SwastiKA and the Rosetta Fractal and the Vatican

“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”
-Albert Einstein

This is in response to AWPrime who has been one of my shadows, on this forum and I think it also reveals Raphael/golem will be spending less time here on PO.
Their higher purpose has been revealed…finally.
Raphael is back with a new improved message to help massage the mind and the heart.

AWPrime wrote:

For him it isn’t about any truth but about making him feel better.

I cannot understand why ewe keep following me around on threads I author…lost wee lamb…have ewe identified me as shepherd?
Better run goof … I feel like having lamb stew.
I never read any threads you start, I only read the responses ewe post to my curious inquisitive rants and raves.

It is all about truth for me wanker…please read on.
I do hope you can follow along…if not….well what can I say eh?

4 years ago I had an epiphany….takes at least 4 years to bring forth in some kind of language many will understand…I am finding my voice and fellas like ewe will eventually hear it….loud and clear…

Dr. Jill Taylor had a ‘stroke’ of luck I say, as a brain anatomist she had suffered an injury to her ‘speech center’ located in the LEFT BRAIN… and this allowed her to travel freely into her RIGHT BRAIN…did ewe watch the video wanker?

Inspirational…and fellas like ewe are like spiritual anchors to a united humanity if I do say…
Here is a video I am sure you can identify with AW…my favorite scene occurs at 2:30 of the video…see if a ewe like ewe catch it.


So I am curious what a human doing like ewe have accomplished in the 3-4 years ewe been slumming around forums?

Here is a quick synopsis of my 4 chapter book that is slowly manifesting itself…it WILL be a best seller…it ties the big to the small, it connects the Macrocosmic (visible to the naked eye) Universe to the Microcosmic Quantum (invisible to the naked eye).
Fellas like the alchemist Sir Isaac Newton embraced the same inherent philosophy, as all ancient philosophers did…going back to Pythagoras and Plato.
I am in the process of accomplishing something even Sir Isaac did not accomplish though he tried.
The Reconciliation of Science and Religion.
But please note, mi accomplishments are only an addendum, I only stand on his shoulders and others because I came after…fellas like Sir Isaac did his job…he left the alchemy clues to follow…knowing others would follow in his footsteps…as an alchemist YOU know that…
I love the number 4, so I guess there should be 4 main chapters.
Only 4 chapters necessary to reconcile science and religion?

“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”
-Albert Einstein

Chapter 1
I use science to show how a certain process permeates ALL levels of existence and life…including light and electro-magnetism.
Physicists claim the Universe that we interact with is ASYMMETRICAL
In this chapter I can provide endless resources proving the universe is asymmetrical on ALL levels, it is apparent in all of the building blocks of life, from quarks and DNA to spinning galaxies….

Chapter 2
As Dr. Jill Taylor brings to the stage beautifully, a simple fact, the brain is in fact ASYMMETRICAL.

The human body and our LEFT and RIGHT hands are CHIRALLY ASYMMETRICAL…here we are presented with a chicken and egg paradox.
Which came first…the experts are divided on this issue, which means they don’t know…but are still getting paid.
They don’t know if it was the predominant right handedness that lead to the development of speech or if it was the LEFT BRAIN where language evolved that forced us into becoming 90% right handed….I feel I have the answer….electromagnetism displays asymmetry and the flipping of the electro-magnetic field (which duh duh surrounds us) is the cause…
(further eye-popping truth for the ewe to absorb….this is what 2012 is ALL about ewe wanker)

Chapter 3
Are you seeing a pattern yet sheeple brain?
What is the common denominator that links all of my chapters….showing there does in fact exist an energetic relationship between everything big/macro/visible and small/micro/invisible?

Obviously it is ASYMMETRY and CHIRALITY.
Western scripted HIStory records Louis Pasteur with the discovery of chirality…another lie…700 years, YES 700 years before Pasteur there was an Arabic / Persian / Muslim Alchemist who already knew about Chirality… but then I continue to trace it back even further using the ARKetypal symbols left by the Grand ARKitect, who just happens to be a practicing alchemist too!
And I want to add…the Grand Architect weaves together a most fantastic tale of woe-is-mi, a process that helps create a polarity.

