very least, geometry relating to the octagon.

The Revelation of the Pyramids

The same documentary with slight alterations. Different narrators.

UPDATE the following video below was added December 19th, 2019

Evidence that the Speed of Light in millions of meters/sec is found embedded in the design/architecture of the Great Pyramid.

“The cube and the sphere are the sole working tools of creation“

-Walter Russell

Another very strange Great Pyramid  “coincidence” related to the speed of light was discovered by John Charles Webb Jr. :
Precise latitude of the centre of the Grand Gallery (inside GP) is 29° 58′ 45.28″ N = 29.9792458° N

The speed of light in vacuum, usually denoted by c, is a universal physical constant important in many areas of physics ( 299,792,458 metres /s ).

Pi the speed of light and the Great Pyramid Part 2 @3:50

Dr. Johan Oldenkamp

Dr. Johan Oldenkamp’s image above is illustrating the same relationship of the swastika to the squared circle, an idea which antedates Freemasonry, though this image can be found in a 1923 publication. (see below)

Note the dimensions of the Great Pyramid above – 440 cubits per side.
Or how about an 8×8 grid similar to a chessboard?

The Symbolism of Chess
by Titus Burckhardt

Ancient Gnosis and Chess Evolution
Mystical Numerology in Egypt and Mesopotamia
by Dr. Ricardo Calvo

A diagram of a square and circle, both with identical area; the length of the side of the square is the square root of pi

Because π is a transcendental numbersquaring the circle is not possible in a finite number of steps using the classical tools of compass and straightedge.

fig. 371 Freemason Tons Brunes sketch of Trelleborg Viking Fort in Denmark

Note the series of alternating SQUARES and CIRCLES
Tons Bruns book The Secrets of Ancient Geometry and its Use was published in 1967.

This was 2 years before Hamlet’s Mill by De Santillana & von Dechend was published which tried to illustrate that knowledge of precession of the equinoxes was universally accepted by our Neolithic ancestors.
Knowledge of the 25,920 year cycle was known perhaps 12,000 years ago, as others have suggested.
Hamlet’s Mill was a turning point allowing sciences to merge and compare notes.

Can we derive pi from the above image based on magnetic lines?

i.e. the STRAIGHT WHITE LINE running through the center relative to the CIRCUMFERENCE i.e. RED CIRCLES or BLACK CIRLCES?

yes of course.
why is that significant?

…because BLACK WHITE RED are the strings (magnetic lines?)  that connect the swastika to Atlantis.

Ok now before we go on I need to tell you why pi in the sky is so important to all the information I present.
It helps us understand the relationship between ELOHIM and YHVH or JEHOVAH much better.

on page 544 of the Secret Doctrine we find ‘the Key to the Qabalah/Kabala

i.e. pi summed up as:

Elohim = Circumference of the Circle
JeHoVaH = Diameter of the Circle

“The key of the Kabala is thought to be the geometrical relation of the area of the circle inscribed in the square, or, of the cube to the sphere, giving rise to the relation of diameter to circumference of a circle with the numerical value of this relation expressed in integrals.

The relation of diameter to circumference, being a supreme one connected with the god-names of Elohim and Jehovah (which terms are expressions numerically of these relations respectively, the first being of circumference, the latter of diameter), embraces all.

Two expressions of circumference to diameter in integrals are used in the Bible: (1) The perfect, and (2) the imperfect. One of the relations between these is such that (2) subtracted from (1) will leave a unit of a diameter value in terms, or in the denomination of the circumference value of the perfect circle, or a unit straight line having a perfect circular value, or a factor of circular value” (p. 22).




Do the next images bear any resemblance to each other?
Would this be evidence of a coincidence or a design that is in place?



Maltese/Iron Cross with the 4 Evangelists each representing one of the 4 ELements.

“With long life will I satisfy him and show him my salvation,

even so help me and all them that seek thy holy

 God the Father

  God the Son

  God the Holy Ghost”


Meso-american Aztec Maltese Cross

Aztec cosmological drawing with the god Xiuhtecuhtli, the lord of fire and of the Calendar in the center and the other important gods around him each in front of a sacred tree.

Across the Altantic Ocean we have the Meso-potamian Bab-ilu based on the 8-pointed star or
Cross of the Ilu.

note: BaB-iLu reduces to the same consonants as BiBLe, Tower of BaBeand with the exception of the serpentine in ByBLoS


Please take a very CLOSE look at these next two images!
Coincidence or design? 

1st image was made in I606 AD

Heinrich Kunrath’s

Gateway to Eternal Wisdom

2nd image comes about 400 years later.

The second image is in fact a picture of the modern  Gateway to the quantum realm…
The 21st century marvel of science, the CERN particle accelerator in Geneva Switzerland.
Everything science has worked for on its learning curve till this point in our modern history amounts to
what CERN will tell us about the birth of the universe.

Gateways to Eternal Wisdom

Please note that each of these two images have little men inside.

