“…Sator Square + 137 + 55 = How to make TIME disappear”

Group of Pontifical Swiss Guard inside St. Peter’s Basilica

What do the SwiSS and Vatican City have in common?

Besides sharing the Swiss Guard?
And how do we use simple geometry (some like to call sacred) as the link between Switzerland and the Vatican City.
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Morse Code

The 1-3-7  RULES or how to communicate using Sticks and Stones.
What if sticks became dashes and stones became dots?
What follows is the ‘architecture’ or ‘structure’ of the very archetypal Morse Code.
1  – dot/stone represents the SPACE between the PARTS of a LETTER.
3  – dots/stones represents the SPACE between TWO LETTERS.
7  – dots/stones represents the SPACE between TWO WORDS.
Are these coincidences or a design worth taking note of?
In gematria the numerical value for the word QaBALaH is 137.
Richard Feynman suggested all good theorists write 137 on the wall and worry about it.

Dante’s 55 and the Platonic Lambda 

In this paper we will show through the significance of the number 55 that Dante was a Pythagorean and Platonic philosopher at heart. Dante scatters the word “star” 55 times in his Commedia, and uses the Platonic Lambda’s number 55 as a vehicle for the soul’s ascent to the stars.
In examining Dante’s conscious placements of key passages in lines 55 of his Commedia, we discover secret doors that open the path to our cosmic soul.
These studies will help us to participate more fully in Dante’s and our spiritual pilgrimage to paradise.
In Plato’s Timaeus, we find that God created the Cosmic Soul using two mathematical strips of 1, 2, 4, 8 and 1, 3, 9, 27. These two strips have the shape of an inverted “V” or the “Platonic Lambda” since it resembles the shape of the 11th letter of the Greek alphabet “Lambda”.

 55 was known to the ancient sage-kings of China in the I Ching (circa 1000 B.C.)

On the Oracle: Heaven is one, earth is two; heaven is three, earth four; heaven is five, earth six; heaven is seven, earth eight; heaven is nine, earth ten. There are five heavenly numbers. There are also five earthly numbers. When they are distributed among the five places, each finds its complement. The sum of the heavenly numbers is 25, that of the earthly numbers is 30. The sum total of heavenly numbers and earthly numbers is 55.

It is this which completes the changes and transformations and sets demons and gods in movement.

It will be noted that the sum of the odd heavenly numbers and even earthly numbers = 25 + 30 = 55 from the I-Ching is obtained differently from that of Plato’s Timaeus whose Cosmic Soul is the sum of the double and triple series = 15 + 40 = 55.

Do you have this book?
Interesting to say the least….
And we ALL do the same thing….
We find the evidence that fits our theory best….
suhail jalbout wrote:
I have been asked:
Why the height of the Great Pyramid is exactly 280 cubits while the height of the Grand Gallery has a minor deviation?
My answer to this question, which I hope it will be of interest, is as follows:
“The length of the Grand Gallery is 91.37 cubits or 47.877 meters.
The ceiling and the floor are parallel to each other and both are sloping upwards at 26° to the base of the pyramid.
Its height, measured perpendicular to its base, varies between 8.48 and 8.74 meters which means the error is ± 13 cm with respect to its average height of 861 cm.
Most probably the height was consistent at first but due to settling, earthquakes, and floods that gradually made it uneven.

Late breaking news…
I am the source of this breakthrough… :oops:

The 55 holes (with a 56th at one time evident) found in the Grand Gallery is a reference to DNA, I suspect.

How do I know?
The evidence is pointing me in that direction.

source of  image:
Ever wondered how the Kaaba looked inside

S H A R Z A R W A A N  55  Rings of Brass

55 brass rings line the perimeter of the Kaaba cube in Mecca

more info:


Though it should be noted I did find one photograph posted on wiki that has 56 brass rings, the 56th being placed in the southern corner of a diamond configuration, however in the image above the 56th brass ring can be seen in the top left.
[I want to mention at this time that  the Freemasons lay their cornerstone in the northeast.

Similar to Stonehenge, the ‘heelstone’ (healstone?) is placed in northeast.]

Also in regards to Stonehenge we find that there are  56 Aubrey Holes in the most outer circle, not 55
(…but it should be noted that the 56th hole blocks direct line of sight from the ‘center’ of Stonehenge out to the Heel Stone)

So in Mekkah (the real spelling of Mecca), in Stonehenge, and in the Great Pyramid we seem to have a significant common denominator identified as 55 vs. 56 

and this quote was taken from wiki:

The true purpose of the holes may never be known, although future excavation of the remaining twenty-four using modern archaeological techniques will certainly provide more information.

Well I disagree, the fact the Aubrey Holes were treated as ‘tombs’ suggests my theory that these ARKetypal temples are in some way connected to our DNA.



And of course it is another coincidence that the Heel Stone is about the same distance from the center of Stonehenge as is the Black Door (where they hold service for dead Popes) is from the Obelisk in St. Peter Square.

’55’ X-perts went to ____ and asked is DNA the HOLY GRAIL?

The DNA KEYHOLE temple theory also aligns itself with the best of the other theories that currently exist regarding Stonehenge.
One theory was that it was a solar/lunar calculator, and the most current debate is fueled by the theory that it was a healing center.
Well our DNA is altered on the altar called Earth, and both the solar and lunar cycles are playing a role in how our DNA is affected from cradle to grave.
In other words we have great evidence NOW that the ancients saw a connection between our DNA and the dance of the coSmoS.

image: The Dimensions of Paradise
by John Michell 

note: in the above image we have a pentagon with 5 edges  and a hexagon with 6 edges sharing a common edge.
Therefore we end up with a geometric shape that has 9 edges not 11.
Compare to the images of DNA below.

It does appear therefore, based on the primal prime numbers, and other archetypal clues based on shape/form, that my IDEA or theory has great merit.

We also find:
>> 55 black and white dots in the Ho Tu (I Ching)
>> 55 atoms comprise ATCG
>> 55 = SS = Holy Spirit

>> 55 km is also a ‘boundary’ surrounding the earth, 55 AU is one too.

>> 56 = 5 + 6 = 11 = II = two pillars?

source of images and great info:

Ho Tu 55 black and white dots  and 55 is the sum of the numbers 1-10
Next to DNA’s nucleotides ATCG

And YA sure it is all a coincidence, that the 5 pointed pentagram/pentagon and 6 pointed hexagram/hexagon were both amulets/Seals of Solomon, and lo and behold LOOK it is the same geoMEtry (pentagon rings and hexagon rings married) that we find manifest in the chemistry of ATCG of DNA.

And how do we make the jump from the RIGHT geometric brain to the LEFT algebraic one?

Does FIVE have anything to do with F + IVE = F + I37?

…what SOUND is F ?
…what is 137?
...why are both the physicist/mystic enamored by 137?


And I almost missed the 91.37 cubit reference to the length of the GRAND GALLERY, which I had previously connected to why we build TEMPLEs based on the structure of our DNA…so we can enter the DNA Temples and thus heal our selves in ways we have yet to master….

BiNgo score another direct hit for the MM MaN.
The Myrrh-ijuana Mystic MaN.

 “…The Amphora, the Rosetta Fractal, DNA and the Holy Grail”

But wait there is ONE MORE GREAT reason why the numbers 1379 are important.

The number 5 is the number assigned to ‘MAN’.
If you surround the 5 with the numbers 1379 what configuration do you arrive at?


cha ching we have one of two sources that would combine to become the I-Ching!

Those 5 odd/yang numbers (1, 3, 5, 7, 9) comprise the + of the 3×3 LO SHU Magic Square, (in the corners are the EVEN female numbers 2, 4, 6, 8, who do we appreciate?) which is fundamental to the I Ching, the Chinese ‘bible’ re: morality, causal/acausal synchronicities’, it is their Book of Changes of Transformations, eastern alchemy, a blend of science, theology, and the metaphysical.

XX Mystic recovers Mystic Tablet i.e. the 3rd Bagua Arrangement to the I-Ching … now what?

You folks will need to wait for my book….ETA?
(Can’t say when it will be completed. I know now that I might need to come back, again, and again, in order to put the finishing touches on me mnemonic, meme, magnum opus)

Pray it gets to print before the I37  aLIEn  :lol:  invasion takes place.
An invasion designed to instill FEAR.
IMHO aLIEns are evidence of a mass hysteria that I see ‘we the sheeple’ consciousness is being directed toward.

The Philosopher King/Queen, the ONE-who-is-to-come, will take a REAL GOOD look at their OWN life, and they will put all the pieces together in a language that is comprehensible to each and ALL.
A simple truth that encompasses science, theology, philosophy and the arts, reduced to ONE idea we can all rally around.

Till then, it will be bu$ine$$ a$ u$ual.

End of story…

hardly…here is an update:

SS ‘the Holy Spirit’

Held up to a mirror this image yields pi.

i.e. in the mirror the SS or 55 looks like a 22 surrounded by 7 doves.

Leonardo Da Vinci might suggest the above image of the Holy Spirit SS/55 >>> put to the test using a mirror leads us to pi >>> 22/7 and >>> 3 1/7

Try to remember we are trying to recall how those memory games would have been played, recalling ideas by utilizing associations and correspondences.  Both the QaBaLaH and I-Ching promote learning about the universe by being keen observers of nature, and noting the associations and correspondences that must exist if the concept of an underlying unity is even to be considered.


The Templar/Maltese Cross was formed by joining the letters A-E-O-N

4 x AEON and AEON or AION means AGES.

So we have a reference to the 4 AGES
(gold, silver, bronze, iron is one version)

Knights Templar Magic Square has 25 units

It can be thought of as 5×5 or 5^2

The Maltese Cross and language:



The Maltese Cross and the Great Pyramid:

So there appear to be correspondences/connections between all of the above.
i.e. Sator Square (Knights Templar), Maltese Cross, 25, Great Pyramid design

http://www.amazon.com/Great-Pyramid-Dec … 1852307935

But what did I find in this book that got me excited again?
I went looking for information about the 55 holes in the Grand Gallery (DNA archetype) and found 56 like in Stonehenge.
But in the Great Pyramid where the 56th hole should be we find this:

visit the well >>

55 DNA Temples – Holy Spirit – SS – the KEYHOLE

But it was the MANY references to 25 primitive inches = 1 sacred cubit that caught my eye.
All of the following references to the number ‘25‘ are listed in the book :

25 (primitive inches)
It is suggested that the missing capstone would be 5 points 5 sides

And as listed in the book, the references to 25 are associated with all of the following:

the ONE-who-is-to-come
the Great Initiate
the birth of enlightenment
the Messianic Ideal

What the hell is a Messianic ideal?
Is an idea and the IdEaL essentially the same thing?

