“LSD found in Solomon’s Temple ~ HIDDEN DIMENSIONS ~ LEvI priests I37 Magnetosphere changes” by invoking …

“LSD found in Solomon’s Temple ~ HIDDEN DIMENSIONS ~ LEvI priests I37 Magnetosphere changes” by invoking 1π ~ 2π ~ 3π ~ 5π
I just want to point out that the TILT of the earth’s axis leads to ‘asymmetrical boundaries’.
Connections exist between the number 55/DNA, physical and non-physical ‘boundaries’, and the asymmetry found embedded in the architecture at Stonehenge/Great Pyramid/Mecca/I Ching.And the associations regarding the primal IDEA/NUMBER do not stop there.
This next image of how the orbit of the earth ‘fluctuates’ over a 100,000 year cycle fits the LSD/Solomon’s Knot/4 Evangelists archetype pretty damn good.And Robert it was you who mentioned the zig zag, well did you know that one of the earliest glyphs showing the birth of our zig zag consciousness is from around 100,000 BCE?A perfect fit for this next theory too?
Long debate ended over cause, demise of ice ages – solar and earth wobble – CO2 not main driver
CORVALLIS, Ore. – A team of researchers says it has largely put to rest a long debate on the underlying mechanism that has caused periodic ice ages on Earth for the past 2.5 million years – they are ultimately linked to slight shifts in solar radiation caused by predictable changes in Earth’s rotation and axis.

BATS and a changing Magnetosphere



The first image shows how much the Earth’s orbit can vary in shape next to an image of the FLYWHEEL at the Coral Castle,  note the green >>> arrows indicating the bulges.
This process in a slow one, taking roughly 100,000 years to complete a cycle.
(Credit: Texas A&M University note: illustration is not to scale)


L eague for

S piritual


LSD Solomon’s Knot and the 4 Evangelists:


Can you see how I have chanced upon a Primal IDEA, recognized by the ancients, later embedded into the ‘narratives’ to pass on and retain knowledge and wisdom in a mnemonic form.
There is a simple reason we rEMEMber in images, pictures are worth a 1000 words or 10,000 things perhaps.


Easy enough to prove the ancients were aware of asymmetry.
Yes they were aware, and we are rather ignorant of this fact that they were more aware of that underlying hidden hand playing a role in creation than we appear to be.
It seems we have been focused on the idea of a symmetry model far too much, far too long…probably because symmetry is equated with and implies perfection, and perfection is ‘god’.

Asymmetry in science is often referred to as broken symmetry.

However is it not obvious that the flaw of the fallen man is a reference to ASYMMETRY and this is a departure from SYMMETRY.

And it is not a revelation that matter would possess an anti-christ, anti-rotation.
Matter just like Christ has its own asymmetrical shadow called anti-matter.

Have we been ignoring what is hidden in plain sight, all around us…in HIDDEN DIMENSIONS?

go to 6:30 of the video

“ONE OF THE KEY THINGS THAT OFTEN LOST IS … when you are testing a theory you do not need to test every single prediction of the theory …. you need to test enough of the predictions that you gain confidence that the theory is a good guide to the nature of reality and then if that theory tells you things about realms that you can’t see like a realm before the big bang you are actually learning about that realm even though you can’t test it or see it.”
Brian Greene

Well I have much confidence in the Theory of Everything called ‘137’.
Most people know ‘137’ as the QaBaLaH, Kabbalah, Cabala, etc….

So the idea of ‘137’ which in fact is the gematria value of the Hebrew spelling of QaBaLaH, which long ago had presented itself as a good guide to the nature of reality. And the QaBaLaH is in fact a theory that tells us things about realms we cannot see, like a realm before the big bang.

Thus the QaBaLaH teaches about realms that the ancients could not test or see, but hey according to Brian Greene that is OKAY!!!

So it is okay with ME too. Thus begins the dismantling of science using science quotations.

(As you read this blog …. keep those words of Brian Greene prophecy echoing in your mind as the 137 ‘coincidences’ begin to reveal a DESIGN)

I hate to say it, but this comes from deep deep within … ewe, we, and me, we all live in the land of Asymme-TREE of Life.

We inhabit a dimension where the flow of TIME is defined as asymmetric in nature, and asymmetry can be defined as the breakdown of symmetry.

Essentially symmetry ends where asymmetry begins and vice versa.

Entropy is the 2nd law of thermodynamics (some say the third now), it is the penalty for breaching the law that precedes it.

Entropy is the penalty, which has a hand in directing the arrow of time, taking the mortal trapped in matter for a ride, the ride of his or her life of course.

IF we wanted to change the direction TIME seems to flow to us, I think we would need to acquire a new SENSORY SKILL set.
How does the IDEA of a FLYwheel line up with the swastika and that 100,000 year cycle?
LSD the Lucky 4 Leaf Clover the New Atlantis and Prime Numbers
How do the Coral Castle mysteries line up with this PRIMAL ARCHETYPE that is NOT bounded by TIME, or SPACE, because it reflects MOTION?
FLY rhymes with ELI?
Can we connect the FLYwheel to ELI and the enigmatic dimensionless fine structure constant I37 too?
And at the same time showing the associations to the SHAPE and FORM which we can find embedded in the Precession of the Equinox Cycle too, linked to Solomon’s Knot.
Which brings us back to the opening image of that 100,000 year cycle identified by science today.
It is a match for what the ancients had embedded into the symbols as MNEMONIC
devices, like the Greek Zodiac Cross.
Those LUCKY 4-leaf clover quatrefoils are KEY because they express a reality that is determined by what appears to be things beyond our control.
i.e the tilt of the earth due to precession and angular momentum.
So how do we use the magic of I37 using LEvI priest knowledge of the Electro-magnetic field of the Earth?
Stay thirsty my friends
the most interesting MEN in the world drink Dos Equis!!!!
image on left: Owl outside a Freemason Lodge in Riga, Latvia.
NOTE the bookmark…from a distance I thought it was XX,
later I would realize the obvious
XX = compaSS and Square
But why the reverence for the OWL?
Why the OWL?
Why do those Freemasons use owls to symbolize their crafty craft?

The secret to an owl’s ability to hear is due to the ‘asymmetrical’ placement of its ear openings
this is what gives these dapper raptors their edge at night over their prey.

And the owl can twist its head nearly 360 degrees like Linda Blair in the Exorcist.

Asymmetry is a KEY to the OWL symbolism and SOUND
Asymmetry is the KEY to unlocking many of the secrets to the universe.
What IF?
And the owl’s monocular vision is also indicative of a deeper symbolism.
Kim Peeks who is a savant, (the real life original ‘Rain Man’ portrayed by Dustin Hoffman in the film of the same name), can read two pages of an open book at the SAME TIME.
Kim Peeks can read books incredibly fast, and he has a photographic memory to boot, IF you reboot his computer, the information is not lost.
However his gift of OWL vision came with a severe handicap.
This could be another reason for the OWL fascination too.


Interference of waves from two point sources.

1π ~ 2π ~ 3π ~ 5π

Constructive interference occurs when the phase difference between the waves is a multiple of 2π, whereas destructive interference occurs when the difference is 1π, 3π, 5π, etc.

If the difference between the phases is intermediate between these two extremes, then the magnitude of the displacement of the summed waves lies between the minimum and maximum values.

Consider, for example, what happens when two identical stones are dropped into a still pool of water at different locations.

  • Each stone generates a circular wave propagating outwards from the point where the stone was dropped.
  • When the two waves overlap, the net displacement at a particular point is the sum of the displacements of the individual waves.
  • At some points, these will be in phase, and will produce a maximum displacement.
  • In other places, the waves will be in anti-phase, and there will be no net displacement at these points. Thus, parts of the surface will be stationary—these are seen in the figure below as stationary blue-green lines radiating from the centre.

RaphaEL a.k.a. LabbIEL
to be updated till the end of time or I run out of space…

KEY 528=Swastika=ancient Spherical Standing Wave Theory

“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”
-Albert Einstein

“…the Talking Heads and the Walking Dead” are activated using mirrored I^37 LEvI priestly fine structure magic by tweaking the Electro-Magnetic Field while DREAMING???

Peter wrote:

Hey St. Petra I understand you are a fine semite rock to lean on?
Some folks even build a temple on this forum in your honor Peter?
St. Peter evidently rescued Azoth from his inner despair?
hey sAIN’t Peter, good choice, Roxy Music was one of my faves growing up

talking heads and the walking dead co-exist that is obvious.
Before the Matrix Trilogy and NEO there was a fella called ENO.
I grew up with synthesized harmonic looney tunes?

PLEASE ALLOW ME TO PLOT OUT THE WORLD WHICH IS ALL A STAGE and allow me to put WShakespeare who wrote many MScripts standing on his head it appears effortlessly, on the same golden stAGE (now?) with our buddys found on this forum like St. Peter ,  Azoth, St. John the Baptist Brian Eno, Archangels Michael Persinger, Archangel Peter Gabriel, Archangel healer Raphael (ME), AND of course the ONE thing that SS aSSiStS the world in going round and round and round, the swastiKEY to Universal Movements.

