RODIN COIL the fingerprint of GOD the Alchemist

Mezin Ukraine 10,000 BC swastika

Nice find…how far back can we continue to trace this divine ASYMMETRIC symbol?

Maybe it is time we sent a team of svastika worshipers overseas to act in defense of Ernst Zundel?

Ernst Zundel was correct in questioning the status quo …a conspiracy exists…

I have a great idea to let the mythical THEY know, that we know, what THEY don’t want us to know, our actions will without a doubt declare we know.

The idea is very simple.

Imagine thousands and thousands and thousands of sheeple who desperately want to become the people, herds who have now heard, march en masse toward the UNITED NATIONS HQ.

Also the Mi5 HQ should also be demonstrated in front of too, and the House of Windsor, to indicate the winds of change are upon us.
And the VATICAN, without a doubt, needs to be stormed.
Time to storm the baastille.

So imagine not thousands, but imagine MILLIONS of people now wearing T-shirts with a swastika on it.

It would of course be the dreaded NAZI swastika…placed over a symbol that belongs to THEY, it is the symbol THEY have chosen.

And this symbol represents the mythical THEY best.
THEY represent those soulless individuals in pursuit of the Power and the Glory represented by $, at any cost.
Please note, we as unaware people play a role, participating unconsciously, in a game THEY have contrived/scripted, thus we are part of THEY too!!

But do not be dismayed, that means we are are connected and I want to show you how connected everything is on a very fundamental level.
The vortex mathematician Marko Rodin plays a huge role here…

Think about the advantage that ‘home field’ gives us…because everyone sitting on the rim of the torus, i.e. in the seats of the stadium, is feeding their energy toward the playing field or the center of the torus.

Ra Ra Ra
SiS Boom go the Baa

Basic design for any stadium.
The Rodin Coil shows how this relationship between the rim of the torus and the center of the coil creates ‘energy’.
Leading to a home field advantage.

It also brings us to the paradox of the which comes first, magnetism or electricity?
They both seem to ‘feed’ off each other, and that design above, encourages it.

on your St. Mark
get ready (to count the hours HORUS)

important to remember that one horus of light = ish = 15 degrees of longitude at the equator traveled in one horus/hours, and this helps with the narrative too…

light = ish (Egyptian)

iSiS = ish ish

thus iSiS = light light
why two ‘waves’ of light oSiriS?

oSiriS: because electro-magnetic waves travel as two waves that flit like the wings of a galactic butterfly…one wing causes a wave to travel a transverse direction and the other wave, travels a longitudinal direction, DNA behaves in a similar fashion because our DNA in fact emits a very faint electro-magnetic field.

Macro – micro is the acid test of truth…does it penetrate on all levels?

Let’s go to the Vatican for such a test, I am feeling a bit testy.
THEY, the owners of Vatican Stadium, seem to have home field advantage these days.
Why is that?

Some are equating the Rodin Coil with the fingerprint of God.
Could it be?
I believe yes it is.
And I can place God’s fingerprint right into the heart of St. Peter’s Square.

Now here is where it gets interesting.

But but but, so because Stonehenge and my Peruvian mandala that has lead me back to Eden share a similar design, I do want to know where those 2 wires go?

So St. Peter’s Basilica is essentially a sine wave generator?
What role does the BLACK door have**as the energy flows?
Would this have anything to do with the Solfeggio frequencies and 2012?

(**shhh door to moon)

And then on cue….the millions of people indicate to THEY, that WE have decided to take control….of our consciousness….we are waking up….to the truth.

How do we show them, demonstrate to them, that we understand that the world / universe is actually veiled asymmetrically?
How do we show THEY, we understand the game THEY are playing?

In order to do that…I will need to use the language that uses archetype.


It gets much much much better, because god left his fingerprint on our asymmetrical brains.

So how does the archetype language of alchemy connect this symbol adopted by the ‘Money Lenders’ to the Nazi’s and ultimately back to the Vatican?

I want to show how ‘THEY’ use this ancient divine symbol, the swastika, quite effectively to manipulate the ‘herds’.
It suggests their reasons for attaching this missing link to a heinous crime (WWII holycaust), was with an intent to marginalize its importance within the human psyche.

In the above image we can clearly see the outline of a swastika and Saint Brigids Cross…
And it looks similar to the Aztec swastika we see below…(less the last two bends in the arms…which represents a common G scroll, a scroll that we see on many artifacts)

Can we make profound connections using the 4 archetypal colors that represent both the 4 stages of alchemy and coincidentally the 4 races of mankind as depicted on an Indian Medicine Wheel?

