“…the Talking Heads and the Walking Dead” are activated using mirrored I^37 LEvI priestly fine structure magic by tweaking the Electro-Magnetic Field while DREAMING???

Peter wrote:

Hey St. Petra I understand you are a fine semite rock to lean on?
Some folks even build a temple on this forum in your honor Peter?
St. Peter evidently rescued Azoth from his inner despair?
hey sAIN’t Peter, good choice, Roxy Music was one of my faves growing up

talking heads and the walking dead co-exist that is obvious.
Before the Matrix Trilogy and NEO there was a fella called ENO.
I grew up with synthesized harmonic looney tunes?

PLEASE ALLOW ME TO PLOT OUT THE WORLD WHICH IS ALL A STAGE and allow me to put WShakespeare who wrote many MScripts standing on his head it appears effortlessly, on the same golden stAGE (now?) with our buddys found on this forum like St. Peter ,  Azoth, St. John the Baptist Brian Eno, Archangels Michael Persinger, Archangel Peter Gabriel, Archangel healer Raphael (ME), AND of course the ONE thing that SS aSSiStS the world in going round and round and round, the swastiKEY to Universal Movements.

ALL of above are in fact part of a cohesive unit, they are fractals, ALL exist as part and parcel representing a whole, that which is very difficult to define, and thus walk the line.

But ALL of the above participants in the here and now, try to expreSS and aSSiST in communicating a TRUTH of what we cannot see, ya see.

It is the Yod-He-Vav-he-ARTist who strives to put us ALL on the same name ONE world stage page.

Is this coincidence OR in FACT MORE EVIDENCE of the underlying design, a poetic narrative revealed within a wordy narrative, within a numbered narrative, that transcends time and space?

Brian Peter George St. John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno[1] (born 15 May 1948), commonly known as Brian Eno or simply as Eno ( /ˈiːnoʊ/), is an English musician, composer, record producer, singer and visual artist, known as one of the principal innovators of ambient music.

So ONE of the principal innovators (21st century inno-AVATARS?) of ambient music today is apparently BRIAN ENO?


One of the things I love about QaBaLaH meditations is the encouragement of the Permutation of LETTERS!!!!

YO dudes YA all need to learn about YAH!
Yes way, err I mean WeH is vhat I meant to zay.

So in looking for poetic, musical clues to the piece of  Yod-He-Vav-HeART I find myself in …. is the clue to harmonic ambiance the ONE BRAIN >>> BRIAN ENO Idea

The evidence that science cannot explain and make go away,  suggests we are connected and assisted by outside forces that we just do not understand, at this time.

Yes of course collectively we are the ONE BRAIN ya see.

And BRIAN ENO, along with the Brian Ferry, or the talking head, the BRAIN FAIRY are part of the “ALL THE WORLD IS A STAGE” that inspired folks like William Shakespeare and ME, yes ME are privy to see, YA see?

I can prove ALL I SAY if folks would only open up to ME.
And learn to let go of their bullshit before even attempting to engage with ME.
YA get it?

Elijah or Eli YA Hu is the artist to come AND this is the PROPHECY.
Yes of course.

The priestly LEvI if wanting to make MAGIC happen here on earth would need to KNOW HOW TO MANIPULATE THE ELECTRO-MAGNETIC FIELD OF THE EARTH.

And the modern LEvI priest working at CERN or NASA knows that a LEvI priest would need to tweak with the fine structure constant I37.

LEvI priests surrounded the tabernacle.
Inside the ARK it is empty because I37 is dimensionless.
The other 12 signs of the zodiac surrounded the 13th tribe the LEvI priests.

hey sheeple it is time again.
What time is that?
Miller Time?
The Grinding of the Mill stONE?

It is I37 time.
The ancient science of observation called the QaBaLaH is at least 1000 years old.
Hebrew letters have ALWAYS had a numerical value.
The value of the ancient science based on naked eye observations was given a value of 137.

i.e. the value of the Hebrew Letters QBLH is 137…a value that was etched in stone long long long long before modern QED hit the WALL with 137 written on it.

Ever since hitting this WALL, the physicist has been WAILING about 137.

Arrow It is time for the electromagnetic sheeple to be rubbed the wrong way.

Arrow It is time for the electromagnetic sheeple to give off some static?

Arrow It is time folks wake up to the MAGIC of the reality that WE are co-creators and the magnetic field is that Akaskic Field we can ALL tap into while DREAMING and the result is ….