ALL of above are in fact part of a cohesive unit, they are fractals, ALL exist as part and parcel representing a whole, that which is very difficult to define, and thus walk the line.

But ALL of the above participants in the here and now, try to expreSS and aSSiST in communicating a TRUTH of what we cannot see, ya see.

It is the Yod-He-Vav-he-ARTist who strives to put us ALL on the same name ONE world stage page.

Is this coincidence OR in FACT MORE EVIDENCE of the underlying design, a poetic narrative revealed within a wordy narrative, within a numbered narrative, that transcends time and space?

Brian Peter George St. John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno[1] (born 15 May 1948), commonly known as Brian Eno or simply as Eno ( /ˈiːnoʊ/), is an English musician, composer, record producer, singer and visual artist, known as one of the principal innovators of ambient music.

So ONE of the principal innovators (21st century inno-AVATARS?) of ambient music today is apparently BRIAN ENO?


One of the things I love about QaBaLaH meditations is the encouragement of the Permutation of LETTERS!!!!

YO dudes YA all need to learn about YAH!
Yes way, err I mean WeH is vhat I meant to zay.

So in looking for poetic, musical clues to the piece of  Yod-He-Vav-HeART I find myself in …. is the clue to harmonic ambiance the ONE BRAIN >>> BRIAN ENO Idea

The evidence that science cannot explain and make go away,  suggests we are connected and assisted by outside forces that we just do not understand, at this time.

Yes of course collectively we are the ONE BRAIN ya see.

And BRIAN ENO, along with the Brian Ferry, or the talking head, the BRAIN FAIRY are part of the “ALL THE WORLD IS A STAGE” that inspired folks like William Shakespeare and ME, yes ME are privy to see, YA see?

I can prove ALL I SAY if folks would only open up to ME.
And learn to let go of their bullshit before even attempting to engage with ME.
YA get it?

Elijah or Eli YA Hu is the artist to come AND this is the PROPHECY.
Yes of course.

The priestly LEvI if wanting to make MAGIC happen here on earth would need to KNOW HOW TO MANIPULATE THE ELECTRO-MAGNETIC FIELD OF THE EARTH.

And the modern LEvI priest working at CERN or NASA knows that a LEvI priest would need to tweak with the fine structure constant I37.

LEvI priests surrounded the tabernacle.
Inside the ARK it is empty because I37 is dimensionless.
The other 12 signs of the zodiac surrounded the 13th tribe the LEvI priests.

hey sheeple it is time again.
What time is that?
Miller Time?
The Grinding of the Mill stONE?

It is I37 time.
The ancient science of observation called the QaBaLaH is at least 1000 years old.
Hebrew letters have ALWAYS had a numerical value.
The value of the ancient science based on naked eye observations was given a value of 137.

i.e. the value of the Hebrew Letters QBLH is 137…a value that was etched in stone long long long long before modern QED hit the WALL with 137 written on it.

Ever since hitting this WALL, the physicist has been WAILING about 137.

Arrow It is time for the electromagnetic sheeple to be rubbed the wrong way.

Arrow It is time for the electromagnetic sheeple to give off some static?

Arrow It is time folks wake up to the MAGIC of the reality that WE are co-creators and the magnetic field is that Akaskic Field we can ALL tap into while DREAMING and the result is ….



Yes as Dr. Archangel Michael Persinger Wink mentions:
The “reception is kinda scratchy right now….but the tecnology is going to improve”

Thus it could be time to tap into the Akaskic records … the memories of each and every person who has ever lived on the earth?

Cool obviously I already have and I am attempting to share what is TRUE and FREE and available to all of humanity?

Tesla thought he heard voices from the dead red planet Mars.

His peers and backers who later morphed into reptilian/serpentine backstabbers ALL labeled him crazy AFTER the slimy fuckers stole all his best ideas, profited from them, and hid away the rest.
The rest is history…and me calling those fuckers fuckers has become politcally incorrect too.
What the fuck?

And long ago before all of the science rules starting doing battle with the religious dogma, the 4×4 MAGIC square of Jupiter was revered, respected, and seen as having magical properties.

And how does the magic square of Jupiter connect/merge with the CUBE and the number of the collective unconscious 37.

Yes according to Jerry Iuliano who has the math formulas to prove his claim, the number 37 is somehow connected to the collective unconscious. 

And 37 is truly a unifying number that transcends, SPACE and TIME and the best part?

Numbers transcend BELIEFS and what cannot be put into words…!!!

What happens when we add 1 to 37?


NOW if anybody can count MORE than 37 VISIBLE squares on this 4×4 magic rubik cube it would suggest you not be of this world….

OUR FIELD OF VISION will NOT ALLOW us to see more than 37.

Try it….get yourself a real cube and TRY to count MORE than 37.

Tesla ‘heard’ something alright.
Later after his death it was proved that the Martian transmissions that Tesla heard were radio wave transmissions coming from Jupiter….who of course is another SIGN that is all deSIGN.

Jupiter = ZeuS

IF this is NOT evidence that our buddy Tesla had tapped into something divine I do not know what is.
note: at the end of his daze Tesla was MORE interested in low low low infra-sounds.

He had flipped his focus from studying the high frequencies to low frequencies as KEY?



interesting trivia regarding the design:
God’s Number is 20
Every position of Rubik’s Cube™ can be solved in twenty moves or less.

MANDALAS help unlock the ‘real secret’ to ‘The Secret’ which is learning about OUTSMARTING the LEFT Brain!

Carl Jung’s first mandala and the swastika in relation to the “squaring of the circle”

The “squaring of the circle” is one of the many archetypal motifs which form the basic patterns of our dreams and fantasies.
But it is distinguished by the fact that it is one of the most important of them from the functional point of view.

Indeed, it could even be called the archetype of wholeness.

– Carl Jung, Collected works.

Carbon 12 Mandala 

Spiritual Secrets in the Carbon Atom

part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVU-mF5uw6Y



This lecture was given the year I retired from the fire department, 2007.
But I did not come across it until several years later, when I was ready to appreciate its implications.

Dr. Michael Persinger lays it all out in the first minute of the video of No More Secrets, NMS.


There exist four basic micro static patterns that are the building blocks to consciousness.

Now how much simpler could it be when starting out, struggling with defining ‘consciousness’?

Just like Pythagoras suggested the idea of ‘four’ as a base or foundation for our reality can be applied to numbers as in the tetrakys,

i.e. 1 + 2 + 3 + 4  = 10 (commandments?)

Dr. Michael Persinger however is suggesting that delta + theta + alpha + beta = consciousness
And he points out an analogy to the DNA base pairs AT CG (four again) which  he also mentions has developed into quite the data storage unit over the past 3+ billion years.

Thus the secret to ‘The Secret’ is outsmarting the left brain!

Matthew 6:3

“But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing”


Now if our left hand is associated to the right brain and the right hand is associated to the left brain then what are we to make of that last biblical statement?

When Gautama Buddha had withdrawn all his projections and was ready to enter nirvana, he was surprised to find that there had emerged a new kind of love towards the world.

Meditation directly affects your brain wave activity, this has been proven by science.
But what is even more illuminating and startling and frightening when discussing the evolution of consciousness is the fact that whether you are passively watching the boob-tube, the ewe-tube or meditating with an intent what is frightening is that the SAME part of the brain lights up, meaning the increased blood flow to that area of the brain indicates ‘work’ is being done.

Couch potatoes usually have the blood flowing to their jelly belly, to their intestines in order to digest donuts etc.
What is more beneficial to your well being?

“You are what you eat” or “you become what you think”?

What is more important, what goes into your mouth or what comes out of it?

Cymatics: A Study of Wave Phenomena

“This power is inherent in tone, in sound.”
-Hans Jenny

“The more one studies these things, the more one realizes that sound is the creative principle. It must be regarded as primordial.  No single phenomenal category can be claimed as the aboriginal principle.

We cannot say, in the beginning was number, or in the beginning was symmetry, etc.
These are categorical properties which are implicit in what brings forth and what is brought forth.
By using them in description we approach the heart of the matter.
They are not themselves the creative power.

This power is inherent in tone, in sound.”
-Hans Jenny

“I knew that in finding the mandala as an expression of the Self I had attained what was for me the ultimate. Perhaps someone else knows more, but not I.”
-Carl Jung

Memories, Dreams, Reflections, Jung’s Autobiography
recorded and edited by Aniella Jaffe pg. 197

So according to the life’s work of Hans Jenny sound is paramount, and according to the passion of Carl Jung the mandala reigns supreme.
What happens if we were to combine a mantra (sound) with a mandala (imagery) and meditation?
Will we finally see the light or maybe even feel it?
Maybe both.
At the same time?

Raise your right hand and repeat after ME…

Please allow me to present six mandalas that can be used in OUTSMARTING the LEFT Brain.
This has been documented by Marilee Zdenek.

But why would folks want to help YOU and ME in OUTSMARTING our LEFT Brains?

There is far too much NOISE, HASTE and WASTE being produced by the LEFT BRAIN, this is the reason why….too much dominance by the LEFT Brain is why you need to OUTSMART it…by inducing beneficial waves instead of the more common 9-5 beta blindness.

