“Left Hand Path=Universal Asymmetry=Right Hand Path”

4 vs. 5 fingers

UPDATE November 13, 2015

4 vs. 5
This observation that I made years ago, capturing my imagination which proceeded to run wild, regarding the asymmetry between the left and right hands, I find interesting.
It is revealed by yet another coincidence that seems to have found me.

According to legend, Widukind experienced a vision that led to his conversion. Disguised as a beggar, he was spying on Charlemagne’s troop camp during Easter. He witnessed a priest performing a Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the priest was holding a beautiful child during the consecration. To his astonishment, people would receive communion and the priest would give the same child to each person. Widukind was dumbfounded by this scenario and went to beg outside, following the end of the mass. One of the emperor’s servants recognized Widukind behind his disguise –
due to an odd formation of one of his fingers
– and Widukind was captured.

UPDATE October 8, 2015

My goal is to explain the sense in which the Standard Model is “chiral” and what that means. In order to do this, we’ll first learn about a related idea, helicity, which is related to a particle’s spin. We’ll then use this as an intuitive step to understanding the more abstract notion of chirality, and then see how masses affect chiral theories and what this all has to do with the Higgs.

The above link is yet another approach to help explain how our two hands can be compared to two opposed swastikas.

~ end of UPDATE ~

Ka two outstretched arms
Associated with the idea of a double
It was also linked to the kneecap

The Ka (k3) was the Egyptian concept of vital essence, that which distinguishes the difference between a living and a dead person, with death occurring when the ka left the body. The Egyptians believed that Khnum created the bodies of children on a potter’s wheel and inserted them into their mothers’ bodies. Depending on the region, Egyptians believed that Heket or Meskhenet was the creator of each person’s Ka, breathing it into them at the instant of their birth as the part of their soul that made them be alive. This resembles the concept of spirit in other religions.The Egyptians also believed that the ka was sustained through food and drink. For this reason food and drink offerings were presented to the dead, although it was the kau (k3w) within the offerings that was consumed, not the physical aspect. The ka was often represented in Egyptian iconography as a second image of the king, leading earlier works to attempt to translate ka as double.

Catal Huyuk 7 and 12 hands

Handprints found in Catal Huyuk

Moreover, the net like pattern of weaving between these rows of seven and twelve hands at Catal Huyuk is itself a traditional symbol for the connections between the heavenly bodies. If a similar design appeared in first millennium Mesopotamia, there would be no question of its zodiacal connotations.

IF discussing quantum mechanical spin KA would be UPUP

As opposed to the ‘un-natural quantum state’ of UP DOWN

UPDATE  June  24/2013

@ 5:34

“Why is it that the simple UP * DOWN and DOWN * UP are not the natural states of the two … (?) … that is really where the whole fundamental issue lies, UP * DOWN and DOWN * UP are not the natural states … “

The above video can be found here:

UPDATE  November 1/2012

I came across this video recently.
It illustrates what this blog was addressing 4+ years ago when I originally wrote it.
Take a look at the motion being indicated by Dr. Tadashi Tokieda chiral asymmetric hands.
In order to continue with this blog, it is a perquisite you watch this video starting @1:00 right until the end.

@1:15 the experiment starts….

Dr. Tadashi Tokieda has got my attention with WOW statements like:

“…this behavior which is called chiral behavior, chirality meaning left and right handedness distinguished depending on spin is very very novel and its never been looked at before elsewhere and people haven’t really understood why this has been happening…”

“…now it turns out every million years or so, on the average, on the rough average, the magnetic field flips over NORTH and SOUTH are exchanged, people have no idea how this happens…”

“…on the other hand we do have a fairly good idea of what the basic mathematical model of whats causing the magnetic field is that’s the convection of the hot stuff of the earth which is carrying charged particles and whose  convection whose spin is producing the magnetic field and producing the NORTH and SOUTH poles. So we understand that mathematical model, it turns out that the mathematical model that emerges from the study of rattlebacks but it emerges naturally is extremely analogous to the model of the convection current on the inside of the earth…”

“Now we understand how turtles or rattlebacks reverse nobody as yet understands how the magnetic field reverses thats extremely tantalizing and thats a very novel and fresh approach to the whole program”

Now as a compliment and confirmation to all of the above what follows below is what I wrote back on July 3, 2008….and of course I did not plan it at the time…but hey July 3/2008 = 731 or 137 depending on your POV.

