Pole Star alignment 2100 A.D. ‘KEY 528’ and the Saxon hero Widukind Reborn

UPDATE December 27, 2015

source of idea for ANYTHING TO SAY Anything to say
… in fact yes I do have something to say about the location
where we find this statement being made.

52° 31′ 18″ N, 13° 24′ 48″ E

Let us compare the location 52° 31′ 18″ N, 13° 24′ 48″E of the sculpture Anything to say to the idea called Widukind and a gate or opening called the Brandenburg Gate.

By coincidence it has been noted that four of the five statues we see below of Widukind, Witekind, Wittekind, Wedekind to be found in former Saxon/German territories prior to Christianity can be located on a latitude of 52°


Widukind2 b.jpgWidukind-Statue in GelsenkirchenWidukind - Wittekind stone in Solterwisch (East Westphalia)

Below are the locations of the above statues and monuments dedicated to Widukind/Wittekind.
starting clockwise from top left the Kennings begin to emerge.

~ monument of Widukind in Herford
52°08′N 8°41′E

~ Roman epitaph of Widukind in the church in Enger
52° 08’N 8 ° 33’E

~ modern statue of Widukind in Nienburg
52° 38′ 18.23″N 9° 12′ 22.6″E

~ Widukind statue in Gelsenkirchen erected Nazi era 1938
The exception to the ’52’ rule >>> 51° 31′ 0″ N, 7° 6′ 0″ E

~ Wittekind stone in Solterwisch (East Westphalia)
52° 8′ 56.12″ N, 8° 48′ 45.21″ E

~ “Widukind source”  birth and the death place of Widukind
52° 17′ 44.33″ N, 8° 38′ 7.38″ E

~ Wittekindsberg (left) and Jacob Berg (right) at the Porta Westfalica
52° 14′ 45.6″ N, 8° 53′ 26.4″ E

~ Widukind – Wittekind statue in Hannover-Linden
52° 22′ 0″ N, 9° 43′ 0″ E

Interesting breakdown of archetypes used to help script the kenning called Widukind.
They might involve a stone, a spring or source, a mountain, a Saxon grove, the Irminsul tree of life, the pole star, a chariot, 4 horses, an eagle, a crusader cross, and an epitaph.

And by coincidence the only time I ever visited Germany was in 1991 when I was returning home to Toronto from India and I did a stopover to visit an old childhood friend Janie who had gotten married and was now living in Frankfurt which is situated around 50° 7′N latitude.
I then traveled north to visit another friend I had made while travelling in NZ in 1990.
Schanne lived in Bielefeld and by coincidence this town is located at 52° 1′ 0″N, 8° 31′ 0″E, of course.

In the telling of my own personal narrative both the numbers ’52’ and the letters NZ would later be revealed to me as being highly significant to my 13-Step Recovery Program.

source of idea for ANYTHING TO SAY
image on left is the former statue of Wittekind found in Hereford

… and yes it is true that the 21st century incarnation called Wedekind has something to say … about an IDEA being recovered linked to a Pole Star gate … which will be opening in and about 2100 A.D.

What if such an event is more important than we realize?

And clearly the time to prepare for an event that occurs with calculated rarity during the Great Year, or Platonic Year, or what moderns call the precession of the equinoxes, a cycle linked to the zodiac over a 25,920 year period is clearly upon us.

In the year 2100 A.D. the pole star Polaris, the last star on the handle of the Little Dipper will come to a point in its cosmic unfolding where it will be as close to aligning itself with the N/S axis of the earth and then it will be on the wane for thousands of years to come.

Right now Polaris is still waxing or approaching the moment when it aligns itself with the earth in 2100 and then Polaris as pole star begins a process of wane, only to be replaced in thousands of years by yet another pole star or guide?

The connection between 52° and the pole star alignment due in 2100 is encapsulated in the idea called the Brandenburg Gate.

Close-up of the quadriga on top of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin at night. The sculpture was produced by Johann Gottfried Schadow in 1793.
52° 30′ 59.08″ N, 13° 22′ 45.47″ E

~end of UPDATE~

the original blog post follows … 

1. The most important energy line in Berlin is near the Victory – Nike – Column and the Brandenburg Gate.
2. Berlin, the famous and infamous capital of Germany is in the German State of Brandenburg.
The latitude line 52.8 as noted in the previous link runs just north of Berlin , which is not part of, but surrounded by Brandenburg land.

above quote found here:

I do find the reference to the 52.8 quite interesting, as I will illustrate.
It connects beautifully to the last of the Saxon heroes who opposed the Church and Charlemagne…


Newton arrived at the year 2060 in a straightforward manner.

He believed that the last world empire at the coming of the Antichrist would be a revived Roman Empire, a concept wholly embraced by eschatologists in modern times as well. He also believed that this had actually occurred in A.D. 800 through the coronation of Charlemagne by Pope Leo III as ruler of the revived Roman Empire in the West.

ImageModern Widukind statue in Nienburg

The mythical Widukind rode a Black Horse as a Saxon, but after his defeat and conversion to Christianity he rode a White Horse

Now where else have I seen that archetype used?
Black Horse/Black Knight vs. White Horse/White Knight?

Please note that Widukind died around 808 AD. and his first appearance appears to be in 777 A.D.


Above is a 12th century map of Jerusalem.
The map above depicts the Knights Templar as those riding the White Horse.
So the answer to the question, which came first … Widukind or the legendary Knights Templar is more than obvious, and a pattern is also detected.
Please note that the lance (Longinus perhaps?), is in fact piercing the side of the Black Knight.

And the lance or spear of destiny becomes part of the myth when discussing the messiahs death at Golgotha …

Ask the Vatican.
Ask Hitler.
Ask why we can find a statue dedicated to the highly disputed mythical St. Longinus in the Vatican?

