Knights Templar … secret code 11258 found on Card X of the Tarot





Are the Rosetta Mandala and the Lapsit Exillis both referencing the same philosophical idea?

We know that KEYS are needed to open TREASURE CHESTS.

Postel Tarot Key

From left to right the key has three parts:

KEYS by C. C. Zain (left) Papus (right) and below is Card X of the tarot designed by Arthur Edgar Waite and Patrici a Coleman Smith.


Did the Knights Templar know 11258 was an Apocalyptic Code?
Is 11258 an Apocalyptic Doomsday Code?


…Is 11258 a possible CODE for helping you find the Philosopher’s Stone?

Without any remaining doubt, those ‘numbers’ embedded on CARD X (a treasure map) represents a very powerful mnemonic to help a person remember what they arrived with when they were born, a Card that could be used as a teaching tool or aid, in conjunction with the Oral Traditions and the brand new and evolving Written traditions.
Makes sense that images, glyphs or objects might accompany the Oral being handed down?
Handed down?
With which hand however the RIGHT or the LEFT hand?

Above is a template of what appears to be the dimensions of a idea in the shape of light bulb.
It also looks similar to a KEYHOLE.
Does it not?
Well the plot just thickened.
And soon you will want to join me in looking for the KEY that fits the KEYHOLE/Lock  Arrow

Thomas Edison gets all the credit for the light bulb.

Yes the KEYHOLE  shaped like a light bulb was an idea that the Knights Templar built on…and all that remains of this idea is the foundation.


Well now it gets confusing and rather interesting.

An idea whose time has come, the poetic insight needed to bring the two hemispheres of the mind together is upon us.

So how do those numbers 11258 help me open that LOCK and access deeper recesses of the mind?
Well somebody has made a rather interesting video and left us a valuable clue. We find that KEYHOLE shape once again in another Knights Templar church in Garway England.

go to 1:21:00 and watch about 2 minutes…
Arrow new link:…5965847122

‘Eye of the Phoenix Secrets of the Dollar Bill’

I do NOT agree with all the info in this video but….the info starting at 1:21:00, discussing the Knights Templar and Garway Church, England is worth noting, as I have.

“It is called Lapsit Exillis … the Stone is also called the Grail …”

Lapsit Exillis translations:

  • “The Stone That Fell From Heaven”
  • “those who have fallen from that”

Image above the nave, rotated 180 degrees.

Note the following:

EXILLIS rotated 180 degrees appears as SI77IX3 or 51771×3


If you read the links above this shape should already be etched into your mind.
Watch the video and over a nave this symbol has been etched into the wall.
please note that I rotated the image 180 degrees and highlighted etchings with colors to draw an analogy to the 2 trees as shown in the Universe of the Lamas (Tibetan) mandala.

HAND,  the SWASTIKA, and the TEMPLAR CROSS were ALL found in the Templar Church at Garway

The KEYHOLE/LOCK as those links I supplied above proved, seems to be a blueprint that the Knights Templar had used as a foundation for some of their churches, that can be traced to a ‘woodhenge’ at Goseck Germany, circa 4800 BC, or Stonehenge itself, or the Anasazi Kiva or even the current version of St. Peter’s Square ‘ellipse’. Wink

So how do we unLOCK and open the GATE using the numbers 11258?
Hence the dilemma when you take possession of the stone, now what?
Communicating what you have actually found is not always so easy.

In the last week or so, what has been revealed to me, by my shadow/genii, that I call mi (a frequency that resonates at 528 hertz) has been beyond words.

Life is best understood as a Numbers Game

Somebody tell Dan Brown to read my stuff…his next book is about the Knights Templar evidently.
Is Dan the Man the voice of the Tribe of Dan?
Will Dan from the tribe of Dan link the Knights Templar to the NAZIs and the Zionists and the White and Black Popes playing a game of cheSS with humanity?