And that is a personal AHA because the numbers 137 (along with 69) today in 2012 form the core of my evolving theory, back in 2008  I had other ideas guiding ME…but here I AM back where I started.

But but butt as the reader will see I have never strayed far from my original epiphany…
The core of my work collides beautifully with the passions of Dr. Tadashi Tokieda and all that he was implying at the end of that video.

Here is a bit of what I mean:

scroll down to swastika nano application …  #17 Device for Processing Molecular Clusters of a Liquid to NANO-scale
….to see how the convection currents he spoke of can be used on all levels of scaling.


And this Polynesian Meddo stick chart reminds me of the Celt Rattleback.
But that is another aha best saved for another day.

UPDATE  April 1, 2013

Haptography: Digitizing our sense of touch – Katherine Kuchenbecker explains TOUCH technology


Here is what I wrote back in July 2008…about ASYMMETRY, and our brains, and our hands which is the TOUCH mediator to the material world.

Today is my birthday but I have a gift for all of you.

A summation of some pretty crazy ideas that have plagued me.
What follows is a brief summary of the path I have been on these past 4 enlightening illuminating years filled with much luck and lux.
Consider those 4 years hangin’ 10 and surfin’ the www equal to the 40 years needed to be spent wandering in the desert long ago.
Is a fella (moi) who was nicknamed ‘Wonderhands’ in high school the fella with the key to unlocking some of secrets regarding the left hand and right hand path?

Asymmetry is KEY.

The Greater Bear and the Lesser Bear 4000 years ago.
Both Bears are constellations of seven stars, and both are circumpolar.

Greater and Lesser Bears today.

The Symbolic Pole

Pythagoras in his Golden Sayings calls the two Bears the hands of Rhea.
Well the two hands of Rhea over the past 4000 years appear to be opening up like a flower.

Perhaps a golden flower?

When discussing left vs right handedness, here are a few things you SHOULD know about asymmetry and chirality, because IMHO here IS the source of Left Hand vs Right Hand path philosophy.

ALL biological life is chiral.
What is chiral?Your Left and Right hands are chirally asymmetric…so is carbon.
DNA, carbohydrates, crystals, amino acids…essentially the building blocks of life are chirally asymmetric.
In other words this discussion about a left hand path even existing would NOT even be taking place if chiral asymmetry did NOT exist.

We possess an asymmetrical brain and asymmetrical hearts, and they together are dictating to us how to function within our asymmetrical bodies and using our asymmetrical hands and feet journey through life creating and dancing, trying to find balance…trying to achieve, striving for perfection and achieving perfect symmetry>
The best analogy would be a cube evolving to a perfect sphere.
All matter/energy is also trying to achieve a thermodynamic balance within a symmetrical universe that has been veiled to us, concealed by asymmetry….
Look toward the future past the imperfections now…there lay a symmetry.

Asymmetry is a breakdown of symmetry or a violation of parity.

Asymmetry was first noted in beta decay involving the Nuclear Weak force.
The nuclear weak force is the only force of the 4 forces that violates parity/symmetry.
And this was announced two years after Albert Einstein died.
Einstein was working with a flawed standard model of physics…and they still have never really come up with a new one…standards do keep changing.

Asymmetry is what has caused the ‘fall of mankind’, (IMHO), the apparent degradation of the material world…herein we find the prophecy of the 4 ages from gold to iron through the decay of asymmetric thermodynamic time and apparently the accompanying spiritual decadence that seems to accompany the material decay.
Entropy, which dictates ‘Time’s Arrow’ as linear and moving forward to the future, is based on probabilities and is also asymmetrical.
TIME in a thermodynamic universe is asymmetrical…
Suggesting…to evolve to symmetry…involves leaving TIME behind.

Asymmetry is the tool to help unlock the secrets held here.
Do you see the KEY and LOCK?
Asymmetry is a key and a lock.