In the 1st image is the Alchemist looking for the Philosopher’s Stone, and in the  2nd image is the
physicist who no longer believes in God?

Heinrich Kunrath’s 1606 version of this ‘archetypal porthole/gateway’ has a warning
posted above the entry.

“stay away, keep out from here, ye profane”

Are these images representing octagonal gateways built using orthogonal  geometry?
Are they archetypal models of time tunnels, star-gates to another realm?

In fact is science fact and science fiction on a collision course?

“As a man who has devoted his whole life to the most clear headed science, to the study of matter, I can tell you as a result of my research about atoms this much:
There is no matter as such.
All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together.
We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind.

This mind is the matrix of all matter.”

-Max Planck

690 hertz

Using Chladni technology this ‘cross’ was formed using a frequency of 690 hertz.

Hey Max Planck is it coincidence or design that 690 hertz gives us a Chladni pattern that looks very similar to the double vajra, which is a form of the trident cross?


note also how this shape would (bracket) the TENET cross.

Sator Rotas magic square next to mandala formation in Westwoods, England
June 21, 2011

The Secret of the Golden Flower 
Carl Jung was convinced its doctrines had the potential to merge east with west.
I tend to agree, it does have the potential as so many good idEAs do.

The idEA always seems to be available.
It is humanity who never seems to be ready.


It appears that I have come full ‘crop’ circle in my journey.
Having re-discovered the work of respected gifted geometer Tons Brunés:

The Sacred Cut

Tons Brunés was a Danish engineer who authored a book entitled

The Secrets of Sacred Geometry & Its Use back in 1967.

While I have not read the book myself, I believe the general idea put forth within it is that many of the ancient archetectural sites contain similar patterns within their layouts.
One of the many topics covered in the book is a particular geometrical construction called”The Sacred Cut”.

It is generated in the following manner:

Step 1

“Make a square. With a compass open to an amount equal to half a diagonal of the square,swing an arc with center at a corner of the square, passing through the center of the square andcutting two sides of the square.”

Step 2

“Repeat for the other 3 corners.”

Step 3

“Through the eight points of intersection of the arcs and the sides of the square, draw four verticals and four horizontals. The center square formed by this construction is called the sacred cut  square.
Connecting the eight points of intersection of the arcs and the sides of the square consecutively forms an octagon.”
top image: Sacred Cut Square In Middle Of Original
bottom image: Octagon Formation


“Brunes calls this construction sacred because it contains both square and circle, uniting the earthlyand the divine as in the Vitruvian man. Furthermore, it squares the circle. The length of the four arcs equal the four diagonals of the half-square. And, as mentioned, it gives the octagon, the shape universally used for baptistries and baptismal fonts. “
The ratio of 1:√2 is often related to theSilver Ratio.
I believe this refers to the geometric metaphor of the Square (of four sides) representing the Planet Earth (with four compass directions and of the four classical elements), and the Circle being The One Thing (or Divine), as it a continuous loop with no beginning and no end. There is more about the Vitruvian Man within the link provided from which this quote is taken.

Extending The Construction

“The construction can be extended inward, by repeating the construction on the sacred cut square. Itcan also be extended outward, joining the intersections of the circles and the diagonals, to form asquare of which the original square is the sacred cut square.
“Extending Outwardly”
Now compare Tons Brunes mandala above, with the shape that characterizes most galaxies which was first described by Hannes Alfven in 1981.
The shape Hannes Alfven proposed is shown on the left.
The other symbol Timothy Leary baptized as LSD.
The League for Spiritual Discovery
This diagram is a vertical cross section of a three dimensional figure. The horizontal line at the center of the diagram is actually a circular disk lying in the horizontal plane. It is this disk, when viewed not from the edge as it is here, but more face on, that is the familiar spiral shape picture of a galaxy that we are used to seeing.
Now compare the science of the Sacred Cut by Tons Brunes and the Hannes Alfven cross section of a typical spiral galaxy (like our own Milky Way) to the symbolism embedded within the Meso-american Aztec Maltese Cross Mandala.
Isn’t it time this became standard practise?
When discussing x, y, z, how do rotations, reflections, and translations effect ‘G’eometry?
Wouldn’t rotations, reflections and translations of shape be connected to TIME?
Therefore ‘tick tock’ it might help to ‘rotate’ one of the images 45 degrees (1/8th of 360 degrees) or about 7 minutes 30 seconds (1/8th of 60 minutes) on our  precession of the equinoxes clock.
(therefore a 90 degree rotation =15 minutes)
Aztec version of ‘in this sign conquer next to the 4 stAGES ModEL
displaying the Precession of the Equinox cycle

Can we place the above 4 stAGES ModEL shape which was arrived simply by joining the 12 Precession of the Equinoxes dots (Zodiac)  into the image below?

Would this be a valuable clue to celestial geometry?


