“…the Talking Heads and the Walking Dead” are activated using mirrored I^37 LEvI priestly fine structure magic by tweaking the Electro-Magnetic Field while DREAMING???

Peter wrote:

Hey St. Petra I understand you are a fine semite rock to lean on?
Some folks even build a temple on this forum in your honor Peter?
St. Peter evidently rescued Azoth from his inner despair?
hey sAIN’t Peter, good choice, Roxy Music was one of my faves growing up

talking heads and the walking dead co-exist that is obvious.
Before the Matrix Trilogy and NEO there was a fella called ENO.
I grew up with synthesized harmonic looney tunes?

PLEASE ALLOW ME TO PLOT OUT THE WORLD WHICH IS ALL A STAGE and allow me to put WShakespeare who wrote many MScripts standing on his head it appears effortlessly, on the same golden stAGE (now?) with our buddys found on this forum like St. Peter ,  Azoth, St. John the Baptist Brian Eno, Archangels Michael Persinger, Archangel Peter Gabriel, Archangel healer Raphael (ME), AND of course the ONE thing that SS aSSiStS the world in going round and round and round, the swastiKEY to Universal Movements.

ALL of above are in fact part of a cohesive unit, they are fractals, ALL exist as part and parcel representing a whole, that which is very difficult to define, and thus walk the line.

But ALL of the above participants in the here and now, try to expreSS and aSSiST in communicating a TRUTH of what we cannot see, ya see.

It is the Yod-He-Vav-he-ARTist who strives to put us ALL on the same name ONE world stage page.

Is this coincidence OR in FACT MORE EVIDENCE of the underlying design, a poetic narrative revealed within a wordy narrative, within a numbered narrative, that transcends time and space?

Brian Peter George St. John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno[1] (born 15 May 1948), commonly known as Brian Eno or simply as Eno ( /ˈiːnoʊ/), is an English musician, composer, record producer, singer and visual artist, known as one of the principal innovators of ambient music.

So ONE of the principal innovators (21st century inno-AVATARS?) of ambient music today is apparently BRIAN ENO?


One of the things I love about QaBaLaH meditations is the encouragement of the Permutation of LETTERS!!!!

YO dudes YA all need to learn about YAH!
Yes way, err I mean WeH is vhat I meant to zay.

So in looking for poetic, musical clues to the piece of  Yod-He-Vav-HeART I find myself in …. is the clue to harmonic ambiance the ONE BRAIN >>> BRIAN ENO Idea

The evidence that science cannot explain and make go away,  suggests we are connected and assisted by outside forces that we just do not understand, at this time.

Yes of course collectively we are the ONE BRAIN ya see.

And BRIAN ENO, along with the Brian Ferry, or the talking head, the BRAIN FAIRY are part of the “ALL THE WORLD IS A STAGE” that inspired folks like William Shakespeare and ME, yes ME are privy to see, YA see?

I can prove ALL I SAY if folks would only open up to ME.
And learn to let go of their bullshit before even attempting to engage with ME.
YA get it?

Elijah or Eli YA Hu is the artist to come AND this is the PROPHECY.
Yes of course.

The priestly LEvI if wanting to make MAGIC happen here on earth would need to KNOW HOW TO MANIPULATE THE ELECTRO-MAGNETIC FIELD OF THE EARTH.

And the modern LEvI priest working at CERN or NASA knows that a LEvI priest would need to tweak with the fine structure constant I37.

LEvI priests surrounded the tabernacle.
Inside the ARK it is empty because I37 is dimensionless.
The other 12 signs of the zodiac surrounded the 13th tribe the LEvI priests.

hey sheeple it is time again.
What time is that?
Miller Time?
The Grinding of the Mill stONE?

It is I37 time.
The ancient science of observation called the QaBaLaH is at least 1000 years old.
Hebrew letters have ALWAYS had a numerical value.
The value of the ancient science based on naked eye observations was given a value of 137.

i.e. the value of the Hebrew Letters QBLH is 137…a value that was etched in stone long long long long before modern QED hit the WALL with 137 written on it.

Ever since hitting this WALL, the physicist has been WAILING about 137.

Arrow It is time for the electromagnetic sheeple to be rubbed the wrong way.

Arrow It is time for the electromagnetic sheeple to give off some static?

Arrow It is time folks wake up to the MAGIC of the reality that WE are co-creators and the magnetic field is that Akaskic Field we can ALL tap into while DREAMING and the result is ….



Yes as Dr. Archangel Michael Persinger Wink mentions:
The “reception is kinda scratchy right now….but the tecnology is going to improve”

Thus it could be time to tap into the Akaskic records … the memories of each and every person who has ever lived on the earth?

Cool obviously I already have and I am attempting to share what is TRUE and FREE and available to all of humanity?

Tesla thought he heard voices from the dead red planet Mars.

His peers and backers who later morphed into reptilian/serpentine backstabbers ALL labeled him crazy AFTER the slimy fuckers stole all his best ideas, profited from them, and hid away the rest.
The rest is history…and me calling those fuckers fuckers has become politcally incorrect too.
What the fuck?

And long ago before all of the science rules starting doing battle with the religious dogma, the 4×4 MAGIC square of Jupiter was revered, respected, and seen as having magical properties.

And how does the magic square of Jupiter connect/merge with the CUBE and the number of the collective unconscious 37.

Yes according to Jerry Iuliano who has the math formulas to prove his claim, the number 37 is somehow connected to the collective unconscious. 

And 37 is truly a unifying number that transcends, SPACE and TIME and the best part?

Numbers transcend BELIEFS and what cannot be put into words…!!!

What happens when we add 1 to 37?


NOW if anybody can count MORE than 37 VISIBLE squares on this 4×4 magic rubik cube it would suggest you not be of this world….

OUR FIELD OF VISION will NOT ALLOW us to see more than 37.

Try it….get yourself a real cube and TRY to count MORE than 37.

Tesla ‘heard’ something alright.
Later after his death it was proved that the Martian transmissions that Tesla heard were radio wave transmissions coming from Jupiter….who of course is another SIGN that is all deSIGN.

Jupiter = ZeuS

IF this is NOT evidence that our buddy Tesla had tapped into something divine I do not know what is.
note: at the end of his daze Tesla was MORE interested in low low low infra-sounds.

He had flipped his focus from studying the high frequencies to low frequencies as KEY?



interesting trivia regarding the design:
God’s Number is 20
Every position of Rubik’s Cube™ can be solved in twenty moves or less.

Rotas/Sator Magic Square = Knights Templar Treasure = Hands of God = Theory of Everything

Serbian HANDS OF GOD symbol

The plate highlighted on these pages is from Samarra Iraq.
And Samarra Iraq is of course close to ole world Slavic pagans, not that far away at all.


The Hands of God (Slavic: ręce boga) is a pre-Christian symbol in Slavic mythology, representing Supreme God and Universe. For Slavs, the cross was associated with fire and life, but generally with the sun and the balance of the Universe. In a majority of primary and original cultures, it was believed to provide luck, welfare, and the favor of God. The symbol itself consists of a large central cross (symbolizing arms and hands ended with five fingers, the comb shape), which represents the force of a Supreme God. Present variations include the Swarzyca Swarog and sun Swarozyc, also a display of God’s radical force.

Swarzyyca = swastika
Svarog is  identified with Hephaestus, another blacksmith kinda guy. :flop:
What did the Pythagoras guy learn from the blacksmith guy about MUSIC, using hammers of different weights/mass.

Ugly deformed HephaeStuS associated with the asymmetrical SwaStika. :owned:

BULLSEYE and the scope….micro scopes and telescopes and weapons of war all have CROSS – hairs. :look:



MORE Slavic swastika pagan symbols found here. :flop:

http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Categ … uselang=pl

Now try to find those ‘COMB’ shapes on this NEO-lithic script found in the Black Sea area belonging to the Vinca Culture.


A GEOMETRIC script that is dated to the MNEME plate, found in Samarra dated 5000 B.C.E.

Now here is a FACT of LIFE lost on the competing ego that thinks they DISCOVER shit. :lol:

The world would be better served if we can MATCH up all THEORIES with EDs.
WHAT IF we all get on the same page for a change?


ED WITTEN has supplied such a page.

And I feel I am in the process of merging my theory RECOVERED from the universal MEM with Eds’.

LG (ladies and gentile-man)
Unless you find common ground with competing THEORIES , YOUR BELIEF is just MORE.
FAIL :top:
And Murray Gell-Mann says we do not need MORE to explain MORE.
And MGM is broadcasting loud and clear to those who can HEAR.

Apparently String Theory leading the physicists toward their ulitmate goal and grail, the big TOE, will also solve the mystery regarding gravity.

And this merger between the SS and the SS, between the Sator Square and String Supersymmetry could very well be the TREASURE that is associated with King Solomon’s Temple.

What else would or could the Knights Templar TREASURE be?
They even named it for god’s sake. :owned:
This magic square TREASURE they found was at least 1000 years older than their select Knight Club.
The TREASURE they found, its source and use/intent/purpose has ALWAYS to this date been UNKNOWN.

I must conclude therefore, BTW this comes AFTER I HAD MERGED IT WITH MODERN STRING THEORY, that this ENIGMATIC Knights Templar Magic Square related to the planet Mars, thus the god of war, was probably the treasure Knights probably found.

Knights love WAR and mix this in with the Maya Transit of Venus cycle found in the Dresden Codex, and guess what you have.

:o A formula for perpetual WAR and the VATICAN in poSSeSSion of both. :shooting:

You see the Mayans used the VENUS cycle to predict when to go to WAR…and combined with MARS the WAR god (note the M and W are reflections :flop: ) what we have it seems, with the EARTH in the middle, is a battleground being manipulated by who?