Does the ‘Well’ lead to a Hell or lower realm?
Yes it does…

And ONE day folks will realize that 25 = ZS, and the Holy Spirit or SS is in fact a reference to the number 55 and our DNA structure on the atomic level.
This has been proved that we have 55 atoms associated with all the building blocks of life called ACGT.

And we know another fact that is easily confirmed.
Somebody long ago felt that there were 10 Rules or 10 Commandments we should be aware of and live by.
Simple addition reveals the sum of the numbers 1 thru 10 = 55 
And it is also a fact of life that at some point in our ‘fractal self-similar’ evolution we were sent another reminder of how to interpret the inPHOmation that ‘just is’.

“… the 55 seems to be generated at the completion of the fine structure constant 137 that comes in horizontally on the number 21 …”

-Anthony Morris

The 10 Commandments are listed in Exodus 20:3-17.
Can we in fact find a profound correlation between Exodus 20:3-17, the 3 Mother letters, 7 double letters, and 12 single letters AND the position of ACGT as letters in the Alephbet?
Recall that Alpha = 1/137 = the fine structure constant.

Oh my oh my what has been recovered?
Could it be this simple?
go to the comments below:

To me it all adds up to 137 along with hinting that the Exodus across the Red Sea could be another clue in fact that the Red Sea could be the Reed See, and the corpus callosum, that ‘barrier that divides our LEFT and RIGHT brain.

What consistent connection can we find between the Egyptians and many other pagan/heathen/indigenous basket weaving CULTures concerning reeds and magic squares and sacred knots?


So what do the SwiSS and Vatican City have in common?
And how do we use simple geometry (some like to call sacred) as the link between Switzerland and the Vatican City.
It really is simple as counting 1   2   3
The most primitive societies count in this manner …

1 … 2 … many

One to many?

The most primitive societies have no number for anything beyond ‘3’.
And that is rather interesting because we can find a profound analogy in string theory that suggests the same thing.
There is no need to count beyond three when looking for patterns.

So here is yet another AHA I want to share.
There is only ONE country in the entire world that is currently using a distinctly shaped flag that is NOT a square or rectangle.

Only ONE.

And it is Nepal.
I see a number ’13’.
How about you?

larger image of the Tabernacle Floorplan:

The Holy See (Latin: Sancta Sedes “holy chair”) is the episcopal jurisdictionof the Catholic Church in Rome. The primacy of Rome makes itsbishopthe worldwide leader of the Catholic Church, commonly known as the Pope. It is the preeminent episcopal seeof the Catholic Church, forming the central government of the Church. As such, diplomatically, the Holy See acts and speaks for the whole Catholic Church.

The ITU Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU-T) is one of the three sectors (divisions or units) of the International Telecommunication Union(ITU); it coordinates standards for telecommunications.

ITU-T has a permanent secretariat, the Telecommunication Standardization Bureau (TSB), based at the ITU HQ in GenevaSwitzerland.

ITU-Tassigned code 379 to Vatican City. However, Vatican City is included in the Italian telephone numbering plan and uses the Italian country code 39, followed by 06 (for Rome) and 698.

Rome = 39

And how do we connect ROME to VBM and a much bigger picture?

click on link:  

Swastika – 396 – ABHA Kingdom – 1251 – Yin Yang – Greek KEY fret pattern – Saturnalia

fig. 513 Ya – Holy Ax

YA = fig. 513 and it also is called the HOLY AX and the same ‘characters’ are again found in fig. 525 which means LONGEVITY.
The characters that resemble the numerals 5 and 2.

52 placed in the north and 25 in the south lead us to another clue about the need to go back to the Well, the 3×3 Lo Shu magic square, and Marko Rodin’s recovery of Vortex Based Mathematics!

And perhaps a solution has been retrieved from the collective unconscious, regarding one of Jesus’s famous miracles?

How to feed 5000 people using 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish

The oldest traces of hominid existence in Switzerland date back about 150,000 years.[19] The oldest known farming settlements in Switzerland, which were found at Gächlingen, have been dated to around 5300 BC.

‘SS GoddeSS Civilizations’ and the Vinca script 55oo B.C.

Which brings us back to the beginning of this IDEA I had about patterns and how to communicate….SS truthS!

1  dot/pebble/stone represents the SPACE between the PARTS of a LETTER
3  dots/pebbles/stones represents the SPACE between TWO LETTERS
7  dots/pebbles/stones represents the SPACE between TWO WORDS

Sticks and Stones can break ME bones but calling me names will never ever hurt me.

IGNORANCE of SOUND a.k.a. hertz hurts you.

Wang Mang<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />                 "Large Coin, Fifty" (da quan wu shi) with four<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />                 lines extending from square hole (si chu)

The “Large Coin, Fifty” (da quan wu shi 大泉五十) exists in many sizes and varieties.

The example above is one of the rarer varieties.  It has four lines extending from the corners of the hole to the rim which the Chinese refer to as si chu (四出). (diameter: 26.8 mm, weight: 4.2 grams)


I need to study coins.
Because they were the currency of THOTH thoughts too.

The strange relationship that John Michell was alluding to in the above image between pi and phi has been solved by Livio Catullo Stecchini.


Naturally, Sonnet 55 is addressed to Hiram Abiff.

The reason we can be sure of this has to do with two Key words in the text of Sonnet 55—they are “masonry” and “arise”.

Sonnet 55 is the ONLY Shakespearean sonnet in which these two crucial words are to be found. The clincher is that the words masonry and arise are conjoined by precisely 55 words—again, this is not a coincidence, rather it is an affirmation.




KEY 528=Swastika=ancient Spherical Standing Wave Theory
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”

The Amphora – the Rosetta Fractal Mandala – DNA and the Holy Grail

UPDATE April 6, 2020

Came across this video on faKebook today.

Using a Clay Amphora to Purify / Detox Tap Water

We feel it is significant to this particular blog post dealing with the Amphora.

The importance of the Amphora to the ancient mind as more than just a container to hold ‘goods’ to be ‘traded’ or ‘stored’ is still not fully understood … this is the conclusion, clearly what comes to mind.
 ~ end of UPDATE ~

Triskelion and spirals on a Galician torc terminal

2D square vs 3D cube
2D circle vs 3D sphere

“The cube and the sphere are the sole working tools of creation“
– Walter Russell

To the reader later in this blog it will be made clear how the yin yang, flower of LIfE, owl eyes/face, the triskele, the ‘crusade crosses’ and spirals and their kissing cousins the swastikas are ALL related using  G E O M E T R Y.

How does MAN measure UP to the EARTH?

The Temple Of Man
Magnum opus

Rene Schwaller de Lubicz  ‘RS’ wrote several books.
Two of them have similar titles.

The Temple OF Man which was published in 1957, the culmination of a career and specifically putting a signature on an epiphany he had in 1937.
By coincidence I was born in 1957 and the numbers 1937 are crucial and take center stage in my epiphany.
Is it surprising that I understand RS?

The Temple IN Man was published in 1949.
It was an idea that RS would continue to build on.

And so did I.
I noticed certain numerical patterns associated with the periodic temple of elements and our DNA ‘fit’ alongside the idea that RS was suggesting about temples and man and the universe all overlapping, as the image on the left illustrates.

The numbers on the right is my contribution to the recovery at this point.
There will be more to come.

The Temple IN Man vs The Temple OX Man

Well what can I say the numb3rs seem to add up, I AM now prepared to offer a sequel called The Temple OX Man!
It is starting to look something like this here.

*update link*
The OX TOE – Quest for a Theory of Everything

BUT wait!
Don’t go to that *update link* quite yet, you may not appreciate its contents until you have digested what I AM offering in this blog.

These updates are as of December 6, 2013.
So my advice is do not be distracted by these update links, come back to them when ready.

“The cube and the sphere are the sole working tools of creation“
– Walter Russell

I am not sure if I agree 100% with Walter Russell, we may need to add the tetrahedron to this list of building blocks?

Number/Geometry are the bridge between awareness and consciousness, sense and meaning. They constitute the original Cabala. Out of the nine parts of speech, and twelve components of the mind, all possible meaning arises. The structure of the inner world of mind and language mirrors that of the outer world of matter and vibration – geometry and number – field and particle. The outer world, including music and color, follows the same laws of number which govern the inner world. The laws of number and geometry bridge the inner and outer worlds. Thus by understanding number and geometry we understand ourselves and gain a powerful Wisdom tool with which we can make sense of our world, a world which we now know through the science of Chaos is fundamentally disordered, free.
– Arnold Keyserling

Amphora on the leftRosetta Fractal Mandala photographed in Peru on the right.

Are these two images similar IF not the same?
Finding the puzzle on the left was another of those events over the past few years that which helped to confirm what I had stumbled and bumbled upon like an Inspector Clouseau did in fact have real merit.


source of the 2 Puzzles in this blog

It is time that I introduce two puzzles to assist me in illustrating to you the reader how me the square head can connect the Rosetta Fractal Mandala, an image that has altered the course of my life to the idea of measurement concerning both a 2D flat square and the 3D cube.


And here is yet another *update link* that is best appreciated later after completing the two puzzles found in this blog.

*update link*


8^2 = 8 x 8 = 64

In the language of math the grids could be expressed in several different ways.
The square and the cube.

2 and 3

Definitely do NOT go to this update regarding the numb3rs 2 and 3 until you have digested everything else in this blog.
But I am placing this link here because of the profound underlying associations between the numbers 2 and 3 and the letters Z and W.

*update link*
Story of the W and Z – Sator Square – Twistor String Theory – Miller & Penrose & Plichta & Schwaller & Wedekind & Witten


4^3 = 4 x 4 x 4 = 64

Now here I present the two puzzles hoping to show the profound relationships between several basic geometric Sacred Symbols, the square, the circle, the yin yang, and the seed of life, the flower of life and the tree of life.