But here is the chapter I have been working on tirelessly on these threads and where I expect most of the derision to emanate from.
I have been synthesizing my ideas, bouncing them off the sheeple people and the sea of seegullibles, slowly I have become more acutely aware of a veiled unity while the herd of ewe continue to graze, showing no interest in playing with me a simple game, called join the dots, through space and time…using a symbol that represents not only SPACETIME but…also something else that is vital that needs to be worked into any theory of everything…MOTION.

The ASYMMETRIC symbol I have become enamored with is in fact a SPACE-TIME-MOTION symbol…how cool is that ewe wanker?

The first two chapters of my book have been already written by the experts in the fields above that I have mentioned…I really do not need to add anything…I only need to show that ASYMMETRY pentrates on all levels of the UNIVERSE that we inhabit…and in fact is responsible for creating asymmetric aSShole like ewe.
That would be the science portion.

So here is all the ewe need to know at this time, to acknowledge we are NOT balanced.
We are ASYMMETRIC life forms using ASYMMETRIC brains to direct our ASYMMETRIC hands to create or recreate an archetypal ASYMMETRICAL or SYMMETRICAL Universe or Garden of Eden?
And why does the image go from SYMMETRY (perfection) to ASYMMETRY (imperfection)

Our father who ART in heaven….I must ponder are we all creative ARTists?
Do ARTists access archetypes?
Do advertising execs know about the underlying archetypes or buttons that get pushed, at a distance?
Does religion recognize the universal ARKetypes?
Ever been in a temple, kiva, church or synagogue?

So Chapter 3 is the chapter where the wankers like ewe will jump up and down till blue in the face because I tie everything together using the most powerful symbol available to humanity.

It is of course a CHIRALLY ASYMMETRIC symbol that is in fact THE missing link, to help explain the missing links, ewe dink.
It links the past to the present and can be used to control the future…

The ancient Mesoamericans called it The KEY to Universal Movement.

The ancient Mesopotamians called it Bab-Ilu or the Gate of God.

The profound esoteric connection reveals that without a doubt, a self-serving HIStory has been scripted and is in fact a MESO of lies and propaganda.

This symbol I offer can also be linked to the Tarot (origins unknown?) and the Tarot can be further traced back to Mesoamerica before Columbus and Cortez showed up waving the crucifix…

It is found on Card X of the Tarot…Card X is the Wheel of Fortune.
The Indian Medicine Wheel, Alchemy and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse all share its color symbolism.
And the mandala that I photographed in a Peruvian monastery back in 2006, I believe now to be a 21st century Rosetta Stone….actually now, because we have entered the Age of Science/Aquarius/Gospel of Matthew, I view my discovery as a fractal…a moment in time, frozen, representing both Light and Sound.
Both light and sound are remnants of our beginnings that a few still refer to as the big bang…

How fucking cool is that eh, ewe wanker?
Not the Rosetta Stone….the Rosetta Fractal.


ROSETTA ‘FRACTAL‘ next to the Swastika
(Here we have the best match when looking for the source of this symbol that is being marginalized with INTENT)

New improved name for mi recovery, found in a Peruvian Monastery.

So if ewe have read this far…it is obvious there is in fact a new idea brewing, a new kid on the block, with square-head ancestry who has a very powerful message that needs dispensing.
This has been my intent and message all along….I can write a better mystery story now than Dan Brown, more truthful and revealing, yet I want nothing for mi, truly….that was the deal I made with my conscience, and where my conscience begins and ends…I have no idea…but something I do know…it does not end with mi…

Chapter 4
Is the NEW IMPROVED chapter we all get to write together based on a new awareness of what really makes us tick and sick.


I just reprint some HIStorical crappola like the Holocaust that was scripted for ewe and mi.

