“….What Tesla saw peeking through the KEYHOLE”

The necessary commentary pointing out the symbolism of the first 24 seconds of that clip in regards to the KEYHOLE.
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I was lead to the Basque region this morning after waking up.

Basque Hilarri Tomb Stones resemble ‘Temples’ and ‘DNA’ ?

What do I mean?
Am I claiming these KEYHOLES are a reference to DNA?
Am I claiming we have built TEMPLES so we can enter and heal and help our DNA evolve by entering a representation of our DNA?
Am I claiming that our DNA is the Holy Grail each of us is in possession of?
Am I claiming then that a DNA grave marker makes too much sense?


Image Ah yes the geometry of the swirly twirly swastika/lauburu is evident again.
Each arm can be drawn with three sweeps of a compass.   :flop:

Don’t you love how they call the swastika in the Basque region a lauburu?


Same swirly twirly design found on Malta. :flop:
Why is the Maltese Cross called the Maltese Cross?


Swasti-KEY to Universal MovEMEnt to the ocean of E motion


Our REALITY is based on matter and anti-matter ASYMMETRY.

only two things can define perfect SYMMETRY
the creator and a CIRCLE

ImageLook at my HEART.
It appears symmetrical.
YES I agree.
Like symmetrical butterfly wings…
However the parts comprising the symmetry between left and right are asymmetrical building blocks that help the butterfly achieve lift off, capable of achieving a certain ‘escape velocity’ that we as humans are incapable of.


:flop: Once *activated* you start to rEMEMbEr more easily.

Similar to the FACT, that the Sator Square was waiting for Ed Witten to be born, and counting on him naming it ‘M Theory’.
Another coincidence?
Hardly, in a unified world there are no coincidences, ALL is evidence of a unity we have yet to comprehend.
Why cheapen how the universe works with IGNORANT human hindsight at the end of daze by marginalizing magic moments with words like coincidence to explain away unexplainable feelings? :think:

The universe and its mysteries are *coincidencess*????

And the coincidences simply become pieces to the puzzle representing a unity that must exist.
The argument could be made that Gravity because it extends to the boundaries of an expanding universe, holding it all together, could in fact be considered a demi-god.
any fool babbling to himself can see that.

deep rabbit hole here:

So now you can appreciate my interest in merging the Sator Square with Ed Wittens String Theory?

SOUND is KEY and it is connected intimately to GRAVITY

re: Gammadion a.k.a. Tetragramaton

In certain symbolical combinations the gammadion alternates with the representation of the sun.
Edward Thomas has pointed out the fact that, amongst the Jains of modern India, the sun, although held in great honour, does not appear amongst the respective signs of the twenty-four Tirthankaras, the saints or mythological founders of the sect. But, whilst the eighth of these personages has the half-moon as an emblem, the seventh has the swastika for a distinctive sign. 1 Moreover, as the same writer remarks, the swastika and the Disk replace constantly each other on the ancient coins of Ujain and Andhra.

Another proof of the equivalence between the gammadion and the image, or, at least, the light of the sun, is found amongst the coins of Mesembria in Thrace. The very name of this town, Μεσημβρία, may be translated as “mid-day,” that is, the “town of noon,” as Mr. Percy Gardner calls it. 2 Now, on some coins, this name is figured by a legend which speaks for itself:

It is impossible to show more clearly the identity of the gammadion with the idea of light or of the day.—”But,” objects Mr. Greg, “the day is not necessarily the `sun.”—In addition to this distinction being rather subtle, how can one continue to doubt, in face of the facility with which in Greece, as in India and elsewhere, the gammadion interchanges with the Solar Disk and vice versa?


And we cannot forget the ultimate MEME recovered, from the collective MEMory.

I highlighted the ‘necks’ of the birds to show their MEW3 or is it MEME associations.

The MNEME Disk or Bowl

A 7000 year old pre-literate Neolithic artifact that brought it all together.
Linking this plate to the concept of the 3 Replicators, endorsed by Dawkins/Blackmore/Denett and others, helping to bridge a 7000 year old gap between the Neolithic mind and the re*activation* of our ‘right brains’, aka 2012, has been fun I must say.