And the quatrefoil above, which is found used in sacred geometry often with Jesus Christ placed in the center, found in temples, gothic churches, can be filled with many other structures/shapes or concepts…but this shape also embodies the lucky four leaf clover, and its origins, and what it implies on many different levels or dimensions is worthy of further investigation.

And the quantum space cadet…herr Doctor T. Leary had his own ideas. Idea

LSD 25

So too much LSD-25, resulted in an epiphany for our buddy Timothy?

But it must be noted that Dr. Timothy Leary who was a ‘space cadet/shaman’ in his own right had his own theories about this particular shape that would allow you to go inward.
Interesting how Dr. Leary who used LSD and Tons Brunés who used ‘G’eometry arrived at the same idea from ‘two’ different perspectives, arriving at the middle perhaps?

So what color pill would you like NEOin order to make youONE with BrainENO?

  • There are 137 atoms in chlorophyll which are organized into 6 concentric rings around a magnesium atom with 12 equal radial branches out from the center. Similarly, the hermatin molecule in blood has 137 atoms organized in the exact same way around an iron atom. In both plants and animals, the 137 atoms are needed to extract energy from light and convert energy into matter.


Do you remember in the film Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind when Richard Dreyfus gets caught …
…at the railway X-crossing and a light from above appears that forever alters his purpose in life?
Well the same thing happened to me one day, I kid you not, I was struck by a bolt of lightning too! (figuratively but then literally things began to change)
And then recall that Richard Dreyfus’ character becomes totally obsessed with his inner vision and sculpts it in his lebensraum/living room using earth from his garden …

Well the same thing happened to ME too!

Only I did not rip my garden apart to make a mess of my inner temple.My inner vision, the light granted me and from whence it came I still do not claim to know.
But here is what I built as a result of my possession/passion, it is a blend of Alice Bailey, Timothy Leary, Carl Jung, Alchemy, Jesus H. Christ and of course a little of ME is put into the mixture
because Raphael built it to help heal Ralph ya see …

11 2  5 8 = 2613 7 6

Now it all makes sense.
How this one image taken by me in the Santa Catalina Monastery, Arequipa Peru, back in 2006 could stir something deep deep inside of me.
The first cut is the deepest.
Rosetta ‘Fractal’ Mandala a.k.a. the Philosopher’s Stone
Led me to what ‘the gravity of the situation is’

Rosetta ‘Fractal’ Mandala

… is in fact a match made in heaven…leading us to the genius of Nikola Tesla the

… Master of LIGHTNING

Tesla’s Rotating Polyphase Motor is a match for the Rosetta Fractal



“There is no darkness but ignorance.”

Charles Taze Russell and the Bible Students?


we come to this image … the Anti-Vortex
The Hele-Shaw cell is facing the camera and illuminated by 36 colored LED lights placed around the cell’s perimeter. The light is scattered through the cell as the ferrofluid particles respond to two magnets behind the cell which are aligned north/south and south/north. The magnetization produces this anti-vortex image.

Here is a final ‘thought experiment’…
Do these next two images, the ‘swastika’ and the ‘sacred cut’ above share a smiliar geometry?

Spiritual Secrets of the Carbon Atom

Graphene = sheets of carbon ONE atom thick
What does the geometry of an array of graphene look like?
Flat Sheet of HEXAGONS one adam err I mean one atom thick.
The Great Guide

3 out of 4 of Zoroaster’s Oracles contain, are comprised of 37 hexagons

“to be or not to BEE”

…that is the question posed by the inspired fella who wrote 37 plays depicting life.

“Standing on the floor puts you literally in the center of the universe.“

GRAPHENE – 2010 Nobel Prize 

Emblema XXI of Michael Maier’s 1618 Atalanta fugiens

Squaring the circle

‘Here followeth the Figure conteyning all the secrets of the Treatise both great & small’

“Above, the alchemist performs the squaring the circle, thereby turning the two sexes into one. The motto repeats a saying of the ‘Rosarium’: ‘Make a circle out of a man and woman, derive from it a square, and from the square a triangle: make a circle and you will have the philosopher’s stone.’

5 + 3 + 4 + 5 = 17

“The cube and the sphere are the sole working tools of creation“
-Walter Russell

Mayan Cosmology Quincunx vs. Wolfgang Pauli’s World Clock

The Great Pyramid  also sits at the Northern Latitude of 29.97697709832755

29.97697709832755 (northern latitude)  ‘mirrors’ (is 1/10 millionth of) the ‘speed of light’ in meters per second!

And within 14 miles per second of our present calculation of the speed of light in ‘meters per second’ which is (299,792,458 meters per second).

The square was held by the Pythagoreans and Neo-Platonists to be the symbol of earth, and inferior to the circle, the symbol of heaven. The square in the language of heraldry is a diminished or broken circle, the circle being the square perfected. This is imaged by the swastika cross, the four feet of which show segments of the circle broken and reduced to form the squarei.

The square is of course an angle of ninety degrees, the fourth part of a circle. Thus the square formed of the four corners is a cross equal to the circle of 360 degrees.