And all initiates (worth their mercury, sulfur and salt) know the connection between the PENTAGRAM, VENUS orbits and the GOLDEN MEAN, the GOLDEN RATIO, GOLDEN TRIANGLES, GOLDEN RECTANGLES, GOLDEN SPIRALS, phi, Phi and 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8 AND OF COURSE MOTHER NATURE.

YOU MUST UNDERSTAND the following too.
The 5×5 Knights Templar magic square as it turns out is a right brain algorithm for logarithmic or exponential growth. :clapper:

This is knowledge that ANY EMPIRE would need to GROW and build an empire on, the growth of MONEY and INTEREST too? (usury)

Does MONEY or the 12,000 SWASTIKA, what it represents ON SO MANY religious/scientific dimensions best DEFINE what MAKEs THE WORLD go round and round and round, LITERALLY and FIGURATIVELY?

eh which is the best diplomat for our world at large?
Is it the VORTEX/TORSION/FRACTAL JAINA god and Cross, known as the SWASTIKA or MONEY that corrupts politicians, popes and wannabe authors selling a book or an idea?





shall we continue with providing more SWASTIKA = MEME or 4xE evidence.


this is one of the models of our magnetic field in the solar system.
those concentric rings in the center are the orbits of the inner planets.


Can you see the ‘E’ as it twists.
Do you have a laptop?
Look at this image upside down.
Do you see a ‘3’ now?
Stand off to the side and look at your laptop from the EAST and WEST, and the M and W should become visible too. :flop:

And what else can you see?


Chaldean Zodiacal Cross alongside the Greek Zodiacal Cross

In the Chaldean Cross do you see 4 KEYS or 4 x E or both?

The literal and figurative swasti-KEY to Universal Movement.
Staring at us all the time.
Taunting us.


SOUND, language, and our early utterances are more clues to how we got our start and ended up with bibles.
These coincidences are not freaks of nature, it is obvious that after 5000 years, that some form of ‘religion’ is indeed part of our INNER nature trying to express itself.
Once you seek out the common denominators, (representing a common ground) between the many various beliefs, the coincidences start to accumulate.
Concluding with the conclusion, there are no coincidences, it is design.


http://www.amazon.com/Book-Babel-Words- … 0877454965

:flop: Words and the Way We See Things

Why did I pick up this book?
Why did it immediately resonate with me?
How did it talk to me?
Why did I buy it?

Look at the cover.

HORSE = the WAVE, explains the connection to Poseidon?
PIG = the PEARL, throw no pearls before the swine?
SHELL = the WOMAN, when I think of shells I am reminded of whorls?

But it was the PLOUGH = the SHIP that caught my attention first and foremost.
Mainly because of the association that the PLOUGH/SHIP or ARK could potentially have relative to the interpretation of the palindrome comprised of letters forming the Sator/Rotas Square.

Because I can easily show profound connections between the CELTIC culture and the WEAVE which is at the heART of ALL WEAVES, or TEXT, I must admit this interpretation of the word AREPO = PLOUGH is best. :flop:
The ONE word that many folks agree, that appears NOT to fit the other words in the palindrome is AREPO.

The word arepo is enigmatic, appearing nowhere else in Latin literature. Most of those who have studied the Sator Square agree that it is a proper name, either an adaptation of a non-Latin word or most likely a name invented specifically for this sentence. Jerome Carcopino thought that it came from a Celtic, specifically Gaulish, word for plough.

And the profound associations I found in the book The Book of Babel, supports the Ship/Ark MEME?

occam’s razor suggests that the CHURCH embedded much of the pagan symbolism into the WORDY narrative….LANGUAGE carries its own narrative.

And a WEAVER would needed a HOOKED CROSS :owned: when crocheting the matrix?

But what other gems regarding the evolution of how we communicate, how we see and HEAR, are in this book?

How would a SOUND become a LETTER?
I have claimed that the Sator Square can be transposed to the MNEME plate found in Iraq circa 5000 BCE.

What happens if we reverse engineer the letters M and N in the word MNEME, which we trace to the Greek root word for memory?
What happens if we try to understand the magic square puzzles by adding a ‘SOUND’ component to our investigations?

As Max Planck said to Einstein, matter and energy both default to ‘vibration’ OR frequency.
All aspects of NATURE can in fact be converted to SOUND or LIGHT frequencies.


So what is the potential root/source of the M and N that we see on this plate?

And as you read these defining moments, also keep in mind that I will also connect the 3 levels found on this plate to Milo Wolff’s STANDING WAVE theory (re:electron). :flop:


Remember all the pieces must fit and be complimentary/associate to each other while we do our inquiries.

M which would represent the M, E, W and 3 we find positioned in the four fixed directions, on this plate below.
And on the Sator Square the M is represented by the 4 x E, I must conclude.
Back to this book Words and the Way We See Things…


The Letter M

‘If we watch from below people walking up-hill and speaking together, the nasals m and n are heard longest.’
A certain Professor Helmholtz, :flop: quoted by Max Muller.

W O W :pray:

Very very cool, ascending the Mount, going up-hill is thus linked to SOUND, and the letters M and N, both letters clearly displaying much signifance re: Sator Square and Super String Theory too. :flop:

M = E, W and 3
4 permutations through x, y, z, by rotation or reflection.

N = Z, 2, 5 and S
5 permutations through x, y, z.

But what does the book say about the letter ‘N’ that sits at the very heart, in the center of the Sator Square.
And the center is always reserved for something special. :flop:
Note in the Sator Square there is only ONE letter ‘N’. :think:

The Letter NThe possibly watery origins of the letter N seem to be reinforced by the Hebrew N, nun, a fish.
N is said to be the image of a wiggling eel.

Light on disturbed water ‘dazzles’, or ‘zig zags’, words in which it has been suggested that the ‘Z’s are tiny letter-pictures. :idea:
Turn the ‘Z’ through ninety degrees :flop: and the result is an ‘N’, the zig zag line, according to Hensleigh Wedgwood in 1866, which represents the wavy surface of water and which is used as the symbol for Aquarius** among the signs of the zodiac.
Ruskin wrote of the ‘hieroglyphic use of the zigzag, for water, by the Egyptians’.

An eel or maybe a water snake that carries a ‘charge’?

And I want to mention that though Aquarius is often connected to water, called the water-bearer, it is an AIR sign.
An anomaly that suggests air waves and water waves share many commonalities?

So I love that book for obvious reasons, it helps explain how the language we share in, is a reflection of the underlying unity, expressions of unity that go well beyond words chosen to express what we see of the poetic/artistic underpinnings of creation.

i.e. pictures of vistas we take, never live up to the experience of being there, catching a glimpse of the unknown, for the same reason suffers from the lack of words to express the feelings of what you saw or experienced, if you happen to go to the other side and return with a story to tell.

You had to be there. :flop:


edgarrothstein wrote:

No swastika in Egypt and/or Africa.
I believe Africa is a yes?

This fella has something to say.

The Swastika was the symbol for luck and akin to the Tau or Cross. In the Indus valley it was the symbol for well being and good, and came from the original Africans peoples, just as the Star of David or Seal of Solomon came from the same system.

Egypt and Assyria no, I agree, but no big deal dude, they were the beginning of the mystery religions?
When stuff started to be VEILeD?

Samarra Iraq yes had swastikas in 5000 BCE, long long long before the centre of the universe crap emanating out of semite mesopotamia, 2000 years later?

ALL nations that lack SWASTIKAS have SERPENTS instead
And some have both.

Because serpents and swastikas are essentially about waveforms and frequencies, LIGHT and SOUND

And with interest I note ALL NATIONS that have serpent symbolism have GOOD and BAD serpents.

NOTE THE CONSISTENCY of the IGNORANT bible babblers who take the scriptures far to literally:
Only the Christians have NO apparent MOON symbolism (unlike the Jews and Muslims and everybody EAST of PERSIA), and only the Christians demonize the SERPENT, and have nothing good to say about it?

Only the NEW WORLD ORDERED Christians demonize the SWASTIKA.
Seeing a PATTERN?

Folks who recognize eternal patterns become prophets. :flop:


:arrow: now take the word JE + SUS and go fly a kite, or should I say go build an ARK.

go ahead goggle the source of ‘je‘. :flop:
here let me help.

JE is a hypothetical intermediate source text of the Torah postulated by the DH. It is a combination and redaction of the Jahwist (J) and Elohist (E) source texts. According to this hypothesis, J was composed c. 950 BC, E was composed c. 850 BC, and the two were combined into JE c. 750 BC. JE was combined into the Torah c. 400 BC.


JE + SUS is designed to lead the sheeple. :bang;
but where is not so obvious. :o

What if my TRUTH message is for REAL?
Why else was I given the ability to SEE this pattern? :think:


The Atlantis Encyclopedia
page 278
http://www.scribd.com/doc/5414459/The-A … cyclopedia


The Quiche Mayas’ Chilam Balam reports that “the wise men, the Nahuales, the chiefs and leaders, called U Mamae [“the Old Men”], extending their sight over the four parts of the world and over all that is beneath the sky, and, finding no obstacle, came from the other part of the ocean, from where the sun rises, a place called Patulan. Together these tribes came from the other part of the sea, from the east, from Patulan.” The civilizing mission of these U Mamae and their arrival over the Atlantic Ocean leave little doubt that they came from the same island capital described by Plato, a conclusion broadly underscored by the obvious philological resemblance between the Quiche “Patulan” and the Greek “Atlantis.”

Very interesting coincidence.
the Old Men…extending over four parts of the world…


can we place St. Brigid’s Cross inside the MEME plate?
note how the 4 arms are offset in both images. :flop:

And can we connect the Celtic ‘weaves’ and ‘knots’ to the swastika?
elementary my dear watson.


