KEY that fits the Lock = receptors in the asymmetrical brain

killJOY wrote:

I’d rather take a psych med than spend thousands of dollars on ineffectual talk therapy.

shrink once per week @ 125.00/session = $500 / month

or 2 ounces of weed …

The EWE laugh and bleat…
The only drug said shrink above (paid for by taxpayer) ever offered me was ‘marinol’.

What is marinol?

MARINOL is a type of medicine called a cannabinoid. MARINOL attaches to special receptors in the brain—much like a key fits in a lock.

Marinol is a cannabinoid which is cannabis which is myrrh-ijuana.
A gift of the magic magi.
A gift I admit I abuse.
Moderation is the key that fits the lock.
So in other words.…apparently my shrink representing the provincial government wanted to take the place of my ‘marijuana dealer’.
Which is quite obvious, now with the prescribing of ‘medicinal marijuana’, that the government grows in abandoned caves.

But this statement is very very very important.
Receptors in the asymmetrical brain = key that fits the lock?

An asymmetrical brain and asymmetrical hearts are dictating to us how to function within our asymmetrical bodies and using our asymmetrical hands and feet journey through life creating and dancing, trying to find balance…achieve a symmetry, a thermodynamic balance within a symmetrical universe that has been veiled to us, concealed by asymmetry….
Look toward the future past the imperfections…there lay a symmetry.

Asymmetry is a breakdown of symmetry.
Asymmetry was first noted in beta decay involving the Nuclear Weak force.
And this was announced two years after Albert Einstein died.
Einstein was working with a flawed standard model of physics.

Asymmetry is what has caused the ‘fall of mankind’, the apparent degradation of the material world…the prophecy of the 4 ages from gold to iron through the decay of time and the accompanying spiritual decadence that seems to accompany material decay.
Entropy which dictates ‘Time’s Arrow’ as linear and moving forward to the future, is asymmetrical.

TIME is asymmetrical…
Suggesting…to evolve to symmetry…involves leaving TIME behind.
Rolling Eyes

Receptors in the asymmetrical brain = a key that fits the lock?
Are these guys screwing with our minds and hearts folks?

Exclamation Aha … my theory that the Exodus was an illusion mostly of the Semitic mind, Moses and Aaron fleeing the Right Hemisphere…crossing the Reed Sea (corpus callosum) into the Left Hemisphere of the mind … where language and math resides …

Moses who was a stutterer fits the right hemisphere archetype nicely.
His brother Aaron the scribe…translated Moses’ rants into the Ten Commandments…using the Hebrew language (left brain uses letters and numbers converted from pictograms) translated from Egyptian (right brain using heiroglyphs or pictograms).
The development of language (left brain) and right handedness is asymmetrically bound apparently.

And being left handed is perhaps an asset to solving this puzzle involving asymmetry. Getting so close to pulling back that veil that divides us using archetypes that became the ARKetypes the ruling class uses…at a distance to direct the herds of sheeple and flocks of seegullibles.

I read today that Terrence McKenna received much of his profound insight through the I-Ching.
Can I place the 8 trigrams representing the I-Ching into St. Peter’s Square?
Far too easy a task that I guarantee will take us even deeper down the rabbit hole looking for painted cosmic eggs hatching truths.
Proving the illusion originates quite possibly in our minds and hearts.
Terrence would be proud.
Rolling Eyes
2bee cont’d.


“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”
-Albert Einstein


2 thoughts on “KEY that fits the Lock = receptors in the asymmetrical brain

  1. My number is 8.
    Happy you’re back from Mesa Verde.
    Mesa Verde, by the way:-)
    Have a look!
    “Masau’u is the name of the Hopi god of the Underworld, fire, and death.”



    In Hebrew: even maasu habonim haita lerosh pinah. In English “The stone that the builders discarded has become the cornerstone”.


    One stone.




    p.s. someOne said: “love under will£. Love is only love.

    ppss (hope this time “pauli effect” will not effect.

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