The oldest known form of the Nagari character in use throughout Pegu and Ava is formed of circles and segments of circles combined, whereas the sacred text of the Pali is in a form of the square letter, consisting chiefly of right angles. There is the same contention of circle and square manifested in the Phoenician and Hebrew letters; this is shown by the ayin, the earliest form of which is round, the later square.

Which brings us back to my garden and a simple IDEA I had one day incorporating the 4 colors of the Indian Medicine Wheel  into the sEEd pattern identified using the E or F glyphs used in the archaic name YHVH.

It is not a coincidence I used the MEME >>> EEEE

Black White Yellow Red

References for Tons Brunes info:
Information about the book can be found at-
Instructions for generating The Sacred Cut come from-
Diagrams derived from one at-
Document above found here:

To the reader this was the last blog posted to this website.

I have updated the IDEA and taken it to the next level here:


86 thoughts on “The Gift of Fire ~ The Shadow ~ Dr. Jordan Peterson ‘IN THIS SIGN CONQUER’ ~ the Meaning of Music leads us to the Sacred Cut and Tons Brunés, Nikola Tesla, Peter Plichta, Crichton E.M. Miller, Tudor Parfitt, String Theory, Philosopher’s Stone, Ark of the Covenant, Guido von List, Photon Knights Templar Cross, the ‘Concealed Fyrfos’ and the Great Pyramid … of course

  1. The square root of 2 is 1.414 or THE GOD PYTIAS:

    If we use the same two numbers to calculate the arithmetic mean, it would be 1414/2=707.
    1414 is the gematria value of THE GOD PYTIAS in Greek and also the value of the square root of 2 or 1.414.
    707 is the value of THE GOD HERMES and is the inverse of the square root of 2 or 0.707.
    Between the perfect 4th and 5th exists the geometric mean (the tritone) and it is calculated as the square root of AxB.
    The square root of 353×1061 is 612, the gematria value of ZEUS.
    From C to G is a perfect 5th and the frequency of F-sharp is a tritone of 6 half-steps and represents the geometric mean.
    Its frequency is 1415 (THE GOD APOLLO) cycles (the square root of 2 is 1.414).
    The string is divided at that point into 0.707 (THE GOD HERMES) of its original length (the inverse of the square root of 2 is 0.707).

  2. PS: In your Bab-ilu illustration that eight pointed star has also been associated with the Star of Bethlehem, as well as the Orion constellation

    Also your sacred cut image here brunes reminds me of this

    which has been associated with the carbon atom here:

    I think things make more sense now..

    • Hi – Ok i have something I figured out – please challenge…
      We are all learning, learning to be better, we as a species are are striving to be good, to learn to better people. We also know that there is an infinate amount of knowledge which is unknown to us, we discover more each day. Therefore by default what we don’t know, what is unknown is really infinite good. Basically everything we don’t know.

      So to flip it and in order to gain infinate knowledge we just have to be good, kind, helpful etc etc.
      So as a strategy if we are generous, helpful people we gain infinite good knowledge.

      So fibonacci, yin yang, swastika could be an over layering of the symbol of helping each other around a single goal. We help others therefore we gain infinite knowledge – i.e. the center goal. Like when you stir a cup of water all the intent is in harmonic – so by helping each other we bring infinite good knowledge down like whirl pool through trust.

      Please let me know what you think

  3. fascinating, i have a message for you though raphael:

    symbols are great, maybe it is time to choose to focus on one to use.

    we need the depth and the love that comes with real understanding.

    you said “if i can just get humanity to dial this frequency 3 times at this moment”… then what?

    all the best, s

  4. >note: BaB-iLu reduces to the same consonants as BiBLe

    Bab is also the founder of The Babi Faith, it is an Arabic which means “Gate”.

    The The Babi Faith led to the founding of the Bahá’í Faith,… ‘ello’.. Marko Rodin.

    bab’s room
    bab pulpit

    ps. he was executed and many of his writings are lost.

    pss. Don’t forget about the tower of babel, (balal) and what that was all about. ( Genesis 11:1-9 ) .

  5. GOLD the food of the Gods exposed by the Black Dragon Family


    Hundred Million United States Dollars ($124,500,000,000.00).

    Click to access 11%20civ%208500%20Keenan%20Complaint.pdf

    Upon information and belief, between 1927 and 1938, as a result of arrangements made between China and the United States, the United States purchased some 50 million ounces of silver and leased vast amounts of gold from the Nationalist Chinese Government, known as Kuomintang.
    During this period, China was partly occupied by Japanese troops
    and there was a fear of China being overrun by the Japanese.

    Operation Golden Lily or Yamashita’s gold

    The Secret Gold Treaty

    Black Eagle Trust

    The Black Dragon Society is now renamed the White Dragon Society

  6. raphael what do you make of the dis-covery by dan winter that the ancients peered into the atomic structure of the universe and that all language symbols are actually arrangements of atoms?

    also, what do you think of willem de swart

    and ?

    some thoughts on 137

    137… hmm. 1+3=4
    4+3=7. 4 in alchemy = the 4 elements/quadrangle (square)
    once thou hast made the quadrangle round then is all the secret found.