Far too easy, note the stages and colors of the images above.
I am surprised that I seemed to be the first to notice.
How all archetypal roads lead back to Rome.
Even the Indian Medicine Wheel found its way back.

So if we start with the adopted symbol of the Money Lenders…wait one more comparison…who purchased Bear Sterns for a song?
Bear Sterns thus poured what remained of its resources into JPMorganChase.
I believe this economic narrative to be a part of a bigger unfolding celestial narrative.

The assets of Bear Sterns pouring into the larger JPChase, is similar to the dance that exists between the two stars that like to dip, the two dippers, the Big Macro dipper and the Small micro dipper referred to as Bears, the Great Bear and the Lesser Bear.

They appear to pour into each other as they rotate about the pole star…separated by Draco the Dragon.

Based on celestial alchemy, what follows below is a recipe that a NAZI money lending Alchemist might use.

Alchemy Stage 1 The Blackening

I have added 4 black lines forming a square in the center.

Alchemy Stage 2 The Whitening
I have added 4 whites lines and soon it will become apparent that alchemy is about a spiritual transmutation and is without a doubt being used to assist in making gold/money.

Alchemy Stage 3 The Yellowing/Reddening
stage requires that as NAZIs you would need to collect the 3rd ingredient for the alchemy soup, and THE JEW is the 3rd ingredient, and then you would place a Gold Star of David onto the JEW’s LEFT side (because the left side/right brain is connected to the MOON, the Jewish matriarch), to be shipped away and do not PASSOVER the gas ovens.

Stage 3 is just not apparent as an esoteric conspiracy involving spiritual / monetary alchemy.

At this point note how the NAZI adopted swastika represents 3 stages of alchemy and the Jewish race represents one stage or ingredient of what appears to be a process….

Alchemy Stage 4 The Yellowing
stage complete.

And if you chose to move onto Alchemy Stage 5 the process is simple enough, complete the cross, weave or knot…and place then creation onto an Emerald Table or a Mesa Verde.
This sacred symbol is known to Jews as Solomon’s Knot, but it is found everywhere in the world.
Because it is an archetype that represents and transcends time, space, motion.

So what is the significance of connecting this geometric form to ALL of the above?
It is very very very significant because you can solve or formulate Euclidean proposition #47 … Pythagoras most famous theorem involving the right angle triangle can be solved by starting St. Brigid’s cross and an Aztec swastika?



to be continued…


6 thoughts on “RODIN COIL the fingerprint of GOD the Alchemist

  1. I found your blog on a forum with a bunch what I thought was ramblings. However, when I took a glimpse of what your diagrams portrayed, I decided to research what you had said a bit further. I must admit that your posts are a bit unorthodox… In your random and eclectic style you have out lined and have made some pretty interesting connections.

    What we are looking for is always right before us…

    This link expands on what you outline on the post.

    • ramblings?

      dude that video series of Marko Rodin is an OLD one.
      in that video Marko has no hair on his head, today all remaining hair on his body has grayed like Gandalf.
      …and this post of mine that you commented on is also an OLD one.
      this thread should bring you up to date.
      where my ‘ramblings’ have taken me these past few years.

      I can understand why you see my second sight as ‘ramblings’….
      you have much catching up to do…

      do you want proof, that ALL has been written and we only play the parts that need to be filled?

      go here to see what the destiny of Raphael suggests, how it eerily merges with the artist Raphael and archangel Raphael.

      U R welcome



      • I believe this person said he found your post on a forum WITH what appeared to be ramblings. It seems he was trying to give you a compliment, but you are so accustomed to vehemently defending your views that you assumed he was accusing you of rambling on about “strange” things. There is no need to defend anything, just share what you know and allow people to take what resonates. One of their favorite ways to keep us under control is to make us feel afraid… then we lash out at one another in suspicion rather than sharing in love. Don’t buy into it! Very interesting diagrams, by the way, I understand sacred geometry, so I can see your points (pun intended…lol)

      • the problem is not ME Carisa.
        it is the folks who come to look in the mirror by speaking to ME.
        I say stuff that turns their cognitive dissonance switch ON.

        And the blog we presently are on is old news, wrote this years ago. Marko Rodin and VBM was a stepping stone.
        IF you think you can contribute to the noble THOTH thoughts I present below, let me know in the comments section.



        by the way who was this ‘unnamed source who said I appeared to be a rambling man?
        why do the ignorant think they can appoint themselves judge and jury over the elect?

        …over a ramblin gamblin man?

        I don’t think so. 😉



        my calling card just in case the Reiki master needs a master healer 😉

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