POPE … “Polarizers Polarize People and helped melt the Poles”

Once you get into the heart of this thread it will become apparent what I am suggesting.
Please keep an open mind.
Because when the Crown Chakra opens up…you will actually feel the vibrations.


Go to the above site.
The site there is trying to connect myth and the concept of an 8-pointed star to their theory of Saturn and an electric universe.
Fair enough.
I like it…I like it.
But after I posted this response to that thread…I was kicked off the forum and my post was removed…again.

David Talbott wrote:
Many thanks for joining us. And a special thanks to Dave Smith and his team for facilitating this new discussion board.

What a great site and concept.
An electric universe. Certainly would have a nuclear physicist thinking of taking an early retirement.
Sadly at the end of their tenure they realize it was all an illusion, much of what they believed in was all in their heads…

David Talbott wrote:
In anticipating the launch of the Mythology Section, I suggested we’ll want to work with the comparative approach “from the ground up.” Here, the fastest path is also the most reasonable. The ground floor for us will be “snapshots” of formations seen in the sky. That’s because, in this unique case, assessing the model’s explanatory power will not be possible until readers have a visual reference. My claim has been that the model directly explains the archetypes–hundreds of global patterns or points of agreement between the different cultures–and at a level of detail and coherence that would be inconceivable in the absence of celestial events experienced around the world.

Without a doubt the scholarly work called Hamlet’s Mill laid the groundwork in establishing conclusively a connection between the heavens above and the structures and cities and glyphs our ancestors left behind, below the heavens.
And the 3 Pyramids of Giza are in fact constant reminders that there exists a message that is yet to be interpreted with clarity.

Do you believe in the power of archetype Dave?
Here is a video by Carl Jung showing how powerful archetype and ________? can be in helping us making profound connections between the macrocosmic heavens above and the microcosmic terrestrial reality that exists below those heavens.
To find out what Jung believed to be the language which could help us interpret the ancient mind watch the 1min 22sec. video.
You will be glad you did.

Are you familiar with Sir Isaac Newton’s bible called the Emerald Tablets?

Here is the second line from the Tablets or Tables?

2. That which is below is like that which is above & that which is above is like that which is below to do the miracles of one only thing.

55 DNA Temples – Holy Spirit – SS – Alchemy Keys and the Keyhole

David Talbott wrote:
Once the reasoning process registers with readers, evidence can be seen for what it is. Until then, readers will tend to be confused by the carnival of localized myth and by the many incompatible, often wildly speculative interpretations, all inducing a sense of futility in such adventures. Clarifying the nature of the reasoning involved must be one of our first priorities.
David Talbott wrote:
I invite readers to view a ten-minute video segment on YouTube, which includes raw material for a three hour presentation in development, “Symbols of an Alien Sky.”

Great video.
Stop teasing…when will the final product be ready…?
Dave I do have something to offer you and the Electric Universe theory. I know it can only help solidify what you contend, that the ancients were aware of the electric universe that they inhabited. I do want to suggest my ‘ground breaking’ hypothesis compliments yours quite nicely Dave.

How obvious was the clue left for our interpretations?
Many of us have seen them, the clues, and we have been misled into believing other speculations, that will be revealed as just that.
But isn’t that always how it happens?
The truth is often right before our eyes and for some reason it just does not register. Until someone points it out to the observer. Because physics tells us rarely do two observers see exactly the same thing, at the same time, unless they are focused, and have a shared intent.

One thing came to mind when I saw those stick men in your video with birds perched on the shoulders.
There is an ancient reference to what is known as the ‘Language of the Birds’. I also want to employ the Language of the Birds to assist us in our interpretations of the primary archetypes.
And without a doubt the 8 pointed Star of Venus that you have posted in one of the primary archetypes is worthy of much, much,much consideration.
Some might call it coincidental how both you and me want to express our enlightening hypothesis’ using the same 8-pointed Star. But I do not see it as coincidental Dave, I study archetype and the archetypal pattern suggests to me, that the universe is unfolding as it should, and both you and me are a part of it.
And many others, many without computers or voices are probably part of it too.

David Talbott wrote:
Within the next day or two I’ll make available to Forum participants another ten-minute segment, identifying the celestial bodies in relation to certain well-defined phases and corresponding mythic themes. Here, perhaps Forum discussion, with contributions from those familiar with key elements of the model, can help to fill in portions of the missing content before completion of the video presentation.