MEDITATING on these six mandalas below, has been proved to assist in activating *alpha, theta, and delta* waves, thereby enhancing your beta POV, adding to it, not subtracting from the bigger picture.

This is archaic, ancient, low tech, cheap, inexpensive, accessible therapy and it has been around for thousands of years.
All those fancy technological gizmos are NOT necessary though they could help some people in some situations, achieve progress.

And these ‘brain waves’ which you can manufacture/manifest yourself are beneficial to your mind, body, and soul, and for many individuals they assist in bringing about a balance, an inner peace.

Do you understand how allegory, myth, and history all represent bits and bytes of a narrative being passed forward?

Spiritual Secrets in the Carbon Atom


Below I provide the 6 mandalas that are to be used in 6 lessons over a consecutive 6 day period as outlined in the book.

I guess you could call it a 666 program designed to alter your 6 protons, 6 neutrons, 6 electrons, a.k.a. carbon 12 which is essential to all life on the planet earth.

Carbon-12 is the more abundant of the two stableisotopes of the element carbon, accounting for 98.89% of carbon; it contains six protons, six neutrons and six electrons. Its abundance is due to the Triple-alpha process by which it is created in stars.

Carbon-12 is of particular importance as it is used as the standard from which atomic masses of all nuclides are measured: its mass number is 12 by definition.
Carbon-12 – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

What if it were that simple?


The book comes in 3 chapters.

The third chapter spells out a 6 DAY course in OUTSMARTING your LEFT BRAIN.
I need not change anything the book says.

I only want to add to the knowledge currently being recovered.


DAY 1 and DAY 2 mandalas


DAY 3 and DAY 4 mandalas


DAY 5 and DAY 6 mandalas

All I can say is WOW to this book I recently found in a used book store.

The WOW is in how all the above meshes with my own RIGHT BRAIN awakening, based primarily on symbols that are without a doubt connected by the same GEOMETRIC principals that those 6 mandalas are based on.

…to be continued

What potential modern day *apps* can be found for the Maltese Cross and the swastika?


…leads us to the Great Pyramid and the Sacred Cut by Tons Brunés which leads us to Nikola Tesla and the Philosopher’s Stone

‘IN THIS SIGN CONQUER’ the Great Pyramid and the Sacred Cut by Tons Brunés leads us to Nikola Tesla, Peter Plichta, String Theory and the Philosopher’s Stone



An important aspect of my personal narrative is the above image that I photographed in 2006.
This image was primarily responsible for me leaving the fire department on July 31, 2007.

Some essential basic TRUTHS about how we interpret light and dark, comes cloaked in BLACK WHITE RED.
As this link illustrates.

Alchemy & MEMEs = our EYESIGHT prefers Nazi Swastika Colors


Along with that image of the Rosetta Fractal Mandala there are two others to be found in the same room.
St. Dominic and a Goat

The Sheep and the Goats

Matthew 25:31-46

31 “When the Son of Man comes in his glory, and all the angels with him, he will sit on his glorious throne.
32 All the nations will be gathered before him, and he will separate the people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats.

33 He will put the sheep on his right and the goats on his left.

Inside the altar the three mandalas were arranged in the following manner that we see above.
(unfortunately I did not take a picture of all three mandalas together … aaarrrggghhh, in fact I recreated the arrangement we see from a video of the altar room I saw online on youtube)The St. Dominic mandala was placed between the other two in the middle, i.e. the middle path.
The Goat mandala was placed to the right of St. Dominic in the altar.
And the Geometry i.e. the Rosetta Fractal Mandala was placed to the left.
(the reader’s left, however in heraldry it would be the right hand)
image on left: Biofeedback Mandala has been scientifically used to OUTSMART the LEFT BRAIN and activate the RIGHT BRAIN
image on right: Rosetta Fractal Mandala found in a Catholic/Dominican Monastery (at an altar) that has been altered to show the profound ‘coincidence’ to the NAZIs emblems used to mesmerize a nation.

So my claim that I was *activated* by this mandala that I photographed in 2006 is apparently full on.
I obviously have the basis for a book that has been brewing inside me for some time now.
The swastika has played the role of being my ‘deep throat’ source.
Here is a rough draft…
CodeX4E the prequel to the Da Vinci Code and Inception”
Back to the MiNd games that reign you in dear with stories of reindeer landing on your roof and a fat man  in a BLACK WHITE and RED suit descending down your chiMNey delivering gifts, and don’t forget to leave out the milk and cookies.


The Right Brain Experience

by M. Zdenek

Have I inadvertently stumbled upon and recovered (not discovered) a secret that is found in the dark recesses of every RIGHT BRAIN?
Have ALL of our brains been branded or embedded with an ‘engram‘ the primal *swastika*, a symbol whose meaning has been lost to time.

If you doubt my insights here is a challenge:

1/ Feel free to leave a comment if you can think of any other symbol that can be used to describe the following:

2/ Feel free to leave a comment illustrating if any other symbol (using science) can be used to represent ALL of the following:

It is clear that NATURE has a ‘brand’, a cosmic fingerprint. We are a part of nature that needs to be nurtured too.
And the 12,000 year old *swastika* and what it has meant to an evolving humanity and  an  awakening consciousness  might be able to provide what we are looking for.
It is a profound reference to the alchemical marriage suggested by the rite and ritual of alchemy.
Where we merge the voices in our head, our inner conflicts are quelled.
The left and right brain are brought together using alpha, theta and delta waves.

There are 4 categories : Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta.

Beta (13- 40 cycles per second)
Beta is associated with our waking activity. During a day we experience all the brainwave patterns with a predominance of Beta.

Alpha (8-13 cycles per second)
The first pattern discovered in 1908 by an Austrian Psychiatrist named Hans Berger. Alpha pattern appears when in wakefulness where there is a relaxed and effortless alertness. Light meditation and day dreaming. It is recommend to practice your creative visualization and auto-suggestion technique in alpha state.

Theta (4-7 cycles per second)
Associated with creativity, dreams and Extra-sensory perception for the student the theta state is something to learn to go at will. They are countless ways to reach theta , so I will not talk about that. Theta is simply the state where your ESP can operates , if you do the proper work you can learn to enter theta at will and perform most of the psychic activities. Now, we use the EEG to measure the thing. The EEG has limitation specially I can tell you for example to go in theta to perform consciousness travel in the past centuries to meet with the consciousness of a Leonardo DaVinci. The EEG cannot measure this and this feat occur certainly somewhere beyond Delta.

Delta (1/2 – 4 cycles per second)

Delta is associated with deep sleep, this pattern is very slow, however, this brain waves pattern is important for the explorer of consciousness , the EEG is no help to grade, when occur X or Y in the delta range. If you work to merge with the mass consciousness of our planet you need to work in delta, the first step will be to learn to be conscious in your dreams, you can do that, you can go further in the exploration. Astral projection or Out of Body experience occurs in Delta. The EEG will not be able to really measure in what state you are in, because, it is not a sophisticated machine.

note only Beta waves are above 13 cycles


This book suggests that by utilizing alpha, theta, delta waves, the WORLD could be altered in 6 DAYS…using biofeedback?
IF everybody adopts the program, we do have the POWER within to change the world… induced by meditating on powerful ancient symbols like the SWASTIKA and the MALTESE Cross.
We have been told and sold on an idea that it took ‘god’ 6 DAYS to create the WORLD?
And evidently we can recreate the world in 6 DAYS using the power of the human MIND?
All we need to do is *activate* the RIGHT hemisphere of our MiNds.
Starting yesterday?

No More Secrets?


137 = ALPHA


Sadly most people do not appear to want to OUTSMART their LEFT BRAIN, which is holding them captive.
It seems the INQUISTIONS never really came to an end.

The penultimate conspiracy would be the battle for your heARTS and MiNds.
rEMEMbEr that fact of life.

And the battle for your heARTS and MiNds cannot be accomplished without ADVERTISING, without TARGETING the right brain.
Having said that.
I love advertising that makes me laugh…


So how do we connect the double XX to the Freemason architects and the wisdom of the OWL?


Do you see the double XX or a compass and the square?


Rodin Coil Torus


Celtic Brooch = SEED pattern


Making Celtic Knots



Seed of life produces the flower of life which produces the fruit of life, and the SEED pattern is the ‘lifeline’ an initiate needs to plant or sow, so they can harvest the fruit at a later date.

What is the connection between the SEED pattern above (the Celtic brooch) and the 55 atoms that comprise our ACGT?

If you have got this far, leave a comment and ask.



KEY 528=Swastika=ancient Spherical Standing Wave Theory
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”

2012 unv-IEL-ing = YHVH = ‘The Lord’ = I37 = 5wa5tika introducing Charles Fleischer’s Moleeds


Did you know that the south (37)
divided by the north (27)
37/27 = 1.37037037037…

source: The Egyptian God Tutu: A Study of the Sphinx-God and Master of Demons with a Corpus of Monuments

According to Charles Fleischer what exactly is the significance of 27, 37, to the numbers 137 and 64 leading to his Moleeds epiphany?