Yes as Dr. Archangel Michael Persinger Wink mentions:
The “reception is kinda scratchy right now….but the tecnology is going to improve”

Thus it could be time to tap into the Akaskic records … the memories of each and every person who has ever lived on the earth?

Cool obviously I already have and I am attempting to share what is TRUE and FREE and available to all of humanity?

Tesla thought he heard voices from the dead red planet Mars.

His peers and backers who later morphed into reptilian/serpentine backstabbers ALL labeled him crazy AFTER the slimy fuckers stole all his best ideas, profited from them, and hid away the rest.
The rest is history…and me calling those fuckers fuckers has become politcally incorrect too.
What the fuck?

And long ago before all of the science rules starting doing battle with the religious dogma, the 4×4 MAGIC square of Jupiter was revered, respected, and seen as having magical properties.

And how does the magic square of Jupiter connect/merge with the CUBE and the number of the collective unconscious 37.

Yes according to Jerry Iuliano who has the math formulas to prove his claim, the number 37 is somehow connected to the collective unconscious. 

And 37 is truly a unifying number that transcends, SPACE and TIME and the best part?

Numbers transcend BELIEFS and what cannot be put into words…!!!

What happens when we add 1 to 37?


NOW if anybody can count MORE than 37 VISIBLE squares on this 4×4 magic rubik cube it would suggest you not be of this world….

OUR FIELD OF VISION will NOT ALLOW us to see more than 37.

Try it….get yourself a real cube and TRY to count MORE than 37.

Tesla ‘heard’ something alright.
Later after his death it was proved that the Martian transmissions that Tesla heard were radio wave transmissions coming from Jupiter….who of course is another SIGN that is all deSIGN.

Jupiter = ZeuS

IF this is NOT evidence that our buddy Tesla had tapped into something divine I do not know what is.
note: at the end of his daze Tesla was MORE interested in low low low infra-sounds.

He had flipped his focus from studying the high frequencies to low frequencies as KEY?



interesting trivia regarding the design:
God’s Number is 20
Every position of Rubik’s Cube™ can be solved in twenty moves or less.


30 thoughts on ““…the Talking Heads and the Walking Dead” are activated using mirrored I^37 LEvI priestly fine structure magic by tweaking the Electro-Magnetic Field while DREAMING???

  1. On a seperate note, well kind of linked to the geometry thing, have you heard of Masaru Emoto? He’s a scientist from Japan who has made some fantastic discoveries regarding the effects of intention/consciousness on water.

    • I went to one of M Emoto presentations years ago.
      looking back on it….too much buck $$ for the bang.
      His theory is great, the book is better than the seminar.

      I have also been to one of Gregg Braden’s seminars…slick is all I can say….always selling.

      Save your money when Gregg comes to town…buy his books though, they can be found discounted in used book stores.


  2. Another 137-69 observation that I noticed is gold. Covalent radius of 136 and atomic number 79. Looks like gold is nature’s preferred payment method!

  3. I couldn’t post on breakfornews but I had something to add to what you had written there.

    YHVH = 26 in gematria (the square root of 676)

    BBL = 667 = 676…

    • Gary is it a name game?
      Name it helps to make it?

      maybe a game of ‘horseshoes’?
      so being close counts sometimes when collecting brownie dwarf points…

      if you get close enough to the magnet, you will get drawn toward it, or feel its pull…
      I think intuition works the same way…you feel it.


    • I can only suggest Professor Arkham that you counted several of them more than once.
      It might help if you mark each square as you count them.
      Take a look at the edges of the square, those do ‘double’ duty.

      How many squares are visible on all of the magic cubes?
      What PATTERN is revealed as the CUBE expands…..?


      1x1x1 = 1 visible square NONE are invisible = thus we are ONE and there are NO SECRETS
      2x2x2 = 8 (7 are visible and 1 has been hidden)
      3x3x3 = 27(19 are visible and 8 are hidden)
      4x4x4= 64 (37 are visible and 27 are hidden)
      5x5x5 = 125 (61 are visible and 64 are hidden)
      6x6x6 = 216 (91 are visible and 125 are hidden)

      Please do continue, finish the chart, IF I finish for you what I already know, how does that help you?

      So the PATTERN that emerges is OBVIOUS to me.
      When we are ONE solid CUBE i.e. 1x1x1 = ONE, >>> there are NO SECRETS
      But notice as the CUBE gets bigger in magnitude and breaks up into more and more MINI CUBES, it appears that more and more of the CUBE becomes obscured, hidden, vEILed from plain view.

