Rotas/Sator Magic Square = Knights Templar Treasure = Hands of God = Theory of Everything

Serbian HANDS OF GOD symbol

The plate highlighted on these pages is from Samarra Iraq.
And Samarra Iraq is of course close to ole world Slavic pagans, not that far away at all.


The Hands of God (Slavic: ręce boga) is a pre-Christian symbol in Slavic mythology, representing Supreme God and Universe. For Slavs, the cross was associated with fire and life, but generally with the sun and the balance of the Universe. In a majority of primary and original cultures, it was believed to provide luck, welfare, and the favor of God. The symbol itself consists of a large central cross (symbolizing arms and hands ended with five fingers, the comb shape), which represents the force of a Supreme God. Present variations include the Swarzyca Swarog and sun Swarozyc, also a display of God’s radical force.

Swarzyyca = swastika
Svarog is  identified with Hephaestus, another blacksmith kinda guy. :flop:
What did the Pythagoras guy learn from the blacksmith guy about MUSIC, using hammers of different weights/mass.

Ugly deformed HephaeStuS associated with the asymmetrical SwaStika. :owned:

BULLSEYE and the scope….micro scopes and telescopes and weapons of war all have CROSS – hairs. :look:


MORE Slavic swastika pagan symbols found here. :flop: … uselang=pl

Now try to find those ‘COMB’ shapes on this NEO-lithic script found in the Black Sea area belonging to the Vinca Culture.


A GEOMETRIC script that is dated to the MNEME plate, found in Samarra dated 5000 B.C.E.

Now here is a FACT of LIFE lost on the competing ego that thinks they DISCOVER shit. :lol:

The world would be better served if we can MATCH up all THEORIES with EDs.
WHAT IF we all get on the same page for a change?


ED WITTEN has supplied such a page.

And I feel I am in the process of merging my theory RECOVERED from the universal MEM with Eds’.

LG (ladies and gentile-man)
Unless you find common ground with competing THEORIES , YOUR BELIEF is just MORE.
FAIL :top:
And Murray Gell-Mann says we do not need MORE to explain MORE.
And MGM is broadcasting loud and clear to those who can HEAR.

Apparently String Theory leading the physicists toward their ulitmate goal and grail, the big TOE, will also solve the mystery regarding gravity.

And this merger between the SS and the SS, between the Sator Square and String Supersymmetry could very well be the TREASURE that is associated with King Solomon’s Temple.

What else would or could the Knights Templar TREASURE be?
They even named it for god’s sake. :owned:
This magic square TREASURE they found was at least 1000 years older than their select Knight Club.
The TREASURE they found, its source and use/intent/purpose has ALWAYS to this date been UNKNOWN.

I must conclude therefore, BTW this comes AFTER I HAD MERGED IT WITH MODERN STRING THEORY, that this ENIGMATIC Knights Templar Magic Square related to the planet Mars, thus the god of war, was probably the treasure Knights probably found.

Knights love WAR and mix this in with the Maya Transit of Venus cycle found in the Dresden Codex, and guess what you have.

:o A formula for perpetual WAR and the VATICAN in poSSeSSion of both. :shooting:

You see the Mayans used the VENUS cycle to predict when to go to WAR…and combined with MARS the WAR god (note the M and W are reflections :flop: ) what we have it seems, with the EARTH in the middle, is a battleground being manipulated by who?

And all initiates (worth their mercury, sulfur and salt) know the connection between the PENTAGRAM, VENUS orbits and the GOLDEN MEAN, the GOLDEN RATIO, GOLDEN TRIANGLES, GOLDEN RECTANGLES, GOLDEN SPIRALS, phi, Phi and 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8 AND OF COURSE MOTHER NATURE.

YOU MUST UNDERSTAND the following too.
The 5×5 Knights Templar magic square as it turns out is a right brain algorithm for logarithmic or exponential growth. :clapper:

This is knowledge that ANY EMPIRE would need to GROW and build an empire on, the growth of MONEY and INTEREST too? (usury)

Does MONEY or the 12,000 SWASTIKA, what it represents ON SO MANY religious/scientific dimensions best DEFINE what MAKEs THE WORLD go round and round and round, LITERALLY and FIGURATIVELY?

eh which is the best diplomat for our world at large?
Is it the VORTEX/TORSION/FRACTAL JAINA god and Cross, known as the SWASTIKA or MONEY that corrupts politicians, popes and wannabe authors selling a book or an idea?





shall we continue with providing more SWASTIKA = MEME or 4xE evidence.


this is one of the models of our magnetic field in the solar system.
those concentric rings in the center are the orbits of the inner planets.