St. Brigid’s Cross

Legend says this cross was woven by the patron saint of Ireland to explain the Passion. Its heritage extends to the Neolithic Age when it symbolized the four seasons. It is now hung over Irish doorways to protect home and hearth. It is also related to the symbol of the “turning wheel” which symbolized the movement of the sun and is a design seen on Celtic crosses.


The  importance of MEMEs to our future?
Why we need to learn about the MEME before it becomes our master?

Mnemonics, Catch-Phrases, Totems and Icons
:arrow: http://blog.simslearningconnections.com/?p=6

A Meme-Based Approach to Oral Traditional Theory
:arrow: http://journal.oraltradition.org/files/ … /Drout.pdf

Changing Times
:arrow: http://hubpages.com/hub/Co-Mingling-of- … ging-Times

CLEARLY THE SATOR SQUARE :rtft: IS A RIGHT BRAIN MEME BASED ALGORITHM, that has been patiently awaiting our awakening.


Originally Posted by sadukan View Post
PS – @Ralph, the “±” part is the “forward/backward” phase motion.
well that fits then to…the plus and minus designations, in the Twistor String Theory notation.
I just finished this, remember I gave you folks a chance to post something.
I do recall mentioning that the notation in Ed Witten’s Twistor String Theory was a match to the letters used in the ROTAS SQUARE?
Well actually now I can claim it to be ‘a perfect match’
Well it is not really a claim.
It ‘just is’.

Take a look at the notation Ed Witten was using.

UPDATE October 8, 2018
note the following information was removed at some point from the above Wikipedia link.
Necessary addition to see what I saw years ago.

Twistor Theory nomenclature used

Twistor String Theory nomenclature

Scroll down the link..look closely, compare, read my explanations, you will begin to understand exactly the same nomenclature in the SS SATOR SQUARE was used as we find the modern ‘alchemist theorists’ like Ed Witten and Sir Roger Penrose still use today, by coincidence.

It really does, some of you will see how sweet it is.
Wow, was my right brain activated or what?


IT THUS PRESUMES that the main significance of places like Stonehenge, or the Great Pyramid or even merging the 2000 year old ROTAS Square to SuperSymmetry was its ANTICIPATION OF OUR OWN OBSERVATIONS AND CALCULATIONS

Sadukan I guess this is where your + and come into the equation.
expressed as PT+ and PT- in the Twistor String Theory

but how can that be?
About 2000 years separates these two events.
Well I do have a good idea of how it came to pass?

First Roger Penrose proposes Twistor Theory, and later Ed Witten building on Twistor Theory, added the 5 String Theories, and along comes the archetypal sleuth who started his journey using the number 4, follows 4 numbers, 11 2 5 8, takes the flat 2D Sator Square and starts to WEAVE a few knots using swastikas, all the way to Ed Witten himself?

Very very important to note that I mentioned only 8 squares were unaccounted for in the SATOR SQ …
Corresponding to the ALPHA and the OMEGA, the beginning and the end, the A and O is associated with `jesus`, and these 8 vowels  are in fact on the SATOR SQ. positioned in a similar architecture we find time and again, even in the LHC at CERN, which are in fact 8 `mirrors`, or going way back, the morning and evening 8 pointed Star of Venus.

JC and CJ would be proud.
Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung

Now what?
Well I have an appointment on Monday with my shrink.
Yup his initials are JC too!
He happens to be Jewish, like Ed, he has a PhD of course, so maybe my buddy JC can deliver this message for me to Ed Witten himself.

I am sure Ed might be interested in how I joined the dots.

IT THUS PRESUMES that the main significance of places like Stonehenge, or the Great Pyramid or even merging the 2000 year old ROTAS Square to SuperSymmetry was its ANTICIPATION OF OUR OWN OBSERVATIONS AND CALCULATIONS
Could that be?
GENEs MEMEs TEMEs re: the Universal programming … a series of PULSES that contribute to the impulses of human behavior.


Please note that the ‘shapes’  … w = E = m = 3 were recognized by approx. 30 CULTures from the Bronze Age until today.
Similar glyphs can be found among Neolithic cultures, scripts dating back to Jericho (one of the oldest still inhabited cities in the world), from 4500 to 9500 B CE.
CULTures are a ‘mindset’ that each of us either embraces or is embraced by.
Pearls are CULTured.
And bacteria can be made to multiply using a St. Petrie dish too.
Also please note the reference to clouds as a modern meteorological symbol.
To the ancient oriental mind, cloud, thunder, lightning, and the swastika are all associated.
Do the archetypes and memes change that much over time, OR are they in fact reflections of the underlying foundation of what we call ‘reality’?
(I also see the ‘ m’ shape as a symbol that a child might use for a ‘bird’)
The ESSENTIAL wants and needs of each human has NOT changed as much as most folks want to believe over the past 7000 years.
Food and shelter will always be of primary importance.
The basic TENET or will to survive is part of who we are.

MEME and MEW3   :flop:

M E W 3

See the letters?

They are the necks of the birds
M E W 3


I found this quite interesting, another nice fit to the SATOR SQuare.

Here is a great video that discusses MEMEs and TEMEs and their role in our evolution, and where we are headed.
great video on Ted Tv.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQ_9-Qx5 … re=channel

Now if you have started to recognize that there might be an association between the letters M and E and W and the number 3 , this next video about MEMEs just about seals it.
Interesting, in this video she also talks about progressing to the TEMEs, and the SATOR Square fullfills both the MEME structure and the TEMEs that we recognize as the ‘4xEs’ move out to the third rank from the center out to the four fixed corners, represented by the ‘4xT’.

The main reason I mentioned it is because in the SATOR SQuare there are 4xE or E, E, E, E.

And I feel that it does not take a wild imagination to match MEME with the EEEE that we find in the SATOR SQuare.
Because with rotations of MEME, using rotations and reflections using xyz, we can arrive at letters/shapes that look like MEW3 or EEEE.

And as mentioned we have 4xE or MEME and 4xT or TEME represented on the SATOR SQuare.
Along with the N in the center, these eight letters forms the CROSS within the sator square.

And please note that as we move out from N, we have ET, ET, ET and ET.
ETs in four directions?

“variation + selection + heredity = design or evolution without the aid of mind”

WHY do MEMEs spread? :idea:
Humans represent the MEMEs or is that “me me”?
Is that why we now squawk like the seegulliblies that we have become, “mine mine mine”?


I had to put this little upside down MEME at the top of my rEMEMber to rEMEMber list of why those days in sEptEMbEr happened on sEptEMbEr 11
the NAZI centre of the universe was going to be in a place called the WEWElsburg Castle.
thus a the word MEME which is itself a MEME, that suffers a polarity flip might be seen as WEWE
What is the importance of MEMEs to our future?
why we need to learn about the MEME before it becomes our master?

Mnemonics, Catch-Phrases, Totems and Icons
:arrow: http://blog.simslearningconnections.com/?p=6

A Meme-Based Approach to Oral Traditional Theory
:arrow: http://journal.oraltradition.org/files/ … /Drout.pdf

Changing Times
:arrow: http://hubpages.com/hub/Co-Mingling-of- … ging-Times


a thread all about ‘M’


‘M’ Theory?


M-theory attempts to unify the five string theories by examining certain identifications and dualities. Thus each of the five string theories become special cases of M-theory.

As the names suggest, some of these string theories were thought to be related to each other. In the early 1990s, string theorists discovered that some relations were so strong that they could be thought of as an identification.

But the underlying prose and poetry of the creation itself IS expressed in the nomenclature…..clearly linking the past to the present…..followed by a wow! :flop:


Nomenclature there are two issues to be dealt with here:

* When Witten named M-theory, he did not specify what the “M” stood for, presumably because he did not feel he had the right to name a theory which he had not been able to fully describe. According to Witten himself, “‘M’ can stand for either ‘magic’, ‘mystery’, or ‘matrix’, according to taste.”[4] According to the BBC/TLC documentary Parallel Universes, the M stands for “membrane”. Other suggestions by people such as Michio Kaku, Michael Duff and Neil Turok in that documentary are “mother” (as in “mother of all theories”), and “master” theory.[5]

Cynics have noted that the M might be an upside down “W”, standing for Witten. Others have suggested that for now, the “M” in M-theory should stand for Missing or Murky[6]. The various speculations as to what “M” in “M-theory” stands for are explored in the PBS documentary based on Brian Greene’s book The Elegant Universe.

* The name M-theory is slightly ambiguous. It can be used to refer to both the particular eleven-dimensional theory which Witten first proposed, or it can be used to refer to a kind of theory which looks in various limits like the various string theories. Ashoke Sen has suggested that more general theory could go by the name U-theory, which might stand for Ur, Uber, Ultimate, Underlying, or perhaps Unified. (It might also stand for U-duality, which is both a reference to Sen’s own work and a kind of particle physics pun.)

M-theory in the following descriptions refers to the more general theory, and will be specified when used in its more limited sense.

I have my own ideas about the origin of ‘M’ theory

We can find it on that plate from 5000 BCE

the M theory

the MEME theory

it all fits the SATOR SQUARE

2BEE continued
Swastika is the KEY of Universal Movement, forming part of an ancient vortex theory, along with phi and pi and the Maltese cross.
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”

Nature cannot be hidden, only VEILeD with fantastic narratives that defy nature.

“BOOK of KELLS and SPELLS that uses the SWASTIKA to Plant the SEEDS”

The four evangelist symbols are a visual theme that runs throughout the book. They are almost always shown together to emphasise the doctrine of the four Gospels’ unity of message.

