‘11258’ Godel’s PINECONE SpaceTime confirms the UNIVERSAL 4 Ages Model

Visualization of the Gödel universe – IOPscience
Quotable Swastika Quotes – Movement – Space – Time – God

Is GRAVITY a pushing or pulling force?
My vortex guru Vincent Wee Foo suggests it could be a pushing force!

Universal Vortical Singularity enlightenment on the geometric push-in gravity


“I agree with you Graham that gravity is NOT a pull event.”
– James A. Graber (aka Jag of TOEQuest Forum) with twenty-five years into vortex research, 14th Nov 2008.

“I must in the full recognition of the fine work he does give thanks to Vincent Wee-Foo, for his platform of ponder for explanation of gravity being a push in effect.”
– Graham Burnett

Now let  Kurt Godel and me take you on a tour of why the Vatican has a pine cone garden…there are small reasons (pineal) and there are much bigger reasons.
What does the  cone represent on the MACRO scale? 

Of the many different kinds of trees whose wood qualities caused them to be called cedars, the Lebanese is the original. It is Cedrus, Latinized from the ancient Greek kedros, and grows not only in Lebanon but in Turkey and adjacent countries; it is the Biblical cedar. Deodar and Atlas cedars are its close kindred. These illustrious trees are not easily identified, because the three species are often very similar looking.
Entering the forest gate, Gilgamesh dreams that a mountain fell on him, but he was saved by a beautiful light. Then Enkidu has an ominous dream of a rainstorm. When Gilgamesh chops down a cedar with the ax, Humbaba hears the sound. Knowing the monster, Enkidu is afraid; but Gilgamesh encourages him. Calling on Shamash, Gilgamesh fells seven cedars, and each time Humbaba roars louder. When the two heroes reach Humbaba, he pleads with Gilgamesh for mercy, offering to serve him. Gilgamesh is moved, but Enkidu convinces him to kill the monster; so they cut off his head.

Nice passage.

The cedar, the ax, … sound.

Then four thousand years later the Freemason George Washington cuts down a cherry tree :lol:  and much noise is made about the event, the SOUND of a new nation being born is recorded, for the blah blah baa baa posterity of the self-serving HIS-story books…

Down here, the Pope, the Freemasons and other secret societies, still secretly revere / love the swastika (= ax) by the way. :wink:

95% of us know very little about the sun, the moon, and the heavenly cycles that help dictate the REAL terms down here…or do we play a role in the outcome?
We have allowed ourselves to be placed at the mercy of mother nature and big brother. 

Beirut-based developer envisions a 3.3-square-kilometer, artificial island shaped like a cedar tree as a major attraction off Lebanon’s coast.

Snow Falling on Cedars?
Next step?
How does the concept of the cone come into play when discuSSing Kabbalah/Phreemason Quantum Physics?

Let me show you…
Err actually Godel, the thinker/tinkerer will take you on a tour of Godel SpaceTime, of course ole’ Raphael will tag along to point out the OBVIOUS again. :wink:

The image is in Japanese but this article is in English.

http://www1.kcn.ne.jp/~h-uchii/spacetim … oedel.html

But what I really really really like about Godel’s Cone Universe is that is matches up again, with the 4 AGES MODEL of the UNIVERSE, that I have been shopping around in these End of Daze…

It provides a perfect match with so many other archetypal models that we can find embedded, everywhere because truth is truth, and truth can be found everywhere.

Swastika Plate 5000 BC is a Model of the Milky Way

As I contend…I do not need to find, invent, discover anything new under the sun and the moon. It is and always be laid out plain and clear for those who seek the truth.
Power and Glory confuses the real iSSues that befuddle with an intent to obfuscate the TRUTH.

Imagine that your galaxy was once at p of the Figure 4.
Now you are at q.
In order to visit p again,

(1) you first accelerate and aim at the outside of the critical circle.

Then,(2) when you passed the critical circle, you go downward for a while, enough below the original hypersurface at p.