The AMPHORA Problem 

What is the area of the red amphora vase we see in the image below?



The YIN YANG Problem

How can you divide a circle into six curved regions of identical shape and size using a compass alone?

i.e. note the SQUARE or the CUBE that contains both 64 codons and 64 hexagrams as depicted by the I Ching  as shown on the cover of the book (a design which the authored has patented).


What is the area of the red amphora vase?


wink wink nudge nudge
know what I mean know what I mean


How can you divide a circle into six curved regions of identical shape and size using a compass alone?


At this point I must point out the similarity to both the 3-legged swastika known as the triskele and the Seed of life, which is the step before the Flower of Life and the Tree of Life.


 4×4 Durer’s Melancholia highlighted the 4×4 magic square of Jupiter
5×5 magic square of Mars associated with two mysteries
Pompeii and the Knights Templar
…and I have a third mystery to add
how and why do magic square ‘anticipate’ string theory?

Jesus and the Miraculous Catch of Fish

i.e.  Fish caught in ThE NET that was placed over the right side of the boat.

John 21:6

“Then he said unto them, Cast out the net on the right side of the ship, and ye shall find. So they cast out, and they were not able at all to draw it, for the multitude of fishes.”


SEEDS, FLOWERS, FRUITS, and TREES of LIFE explained here:
:arrow:  http://www.crystalinks.com/floweroflife.html
It seems LIfE is best expressed using overlapping circles?
Which brings us back to the idea of the compaSS and the square?

The SS, and square-headed German Swastika Science, was based on the cube?

What a coincidence!
It really does seem more like a design though.

Rosetta Fractal Mandala – a CUBE of DNA – 137 – between two green pillars

What if we imagine them to be associated with the 2 spectral lines of a hydrogen atom associated to the number 137?

*update link*

… and the SEED of LIFE shows up in Crop Circles?

:arrow:   http://www.crystalinks.com/floweroflife.html

I would expect it, am I blushing green?

*update links*
The Moon – Nazca Lines/Aquaducts – DNA – Crop Circles – RNA

137 the KEY to the Collective Unconscious and The Temple Of Man

AAA Day in the LIfE of the 137 SS MyStic – November 15 – 2013 – Sigma Chi – The Temple Of Man

And as these videos illustrate, the IDEA is all encompassing and complete.




KEY 528 = Swastika = ancient Spherical Standing Wave Theory

“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”

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“…CodeX4E the prequel to the Da Vinci Code and Inception”

If you want to discuss this blog on a forum go here:

This blog you about to read could be the seed for a great IDEA.
It could actually serve as pre-quel to BOTH the Da Vinci Code and Inception.


The pre-quel to the Da Vinci Code and Inception

MaybEE turned into an E-book or better yet a documentary, an exposé?
Anybody interested?
Let me know.
I have so much research/evidence that supports all I present in the synopsis below.
This is merely tip of my iceberg that is melting.
The blood sweat and tears coming your way.
Help you refill your half empty glaSSeS with MaNa.
Or is it WaZa?
Maybe it is WaWa?

Celtic Brooch or Fibula

Hopefully by the end of this post, you might start to get a feel for the 4 Evangelists and what they represent on an archetypal level that extends from the microcosm to the macrocosm.
Being expressed as MEMEs and TEMEs, imitations of ideas.
Motor neurons have proved that humans learn by monkey see, monkey do.
That is kind of what MEMEs and TEMEs as replicators are helping to fulfill.

But my research indicates that MEMEs and TEMEs serve a higher purpose.
They represent a galactic safety NET, something put into place to help us rEMEMbEr first and then perhaps imitate, as current researchers into the field suggest.
Or maybe imitation helps us rEMEMbEr too?
Art and Life swapping roles?
i.e. the Creative and the Receptive
If I created a perpetual motion machine universe…I would put some ART and LIFE into the formula at the same time.

By the end of this post, I hope you see the 4 Evangelists as simply the 4E.
Or better still, the 4E represent a primal MEME

A primal MEME that actually has left much much evidence of its existence.
The MEME starts with an E and goes through 4 rotations.
E >> m >> 3 >> W

Did you read the above text?

Celtic Brooch or Fibula and the Sator/Rotas Magic Square


So in the word itself, in the structure of the word MEME we in fact have embedded the 4E
E can be an M or a W or a 3.
Indicating either 4 x 90 degree rotations of a wheel OR simply the 4 positions as the 4 FIXED signs of the wheel.

Does Card X depicted as the WheEL of Fortune constitute a Treasure Map?

I have highlighted the EL in wheEL only to draw your attention to a pattern I noticed when recovering a former way of seeing the world using palindromes and acronyms that involve not only letters but also numbers.
Numbers precede the ‘letter’ in the development of the human mind.
And that is why all of the Secret Societies, the SS, have a divine reverence for gee golly wiz:


Do the Freemasons and Ezekiel share some of the same ideas about ‘creation and destruction’?

The Beginning of Masonry dated 1916. I highly recommend you download this file. Here are 4 sites that offer it for FREE:


The 4 Fixed signs of the zodiac are associated to the most important 4 dates on the calendar.
The two solstices and two equinoxes.
And it is EzekIEL who makes the associations between man, beast, number, space and time.

Man 11 Aquarius, Bull 2 Taurus, Lion 5 Leo, Eagle 8 Scorpio

And what is the special significance of 2 and 5 in the south, or is that the north?
And what a profound connection we have here between 2 Fish/5 Loaves of Bread with  Marko Rodin and his Vortex Based Math based on the form and structure of the Enneagram, that actually helps to explain this miracle attributed to Jesus rather nicely.

How Jesus using Marko Rodin vortex based math was able to feed 5000, using only 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread:




Those 4E glyphs become clear on the MNEME plate from 5000 BCE.
And yes by coincidence the word MNEME is in fact associated with MEMory. (Greek of course)
So both the MNEME plate AND at the core of the TENET Cross we have those five letters nicely represented.


Or a Z surrounded by 4E
u zee zat, ja?

In the center of both the plate and the Sator Square we have the N or is it a Z, surrounded by 4E or MEW3.

Essentially what both the Sator Square and the MNEME plate probably were…MNEMoNics…tools to help trigger the MEMorEE.
The letters appearing as the necks of the birds are distinct, undeniable.

And we then simply have the 4E take their place on the 5×5 magic square of Mars, associated with the Knights Templar and with treasures of Solomon, and then we can make magic happen?

Can we use this square and make the inquiry…
IF E = m on what side of the equation do we place the c^2?

Can we then use the Sator Square and travel back in TIME, (has SPACE changed much?) and place all of the Sator Square wisdom square onto this plate from 5000 BCE?

Can take the Sator Square/Rotas/Wheel and place it over a 4 AGES ABC MODEL that has 3 concentric circles and a center we could call N or Z?
YES, I will be doing just that.

So finally we have a conversation of a higher ORDER happening on this thread…found here >>
Even though CHAOS will soon makes its presence known…as it did BEFORE I even had a chance to post, this kind of crap was again waiting for me….and I am the one being banned till Oct. 12th, the attacks upon my person, by the IGNORANT MOB are relentless?
i.e. pages of crap found here as proof >>> http://www.disclose.tv/forum/post361905.html#p361905

CaveMaN Trolls with rocks in their heads or other folks just driving by, taking pot shots at the pot head, the MMMaN, the Myrhh-ijuanaMysticMaN.

SS carries many profound meanings.
Holy Spirit, St Peter and St Paul and of course the Nazi SS.

And in the middle ages, the Holy Spirit was associated with the color green.

ZeitGeist or TimeGhost, the Holy Spirit, the SS, who shall we discuss?

Again a reminder is due when discussing religion or science, the swastika of all symbols seems to represent SPACE, TIME and MOTION best.
It seems to be the interface I can use to connect all beliefs and even geometric structure BIG and small.

NaSSim Haramein autocad images from HIS presentations

Evolution >>> <<< Involution is a match for both Nassim Haramein and Marko Rodin’s VBM speculations and theories.


Sa’ah Naaghái Boy and Bik’eh Hózhó Girl

Sa’ah Naaghái Boy and Bik’eh Hózhó Girl represent the underlying bipolar symmetry
of the universe. Sa’ah Naaghái is the inner form of Bik’eh Hózhó, which is
the outer form of Sa’ah Naaghái. Sa’ah Naaghái is the static dimension of the
universe, while Bik’eh Hózhó is the active dimension. Sa’ah Naaghái is the
thought of the universe, while Bik’eh Hózhó is its speech or voice (Wyman
1970:398). Sa’ah Naaghái is male; Bik’eh Hózhó is female. The dynamic, fertile,
and omnipotent union of these two dimensions of the universe is what produces
hózhó (Witherspoon 1977:16-46).

The above Navajo cosmology resembles Nassim Haramein’s gravity IN and radiation OUT theory.
nothing new here
just new lingo
a new game of bingo
a new set of players have sat themselves down.

Is it time we asked why they/we keep rewriting the same ole scripts over and over again?

And when you place the two opposite rotating swastikas over each other (cw vs ccw), what becomes clear is the cross in the center and in the corners the four squares that overlap.

(I will promise you so many more)

Molecular Solomon’s Knot: Self-Organization Leads To Intertwined Molecular Rings:

>>>> http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2006/12/061215122349.htm

This simple archetypal  blueprint is the seed pattern for constructing a  labyrinth, and will also see the associations to Shield/Solomon’s Knot, the Greek Cross defined as labyrinth center), the fylot/SwaStika, the Yin Yang, and the Nine Dot pattern that we can connect to the ultimate treasure reputed to have been found in the temple of King Solomon by the Knight’s Templar, the 5×5 Magic Square attributed to Mars, the multi-directional palindrome known as the Rotas/Sator Square.

The significance of the number 9 in numerology is central.
Note the 9 dots form the TENET Cross.

Reading from the edge inward is the word TEN, and if read out from the center we have the word NET.
The word TENET is a palindrome, the same word can be read from both directions, left to right or right to left.

So it appears my awakening which is in large part connected to Peru and the swastikahas lead me back to the ‘G’eometry inscribed within the Great Pyramid of Giza.

And most importantly to the structure and form of our languages. This is primarily about the exchange of data and information using inPHO like PHOtons and PHOsphenes on levels invisible to the naked eye but still detectable to us on levels still not understood.