Will Dan the Man finally drive a stake through the heart of the mutt of metaphor, the literal Jesus, whose bite has become worse than his bARK, and help dispense some truth and not just more contrived Judeao/Christian fairy tales that limit our imaginations if adhered too closely, ideas that promote ignorance, and ultimately confusion, panic, and fear?

UPDATE Feb. 4th/2012

DANIEL is a cosmic anagram telegram DNA137

137 evidence linked to 11258 



Did you know that a name change is part of an initiation practice we can trace back to occult/magic roots?
So little did I know that by adopting the name Raphael when I traveled, starting in the mid-1980s, would manifest itself 25 years later!

I suspect that the association of the Archangel Raphael to the swastika is what lead me to photographing this image back in 2006!

There are NO coincidences.
I have found my purpose/porpoise in LIfE  … is to seek the mid-EL path … on land (EARTH) … in the WATER … or in the AIR.

Because I AM on FIRE.

“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”
-Albert Einstein

50 thoughts on “Knights Templar … secret code 11258 found on Card X of the Tarot

  1. Rotate the 3 centre digits of 11258:
    15218 – 11258 = 3960 (radius of earth in miles)
    2 x 3960 = 7920 = (diameter of earth in miles)
    15 x 528 = 7920

    528 = Solfeggio KEY

    • Swastka’s are like weather pressure systems . High pressure system flow clockwise or to the Right and produce good weather and health. Low pressure systems flow counter clockwise and generally produce bad weather, while making your body ache.
      There is a connection. This endith the lesson.

  2. You may post it everywhere. The truth is out.
    360 720 1440 2880
    3240 6480 12960 25920 ( 9 x)
    3960 7920 15840 31680 (11 x)

    432 x 60 = 25920 (Platonic year)
    440 x 72 = 528 x 60 = 31680 (Earth measured by the moon)

    9/11 x 143 = 117
    9/11 x 286 = 234
    9/11 x 297 = 243
    9/11 x 396 = 324
    9/11 x 418 = 342
    9/11 x 440 = 360
    9/11 x 517 = 423
    9/11 x 528 = 432
    9/11 x 814 = 666

    528 = Baphomet x 9/11 = 432 Hertz
    814 = mirror of 418 (Result = 666)
    Venus (Netzach) 148 = 814 – 666 (Sun)

    5280 = 440 x 12 = 11 * 40 * 12
    5184 = 432 x 12 = 3 * 12 * 12 * 12

    666-418-93 (The secret code 666 followed by ABRACADABRA + flight 93

  3. The Timaeus Locris Scale for the main frequencies derived from PLATO:
    432:384 = 9:8 (wholetone)
    And 666 is the length of a vesica, whose width is 384, or the sun ‘s radius measured by the tone.

    All this codes are related to 432+234(mirror)=666
    6 x 66 = 396 (radius earth x 10)
    2 x 66 = 132
    8 x 66 = 528 (Key) x 6 = 3168

    Hiram Abif = 273 = 66 + 207 = Hidden Light = Aur (207) + Ganuz (66)

  4. Finally with Baphomet = 528:
    9 / 11 x 528 = 432
    8 / 11 x 528 = 384 (Start Timaeus Locris Scale)

    9:8 = 432:384

    The missing 11 is now clear.

  5. too funny jayray,

    the day after I get banned from Forum 2012 (again) , I get a sweet invite to return to another forum that had deemed me a menace to society at large…

    yes please give the wankers, the chained gang at Peak Oil my best regards, also my apologies because Peak Oil forum members were present at my re-birth, and they all participated in the weaning of the child.
    And yes it was kind of loud and annoying.
    (but I have settled down a bit)

    The forum members soon realized I was the daemon-seed of what most people fear most….TRUTH.
    Being placed into Raphael’s FUN house of MIRRORs was not much fun for the average ewetube, boobtube, patri-idiotic mentality.