Next,(3) you aim at the critical circle (below p, of course), and if you passed it, you aim at p, from the past region of p.

Thus you came back to your past, by going, everywhere, to your future!
This makes defining the cosmological time (common to all particles of matter) impossible.



Of course it was the CODE 112358 that lead me to the 4 AGES MODEL which PREDICTS, CONFIRMS and ACKNOWLEDGES both GODEL’s and Vincent Wee Foo’s idea of SpaceTimeMotion.

There is absolutely nothing NEW under the SUN and the MOON, only the SPIN the SpinMasters put on it…
Only way to solve the puzzle (for the indivdual) is to feel the truth.
Our reality based on and filled with RGB television and Radio wave manipulations is a toxic soup of contrived manipulations.


Again I present another coincidence, the giant Pine Cone positioned, centered, we are given a cross section of the cosmic egg that has 3 LEVELS? :lol:
And Plato’s Atlantis was envisioned in much the same way.
As was the occultist Himmler’s Wewelsburg Castle :twisted: Was it laid out in the same way?
YES exactly.

Is Atlantis the destination…and the embedded archetype is the carrot that leads us to the promised land?
Promised or promiSSed?
No wonder Jesus rode an aSS.
Who writes this stuff?
Not me.
I just point out the OBVIOUS.
TRUTH is TRUTH and I found a good chunk of it.
A cosmic fractal chip off the ole’ block head I need to share with all of ewe, the missing corner of the stone that I continue to polish for its final presentation…


KEY 528=Swastika=ancient Spherical Standing Wave Theory
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”

‘11258’ the DENDERA Zodiac – 4 ROYAL Stars – Marian Cross – Freemasons – phi and the ‘plough’ – FIRE and ROSE are ONE

UPDATE October 9th, 2020

Owning Your Own Shadow: Understanding the Dark Side of the Psyche

In the name of the rose … “the fire and the rose are one” 

Owning Your Own Shadow Understanding the Dark Side of the Psyche

First suggestion … try to find a copy of this great little book … written by a Jungian. It only has three chapters.

1/ The Shadow
2/ Romantic Love as Shadow
3/ The Mandorla

The following quote is taken from chapter 3 The Mandorla on page 103 and it sums up our 16 year quest with the support of a great quote by T.S. Elliot.

The mandorla is the place of poetry. It is the duty of a true poet to take the fragmented world that we find ourselves in and to make unity of it. In the Four Quartets, T.S.Elliot writes, “The fire and the rose are one.” By overlapping the two elements of fire and a flower, he makes a mandorla. We are pleased to the depth of our soul to be told that the fire of transformation and the flower of rebirth are one and the same. All poetry is based upon the assertion that this is that. When the images overlap, we have a mystical statement of unity. We feel there is safety and sureness in our fractured world, and the poet has given us the gift of synthesis.
Great poetry makes these leaps and unites the beauty and the terror of existence. It has the ability to surprise and shock – to remind us that there are links between the things we have always thought as opposites.

The next paragraph begins …

All language is a mandorla: a well structured sentence is of this nature. That is probably why we talk so much: good talk restores unity to a fragmented world.

Now allow us to merge our ARK+E+typal recovery based on an epiphany at age 47.
It appears that our insights regarding the 5×5 RoTaS SaToR Magic Square attributed to the Knights Templar and a mystery are of a poetic variety, without a doubt.

PaterNoster SATOR square

Witness how we were able to take the Pater Noster Cross above and morph it into the Pattern Rose using the same letters … witness how what we actually do is BREAK the symmetry of the Pater Noster Cross with the Pattern Rose Cross. Resulting in a cross that is OFF CENTER.

PaterNoster PaTTeRN RoSeWhat is yet another AHA to add to this recovery?

Well here are the 8 letters used in the RoTaS SaToR palindrome and they are in alphabetical order.


Immediately the phrase AEON PRieST leaps off the page … what else?
Shall we play the game cosmic anagram telegram?