The SWASTIKA could also be the catalyst used to create an E event, an E-MOTIONal UPrising?
Could happen?

JAH WAY because YHVH is on the vay?
Most folks are fixated on proving Jesus a hoax, when really these 4 sAIN’Ts who never ever came marching in as scripted, are in fact actually even more exposed then Jesus himself, in what they essentially represent as part of the celestial/terrestrial narrative taking place above and below?

Celtic Brooch or Fibula and the Donation of Constantine

Why is the Donation of Constantine so important?
It reveals the PATTERN that I can show is at the heART of all sacred knots.
Celtic, Solomon’s, Mystic, Endless knots, Alhambra, Navajo textiles…east and west we find this sacred PATTERN.
A must read Arrow http://2012forum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=199636#p199636

We find the same E pattern on this Chaldean Zodiac Key
Which becomes KEY in understanding the Greek Zodiac Cross.
The Chaldean represents the OLD testament and the Greek Cross represents the New testament.

CC Zain and Papus provided these two KEYs
go this link…interesting hypothesis put forth re: perpetual motion and asymmetrical designs:

NOW take a look at the KEY on the left we see that the stem of the KEY belongs to MAN, and the 3 tEEth of the kEE belong to the Lion Eagle Bull, or the numbers 528, very close to the gematria value for KEY which is 528.

And 528 hertz some folks claim heals DNA and it is associated with the color pale green in fact.
I do like the connection.

NOW take a look at the kEE on the right, follow the stem of the kEE up until you see what?
WOW MOM do you see it?
NOW you do, the 3 letters that spell NWO, if rotated about, and your MiNd rotates the three glyphs automatically without your awareness.

You WON, NOW you see the 3 letters MNO where the stem meets the circle, three letters that spell NWO

NOW it appears all the KEYS I keep finding are intimately associated with each other, and clearly the 4 Evangelists/4 Beasts/4 Living Creatures are all intimately involved.

The story of Jesus’ foundation in fact rests on what the 4 Evangelists bring forth and all they spew as all the truth, and nothing but the truth, so help them god, the official ‘gospel’ that cannot be challenged?
Are these divine gospels part of the scripted ‘GOdSPELS’?
Always keep in MiNd that magicians love to keep us MEsMEriZEd with tricks and illusions supported by SOUND distractions…

Most of what is known about Jesus, the miracle worker, is mostly based on a clever advertising camPAIN, mostly designed to increase market share, and of course the manufacturers of such a narrative would follow as closely as they could the celestial/mathematical storyline that they had interpreted, after tens of thousands of years of ORAL knowledge/wisdom being passed on, all based on naked eye observations of the cosmos.

note: aliens are never ever necessary to help define a rational history that is being VEILeD, however as the RUSE starts to unravel, aliens and UFOs will serve a purpose, without a doubt….I can hardly wait for the holographic air show to arrive in support of man-made UFOs….interesting to note that 1947 gave birth to a Zionist Israel, the Rosicrucian Roswell incident and the Holy-wood Hologram soon to be unVEILeD on a sheeple/SEEgullible public…
But first desperation and fear need to be nurtured before our MASTERs can start pointing fingers at the ALIEN invasion that is on the horizon….the Vatican today supports UFOs?

ALL ACCOUNTS of Jesus we know came long after his death.
Not one EYEWITNESS account of the event, WRITTEN AT THAT TIME, re: his crucifixion, exists.
Again the entire passion play was written AFTER ALL EVENTS as depicted.

All New Testament BIBLE BABBLE is in fact ALL hearsay evidence gathered by St. Paul, which ironically was later used centuries later to burn witches claiming they, the witches were the heretics guilty of heresy?
Bit of a zinger eh?
I smell a Rat or two in the Vatican.
Maybe even a tutu wearing Benedict Arnold or two, too? :help:

Nothing written about Jesus while he lived, no sketches, nothing, just what both the Bible and HIS-story records … ALL of which got scripted in AFTERWARDS.
We all know the Jesuits REWROTE new world history AFTER destroying the OFFICIAL scripts.
We all know the great libraries of Alexandria and Constantinople were razed…
So WHO among you can PROVE that our history as dispensed, was not rewritten (how many times), just like the Jesuits did for the New World inhabitants?
HIS-story is a fucking sham, it is a shame that the best part of the story is in fact vEILed with dEvIL nonsense taken literally in a figurative world best navigated in conjunction with celestial ‘G’eometry.

That is the point where a line curves or bends…the ups and downs, the meandering river we all zig zag, in getting from point A to B.
Nobody if gets straight to the point.

What happened to the thousands of years of un-recorded HER-story?

And it is clear that the official party line, the official HIS-story as recorded, regarding the 4 Evangelists, is just as sketchy as Jesus himself.
And Noah and the Ark and all that other LITERALLY interpretated nonsense that came before the boy wonder himself … geeshhhhhhh

Nazca Monkey
note the 4 fingers on the RIGHT HAND (your left) and 5 fingers opposite to your RIGHT, the monkey’s LEFT HAND.
Imagine you stand before a MIRROR ya chimps. Laughing

TREE of LIFE and KA and MAGNETISM found in the Nazca Lines

The entire New Testament essentially rests on these 4 Gospels that were added to 5 books of the Pentateuch.
Idea 4 + 5 is part of the geometry, it is a clue, pick it up ya chimp, learning the ropes about strings and knots, soon you will be champ.
Did the chimps reading this at least click on that link above? Laughing

BACK to those very important 4 FIXED directions whether they be terrestrial or celestial.

Celtic Brooch or Fibula and the Slavic ‘Hands of God’ symbol

The Hands of God (Polish: ręce boga) is a pre-Christian symbol in Slavic mythology. For Slavs, the cross was associated with fire and life, but generally with the sun and the balance of the Universe. In a majority of primary and original cultures, it was believed to provide luck. The symbol itself consists of a large central cross. Present variations include the Swarzyca Swarog and sun Swarozyc.

Inner Fire?
Outer Life?
4 Evangelists?
2 Solstices + 2 Equinoxes?
Solar symbol associated w/ Precession of the Equinoxes?

from The Woman’s Dictionary of Symbols and Sacred Objects: Gammadion, a short-armed swastika, taking its name from the fact that it is composed of four Greek gammas. It was one of the most widely distributed sacred signs…Gammadions appeared on coins…Christians copied it and used it liberally on tombs and catacombs. Like its relative the swastika, the gammadion probably presented the solstices and equinoxes, or the four directions, four elements, and four divine guardians of the world.

So please reread what Irenaeus says about the 4 directions in that text….it really is important.

The most important thing when selecting a sacred site…is determining what?
The center of what?

Unless you have some kind of reference point or points to go by.
Are you lost?

edgarrothstein wrote:
I understand you, lowsix. But…The philosophy , the MO, of the perpetuum mobile, however we call it, is exponential growth.There’s no stoppage, or turning back.

Actually Ed there could well be a ‘turning back’ the universal model that I can show you indicates ‘REVERSALS‘ are part of the equation.
Can I show you how the Celtic Fibula / Slavic Hands of God is connected to the 4 AGES Model I present?
Connecting it to the ‘movement of the zodiac and PRECESSION’ is incredibly rEMEdial folks.

3 good blogs there re: rEMEdial Precession
Idea ‘Greek ASTRO-logers and NAZIs had King Solomon in a Knot’

Image on the left below is a Digital Sky Survey of the Milky Way
And our own Milky Way structure shows the same Model indicating a REVERSAL.

That plate from Samarra Iraq also indicates the same Model with a REVERSAL on the outer edge.
As the last paragraph of that text above that accompanies that image reads.
i.e. a center, 3 concentric circles, with a REVERSAL in the 3rd shell, valance.

Arrow But when in fact you start to shop this Model around, you soon realize it can apply to so many varied belief structures.


Arrow https://kachina2012.wordpress.com/2008/12/09/tibetan-and-navajo-cosmology-fit-the-universal-model/
Above images explained plus more examples of this cultural MODEL that can be found in a Hans Jenny (of Cymatics fame) video about RESONANCE.
must watch Idea http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sY6z2hLgYuY&feature=channel_page
This video actually matches beautifully with the Navajo and Tibetan MODELs.

p.s folks ALL of my blogs can in fact/should be UPDATED.
you have no idea of the treasures still to come….

great find recently
ABC MODEL used in how genes in flowers pass on transcription factors FITS TOO!!!
And the understanding we already posses about how the transcription factors or information flows in the ABC Model illustrates how the MEMEs and TEMEs information FLOWS between the LEVELS, would be my archetypal guess at this point.

When folks realize the book called Genesis is really more about a gENE-thE-sis then the pieces will really start to fall in place.
Until we learn to fine tune our DNA we will not evolve?

Now did you know that DNA looks like LSD? Surprised

How LSD connects the 4 Evangelists to DNA:
Arrow https://kachina2012.wordpress.com/category/lsd-dmt-flywheel-4-evangelists-solomons-knot-4-leaf-clover-coral-castle/
Arrow https://kachina2012.wordpress.com/2008/12/02/4-royal-stars-4-evangelists-lsd-and-dmt-and-shamans/
And who else but a space cadet like Timothy Leary could else provide a most poetic** link between perceived reality and the inner world.

First two images are archaic and modern representations of the 3×3 Lo Shu magic Square.
Compare to the next image of the cross section of DNA.

DNA Double-Helix cross-section
Can we compare DNA to the 4 AGES MODEL?
NOTE the X in DNA
In the image on the right how did I get that image of the swastika to appear, along with the LSD/4 Leaf Clover/quatrefoil?
WOW Arrow http://2012forum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=143748#p143748

Have I illustrated temples are in fact representations of our DNA that can be entered?
YES I have.
and here:

MNEME plate



great comment by the poster ‘Duffy’ at the bottom of this blog:
https://kachina2012.wordpress.com/2008/09/03/swastika-plate-5000-bc-is-a-model-of-the-milky-way/ Laughing
KEY 528=Swastika=ancient Spherical Standing Wave Theory
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”
-Albert Einstein

E=Mc^2 … merged with MNEME ‘the MEME MEMorE’ plate!