@ 4:37 of this video a much younger Charles connects MOLEEDS to DNA and 27, 37, 137, and when I am 64.

IEL mirrored on its x-axis or rotated 90 degrees twice (180 degrees) looks like 73I
i.e. they are polar opposites and essentially the 180 degrees indicates they are out-of-phase.
And 73I if read from right to the left yields I37.Who cares about the number I37 and the language of numbers, and how they translate into ‘maps’?

Well a fella called Pythagoras would be one, CF is another.
But Pythagoras is dead, and clearly an animated Charlie Fleischer is not.
Something I noticed, @ 5:40 he mentions drawing a map of Toronto, where I was born.
  • @ 6:37 CF says “the point is numbers are maps”
  • @ 7:00 we see Euler who died in 1783, and CF connects how his IDEAS paved the way to modern string theory.
  • @ 9:40 I noted that Sir Issac Newton has a most interesting date of birth/death
4 January 1643 – 31 March 1727
[OS: 25 December 1642 – 20 March 1727]
  • @ 11:17 “I think therefore I am”
  • @ 11:33 “He unified algebra and geoMetry”
  • @ 11:47 we see an image of Descartes who helped us with learning how to convert geometric xyz into an algebraic form.
    Left Brain and Right Brain in communication…note the year on the stamp.
    Published in 1637, the Discours de la méthode (Discourse on the Method) stands at a crucial point of transition in the philosophical and scientific thinking of René Descartes, and please note in the year 1637, we have the inverted 9.
  • @ 11:55 In 1793, French Revolutionary forces captured Monaco, and it remained under French control until 1814.
What is the significance of MONaco?
Obviously the French Connection is a good reason why MONaco and Indonesia have the same flags…RED on top WHITE on the bottom.
That BTW is the REVERSE of what the French would have found in Egyptian History.

  • @12:55 JC FGauSS has many of my favorite numbers, (3×7) 137 and 55, and my address #43 in his birth/death cycle too.Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss (Latin: Carolus Fridericus Gauss) (30 April 1777 – 23 February 1855) was a German mathematician and scientist who contributed significantly to many fields, including number theory, statistics, analysis, differential geometry, geodesy, geophysics, electrostatics, astronomy and optics.

Here is a 137 WOW involving GauSS…
Gauss also discovered that every positive integer is representable as a sum of at most three (3) triangular numbers on (1)0 July (7) and then jotted down in his diary the famous words, “Heureka! num = Δ + Δ + Δ”

IF I0= I
3 I 7

….IT gets better Gau55 died in the year I8SS and NOW the WOW MON and MOM…another 55.

Gauss’s presumed method was to realize that pairwise addition of terms from opposite ends of the list yielded identical intermediate sums: 1 + 100 = 101, 2 + 99 = 101, 3 + 98 = 101, and so on, for a total sum of 50 × 101 = 5050

  • @12:58 the golden section and HELVETIAHelvetia is the female national personification of Switzerland, officially Confœderatio Helvetica, the “Helvetic Confederation”.
    The Old Swiss Confederacy (German: Alte Eidgenossenschaft) was the precursor of modern-day Switzerland. It was a loose federation of largely independent small states called cantons that existed from the late 13th or early 14th century until 1798, when it was invaded by the French Republic, who transformed it into the short-lived Helvetic Republic.

How does the former Helvetic Confederation connect to Hopi Prophecy?

So how do I (raphaEL) connect the Fibonacci numbers 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8 to the numbers 137?

  • 13:37 Where is the going?

A summation of 27 years work by Charles Fleischer….follow the voice/character of the white rabbit.
Roger and ME.


  • @ 14:09 Charles discusses ‘ATOM SMASHING’, the image he shows looks similar to this one.
  • @ 14:12 he begins his discussion of MOLEEDS.
    (…a 27 year white rabbit synthesis)


  • @ 16:56 Charles merges MOLEEDS 1/37 with the GOLDEN RATIO based on Fibonacci numbers 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8.

Again lets revisit @ 4:37 of this video a much younger Charles connects MOLEEDS to DNA.

more to ponder:

Can we extract the codes I have found 11258 and 137 from Sir Isaac Newton?
Sir IN yields INRI S and SIR Isaac Newton….gotta love the SS, the Subtle Signature we all leave behind in our ‘wakes’.
As our titanic illusions go down with the captain of the ship of fools….

Can we extract the codes I have found 11258 and 137 and MON and place them all onto ONE KEY found in researching the TAROt? 

By the way something profound to consider at this junction of where the NUMBER collides with an IDEA, one of my archetypal guides has been CJ along with JC.
Carl Jung, and just by coincidence his ‘guide’ was an entity he referred to as PhILEmon.

By coincidence we can extract from the name Philemon,  PH, the ILE and the MON that we find on the tarot key I recovered, with the assistance of the 20th century mystic C.C. Zain.

And after Pythagoras came Plato who suggested IDEAS give rise to shape and form.
And if we merge Pythagoras’ number + Plato’s IDEAS about IDEAS we find ourselves on Carl Jung’s couch 2000+ years later discussing the importance of archetypes, and the role of acausal synchronicity, with Wolfgang Pauli, who died in room I37 in 1958.
And I37 is a number that he and all the other physicist/mystics eventually become obeSSed with.

BUT we need to go back to the importance of the roles of these other folks play throughout the various incarnations of the scriptures over thousands of year…until modern physics penetrated the ATOM and found its secrets.

Today I37 has been described as the following:
I37 is the DNA of light.
I37 is the fingerprint of an atom, or was it adam?

But using allegory where the NUMBER/IDEA/SHAPE/FORM collide, how would this Oral Tradition evolve.
How would SOUNDS being put onto paper using writing, appear in the text we read?
How do we hear what cannot be heard using our eyes?

Shall we ask Galileo GaliLEI to explain using his heretical style?
Or how about the esoteric giant called ELIphas LEvI, an adopted name?

Important to NOTE who is in the center closest to the Tabernacle were.

The priestly LEvItes of course.

Thus LEvI blue jeans/genes take on a whole new meaning.
Funny how meSSiahs are far too often associated with the color blue.

so big deal…a coming meSSiah thus suggests humanity gets a DNA upgrade for FREE?
The cosmic download is on its way….YAhoo or YA-WHO?

ELIjah, GabrIEL, RazIEL, DanIEL, EzekIEL

The following are the Archangels associated with the ten sephiroth of the Tree of Life:
Metatron KetherIEL, RazIEL, ophanIEL, TzadqIEL, KhamaEL, RaphaEL MelakhIEL, HanIEL, MichaEL or MikhaEL BenIEL, GabrIEL, SandalPHON or SandalPHON MalkuthaEL is associated with the bottom sephiroth number ten.

The angelic names, a subset of angels associated with each of the ten sephiroth, reveals the following pattern.
With the exception of Kether (whose symbol is the swastika), the other nine groups of angels corresponding to each of the sephiroth ALL end withIM.

ALL of the Archangelic names associated with the Planets end in either IEL or AEL.
i.e. KaSSIEL is the archangel of Saturn and RaphaEL is the archangel of Mercury (the meSSenjah :wink: )

Each planet has an intelligence and ALL of them end in IEL except the MOON which has two intelligences attributed to it.
One ends in the suffix IM and the other EL

Each planet has a subset of spirit names.
With the exception of the Sun, the Moon, and Mercury, all other planet spirits have an EL ending.

The Archangels associated with each sign of the zodiac ALL end in IEL, with these exceptions:
Capricorn and Aries end archangels have a AEL suffix and Taurus’ archangel is AsmodEL.


 http://www.amazon.com/Self-Initiation-I … 1567181368

All of the above info, with descriptions of each archangel, angel, spirit is found in this book from pages 157 – 166.
(this guide has 792 pages)

Seeing a pattern yet?
Don’t worry you will, we are obviously being lead to the same ONE IDEA…follow me folks to the buried treasure deep inside each of you, ewe, and magnetic U, the treasure is always marked by an X

1673-1703 Sir Isaac Newton Coat of Arms X Cross Bones

Sir Issac Newton’s Coat of Arms next to Photo 51
The first ever x-ray of DNA – double hELIx

The pirate Sir Issac Newton’s Coat of Arms ‘beside itself’, i.e. what all SAGES see…the X marking the treasure is the same perspective aslooking down/from above on the double helix discovered by Rosalind Franklin, an X-ray diffraction expert…

Who is Rosalind Franklin?

She was in fact a ‘SuperWoman’, able to use her X-RAY talents and abilities the way a ‘SuperMan’ would.
She was the matriarch that x-rayed the DNA TEMPLE originally…that I have recovered embedded in ancient TEMPLEs…

It’s hard for us to imagine now how such a thing could have happened. It’s almost as if there were a conspiracy to credit two “nice” men, instead of a Jewish woman, with the DNA discovery that revolutionized the twentieth century.

She was the woman who planted the SEED, an IDEA into the fertile creative brains of Francis Crick and James Watson. 

The Unsung Hero Who Discovered The Double Helix

There is now ample evidence from multiple sources that Franklin’s colleagues and graduate students at King’s College showed her x-ray images of DNA to Watson and Crick without her permission or knowledge.