Book of Kells – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Raph your post kinda freaked me out today, I just happened to be looking at some very old photo’s of Bohemian grove from 1906 ( like right when you made your post) and right there in the lower left on the flag, what’s that look like.

Highslide JS
  happens to me all the time.

freaky coincidences no longer freak me out, bring it on.
BTW want to see an image linking the ROTAS Square to the flag we see on the RIGHT in the above image at Bohemian Grove?

go here for explanation:

But what about this next image.
See a resemblance in the archetype of the man up on the mountain in Bohemian Grooovy?
Can we see a ZIG ZAG path coming down the mountain in the Bohemian Groove image?
That is significant, not another coincidence.

Highslide JS

Mountain of the Philosophers is an image found in the 1785 Altona Manuscript.
So why then do we see the YEAR 1604 in the bottom right hand corner?
Is it a reference to

a/ Kepler’s SUPERNOVA – Gamma Ray Burst observed and recorded
b/ the year King James commissioned the KJB of 1611 in the year 1604.

Or as I suspect it is both.

Instead on the horizon the MASTERS now want to issue a CARBON TAX on the RICH and give to the POOR because of exploding STARS that go SUPER-NOVA, sending out the EVIL EYE laser beam, the GRB??
great link for free Rosicrucian texts:

Another image suggests the folks who participate at Bohemian Grove are associated MORE with the Rosicrucian, and NOT the distraction called the Illuminatii, as perpetuated in modern myth, rumors probably spread by WHO KNOW WHO?

Important to know the ZIG ZAG is man’s FIRST glyph etched traced back to 100,000 BC.

Highslide JS

ZIG ZAG = TREE OF LIFE in the KA BAA la la la la the masters have the IGNORANT repleating?

Rosicrucian image of CHRISTian Rosenkreutz is shown to the initiate in the final stage of his initiation.

Highslide JS


Nazca Lines TREE OF LIFE depicted as a 600 foot HERON
Note the ‘6’ is found in the SOUTHern Hemisphere, i.e. Peru.
What can we find in the NORTHern Hemisphere folks?
What kind of heART did the dead/red man leave as clues?

Highslide JS

ZIG ZAG again

WHAT IF the nearly exterminated DEAD RED man who was rubbed out by the spiritually defunct WHITE man, had placed a 900 foot serpent in Oh hi O with intent?
Ohio Serpent Mound dates to 1300 BC.
more details can be found here http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp…1&postcount=28

THUS we have a ‘6’ BIRD in the SOUTH and a ‘9’ SERPENT in the NORTH?
(do I need to remind folks we are taking part in a game called poeTREE in MOTION?)

69 = CANCER = KEYstone in the Freemason ROYAL ARCH.

When you acknowledge that ‘coincidences’ are NOT coincidences, but part of the inherent design put in place that ‘JUST-IS’ they will happen with a greater frequency.
And then you will realize that what JUST IS was perverted into a corrupt JUSTICE system that reeks of ASYMMETRICAL relationships between the RICH and the POOR, the greedy and the disenfranchised.

Originally Posted by theflow 
DNA has palindrome formations, a lot on the Y chromosome.

is it a coincidence that DNA and the ROTAS puzzles are both palindromes?

Originally Posted by theflow 
Not sure why they are drawing it with that weird loop at the top.
keep at it 
it might come to you each of those ‘loops’ could fit into this DNA template/blueprint I have stumbled and bumbled upon.
Highslide JS

scroll down this link to see ALL OF THE TEMPLES that match up perfectly with St. Peter Square.
The important thing to remember though is the FACT that St. Peter’s Square Ellipse is actually the most recent of ALL TEMPLE images I provide.
In other words, the VATICAN is a copy cat spiritual thief.
The CRIMEs against humanity become apparent when it is realized that the VATICAN ‘potentially’ stole this temple design from the 60 million heathens they INTENTIONALLY rubbed out in the AmeriKAs.


Originally Posted by theflow 
Just trying to figure this all out.
mi 2 flow, I just happen to flow opposite to most in my wanderings.

Thus this has brought me closer to the truth than most folks realize, as I continue to rub folks the wrong way.
Rubbing their woolly hides, I get a charge outta them.

Want to know how to fast track the mind?
Want a real simple technique that I believe has assisted me in my insights?
How to find your own ground ‘Z’ero?

Ever since 911 whenever I have problems shleeping at night, I plant a SEED in my mind.
I place into my mind’s eye a swirling twirling swastika.

Remember you have two choices, of SEED.
Morpheus might offer the sheeple wannabes, who want to be the ONE, called NEO, the RED (positive) or BLUE (negative) PILL.

gueSS what dudes?

The ASYMMETRICAL swastika comes in the same two flavors…positive and negative?
CW and anti/counter-Clockwise or could we say anti-christ/clockwise?

So do not use the one Hitler used.
There is a danger that the christian within might be *activated* into putting on a NAZI uniform AGAIN, veiling the judeao-christian hiding within, behind the NAZI costume they willing donned.
Reminder here: all the world is a stage and World Wars are staged.
And it might just happen again…crimes against humanity committed by Christians.
I predict it will, it has, in IRAQ, but it will AGAIN and AGAIN…being *activated* by bible babble.
King George Bush asked for a CRUSADE and got one.
Duh NOBODY need be a prophet to make that kind of prediction eh?

Understanding PATTERNS are the KEY to understanding the world at large, and the individual…

Ask Murray Gell-Mann who scripted his 8 Fold-Way AND are you blind to the behavior of the sheeple, who tend to reBLEAT a bullshit self-serving HIS-story, never learning from the PATTERNS, destined to reBLEAT till the end of ASYMMETRICAL TIME itself?

Entropy = 2nd Law Thermodynamics = Time’s Arrow = ASYMMETRY
If the time we perceived traveled in two directions equally, TIME would be considered symmetrical…
What IF time was structured like a palindrome?

Thus try to resist using the same swastika with the arms bent to the RIGHT, that rotates to the LEFT, which really represents just more of the same counter-clockwise, indicating ‘precession’, to precess means to go backward around the ecliptic….

I focus on the *other swastika* that helps *activate* the RIGHT hemisphere of the asymmetrical mind.
The one that is associated with the LEFT/sinister hand not the dexter/RIGHT hand.
Do folks think it is a coincidence that the show on the boob-tube called DEXTER appears rather SINISTER?

The swastika with the arms bent to the LEFT, CAUSING the cross to rotate CLOCKWISE.
Want proof that my intuition is full on, big bang on?
Before I provide the proof, what would Sir Isaac Newton who authored the famous law of action = reaction say about taking the square greek cross and bending one, two, three or four of its arms, say about this symbol, the swastika?
Does the SWASTIKA fulfill the primary cause/action that leads to an effect/reaction?
What would Newt say if I showed him SWASTIKAs in FRACTALS or at the heART of the crystallization process?

He would probably tell VBM sheeple to pay attention to what I gotta say?

REMEMBER in Latin the word TEXT means WEAVE
Let’s face it, the CELTS are associated with rather intricate WEAVE PATTERNs.

And the BOOK OF KELLS, or should we call it the BOOK of SPELLS is probably one of the finest to be found, in the entire twisted and screwed up world we share.

The Book of Kells (Irish: Leabhar Cheanannais) (Dublin, Trinity College Library, MS A. I. (58), sometimes known as the Book of Columba) is an illuminated manuscript Gospel book in Latin, containing the four Gospels of the New Testament together with various prefatory texts and tables. It was created by Celtic monks ca. 800 or slightly earlier. The text of the Gospels is largely drawn from the Vulgate, although it also includes several passages drawn from the earlier versions of the Bible known as the Vetus Latina. It is a masterwork of Western calligraphy and represents the pinnacle of Insular illumination. It is also widely regarded as Ireland’s finest national treasure.

First of all it is so easy to prove that at the heART of ALL SACRED KNOTS (celtic, mystic, endless, solomon’s) we find one of the two SWASTIKAs.

Mind you want I can prove easily, most folks will need to wait for the enlightenment to arrive in a book, or on the boob-tube or the ewe-tube.
(not from sadukan either who has FUMBLED the BALL big time with his IGNORANT interpretations, taking folks down the path called “the devil is in the detail”…that lacks any kind of cohesiveness.
i.e. BIBLE BABBLE and SCIENCE CRAP that only serve to divide the world up into little bits and pieces.

God/Creator/Geometer PATTERNS can be found in the over-riding ARCHETYPEs the form the foundation of the reality we ALL SHARE in.

‘We the sheeple’ why is that so difficult to comprehend?

Now if we take a look at the Book of Kells, Folio 290v and Folio 291v and Folio 292v what do we find?

It appears to be part of story-line, a visual narrative, not to be confused with LITERAL bible babble?
And the narrative is of course part of a GOLDEN design centered around nature’s spiral the GOLDEN SPIRAL, based on GOLDEN RATIOs that result from the GOLDEN MEAN.
This is CLEARLY an over-riding LAW of EARTH.
Duh I just do not understand how folks CANNOT see the connection between GOLDEN LAW OF NATURE/phi and GOLDEN RULES we must learn to live by?

Highslide JS

WHEEL OF FORTUNE = CARD X of the Tarot = 4 ROYAL STARS = 4 EVANGELISTS = VEILeD FIBonacci/phi GOLDEN SPIRAL CODE = 11 2 5 8, twisted and MANipulated by men into a big LIE called jesus loves you, ewe, u and the even the special jew, who has special DNA granted to him, as the IGNORANT keep reBLEATing on these forUMs?

I don’t think so.

CARD X CODE 11 2 ? 5 8
where ? = 3 is to be placed in the center of the TARO or ROTA WHEEL of Fortune.