    13 + 7 are mysteries in themselves; invisible, unmanifest, magic gates.
    11 the da’at pathway. 13 the centre of 12… hmpf.

  7. Is physical spiritual? Or is the deception of religion complete an where science deceives completely ? I’ve always been under the assumption that the spiritual truth never lies in the physical but through it and without it. I’m used to calling b.s. on everything complicated such as religion and science as neither has provided me with anything ” spiritual” except the challenging thereof , and the spiritual has always provided me the truth of things physical, and my strength of which seems proportionate to my understanding of the physical( which at at times is not as much as I’d wish for) but doesn’t seem to affect the spritual’s ability to effect the physical despite understanding. A small child’s longing for his parent seems unaffected by lack of complicated ” skills or knowledge” nor the parents longing for his child? Should it not be so? All the sheeple seem to want is momma an dada, for shame to anyone who says they should not reunite due to lack of anything physical/mental. Some people just wanna use or abuse but few wanna do anything different about it but many seem to wanna pour salt onto it. What’s your aim for? Hope it’s good cause you got a lot of ammo, hope you shoot sumpfin worth shooting and don’t hit some poor lamb,. Peace/Love and Light to you bro

    • After Gerald Hawkin’s book Stonehenge Decoded (1966) was released full of claims like the following…

      “There can be no doubt” Hawkins wrote, “the Stonehenge was an observatory: the impartial mathematics of probability and the celestial sphere are on my side. In form the monument is an ingenious computing machine”

      And what were the ‘typical to be expected’ reactions from the IGNORANT scholars, who belong to the ‘I am dead to the metaphysical club’?

      “Care has to be taken not to distort the people into copies : of ourselves, turning medicine men, shamans or witch doctors into astronomer priests just because the latter fit more comfortably in our modern, technological minds”
      -Aubrey Burl

      other scholars called it “condescending”
      to refer to Stonehenge as either an observatory or as a lunar computer.

      “It thus presumes that the main significance of places like Stonehenge, or the Great Pyramid or any other significant temple or reference to one, was its ANTICIPATION of our own OBSERVATIONS AND CALCULATIONS”

      And that leads to the AHA!


      • Sooo, DNA , Stonehenge , the sacred sites and symbols, represent the howbeit vague interpretations of the spiritual reflected into this realm ? I.e. rather the wake they leave which manifests upon our shores of perception? And would that mean physical disruption of DNA as such affect the spirit? I would think it would not ,but only disrupt the pattern of the shoreline ? And unless the wake was to be amplified to overcome, the shore would remain altered? Thanks for your insight and or sorry for my ignorance, just lookin around for anyone who might share parley’

  8. Also forgot , if we are of the effect of spiritually motive forces , does that mean we are not really here but only here observing our effect? And if spirit over amplified washes away the trace left on the shore? Are we then to return or leave the evidence of ourselves further inland so to speak. Peace love light to you!

  9. I know I must seem like a dummy( I have brain damage ) as far as numbers an their significance of correlation to certain non applied sciences as well as applied , however I find your work very poetic as well as anylitical . And I have question for your query , dummies and genocidal psycopaths aside, of the smart poet and a smart scientist , who builds the most and who destroys the most , is it the one who feels the most or the one who calculates the most? Or is this just a stupid notion, Or is it ok to be just a dummy,, “And then, secondly we understand,
    that the signature or form is no spirit,
    but the receptacle, container, or cabinet of the spirit,
    wherein it lies; for the signature stands in the essence,
    and is as a LUTE that liest still,
    and is indeed a DUMB thing that is neither heard or understood;
    but if it be played upon, then its form is understood,
    in what form and tune it stands,
    and according to what note it is set.
    Thus likewise the signature of nature in its form is a DUMB essence;
    it is as a prepared instrument of music,
    upon which the will’s spirit plays;
    what strings he touches, they sound according to their property”
    J. Bohme – De Signatura Rerum
    And This is how I understand , that it is the purpose and reason for our actions and that no matter how smart or dumb but the tune we play when plucked.. I hope I play a good tune and do not offend , I only wish to be worthy of being put in a good song,,, you have played a good tune, and would you give a sound base to my rambling , please? Thanks peace love and light to you!

  10. Angels wings are actually friction shields and the transport angels are the only one that have them. In order to traverse our expansive universe these angels are made the velocities are staggering and if left to our own devices our spirit matter would be broken apart therefore for this reason do the transport angels have wings they enshroud you with them acting as a shield against these high velocities.

  11. Hi raph remember me 😉

    I found something you will find very interesting (maybe you’re already in the know).

    Sylvester James Gates is getting close. feature=player_detailpage&v=lYeN66CSQhg#t=3679s

      • A checksum basically checks for accidental errors in transmission of data, All computers use checksums to operate.