Time to read the rest of the thread to see if it has been released…great.
Dave I will also post my work that connects deeply with your work…all profound 8 -pointed star archetype.
Let me show you something that has been overlooked, you might if find that if you weave my work in with yours, together I see the canvas as having just expanded. Interested in seeing what we can both paint together?
Are you left handed or right handed?

David Talbott wrote:
Let’s see if we can gain a common sense of purpose here over the next few days.

I want to add that Carl Jung would suggest you and me are using the right tools to help with some of the fundamental interpretations that through time have become muddled.

Here is the first 8 pointed star archetype I want to introduce as a powerful, powerful archetype that penetrates both the microcosm and the Macrocosm.
I also want to point out how this mandala satisfies both hypothetical realms.
The visible and the invisible.
You could call it Jung’s Mandala…a template I want to assist us in the archetypal interpretation of the 8-pointed Star of Venus.

ciao for now


Now what follows is the response I received.
Nice of Arc to send me a response and display his arrogance of the bigger picture.

Your Post to Mythology Board of Wed Apr 09, 2008 5:28 am
Sent at: Wed Apr 09, 2008 5:51 am
From: arc-us
To: CHiram Abiff Global moderators
Ralph/Raphael/CHiram Abiff,Your post to the Mythology board of 4-9-08 05:28 has been deleted as a willful attempt to steer the topic off onto your own personal philosophy of archetype and symbolic teachings. As you were warned on the previous forum about this type of tactic in hijacking other member’s threads, it is a more than apparent that you have not changed your tactics and have simply reemerged on the new forum with the apparent same goals and motives as before. I was hoping perhaps your attitude had shifted somewhat in that your first two postings were short and on-topic and not laden down with your own too-obvious agenda.I’m saddened in a way that you are apparently unable, or unwilling, to adhere to the simple guidelines requested of us by our hosts at the Thunderbolts project. You appear to have some measure of wisdom to share but, sadly, whatever it may be gets lost amidst your continually oft-repeated, rather rambling and lengthy non-sequitur insistence on lecturing to the exclusion of honest, straightforward, and genuine on-topic dialog. The Thunderbolts forum is not an appropriate format for your apparent mission, however you may envision it or have personally defined it.I refer you to Rules and Guidelines

Mythology board description:

Electric Universe – Origins of Myth
Plasma formations in the ancient sky. The role of planets as charged bodies in these formations. Ground-rules for drawing reliable conclusions. A new approach to the mythic archetypes: is a unified theory of world mythology possible?

The above mythology board description is quite specific, says what it says, and is not open to other interpretation.

I don’t know if this admonition will result in you once again being banned from the forum or not. That decision will be with Dave Smith to adjudicate.

best regards,
forum moderator
“The illiterates of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.” —Alvin Toffler

You are completely wrong, I cannot believe they call you a moderator.

I will be posting a profound ‘electro-magnetic’ connection to the Nazca Lines in Peru.
Yes that is what they were referencing…
The ancient Nazca people had a sensory perception of Electro-magnetism.

Too bad you scripted your letter in haste…I have made a copy and it will be posted online on other forums…showing how narrow the scope of your site is…unless you apologize…
I will continue to visit your site and use Dave Talbot’s findings to show how his work supports mine and my ‘channelled’ work supports his.

Too bad EWE did not want to share in the glory of what the Nazca Lines are saying.
And can I connect the Nazca Lines to the Nazis?
Yes I can…using archetype.

Electric Universe – Origins of MythPlasma formations in the ancient sky. The role of planets as charged bodies in these formations. Ground-rules for drawing reliable conclusions. A new approach to the mythic archetypes: is a unified theory of world mythology possible?

Not without connecting it the microcosm, YOU DON’T seem to understand that Dave, an inherent weakness.
What a bunch of wankers, can I suggest you get your fucking heads outta the clouds and stop star-gazing and wanting to be stars…
Start taking a good fucking look at those tender shoots EWE are trampling on and pooping on…the future generations by the way…this is not an ego contest…what we come up with…our kids inherit…

You blew it dude.
Big time.
Here are two more of those profound archetypes that I was going to post…the first two refer to electromagnetism and the other to the polarization of light…

The  result of placing a square over a diamond would result in four axis.

That symbol above with 4 axis of symmetry is to illustrate how to use filters to Polarize light. (bend)

H = x axis
V = y axis
D = axis at 45 degrees bends the light to the LEFT
D = axis at 45 degrees bends the light to the RIGHT

That will be another 5 bucks and a most noble prize.
Who can anticipate where I am headed with this profound analogy?