Can you see the ‘E’ as it twists.
Do you have a laptop?
Look at this image upside down.
Do you see a ‘3’ now?
Stand off to the side and look at your laptop from the EAST and WEST, and the M and W should become visible too. :flop:

And what else can you see?


Chaldean Zodiacal Cross alongside the Greek Zodiacal Cross

In the Chaldean Cross do you see 4 KEYS or 4 x E or both?

The literal and figurative swasti-KEY to Universal Movement.
Staring at us all the time.
Taunting us.


SOUND, language, and our early utterances are more clues to how we got our start and ended up with bibles.
These coincidences are not freaks of nature, it is obvious that after 5000 years, that some form of ‘religion’ is indeed part of our INNER nature trying to express itself.
Once you seek out the common denominators, (representing a common ground) between the many various beliefs, the coincidences start to accumulate.
Concluding with the conclusion, there are no coincidences, it is design.

Image … 0877454965

:flop: Words and the Way We See Things

Why did I pick up this book?
Why did it immediately resonate with me?
How did it talk to me?
Why did I buy it?

Look at the cover.

HORSE = the WAVE, explains the connection to Poseidon?
PIG = the PEARL, throw no pearls before the swine?
SHELL = the WOMAN, when I think of shells I am reminded of whorls?

But it was the PLOUGH = the SHIP that caught my attention first and foremost.
Mainly because of the association that the PLOUGH/SHIP or ARK could potentially have relative to the interpretation of the palindrome comprised of letters forming the Sator/Rotas Square.

Because I can easily show profound connections between the CELTIC culture and the WEAVE which is at the heART of ALL WEAVES, or TEXT, I must admit this interpretation of the word AREPO = PLOUGH is best. :flop:
The ONE word that many folks agree, that appears NOT to fit the other words in the palindrome is AREPO.

The word arepo is enigmatic, appearing nowhere else in Latin literature. Most of those who have studied the Sator Square agree that it is a proper name, either an adaptation of a non-Latin word or most likely a name invented specifically for this sentence. Jerome Carcopino thought that it came from a Celtic, specifically Gaulish, word for plough.

And the profound associations I found in the book The Book of Babel, supports the Ship/Ark MEME?

occam’s razor suggests that the CHURCH embedded much of the pagan symbolism into the WORDY narrative….LANGUAGE carries its own narrative.

And a WEAVER would needed a HOOKED CROSS :owned: when crocheting the matrix?

But what other gems regarding the evolution of how we communicate, how we see and HEAR, are in this book?

How would a SOUND become a LETTER?
I have claimed that the Sator Square can be transposed to the MNEME plate found in Iraq circa 5000 BCE.

What happens if we reverse engineer the letters M and N in the word MNEME, which we trace to the Greek root word for memory?
What happens if we try to understand the magic square puzzles by adding a ‘SOUND’ component to our investigations?

As Max Planck said to Einstein, matter and energy both default to ‘vibration’ OR frequency.
All aspects of NATURE can in fact be converted to SOUND or LIGHT frequencies.


So what is the potential root/source of the M and N that we see on this plate?

And as you read these defining moments, also keep in mind that I will also connect the 3 levels found on this plate to Milo Wolff’s STANDING WAVE theory (re:electron). :flop:


Remember all the pieces must fit and be complimentary/associate to each other while we do our inquiries.

M which would represent the M, E, W and 3 we find positioned in the four fixed directions, on this plate below.
And on the Sator Square the M is represented by the 4 x E, I must conclude.
Back to this book Words and the Way We See Things…


The Letter M

‘If we watch from below people walking up-hill and speaking together, the nasals m and n are heard longest.’
A certain Professor Helmholtz, :flop: quoted by Max Muller.

W O W :pray:

Very very cool, ascending the Mount, going up-hill is thus linked to SOUND, and the letters M and N, both letters clearly displaying much signifance re: Sator Square and Super String Theory too. :flop:

M = E, W and 3
4 permutations through x, y, z, by rotation or reflection.

N = Z, 2, 5 and S
5 permutations through x, y, z.

But what does the book say about the letter ‘N’ that sits at the very heart, in the center of the Sator Square.
And the center is always reserved for something special. :flop:
Note in the Sator Square there is only ONE letter ‘N’. :think:

The Letter NThe possibly watery origins of the letter N seem to be reinforced by the Hebrew N, nun, a fish.
N is said to be the image of a wiggling eel.

Light on disturbed water ‘dazzles’, or ‘zig zags’, words in which it has been suggested that the ‘Z’s are tiny letter-pictures. :idea:
Turn the ‘Z’ through ninety degrees :flop: and the result is an ‘N’, the zig zag line, according to Hensleigh Wedgwood in 1866, which represents the wavy surface of water and which is used as the symbol for Aquarius** among the signs of the zodiac.
Ruskin wrote of the ‘hieroglyphic use of the zigzag, for water, by the Egyptians’.