The so-called Photo 51 (pictured above) provided proof that DNA’s structure was probably a helix. Several witnesses – including Crick and Watson themselves – say that the two researchers saw this photo before “discovering” the double helix.

http://io9.com/#!5761388/the-unsung-her … uble-helix

Do you have any IDEA what it is like unraveling history and all of the intellectual egotistical thievery that occurred in the name of science, as ignorant humans clawed their way to the top?

The TRUTH is wonderfully liberating, it feels just right….so why do the sheeple avoid it?
I can feel this TRUTH about 137 in ME bONEs folks.
Which bones?

DEM BONES of course. 

2bee continued…



I do hope you noticed all of the 27 along with 37 and 137.

If not Michael Joyce is a fine mentor;

God’s signature in Genesis1.1, Light & Hydrogen 

All connected to phi and PHI?

Which are RA-tios?

Does RAphaEL need to teach you about RA now?
Let ME know.


KEY 528=Swastika=ancient Spherical Standing Wave Theory?

“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”

“…Sator Square + 137 + 55 = How to make TIME disappear”

Group of Pontifical Swiss Guard inside St. Peter’s Basilica

What do the SwiSS and Vatican City have in common?

Besides sharing the Swiss Guard?
And how do we use simple geometry (some like to call sacred) as the link between Switzerland and the Vatican City.
Keep reading…


Morse Code

The 1-3-7  RULES or how to communicate using Sticks and Stones.
What if sticks became dashes and stones became dots?
What follows is the ‘architecture’ or ‘structure’ of the very archetypal Morse Code.
1  – dot/stone represents the SPACE between the PARTS of a LETTER.
3  – dots/stones represents the SPACE between TWO LETTERS.
7  – dots/stones represents the SPACE between TWO WORDS.
Are these coincidences or a design worth taking note of?
In gematria the numerical value for the word QaBALaH is 137.
Richard Feynman suggested all good theorists write 137 on the wall and worry about it.

Dante’s 55 and the Platonic Lambda 

In this paper we will show through the significance of the number 55 that Dante was a Pythagorean and Platonic philosopher at heart. Dante scatters the word “star” 55 times in his Commedia, and uses the Platonic Lambda’s number 55 as a vehicle for the soul’s ascent to the stars.
In examining Dante’s conscious placements of key passages in lines 55 of his Commedia, we discover secret doors that open the path to our cosmic soul.
These studies will help us to participate more fully in Dante’s and our spiritual pilgrimage to paradise.
In Plato’s Timaeus, we find that God created the Cosmic Soul using two mathematical strips of 1, 2, 4, 8 and 1, 3, 9, 27. These two strips have the shape of an inverted “V” or the “Platonic Lambda” since it resembles the shape of the 11th letter of the Greek alphabet “Lambda”.

 55 was known to the ancient sage-kings of China in the I Ching (circa 1000 B.C.)

On the Oracle: Heaven is one, earth is two; heaven is three, earth four; heaven is five, earth six; heaven is seven, earth eight; heaven is nine, earth ten. There are five heavenly numbers. There are also five earthly numbers. When they are distributed among the five places, each finds its complement. The sum of the heavenly numbers is 25, that of the earthly numbers is 30. The sum total of heavenly numbers and earthly numbers is 55.

It is this which completes the changes and transformations and sets demons and gods in movement.

It will be noted that the sum of the odd heavenly numbers and even earthly numbers = 25 + 30 = 55 from the I-Ching is obtained differently from that of Plato’s Timaeus whose Cosmic Soul is the sum of the double and triple series = 15 + 40 = 55.

Do you have this book?
Interesting to say the least….
And we ALL do the same thing….
We find the evidence that fits our theory best….
suhail jalbout wrote:
I have been asked:
Why the height of the Great Pyramid is exactly 280 cubits while the height of the Grand Gallery has a minor deviation?
My answer to this question, which I hope it will be of interest, is as follows:
“The length of the Grand Gallery is 91.37 cubits or 47.877 meters.
The ceiling and the floor are parallel to each other and both are sloping upwards at 26° to the base of the pyramid.
Its height, measured perpendicular to its base, varies between 8.48 and 8.74 meters which means the error is ± 13 cm with respect to its average height of 861 cm.
Most probably the height was consistent at first but due to settling, earthquakes, and floods that gradually made it uneven.

Late breaking news…
I am the source of this breakthrough… :oops:

The 55 holes (with a 56th at one time evident) found in the Grand Gallery is a reference to DNA, I suspect.

How do I know?
The evidence is pointing me in that direction.

source of  image:
Ever wondered how the Kaaba looked inside

S H A R Z A R W A A N  55  Rings of Brass

55 brass rings line the perimeter of the Kaaba cube in Mecca

more info:


Though it should be noted I did find one photograph posted on wiki that has 56 brass rings, the 56th being placed in the southern corner of a diamond configuration, however in the image above the 56th brass ring can be seen in the top left.
[I want to mention at this time that  the Freemasons lay their cornerstone in the northeast.

Similar to Stonehenge, the ‘heelstone’ (healstone?) is placed in northeast.]

Also in regards to Stonehenge we find that there are  56 Aubrey Holes in the most outer circle, not 55
(…but it should be noted that the 56th hole blocks direct line of sight from the ‘center’ of Stonehenge out to the Heel Stone)

So in Mekkah (the real spelling of Mecca), in Stonehenge, and in the Great Pyramid we seem to have a significant common denominator identified as 55 vs. 56 

and this quote was taken from wiki:

The true purpose of the holes may never be known, although future excavation of the remaining twenty-four using modern archaeological techniques will certainly provide more information.

Well I disagree, the fact the Aubrey Holes were treated as ‘tombs’ suggests my theory that these ARKetypal temples are in some way connected to our DNA.



And of course it is another coincidence that the Heel Stone is about the same distance from the center of Stonehenge as is the Black Door (where they hold service for dead Popes) is from the Obelisk in St. Peter Square.

’55’ X-perts went to ____ and asked is DNA the HOLY GRAIL?

The DNA KEYHOLE temple theory also aligns itself with the best of the other theories that currently exist regarding Stonehenge.
One theory was that it was a solar/lunar calculator, and the most current debate is fueled by the theory that it was a healing center.
Well our DNA is altered on the altar called Earth, and both the solar and lunar cycles are playing a role in how our DNA is affected from cradle to grave.
In other words we have great evidence NOW that the ancients saw a connection between our DNA and the dance of the coSmoS.

image: The Dimensions of Paradise
by John Michell 

note: in the above image we have a pentagon with 5 edges  and a hexagon with 6 edges sharing a common edge.
Therefore we end up with a geometric shape that has 9 edges not 11.
Compare to the images of DNA below.

It does appear therefore, based on the primal prime numbers, and other archetypal clues based on shape/form, that my IDEA or theory has great merit.

We also find:
>> 55 black and white dots in the Ho Tu (I Ching)
>> 55 atoms comprise ATCG
>> 55 = SS = Holy Spirit

>> 55 km is also a ‘boundary’ surrounding the earth, 55 AU is one too.

>> 56 = 5 + 6 = 11 = II = two pillars?

source of images and great info:

Ho Tu 55 black and white dots  and 55 is the sum of the numbers 1-10
Next to DNA’s nucleotides ATCG

And YA sure it is all a coincidence, that the 5 pointed pentagram/pentagon and 6 pointed hexagram/hexagon were both amulets/Seals of Solomon, and lo and behold LOOK it is the same geoMEtry (pentagon rings and hexagon rings married) that we find manifest in the chemistry of ATCG of DNA.

And how do we make the jump from the RIGHT geometric brain to the LEFT algebraic one?

Does FIVE have anything to do with F + IVE = F + I37?

…what SOUND is F ?
…what is 137?
...why are both the physicist/mystic enamored by 137?


And I almost missed the 91.37 cubit reference to the length of the GRAND GALLERY, which I had previously connected to why we build TEMPLEs based on the structure of our DNA…so we can enter the DNA Temples and thus heal our selves in ways we have yet to master….

BiNgo score another direct hit for the MM MaN.
The Myrrh-ijuana Mystic MaN.

 “…The Amphora, the Rosetta Fractal, DNA and the Holy Grail”

But wait there is ONE MORE GREAT reason why the numbers 1379 are important.

The number 5 is the number assigned to ‘MAN’.
If you surround the 5 with the numbers 1379 what configuration do you arrive at?


cha ching we have one of two sources that would combine to become the I-Ching!

Those 5 odd/yang numbers (1, 3, 5, 7, 9) comprise the + of the 3×3 LO SHU Magic Square, (in the corners are the EVEN female numbers 2, 4, 6, 8, who do we appreciate?) which is fundamental to the I Ching, the Chinese ‘bible’ re: morality, causal/acausal synchronicities’, it is their Book of Changes of Transformations, eastern alchemy, a blend of science, theology, and the metaphysical.

XX Mystic recovers Mystic Tablet i.e. the 3rd Bagua Arrangement to the I-Ching … now what?