Folio 290v is a depiction of what we find on CARD X of the TAROT, which is THE CODE to help us solve ‘X’

… to lead us to the treasure, where ‘X’ MARKS the spot LUKE, do ewe feel the force LUKE skywalker, do you feel the MAN, St. JOHN you were destined to become….do not lose your HEAD LUKE and go to the dark side, like your papa did to the DARK SIDE?

Highslide JS

Folio 290v is an illustration of the FOUR EVANGELISTS, which are portrayed as they always are, as the MAN/aquarius, the BULL/taurus, the LION/leo, and the EAGLE/scorpio.

Highslide JS
We see the same representation of the 4 EVANGELISTS on Folio 27v in this image.
However the sequence of 290v >> 291v >> 292v suggests what?

It clearly suggests that St. John the Baptist was MORE revered than Jesus is obvious.
Suggesting the Freemasons who we can connect to Scotland and the Knights Templar, actually revered the archetype of St. John the Baptist MORE than the archetype called Jesus.

Guess what.
So does the Vatican.
The MOTHER Church of ALL Christendom is actually hierarchical to the Vatican.
And I do see yet another reference to SSS.

The Papal Archbasilica of St. John Lateran (Italian: Arcibasilica Papale di San Giovanni in Laterano) is the cathedral of the Church of Rome, Italy, and the official ecclesiastical seat of the Bishop of Rome, who is the Pope. Officially named Archibasilica Sanctissimi Salvatoris et Sancti Iohannes Baptista et Evangelista in Laterano (English: Archbasilica of the Most Holy Saviour and Sts. John the Baptist and the Evangelist at the Lateran”, Italian: Arcibasilica del Santissimo Salvatore e Santi Giovanni Battista ed Evangelista in Laterano),[1] it is the oldest and ranks first among the four Papal Basilicas or major basilicas of Rome (having the cathedra of the Bishop of Rome).[2] It claims the title of ecumenical mother church (mother church of the whole inhabited world) among Roman Catholics. The current archpriest of St. John Lateran is Agostino Vallini, Cardinal Vicar General for the Diocese of Rome.[1] The President of the French Republic, currently Nicolas Sarkozy, is ex officio the “first and only honorary canon” of the basilica, a title inherited from the Kings of France, who have held it since Henry IV.An inscription on the façade, Christo Salvatori, indicates the church’s dedication to the “Christ the Saviour”, for the cathedrals of all patriarchs are dedicated to Christ Himself. As the cathedral of the Bishop of Rome, containing the papal throne (Cathedra Romana), it ranks above all other churches in the Roman Catholic Church, including St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican.

The cathedral itself is located outside of the Vatican City boundaries, territorially located within the city of Rome in the Italian Republic. However it has been granted a special extraterritorial status as a property of the Holy See. This is also the case with several other buildings after the solving of the Roman Question with the Lateran Treaty.

Highslide JS

So now shall we take a gander at Folio 291v more closely, with new insight granted by me?

Do you see the SWASTIKA in the above image of St. John (in the center, reserved for special folks) that suggests the LEFT is associated with St. John the Baptist?

Want a clue of where to look for the swastika in this image?


yes a RAM not a SHEEPLE

In FACT the SHEEPLE are to line up on the RIGHT on the DAY OF JUDGEMENT and the RAMS line up on the LEFT is what the bible babble SeZ.

Highslide JS
digest that.
I shall return…with more *updates*
I know my purpose in the here and now.
How about you, ewe and u?
Figured it out?

Swastika is the KEY of Universal Movement, forming part of an ancient vortex theory, along with phi and pi and the Maltese cross.

“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”


VIRGIN MARY 13th Century Monastic Symbols = SEED PATTERN?

God whispered in Mary’s Ear and got her preggers.
The following post is more of an attempt to inspire more folks like Manes as opposed to *activating* the IGNORANT as I always seem to do on the forums I participate on….
It can be found in its entirety  here:
We shall soon see what kind of human becomes *activated* as the ‘light’ entering our solar system continues to ‘change’.
Change is in the air, can’t ewe folks feel it?
I can.
It’s name is plasma.
The MEDIUM is the MESSAGE, and it radiates OUT and pulls us IN?
Plasma = Gravity = SOUND = the MESSAGE = BETTER try to get along SHEEPLE = TIME is running out…is the message found in the bottle.

Do the sheeple on this thread think that an hourglass, the infinity symbol, and the number 8 are not all related and point toward an observable TRUTH?
Of course sheeple would reBLEAT nonsense like … show me the math that all of the above are ‘connected’, prove it using science they demand!!
Instead of saying to my thoughts which appear rather alien to them. “TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER, Rapheal?”
  duh the difference between science and religion is clear to me.
The scientist starts with a world divided, IT assumes nothing, IT is trying to put the pieces back together again, whereas religion starts with a world unified and WAS an attempt to try to keep the pieces of the creation intact?somewhere along the line science and religion pretended to not agree.
call it a conspiracy that can be OBSERVED today.
Originally Posted by maneView Post
“This graphic illustrates the point that there are 3 fundamental wave forms, with a total of 6 by their polarities.”
I am all ears.

Would the 3 fundamental wave forms be called:

Brahma the Creator
Siva the Destroyer
Vishnu the Preserver

Yes only 3 waveforms result as a result of all the chaos of sound and light coming together causing a bit of heat and friction as a result?

Like when jews, muslims and christians’ world’s collide?
We needed to spend 8 billion dollars on CERN to investigate this fact of life?

POLYNESIAN MATTANG and the Sator Square.
The Malteser Cross is formed simply by spelling AEON x 4.
4 AEON = 4 AGES?

The source if the mattang is unknown, it heralds from antiquity, along with the swastika, thus we find that the source of both of these very old symbols is unknown.
I must admit that I love stuff the experts cannot explain using judeao-christian semite semantics, especially the anomalies, that fail to FIT the official story called ‘jesus’, anomalies that make these ‘westernized experts’ look rather stupid!!

And folks like me, Raphahell who is ‘remembering’ and the heathen Polynesians are of course the problem that plagues humanity?
Of course common logic would arrive in such a nasty place of the heart, which denies the obvious.

Mane, dude, you will appreciate this blog.

It clearly shows, for those who can SEE, that the Polynesian Mattang is in fact an ancient GPS.
GPS works on triangulation…the Mattang was made from the ribs of palms and coconut fibers?

Which cost more the Mattang used by the HEATHEN, made from discarded trees (palm/coconuts) or CERN?
Which method takes from the POOR and gives to the RICH?
You folks have it all wrong if you think you know who or what I am.
It appears it is TIME that the anglo-saxon hero Robin Hood made his appearance again folks.

Our ancestors were far more observant using their naked eyes than modern man is proving himself to bef looking through his microcosmic scopes and his MACROCOSMIC tele-scopes.
Experts are certainly focused on what they see in their scopes.
But they fail to acknowledge the human standing right beside them, that could have used some of that 8 billion dollars, and counting that CERN alone cost.
duh too fookin’ obvious.
pathetic and sad.

Clearly the modern man who NEEDS scopes, who relies on scopes MORE than his intuition based on naked eye observation has DIED and NOT gone to heaven, he has been spending his time at M.I.T. playing with his Spirograph.

Originally Posted by maneView Post
Hinging, quite literally,

Over the past few years, I too have become un-hinged literally and figuratively.
dude I am not quite sure what you mean (the specifics, the detail), in this post of yours, but I do feel a true connection is taking place here and now.
Thanks for participating in OUR journey.

And I do understand that an axis of symmetry acts like a HINGE
Anything that can be folded along a line of axis is thus hinged.
A book like the Bible is hinged along its spine.
A Torah Scroll does not have any hinges, it is a SCROLL.
However if we compare to the Maya/Aztec Codices which were FOLDED.
Proteins fold.
Amino acids tell them how.
DNA gives the amino acids their GOOSE-stepping orders?
But the problem with Hitler was he was trying to preserve certain DNA.
Duh what a wanker.

The REAL game folks need to realize is that your MIND/heART are in charge of the epi-genome, thus the individual, NOT the Hitlers, Popes and Political Hacks is in charge of his own fookin’ DNA/Holy Grail destiny.

Stop letting them PLANT SEEDS in your garden of eden, the temple you, ewe, and u, ALL call home.
YOUR BRAIN (tree of knowledge) and HEART (tree of life).
And the FOUR RIVERs in Eden have nothing to do with the SWASTIKA?

4 duhs, one for each river not navigated.

So here we have an interesting difference in how two CULTures divided by the atlantic/atlantis ocean, were expressing the world we live in?

Scrolls and Bibles

Originally Posted by maneView Post
The tesseract is constructed quite simply (see here); it is a reciprocal form of an 8 point star.

I LOVE it…the consistency of how the pieces always fit.

Tesseract has a reciprocal called the 8-pointed star.

phi has its reciprocal in Phi too.

Can I suggest that many Marko Rodin groupies should now book a room in the Temple of Del-phi?
Taking instruction from the real god called Apollo or some other oracles, instead of taking all their cues to the truth from the demi-gods like Marko Rodin or Nassim Haramein.
Those fellas are mere mortals compared to the teachers found in the Temple of Del-phi?
Temple of Del-phi is in your sheeple brains, along with Pythagoras the GEOMETER who is helping the sheeple navigate through TIME SPACE using MOTION.
Clearly the sheeple are unaware of the POETRY in their motion.
Put their by the creator, our father who heART in heaven.
Harold and Maude will by thy name.

Originally Posted by maneView Post
By that logic, I observe the sequential grid of Lo Shu, and see its construction is quite simple as well.

warning: using logic on this thread only draws out the IGNORANT, keeps them grounded.

though you made it through.
few do.
good for you Chris or is it maybe ChrisTOS?
How about ChrisTAU?