By using the ancient metaphysical science called alchemy I was able to penetrate the archetypal symbolism embedded in St. Peter’s Square.
Alchemy is the art of analogy and using the archetypal language of symbols a truth is revealed.
What did Herr Jung, who gave us the terms archetype, synchronicity and the collective unconscious, say about alchemy

And as an alchemist you possess the tools to reconcile science and religion.
An alchemist becomes mediator between the esoteric and exoteric realms.
This formula expresses the relationship.
Creation = Alchemy = Evolution

The universe as Terence McKenna has noted is presented to us as a narrative.
I agree. Oh yeah…alchemy and archetypal language helps the initiate understand the interconnectedness of the universe…join the dots between the macrocosmic and the microcosmic.
The Grand Architect is an alchemist. And the Grand Architect does the ‘Great Work’, and this Great Work takes a Great Year to complete. And the Great Year was known to the ancients also as the Platonic Year or Precession of the Equinoxes.
On every level there exists alchemy. Each of us is an alchemist capable of altering their own DNA.
Hallelujah and HalleBerry

And through an interpretation of the archetypes (which became the religious ARKetypes) we can eavesdrop in on the narrative. And the narrative is ALL about Precession of the Equinoxes and its implications for 2012.

What can be learned when following BOTH the right hand and left hand path, through history?

Here is a quick synopsis of my 4 chapter book that is slowly manifesting itself…it will be a best seller (because its time to be revealed has come) …it ties the big to the small, it connects the Macrocosmic (visible to the naked eye) Universe to the Microcosmic Quantum (invisible to the naked eye).
Fellas like the alchemist Sir Isaac Newton embraced the same inherent philosophy, as all ancient philosophers did…going back to Pythagoras and Plato.
I am in the process of accomplishing something even Sir Isaac did not accomplish though he tried.
The Reconciliation of Science and Religion.
But please note, these accomplishments are only an addendum, I stand on his shoulders and others because I came after…fellas like Sir Isaac did his job…he and others left the alchemy clues to follow…knowing others would follow in their footsteps…as an alchemist YOU know that…
I love the number 4, so I guess there should be 4 main chapters.

Chapter 1 – Science and Math
I use science to show how a certain process permeates ALL levels of existence and life, biology, chemical, and physics…including light and electro-magnetism.
Physicists claim the Universe that we interact with is asymmetrical, something announced in Jan. 1957.
In this chapter I can provide endless resources proving the universe is asymmetrical on ALL levels, it is apparent in all of the building blocks of life, on all levels from the microscopic neutrinos, quarks and DNA to macroscopic spinning galaxies….

As Dr. Jill Taylor brings to the stage beautifully, a simple fact, the brain is in fact asymmetrical.

The human body and our LEFT and RIGHT hands are CHIRALLY ASYMMETRICAL…here we are presented with a chicken and egg paradox.
Which came first…the experts are divided on this issue, which means they don’t know…but are still getting paid.
They don’t know if it was the predominant right handedness that lead to the development of speech or if it was the LEFT BRAIN where language evolved that forced us into becoming 90% right handed….I feel I have the answer….electromagnetism displays asymmetry and the flipping of the electro-magnetic field (which coincidently surrounds us) is the cause…
(further eye-popping truth to absorb….I feel this is what 2012 is ALL about, an electro-magnetic field…like the wings of a galactic butterfly affect what happens here)

Chapter 2 – Symbols and Archetypes
Are you seeing a pattern yet?
What is the common denominator that links all of my chapters….showing there does in fact exist a matter/energy relationship between everything big/macro/visible and small/micro/invisible?

Obviously the common denominators in life are ASYMMETRY and CHIRALITY.
Western scripted HIStory records Louis Pasteur with the discovery of chirality…but yet another lie scripted by the victorious who emerged from the dark ages…700 years, YES 700 years before Pasteur there was an Arabic / Persian / Muslim alchemist who already knew about chirality (this coincides with a truth…Christians where deterred by the Vatican from using science/astronomy/astrology in assisting a search for god)…
But then I continue to trace ancient knowledge even further back in time.
TIME is asymmetrical.

Chapter 2 is the chapter I have been working on tirelessly on these threads and where I expect most of the derision to emanate from.
I have been synthesizing my ideas, bouncing them off the herds of sheeple people and the flocks of seegullibles on various forums, slowly I have become more acutely aware of a veiled unity, and while the herd of ewe continue to graze, showing no interest in playing with me a simple game, called join the dots, through space and time…using a symbol that represents not only SPACETIME but…also something else that is vital that needs to be worked into any potential theory of everything…MOTION.

The ancient asymmetric symbol I have become enamored with is in fact a SPACE-TIME-MOTION symbol, found the world over…how cool is that?

