Learning to wipe your own aSS will help save the World!!

prevention of world collapse…

1/ turn off your tv (instead turn onto and meditate on crop circles)
2/ use your newspapers ONLY as toilet paper, DO NOT READ them while taking a sh*t. (again turn onto crop circles while making crap circles…I love how sometimes mi turds spiral out of mi, I have yet to master a swastika, pentagram, heptagram or even better, the endless knot, a symbol of King Solomon)
3/ disengage from the system as much as possible …
4/ barter as much as you can, effectively cutting out the middle man as much as you can…
(including the kid at the drive thru vindow)
5/ do not borrow money…pay cash…pay with your blood sweat and tears … but do not borrow against your kids future …

simple solutions only complicated by how we have structured a really stupid society…

p.s. I forgot to add a sixth sense…

practice using your other ‘hand’, the one that seems ‘odd’

Considering your hands, our brains, and the universe are ALL asymmetrical (not balanced or a breakdown of symmetry), psychologists suggest to help ‘balance’ yourself, you practice doing things with your ‘unnatural’ hand.

In other words folks … believe it or not … if we all learned to wipe our own asses with the ‘other hand’ … the world would become a better more balanced place to live….and when some of the fellas/gals on this site are kiSSing mi aSS, then I know we are in fact … collectively ridin’ the razor’s edge together…


Maybe it is time to dispense with the ‘left hand’ = sinister bullshieSSe and try to understand the underlying sublime subtle tinkering?

Connecting the Left Hand with the Right Brain (where the feminine sacred resides/lunar aspect/Passover/Easter) … was part of the ‘plot’.
What plot?
Duh here vee go again…vhy do the sheeple not zee?
How to elevate the patriARKetype over the matriarchetype.
It will all be in mi best-sell-HER.

How to turn the divine archetypes into a self serving ARKetype of belief, set afloat in a boat called an ARK…piloted by a 900 year old Noah…with 8 essential family members.
Why is Pythagorean 9 the number that represents the goddeSS too?
Why is the 8 pointed star associated also with Inanna (most revered goddeSS in Sumer) and Venus (was her name) and the swastiKA (ja ja ja) and the Gate of God in ancient Sumer?

Why do we find 8 revered members of the I-Ching, each representing one of the 8 directions…Why?

Chinese Bible / Truth =  I-Ching = Cha Ching = $

Truth sells, ewe deny that?
Ah, but how has the truth been packaged?

Cross of the Ilu

Cross of the Ilu
Ilu comes from Bab-Ilu which is connected to Babylon.

yeah baby…
Please read the caption below the symbol.
A symbol that appears in all ancient cultures.

Continuing … I want to suggest that wiping the butt with the left goes ‘hand in hand’ with left brain dominance in language and math x 90% right handedness…and the HOW TO of associating everything dark, dirty and evil with the left side and NOT the right…**
…encouraging people to cast their nets to the right…just like the mutt of metaphor who ‘cast his net over the right side’ to catch the fish with which to feed the multitudes of the squawking seegullibles overhead, spiraling, cawing “mine, mine, mine”.
(**right sounds very very very much like white, another simple reason to elevate and associate the sound of the vord.)

All of the ‘archetypal pieces fit’… and the scripted ‘apocalypse’ will one day, I want to suggest, bring about a switch in how see things, and this will be accompanied by a alteration of collective behaviors, and wiping your ass with your ‘right hand’ might actually be seen as the ‘norm’ and sinister…



p.s. and the archetypal ‘god creator alchemist’ being a ‘left-hander’ is in fact going to collect all of ewe, ALL of ewe…see how the puzzling pieces fit…?
In the past geologists ALL agree that the earth has had a few growing pains.

Thus in the future … a highly PREDICTABLE earthly catastrophe (was scripted as a biblical apocalypse) and these events are usually accompanied by about 90% eXtermination of all life forms…this goes ‘hand in hand’ with all the righteous whities and righties being dealt a righteous fu*kin rapture…cya vankers.

What is a vanker?
Someone who has checked into the Hotel DeNile.

Vankers can’t hide from the ‘creator alchemist’…vhen vill the herd of ewe learn?

sheeple who vanna be people … read this:




“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”
-Albert Einstein


2 thoughts on “Learning to wipe your own aSS will help save the World!!

  1. Does it count to use the left hand while using the mouse??

    I actually can manipulate very well the mouse with both of my hands… so at home i use it in right hand and at work i use the left one… i always thought that at least i will delay some form of injury =)

    I tried to write with the left hand as well… and i noticed i can do it better than i could guess… of course i am not receiving any starts about my letters =D

    Keep up the GOoD work, rapahel!!!

  2. Evidently the 90% Righthanded and 10% Lefthanded rule is somewhat deceptive.

    It may appear that way because 90% ‘write’ right, however many other tasks are split more evenly, resulting in more of a ‘mixhandedness’.

    The debate of what causes an asymmetry that prefers the right suggests a gene may be found that helps explain this ‘preference’.

    I feel it is somehow connected to the electro-magnetic fields that embrace us.

    In other words…if the fields ‘reversed’, so would our preference for the right hand rule.

    Maybe the polarity flip, the reversal of our spiritual fortunes are connected to an electromagnetic field that reverses itself, every 3000 thousand years?

    Kinda like goose-stepping through space…
    Orders emanating life a pulse, from on up high…


    What if?


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