4 x TAU = 8 pointed star and the Malteser Cross that tickles the fancy of the Pope?

Originally Posted by maneView Post
Thus a construction method is born.

Ever hear of the SEED PATTERN dude that is used to start a labyrinth?
Yes there is the classic 3 and 7 patterns?
Shall we reduce the obvious to 37 and the DEEPER meanings we can extract?

The centrality of the Prime Number 37 in the structure of Scripture can not be overstated. It begins in with the Creation Holograph:

I simply remember many facts, make many connections by remembering my birthdate.

July 3
Mentioned by a Vatican spokesperson (jokingly of course) as the birthdate of the coming messiah.
I did not take this literally, if he had said March 7th, or 37, it would have carried the same essential message.

37 or 73
(search those numbers out)

Originally Posted by maneView Post
I am fascinated by the super-symmetry of the Swastika, or rather, vortex, and conversely, the SATOR square.
so am I.

why do folks use words like super-symmetry and broken symmetry, instead of asymmetry when describing symmetry that is less than perfect?

Now all the sheeple gotta do is drawn a line between the two swastikas below dividing them into LEFT and RIGHT.
Consider this line, drawn in the sands of time, to be THE HINGE!!!!!

Manes you will like this thread too.
It shows the hinge and discusses 25/52.

Originally Posted by maneView Post
In constructing a four decimal matrix, beginning at the center of a 9×9 grid, counting from 9 on in a spiral, with the first decimal sequence starting to the right, the second downwards, the third left, and the 4th upwards, this pattern arises:It has asymmetrical symmetry (swastika, expand and contract) and two-fold symmetry (8 point star), forming the symbol in the center

All very cool.

Please tell me/show me manes what happens if we use a FIVE decimal pattern?
Sometimes I too can be very IGNORANT.
I only treat folks how I like to be treated.
Call it an extension of the GOLDEN RULE we can apply to phi the GOLDEN spiral. (how fucking OBVIOUS is that?)


Originally Posted by mane View Post
and as such, becomes the 6 w(e)aves (by a doubling circuit matrix)

In Latin, (was bible babble ever written in Latin?) the word TEXT means WEAVE.

Enough said

Problem folks have, is that as RaphaHELL weaves a new UNIFYING TRUTH, the sheeple will become UNHINGED!!!!!!!!!!

Do not read the p.s. it contains the MOVIE SPOILER for the recent film INCEPTION, a clever little film, that made me realize, at the very end of the film, THEY tried to PLANT A SEED INTO MY MIND/HEART, to help alter my ALTAR-DNA.



So why why why why did the director of the film Inception Chris Nolan put a WINDMILL in the SAFE?

Where the SEED PATTERN is placed, and only show TWO of the ARMS of the WINDMILL, with the numbers 4 and 3 clearly shown?

Room 528 and Room 491 or the code to the safe ~ 528 491

528 is not difficult to ‘connect’

491 is far more interesting.

U.S. Route 491 (US 491) is a north–south U.S. Highway serving the Four Corners region of the United States. One of the newest designations in the U.S. Highway system, it was created in 2003 as a renumbering of U.S. Route 666.
4 corners region?

And room 528 was directly above room 491?
Did that make sense?
Just do the math.

528 – 491 = 37


But did you notice the double XX on Charlie Chaplin’s armband?

So who are the “machine men with machine minds”? I wonder if Charlie Chaplin the heARTIST was trying to send a message?
 I noticed because the most interesting men in the world drink Dos Equis.
Swastika is the KEY of Universal Movement, forming part of an ancient vortex theory, along with phi and pi and the Maltese cross.
~ Raphael
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”
~ Einstein

“…112358 a Golden Beautiful Simple Elegant Magical Theory of Everything”

Originally Posted by theflow View Post
Guys enough poking about and chest pounding please. This topic is hard enough to understand without the bullshit, don’t get so defensive ( or offensive).

let me tell you where I am headed, flow.
clearly where I am going.
this is not about chest pounding
you folks are witness to the unfolding of the story that was already written.

I am just starting to.

humor me for a moment and respect the PATTERN I have detected?
aren’t you folks looking for PATTERNS too?
well if you are on this thread not looking for PATTERNS…would that be a waste of time, most of you will agree?

THE PATTERN I detected is the Fibonacci/phi = nature’s GOLDEN SPIRAL

Big deal, the herd reBLEATs in unison?

I have followed this PATTERN which revealed itself as the CODE 11 2 5 8 found on CARD X of the Tarot.
I have been hot on the trail of the deeper meaning of the GOLDEN MEAN for quite sometime now.

11 2 5 8
then add the Masonic cipher or KEY, the number ‘3’.
thus the CODE is revealed.
11 2 3 5 8

Place the cipher ‘3’ in the center.
Now if you join the numbers 11, 2, 3, 5, 8 what shape do we have?

The letter ‘W’ ooks like a waveform to me?
Witten and Widukind (my surname) and an upside down Marko, all get together to solve this mystery?
What if?
After all I have spoken with Marko, and he did remind to write everything down.
Did Marko dare call me nuts?
duh hardly.

Clearly the ARCHTYPE suggests another ‘W’, ‘M’, ‘E’ or ‘3’ must step forward?
Maybe the ‘E’ was Einstein?
Fellas fellas here is more proof of the script that has already been written.
ALL OF US on this thread are aware of the solfeggio frequency 528 hertz which heals the cell wall and DNA, is the claim.
Now guess where the tallest church spire in all the world is?
In Ulm, Germany, Einstein’s hometown, and yes of course, it is 528 feet tall?
The BERLIN WALL i.e. the Brandenburg Gate is situated at 52.8 degrees latitude.

Statue of Widukind in Herford, Germany, Coordinates 52°8′

So what do Barack Obama, Einstein, Ed Witten and ole RaphaHELL all have in common with healing our DNA?

The statue of Widukind, the last Anglo-Saxon to oppose the Pope is located also at 52.8 degrees latitude.

so I now know exactly what it is that I need to do.

Contact Ed Witten
why Ed Witten?
2 very good reasons.
hope you folks realize I am making a beeline, going straight to the top, going to see the queen bee himself?

Ed Witten and Roger Penrose designed the Twistor String Theory together, or at least RP started it and EW picked it up later.

Ed Wittens birthday carries the CODE 11 2 5 8

Edward Witten (born August 26, 1951) is an American theoretical physicist with a focus on mathematical physics. He is a professor at the Institute for Advanced Study. He is a leading researcher in superstring theory, supersymmetric quantum field theories and other areas of mathematical physics. Edward Witten is regarded by many of his peers as one of the greatest living physicists.[1] He currently is the only physicist to have received the highest honor in mathematics, the Fields Medal.

8 26 1951

11 2 5 8 and 69*
So why Ed?

Ed Witten’s theory, the notation he uses to express his Twistor String Theory is a perfect fit for the SATOR/ROTAS magic square found in the ruins of Pompeii, and the source of this magic square is in fact unknown.
THIS SQUARE is the purported TREASURE that the TEMPLARs found…?

I really FEEL it is, and here we have another profound prediction, made by me, that Ed and me shall PROVE to be true, wait and see.

It even bears their name.
The Knights Templar Magic Square, source unknown, found in Solomon’s Temple.
Sure I can buy into that, the ROTAS Square heralds from the Solomon Temple era?
Did the Templers find gold or a GOLDEN RULE within the GOLDEN SPIRAL found within the ARCHitecture of Solomon’s Temple?

All of the same letters are used in the ancient SATOR/ROTAS square and modern TWISTOR STRING THEORY?

Only the two vowels, the only two vowels used in the 5×5 magic square, the A and O, the Alpha and Omega, are NOT accounted for.
YES the astute will immediately see that:

5 x 5 = 2 5 (marko rodin’s cosmic blender)

Can we use this magic square to double and halve the circuits?


So apparently 1931 years later, the ROTAS/SATOR square yields a powerful clue to mankind’s destiny?

clearly we are being ‘lead’.
but where, by who, and how?

And this theory fulfills the primary expectation of a simple beautiful elegant theory of everything that can be taught to anyone with a grade 12 education, using mnemonics to TRIGGER what we already know.

I shall be proof of that.

Bottom line here:
that is the message that needs to get out.
the LEFT BRAIN NEEDS THE RIGHT BRAIN to help fix the meSS.

WHY *69

that would be my astrological sign.
and the Freemasons KEYSTONE placed in their Royal Arch is represented by Cancer too?

And we can find evidence of the CODE in an ARCH that confirms this?
yes of course dudes!!!!!!
sorry is it not OBVIOUS?


Spirit of St. LouiS, the spirit the gateway to the WEST?


Is this the sign I should contact Ed? 😉

folks we are a mere expression of the creator’s heART…the sooner the IGNORANT DEAD WALKING ZOMBIES wake up to that fact, the better for all humanity.

I OFFER a rather unique opportunity for everybody today, the day before ‘Day out of Time’,  July 25?

I want to give EVERYBODY else a chance to beat Ed Witten and me to finding a solution to this MAGIC SQUARE, and of course the ultimate prize…a chance at the kick of the can with your big TOE!!!!
(TOE … theory of everything)

On your St. MARK
go get evil SET
let’s play the game of GO

Simple beautiful and elegant and rather GOLDEN is what I offer.

I wish the IGNORANT could IGNORE the contempt I have for them?
Take another look at my signature below.
This golden theory supports my signature below.
CAN you handle this TRUTH.

I hope at the END of the DAY that the Sun/Earth stands still, FAITH remains intact, and the herd of *IGNORANT* bible babblers are not *activated* again like EWE always seem to be when it is time for another of  your holier-than-thou CRUSADES?

