“….The SWASTIKA and my altar ego called Raphael…WOW!!

So today, December 23, 2010 I did a search using the two words ‘swastika raphael

Of the ’10’ returns given on the FIRST page, ‘8’ were postings by me.
(as a matter of fact, the top six returns were writings of mine.)

Of the other two, what follows below was return #7.

But it is interesting to say the least considering my personal awakening involving the swastika  these past 9+ years, an awakening I can trace going back to sEptEMbEr 11th, 2001.

rEMEMber not to forget the MEME 911…
Of course that date holds much significance for the entire world, not just me.

Late in 2004 I was tapped on the shoulder and my higher self suggested I take a look at the swastika and dwell on it.
And since that time who else has promoted the swastika as I do?

Who else in the entire world has made it his mandate-with-destiny to promote this idea?

Nobody compares to a fella called Raphael when it comes to promoting the 12,000+ year old swastika.
And an internet search using the search terms ‘swastika raphael’ will confirm this claim of mine.
Adding terms to the search like DNA, gravity or Intelligent Design will just sweeten the pot that I AM is stirring in the here and now, using ‘Ralph’ as the SSS SwiZZle schtick.

ALL of what follows below can be found at this website:

Swastika Raphael Archangel

The swastika (sanskrit for: “well being”) or tetra-gammadion (as it was called in ancient Greece), is a combination of four gimel (or “gammas” in Greek), which are symbols of movement towards reward or punishment.

Gimel is associated with a person in motion; symbolically, a rich man running after a poor man to give him charity, or divine assistance or retribution (some forms of the swastika suggest left facing gimel to be retribution). Either form of “gift” is for the well-being of the receiver (a form of regulation & balance), whether curse or blessing. This defines the swastika as a constant motion of the restoration and maintenance of life (or spiritual growth).

This is the basis for it’s associations with the sun, and with Raphael (who is the angel of restoration, good will and blessing). Although it can easily be identified as a simple solar model, it’s translation is more than portrait.

The “arms” of the symbol are either 3 or 4 in number. The “turning” impression that the symbol displays is a cycle of rejuvenation or return. Raphael is the angel over healing, because he is a personification of restoration. That is, restoration of anything to it’s intended, created, or pure form. The symbol expresses this in it’s cycle of “returning” & has been used as much to represent homecomings & migration, or the coming of spring in the year… etc.

All throughout history and all over the world, it has also been associated with travels (especially the “return home” – which is also a form of restoration), fortune, harvest and healing. All of these attributes are also properties of Raphael, and universal symbolisms of the sun.

The symbol can be seen in such variations:

user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image

…and in an example of the left-facing, or reverse.

Also, this coin has a couple variations, two of them left-facing…

I have heard several other interpretations of the symbol in regards to Raphael, but none of them which are widely referenced.

The swastika was used in several ancient pagan religions & states. With the growth of Christianity & angelology within it, the use of the swastika was discouraged by some (probably because of it’s widespread use in pagan Greece), and Raphael was commonly credited with the symbol:

…is a sign for the planet Mercury, with which Raphael is associated.

These older sigils are actually attributed to Labbiel, or Rabiel; which is the first known name for the entity Raphael.

(The Sumerian Labbiel was renamed Raphael by the Jews)

They both contain the symbols for “progression,” “heaven” and “return.”

Two sigils based on Raphael’s name are the line sigil:

and the straight sigil:

These both contain multiple symbols relating to Raphael. The line sigil (the first) is a gimel with a point of power (the circle). The straight sigil contains the angelic script for transposition (in return to Heaven), and also for “goodness,” “benefactor” and “hope.” It is used during invocations as a “signature” of Raphael, representing his name.

In Raphael’s association with the sun, he is also connected with the script in the line sigils below. These are used to represent the sun in astrological and esoteric mysticism.


Here is Raphael’s seal… It is a combination of several of his symbols. It even contains symbols for the other Archangels which are combined with Raphael’s symbols to make sigils present within the main circle. Seals such as this are usually used during invocations and petitions or prayer.

