Is CERN a Gateway to Eternal Wisdom or…?


Central image of Alchemist's laboratory

Heinrich Khunrath

Amphitheatrum sapientiae aeternae [Hamburg: 1595] is an alchemical classic, the best known of Heinrich Khunrath’s works. The work is infused with a strange combination of Christianity and magic, illustrated with elaborate, hand-colored, engraved plates heightened with gold and silver. The tension between spirituality and experiment, and the rich symbolism of Khunrath’s writings and their engravings brought condemnation of the book by the Sorbonne in 1625, and now attracts attention from scholars.

If alchemy was indeed nonsense as many 21st scientists claim, I do wish ONE scientist to step forward now and please explain these next  two images?

Especially those that think we are evolving.
Please please do step forward, prodigal son of Charles DUHwin.

Please take a very CLOSE look at these next two images.
Coincidence or design?


1st image above was made in I609 AD


I have also seen this image described as the GATEWAY TO ETERNAL WISDOM

The 2nd image comes about 400 years later.
The second image is in fact a picture of the modern  Gateway to the quantum realm…

The 21st century marvel of science, the CERN particle accelerator in Geneva Switzerland.
Everything science has worked for on its learning curve till this point in our modern history amounts to what CERN will tell us about the birth of the universe.


Please note that inside of each of these two images we can see the sages of their respective ages.

In the 1st image we see the Philosopher/Alchemists, one nearly reaching the light at the end of the tunnel, two others follow, and in the  2nd image is the 21st century physicist who no longer believes in God, or does he/she?Heinrich Kunrath’s 1606 version of this ‘archetypal porthole/gateway’ has a warning posted above the entry.

“stay away, keep out from here, ye profane”

Clearly the alchemists who ANTICIPATED that modernity would spend tens of billions of dollars on an alchemy vision should be given a VOICE.

SIN should have a voice.
Sir Isaac Newton SIN was the best alchemist of his age.
He has been described as not only the first ‘scientist’ but also the last sorcerer.

Should we be CON-CERNed about being CONned by CERN and how the money is being spent on grandiose schemes that clearly have its roots in alchemical philosophy and science?

How much of what is going on in CERN is being driven, motivated by biblical doctrine woven in with alchemy and modern science?

Do physicists read the QaBaLaH on the weekends?
I know for a fact many did in the late 1800s and in the early 1900s.
Studying gematria, the Hebrew language, sacred geometry, alchemy and particle physics all at the same time is something SIN would have done if he were still alive today.
SIN spent the last 20+ years of his life trying to conceptualize what the biblical Solomon’s Temple would look like.
Maybe we should have a look at those today and  try to see how SIN’s thoughts align themselves with how the theorists of today are conceptualizing the hidden dimensions?
Why does SIN’s rendering of Solomon’s Temple remind me of a ‘cube’ inside a ‘cube’, or what we today call the 4th dimensional ‘hypercube’.
The ‘hypercube’ was first conceptualized in the early 1900s and was at the time a more popular ‘theory’ about the 4th dimension than any of Albert Einsteins theories at the time.

So are CERN scientists coming full or fool circle?

Are we arriving at an understanding of the cosmos, that our ancestors shared in, by following the same patterns too?
What would the evolutionists like Charles DUHwin or Richard DUHkins suggest?
These are coincidences and a design or designer has nothing to do with it is what Dick DUHkins would say.
The greatest philosophical minds of the past like SIN and Kunrath their thoughts aligning with modernity are coincidental?

“Comprehend and Copy Nature”

-Viktor Schauberger 

Three rings are visible, the smaller (at lower right) shows the underground position of the Proton Synchrotron, the middle ring is the Super Proton Synchrotron (SPS) with a circumference of 7 km and the largest ring (27 km) is that of the former Large Electron and Positron collider (LEP) accelerator with part of Lake Geneva in the background.

Note 7 km (SPS) and the 27 km (LEP) marked by the yellow lines.
That photo is a difficult one to flip or reverse.
So I will use the next one and compare it to an image I took out of a book on Gematria that explores connections between the Bible and sacred geometry…

Seeing a similarity in the above images?
Please note in gematria, a study of the ‘bible by numbers’, both the MOON and the EARTH are connected esoterically as one. Because in fact they are. They share a common center of gravity called a barycenter.

So the larger tunnel is 27 km.
Why did they chose 27km?
Why would a particle physicist chose 27 km?

Image on the right Figures 4 and 5, Newton’s calculations of centrifugal force using polygons. 

page 89

The RELATION of the SWASTIKA to the Squared Circle on a 16×16 grid.
Which involves knowledge of pi.

How to calculate the speed of light using two circles and one square based on 8×8 grid but broken down into 44 x 44. 

If you can figure out the difference in the circumference of both circles (knowledge of pi would be necessary) then you have a simple message that can be passed on into the future, thousands of years.

ELOHIM and the NUMBER 37

ELOHIM and a 5×5 magic square and the Swastika >>> THE ONE WHO IS TO COME?

this image taken from the 6th and 7th Books of MoSeS


37 as a gematria value has great significance as evidence suggests.
3 + 7 Commandments?
37 = Moses and the 10 Commandments

re: The number 37 and the Collective Unconscious
I happened to notice an important date.

37 = Dec. 25 (1+2 and 2+5)

So why does CERN have a 27 km track?
37/27 x 100 = 137 the fine structure constant

The deceased mystic Itzhak Bentov offers us another explanation for the significance of the numbers 137.

Tetrahedral Sphere Packing

Are Scientists / Kabbalists playing God….is this the new molten calf to be worshiped, the CERN LHC?
Should we be worried that these modern day temple priests are playing with a potential Doomsday Machine?

Is man still playing with Promethean fire?

…Professor Otto Rossler, a retired German chemist, said he feared the experiment may create a devastating quasar – a mass of energy fuelled by black holes – inside the Earth.‘Nothing will happen for at least four years,’ he said. ‘Then someone will spot a light ray coming out of the Indian Ocean during the night and no one will be able to explain it.‘A few weeks later, we will see a similar beam of particles coming out of the soil on the other side of the planet. Then we will know there is a little quasar inside the planet.’

….Or is CERN the techology that will lead us eventually to Star Trek tech “beam me up Scotty” adventures in outer space?

So evidently we will need to wait 4 years after the serious experiments at CERN begin in October 2008.



“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”
-Albert Einstein


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