Well if you do the following phrase emerges:


Shall we again play the game cosmic anagram telegram where the AEON PRieST is divided morphs into the RNA POETS?

T.S. Elliot would be proud indeed of this attempt at unity.

Allow yours truly to also give as evidence the name of the school we went to from kindergarten to grade 6.


Followed by the middle school Rockcliffe and high school the sage was overly edumucated at Overlea S.S. … O.S.S. not to be confused with the OSS that became the CIA.

And here is our favorite rose tended to by yours truly.

It is called a Brocéliande Rose and its name has quite the history indeed.

Brocéliande, earlier known as Brécheliant and Brécilien, is a legendary enchanted forest that had a reputation in the medieval European imagination as a place of magic and mystery. Brocéliande is featured in several medieval texts, mostly related to the Arthurian legend and the characters of MerlinMorgan le FayLady of the Lake, and some of the Knights of the Round Table. It first appeared in literature in the Roman de Rou chronicle by Wace in 1160 and today is most commonly identified as Paimpont forest in Brittany, France.

Brocéliande is a place of legend due to its uncertain location, unusual weather, and its ties with Arthurian mythology, most notably the tomb of the legendary figure of Merlin.[1] According to these accounts, the forest sheltered Morgan’s magical Vale of No Return, the faery fountain of Barenton, and the place of Merlin’s retirement, imprisonment or death.


Roselands Rose crop

Brocéliande Rose


While researching Plato’s TimAEus before I knew what had happened by following several internet links was I found myself staring at a 3×3 grid of swastikas. It was not something I had anticipated, though the opportunity is always there IF you look close enough.

The grid also had an interesting off center cruciform pink cross.

So how do we take the BROKEN OFFSET CROSS and weave a story out of the poetry emerging out of our soul leading us back to the 12,000+ year old 2D CHIRAL World TEACHER … aka SS SwaStika?

Edmond Furter BLUEPRINT Photon ARCHETYPE with addendums 4 AGES AEON 5X5 SATOR

Keep reading … btw how deep do you want to go down this rabid rabbi rabbit hole where the fire = rose = swastika?

UPDATE May 12th, 2020

A rather interesting profound insightful confirming coincidence that the fella who came back from Peru with the Rosetta Fractal Mandala should be savvy enough to pull yet another rabbit out of his red hat associated to the name of the RoSe placed on the Cross of Time.

PaterNoster ceiling Palace of Amenhotep III

Well our gift of sight that sees ‘broken symmetry‘ hidden in plain sight in our CHIRAL environment … played with the ACHIRAL symmetrical PaTeR NoSTeR cross and was able to extract by rearranging the same 11 letters into a CHIRAL offset cross … the PaTTeRN RoSe.

PaterNoster PaTTeRN RoSe

Quite simply this is the apparent algorithm that is being expressed.
ACHIRAL is the underlying hidden symmetry found only at the highest energy levels yet not attainable by humans … and CHIRAL is the broken symmetry that seems to rule our lives.

To quote James Gates “without broken symmetry we would not exist”.

This blog has many examples of the ‘offset cross’ clearly one of those eternal ark+E+types for the reasons already stated … ALL LIFE IS CHIRAL.

UPDATE September 19, 2019

I have not updated this blog entry in a while. However these two images taken from the video link provided, suggest an entry is now necessary.

pause the video @ 1:05
Do you see the yellow OFFSET cross … known also as a Marian Cross?

Marian Cross is a term to describe a symbolic representation of the close connection of Mary, with the redemptive mission of Jesus. The letter “M” below the cross indicates Mary’s presence at the foot of the cross.


Douglas Larrson Engholm and Javier Romanach Fractal Golden V Marian Cross phi

11 2 5 8 phi precession

end of UPDATE

The sculptured Dendera zodiac (or Denderah zodiac) is a widely known Egyptian bas-relief from the ceiling of the pronaos (or portico) of a chapel dedicated to Osiris in the Hathor temple at Dendera, the relief, which John H. Rogers characterised as “the only complete map that we have of an ancient sky”,[1] has been conjectured to represent the basis on which later astronomy systems were based. It is now on display at the Musée du Louvre, Paris.