Who owns a pair of blueblockers?

LuX is Latin for light.
Where can we place that X that represents the TWO POLARIZING filters, that assist in letting light (radiation) in or out?
And of course I was going to place all of these profound archetypes right into the heart of the Vatican.
The Vatican is in fact an ancient pagan site connected to Rome and Saturnia.

Take a look at the UN symbol and the symbol on the right taken from a Peruvian Monastery…notice the laurel leaf…and again the 4 lines of symmetry that make up an 8-pointed Star…

And of course ALL of these archetypes are interconnected EWE goof.
It will give me great pleasure to post these little correspondences on other forums…
Print all I say.
My purpose is to hold up MIRRORS to what I view as humanities main problem.
Fellas like EWE and PlasticMan, the intellectual, egotist, bully, moderator who is full of too much baa baa blah blah.
I was willing to take another route this time. Obviously EWE have not grown much in my absence.
Now I must humble EWE and your Electric Universe associates…and put an end to your self-serving Saturn theory.
EWE fellas are close…but I have the archetypal insight that shows far more potential in joining the dots.

Do the 4 colors on the Medicine Wheel match the 4 colors of Alchemy?
How many more profound cultural defining archetypes.
By blowing me off…ewe have blown it my friend.
Messengers are NEVER appreciated by the status quo.

STOP being such a LEFT BRAINED dick.
I feel better now.
Thanks I really needed a dose of LEFT BRAINed sheeple people perspective today.
Good therapy…helping me exercise my RIGHT BRAIN…gain a much bigger perspective.

Can I suggest Max Planck and the Kabbalists present the final pieces to an awakening.

“Science … means unresting endeavor and continually progressing development toward an aim which the poetic intuition may apprehend, but which the intellect can never fully grasp…”

Max also said  “science progresses funeral by funeral.”
Max was a smart guy.

Yes without a doubt that is what I am offering here…poetic intuition…not quite a Nostradamus, but give me time, I have only been at this less than 4 years.
How long has Dave Talbot been studying myth?
That is my point…a long time…I just want to point out that an epiphany gives a person a head start.
Can you appreciate that Arc-us?

See the difference between inspiration and perspiration?
How about perspiration without the inspiration?

The Kabbalists much revered Tree of Life is a most profound ARCHETYPE you should not ignore, if you do your Saturn theory will flounder and I will be there to assist it in its demise…there are rules in the universe.
Your theory must have the integrity to go the distance…from the Macrocosm to the microcosm.
If your theory does not maintain this simple rule…it will NEVER become a theory of everything…
Just more fucking babel that we toss from the tower at the end of each epoch.

Take a look at the tree.
See where I am trying to interpret things from?
The World of ARCHETYPE exists just below the Top rung of the ladder.
And you fellas are way down near the bottom … dissecting the world with your teleMACROscopes and microscopes down in the World of ELEMENTS…
It is plain and clear and elementary dear Dr. Watson…ewe walk and talk just like a fucking quack…
Don’t ya love the poetry…
A swastika to me is poetry in motion…
Ja way to your Yahweh or Jehovah or your god called Saturn…who promised the ewe Nobel golden prizes.
Forget it…unless the ewe go after the spiritual gold called the noble prize…keep grazing.

From here we can interpret those 8-pointed stars with far more clarity, getting a big picture using the ‘Language of the Birds’.
If you apologize online Herr moderator I might consider returning…
Not my loss dude…do ewe have any idea what ewe did today?
I feel not.

Here is what your response today suggested to me…
EWE just said ewe are not interested in a Best Seller.
The Mythological Theory of Everything and the spokesperson is the ancient divine swasitka…

A Sound and Light Show…

And I further love the subtle sublime irony that the deliverance of the truth in this the iron age would be by someone who went through a metaphorical archetypal resurrection himself. Someone who himself honored the maltese cross for 23 1/2 years in service of others…?
Then he tilted…like the earth…and he went tippee top, and after he lost all his marbles…all he saw was swastikas.
Can the iron butterfly become the galactic butterfly?