      Do you see it?
      Do you understand what I am saying?

      AND most importantly, with what magnitude magic cube, does the changeover take place, when MORE of the cube APPEARS to be hidden from view?

      4x4x4 Rubik's Cube

      I use the word APPEARS, because those lines drawn in the sand, on the surface of the Rubik’s Cube are imaginary.
      Or are they?

      Btw how is the book coming along Prof. Arkam?


  4. I followed this link on breakfornews http://www.gnostics.com/egyptmys.html and there are many calculations but the one that I noticed the most was the collective unconscious equation… 37 x 18 = 666 (odd that 6 6 6=18 as well).

    1/137 = 0.00729 or 37 x (7 2 9) = 666

    It is not my intention to waste your time, far from it. I am drawn to these “mysteries” for some reason and reading your work and the links contained therein makes it possible for me to reconcile what I’ve always known deep down – that religion is not the way forward, that it’s always been just a tool for the masses or sheeple if you prefer.

    • Gary did you notice that most of the work on that page you linked to was complied by Jerry Iuliano, who I often quote when discussing 37 and the collective unconscious?

      i.e. taken from that page:

      “….sorry for the piecemeal… this is an ongoing real-time research discovery..” -JI

      you are not wasting my time Gary.


  5. Raphael, is there a way that I could send you a pdf file that I came across? It’s about the ancient philosophers, I thought that you might like it being a fellow stone-r…

  6. Raphael

    I am absolutely fascinated at what I have been reading.

    It started with a curiosity about aliens/2012. Hours of reading and videos later I realised that numbers are the key. I was fortunate enough to stumble over your posts on the 2012 forum.

    I feel as though I haven’t the foundations of knowledge needed to fully understand.

    Any suggestions of what reading/research would be good to start digging my rabbit hole with.


    • James start with the Tarot…and you will end with it too.

      CARD X of the TAROT is the treasure map I followed.
      CARD X solves all X’s
      even in physics and quantum blah blah blah

      X is LUX, it is light but it sounds like LUCKS.

      X or eks?
      learn to sign your name with it…
      stay thirsty my friend



  7. yes I have Gary, thanks for the reminder *today*

    today is Oct. 28/2011
    Carl Johann Calleman beLIEves today is MORE significant than Dec. 21/2012.

    I sent this letter off to Carl today, to give him something to celebrate today….

    hello Carl,

    today is your day dude…
    today I shall share with you how the fine structure constant or alpha collides with the Maya Calender.

    Richard Feynman once said “all good theorists should write I37 on the wall and WORRY about it”.

    But the word QaBaLaH in gematria has a value of ‘I37’ established at least 1000 years before Richard Feynman made his comment.
    So I want to suggest an *update* to King Richard’s comment.

    “all good theorists should write ‘137’ on the wailing wall in Jerusalem and meditate on it.”

    The fact is Carl, whether you are CERN scientist or a LEvI temple priest, or Jesus’ grandfather called hELI (helios?), or the prophets ezekIEL, ELIjah or DanIEL, it would be imperative that you had a clue about how I37.
    Here is a clue that stands the test of TIME and SPACE, but how does MOTION play a role?

    LEvI rotated 180 degrees (the wave is now OUT-OF-PHASE) looks too much like I^37.

    Is I37 and DanIEL or is it DNA-IEL, among the many linguistic clues emanating from the ‘script’ contained in our JUNK DNA scriptures?

    If you would love to find out how the MAYA Code 13 x 7x 9= 819 can be connected to the 4 Evangelists, the I-Ching, the Knights Templar saying their prayers/paternosters, Pythagoras’ hammers, and the Freemasons laying cornerstones in significant temples…let me know.

    I have 7 years of research ready to SHARE, maybe you deserve, today, a glimpse?

    I just came back from the CPAK conference in Sedona hosted by Walter Cruttendon.
    I had some interesting discussions with Claude Swanson, Robert Schoch, Gary David, and Laird Scranton.
    Btw, just to let you know I am serious.
    Maybe you should come along on the trip to GobELkI Tempe with Robert Schoch and me in June of 2012?

    Carl give me a shout, I can show you how the dimensionless ALPHA (I37) which contains three constants, is directly connected to the electron coupling (e^2) strength which is a direct reference to PAIRS of animals embarking on an ARK journey.
    beautiful really

    I started out with an intent to find the common denominators in ALL beLIEfs.
    aLIEns are an obvious EvIL LIE.
    How many times is the word EvIL found in the bIbLE?
    6II times
    6II rotated 180 degrees and read in reverse is 9II.