“the only complete map that we have of an ancient sky”


Ancient Egyptian farmer ploughing a field

….researchers such as Maunder, Crommelin, and Ovenden looked at the risings and settings of the constellations in the poem and calculated that they were first observed around 2600 to 2700 BCE at a latitude of 35 to 40 degrees north (Gurshtein 1993:171).

However, some researchers have noted that certain constellations are much older than 4000 BCE. Gurshtein claims that the first constellations could go back as far as 16,000 BCE (Gurshtein 1997: 47–50), with the largest constellations, akin to the larger US states, being the more recent.

Gingerich proposed that Ursa Major, the Bear, may go back to the Ice Age or earlier, as it was known to both Siberian and North American tribes (Gurshtein 1993: 171). The Soviet philologist Y. A. Karpenko even stated that Ursa Major as a constellation might go back as far as 100,000 BCE (Gurshtein 1993: 171). Edge (1997), Congregado (1994), and Rappengluck (1997) have all made a strong claim that a bull, #17, with six dots above it, painted on a southern wall in an Upper Paleololithic cave in Lascaux represents the constellations Taurus and the Pleiades (Krupp 2000: 50). Marshak also presented evidence that Paleololithic cave dwellers were more sophisticated stargazers than previously thought, for he found that they used bone markings as a lunar calendar (Marshak 1972).


image on left: for the color codes, to understand the Dendera Zodiac go here:

Don’t worry all of the following coincidences will be merged before I AM done.

 W  o  W      M  o  M !

Do these two Env3lopEs look the same?


The M on the left you might recognize as the GMail logo, but few of you would know that the M on the right is an apron belonging to the Royal Arch degree of Freemasonry.

Maybe this is why there appears to be more male chefs in Hell’s kitchen stirring the pot than women stirring cauldrons?

hELIon Lodge Officers

So was Pope John Paul II a Freemason in drag, or just somebody who knows how to keep a secret?

What does his burial suggest?

‘M’ Marian Cross and the Coat of arms of Pope John Paul II, display the Papal tiara and crossed keys of the pontifical office.


“Science progresses funeral by funeral.”
Max Planck

The Marian Cross was part of Pope John Paul’s Coat of Arms.
(coincidentally I have a sister named Marion)

The Marian Cross is an informal name applied to a Roman Catholiccross design. It consists of a traditional Latin cross with the crossbar extended on the right, and a letter “M” (for the Virgin Mary) in the lower right quadrant.

A recently publicized use of the Marian Cross was on the personal coat of arms of Pope John Paul II, displayed prominently on his casket at his funeral, although it may have been in use before this. A similar design had appeared over a century earlier on the Miraculous Medal due to a Marian apparition to Saint Catherine Labouré in 1830, where the M represents the Virgin Mary standing at the foot of the cross during the Crucifixion of Jesus.

As the Vatican newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano stated in 1978:

“The coat of arms for Pope John Paul II is intended to be a homage to the central mystery of Christianity, that of Redemption. It mainly represents a cross, whose form however does not correspond to any of the usual heraldry models. The reason for the unusual shift of the vertical part of the cross is striking, if one considers the second object included in the Coat of Arms: the large and majestic capital M, which recalls the presence of the Madonna under the Cross and Her exceptional participation in Redemption. The Pontiff’s intense devotion to the Holy Virgin is manifested in this manner.” [3]

But take a look what happens if we reflect for a moment what we can do with the Marian Cross … rotate the Cross 180 degrees.


Please note how the x-axis and y-axis in both images ‘line up’

#1 is FOMALHAUT in Aquarius
#2 is ALDEBARAN in Taurus
#3 is REGULUS in Leo
#4 is ANTARES in Scorpio

First image above on the left are those 4 ROYAL STARS (1-4) sitting on the ecliptic.
The green ellipse is the ecliptic.
Ignore the red arrow, the black circle and the number 5 for now.