Simply my higher purpose is clear now, I am the firefighter alchemist who has chosen to resurrect a divine Sun and Moon symbol.
A symbol that can be traced also to DNA in each living thing and its power to bend light is well known in science circles.
So evidently the swastika is the hermetic cross I am to bear in this lifetime as I ascend and await for the calvary to arrive?
Or am I all alone?
Will we arrive in time for 2012?
Yup that is how I see the story playing itself out…



p.s. Arc … now you gotta figure out whose side you want me on…
Think about…go show this letter to your higher Dave authority … Dave Talbot.
Come back and talk.
We can only help each other.
Dave T will be glad we meet.
And you get to listen in.

This next quote by Einstein should be respected for what it is suggesting.
Can we find a handful of ‘finite ideas’, simple ones, from which the apparent infinite complexity arises that we are observing?

I say yes.

“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”
-Albert Einstein

 ~ ~~~ ~~~~~~~


dinopello wrote:
You might be interested in Stokes vector representationPolarization of light is a rich topic, especially when you get beyond the simple linear orientations.

Very rich I agree.
The kind of gold I like to mine…

“According to Dr Bagnall, it is the special arrangement and squareness of the swastika which makes it the ideal geometry for their experiments. He comments: “The swastika has a number of special features, it is entirely made up of vertical and horizontal straight lines and it is square but can still provide the feeling of left-handed or right-handed rotation known as chirality. It is this chirality which causes our swastikas to twist light.”http://www.innovations-report.de/html/berichte/physik_astronomie/bericht-40833.html

Thanks for the link Dino.

I found this image on that site…but there is still an easier way to envision the vision…next post.

The Stokes parameters are a set of values that describe the polarization state of electromagnetic radiation

(including visible light)

The polarization state of electromagnetic radiation?

Well that statement seems to fit in quite well with my hypothesis about a morphing EM field accounting for the Global Warming vs. Global Dimming debate.
IMHO it addresses it directly…

basil_hayden wrote:
Damn dude, if you don’t send Aaron some dough right now, just for the ability to post your drivel on his webiste, you should kick yourself hard in the crotch repeatedly.

Follow the archetypal journey.

Moses had a stutter.
Moses was Egyptian.
Moses needed a Hebrew interpreter.
Moses had a scribe and his name was Aaron, who happened to be his brother too.

That must mean I am MoSeS or a reasonable facsimile.
MoSeS was a Prophet who did not seek any profits.
So yes Aaron has a profound role to play…his role is to take notes and not make any unnecessary edits.

Any idea what your role is?
Are you that Left Brain chatter Jill, Jesus, and Carl that JC* warned me about?
*JC is Joseph Campbell of course …


“The day when we shall know exactly what electricity is, will chronicle an event probably greater than any other recorded in the human race.”

Dave Talbot and ME make up?

Thunderbolts >> Masculine SEED >> Swastika



“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”
-Albert Einstein

 ~ ~~~ ~~~~~~~




4 thoughts on “POPE … “Polarizers Polarize People and helped melt the Poles”

  1. despite my being a layman i see the threads clearly now that you are staying on topic within a thread and the humour is more universal than arcane. 🙂

    but since there is no stated objective, purpose or mission anywhere on the blog i dont know where you are headed as a whole. Sometimes the talk is on pope, sometimes atlantis… the posts make sense individually but not collectively. the individual posts make sense but then again since there is no introduction or conclusion or even if there is, it is given esoterically or symbolically which sometimes makes sense sometimes doesn’t.

    For example, it will be easier if u said “by the above evidence given i conclude atlantis is in antartica” but when u say golem and this and that it creates too many hurdles for the reader. i’ve been seing ure blog for sometime so i have better understanding but im not sure howmany will make that effort. i suggest simplfying your langauge if you really want the EWE to understand 😉

    or maybe if u make a permanent page of all the words you use, complete terminology used in every page and its meaning that will do just fine too.

    one last thing maybe u could reduce the number of posts visible on the front page from 10-11 to 3-4. scrolling will become much easier. 🙂

    and yes i’ll be be back towards the end of may, will be busy with university! carry on the good work 🙂

  2. Invisagod thanks for the comments.
    In a way this blog is more like a diary of ideas.
    But the ideas will coalesce.

    Eventually I will probably set up my own site.
    I have a name CodeX4.com registered.

    I can tell you though what it is I am attempting to do.
    I am attempting to reconcile Science and Religion using what the Aztec called the KEY to UNIVERSAL MOVEMENT.

    My next thread exposing the origins of the letters SS and the letter X should continue to support my thesis that we can place the NAZI adopted Swastika into the heart of St. Peter’s Square putting into question the complicity of the Vatican during the Holocaust years.
    Silence is golden.
    And that is quite a story.



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