You folks will need to wait for my book….ETA?
(Can’t say when it will be completed. I know now that I might need to come back, again, and again, in order to put the finishing touches on me mnemonic, meme, magnum opus)

Pray it gets to print before the I37  aLIEn  :lol:  invasion takes place.
An invasion designed to instill FEAR.
IMHO aLIEns are evidence of a mass hysteria that I see ‘we the sheeple’ consciousness is being directed toward.

The Philosopher King/Queen, the ONE-who-is-to-come, will take a REAL GOOD look at their OWN life, and they will put all the pieces together in a language that is comprehensible to each and ALL.
A simple truth that encompasses science, theology, philosophy and the arts, reduced to ONE idea we can all rally around.

Till then, it will be bu$ine$$ a$ u$ual.

End of story…

hardly…here is an update:

SS ‘the Holy Spirit’

Held up to a mirror this image yields pi.

i.e. in the mirror the SS or 55 looks like a 22 surrounded by 7 doves.

Leonardo Da Vinci might suggest the above image of the Holy Spirit SS/55 >>> put to the test using a mirror leads us to pi >>> 22/7 and >>> 3 1/7

Try to remember we are trying to recall how those memory games would have been played, recalling ideas by utilizing associations and correspondences.  Both the QaBaLaH and I-Ching promote learning about the universe by being keen observers of nature, and noting the associations and correspondences that must exist if the concept of an underlying unity is even to be considered.


The Templar/Maltese Cross was formed by joining the letters A-E-O-N

4 x AEON and AEON or AION means AGES.

So we have a reference to the 4 AGES
(gold, silver, bronze, iron is one version)

Knights Templar Magic Square has 25 units

It can be thought of as 5×5 or 5^2

The Maltese Cross and language:



The Maltese Cross and the Great Pyramid:

So there appear to be correspondences/connections between all of the above.
i.e. Sator Square (Knights Templar), Maltese Cross, 25, Great Pyramid design

http://www.amazon.com/Great-Pyramid-Dec … 1852307935

But what did I find in this book that got me excited again?
I went looking for information about the 55 holes in the Grand Gallery (DNA archetype) and found 56 like in Stonehenge.
But in the Great Pyramid where the 56th hole should be we find this:

visit the well >>

55 DNA Temples – Holy Spirit – SS – the KEYHOLE

But it was the MANY references to 25 primitive inches = 1 sacred cubit that caught my eye.
All of the following references to the number ‘25‘ are listed in the book :

25 (primitive inches)
It is suggested that the missing capstone would be 5 points 5 sides

And as listed in the book, the references to 25 are associated with all of the following:

the ONE-who-is-to-come
the Great Initiate
the birth of enlightenment
the Messianic Ideal

What the hell is a Messianic ideal?
Is an idea and the IdEaL essentially the same thing?

Does the ‘Well’ lead to a Hell or lower realm?
Yes it does…

And ONE day folks will realize that 25 = ZS, and the Holy Spirit or SS is in fact a reference to the number 55 and our DNA structure on the atomic level.
This has been proved that we have 55 atoms associated with all the building blocks of life called ACGT.

And we know another fact that is easily confirmed.
Somebody long ago felt that there were 10 Rules or 10 Commandments we should be aware of and live by.
Simple addition reveals the sum of the numbers 1 thru 10 = 55 
And it is also a fact of life that at some point in our ‘fractal self-similar’ evolution we were sent another reminder of how to interpret the inPHOmation that ‘just is’.

“… the 55 seems to be generated at the completion of the fine structure constant 137 that comes in horizontally on the number 21 …”

-Anthony Morris

The 10 Commandments are listed in Exodus 20:3-17.
Can we in fact find a profound correlation between Exodus 20:3-17, the 3 Mother letters, 7 double letters, and 12 single letters AND the position of ACGT as letters in the Alephbet?
Recall that Alpha = 1/137 = the fine structure constant.

Oh my oh my what has been recovered?
Could it be this simple?
go to the comments below:

To me it all adds up to 137 along with hinting that the Exodus across the Red Sea could be another clue in fact that the Red Sea could be the Reed See, and the corpus callosum, that ‘barrier that divides our LEFT and RIGHT brain.

What consistent connection can we find between the Egyptians and many other pagan/heathen/indigenous basket weaving CULTures concerning reeds and magic squares and sacred knots?


So what do the SwiSS and Vatican City have in common?
And how do we use simple geometry (some like to call sacred) as the link between Switzerland and the Vatican City.
It really is simple as counting 1   2   3
The most primitive societies count in this manner …

1 … 2 … many

One to many?

The most primitive societies have no number for anything beyond ‘3’.
And that is rather interesting because we can find a profound analogy in string theory that suggests the same thing.
There is no need to count beyond three when looking for patterns.

So here is yet another AHA I want to share.
There is only ONE country in the entire world that is currently using a distinctly shaped flag that is NOT a square or rectangle.

Only ONE.

And it is Nepal.
I see a number ’13’.
How about you?

larger image of the Tabernacle Floorplan:

The Holy See (Latin: Sancta Sedes “holy chair”) is the episcopal jurisdictionof the Catholic Church in Rome. The primacy of Rome makes itsbishopthe worldwide leader of the Catholic Church, commonly known as the Pope. It is the preeminent episcopal seeof the Catholic Church, forming the central government of the Church. As such, diplomatically, the Holy See acts and speaks for the whole Catholic Church.

The ITU Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU-T) is one of the three sectors (divisions or units) of the International Telecommunication Union(ITU); it coordinates standards for telecommunications.

ITU-T has a permanent secretariat, the Telecommunication Standardization Bureau (TSB), based at the ITU HQ in GenevaSwitzerland.

ITU-Tassigned code 379 to Vatican City. However, Vatican City is included in the Italian telephone numbering plan and uses the Italian country code 39, followed by 06 (for Rome) and 698.

Rome = 39

And how do we connect ROME to VBM and a much bigger picture?

click on link:  

Swastika – 396 – ABHA Kingdom – 1251 – Yin Yang – Greek KEY fret pattern – Saturnalia

fig. 513 Ya – Holy Ax

YA = fig. 513 and it also is called the HOLY AX and the same ‘characters’ are again found in fig. 525 which means LONGEVITY.
The characters that resemble the numerals 5 and 2.

52 placed in the north and 25 in the south lead us to another clue about the need to go back to the Well, the 3×3 Lo Shu magic square, and Marko Rodin’s recovery of Vortex Based Mathematics!

And perhaps a solution has been retrieved from the collective unconscious, regarding one of Jesus’s famous miracles?

How to feed 5000 people using 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish

The oldest traces of hominid existence in Switzerland date back about 150,000 years.[19] The oldest known farming settlements in Switzerland, which were found at Gächlingen, have been dated to around 5300 BC.

‘SS GoddeSS Civilizations’ and the Vinca script 55oo B.C.

Which brings us back to the beginning of this IDEA I had about patterns and how to communicate….SS truthS!

1  dot/pebble/stone represents the SPACE between the PARTS of a LETTER
3  dots/pebbles/stones represents the SPACE between TWO LETTERS
7  dots/pebbles/stones represents the SPACE between TWO WORDS

Sticks and Stones can break ME bones but calling me names will never ever hurt me.

IGNORANCE of SOUND a.k.a. hertz hurts you.

Wang Mang<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />                 "Large Coin, Fifty" (da quan wu shi) with four<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />                 lines extending from square hole (si chu)

The “Large Coin, Fifty” (da quan wu shi 大泉五十) exists in many sizes and varieties.

The example above is one of the rarer varieties.  It has four lines extending from the corners of the hole to the rim which the Chinese refer to as si chu (四出). (diameter: 26.8 mm, weight: 4.2 grams)


I need to study coins.
Because they were the currency of THOTH thoughts too.

The strange relationship that John Michell was alluding to in the above image between pi and phi has been solved by Livio Catullo Stecchini.


Naturally, Sonnet 55 is addressed to Hiram Abiff.

The reason we can be sure of this has to do with two Key words in the text of Sonnet 55—they are “masonry” and “arise”.

Sonnet 55 is the ONLY Shakespearean sonnet in which these two crucial words are to be found. The clincher is that the words masonry and arise are conjoined by precisely 55 words—again, this is not a coincidence, rather it is an affirmation.




KEY 528=Swastika=ancient Spherical Standing Wave Theory
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”

Zeitgeist vs. Stepto who is not thinking outside of the X-Box

x box 4 controllers vs swastikaRECE BOGA aka the Hands of God

NAZI symbol beside the Neolithic Slavic  HANDS OF GOD symbol that is pre-CHRISTIAN.

x box bill gates nazi

Is Bill Gates  the next wannabe fascist GOD who would love to force his vision onto the world, at any cost, to the rest of humanity?
What kind of friendly fire should we expect from the Gates-keeper?

Can we trust Bill’s ego not to overcharge humanity for his $ervice$?

Microsoft employee Stephen Tolouse
a.k.a. ‘Stepto’

Who is this IGNORANT human who has been put in charge of the ‘kiddies’ ?
Who is this IGNORANT human who gets to decide what kind of symbols or imagery the kiddies can use to identify themselves with in the cyber world?