That would be the good news.
The bad news as Susan Blackmore points out….is that MEMEs can become information viruses that pass on bad false information too.
In a WORD, the MEMEs itself is a double edged sWORD. :idea:
And the MASTERS know all about WORD play.

i.e. The Dogon god called NoMMo the 7th was called the MASTER of WORDs.


4 E  –  4 M  –  4 W  –  4 3 

In the above Celtic Brooch, it is very easy to see the four different meanings represented by the shape E.
We can certainly see in the Sator Square on the right that the center letter ‘N’ is surrounded by 4 ‘E’….the beginning structure to the ‘TENET’ cross.


The pattern is REALLY simple and it transcends beliefs, dimensions, space, time, and motion, because it is based on a SOUND being manufactured.
Does ONE of the sources huM and the other hiSS?
There would be two SOURCES.
One high and one low.
Two boundaries or pillars of SOUND?
CERN is now asking how LOW can the Higgs Boson SOUND signature go?
And ultra(high)SOUND helps us see through matter in the belly of a pregnant woman like a Superman can using his x-ray vision?

And the SOUND engineers at BELL Laboratories know about this sacred shape that I am sharing with you?
Comprised of a MOST SIMPLE pattern that can be applied to the 4 ways you can approach or read the Sator Square.

:arrow: scroll to the bottom of this post till you reach the image titled Sator-Arepo Formula to see how it all connects to Jesus and Constantine’s acceptance of Christianity.
https://kachina2012.wordpress.com/2010/0 … -swastika/






image on left: BELL Laboratories Sound Stage Cubes
image on right: Slavic, Eastern European symbol called Hands of God

do not SAY or UTTER the name of Jehovah, or the tetragrammaton JHVH, YHVH, IHVH, etc.

ist es verboten
you must say Adonai


MNEME plate >>> the ultimate MEME or MNEMoNic used to trigger our MEMorEEs

Please note the ‘N’ or ‘Z’ in the center surrounded by the word MEME or 4 E, or 4 W or 4 3.
It all depends on YOUR perspective.

Is my claim about this shape unfounded?
:nope: Hardly…I am full on.

It is one of the MOST COMMON structures in Western Ideography.
In agreement with at least other 30 other systems.
And in agreement with the 3 Replicator Theory called Genes, Memes and Temes.
It all fits nicely.
Even the SOUNDS made by the letters ‘N’ and ‘M’ are consistent with the theory.
Those two letters and being in the center…radiating outwards…IF MosEs was high UP on the mountain and we were DOWN in the valley, those two letters N and M are heard the longest/farthest of all the letters. :flop:


one of the best references for signs/symbols/ideograms on the net.


The theory I offer, based on a 3 Ring Circus where a sucker is born every minute, is a Bullseye modEL that has been recovered, not discovered.
Bringing together SOUND, DNA, electrons/photons, current musings about gene >> meme >> teme >> dreamteme is FULL on.

Everything can be placed on the same flat page called the 5×5 or 5^2 SATOR SQUARE.
We have that same page we can fit everything on and then expanded on it.
Because the magic square itself is an algorithm for logarithmic growth.

Clearly a Theory of Everything or ‘M’ Theory could be called ‘E’ Theory too.
Because obviously E = Everything :clapper:

2bEE continued.



The Swasti-KEY to Universal MovEMEnt – to the ocean of E motion

Talking with the planets Tesla mentioned many times during his career that his world wireless system could be used for interplanetary telecommunications. In 1896, Tesla told interviewers:[7] The possibility of beckoning Martians was the extreme application of [my] principle of propagation of electric waves. The same principle may be employed with good effects for the transmission of news to all parts of the earth….Every city on the globe could be on an immense circuit. [Thus] a message sent from New York would be in England, Africa and Australia in an instant. What a grand thing it would be. —Nikola Tesla, [8]

In 1899 while investigating atmospheric electricity using a Tesla coil receiver in his Colorado Springs lab Tesla observed repetitive signals, substantially different from the signals noted from storms and Earth noise, that he interpreted as being of extraterrestrial origin. He later recalled the signals appeared in groups of one, two, three, and four clicks together. Tesla thought the signals were coming from Mars. Analysis of Tesla’s research has ranged from suggestions that Tesla detected nothing (he simply was misunderstanding the new technology he was working with[9]) to claims that Tesla may have been observing naturally occurring Jovian plasma torus signals.[10]