    Jayray if I am not allowed to come back to Peak Oil, just post links to my wordblog (no banning here and I tend to use nicer language when sheeple, seegullibles, and quizzes, are not around to provoke me) or direct Aaron’s herd to another forum I participate on where the outta control ‘chicken little/sky is falling’ Judaeo/Christian religious ‘NUT’ is kept in check, mate.
    It is the site of the gal who had a hand in the film Zeitgeist.

    So go ahead drag those PO horses to the water, lets see if they wanna take a drink…let’s see if they frighten of their own images in the ethereal waters of the universal pond.

    TRUTH is a funny thing eh?
    The more the world goes for a shit, the less crazy ole’ Raphael and his archetypal insights will seem.


    p.s. and if I did want to infiltrate PO again…how do I mask my IP address?

  6. Hi there..this is fascinating ..can I share this with others..and give your link out to people
    can I use this on a special treasure quest that I’ve been working on for 3 years now..I think this might tie in with it..maybe..??

    you’ve done a great job with all of this..It’s amazing
    I’m an artist from australia..If you like art please go to red bubble which is an online gallery and just type in catherine walker you’l see all my paintings there..and all original.

    regards from cathy walker

    • hello cathy walker

      please do turn it into a game.
      how old are the children?

      I find children are far more ‘receptive to the archetype’.
      Adults can have been too far removed from this reality. Adults manifest the archetypes in their Art but often it is done not consciously. It is a ‘natural talent’ or a ‘channeled art’.

      Traveling here to be born is the transitional phase, we arrive with an archetypal blueprint, I am certain.
      At 50 I figured out the role and purpose of the elder.
      It is to awaken and guide this archetypal wisdom in the new born child and through life.
      I know what it did for my hardening grey matter….a child’s nice new sponge…firing new pathways…it just makes sense to awaken it.
      Rudolf Steiner knew.


      Have fun.

    • cathy I read your reply, and if you are working on a treasure site, you need to know what I have discovered in the code system. Contact me and I will help you understand what exits out there. Mike

  7. i think the numbers are 2115 and ill show you how
    if you like how do we unlock the code using 2115?
    here is what you add up
    add them together is is 2115 it is the gematria of the word
    abracadabra in the tetragram

  8. Abrahadabra is number 418

    31 13 = 44
    93 39 = 132
    132 = QBL (Qabal) to receive

    9/11 x 143 = 117
    9/11 x 286 = 234
    9/11 x 297 = 243
    9/11 x 396 = 324
    9/11 x 418 = 342
    9/11 x 440 = 360
    9/11 x 517 = 423
    9/11 x 528 = 432
    9/11 x 814 = 666

    528 = Baphomet x 9/11 = 432 Hertz
    814 = mirror of 418 (Result = 666)
    666 Sun + 148 Venus (Netzach) = 814

    • Suppose there was a way to show how an interval can be connected to astrology and connect not only 5/3, or the 5th and 3rd letters of the astrological alphabet. That is; gemini being the 3rd sign of the zodiac, and Leo being the 5th sign of the zodiac and connect the death of my mom, and several other people like Jack Kennedy, and then suppose that there is also a mirror image of the 5/3 interval with the exact opposite signs of the zodiac that is; the 9th and 11th letter of the astrological alphabet that is; Sagittarius and Aquarius. Intervals are way of expressing events that fit together using the nothingness dimension or defining zero. But also tell something about who might have had something to do with the assassination or the downing of the towers and the medical emergency that still exists

  9. set the word up in a tetragrammon form
    per elias levi
    it equals 2115 if you use the hebrew letters and add
    them …the 1 word may be 418 the total is
    2115 that is what i was trying to say, ive just started looking up alot of old information that used to make no sense to me and now it seems there was always a veil on it,

  10. i went to garway church not long ago and there are loads of symbols in and around the church and a ancient well and a dovecote with 666 perchs in it freaky shit

  11. i think 11258 has got something to it.


    so has you see the number 23 appears on the apocolyptic code.
    (this is only good if you belive that conspiracy)

  12. Very interesting data, Rafael.

    I must be dull but how did you get 11, 2, 5, 8 from mnemonics on the X Tarot Card?