So here is all we need to know at this time and it is necessary to acknowledge we are NOT balanced.
We are in fact unbalanced asymmetric life forms using our asymmetric brains to direct our asymmetric L/R hands to create / recreate a theoretical Garden of Eden.
I can show how (but not now), how the archetype of Atlantis exists in the collective unconscious.
The collective unconscious I believe to be ‘filled with archetypes‘…archetypes are mini blueprints recognizable on each level, knowledge of which can be extracted and applied using the art of analogy to other fields of inquiry.
A process (macrocosm = microcosm) by which you, the initiate become smarter faster.

And why does the creation/evolution go from symmetry representing perfection to asymmetry implying a ‘breakdown’…
Asymmetry is the reason we have 1001 uses for duct tape.

Our father who ART in heaven….I must ponder are we all creative ARTists?
Do ARTists access archetypes?
Do advertising execs know about the underlying archetypes or buttons that get pushed, at a distance?
Does religion recognize the universal ARKetypes?
Ever been in a temple, kiva, church or synagogue?
Oy vey, talk about being surrounded by ‘graven images of idolatry’.

So Chapter 2 is the chapter where the sheeple people will jump up and down till red white and blue in the face because I tie everything together using the most powerful symbol available to humanity.

It is of course a CHIRALLY ASYMMETRIC symbol.
A symbol that is in fact the missing link, to help explain the missing links.
This powerful asymmetric symbol links the past to the present and can be used to control the future…

The ancient Mesoamericans called it The KEY of  Universal Movement.

read the text

It is important to understand that the ancient Mesopotamians called it Bab-Ilu or the Gate of God which was directly associated to the Swastika.

Update March 1, 2012

And the word BaB-iLu coincidently contains the same consonants as BiBLe and the Tower of BaBeL.
(a discussion of vowels vs. consonants is a far too lengthy for this blog entry today)


Clearly we can see  a direct connection between the BaB-iLu and the geometry of the Great Pyramid.
Here is a great example of how ignorant we are of the obvious.
How many of us know that the GP is an 8-sided geometric marvel, a real super hero of architecture?

8-sided Great Pyramid info:


This link will illustrate for you the importance of the 8-sided geometry to the creation:

*end of March 2012 update*

This profound esoteric connection reveals that without a doubt, a self-serving HIS-story has been scripted and is in fact a MESO of lies and propaganda.
The swastika I offer can also be linked to the Tarot (origins unknown?) and the Tarot can be further traced back to Mesoamerica before Columbus and Cortez showed up, waving the crucifix…

And as my recent update complete with links has shown, both the swastika and maltese cross become integral to the architecture of the GP!

And connected to my spiritual journey is the mandala that I photographed in a Peruvian monastery back in 2006.
I believe now that this mandala to be a 21st century Rosetta Stone….actually now, because we have entered the Age of Science/Aquarius/Gospel of Matthew, I view my discovery as a fractal…this mandala is a moment in asymmetric time, frozen, representing both Light and Sound.
Both light and sound are remnants of our beginnings that a few still refer to as the big bang, even providing us with pictures of the event using the cosmic background radiation.


Teutonic Knights Heraldry 1914


Clockwise and counterclockwise are the KEYs of Universal Movement

Quite simply all polarities + and – are determined by rotation or spin.


Santa Catalina Rosetta Fractal Mandala

I present to you the Santa Catalina Rosetta Fractal Mandala … this idea is the source of the Nazi adopted swastika, I added the Nazi swastika to show the fit, however it was photographed in 2006  in a Peruvian Catholic Monastery, and it was clearly dated to a much earlier time.

Note the claim is that the NAZIs got this symbol from Tibet.
And both do resemble the archetypal cousin/symbol/mandala found in Tibet, shown below.

However the color scheme used by the NAZIs, the monastery match those of Rome and their pagan heraldry.

Universe of the Lamas – Buddhist

Here is where a certain denomination, the funnyandmentalists will take offense when I contend that the Vatican was a silent partner in the WWII holocaust.
The Vatican today endorses the patriarchal right hand path.
Which brings us to Chapter 3.