Stephen Tolouse and his weapon of choice;

 X-Box 360

x box 4 controllers swastikax box 4 controllers vs swastika

XBOX promotion used to brand the minds of the kiddies
next to the brand used by the Nazis to  alter the minds and hearts of we the sheeple.

Tolouse has been busy banning a whole swath of players putting up the Nazi symbol, and has been inundated with people arguing that it should be treated with the same “religious” freedom as the Star of David or the Christian cross.

“No educated human on the planet would honestly believe all those symbols are equal”, Stephen Tolouse says.

Hey Stephen shall we begin with your education?

Some may see it as a bit extreme, while others will find it justified. But everyone should know Microsoft is very strict with its Xbox Live censorship, so no one should be surprised.

Then please explain to me Stepto, why does Microsoft have ‘swastika architecture’ embedded in their LOGOS?

What other logos or promotions am I speaking of, other than the obvious exploitations by Micro$oft of this 12,000 year old symbol that the Western CULTures fear and want to distance themselves from….?

The lady members of the Wilkinson family had made a simple patchwork quilt, as a small Christmas present, all composed of square pieces of the same size, as shown in the illustration. It only lacked the four corner pieces to make it complete. Somebody pointed out to them that if you unpicked the Greek cross in the middle and then cut the stitches along the dark joins, the four pieces all of the same size and shape would fit together and form a square.

This the reader knows, from the solution in Fig. 39, is quite easily done. But George Wilkinson suddenly suggested to them this poser. He said, “Instead of picking out the cross entire, and forming the square from four equal pieces, can you cut out a square entire and four equal pieces that will form a perfect Greek cross?” The puzzle is, of course, now quite easy.

How does that ‘silk patchwork’ puzzle above lead us from the swastika to the Microsoft logos below?



Here is a letter I sent off to Stepto (Stephen T.) today explaining my position, why I feel he is an ignorant human who should NOT be in charge of the ‘kiddies’ who form the backbone of Microsoft’s virtual reality, their profits, and the future of humanity.

hello Stephen

I want to let you know about the book I am writing.
It shows the profound links between the swastika and the underlying foundation of our reality expressed by archetypes, memes, ideas, that eventually become the FORM…etc.
Know what I mean?
Would Plato?

It illustrates rather profoundly that when you read alternative literature, what you find out is that ALL western secret societies** have a reverence for the swastika, and often alongside it, or instead of the swastika…we see the Maltese cross being used extensively.
Place the two swastikas (CW/CCW) over each other and you have a symmetrical cross, a cross resembling/similar to the maltese or the cross potent used by the various fighting Monks, i.e. Knights Templar, Teutonic Knights, Knights of Malta …. etc.
All CULTures have versions of these crosses.
** including the Freemasons, Rosicrucian, United Nations, Teutonic Knights, Vatican, etc.
Banks veil the swastika in their logos.

What separates my work from the rest Stephen is that I went looking for the common denominators linking the pieces of the puzzle, that have stood the TEST of TIME.
Laws of nature would be such a common denominator.

I use the work of Marija Gimbutas, Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, Richard Dawkins, Susan Blackmore, Ed Witten, Marko Rodin, Nassim Haraein, the Celts, the I Ching, and a host of others to help illustrate
how the ‘swastika’ links them all together (many sciences) into one nice little cohesive unit, called the big picture.

And then we shop these symbols around the religions.

And then I pose the riddle.
There are only TWO symbols in the entire world of symbols that come in two versions, each version of each symbol denoting a LEFT vs. RIGHT movement.
What are they?

The answer would be the SPIRAL and the SWASTIKA.

Think of each of these two symbols as being expressed as TWINS.
Both of these symbols are among the oldest ones on archeological record.
Both express either an involution (gravity/inward) or evolution (radiation/outward).

And of these two symbols, ONE of them is 12,000+ years old and it fulfills the first criteria.
The swastikas can be thought of as twins, representing the Clockwise and Counter-Clockwise motion of the ‘wheel’.
And one of the oldest, primal Roman Gods is the two headed Janus.

Now lo and behold this CW/CCW motion is also referred to as ‘handedness’ , or left vs. right SPIN, and this is the same language the quantum physicist uses in figuring out the ‘pairs’ or TWINS of elementary particles defined by their spin or polarity.

Here is what my book can do and will show in addition to what I just shared with you.

Now I can easily point out TWO PROFOUND anomalies that both science and religion cannot explain regarding two ‘primal’ numbers 137 and 55.
Have you read A. I. Miller’s book called 137, published in 2009?
Get it if you ever hope to keep up with me and the ‘recoveries’ being made in quantum mechanics.

It is essentially about the relationship between Jung and Wolfgang Pauli.
This number 137 is actually posited between the physicist and the mystic, a number neither can explain.
But I can?

And then I use the work of scholars to show how the number 55 is the link between the Holy Spirit, the I Ching, the Black Kaa’ba Stone in Mecca, Grand Gallery in the Great Pyramid and the atomic structure of DNA.

And then the best part Stephen is I can show how various Microsoft logos have swastika architecture EMBEDDED in the geometry.

Actually if you do a search on my word blog you might find the thread.

Dude your anti-swastika position is based on a propaganda campaign to keep you ignorant of the symbol.
You are not thinking outside of the ‘X’ box.


by the way
do a search of who I am.
you only need be given two words to rEMEMbEr me by.

‘swastika raphael’

And when you realize the profound associations between the artist, the archangel, and the author Raphael, guess what Stephen?
You must conclude that in fact ‘everything has already been written’.
How and where?

Russians studying the syntax structure of junk DNA would say, language is the prime mover, and it is in the gibberish.
In the code.

Have a nice day Stephen.
You and your special kind of judeao/christian ignorance in fact, has a best before date that is about to expire.

Stephen the X-box geek is ignorant about history?
Does Stephen know it all?

Remember Stephen it was in FACT the judeao/christians who comprised the spiritual backbone of Nazi Germany, it was they who were activated by the madman Hitler, it was the desperate, defeated, German raised as a judeao/christian who actually put on the NAZI uniforms, did the goose-step around the pagan maypole and then went out and rounded up the Jews.
What kind of history did you study Stephen?

The contrived nonsense called HIS-story?

And now some little western punk called Stepto wants to marginalize this ancient symbol, its source unknown?
In a quantum world where the observer affects the observation dude, that is plain fucking stupid.



p.s. This info is being made available to the folks at TZM too.
The Zeitgeist Movement and ?

Okay okay I admit I sounded kind of crazy.
(the above comment about my state of MiNd was made Feb. 10, 2014)

Mr. Stepto, here is a question you can take right to the top of the human food chain, to the cyber-god, the fella who wants to own it all, his name of course would be ‘Bill’,  the fella in charge of the ‘Gates’?

In the eternal battle for our heARTS and MiNds, what role does herr Gates play Stepto?

Get back to me ‘punk‘.
Make my day ‘Stepto’
Show me you are capable of learning something new?
And tell Bill Gates his vision of the future is about to be altered on the altar we call the Earth.
For the better….but not quite the vision he had in his MiNd’s eye!

Evolution of the KEY Pattern or Greek Fret

The ZeitgeiSt is back in the building.

Zeit in German means time
geiSt in German means spirit

What symbol represents the wheel, rotation, motion, and  T I M E ?

canevas and movement Jay Harman CHIRAL ACHIRAL
What symbol is referred to as the ‘hidden cross of Christ’ by secret societies who have UN Charter?

The 3 Crosses of Christ ~ part 1

The 3 Crosses of Christ ~ part 2


WHAT IF the ZeitgeiSt is represented best by the ZwaStika, which is also associated with the SS, with the Holy Spirit, and the TIME-SPIRIT?

WHAT IF we do in fact trace the swastika back to its source, the same source the physicists/mystics who study the birth of the universe, are in quest of?

‘Inception’ the SEED pattern and the Swastika

What do the ZeitgeiSt and Zachery Sitchen have in common?

clue: both involve the ‘crossover’ called Nibiru.

But Z. Sitchen was wrong wrong wrong about Nibiru being a rogue planet.

Marko Rodin might suggest the ZS = 25
2 5 is a numerical concept connected to the Baha’i faith god called ABHA (1251), that Marko has developed leading to claims of a high efficiency electro-magnetic coil/torus, that many folks claim has the potential to produce FREE ENERGY in the future.



“….The SWASTIKA and my altar ego called Raphael…WOW!!

UPDATE May 5, 2022

The following was arrived at some time ago but I thought today I would/should update this particular blog written back in 2010.

Archangel Raphael 2D CHIRAL the FALL OF MAN

Go here to see where I am today with this idea.

~ end of UPDATE ~

So today, December 23, 2010 I did a search using the two words ‘swastika raphael

Of the ’10’ returns given on the FIRST page, ‘8’ were postings by me.
(as a matter of fact, the top six returns were writings of mine.)

Of the other two, what follows below was return #7.

But it is interesting to say the least considering my personal awakening involving the swastika  these past 9+ years, an awakening I can trace going back to sEptEMbEr 11th, 2001.

rEMEMber not to forget the MEME 911…
Of course that date holds much significance for the entire world, not just me.