The second image above shows that these same 4 ROYAL STARS (1-4) shares a similar geometry to the Golden Spiral, a.k.a. Fibonacci sequence, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8,

1 1 2 3 5 8

Now let us match up the 4 Royal Stars, their zodiacal positions to their starry associations and to Card X of the TAROT.

11 >> 1 is FOMALHAUT in Aquarius
2 >> 2 is ALDEBARAN in Taurus
5 >> 3 is REGULUS in Leo
8 >> 4 is ANTARES in Scorpio

And those 4 ROYAL STARS that are on CARD X and their numbers 11258 are used also in the formula for both phi and Phi.
(think about it)

And Phi/phi suggests we should investigate the billions served daily under the golden arches, i.e. the golden ratio, the golden triangle, the golden rectangle, the golden spiral and the golden mean too of course, do you know what I mean?

Apparently a relationship is inferred between these 4 Pillars holding up the Heavens demarcating the 4 cardinal directions, and appears to be golden in shape?

Are you starting to realize how much information is embedded on CARD X?

Shall we go to Egypt now and see how it matches up with the Dendera Zodiac?

Don’t Worry Be Hapi!

Considering the strong possibility that the origin of our alphabet is correlated with the constellations of the zodiac (see “On the Origins of the Alphabet,” Sino-Platonic Papers 196, December 2009), it is interesting that I first learned the alphabet by having to raise my head and look up. That is, I had to turn around in my chair in kindergarten and look up to a spot just beneath the ceiling on the back wall of the classroom. For there on a wide strip of white paper that ran from one side of the room to the other was written the upper and lower case letters of the alphabet. It was there that I first saw the letter “A” and then “B,” etc., in their proper sequence and upper/lower case forms. I now find it quite fascinating that I first learned the alphabet in the same manner that the inventors of the alphabet in Egypt almost 4000 years ago had originally intended — by looking up and reading what was above me.

S.A. Mackey and the Dendera zodiacs

S.A. Mackey was a source frequently cited by H.P. Blavatsky, primarilly in relation to his theory pertaining to the zodiacs of the Egyptian temple of Dendera, and his interpretation of them. Mackey was of the opinion that, during the millennia through which equinoctial precession occurs, the path traced by the celestial north pole of the Earth is not a closed circle, as is commonly held, but aspiral [2]. What this means, is that Mackey held that the inclination of the Earth’s axis constantly shifted in a mostly regular pace, changing inclination by about 4 degrees in the duration of time encompassing one precessional cycle (or “Great Year”, considered to very roughly constitute a period of 25000-26000 years). This gradual change of axial inclination was assigned by him as the cause of periodic and very intense climatic changes that took place on the planet’s surface, and thus drastically affected the modes of life upon it. Mackey considered that mythology was essentially a descriptive medium meant for communicating important occurrences of a celestial, astronomical and geological nature, by converting the observed phenomena into “sublime incomprehensibilities”, as he himself described it. He thus considered mythology, and even ancient architecture, sculpture and paintings to essentially convey what he formulated as his theory of the planets’ movements over the course of millions of years. As he writes in the beginning of his “A new theory of the earth and of planetary motion”:

In this article, we are going to review some of the assertions and related interpretations of S.A. Mackey regarding the Dendera zodiacs, as his material on this subject is quoted several times in H.P. Blavatsky’s The Secret Doctrine and elsewhere.

image on left: Solar eclipse on 7 March 51 BC
image on right: Lunar eclipse on 25 September 52 BC

I love coincidences especially dates or ideas that merge with the numbers 1~3~7

Note the solar eclipse documented occurred on 7/3/51 BC.

Sylvie Cauville of the Centre for Computer-aided Egyptological Research at Utrecht University and Éric Aubourg dated it to 50 BC through an examination of the configuration it shows of the five planets known to the Egyptians, a configuration that occurs once every thousand years, and the identification of two eclipses.[3]

The solar eclipse indicates the date of March 7, 51 BC: it is represented by a circle containing the goddess Isis holding a baboon (the god Thoth) by the tail.