Chapter 3 – Religion/Myth

It is found again on Card X of the Tarot…Card X = Wheel of Fortune.
That card above with the astrological signs noted 2,5,8, and 11, is referencing a cycle…the same cycle that Stonehenge, Medicine Wheels and the pyramids were tracking
The Indian Medicine Wheel, the stages of Alchemy and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse all share the same color symbolism as the mandala I found in that Peruvian Monastery.
Here in this chapter I show how the swastika was found represented in all cultures, by all religions, especially in old testament Judaism, which coincidently worships the Moon.
The work has been done…by countless scholars.
I simply join the dots using the archetypes which can be seen as overheard transparencies displaying cultural mandalas that can be placed over each other…and just like a fractal when you shine a little light through it…viola.
Illumination and enlightenment…the interconnected picture is revealed.
Differences are removed.

Chapter 4 – The Alchemic Marriage

Is the NEW IMPROVED chapter we all get to write together based on a new awareness of what really makes us tick and sick based on handedness.

My blog is filled with material for this book.
Here is an example, based on the fact our economies are asymmetrical too!
A Nobel Prize was awarded to the economists for their efforts.

But this blog below is definitely one of my favorites.

It shows how the ancient Swastika, Solomon’s Knot and the Greek Zodiacal Cross are ALL referencing the same thing. Which brings us back to the secret THEY are trying to obfuscate and keep veiled.

Precession of the Equinoxes
and 2012
2012 is the wake up call.

Here is an example of how most of the collective consciousness has been dumbed down, with intent, sadly…
Q: what does the moon orbit and how long does it take?
A: the earth, about 29 days.

Q: what does the earth orbit and how long does it take?
A: the sun and it takes about 365 days.

Q: what does the sun orbit and how long does it take?
A: duh duh duh is the average response out on the street.

How ‘long’ is easy … 25920 years is the length of the Great Year or Platonic Year.
But what does the sun orbit?
Does it orbit the galactic center with or without the aid of a binary companion?
Stars having binary companions are the norm.

i.e. as we approach 2012 there is an apparent awakening manifesting and it is obviously connected with the ‘movement’ of our Sun Sol, who I believe has a Sol-mate (binary companion), and I believe it is connected to the crop circles.

The crop circles displaying sacred geometry are without a doubt ‘messages’ from a higher / lower frequency?
Messages that can only be conveyed to us in this way.
Were you expecting an e-mail or a note pasted on the fridge from ?
Wait there is another way to send a message so everyone gets it.
Alter the weather, and the light we receive…specifically go to UV.

So even though THEY put stuff in our water…some of us are still waking up because there seems to be something in the air.

Buzz buzz buzz…did I mention Bees are chirally selective/aware?
True…they only take sugars of a certain twist…of a certain chiral asymmetry.
Bees and birds and other creatures are sensitive to what is in the air.
What is in the air?

Aquarius symbol

And what is in the air is what is represented by this archetypal symbol.
Aquarius is the water-bearer BUT it is an AIR sign not water so what is being poured out of the jug held by the water bearer?
Electro-magnetic waves travel through the AIR.
And the AIR is not a void or a vacuum…it is an ocean of ethereal waves of scalar potentials.

Above is a sketch of the wings of the Galactic Butterfly , the 2 electromagnetic waves that will usher in the change and below is the accompanying Mayan symbol called the Galactic Butterfly.

Mayan Galactic Butterfly symbol which contains the Inca Chakana symbol.
In Minoan cultures the butterfly was associated with the double labrys.

Lorentz Attractor

And the mathematical equation that gave rise to the Lorentz Attractor, that lent its name to the ‘butterfly effect’ is actually based on chiral asymmetry.

2012 is the return of the Galactic Butterfly…a morphing EM field helps explain both Global Warming and Global Dimming and the disappearing chiral asymmetric aware BEES.

Hope you enjoyed my gift.
Truth is a gift that transcends asymmetrical time and will always be resurrected.




30 thoughts on ““Left Hand Path=Universal Asymmetry=Right Hand Path”

  1. “…I feel this is what 2012 is ALL about, an electro-magnetic field…like the wings of a galactic butterfly affect what happens here”
    “So even though THEY put stuff in our water…some of us are still waking up because there seems to be something in the air”

    I DO agree!


  2. Check out this sweet piece of work here Raph, you’ll love it. National Geographic says you’re all wet. I’m sure it really burns… real… bad!


    This quote however, is what really hurts me: “The decline in the magnetic field also is opening Earth’s upper atmosphere to intense charged particle radiation, scientists say… This radiation does not influence temperatures on Earth.”