In 1901 Tesla said the following about his 1899 Colorado experiment:

I can never forget the first sensations I experienced when it dawned upon me that I had observed something possibly of incalculable consequences to mankind. . . . Although I could not decipher their meaning, it was impossible for me to think of them as having been entirely accidental. The feeling is constantly growing on me that I had been the first to hear the greeting of one planet to another.
—Nikola Tesla, [11]

In Time magazine’s July 20, 1931 issue celebrating Tesla’s 75th birthday Tesla stated:

[I have conceived] a means that will make it possible for man to transmit energy in large amounts, thousands of horsepower, from one planet to another, absolutely regardless of distance. I think that nothing can be more important than interplanetary communication. It will certainly come some day and the certitude that there are other human beings [at other locations] in the universe, working, suffering, struggling, like ourselves, will produce a magic effect on mankind and will form the foundation of a universal brotherhood that will last as long as humanity itself.
—Nikola Tesla, [12]

signals appeared in groups of one, two, three, and four clicks :flop:


All we are missing is the quintessence. 

Don’t forget to lift that goose-stepping leg real high. :flop:

At the end of his career…please note that Tesla had also gone back to studying what we call today INFRA-SOUNDS.

The LOW range not the HIGH range of the SOUND spectrum is what Tesla was verkin’ on.

Remember his plan to transmit frEEEE ENErgEEEE was based on the same technology that submarines and elephants (and the elephant headed ganesha hindu god comes to mind) today use to communicate with each other.

LONG wavelengths based on low frequencies … the longer the better.

Which brings us back to the Letters M and N representing the LOW range of SOUND best, and a KEY I found in the book called The Tarot of the Bohemians.
The KEY that fits the KEYHOLE.
forum discussion:


Find the Letters MNO on this KEY

Learn how by turning the KEY the MNO letters become NWO, OWN, ONE, NOW, MON, and and and NEO.
YES this is a NEO KEY we can use to open the LOCK to help understand the concept of ONE.
YES this is a NEO KEY that we can use to understand the MNEME disk better too, dated to the NEO-lithic age of 5000 BCE.
Because this KEY is connected to the concept of SOUND, that is why my theory is SOUND.


Knights Templar Temple foundation
And again it is NOT a coincidence a KEYHOLE :idea: looks like a LIGHTBULB :idea: which is an IDEA, and IDEAS are MEMES wanting to spread… :idea:
the signature is all over the map. :flop:

Can we link this KEY to the numbers 528 hertz and DNA too?


Swasti-KEY to Universal MovEMEnt to the ocean of E motion


Bogomilism (Bulgarian: Богомилство) were a Gnostic dualistic sect, the synthesis of Armenian Paulicianism, which emerged in the First Bulgarian Empire between 927 and 970. It spread into Byzantine Empire, Kievan Rus’, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Italy and France. It also presented a form of political movement and opposition to the Bulgarian state and the church.

Here’s a video from Bosnia:
Interesting tombstones begin about 1:17
How a CULTure buries their dead says a lot about how they live.

2Be continued …

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  2. Hiho ARWE 🙂

    Glad to see you’re alive and well…

    Have some more cleves clues clefs for you.

    Beware, beware.


  3. hey raphael,

    i’m slowly understanding more and more of where you’re going with this, amazing stuff ^_^, how are you doing?
    haven’t seen you around on dtv lately, people there piss you off?

    do you use binaural beats? I’ve been experimenting with the ‘nch tone generator’ with 528 left offset by +-8.25 right in stereo, interesting results.

    sacred geometry, if anything’s sacred, it’s love mysterious thing that it is, lol. Let’s understand love… a lot of people have been saying 528 is a special frequency in this regard, what do you think?

  4. Nikola Tesla caused the 1899 Cape Yakataga and Yakutat bay earthquakes,
    with The Knob Hill Apparatus from his Colorado Springs lab.
    That is why he spent his last ten years and died in Room #3327.
    3h03m27s on September 3, 1899.