On an inner circle, one finds constellations, showing the signs of the zodiac. Some of these are represented in the same Greco-Roman iconographic forms as their familiar counterparts (e.g. the Ram, Taurus, Scorpio, and Capricorn, albeit most in odd orientations in comparison to the conventions of ancient Greece[4] and later Arabic-Western developments), whilst others are shown in a more Egyptian form:

Aquarius is represented as the Nile flood god Hapy positioned above the ‘Circle of 8’

Aquarius is represented as the flood god Hapy, holding two vases which gush water.

Rogers noted the similarities of unfamiliar iconology with the three surviving tablets of a “Seleucid zodiac” and both relating to kudurru, “boundary-stone” representations: in short, Rogers sees the Dendera zodiac as “a complete copy of the Mesopotamian zodiac”

Please note which constellations are positioned in the CORNERS.
Written in GREEN >>> in the upper left corner?

It is the 4 Royal Stars or the 4 Evangelists, represented by the zodiac signs Scorpius, Leo, Taurus and Aquarius.

It is important to know that Aquarius was also known as Amphora.

The Dendera zodiac image also brings to mind two possible formula.

36 + circle of 8 = 44

And 44 is coincidental to the base of the Great Pyramid, each side being 440 cubits.

36 + 1 (circle) = 37

And the circle of 8 is a nice fit to both the 8 family members on the 137 meter Ark and the 8 family members in the orient that form the foundation of the I-Ching.

37 DECANS Denderah
source of image: http://www.mazzaroth.com/V3DemoDecanZeroOr37.htm

The controversy around the zodiac, called the “Dendera Affair”, involved people of the likes of Joseph Fourier (who estimated that the age was 2500 BC[4]), Thomas Young, Jean-François Champollion, and Jean-Baptiste Biot.[5] Johann Karl Burckhardt and Jean-Baptiste Coraboeuf held, after analysis of the zodiac, that the ancient Egyptians understood the precession of the equinoxes.

So the Egyptians understood Precession by at least 2500 BCE that appears to be clear.
But our self-serving HIS-story embraced by the western historians credited Hipparchus around 200 BC  with Precession of the Equinoxes.
I think it is all bunk. Carl Jung also noticed, commented, and challenged the status quo.
Precession is something golden in its origin and its architecture is golden as are its movements…

And Joseph Campbell has already mentioned the Indian TIME clock began and is synchronized to the Phi CODE 11258?
(the number 3 = trinity = 3 is a cipher placed in the center of 112 3 58) 

Anybody else starting to see the obvious?

Coral Castle T-square Plough – compare to the dotted lines in the Golden Rectangle

Is there a connection between all of the above and Ed Leedskalnin’s inspiration called the Coral Castle, built as a monument to sweet sixteen?
Can we match up Ed’s reference to sweet 16 to the 16 winds we find surrounding the obELIsk in St. Peter’s Square-Ellipse?

When people asked Ed how he had moved all of the stone by himself, he refused to give up his method and would only reply to whomever was asking with the same statement of;

“I understand the laws of weight and leverage and I know the secrets of the people who built the pyramids (being those at the site at Giza in Egypt)”.

IMHO all of the above defaults to the idea of a PLOUGH!

Men at work: hoes, ploughs, and steel

Recently several weblogs have pointed to a new working paper on the role of plough-based agriculture vs. hoe-based agriculture in shaping cultural expectations about male and female labor force participation specifically, and the differentiation of gender roles more generally. My first reaction was: “doesn’t everyone know this already?”

No I did not know that in fact!

The PLOUGH vs. the HOE?

Is that why a woman who likes to receive the SEED whilst being ploughed is often called a ‘HO’? 

Probably yes, the collective unconscious has a sick twisted SS SenSe of humor.