NME blade was made in the Rhine basin of Germany in late 12th or early 13th century


The main inscription reads: N[omine] M[atris] N[ostri] S[alva]t[ORis] Et[eRni] D[omini] S[alvatoRis] E[teRni], with an additional one on the same side of the blade saying C[hRis]t[us] Ih[esus] C[hRis]t[us]. This means:’In the name of the mother of our saviour eternal, eternal Lord and Saviour. Christ Jesus Christ.’

The inscription on the reverse side is harder to read, but the first word  ‘NOMENE’ – clearly seen –  helps reconstruct the rest as ‘N[omine] O[mnipotentis]. M[ateR]. E[teRni] N[omin]e’, which means ‘In the name of the Almighty. The Mother of God. In the name of Eternal’.

~ end of UPDATE November 26, 2015 ~

hey hey hey
I woke up this morning with a chill
that means I caught something last night

Here it is, but first a reminder, a visit to some earlier ideas I had, that seem to be fulfilling themselves.
It certainly seems my MEMorE has been *activated*.

Memory is associated with the Greek word MNEME.
Coincidentally the center of the MNEME plate below has an N or is it a Z (or one of each?) at the center?

And we can also see how the necks of the birds, starting at eleven o’clock  and moving clockwise resemble uncannily the M, 3, W and E
And now I must remind the reader of the connection between Apollo, the oracles, and the Temple of Delphi.


‘E’ at Delphi and 1_4_7_10

….the glyph ‘E’ makes a cameo at the Temple of Delphi?

‘M’ Theory = ‘E’ found @ Temple of Apollo @ DelPhi

And it is more a clue than a coincidence that the Temple of Delphi was associated with a glyph that resembles an ‘E’.
But hey ‘rotations’ suggest that an ‘E’ theory thousands of years ago would evolve into today’s current ‘M’ theory.
How poetically geometric.

Are the ancients talking to us through this MNEME plate and the Sator/Rotas Square?
Can we interpret this plate using xyz and w?
Can this plate which can in fact be rotated or turned over be used to represent 3+ dimensions?
Can  we pretend this plate is a MIRROR and perhaps a MNEMoNic that a CULTure immersed in the ORAL Traditions must use as a tool to help them rEMEMbEr?

Can we hang this MIRROR on the Cosmic Wailing Wall in Jerusalem as well in our bathroom, and learn from it?

Now that I have prepared you for what is to follow, what to expect.
Here is the chill I woke up with.

I do HOPE  you catch something.
Actually I have FAITH that you will.


E = M

I know it will only be a matter of time
till I prove myself right

mostly to a chorus of boos too it seems
but I do hear the whispers

E = M

we can actually put the c^2 on either side of this equation.
and if we divide that plate up into 4 quadrants, as the plate does indicate, an offset, asymmetrical cross, indicated by the tails of the birds.

Shall we continue to play around?

…and deep deep deep down in ME BEing I have a fEEling, a good one.
Einstein’s equation was not only brilliant, but most folks do not realize what made it brilliant.

its simplicity…
well to simplify the process even more…
IF we are to follow TRUTH to a simple source…

I am making the observation, and I will prove it, I KNOW I will, because this message is arriving like all the rest have….accompanied by :pray: ‘TRUTH’ chills.

Now for a mystic, astrologer and even a physicist, these are folks who study ‘patterns’ that MUST exist and be observable, manifestations at this level are mere distortions of an underlying foundational truth that makes the whole thing work.

And the payoff is simple too.

Tuning into your intuition, and FEELing what TRUTH fEEls like…is enough already.
Other experiences begin to ring hollow?

folks like ME and WE …. DO NOT NEED MORE TO EXPLAIN MORE … to ourselves, but it certainly seems many folks want it that way.

LET MgM (Murray gell-Mann) explain about the beauty to be found in physics.

What I like about that video is MgM explains how in 1957 (the year I was born) he put forth a paper that was OPPOSED, in disagreement with 7 experiments.
However to him, the beauty of his theory suggested his TRUTH would prevail and it did.

This theory I offer is so simple, it truly is…and because of its simplicity, and its ability to connect many formerly unconnected dots, there is an inherent elegence to it. :flop:

It is simple, it connects everything, and as I continue to claim the MODEL I have uncovered brings it all together.

E = M

what to do with c^2?

I will be serving the THEORY of EVERYTHING on Samarra Ware dated 5000 BCE.
Same dinner ware the Last Supper used?

and a reminder
the SWASTIKA has been my tour guide since 10,000 BCE.

beauty and ElEgEncE
shhh the EL-E-gENcE is in the language….and I know where it is hiding.

betcha. :flop:

And here is another claim
HOT off the prEss

when we finally get to figure out our JUNK DNA, which seems to contain many REPETITIVE sequences, GIBBERISH, taken out to the curbside, by the LEFT Brain and the Right Hand.

WE and ME will be able to decipher the Voynich Manuscript. :flop:

Why would I say or suggest that?
Well one very good claim made is that Roger Bacon was the author

He was also incarcerated for 10 years.

Any idea what locking up a great mind does?
I can only guess.

If the last 3 years is any indication, 3 years where I have kept to a minimum my exposure to the outside mundane world, trying to walk, talk, and think like an Egyptian, a Pythagorean Pythias geometer, a Hindu, a Lo Shu magic square-head, and of course I must adopt a Jew yarmulke and a Christian hat even, blending as many beliefs and rolling it ALL into one.
And that ONE would be ME, who else?
Time to light up that spliff that be ME, like a Christmas trEE on the 3rd of July, and getting high.

But seriously incarcerate a mind like Roger Bacon’s for 10 years?
Any idea what that would do to a mind like Roger Bacons’?
By locking him up, you FREE his mind?

I want to suggest that Roger Bacon definitely went over to the dark side, and came back, and wrote a bunch of shit down, and the Voynich Manuscript, full of gibberish it seems, is evidence that the author of the Voynich Manuscript tapped into JUNK DNA….

the language of the creator?

You will see. :flop:


Selfish genes >> MEMEs >> TEMEs >> Its a Mad Mad Mad Mad World

selfish genes?

ME a name I call myself!

*WoW WoW WoW update to the OP already*
yes I do edit posts, I try to improve thEM.

Before I go on to discuss the three Replicators termed the selfish gene followed by the MEMEs and then the third replicator, the TEMEs, a most important, a possible (probably in addition too) definition of the 12,000 year old swastika was recovered today in this book.

Idea from pages 97-98 of that book we find some gems.

“As a fire symbol it is thought to have originated from the Vedic fire-sticks, known as arani, which were rubbed together to kindle the flame for the sacred homa fire.”

But that is NOT the definition I am excited about, even though we now have an association between the sacred fire sticks and the Greek myth about Prometheus stealing fire from the gods and giving it as a gift to humanity.
Maybe Prometheus stole the arani from the Vedic priests or the Chinese?

Here is what I find exciting re: swastika, SOUND, the WORD or the LOGOs and the numbers 3 7.

“Another theory ascribes this symbol to the interlocking of the syllables of the root sv-asti, written in the characters of an early alphabet devised by the Buddhist emperor Ashoka (circa 273 BCE – 232 BCE), to form the monogram of a swastika.”

So where does the ‘3 7’ appear?
MO will appreciate this.
We find evidence in the ‘script’ that was recorded as history.

273 BCE = 12 = 3
232 BCE = 7

Is this a coincidence?
Hardly folks.
MOre about ’37’ here:
Be sure to watch the clip of Bill Maher from his film ‘Religulous’ found at that link.

Don’t cheapen the journey is what I want to suggest, by suggesting coincidences are not part of the inherent design.

okay I want to present MO evidence, that we can find embedded in the scripts, recorded as history, CODES and ciphers.

Here is a primary cause for all I spew and claim to be TRUE…a treasure map I have tried in vain to share on the internet.

I present the TREASURE MAP, that helped me recover ‘X’.

Counterclockwise from 11
11, 2, 5, 8
Clockwise from the 11
11, 8, 5, 2

Now I want to remind MO of when the EARLY HEAVEN or Fu Xi took place, the start date…. 2852 or or or 11852 on Card X of the Tarot rotating Clockwise…

In Xiantian Bagua, also known as Fu Xi (2852 – 2737 BCE) Bagua, the Heaven is in the higher part and the Earth is in the lower part.

The embedded CODEs are loud and clear and indisputable.
The numbers correspond to the FOUR FIXED signs of the zodiac.
11, 2, 5, and 8

…add the MASONIC cipher #3 and you end up with nature’s golden spiral.
11, 2, 5, 8 becomes 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8

MOre and MOre and MOre Fibonacci evidence embedded in everything that is science and religion.

CARD X of the Tarot is a MEME – an evolving NOT static developing MNEMoNic.
I can prove the TAROT evolves, has always evolved, and is not static.
I AM that proof.
Walking talking proof.
I personally took it to greater heights by bringing forth some damn interesting connections, between the past, present and future to come.
By using it to help merge the Sator Square to String Theory…

By finding the CODE embedded in the MEME, waiting to be revealed.
Is a claim that I can actually prove today.

So I just presented some MOre great evidence…how much MOre evidence do folks need MO?
Do we need MOre to explain MOre or have we already recovered enough?
Murry Gell-Mann also asks the same question.

Murray Gell-Mann on beauty and truth in physics.


Shall we go on now to the MEMEs and TEMEs and the selfish gene, as revealed by Richard Dawkins?

To get a real feel for what this thread is offering…please watch the following TED TV presentations.

Susan Blackmore: Memes and “temes”

Dan Dennett on dangerous memes

Is Do – Re – Mi a powerful MEME?

Let’s start at the very beginning?
Please do watch this great video, spontaneous combustion in a train station?
Note the pattern on the dance floor?

ME a name I call myself!

Then read this thread, to help pry loose a particular MEME message I would like to share….
We are in a cat and mouse game of leapfrog, where ART and LIFE really do take cues from each other, taking turns in leading the ‘charge’ of the ‘light brigade’.

SOUND is the KEY to harmony?
WHAT if humanity found a KEY that helped unlock a gate, a KEY fashioned out of our vocal cords, a KEY we could all fashion together, ONCE, just ONCE we found ourselves on the same page, but just for a moment?
What kind of magic would happen?

Fucking around with primarily LIGHT, distracted by how fast it can go, etc, has only resulted in a handful of folks spending 10+ billion dollars on CERN.
Only to realize that the elusive graviton, the force carrier for gravity is ‘musical’ which brings us back to SOUND.
OM do ya think?