    A second divisible by 3,
    in a minute divisible by 3,
    in an hour divisible by 3,
    on a day divisible by 3,
    in a month divisible by 3,
    in a year divisible by 3

    And for Christ’s sake it was Earthquake Milne Shide No. 333

    “All repeated acts or operations I performed had to be divisible by three
    and if I missed I felt impelled to do it again,
    even if it took hours.” -Nikola Tesla (After Causing Earthquakes)
    “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 & 9;

    then you would have a key to the universe.”
    -Nikola Tesla

    Earthquake Shide No. 333
    Three plus three is six, plus three is nine.

    A three squared 27 day man-made seismic event.
    Sept. 3″69″
    Professional Paper 69
    U.S. Geological Survey 69
    by Lawrence Tarr and Ralph Martin
    Published 1912

    CALL 1-888-823-2679 YOURPENGUY

    • While researching the paper I found this, “Architecture and Memory” and this image and thought of you: http://www.gutenberg-e.org/kirkbride/detail/fludd_alphanumeric_mnemonics.html

      Robert Fludd was a Rosicrucian. The Rosicrucian, Amorc (Anicent Mystery Order Rosae Crucis). Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, Count Zinzendorf, Isaac Newton, Leonard Da Vinci, ALL Rosicrucians!

      Rosae Croix is the father of all secret societies; masonry, freemasonry, etc.

      • Also this: http://www.gutenberg-e.org/kirkbride/detail/paciolis_o_cca.html

        “Perfect O” has a double cross. Double cross is also associated with Orion. “MONARCH = ONE ARCH = ELECTRICALLY CHARGED ATOM = the ION = ORION = the ROYAL ION”


        (Examples of White illustrated on this site – white bull, white cloud, white house, (THE WHITE HOUSE), white rock, white linen, white dog, white sands, white mountains, white dunes, etc. The word white refers to the bright WHITE glowing of the constellation ORION)

        Orion Refers to the Lost Key of Solomon:


        Which is associated with the RA symbol, the father of all Creation who was Sumerian = Reptilian. Enoch speaks of a language of light called Hiburu = Hebrew. Hebrew is the language of the Reptillians. The elite are on the Hebrew calendar where as the rest of the world is on the Gregorian calendar.

        Double Cross is on this MAYAN relief (Maia or Mayan means Darkness. There is a STAR in the Pleiades constellation called MAIA.

        Two figures of Reptillians the left seems to be holding a HUMAN baby.

        From the illuminati website,

        The number 11 is pivotal in the whole scheme of world history. The ancient Sumerian / Babylonian rulers were the royal reptilian brain based bloodline that was spawned by the intermarrying of luciferian thinking entities with human woman. The women these luciferian entities conjured up in the first place. These dominant elite bloodlines manifest themself in the world and in so doing, have assumed total control of every established society. Their genetic makeup is reptilian brain based. They are totally concerned with the physical 5 sense, 3 dimensional, illusory reality. Because of this deep hypnotic trance orientation it is very foreign for them to even consider connecting to the eternal wisdom state. As a result of this total devotion to the 3D illusory realm, the elite of the world take control of all things and in turn program this illusory body we call humanity to perpetuate the luciferian agenda.

      • You’re asking me to write a textbook Raphael… 😉


        Nassim Haramein, know of him? He believes everything is made of little black holes. Black holes suck in light, and thus at the other end becomes a white hole, a reverse, a projection of light. This hypothesis of physical reality is very similar to the holographic probability of reality, which corresponds to the Judeo belief of creation… “Something (light) from nothing (darkness)”. Something from nothing is otherwise can be seen as a projection, which in our case describes a hologram.

        Contemporary physics teaches us that things get crushed in a black hole, well I don’t think that’s right… I think matter becomes light as it speeds up… which it should be doing at the center of a spiral galaxy. The spiral galaxy is in the Fibonacci sequence, Phi. If one translates LIGHT into ancient Greek the first letter of the word is the Greek letter, PHI.