In the future if any of ewe should come to a Spiritual Revival Meeting called a book signing, where I give out FREE manuals explaining our Macro/micro Asymmetric illusion, please understand if I should whack the ewe on the LEFT Side of your unbalanced sheeple brains…it is not personal, it will in fact be delivered by my weaker left hand, representing the unconsiousness…I am only doing the YOU in ewe a big favor.
Please do identify yourselves…some of you deserve a real big hug for supporting the PO schizophrenic…though I would prefer to be called The MM Man…
The Marijuana Mystic Man.

One more peace of advice for the ewe, to be respected because I have a feeling many more of mi singin’ the same tune will in fact manifest between now and 2012….
It is advice I have already dispensed to some of the sheeple people I know, something I whispered to a friend who showed up with his best friend, an alcoholic drink in his right hand, I said to him before departing….”who the fuck do ewe think ewe are…do NOT ever deny another human being their epiphany”.
He was speechless…somehow my words stopped his bleating.

Now fuck off till I come visit your animal farm AAAPrimeTimeMutton…where are ewe, Holland?
Still got your finger stuck in the dyke?

I really do love all of the ewe…
2012 is coming though…time for some tough love, before hatred based on ignorance reveals its aSSymetric heads….

BTW, the adversity 5grouphug that I have experienced on countless forums HELPED mi tremendously in my journey, it was a necessary step in assisting me in seeking a unity based on a simple truth I knew existed and that any child could comprehend.

Symbol literacy is in fact why we send our kids to bible school early…children are far more receptive to archetypes than dumbed down, distracted, symbol illiterate, sheeple people and THEY know that…unfortunately we do not realize THEY use the symbols to psychologically imprison us….I offer people a get out of jail card for FREE…no games here and FREE parking for everybody, everytime you go around the bored game called Moneyopoly…

This fella has been my intended target all along…
I know that now…and even the evil, self-serving Popes must PASSOVER the dark side of the MOON, when they, the nefarious and always unnamed ‘THEY’ die…

I slept really really well last night.



21st century heARTist and Troubadour

“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”
-Albert Einstein


45 thoughts on “SwastiKA and the Rosetta Fractal and the Vatican

  1. what do you mean with “identify”? Ehyeh asher ehyeh:)))
    I’m an Italian woman who had an epiphany. “The infinite and beyond”: “If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it truly is, infinite” Blake, you know…, you beyond that door)))http://www.mala.bc.ca/~johnstoi/kafka/beforethelaw.htm

    hug to you




  2. (…waiting). Above all you have to consider this: “the monolith is a representation of the cinema screen itself. The dimensions of the monolith, if viewed face on and rotated 90 degrees, almost fit the widescreen cinema frame in which the film was shot.”

    “And as all things were from One, by the meditation of One, so from this One Thing come all things by adaptation. Its father is the Sun, its mother is the Moon, the wind carried it in its belly, the nurse thereof is the Earth.”


    bianKA… twice Ankh)))


  3. I enjoy reading your “rants and raves”, again you seem to connect the dots we all know are already there. You say your target is the Pope..

    Have you heard of the “Black Pope” and the Jesuit Order? If you haven’t you should research around, because he is the real demon, lurking in the shadow of the White Pope..

  4. Rafa..
    “Chapter 4
    Is the NEW IMPROVED chapter we all get to write together based on a new awareness of what really makes us tick and sick.”

    am soooo..looking forward to re-righting this chapter of O/UR new Book…

    Rat-Singer will be pie-piping another Tune…to the One he Taught/Thought…. yeah…yeah…

    Love N Peace

  5. Raph… I tried to put an avatar in yesterday..but couldn’t… did you do these.. how..n why did you pick this one for me..?

    Love N Peace

  6. Eyes those avatars must be defaults that wordpress generates.
    You are unable to change it from ‘edit profile’?

    interesting Crosses the system is generating?


  7. Hello Simon I trust neither Pope…
    Black or White.
    Because THEY both belong to the ‘Liar Liar Club of Rome’…Same room, different entrances.
    2 sides of the same coin.