Should WE and ME be conCERNed about CERN?
CERN is NOT the HARMONIOUS TRICK that 6 billion folks can participate in.
I can think of a better one, that puts us all on the same page, reading one note at a time.
MATH is the universal language many folks claim?
So is MUSIC folks, and most folks would rather sing and dance than do math in a train station with strangers or in a dance club.

‘M’ Theory collides with ‘M’ Theory 7000 years later?

Left Brain merges with Right Brain?

MNEME Clay Plate, Samarra Iraq 5000 BCE

This link shows how the 2000+ Sator Square appears to be the OS between the 7000 year old plate and modern string theory.

Staying on the topic of the MEMES, the MNEME plate and the letter M for a moment, and what I believe to be a pattern I have detected regarding the M = 3 = W = E

It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World
1963 movie (star studded cast)
Hey Tesla, please note the 963

The Plot of the Film

In this film, a dying gangster (Jimmy Durante), tells 7 folks about $350,000 buried in the (fictitious) Santa Rosita State Park, near the Mexican border, buried/hidden under a mysterious “big W”


Cool Cool buried under the ‘big W’?

And the big W happens to be made up of 4 Palm Trees of Life?
Yes in ancient times the palm tree in some parts of the world was equated with the Tree of Life.

Of course Marko Rodin’s Ennegram, the Freemason compass and square and the VW logo are all coincidences, again?

Well, more coincidences, the image on the left I photographed in the Santa Catalina Monastery in Peru, and I affectionately termed it the Rosetta Fractal…based on the Rosetta Stone and it is what sparked my swastika journey leading me eventually to the SS, the Sator Square and Super Symmetry String Theory.

And this SS treasure was dug up by a fella whose last name begins with a W, and he wants to take his ideas straight to the top, to a fella by the name of E Witten?

And let us not forget Marko Rodin, Milo Wolff and a fella called Mo, all of whom still have something to add?

Oh my it gets even better.

In the cropped poster image on the left, note how the folks are reaching for the GOLD, Mo’ Money Mo is what they covet.
And YES note the BLACK DOOR (gateway) where they bury the Popes in St. Peter’s Square, it is positioned where the BLACK bag of $$$ just happens to be?
The je$u$ $alvator is what we are being sold in the here and now…apparently.

je$u$ $alvator which is connected to IHS…

“…the IHC and IHS Conspiracy and You” part II

I guess because my journey has been about TRUTH, seeking the spiritual gold that lay hidden within, I have been tuning into the obvious, and this process of tuning in has been accelerating during these, the end of the daze.

Coincidentally I wrote the following on 5/3/2008 (those numbers again!!)



all religions are seeking MARKET SHARE, and are IN FACT are altering the DNA of their flocks, inside the ALTARS that have been constructed.


Do we need MOre evidence linking all of the above to DNA and genes, MEMEs and TEMEs?
How about linking the inherent architecture in St. Peter’s Square to our DNA, which I must conclude is the holy grail, the ark of the covenant, each of us has in their possession, since conception.

Take a look at some of the trivia for this film, Its a Mad Mad Mad Mad World?
Is it loaded with MEMEs and TEMEs?

One more coincidence.
The film ends with a slapstick routine involving an Aerial Firetruck.

I have one more image to show ya.
This seals it Mo.

The Rosetta Fractal, next to a picture of me on Aerial 25, reaching for the top?


NOTE: all the main colors are represented.
>> and the two GREEN Pillars and the GREEN paint on the tips of the aerial ladder.
And of course I have a gold ring around my HELLmet protecting my head Frodo, shall I toss it into Mount Doom and gloom?

And Mo need I mention the numbers 2 5 over my LEFT shoulder, must have been that SS voice I was hearing?

Imagine all those years as aerial man I had the SS, the holy spirit, looking after me? 



oh I forgot to mention the obvious…
the three double ‘u’ that make up the w.w.w. is a MEME too. Laughing
Arrow http://www.disclose.tv/forum/post338195.html#p338195

On this post I discussed how JE + SUS is an interesting old world Neo-lithic formula to represent the concept of ‘jesus’.

SOUND, language, and our early utterances are more clues to how we got our start and ended up with bibles.
These coincidences are not freaks of nature, it is obvious that after 5000 years, that some form of ‘religion’ is indeed part of our INNER nature trying to express itself.
Once you seek out the common denominators, (representing a common ground) between the many various beliefs, the coincidences start to accumulate.
Concluding with the conclusion, there are no coincidences, it is design.

:flop: Words and the Way We See Things

Why did I pick up this book?
Why did it immediately resonate with me?
How did it talk to me?
Why did I buy it?

Look at the cover.

HORSE = the WAVE, explains the connection to Poseidon?
PIG = the PEARL, throw no pearls before the swine?
SHELL = the WOMAN, when I think of shells I am reminded of whorls?

But it was the PLOUGH = the SHIP that caught my attention first and foremost.
Mainly because of the association that the PLOUGH/SHIP or ARK could potentially have relative to the interpretation of the palindrome comprised of letters forming the Sator/Rotas Square.

Because I can easily show profound connections between the CELTIC culture and the WEAVE which is at the heART of ALL WEAVES, or TEXT, I must admit this interpretation of the word AREPO = PLOUGH is best. :flop:
The ONE word that many folks agree, that appears NOT to fit the other words in the palindrome is AREPO.

The word arepo is enigmatic, appearing nowhere else in Latin literature. Most of those who have studied the Sator Square agree that it is a proper name, either an adaptation of a non-Latin word or most likely a name invented specifically for this sentence. Jerome Carcopino thought that it came from a Celtic, specifically Gaulish, word for plough.

And the profound associations I found in the book The Book of Babel, supports the Ship/Ark MEME?

occam’s razor suggests that the CHURCH embedded much of the pagan symbolism into the WORDY narrative….LANGUAGE carries its own narrative.

And a WEAVER would needed a HOOKED CROSS when crocheting the matrix?

But what other gems regarding the evolution of how we communicate, how we see and HEAR, are in this book?

How would a SOUND become a LETTER?
I have claimed that the Sator Square can be transposed to the MNEME plate found in Iraq circa 5000 BCE.

What happens if we reverse engineer the letters M and N in the word MNEME, which we trace to the Greek root word for memory?
What happens if we try to understand the magic square puzzles by adding a ‘SOUND’ component to our investigations?

As Max Planck said to Einstein, matter and energy both default to ‘vibration’ OR frequency.
All aspects of NATURE can in fact be converted to SOUND or LIGHT frequencies.

So what is the potential root/source of the M and N that we see on this plate?

And as you read these defining moments, also keep in mind that I will also connect the 3 levels found on this plate to Milo Wolff’s STANDING WAVE theory (re:electron).

Remember all the pieces must fit and be complimentary/associate to each other while we do our inquiries.

M which would represent the M, E, W and 3 we find positioned in the four fixed directions, on this plate below.
And on the Sator Square the M is represented by the 4 x E, I must conclude.
Back to this book Words and the Way We See Things…

The Letter M

‘If we watch from below people walking up-hill and speaking together, the nasals m and n are heard longest.’

Professor Helmholtz, quoted by Max Muller.


Very very cool, ascending the Mount, going up-hill is thus linked to SOUND, and the letters M and N, both letters clearly displaying much signifance re: Sator Square and Super String Theory too.

M = E, W and 3
4 permutations through x, y, z, by rotation or reflection.

N = Z, 2, 5 and S
5 permutations through x, y, z.

But what does the book say about the letter ‘N’ that sits at the very heart, in the center of the Sator Square.
And the center is always reserved for something special.
Note in the Sator Square there is only ONE letter ‘N’.

The Letter N

The possibly watery origins of the letter N seem to be reinforced by the Hebrew N, nun, a fish.

N is said to be the image of a wiggling eel.

Light on disturbed water ‘dazzles’, or ‘zig zags’, words in which it has been suggested that the ‘Z’s are tiny letter-pictures.

Idea Ruskin wrote of the ‘hieroglyphic use of the zigzag, for water, by the Egyptians’.
Turn the ‘Z’ through ninety degrees :flop: and the result is an ‘N’, the zig zag line, according to Hensleigh Wedgwood in 1866, which represents the wavy surface of water and which is used as the symbol for Aquarius** among the signs of the zodiac.

An eel or maybe a water snake that carries a ‘charge’?

And I want to mention that though Aquarius is often connected to water, called the water-bearer, it is an AIR sign.
An anomaly that suggests air waves and water waves share many commonalities?

So I love that book for obvious reasons, it helps explain how the language we share in, is a reflection of the underlying unity, expressions of unity that go well beyond words chosen to express what we see of the poetic/artistic underpinnings of creation.

i.e. pictures of vistas we take, never live up to the experience of being there, catching a glimpse of the unknown, for the same reason suffers from the lack of words to express the feelings of what you saw or experienced, if you happen to go to the other side and return with a story to tell.

You had to be there.



Originally Posted by sadukan View Post
PS – @Ralph, the “±” part is the “forward/backward” phase motion.
well that fits then to…the plus and minus designations, in the Twistor String Theory notation.
I just finished this, remember I gave you folks a chance to post something.
I do recall mentioning that the notation in Ed Witten’s Twistor String Theory was a match to the letters used in the ROTAS SQUARE?
Well actually now I can claim it to be ‘a perfect match’
Well it is not really a claim.
It ‘just is’.

Take a look at the notation Ed Witten was using.

UPDATE October 8, 2018
note the following information was removed at some point from the above Wikipedia link.
Necessary addition to see what I saw years ago.

Twistor Theory nomenclature used

Twistor String Theory nomenclature

Scroll down the link..look closely, compare, read my explanations, you will begin to understand exactly the same nomenclature in the SS SATOR SQUARE was used as we find the modern ‘alchemist theorists’ like Ed Witten and Sir Roger Penrose still use today, by coincidence.

It really does, some of you will see how sweet it is.
Wow, was my right brain activated or what?


IT THUS PRESUMES that the main significance of places like Stonehenge, or the Great Pyramid or even merging the 2000 year old ROTAS Square to SuperSymmetry was its ANTICIPATION OF OUR OWN OBSERVATIONS AND CALCULATIONS

Sadukan I guess this is where your + and come into the equation.
expressed as PT+ and PT- in the Twistor String Theory

but how can that be?
About 2000 years separates these two events.
Well I do have a good idea of how it came to pass?