        This image explains it well: http://www.spirasolaris.ca/sps3d2.gif

        The Samarra, Iraqi plate you frequently post, have you missed the outer rim of it? It reminds me of the GREEK key. Which to me reminds me of SQUARE WAVES:

        Square waves are universally encountered in digital switching circuits and are naturally generated by binary (two-level) logic devices. They are used as timing references or “clock signals”, because their fast transitions are suitable for triggering synchronous logic circuits at precisely determined intervals. However, as the frequency-domain graph shows, square waves contain a wide range of harmonics; these can generate electromagnetic radiation or pulses of current that interfere with other nearby circuits, causing noise or errors.

        I believe Gravity is an interference rather than a force or a wave. Gravity waves have been hypothesized as linear.
        In the Phyllotactic patterns, the square, linear waves cause the Golden Angle, and section which causes the interference disturbance in the electrons and creates the spiral.

        http://spirasolaris.ca – is a good reference for phi…

      • Kristi I am not asking you to write a book.

        yes I am aware of what Nassim says.

        I have written about how Nassim’s work and the swastika intersect.

        he says nothing new actually
        I can show you Ameri-indian cosmology that matches his.

        Nassim adopted the ages old cosmo model of involution (gravity) vs. evolution (radiation).

        nothing new, just reinventing the wheel.
        the Kabbalah is way ahead of Nassim.


  5. Knights Templar Foundation + Light Bulb = The Technocracy

    The Society of Light

    This group, founded during the Victorian era, represents one
    of the most unusual groups among the technomancers. It was
    founded by Sons of Ether and members of the Technocracy to
    create a new era of enlightenment, where rational thought
    and science would solve all problems. Its members were
    influential scientists, engineers and politicians, and its
    purpose was to spread these ideals in society. It wanted to
    create technological priesthood, with strict moral and pure
    intentions to guide the sleepers and advice the leaders.

    The Technocracy founded the initiative, and many Etherists
    joined the project. However, as the industrial revolution
    went on the support for the project waned from the
    Technocracy which had begun to realise that it would be much
    easier to control a technological priesthood without any
    ceremonies and official recognition by simply making science
    more inaccessible for the average sleepers. However, a small
    core continued to support the society, despite the fact that
    most members disbanded. The Society of Light remains today,
    as a charming atavism in the eyes of the Technocracy. Most
    members are sleeper scientists and engineers, who see it
    more as a fraternal order (a kind of masonry for
    technicians, as somebody described it) than a dedicated

    The Society of Light is organised in a Masonic way, with
    lodges or “temples of wisdom” near large universities or
    other scientific centres. Most lodges are little more than
    slightly exclusive men’s clubs, where they can meet to
    relax, discuss matters of professional interest and
    generally socialise with like-minded people. However, some
    of the old rituals are still retained. The members meet
    ceremonially in the temple dressed in white togas, and
    perform ceremonies and rituals dedicated to reason, science,
    humanity and light. The temple rooms are generally draped in
    pure white draperies, brightly illuminated. The lightbulb is
    the symbol of all the society stands for: science and
    technology used to illuminate and help people.

    The Society fills another important function. It is a
    meeting place between the Technocracy and the Sons of Ether.
    In the comfortable drawing-rooms, they can meet and discuss
    how to best help mankind together over a drink. The relaxed
    environment of technological masonry gives both sides a
    feeling of their shared heritage and goal, and temporarily
    makes them forget their differences. It also gives them a
    chance to reminisce about the good old days, before
    bureaucrats and fanatics turned the world insane.

  6. As promised in another topic, here are the pics of two pieces of a strange ore i got from a person in Tesla’s birthplace Smiljan in Croatia.

    But before, a little background :
    I heard that the person i got them from, has some strange “stones” in his possesion. Allegedly, Tesla used to keep them in his house. and they have a healing power. Now, since i’m a cancer patient (hopefully, a survivor…) i was interested in those stones because i need every possible means to keep my immunity level high. When you have a little choice, you are willing to listen to all kinds of BS stories, believe you me 🙂
    Nevertheless, i’ve seen a lot of strange stories and things which at the end turned to be true. So i said, why don’t i give it a try. Smiljan is about 300 km from the place i live, so i sit in the car, take a ferry, drove to the (beautiful) place of Smiljan. Then i contacted the owner of the “stones” and met him, in a rather hush-hush circumstances. Almost like i’m buying a kilo of coke or something 🙂 So i immediately thought that he stole them from somewhere. But, he is an elderly villager that never left the village, and i guess i can discard that option.
    Anyways, i paid him a thousand croatian kunas (about 150 euro) and he handed me an old moldy leather pouch with two pieces of ore :

    What struck me immediately is the fact that those pieces are extremely light. I measured them later and one on the left weights 7.5 grams, the other 8.5 grams.