The Big Dipper, also known as the Plough or the Saptarishi (after the seven rishis), is an asterism of seven stars that has been recognized as a distinct grouping in many cultures from time immemorial. The component stars are the seven brightest of the formalconstellationUrsa Major. The North Star (Polaris), the current northernpole star on Earth, can be located by imagining a line from Merak (β) to Dubhe (α) and then extending it. Polaris is part of the “Little Dipper“, Ursa Minor.What is the sign for the Big Dipper in Egyptian astronomy/zodiac?

And in on the Dendera Zodiac the symbol used to represent Ursa Major (the Big Dipper) is in fact the leg of the bull.

The constellation of Ursa Major became a major metaphor in the religious and agricultural lives of both Predynastic and Dynastic Egyptians. Evidence from astronomy, the Pyramid Texts, and tomb and coffin imagery, plus the ethnographic parallels offered by contemporary Sudanese tribal cultures demonstrate the complex and multi-layered symbolic meanings that Ursa Major inspired for both priestly and farming classes.

It was related to the concept of the ka, the Opening of the Mouth ceremony, and the Nile inundation, and thus was a potent symbol of rejuvenation, perhaps from as early as the beginning of the Predynastic, ca. 4000 B.C.E. This article is a speculative exploration of the multiple meanings implied by the shape of Ursa Major, drawing on Egyptian astronomy, ethnography from the Sudan, and the agricultural cycle of ancient Egypt.

AND the best part is that the ROTAS/SATOR Square revolves around the translation of the word AREPO.
Some folks claim to link the word Arepo to the the Celtic word for PLOUGH.

Is our Realty Reality 4 Sale?


The Island of Aegina

Drachm (Silver, 5.84 g 3), c. 350. Tortoise, seen from above.

Rev. Incuse square divided into five compartments; in bottom left compartment, dolphin swimming upwards.

Attractively toned and unusually well struck. Extremely fine.


And what is the connection to the tortoise and the idea of a surface being CONVEX?
Note that the other side of the coin appears to be CONCAVE.

In India we find in the cosmology of the Jain Buddhists a similar reference to the ideas CONVEX, CONCAVE, and FLAT.

So does the currency of early civilizations depict a fluctuating, oscillating cosmic currency that also goes up and down in cycles?

And is it surprising thousands of years later we are still struggling to define the geometry of the universe in the same terms?

The  only evolution of thought is that CONVEX and CONCAVE represent two sides of the same coin, however modern physics has introduced the ‘saddle’ shape.

But what is amazing is that 21st century physics is now suggesting that a
FLAT geometry for the universe is …


Shall we take all of these coincidences to the next level?

Gravity works differently than we thought?

They are even suggesting today that GRAVITY is not just a PULLING force; in fact 70% of the universe appears to be material which PUSHES.





Forum Discussion:

The entire formula called 37 resonates with ME.



p.s. updates follow.

In Jainism, the swastika symbol is the only holy symbol. Jainism does not use the Hindu om symbol at all and thus gives even more prominence to the swastika than Hinduism.

The swastika is the symbol of the seventh Jina (Saint), the Tirthankara Suparsva. It is considered to be one of the 24 auspicious marks and the emblem of the seventh arhat of the present age. All Jain temples and holy books must contain the swastika and ceromonies typically begin and end with creating a swastika mark several times with rice around the altar.


I have concluded that the SWASTIKA is the TRUE BLUE GOOD LUCK AVATAR to come, it arrived yesterday, btw.

In fact the swastika since 10,000 BCE has provided humanity with some mind blowing applications, including the PLOUGH!

Here is another application for the TRUTH. It is the hidden hand behind the fiction.
TRUTH is stranger than fiction because ALL fiction has as its source the TRUTH.

Cameron felt that because Worthington had not done a major film, he would give the character “a quality that is really real”. Cameron said he “has that quality of being a guy you’d want to have a beer with, and he ultimately becomes a leader who transforms the world”.

11 2 5 8 = 26 = 1 3 7 6

“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”