First Roger Penrose proposes Twistor Theory, and later Ed Witten building on Twistor Theory, added the 5 String Theories, and along comes the archetypal sleuth who started his journey using the number 4, follows 4 numbers, 11 2 5 8, takes the flat 2D Sator Square and starts to WEAVE a few knots using swastikas, all the way to Ed Witten himself?

Very very important to note that I mentioned only 8 squares were unaccounted for in the SATOR SQ …
Corresponding to the ALPHA and the OMEGA, the beginning and the end, the A and O is associated with `jesus`, and these 8 vowels  are in fact on the SATOR SQ. positioned in a similar architecture we find time and again, even in the LHC at CERN, which are in fact 8 `mirrors`, or going way back, the morning and evening 8 pointed Star of Venus.

JC and CJ would be proud.
Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung

Now what?
Well I have an appointment on Monday with my shrink.
Yup his initials are JC too!
He happens to be Jewish, like Ed, he has a PhD of course, so maybe my buddy JC can deliver this message for me to Ed Witten himself.

I am sure Ed might be interested in how I joined the dots.

IT THUS PRESUMES that the main significance of places like Stonehenge, or the Great Pyramid or even merging the 2000 year old ROTAS Square to SuperSymmetry was its ANTICIPATION OF OUR OWN OBSERVATIONS AND CALCULATIONS
Could that be?
GENEs MEMEs TEMEs re: the Universal programming … a series of PULSES that contribute to the impulses of human behavior.


Please note that the ‘shapes’  … w = E = m = 3 were recognized by approx. 30 CULTures from the Bronze Age until today.
Similar glyphs can be found among Neolithic cultures, scripts dating back to Jericho (one of the oldest still inhabited cities in the world), from 4500 to 9500 B CE.
CULTures are a ‘mindset’ that each of us either embraces or is embraced by.
Pearls are CULTured.
And bacteria can be made to multiply using a St. Petrie dish too.
Also please note the reference to clouds as a modern meteorological symbol.
To the ancient oriental mind, cloud, thunder, lightning, and the swastika are all associated.
Do the archetypes and memes change that much over time, OR are they in fact reflections of the underlying foundation of what we call ‘reality’?
(I also see the ‘ m’ shape as a symbol that a child might use for a ‘bird’)
The ESSENTIAL wants and needs of each human has NOT changed as much as most folks want to believe over the past 7000 years.
Food and shelter will always be of primary importance.
The basic TENET or will to survive is part of who we are.

MEME and MEW3   :flop:

M E W 3

See the letters?

They are the necks of the birds
M E W 3


I found this quite interesting, another nice fit to the SATOR SQuare.

Here is a great video that discusses MEMEs and TEMEs and their role in our evolution, and where we are headed.
great video on Ted Tv.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQ_9-Qx5 … re=channel

Now if you have started to recognize that there might be an association between the letters M and E and W and the number 3 , this next video about MEMEs just about seals it.
Interesting, in this video she also talks about progressing to the TEMEs, and the SATOR Square fullfills both the MEME structure and the TEMEs that we recognize as the ‘4xEs’ move out to the third rank from the center out to the four fixed corners, represented by the ‘4xT’.

The main reason I mentioned it is because in the SATOR SQuare there are 4xE or E, E, E, E.

And I feel that it does not take a wild imagination to match MEME with the EEEE that we find in the SATOR SQuare.
Because with rotations of MEME, using rotations and reflections using xyz, we can arrive at letters/shapes that look like MEW3 or EEEE.

And as mentioned we have 4xE or MEME and 4xT or TEME represented on the SATOR SQuare.
Along with the N in the center, these eight letters forms the CROSS within the sator square.

And please note that as we move out from N, we have ET, ET, ET and ET.
ETs in four directions?

“variation + selection + heredity = design or evolution without the aid of mind”

WHY do MEMEs spread? :idea:
Humans represent the MEMEs or is that “me me”?
Is that why we now squawk like the seegulliblies that we have become, “mine mine mine”?


I had to put this little upside down MEME at the top of my rEMEMber to rEMEMber list of why those days in sEptEMbEr happened on sEptEMbEr 11
the NAZI centre of the universe was going to be in a place called the WEWElsburg Castle.
thus a the word MEME which is itself a MEME, that suffers a polarity flip might be seen as WEWE
What is the importance of MEMEs to our future?
why we need to learn about the MEME before it becomes our master?

Mnemonics, Catch-Phrases, Totems and Icons
:arrow: http://blog.simslearningconnections.com/?p=6

A Meme-Based Approach to Oral Traditional Theory
:arrow: http://journal.oraltradition.org/files/ … /Drout.pdf

Changing Times
:arrow: http://hubpages.com/hub/Co-Mingling-of- … ging-Times


a thread all about ‘M’


‘M’ Theory?


M-theory attempts to unify the five string theories by examining certain identifications and dualities. Thus each of the five string theories become special cases of M-theory.

As the names suggest, some of these string theories were thought to be related to each other. In the early 1990s, string theorists discovered that some relations were so strong that they could be thought of as an identification.

But the underlying prose and poetry of the creation itself IS expressed in the nomenclature…..clearly linking the past to the present…..followed by a wow! :flop:


Nomenclature there are two issues to be dealt with here:

* When Witten named M-theory, he did not specify what the “M” stood for, presumably because he did not feel he had the right to name a theory which he had not been able to fully describe. According to Witten himself, “‘M’ can stand for either ‘magic’, ‘mystery’, or ‘matrix’, according to taste.”[4] According to the BBC/TLC documentary Parallel Universes, the M stands for “membrane”. Other suggestions by people such as Michio Kaku, Michael Duff and Neil Turok in that documentary are “mother” (as in “mother of all theories”), and “master” theory.[5]

Cynics have noted that the M might be an upside down “W”, standing for Witten. Others have suggested that for now, the “M” in M-theory should stand for Missing or Murky[6]. The various speculations as to what “M” in “M-theory” stands for are explored in the PBS documentary based on Brian Greene’s book The Elegant Universe.

* The name M-theory is slightly ambiguous. It can be used to refer to both the particular eleven-dimensional theory which Witten first proposed, or it can be used to refer to a kind of theory which looks in various limits like the various string theories. Ashoke Sen has suggested that more general theory could go by the name U-theory, which might stand for Ur, Uber, Ultimate, Underlying, or perhaps Unified. (It might also stand for U-duality, which is both a reference to Sen’s own work and a kind of particle physics pun.)

M-theory in the following descriptions refers to the more general theory, and will be specified when used in its more limited sense.

I have my own ideas about the origin of ‘M’ theory

We can find it on that plate from 5000 BCE

the M theory

the MEME theory

it all fits the SATOR SQUARE

2BEE continued
Swastika is the KEY of Universal Movement, forming part of an ancient vortex theory, along with phi and pi and the Maltese cross.
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”

Nature cannot be hidden, only VEILeD with fantastic narratives that defy nature.

“BOOK of KELLS and SPELLS that uses the SWASTIKA to Plant the SEEDS”

The four evangelist symbols are a visual theme that runs throughout the book. They are almost always shown together to emphasise the doctrine of the four Gospels’ unity of message.

Book of Kells – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Raph your post kinda freaked me out today, I just happened to be looking at some very old photo’s of Bohemian grove from 1906 ( like right when you made your post) and right there in the lower left on the flag, what’s that look like.

Highslide JS
  happens to me all the time.

freaky coincidences no longer freak me out, bring it on.
BTW want to see an image linking the ROTAS Square to the flag we see on the RIGHT in the above image at Bohemian Grove?

go here for explanation:

But what about this next image.
See a resemblance in the archetype of the man up on the mountain in Bohemian Grooovy?
Can we see a ZIG ZAG path coming down the mountain in the Bohemian Groove image?
That is significant, not another coincidence.

Highslide JS

Mountain of the Philosophers is an image found in the 1785 Altona Manuscript.
So why then do we see the YEAR 1604 in the bottom right hand corner?
Is it a reference to

a/ Kepler’s SUPERNOVA – Gamma Ray Burst observed and recorded
b/ the year King James commissioned the KJB of 1611 in the year 1604.

Or as I suspect it is both.

Instead on the horizon the MASTERS now want to issue a CARBON TAX on the RICH and give to the POOR because of exploding STARS that go SUPER-NOVA, sending out the EVIL EYE laser beam, the GRB??
great link for free Rosicrucian texts:

Another image suggests the folks who participate at Bohemian Grove are associated MORE with the Rosicrucian, and NOT the distraction called the Illuminatii, as perpetuated in modern myth, rumors probably spread by WHO KNOW WHO?

Important to know the ZIG ZAG is man’s FIRST glyph etched traced back to 100,000 BC.

Highslide JS

ZIG ZAG = TREE OF LIFE in the KA BAA la la la la the masters have the IGNORANT repleating?

Rosicrucian image of CHRISTian Rosenkreutz is shown to the initiate in the final stage of his initiation.

Highslide JS


Nazca Lines TREE OF LIFE depicted as a 600 foot HERON
Note the ‘6’ is found in the SOUTHern Hemisphere, i.e. Peru.
What can we find in the NORTHern Hemisphere folks?
What kind of heART did the dead/red man leave as clues?

Highslide JS

ZIG ZAG again

WHAT IF the nearly exterminated DEAD RED man who was rubbed out by the spiritually defunct WHITE man, had placed a 900 foot serpent in Oh hi O with intent?
Ohio Serpent Mound dates to 1300 BC.
more details can be found here http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showp…1&postcount=28

THUS we have a ‘6’ BIRD in the SOUTH and a ‘9’ SERPENT in the NORTH?
(do I need to remind folks we are taking part in a game called poeTREE in MOTION?)

69 = CANCER = KEYstone in the Freemason ROYAL ARCH.

When you acknowledge that ‘coincidences’ are NOT coincidences, but part of the inherent design put in place that ‘JUST-IS’ they will happen with a greater frequency.
And then you will realize that what JUST IS was perverted into a corrupt JUSTICE system that reeks of ASYMMETRICAL relationships between the RICH and the POOR, the greedy and the disenfranchised.