  8. I do agree!


    p.s. Sometimes I think that Macbeth again: ´Life´s but a walking shadow, a poor player/That struts and frets his hour upon the stage/And then is heard no more. It is a tale/Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury/Signifying nothing.´ – between black and white!:) that idiot has every name, but there are also other gates and other hearts http://www.nazcamystery.com/images2/peru_s32.jpg
    beyond babylon:)*




  9. Ah very good! They are indeed different sides of the same coin.

    Hope you’re well, and i look forward to your next entry of insight 🙂

    Take care,


  10. Raphael… hopi you are well… and practically drooling here waiting for your next post.. 😉

    am soo ready for this change…

    Love N Peace

  11. Oh my, drooling?
    I have never had that effect on someone before, veiled by a distance, identity unknown.
    I am doing well thank you for asking…I am currently managing an old plot in the 4 corners area that demarcates my property…creating my own mesa verde.

    It is gardening season. Another reason I took an early retirement.
    So I will be writing less…and spending less time in front of the monitor sucking in those RGB spectra…but spending more time taking in the cleansing UV rays we are told to run and hide from.
    In an upside world living in darkness…that would make sense…

    People seem convinced spending 8 hrs a day in an artificially contrived environment is somehow more beneficial…

    How SAD I say.
    How obvious why so many people are SAD and suffer from SAD-ness.
    Another symptom of the fallen man.

    Gardens help us learn about the important cycles of life. That is why we were made ‘caretakers’ of an Eden.
    People can learn profound things about how to be better human beings from plants…



  12. 18. G ardening is a good idea indeed, so much like poetry that verde, green, it talks spiritual things nourished by light.
    I still wait for your book.:)





  13. Rafa… last sunday.. I was given Gen 9.8… n thats it.. as the rest is face to face… see… 😉

    Love N Peace

  14. Just out of curiosity, does anyone here have any links to blogs which have the same kind of all pervasive covering of subjects as this blog? Or other websites for that matter? This particular blog is a gem amoungst a sea of boring, stale and half truth webpages out there!

    Thanks to all 🙂


  15. Pope = turn the P up the Other way.. we get Dope.. he is One.. We smoke Sum… lol 1o1 1 on 1.. 😉

    that 11 again…

    Love N Peace

    cum bak…!!!

  16. Raphael…
    you haven’t responded to my pm…
    many things are happening around Us… I wanna rest up in Peace 2… but tings won’t leaf mi alone.. 😉
    K Sera Sera

    Hopi U really is cool… N enjoying ur Mesa Verde…
    Take a Pic…N Post… lol
    ps.. saw u in that other pic… where U tried to hide behind the camera…but placed a mirror, just Right..!

    Love N Peace

  17. Raphael,

    Have you read the book “The Radiance of Being: Chaos, Complexity and the Evolution of Consciousness”? If you haven’t, i imagine you would get something out of it. If you have, well, if figures lol, i see great similarity between what it says and some of the stuff you have mentioned.

    Hope you’re well,

    Simon 🙂

  18. Come back!WMWe’ve to organize our familes’ holidays for next year (America calls Italy – return…in Mesa Verde).

    Come back!




    p.s. Remeber? Mi casa es su casa.

  19. Rapha, i have a piece of information that you mite find interesting, i found it in callemans book on 2012;

    The true capital of the US was Philadelphia, but it was moved to Washington DC, located at 78th longtitude West, which is EXACTLY 90 degrees west of the planetary midline through Rome!!

    I know how you appreciate the 90 degree angle, so i thought this would be of great use for you 🙂

  20. thanks Simon,

    I love how the patterns are maintained.
    Is the ‘galactic’ butterfly opening or closing its wings?

    Imagine each wing to represent one of the 2waves…
    Transverse and Longitudinal. (water bearer Aquarius shows these waves)

    Are the wings of the galactic butterfly opening toward forming a right angle?
    I believe the last epoch began with the ‘5 image’ illusion…based on 72 degrees. (360/5 = 72)

    The next illusion is the ‘4 image’ illusion and is based on the 90 degree wing formation…Luke,

    Let the force (electro-magnetism) be with you Luke.