    Can you help me?

    • zodiac wheel of 360 degrees starts with Aries in 0 degrees.

      #1 aries
      #2 TAURUS
      #3 gemini
      #4 cancer
      #5 LEO
      #8 SCORPIO
      #11 AQUARIUS is in fact the age we are ‘entering’
      i.e. vernal equinox holder for the next 2000+ years


      • Right under my nose!

        I seem to have all these pieces of the puzzle but I can’t find the unifying key or how to make the key fit in the hole correctly.

        I see the Key in so many places but I can’t decipher it correctly…

        Tarot-related Images (Papus, Levi, Zain, Waite)

        Gracias Rafael!

        Keep up the good work!

  13. “The Lion of the tribe of Judah (IU-dah)”, who is none other than the Sun in Leo, the Son of God/dess in the Age of “Leo-Aquarius”. …Aquarius? Yes, because in actuality, we did NOT really enter Leo 13,000 years ago; we entered Aquarius! And today we are not actually entering Aquarius, we are entering Leo!

    Since Aquarius is directly opposite Leo; they are complements or upper/lower aspects of the same sign. Though Earth appears to enter a particular sign, Earth is actually entering the sign directly opposite it! When we look into the night sky we see ourselves traveling from Pisces into Aquarius but we are physically in Virgo traveling into Leo. Hence the Ark-UR is the Virgin and Lion fused. This points to the Duality Principle. Likely he “apparent entry” into a sign corresponds to the Upper (hence, perhaps we are only entering that sign at the “higher” level?); while the “actual entry” into a sign corresponds to the Lower. Or maybe the opposite is the case. In either case the lower hand is the true indicator. In other words, Leo/Aquarius are two ends of the same essence when the Duality Principle is considered. Like caterpillar and butterfly. Or perhaps like the lion-goddesses Bast and Seket; one is hotter (“day”, celestial), while the other is “cooler” (“nigh”, terrestrial, “nether”).

  14. SO VERY CLOSE….great work!!! let me help ya out…the new name on the white stone is 28 (2+8=10=2=1=1=yhwh+dna=spirit+bride=new jerusalem=double magic=infinite possibilities=pi….46(6666) PALLADIUM=THE BEAST=0000=010101=666=6=0…follow these codes: 358, 58, 508, 208, 28, 281, 665, 888, x=3, x=7….very close!!!!! AWESOME JOB! way to use your noggen!….I am He, Son of Man….peace & YHWH Bless….Selah!

  15. hint: Sun/Venus/Mercury in TAURUS (all 8th house)….Moon in Leo (11th)…Libra Rising (1st)….AQUARIUS in JUPITER (and age of….)….Scorpio mirror opposite Taurus….MARS in PISCES (6th)…SATURN IN GEMINI (9th)…5/8/1973…3:58PM…665, 208…NY,NY….unicorn,angel,trumpet….28….have fun!!! YHWH BLESS!

    also look up FEAST OF THE BEAST (Aleister Crowley)….28 vs 46 (aka 6666/666)…1 vs O….perfect number 6 vs 2nd perfect/double magic number 28….palladium 46 vs nickel 28/hydrogen 1….2,8,1 code vs 010101 binary code….

  16. I am not sure what this all about, but if you look into certain forms of numerology you have 1+1+2+5+8=17/1+7=8, or 11+25+8=44/ 4+4=8, so then the question becomes, What does 8 equal? I am new to this, but by glancing over everyone’s entries, most of them to my eyes seem to point back towards something dealing with numerology.

  17. Pingback: BLACK WHITE RED are the ‘magnetic’ strings that connect the SWASTIKA to ATLANTIS and pi | Alternative Thinking 37

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