“…112358 a Golden Beautiful Simple Elegant Magical Theory of Everything”

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Guys enough poking about and chest pounding please. This topic is hard enough to understand without the bullshit, don’t get so defensive ( or offensive).

let me tell you where I am headed, flow.
clearly where I am going.
this is not about chest pounding
you folks are witness to the unfolding of the story that was already written.

I am just starting to.

humor me for a moment and respect the PATTERN I have detected?
aren’t you folks looking for PATTERNS too?
well if you are on this thread not looking for PATTERNS…would that be a waste of time, most of you will agree?

THE PATTERN I detected is the Fibonacci/phi = nature’s GOLDEN SPIRAL

Big deal, the herd reBLEATs in unison?

I have followed this PATTERN which revealed itself as the CODE 11 2 5 8 found on CARD X of the Tarot.
I have been hot on the trail of the deeper meaning of the GOLDEN MEAN for quite sometime now.

11 2 5 8
then add the Masonic cipher or KEY, the number ‘3’.
thus the CODE is revealed.
11 2 3 5 8

Place the cipher ‘3’ in the center.
Now if you join the numbers 11, 2, 3, 5, 8 what shape do we have?

The letter ‘W’ ooks like a waveform to me?
Witten and Widukind (my surname) and an upside down Marko, all get together to solve this mystery?
What if?
After all I have spoken with Marko, and he did remind to write everything down.
Did Marko dare call me nuts?
duh hardly.

Clearly the ARCHTYPE suggests another ‘W’, ‘M’, ‘E’ or ‘3’ must step forward?
Maybe the ‘E’ was Einstein?
Fellas fellas here is more proof of the script that has already been written.
ALL OF US on this thread are aware of the solfeggio frequency 528 hertz which heals the cell wall and DNA, is the claim.
Now guess where the tallest church spire in all the world is?
In Ulm, Germany, Einstein’s hometown, and yes of course, it is 528 feet tall?
The BERLIN WALL i.e. the Brandenburg Gate is situated at 52.8 degrees latitude.

Statue of Widukind in Herford, Germany, Coordinates 52°8′

So what do Barack Obama, Einstein, Ed Witten and ole RaphaHELL all have in common with healing our DNA?

The statue of Widukind, the last Anglo-Saxon to oppose the Pope is located also at 52.8 degrees latitude.

so I now know exactly what it is that I need to do.

Contact Ed Witten
why Ed Witten?
2 very good reasons.
hope you folks realize I am making a beeline, going straight to the top, going to see the queen bee himself?

Ed Witten and Roger Penrose designed the Twistor String Theory together, or at least RP started it and EW picked it up later.

Ed Wittens birthday carries the CODE 11 2 5 8

Edward Witten (born August 26, 1951) is an American theoretical physicist with a focus on mathematical physics. He is a professor at the Institute for Advanced Study. He is a leading researcher in superstring theory, supersymmetric quantum field theories and other areas of mathematical physics. Edward Witten is regarded by many of his peers as one of the greatest living physicists.[1] He currently is the only physicist to have received the highest honor in mathematics, the Fields Medal.

8 26 1951

11 2 5 8 and 69*
So why Ed?

Ed Witten’s theory, the notation he uses to express his Twistor String Theory is a perfect fit for the SATOR/ROTAS magic square found in the ruins of Pompeii, and the source of this magic square is in fact unknown.
THIS SQUARE is the purported TREASURE that the TEMPLARs found…?

I really FEEL it is, and here we have another profound prediction, made by me, that Ed and me shall PROVE to be true, wait and see.

It even bears their name.
The Knights Templar Magic Square, source unknown, found in Solomon’s Temple.
Sure I can buy into that, the ROTAS Square heralds from the Solomon Temple era?
Did the Templers find gold or a GOLDEN RULE within the GOLDEN SPIRAL found within the ARCHitecture of Solomon’s Temple?

All of the same letters are used in the ancient SATOR/ROTAS square and modern TWISTOR STRING THEORY?

Only the two vowels, the only two vowels used in the 5×5 magic square, the A and O, the Alpha and Omega, are NOT accounted for.
YES the astute will immediately see that:

5 x 5 = 2 5 (marko rodin’s cosmic blender)

Can we use this magic square to double and halve the circuits?


So apparently 1931 years later, the ROTAS/SATOR square yields a powerful clue to mankind’s destiny?

clearly we are being ‘lead’.
but where, by who, and how?

And this theory fulfills the primary expectation of a simple beautiful elegant theory of everything that can be taught to anyone with a grade 12 education, using mnemonics to TRIGGER what we already know.

I shall be proof of that.

Bottom line here:
that is the message that needs to get out.
the LEFT BRAIN NEEDS THE RIGHT BRAIN to help fix the meSS.

WHY *69

that would be my astrological sign.
and the Freemasons KEYSTONE placed in their Royal Arch is represented by Cancer too?

And we can find evidence of the CODE in an ARCH that confirms this?
yes of course dudes!!!!!!
sorry is it not OBVIOUS?


Spirit of St. LouiS, the spirit the gateway to the WEST?


Is this the sign I should contact Ed? 😉

folks we are a mere expression of the creator’s heART…the sooner the IGNORANT DEAD WALKING ZOMBIES wake up to that fact, the better for all humanity.

I OFFER a rather unique opportunity for everybody today, the day before ‘Day out of Time’,  July 25?

I want to give EVERYBODY else a chance to beat Ed Witten and me to finding a solution to this MAGIC SQUARE, and of course the ultimate prize…a chance at the kick of the can with your big TOE!!!!
(TOE … theory of everything)

On your St. MARK
go get evil SET
let’s play the game of GO

Simple beautiful and elegant and rather GOLDEN is what I offer.

I wish the IGNORANT could IGNORE the contempt I have for them?
Take another look at my signature below.
This golden theory supports my signature below.
CAN you handle this TRUTH.

I hope at the END of the DAY that the Sun/Earth stands still, FAITH remains intact, and the herd of *IGNORANT* bible babblers are not *activated* again like EWE always seem to be when it is time for another of  your holier-than-thou CRUSADES?

I hope the judeao/christian/muslims resist the urge to reach into their closets VEILing a darkneSS, donning those NAZI costumes again, when the MASTERS  try to *activate* the herd again, and again and again…?



Swastika is the KEY of Universal Movement, forming part of an ancient vortex theory, along with phi and pi and the Maltese cross.
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”