    IF we are headed toward an ultimate unity…?
    The next illusion would be based on 3 images, followed by 2 and then 1 image and then finally none…?

    360/3 = 120 degrees
    360/2 = 180 degrees
    360/1 = 360 degrees

    360/7 is interesting, it is the only number between 1-9 that cannot be divided into 360 evenly.

    360/7 = 51.428 degrees …
    Interestingly this is the angle of rise of the great pyramid at Giza.
    360/7 = 51.43 degrees

    Does this indicate the Egyptian epoch/culture representing a historic timeline might coincide with the constant changing, morphing EM field, which was under the influence of a different angle of influence…around 3500 B.C.?

    So are the wings of the galactic butterfly opening or closing?
    This is important to know, I believe to help us understand … to help us predict the future.
    Is it a coincidence that both the Maya and Egyptian associate the butterfly with resurrection?

    I expect to see many more butterflies in my garden this year as we approach 2012.
    Nature is but a very cool reflection of what we do, and what is happening in the bigger picture.
    If we are to ascend spiritually, the ‘stage’ we perform on … will reflect these changes and the backdrop we perform on will change too.
    Fewer bees…and more butterflies.

    Is it a coincidence this Pope changed the long standing tiara worn by his office from the beehive shaped tiara to a new one that is described as a mitre.
    What is a mitre?
    It is two 45 degree angles…forming a 90 degree angle.
    This Pope was criticized a little for his departure from long-standing traditions.

    However to me, it is only more evidence that THEY/the ELITE, know ‘what is to come’ … and this change in the Pope’s official headdress only provides profound proof THEY are NOT willing to share this truth with the collective of humanity.




  21. Raphael… that wave of truth… on its way… or already been N done.. ?
    you helped open me up to the circle of events that have begun to surround me… I wanna be switched off, only you can do this.. remember…
    going fucking crazy over here…


  22. ?

    JOB7:20 I have sinned; what shall I do unto thee, O thou preserver of men? why hast thou set me as a mark against thee, so that I am a burden to myself?

    circle of events?
    switched off?
    going fucking crazy?
    really not sure what you mean keelie…

    but maybe gardening might help.
    a little green therapy?
    it helps me.
    plants rarely talk back.

    ciao for now,

  23. yes like the green man and one third of Goddess’ power:)*

    whatdoyou think about that?

    Blood has the power to rise up on a fountain of charge implosion. This is why Mygdala (the MAG is Mother of AGni) means TO TOWER.
    The relationship between charge symmetry (the Pent of Rennes) and FIRE IN THE BLOOD – IS the real mystery of the Grail.
    We are now seeing the history story and the physics of learning how to fire up the blood – converge PERFECTLY. Maybe – in time to .. save our genepool???


    ciao per ora,

  24. Regarding 528 and green 🙂

    Light in the frequency of 528 nm = green

    Healing light?

    Maybe, or just some far fetched idea. The green of the planet is meant to heal us (as in giving us breatheable air and such), so keep gardening and keep the world green.

  25. Light N Sound working together to heal what needs to be healed… with a lil help from Up Above… of course…

    Love N Peace

  26. What a wonderful blog this is. I found you by searching for 666 + carbon 12!

    I am amazed and thrilled to read here.

    Just another shy gardener.

    So happy to have found you, and just when I had made up my mind to stay off the internet and spend more time gardening. Which is what I hope you are doing.


  27. good video bianca…thanks.

    too bad the author did not investigate the meaning of that 4th line in St. Peter’s Square.

    Chi Roo btw displaced the Swastika as the pagan cross of choice with Constantine’s blessing…and encouragement.
    Yup prior to 325 A.D., the swastika was rather stylish and worn often.

    Seems to be a silent ‘cold war’ being waged against this symbol…ancient ROME/modern Vatican does not like it.

    Wonder why?



  28. “I found you by searching for 666…”

    nice to know you found me … looking for the anti-christ Connie…

    no coincidences…the devil made you do it…



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