Originally Posted by theflow 
DNA has palindrome formations, a lot on the Y chromosome.

is it a coincidence that DNA and the ROTAS puzzles are both palindromes?

Originally Posted by theflow 
Not sure why they are drawing it with that weird loop at the top.
keep at it 
it might come to you each of those ‘loops’ could fit into this DNA template/blueprint I have stumbled and bumbled upon.
Highslide JS

scroll down this link to see ALL OF THE TEMPLES that match up perfectly with St. Peter Square.
The important thing to remember though is the FACT that St. Peter’s Square Ellipse is actually the most recent of ALL TEMPLE images I provide.
In other words, the VATICAN is a copy cat spiritual thief.
The CRIMEs against humanity become apparent when it is realized that the VATICAN ‘potentially’ stole this temple design from the 60 million heathens they INTENTIONALLY rubbed out in the AmeriKAs.


Originally Posted by theflow 
Just trying to figure this all out.
mi 2 flow, I just happen to flow opposite to most in my wanderings.

Thus this has brought me closer to the truth than most folks realize, as I continue to rub folks the wrong way.
Rubbing their woolly hides, I get a charge outta them.

Want to know how to fast track the mind?
Want a real simple technique that I believe has assisted me in my insights?
How to find your own ground ‘Z’ero?

Ever since 911 whenever I have problems shleeping at night, I plant a SEED in my mind.
I place into my mind’s eye a swirling twirling swastika.

Remember you have two choices, of SEED.
Morpheus might offer the sheeple wannabes, who want to be the ONE, called NEO, the RED (positive) or BLUE (negative) PILL.

gueSS what dudes?

The ASYMMETRICAL swastika comes in the same two flavors…positive and negative?
CW and anti/counter-Clockwise or could we say anti-christ/clockwise?

So do not use the one Hitler used.
There is a danger that the christian within might be *activated* into putting on a NAZI uniform AGAIN, veiling the judeao-christian hiding within, behind the NAZI costume they willing donned.
Reminder here: all the world is a stage and World Wars are staged.
And it might just happen again…crimes against humanity committed by Christians.
I predict it will, it has, in IRAQ, but it will AGAIN and AGAIN…being *activated* by bible babble.
King George Bush asked for a CRUSADE and got one.
Duh NOBODY need be a prophet to make that kind of prediction eh?

Understanding PATTERNS are the KEY to understanding the world at large, and the individual…

Ask Murray Gell-Mann who scripted his 8 Fold-Way AND are you blind to the behavior of the sheeple, who tend to reBLEAT a bullshit self-serving HIS-story, never learning from the PATTERNS, destined to reBLEAT till the end of ASYMMETRICAL TIME itself?

Entropy = 2nd Law Thermodynamics = Time’s Arrow = ASYMMETRY
If the time we perceived traveled in two directions equally, TIME would be considered symmetrical…
What IF time was structured like a palindrome?

Thus try to resist using the same swastika with the arms bent to the RIGHT, that rotates to the LEFT, which really represents just more of the same counter-clockwise, indicating ‘precession’, to precess means to go backward around the ecliptic….

I focus on the *other swastika* that helps *activate* the RIGHT hemisphere of the asymmetrical mind.
The one that is associated with the LEFT/sinister hand not the dexter/RIGHT hand.
Do folks think it is a coincidence that the show on the boob-tube called DEXTER appears rather SINISTER?

The swastika with the arms bent to the LEFT, CAUSING the cross to rotate CLOCKWISE.
Want proof that my intuition is full on, big bang on?
Before I provide the proof, what would Sir Isaac Newton who authored the famous law of action = reaction say about taking the square greek cross and bending one, two, three or four of its arms, say about this symbol, the swastika?
Does the SWASTIKA fulfill the primary cause/action that leads to an effect/reaction?
What would Newt say if I showed him SWASTIKAs in FRACTALS or at the heART of the crystallization process?

He would probably tell VBM sheeple to pay attention to what I gotta say?

REMEMBER in Latin the word TEXT means WEAVE
Let’s face it, the CELTS are associated with rather intricate WEAVE PATTERNs.

And the BOOK OF KELLS, or should we call it the BOOK of SPELLS is probably one of the finest to be found, in the entire twisted and screwed up world we share.

The Book of Kells (Irish: Leabhar Cheanannais) (Dublin, Trinity College Library, MS A. I. (58), sometimes known as the Book of Columba) is an illuminated manuscript Gospel book in Latin, containing the four Gospels of the New Testament together with various prefatory texts and tables. It was created by Celtic monks ca. 800 or slightly earlier. The text of the Gospels is largely drawn from the Vulgate, although it also includes several passages drawn from the earlier versions of the Bible known as the Vetus Latina. It is a masterwork of Western calligraphy and represents the pinnacle of Insular illumination. It is also widely regarded as Ireland’s finest national treasure.

First of all it is so easy to prove that at the heART of ALL SACRED KNOTS (celtic, mystic, endless, solomon’s) we find one of the two SWASTIKAs.

Mind you want I can prove easily, most folks will need to wait for the enlightenment to arrive in a book, or on the boob-tube or the ewe-tube.
(not from sadukan either who has FUMBLED the BALL big time with his IGNORANT interpretations, taking folks down the path called “the devil is in the detail”…that lacks any kind of cohesiveness.
i.e. BIBLE BABBLE and SCIENCE CRAP that only serve to divide the world up into little bits and pieces.

God/Creator/Geometer PATTERNS can be found in the over-riding ARCHETYPEs the form the foundation of the reality we ALL SHARE in.

‘We the sheeple’ why is that so difficult to comprehend?

Now if we take a look at the Book of Kells, Folio 290v and Folio 291v and Folio 292v what do we find?

It appears to be part of story-line, a visual narrative, not to be confused with LITERAL bible babble?
And the narrative is of course part of a GOLDEN design centered around nature’s spiral the GOLDEN SPIRAL, based on GOLDEN RATIOs that result from the GOLDEN MEAN.
This is CLEARLY an over-riding LAW of EARTH.
Duh I just do not understand how folks CANNOT see the connection between GOLDEN LAW OF NATURE/phi and GOLDEN RULES we must learn to live by?

Highslide JS

WHEEL OF FORTUNE = CARD X of the Tarot = 4 ROYAL STARS = 4 EVANGELISTS = VEILeD FIBonacci/phi GOLDEN SPIRAL CODE = 11 2 5 8, twisted and MANipulated by men into a big LIE called jesus loves you, ewe, u and the even the special jew, who has special DNA granted to him, as the IGNORANT keep reBLEATing on these forUMs?

I don’t think so.

CARD X CODE 11 2 ? 5 8
where ? = 3 is to be placed in the center of the TARO or ROTA WHEEL of Fortune.

Folio 290v is a depiction of what we find on CARD X of the TAROT, which is THE CODE to help us solve ‘X’

… to lead us to the treasure, where ‘X’ MARKS the spot LUKE, do ewe feel the force LUKE skywalker, do you feel the MAN, St. JOHN you were destined to become….do not lose your HEAD LUKE and go to the dark side, like your papa did to the DARK SIDE?

Highslide JS

Folio 290v is an illustration of the FOUR EVANGELISTS, which are portrayed as they always are, as the MAN/aquarius, the BULL/taurus, the LION/leo, and the EAGLE/scorpio.

Highslide JS
We see the same representation of the 4 EVANGELISTS on Folio 27v in this image.
However the sequence of 290v >> 291v >> 292v suggests what?

It clearly suggests that St. John the Baptist was MORE revered than Jesus is obvious.
Suggesting the Freemasons who we can connect to Scotland and the Knights Templar, actually revered the archetype of St. John the Baptist MORE than the archetype called Jesus.

Guess what.
So does the Vatican.
The MOTHER Church of ALL Christendom is actually hierarchical to the Vatican.
And I do see yet another reference to SSS.

The Papal Archbasilica of St. John Lateran (Italian: Arcibasilica Papale di San Giovanni in Laterano) is the cathedral of the Church of Rome, Italy, and the official ecclesiastical seat of the Bishop of Rome, who is the Pope. Officially named Archibasilica Sanctissimi Salvatoris et Sancti Iohannes Baptista et Evangelista in Laterano (English: Archbasilica of the Most Holy Saviour and Sts. John the Baptist and the Evangelist at the Lateran”, Italian: Arcibasilica del Santissimo Salvatore e Santi Giovanni Battista ed Evangelista in Laterano),[1] it is the oldest and ranks first among the four Papal Basilicas or major basilicas of Rome (having the cathedra of the Bishop of Rome).[2] It claims the title of ecumenical mother church (mother church of the whole inhabited world) among Roman Catholics. The current archpriest of St. John Lateran is Agostino Vallini, Cardinal Vicar General for the Diocese of Rome.[1] The President of the French Republic, currently Nicolas Sarkozy, is ex officio the “first and only honorary canon” of the basilica, a title inherited from the Kings of France, who have held it since Henry IV.An inscription on the façade, Christo Salvatori, indicates the church’s dedication to the “Christ the Saviour”, for the cathedrals of all patriarchs are dedicated to Christ Himself. As the cathedral of the Bishop of Rome, containing the papal throne (Cathedra Romana), it ranks above all other churches in the Roman Catholic Church, including St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican.

The cathedral itself is located outside of the Vatican City boundaries, territorially located within the city of Rome in the Italian Republic. However it has been granted a special extraterritorial status as a property of the Holy See. This is also the case with several other buildings after the solving of the Roman Question with the Lateran Treaty.

Highslide JS

So now shall we take a gander at Folio 291v more closely, with new insight granted by me?

Do you see the SWASTIKA in the above image of St. John (in the center, reserved for special folks) that suggests the LEFT is associated with St. John the Baptist?

Want a clue of where to look for the swastika in this image?


yes a RAM not a SHEEPLE

In FACT the SHEEPLE are to line up on the RIGHT on the DAY OF JUDGEMENT and the RAMS line up on the LEFT is what the bible babble SeZ.

Highslide JS
digest that.
I shall return…with more *updates*
I know my purpose in the here and now.
How about you, ewe and u?
Figured it out?

Swastika is the KEY of Universal Movement, forming part of an ancient vortex theory, along with phi and pi and the Maltese cross.

“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”