        Another way to put it is a checksum is a fingerprint . When you move information from point A –point B , the fingerprint must match in order for the information to actually appear.

        The interesting part is they you can measure the checksum, or fingerprint. IN computers you can measure or calculate this mathematically, using something like which measures binary bits.

        In the grander ideas of Sylvester James Gates , it seems the fabric of the universe has a error checking build into it, maybe that is the how things come into existence. If he can measure it, I’m sure it will lead to other insights, but it is pretty controversial considering it brings of some very profound theory’s on how and why such a thing exists, aka a designer.

  12. Pallas Athena literally meaning Spear Shaker or Shake Spear

    “The Lost Secret of William Shakespeare” “Richard Allan Wagner”

    Click to access The%20LOST%20SECRET%20of%20William%20Shakespeare.pdf

    Page 154: The light and dark A‘s represent the inherent duality shared by the god Apollo (light) and the goddess Pallas Athena (dark).
    Moreover, the light and dark A‘s inform the initiated reader that the work contains both overt and concealed knowledge.

    The letters W M, when combined, add up to 33 (Bacon in Simple Cipher).
    And the word Worshipful, in Reverse Cipher, corresponds to the number 111 (3 x 37)

    Psalm 46 and Shake Spear

    Now we have the connection between Greek (Pythagoran), Hebrew (Hiram Abiff) and Bacon ciphers used by Bach

    • hey do not forget ole’ Shake ‘spear’ wrote 37 plays.

      … and get this, your post takes on new meaning.
      I remember as a kid my older sister and parents were discussing Shakespeare, I blurted out a comment and from whence it came now we know?
      i.e. A deep seated archetypal memory perhaps?

      >> if I recall the comment was something to the effect “was Shakespeare some guy shaking with a spear…”



      • Indeed 37 plays to the Bacon light
        37 plays each month a year gives 444

        shakespeare and the numbers 157 287 (Add 157+287 = 444)

        The name “Fra Rosi Crosse” adds up to the number 157 in the Simple Cipher, and the number 287 in the Kaye Cipher; Add = 444)

        That means again: FRA ROSI CROSSE 157 287 (Added = 444)


        On page 67:
        Furthermore, Bacon has crafted a way to prove it out mathematically. We remember that his two Rosicrucian seals when combined equal 444

        Therefore, Christian Rosenkreutz (46) and Hiram (47) serve as Masonic pillars flanking Bacon (111) in the unifying form of Shake—111—Spear

      • good work Hawk, you soar.

        did you know we can place 157 onto the apex of the Great Pyramid, and at the same time matching it up with Marko Rodin’s work?


        re: what do you know about Diabolus in Musica a.k.a. the augmented fourth considered the “chord of evil


        Thanks for this link. Very interesting

        157 = William_Tudor_I
        157 = JESUS MIHI OMNIA

        157: JESUS MIHI OMNIA
        118: LEGIS JUGUM
        1604. The Vault of C. R. opened by his successors after 120 years of secret study and benevolence

        Christian Rosenkreutz lived from 1378 – 1484 AD and was born in Wartburg Castle.
        Indeed 1484 + 120 years = 1604

        Wartburg castle is also the location for
        – Christian Rosencreutz
        – Francis Bacon (King James version)
        – Bach
        – Martin Luther

        Day 157 in 2012 = June 6

        I will try to find information in my archive on Diabolus in Musica and post it later

  13. The Devil’s Chord, or “Diabolus in Musica (TriTone)
    Greek gematria shows for Diabolus: 717
    d = 4
    i = 10
    a = 1
    b = 2
    o = 70
    l = 30
    u = 400
    s = 200
    = 717 (Total)
    Indeed the Tritone is a reference to Saturn

    the radius of Saturn’s orbit; while the height of the cross is
    717.248, or a third of 2,151, the number of years
    in the Great Month. And the square enclosing this
    cross (717 x 4) has a perimeter of 2,868
    Rosslyn echoes the sounds of Saturn:
    B – 488 +
    C – 512 +
    A – 432 =
    Saturn’s distance from Sun:

    890 million miles/1432 Million km

    Now see F# is 370 Hz on

    Stuart Mitchell ==> Decoding Roslyn Chapel

    Find again F# is 370 Hz in Rosslyn
    Downie, who defines the Devil’s Chord as the notes F#, C and A,
    examined the associated frequencies, (370, 523, and 880)
    and noticed that they are very close to the following numbers: 373, 515 & 888.

    And the same codes in the Pyramid.

  14. Rosslyn ist auf einer Breite mit Roskilde
    (55,55° = 55°33′ n.B.) sowie mit Murom bei Moskau.

    Translated in English:
    Rosslyn is at the same degree to the north as Roskilde in Denmark.
    (55,55° = 55°33′ n.B.) also with Murom near Moscow.

    The organ of Roskile Domkirke is also tuned to 432 Hz and now on the UNESCO list.