    The guy told me i should keep each one in both of my hands for a while and i should then feel the energy flow.

    So, i came back home and did as told, switched off the wishful thinking (it’s a hard thing to do, but i’ve mastered the procedure…), and BAM! – it really worked 🙂

    That’s it.

    Now, it’s all a mystery to me :

    1. You can’t find Palladium ore in these parts of the world.
    2. Since you can’t find it, where the hell those villagers got it?
    3. Why would Tesla leave those pebbles in the village, and not brought them to Austria and the USA?
    4. Why they (i don’t think it was an act of one person) decided to sell them?
    5. Could it be alchemy transmutation (yeah, far-fetched…or maybe not?)
    6. Perhaps i was scammed, but then again it’s not that large amount of money…
    7. It would also help me to know from which period of Tesla’s life were those pebbles.

    I’m planning to give those pebbles a geological testing, since i’ve never had a Palladium ore in my hands.

  7. And, since my knowledge of cold fusion (except the fact that Palladium is used during the process…) is less than minor, i have more exoterical interest in the curious fact that Palladium atomic radius = 137 pm 🙂

  8. looking for some keys? try: The Hermetic Keys to the planetary Grid are inscribed on the Messenger’s mythical Emerald Tablets, which summarize the 7 Hermetic Principles underlying all manifestation. These are the keys to Hermes’ Geomancy:


    The Principle of Mentalism (The Universe is Mental, the All is Infinite Mind, which is the fundamental reality and the womb of all universes).


    The Principle of Correspondence (Whatever is Below is like unto that which is Above, and whatever is Above is like that which is Below, to accomplish the miracles of The One).

    The Principle of Vibration (Nothing rests; everything moves and vibrates).

    The Principle of Polarity (Everything is dual, has poles, and pairs of opposites).

    The Principle of Rhythm (Everything has its tides, its rise and fall, its equal pendulum swings to the right and left, its peaks and troughs).

    The Principle of Causation (Every effect has its Cause, every Cause has its Effect, all proceeding by Law, never by chance).

    The Principle of Gender (Everything has its “masculine” and “feminine” aspects).

  9. Raph, you made me think again…
    You know about my fascination with Palladium. And Kristi brought me back to chemistry in your Rosetta post…

    Please look at the crystal structure of Palladium :


    Looks like good old SATOR square to me 😀

    Can someone help me to connect the dots ?

    palladium sator square

    • William Henry
      yes I have heard of him too

      he and Nassim Haramein should get together on the Sabbath and study the Kabbalah together…

      they would learn so much

      More important than INRI, does William Henry know about IEVE = YHVH?


  10. Kristi I am not asking you to write a book.

    yes I am aware of what Nassim says.

    I have written about how Nassim’s work and the swastika intersect.

    he says nothing new actually
    I can show you Ameri-indian cosmology that matches his.

    Nassim adopted the ages old cosmo model of involution (gravity) vs. evolution (radiation).

    nothing new, just reinventing the wheel.
    the Kabbalah is way ahead of Nassim.


    Yes pls show me the Ameri-Indian cosmology 😀

  11. August 27, 2002

    City find is Knights Templars’ oldest London church

    REMAINS of London’s first Temple Church have recently been uncovered, several hundred yards north of its famous successor. Part of the distinctive circular nave which marked churches built by the Knights Templar in the Middle Ages was identified just south of High Holborn, on the edge of the medieval city of London.

    The present Temple Church, which gives its name to the Middle Temple and Inner Temple, two of the four Inns of Court, was built from 1160 onwards. Its circular nave, reflecting the plan of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, was consecrated by Patriarch Heraclius of Jerusalem in 1185 as the central church of the Templar Order in England; seriously damaged by bombing in the Second World War, it has been completely restored.