    I was thinking I might e-mail them to politely ask what the fuck they were thinking. I mean I’m no genious, but if you’re telling me the magnetic field is what protects us from frying, and it’s getting weaker… And it’s getting Hotter, crazier… then well. I just think I’m done here. I hope I come on some grand revelation of this life someday, however I have this sinking feeling it just doesn’t matter.

    If you have any reccomendations on where to start the study of Alchemy, I would greatly appreciate it. I could use some of that lux you speak so graciously of… I spend all day in front of these fucking fake lit boxes with information that couldn’t illuminate a light bulb, none the less my troubled self. Hope the trip to Brazil and things in the garden are going well.

    Take care,

  3. Could the svaztika be a good luck symbol because it repreests a propeller = flight = air wars = [almost] victory.

  4. I am a lurker on the 2012 forum and may I just say that I believe the reason we sheeple and seagullibles pay no attention to Raph is simply because we do not understand. Try as I did, I was C student at BEST in math and science all my years in school, even with the help of a tutor. I simply cannot grasp what you are talking about. Maybe that does make me stupid, but tell me what good it does to scream at a deaf person? How would you explain your wisdom to a 7 year old? Maybe that it how you should explain it to those of us who have yet to see the path to enlightenment, but are actively seeking it. Just sayin.

    • 7 years old is too late already Lilly.
      But you are correct, and your words echo those of ‘Jesus’, a master teacher?
      Something about needing to be like a child in order to enter the Kingdom?

      But hey, Rudolf Steiner, the Pope or even Hitler, i.e. any tribe elder would recommend starting much earlier with attempts at rewiring the brain, in attempts to get folks on the same page or right hand path….

      Science and Religion both today* know we can re-wire the brain in such a way it benefits those who know how to go about it.
      * You could argue that the Church elders knew the LEFT hand was somehow connected to a ‘consciousness’ that all western Levant religions did not want to promote.
      Why were kids for generations FORCED to write with their RIGHT hands?
      Because the devil made them write with their LEFT?

      how old are you Lilly?
      who wired your brain for you?
      who put all of those ideas and opinions into your brain?
      the problem is not that you have a problem with science and math.
      that is just an excuse…to allow you to continue to rely on what you do know.

      The real problem with most folks who want to go forward is their refusal to LET GO of what they believe, or have been taught, two thirds of human conversation is gossip.
      To LET GO of what they have learned is the main problem.

      Adults have collected so much crap, that they must UNLEARN so much, children are a clean slate with which to work.

      Adults say they want to learn, yet they resist being an emtpy cup.
      Adults come to me and say they want me to fill their cups but lo and behold, their cups have lids on them.

      Adults think spirituality is a part time job/hobby that is attended to when they get home from work…or when bored…when they need to fill that Wed. evening or Sunday morning gap of time…

      I am not the problem here.
      You are, i.e. the lurker who shirks the assistance of their own shadow self.

      WHAT I AM is merely trying to help YOU find your own inner guide.
      I only want to introduce U to each other.


  5. “how old are you Lilly?” I am 37 years old.
    “who wired your brain for you?” My parents, siblings and U.S.public schools
    “who put all of those ideas and opinions into your brain?” Some I borrowed; some are my own
    “the problem is not that you have a problem with science and math.
    that is just an excuse…to allow you to continue to rely on what you do know.” That may be true, but don’t I need a knowledge of both to grasp the concept of asymmetry? You tell me.
    “Why were kids for generations FORCED to write with their RIGHT hands?” I was unaware that they were. So, why were they?
    “Because the devil made them write with their LEFT?” Why the devil?
    “Adults say they want to learn, yet they resist being an emtpy cup.
    Adults come to me and say they want me to fill their cups but lo and behold, their cups have lids on them.” How do I remove the lid?

    I fully admit my ignorance. When I try to read your information, it’s like trying to read a foreign language that I am not versed in. My apologies.

  6. I was one of those left handed kids that got smacked by a crazy teacher every time I tried to write with my left hand. Yes, she told me only the devils children wrote that way. Wow. I do everything left handed except write.