    Corn. H. Edskes, Groningen is the builder of this organ.

  15. The Diabolus in Musica ratio found in Rosslyn

    [5] perfect fourth (4:3) = 364,5
    ? } 9:8 = 3/2 – 4/3 = 1.5 – 1.3333333333333 = 0.0166666666666666 = F#370
    [7] perfect fifth (3:2) = 384

    A golden triangle, taken from the pentagram, has angles measuring 36 X 72 X 72 degrees and sides in proportion to the golden ratio (~1.61803).
    There is a 3-degree difference between the top angle of the golden pyramid and the highest 33rd degree of Freemasonry, representing a
    difference ratio of 3:180, or 0.01666667
    By replacing the top golden triangle of the pentagram with the heavenly angels, the designers of the chapel may have been symbolizing the
    resonant 3-degrees separating mankind from the “Great Architect”.
    As an additional bit of word play, the designers even replaced the triangle’s top “Angle” with a musical “Angel”, both of which
    begin with the letter “A,” itself derived from a golden triangle once used to represent the Alpha and Omega.

    3 divided by 180 = 0.0166666666666666

  16. Hi,
    I find your observation about time with 3 , 6 and 9 interesting. If you look at my latest video on DNA geometry I have discovered that the DNA will take bends following 3 sequences at 120 degrees apart. In my previous videos I showed just one sequence which could be programmable.
    But now this has evolved to 3 sequences giving 3, 6 & 9.

    Please keep up the good work on your great site.

  17. Thanks Raphael,
    One thing I would like to add is that in my video I show diagonal vectors and golden ratio vectors. The cube will go into five (I believe) orientations so all the vectors could therefore be of equal status so there would be 20 total radiating from the dodecahedron vertices.

    • One precision: the whole thing is interesting, but I found the shadow made by the magnet inside the copper tube may interest you. 😉

  18. I enjoy reading all the connections/observations/deductions. However, I don’t see any conclusions. Such as who and why? Obvious reasons spring to mind for both- but history and your own research suggests we need to look deeper. Perception is relative and it would be a shame if this world turned out to be one big grandiose delusion. Your thoughts are appreciated.


  19. I do not see delusions in a lot of what has been shown Kevin. Some of the stuff being shown is a perfect order of virtual reality. Abstract work
    in chaos is what I call a gigantic crock and that is what I call big delusions.

  20. I have added another interesting demo of perfect order with Geometry
    and shows everything really ties up to a perfect triangle as shown in most of the illustrations and discussions on this site. It shows that three 120 deg turns maybe the key to life.

  21. Raphael,

    I haven’t been reading your work lately, with the birth of my daughter my time has been somewhat limited. Anyhow, I came across a website that contains some interesting theories about the great pyramid and also contains some info on the tree of life together with the tarot cards that go along with each “stage” on the tree. The info is contained in 3 parts, videos as follows – 1 is The Giza Alignment, 2 is The Time Shift and 3 is The Great Pyramid Code, which consists of 4 videos with a 5th part that is a graphic at the bottom of the page that contains the tree of life and the tarot interpretations. I thought that you may be interested so I’ll leave you the link here.

    I still haven’t been able to sign up at Breakfornews that’s why I’ve put the info here…

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  28. Hi Rafael
    I am enclosing a link to more work on DNA geometry and have now
    completed the 9 bend DNA golden ratio vector nine bend system to verify
    the importance of Tesla’s 3 6 9.


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  34. Interesting. I like the Neb/Moses basket analogy. Interesting.

    Regards Jesus, he did exist as a real person in the historical record, but the Church embarrassed by the real Jesus and will not acknowledge him

    The biblical (King) Jesus EmManuel, was actually King Izas Manu of Edessa – a real king, with a real capitial city, a real palace, and real coins.

    According to history, King Izas Manu was a Nazarene Jew who fomented a revolt against the Romans in Judaea in the 1st century. But he lost this war and was crucified in the Kidron Valley, but was taken down from the cross by Josephus (Flavius) and survived. He also wore a ceremonial Crown of Thorns – the traditional royal crown of Edessa. Sound familiar? it should do.

    • Ralph I do appreciate your insights and interpretations.
      But the real truth that seeps through can only ever be interpreted by trying to understand the archetypal shadows that appear to haunt us and lead us at the same time.

      The dual aspects of the swastika provides us with a paradox.
      Leading edge quantum mechanics has also provided us with a paradox called spooky action at a distance, as Einstein called it.
      However I will not bohr you with the details, but the facts seem to support Bohr not Einstein by modern experimentation.

      Are you familiar with the Gnostic gospel called ‘Thunder Perfect Mind’?
      It is a great poem full of paradox.
      IMHO it is speaking of what the swastika represents as a symbol ~ that which best represents paradox created by two opposing forces i.e. yin/yang, that need each other to survive.

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    • Interesting, thanks for the contribution to an idea being recovered … numbers are a funny thing … so are letters used to construct words used to make sentences in order to convey an idea.