Late in 2004 I was tapped on the shoulder and my higher self suggested I take a look at the swastika and dwell on it.
And since that time who else has promoted the swastika as I do?

Who else in the entire world has made it his mandate-with-destiny to promote this idea?

Nobody compares to a fella called Raphael when it comes to promoting the 12,000+ year old swastika.
And an internet search using the search terms ‘swastika raphael’ will confirm this claim of mine.
Adding terms to the search like DNA, gravity or Intelligent Design will just sweeten the pot that I AM is stirring in the here and now, using ‘Ralph’ as the SSS SwiZZle schtick.

ALL of what follows below can be found at this website:

Swastika Raphael Archangel

The swastika (sanskrit for: “well being”) or tetra-gammadion (as it was called in ancient Greece), is a combination of four gimel (or “gammas” in Greek), which are symbols of movement towards reward or punishment.

Gimel is associated with a person in motion; symbolically, a rich man running after a poor man to give him charity, or divine assistance or retribution (some forms of the swastika suggest left facing gimel to be retribution). Either form of “gift” is for the well-being of the receiver (a form of regulation & balance), whether curse or blessing. This defines the swastika as a constant motion of the restoration and maintenance of life (or spiritual growth).

This is the basis for it’s associations with the sun, and with Raphael (who is the angel of restoration, good will and blessing). Although it can easily be identified as a simple solar model, it’s translation is more than portrait.

The “arms” of the symbol are either 3 or 4 in number. The “turning” impression that the symbol displays is a cycle of rejuvenation or return. Raphael is the angel over healing, because he is a personification of restoration. That is, restoration of anything to it’s intended, created, or pure form. The symbol expresses this in it’s cycle of “returning” & has been used as much to represent homecomings & migration, or the coming of spring in the year… etc.

All throughout history and all over the world, it has also been associated with travels (especially the “return home” – which is also a form of restoration), fortune, harvest and healing. All of these attributes are also properties of Raphael, and universal symbolisms of the sun.

The symbol can be seen in such variations:

user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image

…and in an example of the left-facing, or reverse.

Also, this coin has a couple variations, two of them left-facing…

I have heard several other interpretations of the symbol in regards to Raphael, but none of them which are widely referenced.

The swastika was used in several ancient pagan religions & states. With the growth of Christianity & angelology within it, the use of the swastika was discouraged by some (probably because of it’s widespread use in pagan Greece), and Raphael was commonly credited with the symbol:

…is a sign for the planet Mercury, with which Raphael is associated.

These older sigils are actually attributed to Labbiel, or Rabiel; which is the first known name for the entity Raphael.

(The Sumerian Labbiel was renamed Raphael by the Jews)

They both contain the symbols for “progression,” “heaven” and “return.”

Two sigils based on Raphael’s name are the line sigil:

and the straight sigil:

These both contain multiple symbols relating to Raphael. The line sigil (the first) is a gimel with a point of power (the circle). The straight sigil contains the angelic script for transposition (in return to Heaven), and also for “goodness,” “benefactor” and “hope.” It is used during invocations as a “signature” of Raphael, representing his name.

In Raphael’s association with the sun, he is also connected with the script in the line sigils below. These are used to represent the sun in astrological and esoteric mysticism.


Here is Raphael’s seal… It is a combination of several of his symbols. It even contains symbols for the other Archangels which are combined with Raphael’s symbols to make sigils present within the main circle. Seals such as this are usually used during invocations and petitions or prayer.

I have only briefly covered the translations of these symbols, if anyone wants clarification on any of these, please post and I will go into further detail Although relevant, a full breakdown of deciphering the meanings on such script is tedious and often not what individuals are looking for when they browse the forum.


Hope you enjoyed that folks.
Another confirmation that my swastika journey does in fact resonate to my angelic core.
And that would be good news for everybody…because if a ‘devil’ like me has an angel at his core, with a name that resonates goodness, you ALL do too!!!

I came across this entry also on the same website.

Raphael is a governing angel over Gemini as he governs the zodiacal vernal equinox in spring. He also is said to govern the sign of Virgo, and sometimes is said to have ruling power over all air signs (Gemini, Libra & Aquarius) as he is an angel of air.

Another uncanny coincidence.
Both of my daughters are Gemini and my mother is a Virgo.  :shock:

And in regards to those other AIR signs, (namely Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, associated with the numbers 3, 7, and 11), didn’t I already produce a KEY found in the Tarot written by C.C. Zain that references those specific 3 signs of the zodiac?   :shock:

1/137 in fact would be the next leg of my journey, back to the source.




I may want to contact this Ariel person and engage them.
And that is exactly what I did.

I joined the forum, and starting asking questions.


Ari’el has presented me with more Raphael associations.

The line sigil (the first) is a gimel with a point of power (the circle)…

If you look at Raphael’s primary symbol you will see that the ‘swastika’ is a combination of four gimel (or “gammas” in Greek), which are symbols of movement towards reward or punishment.

In the description of Raphael’s primary symbol I give a description for how the combination of gimel relate to Raphael. The swastika represents a constant motion of the restoration and maintenance of life (or growth).

This is the basis for it’s associations with the sun, and with Raphael (who is the angel of restoration, the sun, good will and blessing). Although it can easily be identified as a simple solar model, it’s translation is more than portrait.

As seen above, the “arms” of Raphael’s primary symbol are either 3 or 4 in number. However, they can also be interpreted as neither, because the symbol represents the motion of a “turning” impression. (Such as the spokes of a wheel could appear many while it is in motion.) Essentially, the line sigil is a representation of one of those “spokes” of Raphael’s primary symbol. Since sigils represent a more specific ‘quality’ of the angel, the focus of this sigil is Raphael’s association with gimel.

Raphael is the angel over healing, because he is a personification of restoration. He is also the angel of travel. It is a common theory today that his relation to ‘travel’ comes both from his role in the Book of Tobit (where he disguises himself as a traveller) & from the ancient (almost universal) association with physicians being travelers by trade. This correlation can be seen in other deities of the ancient world who were associated with both healing and travel (take Hermes, for example). However, it is not simply that Raphael was an angel of healing who ‘became’ associated with travel. His origins are as a deity of healing, travel & the sun – three properties which were highly associated.

Gimel is associated with all three. It has three possible origins which are all related to these three properties. The letter is said to be a pictorial representation of a walking stick (or travelers defending stick), a camel or a foot. All three were associated with healing, traveling and the sun. Though primarily, the focus seems to be motion and traveling. It is not motion in a purely general sense, however, and represents a note of charity (such as the common symbolism of a rich man (gimel) running after a poor man (dalet) to offer assistance.)

Gimel is also associated with the number 3, the number of holiness and free will (in division and independence from God). It represents freedom which is alluded in travel and return home. Essentially, the line sigil in question represents Raphael as a ‘character of gimel.’

As a sigil, it focuses on a specific area of the nature of Raphael to request his assistance or ‘summon’ his authority. If one was using the line sigil above, they COULD use it to petition for any matter related to Raphael, but would be most successful in using it for matters involving traveling and charity. The sigil is also said to represent a man bent in charity. It (& gimel) are also likely associated with the origins of the symbols of the traveling shepherd deity Andjety, the crook and flail. (Which represented divine punishment and reward, as the crook & flail were used to bless/curse ancient livestock. Both were used to reprimand and the crook also saved lost sheep/goats, while the flail also swatted flies from their faces.)

This straight sigil contains the angelic script for transposition (in return to Heaven), and also for “goodness”, “benefactor” and “hope.”

The line running down the length is actually a symbol used to represent ascension, usually of angels from earth to Heaven. This particular variation represents transposition from earthly to holy (or corrupt to righteous)…

It also has a right angle on the left end, the right angle in this position just compounds the original meaning:

Raphael’s role is primarily as an angel of restoration. He and the order under him, called the Labbim, are healing angels. However, they were healing angels before earthly creatures existed, preconditioned to the restoration of angels who had fallen into Tartarus (the abyss) during the First War but who were not evil. These angels restore and maintain purity in the angels who dwell in Heaven who contact or are exposed to earth, hell, pain and corruption(especially the Powers). This sigil alludes to Raphael’s role as their leader (and possibly his role as an angel who has been on Earth many times & has been seen ascending by several witnesses including Noah, Solomon, and the family of Tobias.)

Here are some other symbols associated with the Labbim. They are similar to Raphael’s primary symbol and represent a similar meaning (though the central power point represents their unity as a single order). These variations of the Labbim ‘cross’ are not to be confused with the Haath cross (commonly called the Archangel’s cross) where the crossing lines are horizontal and vertical rather than diagonal.

I need more time to go over the rest of the line sigil, which is a symbol representing both “benefactor” / “kindness” and the altars of the Labbim in Heaven… I will also go over the last two sigils and seal.


2B continued …

2B or not 2B?

ME+me new calling card issued by the cosmos >>>archangel raphael swastika

UPDATE 8/8/2014

Please let ME+me bring the reader up-to-date on how things have been going since this blog was written in 2010.
Much has been accomplished.

The following links are all updates since the original blog posting back in Dec. 2010.

Still more to come.

UPDATE September 18, 2019