  7. I have been a student of questions with rarely any answers all my life. When asking the questions the most irate answers (I thought at the time) from a nun: you can not put all the sands from the beaches into one bucket? What? And another was from a minister that stated “If you do not understand the book, put it back on the shelf and go back to it later” again What kind of answer is that ( I was feeling irate at the time) and a priest told me that when questioned how can they teach one thing and believe another the answer was ” most minds can not comprehend all that information” again What? In essence, when the time is right, a teacher will come and then you will know.
    I would like to comment on the issue of Zionists if I may. I questioned the term myself at one time. The best that I could understand is there is a difference between being Hebrew and Jew and Zionists. I am just an infidel and the talk was confusing me. The difference (the short of the long of it) is the Universal laws that the individual follows in their life path. A true Hebrew would never put up arms. And what I understood but could be incorrect with my assumptions is that Zionists mostly were originated after they moved West.(America) The term Jew is best explained in Wikipedia.And I am certain so should the others. My curiosity came in seeing the different terms used so often.

      • Nice!

        In the gnosic sense, one would fall. “one” falls from “the One” and needs to reconnect. This alludes to ‘soul mates’ on the energetic level. Energy seeks to complete, or pair, and to neutralize itself.

        Can’t help but see that this is endemic to the human condition.

  8. Do you find ‘correlation’ in Biblical Chiasms and Chirality? I apologize if you’ve mentioned this here somewhere.


      • This will take a while. I’ll post bits so long as they remain of interest.

        * while reading your replies earlier, the tv was on in the background. Children’s programming for my 4 year old. Anyhow, as I was reading I was also hearing “you have to help raphael, ‘she’ doesn’t understand yet”.

        Nice synchronicity, despite you being male 🙂 (also, I have no idea what you do and do not ‘get’. My perspective is that all are ‘levels of description’…therefore, none are higher or lower than others.)


        If this asymmetry is endemic, the biblical chiasmus serves as a ‘mirror’ in its symmetry. The bible then becomes more Koan-like then we would have perceived. CHIasm. The ‘X’ of biblical proportion 🙂 I believe there is a telesmatic effect to that type of writing. I find that it is pointing the way to the center (centre?), much like a muster point.

        I’ll have to continue this in a bit.


  9. Damn, this is really well done. I have to admit I do not yet follow the connection between the ARKtos bears and the 8-sided pyramid . . . tho the link between the Bab’ glyph and the Great Pyramid is very clear and distinct!

    (Again I have to flag Clark, et al’s (deplorable) misreading of \”-ilu\” or \”-ilim\” as \”-(aleph)lu\” or \”-(aleph)lim\” . . . \”Babilim\” = ”Gate-them\ i.e., peoples (literally ”those”) of the) Gate — similar to \”Nephilim\” = \”Fall-them\” i.e., peoples (”those”) of the Fall — ((tho the Mormons would claim it was \”people of Nephi\” – – admittedly, reading \”Fall\” is very tenuous, and only applies if \”NPhL\” (to fall, decend) is presumed to be truncated in \”Nephilim\” . . . but I digress?))

    May I ask who did the graphics of the dippers at the top of article? They are brilliantly striking, mesmerizing.

    • wtf are you yakking about dude?

      the only thing I need to flag is jULIan who has ILU as part of his name and he appears rather IGNORANT of its deeper meaning?
      your interpretation of the events my friend seems to have us disagreeing on some major points.

      this source I offer supports my bab-ilu = gate of god = end of story naILUj you have everything backwards and are clueless abou your predicament?

      rolf loves to ROFL


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  11. A replication fork therefore has an asymmetric structure (Figure 5-8).

    The DNA daughter strand that is synthesized continuously is known as the leading strand. Its synthesis slightly precedes the synthesis of the daughter strand that is synthesized discontinuously, known as the lagging strand. For the lagging strand, the direction of nucleotide polymerization is opposite to the overall direction of DNA chain growth. Lagging-strand DNA synthesis is delayed because it must wait for the leading strand to expose the template strand on which each Okazaki fragment is synthesized. The synthesis of the lagging strand by a discontinuous “backstitching” mechanism means that only the 5′-to-3′ type of DNA polymerase is needed for DNA replication.

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  13. The future of computer interface?

    take note how when the gal drops her hands in the water we see swirling spiral motion … similar to magnetic field lines … again supporting my contention that our two hands which are chiral and asymmetric share those same values that define the two swastikas … thus if there is a god … the left and right hands of god operate in a similar fashion as an interface in helping to create and manifet our illusions and deceptions …

    and yes I wrote about it years ago …


    ^^^ that is why the hands plays an important role in magic and why Italians tend to speak with their hands all the time, though some do in fact become great artists, i.e. sculptors, painters, and composers. 😉


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