Saint Longinus is the name given in medieval and some modern Christian traditions to a Roman soldier who pierced Jesus in his side with a lance while he was …
ImagePlease read the above text

And in the above image the White Knight is not only associated with the Knights Templar but also St. George the dragon slayer.
And St. George can be connected to the KEY 528, and the sublime narrative that accompanies the ‘creative proceSS’, that we see unfolding all around us…or is it more like a contraction?

Was the financial collapse orchestrated, and how does it connect to the narrative/creative process..

Now a couple more things the reader of this blog needs to know about my past and my apparent destiny here on these forums, how my purpose and my fate are one and the same, and it apparently helps to suggest why I have been granted the gift of a ‘vision’ called the ‘KEY 528’.

My childhood hero was a fella by the name of Robin Hood.
Based on the number of viewings, The Adventures of Robin Hood starring Errol Flynn (1938) is by far my most ‘favorite film’. D
As a child I loved the films premise…stealing from the rich and sharing with the poor, fighting the selfish and self-serivng corruption…
It is also one of the reasons I left my career selling houses.
I could not close my eyes to the rampant self-serving corruption that the unreal real estate industry breeds.
That is when I chose to move on and become a firefighter in 1983, an occupation that was geared to fighting the external eXoteric fires.
But life is change and I left the fire department in 2007 to fight the biggest blaze of my life, I did not realize it when I retired, but I do now, my final battle/task has been to track and locate ‘THE Arsonist’, the one that I have identified as starting the inner spiritual fires

I have located those that like to burn the libraries containing the knowledge…denying us truth.

My final battle as a retired firefighter is to help extinguish the inner eSoteric fires.
I was even awarded the badge 1258 is to help set things straight.
Those numbers can be connected to the formula for Phi (the golden mean/divine proportion) and Card X of the Tarot.

It soon becomes clear that Phi is some of the information that was embedded with intent, into this card.
It is in fact connected to the truth that the Vatican is trying to suppress.
The Vatican’s chapter called HIS-story, is about to come to an end.
The coming shift, the new paradigm will not allow for the self-serving blah blah blah to continue.

Robin Hood was a legendary/mythical Saxon.

To the reader, my real surname Wedekind is associated with the name of the Saxon 8th-9th century leader Widukind, who in fact was the last Saxon hero on record to oppose the Church/Pope.
Starting to sound familiar?
Who in fact has become my primary target as my inner journey has progressed, as I descended down the rabbit hole?

How is Widukind linked to the KEY 528?
I do know that Wedekind feels connected to 1258 and 528.

Enger is a town in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It is located in the district of Herford, 6 km west of the town of Herford. Population: 20,700 (2001).

The town, first mentioned in 948, calls itself “Widukind’s town.” The Saxonian leader Widukind died about 808; there is no evidence that Enger existed in his lifetime. A legend tells that Widukind founded a church in Enger after his baptism, and that he lived at the place until his death. He was buried in the church of Enger, and his monumental tomb is still there in the town’s church.

However something becomes obvious about the legend/myth of Widukind…

…analysis shows that the memorial slab dates from circa 1100, thus it is doubtful that there are really the remains of Widukind in the tomb.
The main current attractions of Enger are Widukind’s tomb, a Widukind museum, and the annual Widukind festival on January 6.
Herford is a town in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, located in the lowlands between the mountain chains of the Wiehengebirge and the Teutoburg Forest. It is the capital of the district of Herford and belongs to the conurbation around Bielefeld.
Bielefeld is located at >>> 52°8′ N 8°41′ E
Statue of Widukind in Herford 52°8′

And remember Einstein was born in Ulm, Germany.

Ulm has the tallest gothic church spire in the world;

528 feet.

Ja Ja Jah Yahweh

So what does Barack Obama, Einstein, YHWH, the Saxon hero Widukind, the myrrh-ijuana mystic Wedekind, (both who are heroes in my book, both who oppose the Vatican), have to do with the KEY 528 and this card?

Card X, the Wheel of Fortune and the Tetragrammaton
and the numbers 11 2 5 8

CARD X of the archetypal Tarot … helps solve the mythical X…X represents where to find the buried treasure and the holy grail and maybe disclose the location of a planet X too?

That CARD can help the particle physicist PREDICT where an electron is going to be and when.
Both at the same time.
And that is a big deal.
Predicting macrocosmic and microcosmic events is a big deal, if one possesses a crystal ball.
Ask the Maya.
Ask the Sumerians.
Ask the Vatican.
Ask me.
Ask the 7 me that exist within each of you.



p.s. I kinda feel like I have been resurrected to serve a higher purpose.

Know what I mean?
Why is pulling back the veils, apparently easy for me?

Why does it seem quite often as I follow the path back, that I am not learning anything new, only remembering something old and true?
In a world woven together with paradoxical, quizzical, mystical, reflective, allegorical, sublime subtle poetry, the answer to WHY is the letter Y.


Do you see the letter ‘Y’ ?

Is separating the “wheat from the chaff”, or shedding a ‘slithery serpentine skin’, maybe a Christian ‘resurrection’, an ‘alchemical transmigration’, what if these archetypes about your DNA, altering the old into the new, transmigrating/transmuting into a spiritual gold, from within.

Not necessary to visit or make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, the Vatican or Mecca ever.
The folks who run these places are primarily interested in maintaining a certain Market Share …

Each of us has been bequeathed a temple.
You get to maintain it.

You are its caretaker, its guru, and its adept.
We arrive complete, an all in one package.

Do not open till  the X – mass@acre

KEY 528=Swastika=ancient Spherical Standing Wave Theory
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”