I hope the judeao/christian/muslims resist the urge to reach into their closets VEILing a darkneSS, donning those NAZI costumes again, when the MASTERS  try to *activate* the herd again, and again and again…?



Swastika is the KEY of Universal Movement, forming part of an ancient vortex theory, along with phi and pi and the Maltese cross.
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”

“…ROTAS/SATOR Square is a RIGHT BRAIN mnemonic for an ancient vortex theory that centered around the SWASTIKA”

Wow :idea:
Another breakthrough.

I had a link posted to my blog.

I finally got around to checking out the site.
The site of Alex Petty. 

It took me 20 seconds to match up the SATOR SQUARE with a VORTEX Math grid that can be found at that link above.
Inspiration is like that, I imagine.

Alex Petty who did the work at that site, used Marko Rodin’s Vortex ideas, to arrive at his grid pattern that I have cropped below, and can be found at that link in its entirety.

And even better, Alex is a real life buddy of the fella who did the work on the CODE 144 Site re: Coral Castle


Everything is falling into place quite nicely.
As expected. :mrgreen:
Cha cha cha cha

And of course I still ‘feel’ it is a match for Twistor String Theory.
I really should bring ole’ Roger Penrose and Edward Witten into the fray now.
Those guys need to pick mi asymmetrical brain…
What can I say?

So the LETTERS, the designations, used in Twistor Theory also match have you noticed?
Take a look below, we can clearly see a match between an OLD WORLD theory and something brand NEW.

WE also now have numerical correspondences…and of course we still need to see how the 4 AGES Model fits…because it got me this far… :wink:

Again folks what ole’ Raphael has accomplished using the swastika as symbolic guide and guru, helping me to remember, is establish that the SATOR/ROTAS SQUARE is a RIGHT BRAIN alpha-numeric puzzle, structured as a MNEMonic to help activate the mind.

An alchemical 5×5 magic square that the LEFT BRAIN ‘experts’ weaned on modern science (void of any Neo-Platonic alchemy or philosophy) could NOT quite figure out and understand its place in our evolving history.

However here I am bringing a TRUTH to the forefront by attempting to bridge/fuse the LEFT and RIGHT mind.
It took me about 6 years following an archetypal path?
Is that a rhetorical question?

Using clues found in BOTH science AND religion, building block clues offered by both evolution and creation.
What kind of narrative can we put together using both perspectives?

And I do feel that approach is what assisted my original intent to suss out those basic truths that unify all beliefs.

Again a reminder, my original intent 6+ years ago began as a quest to simply find the common denominators that all beliefs MUST share in, the intersections that do occur between people, events, places, experience, all are fractals which MUST in some way contribute too,  make up the whole of unity.

I have firmly established now that the ancients as far back as 79 AD had a THEORY in place, that today we are just re-discovering using LEFT brained math and physics, etc.

Marko, Alex and me have now shown that there is another way to understanding swirly, twirly swastika like objects.
I happened to arrive at the same place studying primarily ‘archetypes’.

I have thus PROVED that the ancients indeed had a vortex theory in place that got buried and has remained VEILeD for quite some time.
An ancient vortex theory connected to the much maligned swastika.

I am proud to say I only have grade 12 education plus life experience.
And I could have joined these dots with much leSS education, I feel this NEEDs to be recognized.
IF my mind body and soul had not been misled by those whose would prefer I remain IGNORANT.

Thus I feel confident and cocky (born in the year of the Chinese rooster), still strutting and contending that the 4 AGES Model I have recovered is a model for BOTH everything small, MICRO/quantum, i.e. the path of an electron AND everything big or MACRO, i.e. a star’s orbit,  and of course as I have maintained for years, it is a model for precession of the equinoxes too…

What was the source of the SS, the SATOR Square?
Evidently it was the ROTAS Square before it was ‘reversed’ at some point.
What was the source of the ROTAS Square?

Is this 5×5 magic square a KEY to solving GRAVITY and all those mysteries that were CREATED after the facts of life, the many patterns that seem to defy time, space and motion, look ago identified in nature itself?

Below we see  how the same letters are used in both the modern TWISTOR THEORY and the 2000 year old? … SATOR/ROTAS SQUARE.


I quickly wrote down the important particulars along with the words PUBLIC DOMAIN.

We have already noted how nicely it meshes with Alex/Marko’s Vortex Based Mathematics…

NOW please note also how the LETTERs used in the ROTAS Square match up with Roger Penrose’s and Ed Witten’s TWISTOR THEORY.
Where E can be rotated into an M, W, or 3 or reflected as the same E, M, W, and 3

that could make 4 or 8

in the reflections they do not really change.
we are simply offered the same 4 shapes.

HOWEVER the N can be rotated through x,y,z, as first a rotation to a Z or 2 and then as a reflection as S or 5.

Hmm essentially the N can thus be seen as ‘2 5’ ?

Hello Marko welcome to Raphael’s version of the COSMIC BLENDER.

\mathbb{PT}^+ \simeq \mathrm{SU}(2,2)/\left[ \mathrm{SU}(2,1) \times \mathrm{U}(1) \right]

In \mathbb{M}^c, it is the case that positive and negative frequency solutions cannot be locally separated. However, this is possible in twistor space.

  • \mathbb{M}^c corresponds to the subspace of \mathbf{R}\mathbb{P}^5 corresponding to vectors of zero norm. This is conformally compactified Minkowski space.
  • \mathbb{PT} is a 3D complex manifold corresponding to projective twistor space.
  • \mathbb{PT}^+ is the subspace of \mathbb{PT} corresponding to projective twistors with positive norm (the sign of the norm, but not its absolute value is projectively invariant). This is a 3D complex manifold.
  • \mathbb{PN} is the subspace of \mathbb{PT} consisting of null projective twistors (zero norm). This is a real-complex manifold (i.e., it has 5 real dimensions, with four of the real dimensions having a complex structure making them two complex dimensions).
  • \mathbb{PT}^- is the subspace of \mathbb{PT} of projective twistors with negative norm.

\mathbb{M}^c, \mathbb{PT}^+, \mathbb{PN} and \mathbb{PT}^- are all homogeneous spaces of the conformal group.

\mathbb{M}^c admits a conformal metric (i.e., an equivalence class of metric tensors under Weyl rescalings) with signature (+++−). Straight null rays map to straight null rays under a conformal transformation and there is a unique canonical isomorphism between null rays in \mathbb{M}^c and points in \mathbb{PN} respecting the conformal group.







Wow, is this possible EVIDENCE of a Design put into place that we are being LEAD to?
A script that has already been written?

We are merely fulfilling potential?
The alchemist lord works in strange ways?

And the best part from my perspective?
I was scripted in to ‘recover’ this piece of the puzzle. :lol:

YES I did notice that the A and O have not been accounted for.BUT DID YOU NOTICE THAT THOSE ARE THE ONLY 2 VOWELS.

Is that where the THEORY of JESUS comes in?



The Alpha and the Omega?


Using the Pyramid Cipher, “KNIGHTS TEMPLAR” can be encoded as “BNOHVSE SPZTGCM.” By using one or more filler letters, the cipher might look like “BNOHVSEOSPZTGCMY” with ‘J’ and ‘Q’ as encoded fillers (‘O’ and ‘Y’). Remember that ‘I’ can also be encoded as ‘O.’ The letters can be substituted with numbers to create a number cipher: “2-13-14-8-21-18-5 18-15-25-19-7-3-12.” After adding the ‘J’ and ‘Q’ fillers, the cipher would look like “2-13-14-8-21-18-5-14-18-15-25-19-7-3-12-24.” Knowing that numbers 1-25 represent the letters, a cipher message could mix in additional numbers up to 50 or 100. The person doing the decoding would remove all numbers above 25, leaving the real cipher numbers: “33-2-13-49-28-14-41-8-26-21-37-29-18-28-48-5” = “2-13-14-8-21-18-5” = “KNIGHTS.”

wow great huge huge clues given here.

NOTE how the CENTER square in ALL of the above ciphers is either connected to the LETTER N or the number 13. :idea:
Well I do like how the last 3 digits in KNIGHTS = 21-18-5
For some reason my gaze has been on these numbers 112?58 , the golden ratio has been my guide for some time now. :wink:


(and this is IMPORTANT to note: the ROTAS SQUARE reportedly came first.)

Here is a cosmic game reduced to a magic square.
IF the middle square ‘N’ can be rotated and reflected into a Z, 2, 5 or ‘S’, then what if we are playing a cosmic game of tic tac dough?

i.e. please note we have two ‘S’ perched in the corners of the SATOR Square.
HOW do we get three or THRICE in a ROW along the NW/SE diagonal?
Ignore the ‘R’ that separates the ‘S’s for a moment, I will explain when I learn how to ‘transition’ between the different sizes of magic squares, thus reducing the 5×5 magic square (associated with Mars) down to a 4×4 magic square (Jupiter), and then eventually down to the 3×3 Lo Shu represented by Saturn.

this image of the *ROTAS* Square might help us solve what to do with those two ‘R’s that stop us from forming THRICE ‘SSS’ in a Row.
Currently along the SW/NE axis, we have the letters SRNRS.
Hey Ezekiel does a ‘wheels within wheels’ analogy serve us well in this situation?

In the above image of the ROTAS wheel, rotate the wheel in the above image that contains the two Ps and the two Rs, by 45 degrees, until they are hidden BEHIND the CROSS formed by the horizontal and vertical ‘FIXED’ cross displaying the words ‘TENET’.

AH HA!!!
Now we have only the letters S_N_S visible along the SW/NE axis and along the NW/SE axis only the letters R_N_R are visible?
Are you still following along?
The 2P and 2R are hidden behind the CROSS.
The 2PaiR have taken refuge somewhere behind the 4 letter E’s and 4T’s
Hiding behind the ETs?
Hope you can see that?

