‘Key 528’ CERN and the biblical RAPTURE

LonePunman wrote:
“We had to strike preemptively.” (Japan, even though the war was over.)

“It was strictly scientific.” (Blacks and Syphilis.)

“We needed to know what would happen to pilots.” (Mengele.)

“Its Natural Selection.” (AIDS in Africa spread through vaccination programs.)

Are you conCERNed?
Are we being conned and not disCERNing enough about the powers we have bequeathed these non-elected wankers, each with a rather large asymmetrical brain…the LEFT side of their brains are being activated with too much frequency?
Who gave these fellas permission to pull back what could be the FINAL veil, allowing us to bridge the Planck Era?

And if these fellas constitute a ‘secret society’, behind it all could be even another veil, exposing another cabala or hierarchy of belief that uses the archetypal scripts embedded within the scriptures.

What if what these fellas are trying to do is invent the archetypal Archimedean Lever long enough to move a mountain, Mohamed?

The mountain we are trying to move?
What if it is the Sun?

What do I mean?
The archetypal macrocosmic Sun if viewed as a microcosmic electron, is in a dance with a binary companion, it’s Sol-mate, the proton, a dense invisible neutron star. Well our Sun the electron in this analogy is about to drop a ‘valance’ OR in other words ‘switch orbits’.

Thus our Sun the electron will give birth, it will ‘release light’ as an electron does, and it will be a RAPTUROUS event without a doubt.

Continuing … The Sun of god the electron will then move onto the 2nd valance (it was on the third valance which would be analogous to our Sun’s present position on the outer arms of a spiral, a FLAT spiral galaxy called the Milky Way.

And it also helps explain why we have been receiving the blue light, the UV light for some time now.  Ask anybody about photoelectric emiSSions.

When a metallic surface is exposed to electromagnetic radiation above a certain threshold frequency, the light is absorbed and electrons are emitted.

Date of expected delivery accompanied by a RAPTURE ?
Will the next archetypal jeSuS be delivered not by a stork but by a raptor?


And then after the Sun / electron has dropped a valance and wiped out 95% of humanity…postpartum depression sets in.

I contend that is why the Mayans and ALL ancient cultures who built megalithic structures did so.
The intent of these ‘circles’ and ‘gnomons’ were to assist in measuring/timing equinoxes and solstices to figure out when the eclipses were to occur, giving further clues to estimating the Sun’s 25,920 journey or orbit, you could call the ecliptic and relative to the Earth, this is a movement we now call Precession of the Equinoxes.

Some of those structures may actually mark the beginning of the neolithic period around 10-12,000 BC. (estimated post Atlantis?)
The Egyptian Sphinx would be the best possible example of a marker to leave behind…and then you would start construction on the pyramids of Giza.
The Giza project was designed grand with an intent, that is would take many generations to complete them.
Why would this ‘intent’ of design be worked into the Pyramids?
Some authors have proved to their satisfaction the phi, Phi, and Pi are ALL worked into the Great Pyramid.

Mathematicians called these numbers transcendental, unexplainable, possessing magic?

I contend the reason is simple, why the survivors of a ‘so-called’ superior civilization like Atlantis would want to build a monument in stone that would last many many generations, maybe meant to last a cycle, and also the workers, artisans and craftsman, contributing their blood, sweat and tears, invisible energetic ingredients that was absorbed by the limestone.
We do not acknowledge, this energetic investment, contributions made by many generations of families contributing to its completion.

Thus my journey of the archetypal realm would suggest the main reason the cultures that built the Sphinx and the Pyramids was primarily to reinforce the archetypes in the archetypal mind of man, who was still recovering from a global catastrophe.

To assist in the re-orientation of microcosmic man in the Macrocosm of SpaceTime.
Psychologists call this four-fold orientation, as you recover from a psychotic episode.
Starting with north, east, south and west.

Thus to extend such a grand project over many generations would not only be a project that is passed from generation to generation, through the Oral traditions, but also by participating using your own two hands.
Archetypes are the interface between Art and Life.
Our two hands are tools, they are in direct contact with the interface.
But we don’t create Art the way the ancients did, now most of us have been reduced to mainly pressing keys on keyboards. We have become data entry clerks, pushing keys that represent letters and numbers.
A, C, G, and T
Hmm, I could substitute 1, 2, 3 and 4?
And then I could remind the reader that Pythagoras taught that you only needed 4 numbers to describe the universe.
In my archetypal universe I would suggest the 4 numbers I personally would to use to describe the universe are 1, 2, 5 and 8.

And many of these universal archetypes can be found in the great pyramid at Giza.
Again I must mention the name of one of mi mentors, Pythagoras, or was it phi-thagoras, Phi-thagoras, finally Pi-thagoras?
The y in Pythagoras I want to mention has esoteric merit too…
i.e. Please try to visualize 2 strands or ribbons that comprise DNA, unraveling.

Giza is truly is a monument to SpaceTime and Motion…meant to last perhaps as long as the present illusion does?

And the miSSing capstone is connected to the numbers 528.

Ask author Bonnie Gaunt once you find the KEY 528, what to do with it.
Ask Marko Rodin…ask Dr. Len Horowitz.

Once you possess this key you may enter ROOM 528.
You will find a gathering of people who have been brought together.
We discuss light, DNA, gematria, vortex mathematics, sacred geometry, Solfeggio frequencies…

Lost in the translation?
2bee continued.


“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”
-Albert Einstein


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