    The earlier church and the “Old Temple”, the initial headquarters of the Order, stood just east of Chancery Lane, where Southampton Buildings recently underwent refurbishment. Archaeologists from the Museum of London watched over the site when a new lift- shaft was installed.

    At the base of the excavation they found Roman deposits, cut into by what Alison Telfer describes in London Archaeologist as “a substantial medieval chalk foundation, consistent with the location and design of the circular ‘Old Temple’ of the Knights Templar, dating to the 12th century”. The foundations rested on the natural gravel of the Thames terrace that underlies the City, and match other sections seen in 1704, and in 1876, when a bank was built in Holborn just north of the present site.

    Reconstruction of the plan from the foundations suggests that the circular nave had an internal diameter of about 55ft — slightly smaller than the present Temple Church. The roof would have been supported by a central colonnade of six columns, recorded in the 1876 work, as in the present building, and Telfer suggests that there was both a western porch for entry and an eastern chancel as long again as the nave. The square chancel of the Temple Church was added in 1220-40.

    The Old Temple was sold to the Bishop of Lincoln when its successor was built closer to the Thames and with direct river access, and he used it as his London residence. It was eventually demolished in 1595.
    Apart from the recent discovery, further remains could survive in the surrounding area, Telfer suggests: the bedrock is sufficiently deeply buried for them probably to have avoided destruction by Victorian cellarage.

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  14. The four aspects of sound that you say are represented by the Celtic Cross are pitch, duration, volume and speed. The ancients may have used extremely low pitched sounds in order to teleport large rocks. I read about a British or Bavarian explorer, who witnesses a group of Tibetan monks moving a large boulder up onto a ledge in the Himalayas. He said that there was a group of monks in a cresant formation chanting low pitched sounds. They were accompanied by an orchestra of Tibetan horns, gongs and drums. They actually moved the boulder up a cliff. This is how they built their temples. They told the explorer that this method could be used to move or destroy rocks. You mentioned the ancient use of the swastika in many countries including the Basque people. I have used the vortex to move negatve energy out of my body, and bring positive Earth energy in to my body through a third eye meditation called Actualism. See the Star Path of Mark Russel Smith. Spin the star or swatika counter clockwise to move negative energy out, or clockwise to bring positive energy in. The color of the star determines the kind of energy used. The magnetic field of the Earth used to be much greater than it is now, making the movement of large stones much easier. Each type of stone vibrates to a different hertz level. You just need to get it vibrating like an instrument. You tune into the low frequency of that rock. Some Chinese fishermen use low frequency sounds to stun fish. Ancient knowledge. You can tune you body or some else’s body using sound. Check out Mozart’s piano Sonata K. 434, I think that is the number. Has reportedly reduced epilepsy in some patients. The Earth’s magnetic field may have been damaged by an asteroid hitting the Earth about 12,000 years ago, or the one that hit 3,000 years ago
    More study needs to be done here. Tesla had a break through with his Colorado experiment, but did not know how to control the energy! He built his machine over an aquifer in a mountain of granite just like the Egyptian pyramids! Maybe he needed a few monks to channel the energy.

    • dear Dr. Carolyn Broe

      your comment about the clockwise vs. counterclockwise ‘swastika’ manipulations are ‘remedial’.
      yes your explanation according to Mark Russell is lacking in a big big big way.

      we can use the NANO LIGHT MILL to illustrate how we can use HIGH and LOW light frequencies to manipulate EITHER left or right facing swastika to rotate EITHER clockwise or counterclockwise which is anti-clockwise which might be anti-christ?

      why not?

      first of all … what kind of doctor are you and why is it necessary to tell me you are one?
      IMHO that is a fail.

      let me explain why … I have grade 12 and I love to read and learn and in fact ‘the sage of this faKebook age’ can in fact reduce the narrative called ‘Let there be Light’ to a simple narrative.

      Guess what?
      You are commenting on my earlier work.
      Much has happened since posting that blog years ago.
      Science moves fast these dazzzze.

      comment on this please

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