More associations you need to know re: 4 ET’s = 4 Evangelists who are definitely a part of the architecture of the FIXED CROSS represented by the 4 FIXED astrological signs, that we find on CARD X of the Tarot….which happens to be called Ezekiel’s Wheel. :wink:
These 4 FIXED zodiac signs have 4 stars identified by the Persians as far back as 2500-3000 BC.
These 4 stars were called both the 4 WATCHERS and the 4 ROYAL STARS.
These 4 stars or evangelists actually form a CROSS in the heavens, and within that CROSS we can position the GOLDEN SPIRAL.


All of which can be associated also to the DENDERA Zodiac and the golden spiral (phi)
:arrow: https://kachina2012.wordpress.com/2009/0 … yal-stars/


But try to get the ‘N’ in the center to look like an ‘S’ without reversing the two ‘ends’ during the same process…
PLEASE NOTE: Every time you manage to get the center to look like a ‘S’ the two ends resemble the letter ‘N’.
You need to understand how mirrors work to understand the above analogies.
Specifically to understand the reflection we see in the mirror is along the z-axis NOT the y-axis.
remember the lesson by King Richard Feynman.

Is this the MAGIC we should or should NOT attempt to exploit, or tamper with?
Should we be conCERNed about Never A Straight Answer, (infiltrated by ‘Freemasons’) running the show?

keep reading please, especially until you get to the video below, not much further to go…
ALL OF THE ABOVE will soon make sense.

We know the following to be true, echos heard in the Vatican:
S = Sanctus
SS = Spiritus Sanctus = Holy Spirit = St. Peter and St. Paul

IF we can get the middle ‘N’ to resemble an ‘S’ then we have THRICE SSS
Santus! Sanctus! Sanctus!

So why does Holy-wood use 555 / SSS as their favorite telephone exchange in the movies?
E.T. phone home?

Now let’s take a look at the Marko Rodin logo.
You only need to watch the first 10 seconds of this video to appreciate where I am headed with this thought….

Please note the numbers 3, 6, 9 in this Rodin video.
These are the legendary/rumored TESLA numbers.
Please note that when the 3 and 6 are positive the 9 is negative.
And when the 9 is positive the 3 and 6 are negative.
NOTE: how the values change when the ‘crossover’ occurs.
A ‘crossover’ that appears just above the numbers 4 and 5.
A ‘crossover’ that might be related to a fella I stumbled across on these forums, who has calculated a musical 4.5 crossover frequency based on the Pythagorean Lambdoma.
256 notes placed onto a 16×16 grid

And of course the ‘coincidences’ do not end there.
The word nibiru translates to ‘to crossover or crossing’.

So what happens if we should align the 3 6 9 to be all positive values or all negative ones?

Thus clearly the magic of Tesla’s ‘3 6 9’ is somehow connected to the Pope shouting out…

“Sanctus! Sanctus! Sanctus!”

Holy! Holy! Holy!
Shakti! Shakti! Shakti!

Why always ‘3’ knocks on the door, why do Freemasons do things in threes?
And more importantly why are these THRICE meSSengerS always associated with ‘SOUND’? :wink:

I don’t get it? :lol:

Clearly the SATOR/ROTAS SQUARE is part of a much higher knowledge attained, condensed into a mnemonic.
These magic squares are WINDOWS we can use to look through as we plod forward, with a bruised big TOE in search of that elusive Theory OF Everything.

And if all of above has not made it OBVIOUS what these magic squares give us insight to is the following.

When you folks discuss polarity flips and reversals, don’t you think you should educate yourselves about the facts of life?

i.e. most folks begin their alphabets with learning about the ABCs of life….

I however start at the other end of the alphabet constructed by our sheeple brains.
The swastika and me apparently swim against the mainstream flow.
I toy with my awareness by trying to learn about z y x, and guess what w is?
And xyz-axis of power, is the language that physics would use to explain flips and reversals.


And the middle letter of a 25 letter alphabet (where I=J as in the SATOR cipher) is the reverse of the letter W, the letter M.
And the 13th letter (13=4) of the 26 letter alphabet is the letter M?
Thus M = 4?
And the 14th letter (14=5) is the letter N?
Thus N = 5?

But the SATOR SQUARE places the N in the center not the M.
I love how it all fits.
E = M, W and 3 (4 permutations)
N = Z, S, 5, 2 (5 permutations)
(a sixth if you include a ‘reverse’ N which of course looks like a Roman numeral VI = reverse N.)

I love the way the cosmos was put together.
fookin’ amazing how the ‘conicidences’ ALL fit.

no coincidences



Thus a seeker will ALWAYS find de signs in the design, that each of ewe and I AM are weaving together.
A dance between left and right, up and down, in and out, centered or on the periphery, dead or alive.


aianawa aianawa nui wrote:
am emotionally happy .1 tear, R A mean anything ? .lol

Ra Ra Ra
SiS boom go the baa?

the ‘iSiS’ code reveals that the Alpha and the Omega, A + O = 16
16 is very important in how the SabeanS divided up the heavens.

who were the Sabeans?
Semitic/Arabic astrologers/astronomers?


The inhabitants of the ancient kingdom of Sheba in southeastern Arabia, known from the Bible, classical writers, and native inscriptions. The genealogies of Genesis give three pedigrees for Sheba, the eponymous ancestor of the Sabeans, who is variously termed (1) the son of Raamah and the grandson of Cush (Gen. x. 7; I Chron. i. 9; comp. Ezek. xxvii. 22, xxxviii. 13), (2) the son of Joktan and a great-great-great-grandson of Shem (Gen. x. 28; I Chron. i. 22), and (3) the son of Jokshan and a grandson of Abraham by Keturah (Gen. xxv. 3; I Chron. i. 32). There seem, therefore, to have been three stocks of Sabeaus: one in Africa (comp. the Ethiopian city of Saba mentioned by Strabo, “Geography,” p. 771), and the other two in Arabia. Of the latter one is connected with the story of Abraham, and the other with that of the kingdom localized by Gen. x. 30, including the Joktanites generally, and extending “from Mesha, as thou goest unto Sephar, a mount of the east.” In Job vi. 19 the Sabeans are mentioned in close association with the Temeans, an Ishmaelite stock (Gen. xxv. 15) that dwelt in Arabia (Isa. xxi. 14; comp. Jer. xxv. 23-24).

:arrow: http://www.jewishencyclopedia.com/view. … 0&letter=S

And note the position of the ‘four 2 5’ in the SATOR SQUARE below.

WHY? :wink:

Maybe just maybe because Marko Rodin calls 25 the COSMIC BLENDER.
:arrow: viewtopic.php?p=229176#p229176




Some time ago, I found a web site called the Illuminatus Observor and have been studying it without stop. I have read and re-read this site over and over. I don’t have a math or physics background but tend to grasp the linguistics. So I do struggle along figuring out the math. His website is a study of the English language and how the elite have encoded it with certain esoteric truths. These truths are only known but to a very few. Once you start to delve into this site, you will find that the truth has been right in front of our faces the whole time. Our English language has been encoded to conceal and yet reveal all of the truth you would ever want or need.

:arrow: There is another person whose knowledge aided me in this and his name is Raphael :mrgreen: and he has a web site at https://kachina2012.wordpress.com/ I personally do not know either of these two persons yet I am most grateful for their information.

When reading Rapheal’s information, he disclosed that the Celtic Cross could be placed on the Sator Square and rotated as if it were a decoder. I first turned the inner 9 squares 2 notches or squares and it revealed from the top middle down – TRN RT (RIGHT), OPNE OR OPEN, then the ROTAS I took to mean the wheel, simply going to the root of the word. So I then took the outer wheel (all of the outside squares) and rotated it 1 complete turn. This flipped the puzzle, thus creating the ROTAS SQUARE. I am not sure which came first though, the chicken or the egg. Whether it’s a SATOR OR A ROTAS SQUARE, I don’t know.


:arrow: http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/fo … ead=170038


MihrYazd wrote:

Raphael have you checked out this little gem, The Mithraic Origin and Meanings of the Rotas-Sator Square

a quote from the book regarding 3+1


I would love to get a copy of that book.
currently searching for one
is there a version available online?

BTW that book only has ’52’ pages.

and ’52’ is significant for many reasons.
besides the fact the Rotas/Sator square has ’25’ squares.

this next post below, showing two images :idea: lead me to this book that has only 52 pages re: the 25 Rotas (came first) Squares
how how how unifying, for a lack of a better word.
coincidence does not fit.

And the truth be known, before the more popular SS (sator square) was the RS (rotas square).



The two images below link the 4 EVANGELISTS/4 Living Creatures/4 Beasts that we find on CARD X of the TAROT containing the CODE 11258, to the SATOR SQUARE… :idea:

the first one depicting the FOUR EVANGELISTS as the FOUR LIVING CREATURES along with the Sator Square.
the second one depicting the Sator Square inside a figure of Christ?, himself inside a star of david/hexagram, and surrounded by those same 4 Creatures now obviously the 4 Fixed Signs of the Zodiac.



did you note the fact that those 4 Living Creatures/Zodiac signs are pulling the ‘wheel/circle’ in a COUNTERCLOCKWISE rotation.
Because precession of the equinoxes means to precess or go backwards, COUNTERCLOCKWISE or Anti-Clockwise…

and the best part, please note the page this gem was found on Lo Shu fans.

it starts on page 258 :lol: :lol:

:lol: could the clues be any more apparent?
gotta love it.


In the gift/donation of Constantine being handed to Pope Sylvester we see what resembles the same architecture as the 4 directions the Sator Square can be read?


KEY 528=Swastika=ancient Spherical Standing Wave Theory
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”