An eel or maybe a water snake that carries a ‘charge’?

And I want to mention that though Aquarius is often connected to water, called the water-bearer, it is an AIR sign.
An anomaly that suggests air waves and water waves share many commonalities?

So I love that book for obvious reasons, it helps explain how the language we share in, is a reflection of the underlying unity, expressions of unity that go well beyond words chosen to express what we see of the poetic/artistic underpinnings of creation.

i.e. pictures of vistas we take, never live up to the experience of being there, catching a glimpse of the unknown, for the same reason suffers from the lack of words to express the feelings of what you saw or experienced, if you happen to go to the other side and return with a story to tell.

You had to be there. :flop:


edgarrothstein wrote:

No swastika in Egypt and/or Africa.
I believe Africa is a yes?

This fella has something to say.

The Swastika was the symbol for luck and akin to the Tau or Cross. In the Indus valley it was the symbol for well being and good, and came from the original Africans peoples, just as the Star of David or Seal of Solomon came from the same system.

Egypt and Assyria no, I agree, but no big deal dude, they were the beginning of the mystery religions?
When stuff started to be VEILeD?

Samarra Iraq yes had swastikas in 5000 BCE, long long long before the centre of the universe crap emanating out of semite mesopotamia, 2000 years later?

ALL nations that lack SWASTIKAS have SERPENTS instead
And some have both.

Because serpents and swastikas are essentially about waveforms and frequencies, LIGHT and SOUND

And with interest I note ALL NATIONS that have serpent symbolism have GOOD and BAD serpents.

NOTE THE CONSISTENCY of the IGNORANT bible babblers who take the scriptures far to literally:
Only the Christians have NO apparent MOON symbolism (unlike the Jews and Muslims and everybody EAST of PERSIA), and only the Christians demonize the SERPENT, and have nothing good to say about it?

Only the NEW WORLD ORDERED Christians demonize the SWASTIKA.
Seeing a PATTERN?

Folks who recognize eternal patterns become prophets. :flop:


:arrow: now take the word JE + SUS and go fly a kite, or should I say go build an ARK.

go ahead goggle the source of ‘je‘. :flop:
here let me help.

JE is a hypothetical intermediate source text of the Torah postulated by the DH. It is a combination and redaction of the Jahwist (J) and Elohist (E) source texts. According to this hypothesis, J was composed c. 950 BC, E was composed c. 850 BC, and the two were combined into JE c. 750 BC. JE was combined into the Torah c. 400 BC.


JE + SUS is designed to lead the sheeple. :bang;
but where is not so obvious. :o

What if my TRUTH message is for REAL?
Why else was I given the ability to SEE this pattern? :think:


The Atlantis Encyclopedia
page 278 … cyclopedia


The Quiche Mayas’ Chilam Balam reports that “the wise men, the Nahuales, the chiefs and leaders, called U Mamae [“the Old Men”], extending their sight over the four parts of the world and over all that is beneath the sky, and, finding no obstacle, came from the other part of the ocean, from where the sun rises, a place called Patulan. Together these tribes came from the other part of the sea, from the east, from Patulan.” The civilizing mission of these U Mamae and their arrival over the Atlantic Ocean leave little doubt that they came from the same island capital described by Plato, a conclusion broadly underscored by the obvious philological resemblance between the Quiche “Patulan” and the Greek “Atlantis.”

Very interesting coincidence.
the Old Men…extending over four parts of the world…


can we place St. Brigid’s Cross inside the MEME plate?
note how the 4 arms are offset in both images. :flop:

And can we connect the Celtic ‘weaves’ and ‘knots’ to the swastika?
elementary my dear watson.


St. Brigid’s Cross

Legend says this cross was woven by the patron saint of Ireland to explain the Passion. Its heritage extends to the Neolithic Age when it symbolized the four seasons. It is now hung over Irish doorways to protect home and hearth. It is also related to the symbol of the “turning wheel” which symbolized the movement of the sun and is a design seen on Celtic crosses.


The  importance of MEMEs to our future?
Why we need to learn about the MEME before it becomes our master?

Mnemonics, Catch-Phrases, Totems and Icons

A Meme-Based Approach to Oral Traditional Theory
:arrow: … /Drout.pdf

Changing Times
:arrow: … ging-Times

CLEARLY THE SATOR SQUARE :rtft: IS A RIGHT BRAIN MEME BASED ALGORITHM, that has been patiently awaiting our awakening.