    My intent to merge all beLIEfs were sincere and I soon found myself looking for the poetry in the math and the math in the poetry/allegory.
    And then eventually I realized that Zoroaster who introduced the angELs to the entire passion play playing itself out, were later adopted by Judaism and Christianity and Islam.
    Are angELs all about angLEs?
    Is that why Plato suggests you need to KNOW geometry to enter his academy?
    Yes angELs are given wings, for the same reason a Freemason is given a compass, to measure the ‘EL’ angLEs.

    So you see Carl, today is rather special for you and me too.

    btw are these coincidences or just MORE evidence of the unifying underlying design?
    (there are NO coincidences, just EVIDENCE of the unity IMHO)

    My father was named Karl.
    My youngest daughters name is Emma Karling.
    My mother (who is a widow) is Maria.
    I AM therefore the Son of a Widow, like Chiram Abif from Tyre.
    And Karl Maria Wiligut, the NAZI occultist also mentions that angELs are all about angLEs.

    Who AM I Carl?
    Can I prove to you I have been channeling RaphaEL or maybe the angEL RazIEL, who was given the Book of Secrets, which was given to ‘Adam’?
    Carl maybe it is time you co-authored a book?
    You have a voice, I AM a nobody who was selected to help bring forth a reconciliation between science and rELIgion.

    Carl how does the word bIbLE = the MAYA Code I3 x 7 x 9?
    >>> turn the word bIbLE upside down, so St. Peter can read it too?
    >>>clearly we are being lead by JUNK DNA and linguistics.

    bIbLE = 9I973 = 13 x 7 x 9

    So why the extra 9?
    not so fast
    but a clue would be 99 = 69 = yin yang and and and there is so much more to come.

    Paracelsus suggested it would be ELIas the artist who was to come.
    So obviously Carl we ALL play a role as artists.

    We collectively are the ONE to come, we all need to tap into the YodHeVavHeART and intitiate some Electro-Magnetic Magic.



  8. I came across this 1379 today, you’ve probably already written it somewhere amongst all of the research that you’ve posted on the various blogs and forums but here it is anyway;

    “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.” (Revelation 13:16-18)

    Every time I start reading your research (on breakfornews or kachina2012) I end up finding links to posts that I haven’t yet read. It really is an unbelievable amount of work that you have done, CC would have to be crazy not to see the opportunity that you are presenting him with.

    The other day I noticed something curious in my banker’s fax number; the last four numbers are 3716…

    • hey Gary that is a good one, no I have not mentioned that association…re: Revelation (13:7:9)
      could you post it on the Breakfornews forum, so others can see how much fun it is to play along?

      stay thirsty my friend


  9. Raphael,

    Check out this section in wikipedia re water. Some rather special things happen to water at 4 degrees C. The image on wikipedia is very interesting.

    Polarity & Hydrogen bonding

    An important feature of water is its polar nature. The water molecule forms an angle, with hydrogen atoms at the tips and oxygen at the vertex. Since oxygen has a higher electronegativity than hydrogen, the side of the molecule with the oxygen atom has a partial negative charge. An object with such a charge difference is called a dipole meaning two poles. The oxygen end is partially negative and the hydrogen end is partially positive, because of this the direction of the dipole moment points towards the oxygen. The charge differences cause water molecules to be attracted to each other (the relatively positive areas being attracted to the relatively negative areas) and to other polar molecules. This attraction contributes to hydrogen bonding, and explains many of the properties of water, such as solvent action.[33]

    A water molecule can form a maximum of four hydrogen bonds because it can accept two and donate two hydrogen atoms. Other molecules like hydrogen fluoride, ammonia, methanol form hydrogen bonds but they do not show anomalous behavior of thermodynamic, kinetic or structural properties like those observed in water. The answer to the apparent difference between water and other hydrogen bonding liquids lies in the fact that apart from water none of the hydrogen bonding molecules can form four hydrogen bonds, either due to an inability to donate/accept hydrogens or due to steric effects in bulky residues. In water, local tetrahedral order due to the four hydrogen bonds gives rise to an open structure and a 3-dimensional bonding network, resulting in the anomalous decrease of density when cooled below 4 °C.

    Also found this which I thought might interest you… I tried to register at BFN but I never received an e-mail to confirm the activation of my account.

    Genesis 8:3-4 (4-8-12 = 4-8-3)

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