      I found this in your pdf. page 14 out of 16

      I like what you have written at the top of the page.

      SoL MaNi eSSe

      Now did you know that eSSe [to be] = SwaStika?
      ^^^ Yes the SwaStika is the TEACHER of all swirly twirly thoth thoughts that creep into the hearts and minds of man …
      ESSE is based on the work of Saint Thomas Aquinas who spent his career essentially reducing the idea of god/being etc. down to two words …

      ENS and ESSE

      The blog you are on is an old one.
      The ideas on this page are eternal but the buck does not stop here.
      ^^^ Go to this link to see why eSSe or eZZe or even eNNe can not only be linked to the SwaStika but the RoTaS magic square plays a role in the AHA recovery too!
      ^^^ The ENS ESSE information supplied by St. T. Aquinas and those who have studied his work has not been added to the blog yet…I am still acquainting myself with Aquinas.

      BUT try to remember using a mirror, reflections, rotations, and translations of 55 = SS = ZZ or 22 = NN

      password to the blog is NUN [case sensitive]

      Get back to me …

  36. Alex Isakov offered:
    On the video is the completely coherent oscillation of the mass of the rotor (parametric formulas, based on Hamilton’s principle). The coincidence of fractals is a very interesting topic. The rest of the pictures too match, if make the displacement of the rotor to produce vibrations, this is the moment when there is a direction of the gravitational force.

  37. Let’s start by saying that the letter N means energy. The letter N is the NaZi swastika (NZ), is the Hebrew aleph. NaZareno, NoSe, gNoSis. The Tenet, corresponds better with the Cross of Jerusalem, you also have the T. It represents a way to get energy, which is nothing but the chariot of Ezekiel. The NoSe is the piramyd

  38. Hello,

    Just wanted to say I still appreciate your work, and wish you continued success. This particular passage from Thus Spake Zarathustra by NietZSche *always* rings a bell (and gives an angel wings):

    “Look at this gateway! Dwarf!” I continued, “it hath two faces. Two roads come together here: these hath no one yet gone to the end of.

    This long lane backwards: it continueth for an eternity. And that long lane forward- that is another eternity.

    They are antithetical to one another, these roads; they directly abut on one another:- and it is here, at this gateway, that they come together. The name of the gateway is inscribed above: ‘This Moment.'”


    Every Angel can be a Daemon, and every Daemon can be an Angel. Be kareful what you wish for, chimera, you just might get it and become who you are!

  39. Hello community, interesting is, that the Maori of New Zealand know very good about the handbags. There are photos were you see tree of them, like in Gobekeli Tepe for example (which has proven coindences with australian aboriginal ).

    The Maori of New Zealand have simple answer: The Maori know them 3 as ketes which meach baskets, better known as baskets of knowledge kete o te wānaga, obtained for mandkind, by The god of forest and birds Tane Mahuta🐦! He took them out of heaven (The Germans will see Wald :Tanne TANE🌲) Tanenmahuta is also a newzeelandian Kari-tree and it is one of the oldest trees in the world. So, the tree has also pine cones as it is a tane. (araukarian plant) baskets of knowledge kete o te wānaga, obtained for mankind by the god tāne. 1 bag is te kete tauri sacred knowledge with rituals, incantations and prayers , second one is te kete tuatea (ancestral knowledge) about space time, past, spiritual realities, and the third te kete aronui (knowledge before us) is knowledge of aroha (love) with literature philosophy . or some say also that te kete tuatea holding knowledge of evil, curses and harmful things for humanity. So i would like to discuss the austronesian connection.

    I’m a half Maori from New Zealand… they’re not handbags to Maori we call them kete/basket or bag they represent the baskets of knowledge in Maoridom there are 3, te kete tuauri, te kete tuatea, te kete aronui the Maori name for New Zealand is Aotearoa which translates to “the land of the long white cloud” for Maori believe this is the land where God’s come from or in Maori “ko te whenua o te Atua tatou” Maori have more rhen 150 demi gods who where born from TeRanginui (the big sky father or God) and Papatuanuku ( mother earth) Papatuanuku also had a baby wirhin her womb when the sky and earth (earthly parents) were seprerated, we call him Ruamoko unborn child of Papatunuku who is the God of volcanos and earthquakes… some believe it’s his birth pains that are responsible for the current earthquakes and eruptions and when he is born he opens up the gate to hell and the evil ones will be taken there… the stories of old also speak of a race of giants who had red hair and green eyes here they’re called Putupaihere, who are to believed to come to Aotearoa/ New Zealand from Peru. the Demi gods and Putupaihere have family tree that are actually available to view and they go back hundreds if not thousands of years, the copies that were carved into trees and caves before those copies were available aren’t understandable to people nowadays no one knows how to decode it even if they think they do 🙂 thanks you for your sharing your video… it’s awesome to see so many similarities between cultures through out the world and the ages

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