’23’ = Music = DNA = Heat Death / Matter Chaos = Satan

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2+2+2= 6 = a *running* yin
2+2+3= 7 = a stable yang
3+3+2= 8 = a stable yin
3+3+3= 9 = a *running* yang

What follows is interesting trivia, good party conversation…will help make you sound far more interesting and informed.
Impress the chicks and the dicks.

I am participating on another forum and the above was posted.
It then became clear to me what the importance of 23 might be in terms of representing a harmony that is musical.
And the most highly regarded philosophers / scientists like Pythagoras, Kepler and Tesla believed the universe had an architecture composed of frequencies.
And coincidently Max Planck and the Buddha agree too.
Everything is comprised of vibration.
And all vibration can be reduced or expressed as a ‘sine wave’.

Thus this insight gives new meaning to astrology/science when somebody asks what’s your sign/sine?

23 = all music can be composed using 2’s and 3’s

i.e. The meter is usually described as 12 = 3+2+2+3+2 time, but in musical performance, the metric 3s may be divided into four notes, and because of the speed, the metric accents may sound more like 3+4+3+2.

S = Sanctus
SS = Sanctus Spiritus
SSS = Sanctus Sanctus Sanctus!!

Evidently SSS warranted an exclamation mark!!

Here is the reason why all string instruments carry the SS seal of approval…betcha few musicians even know that.
Even sheeple can be taught to carry a great tune…

Harps, lutes and violins are seen as delivering heavenly music.
Throw in the bass and cello for contrast and to extend the range of frequency.

S S scrolls
Note that there are two ‘SS’ but apparently, and this is important in the creation process … they are mirror images of each other….divided by 4 strings.

Please note in the above image that I photographed in a Peruvian Monastery, the SS scrolls can be seen in the Fixed Cardinal positions…
i.e. north, east, south and west.
And please note that they are mirror images of each other.

Now let us compare that image with the Dendera Zodiac
Found in Egypt…

Please note that in place of the two SS we have two people positioned facing each other… mirror images of each other?
This is not a coincidence…just more proof that the ‘V’ in Vatican stands for Veiled.
Rolling Eyes

And why do I keep pointing out that the SS are mirror images?
Because this implies an asymmetry.
And the universe that we see, is veiled by asymmetry.
In other words…perfection represented by god and perfect symmetry (the circle) is veiled by imperfection or a breakdown of that symmetry…and the best examples I can think of to represent that breakdown would be the 5 platonic solids.

In physics this breakdown is called parity violation = asymmetry.
And this discovery was announced to the world in 1957.
So the year I was born, the scientists said the world we inhabit is flawed, and many on this forum would agree…

In religion the force leading to the breakdown of symmetry and gods perfect little garden of eden is called Satan.
And the consistency of what I propose is evident.

Thermodynamics and Satan

TIME is asymmetrical due to Time’s Arrow which is based on the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics referred to as Entropy.
…Satan is connected to thermodynamics and entropy?
You bet…eventually when entropy runs it course it is referred to a HEAT death or MATTER chaos.

Does Satan as a biblical ARKetype represent the final outcome of a closed system … i.e. heat death and matter chaos?
We know the answer is yes.

Modern Super String Theory = SS is based on Knotzi or Nazi Theory which is based on ancient astrology and astronomy.

And of course there is also another subtle yet profound connection to our DNA and the numbers 2 / 3.
Those 4 strings on a violin just might represent A, C, G and T (U).
How do those 4 strings play a role in DNA and the numbers 2 3?

And please please this is purely coincidental.
I aSSure ewe.

S looks like 5 = 2 + 3 = 23 = Mommy chromosomes = YIN
S looks like 5 = 2 + 3 = 23 = Daddy chromosomes = YANG

So apparently the purpose of life has been revealed.
We are supposed to be makin’ beautiful music together.

Live in a harmony.

Ya think?
Personally though…I seek a soulful mate who plays the flute well.
Rolling Eyes

And if mi name was Hitler…I would employ a fella like Wagner to compose the music.
(where mi = the original 6 sacred Solfeggio frequencies employed by the Vatican for centuries to help fine tune humanity)
So Wagner composed music that makes the ewe wanna stop grazin’ and take over the vorld.
See how it vorks?
Music can alter people from a distance … call it quantum action at a distance.
Still more to come about 2 / 3 and DNA.
2bee cont’d…



p.s. here we have another coincidence regarding my narrative/life.
… my father died when I was 23.
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”
-Albert Einstein


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