I have only briefly covered the translations of these symbols, if anyone wants clarification on any of these, please post and I will go into further detail Although relevant, a full breakdown of deciphering the meanings on such script is tedious and often not what individuals are looking for when they browse the forum.


Hope you enjoyed that folks.
Another confirmation that my swastika journey does in fact resonate to my angelic core.
And that would be good news for everybody…because if a ‘devil’ like me has an angel at his core, with a name that resonates goodness, you ALL do too!!!

I came across this entry also on the same website.

Raphael is a governing angel over Gemini as he governs the zodiacal vernal equinox in spring. He also is said to govern the sign of Virgo, and sometimes is said to have ruling power over all air signs (Gemini, Libra & Aquarius) as he is an angel of air.

Another uncanny coincidence.
Both of my daughters are Gemini and my mother is a Virgo.  :shock:

And in regards to those other AIR signs, (namely Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, associated with the numbers 3, 7, and 11), didn’t I already produce a KEY found in the Tarot written by C.C. Zain that references those specific 3 signs of the zodiac?   :shock:

1/137 in fact would be the next leg of my journey, back to the source.




I may want to contact this Ariel person and engage them.
And that is exactly what I did.

I joined the forum, and starting asking questions.


Ari’el has presented me with more Raphael associations.

The line sigil (the first) is a gimel with a point of power (the circle)…

If you look at Raphael’s primary symbol you will see that the ‘swastika’ is a combination of four gimel (or “gammas” in Greek), which are symbols of movement towards reward or punishment.

In the description of Raphael’s primary symbol I give a description for how the combination of gimel relate to Raphael. The swastika represents a constant motion of the restoration and maintenance of life (or growth).

This is the basis for it’s associations with the sun, and with Raphael (who is the angel of restoration, the sun, good will and blessing). Although it can easily be identified as a simple solar model, it’s translation is more than portrait.

As seen above, the “arms” of Raphael’s primary symbol are either 3 or 4 in number. However, they can also be interpreted as neither, because the symbol represents the motion of a “turning” impression. (Such as the spokes of a wheel could appear many while it is in motion.) Essentially, the line sigil is a representation of one of those “spokes” of Raphael’s primary symbol. Since sigils represent a more specific ‘quality’ of the angel, the focus of this sigil is Raphael’s association with gimel.

Raphael is the angel over healing, because he is a personification of restoration. He is also the angel of travel. It is a common theory today that his relation to ‘travel’ comes both from his role in the Book of Tobit (where he disguises himself as a traveller) & from the ancient (almost universal) association with physicians being travelers by trade. This correlation can be seen in other deities of the ancient world who were associated with both healing and travel (take Hermes, for example). However, it is not simply that Raphael was an angel of healing who ‘became’ associated with travel. His origins are as a deity of healing, travel & the sun – three properties which were highly associated.

Gimel is associated with all three. It has three possible origins which are all related to these three properties. The letter is said to be a pictorial representation of a walking stick (or travelers defending stick), a camel or a foot. All three were associated with healing, traveling and the sun. Though primarily, the focus seems to be motion and traveling. It is not motion in a purely general sense, however, and represents a note of charity (such as the common symbolism of a rich man (gimel) running after a poor man (dalet) to offer assistance.)

Gimel is also associated with the number 3, the number of holiness and free will (in division and independence from God). It represents freedom which is alluded in travel and return home. Essentially, the line sigil in question represents Raphael as a ‘character of gimel.’

As a sigil, it focuses on a specific area of the nature of Raphael to request his assistance or ‘summon’ his authority. If one was using the line sigil above, they COULD use it to petition for any matter related to Raphael, but would be most successful in using it for matters involving traveling and charity. The sigil is also said to represent a man bent in charity. It (& gimel) are also likely associated with the origins of the symbols of the traveling shepherd deity Andjety, the crook and flail. (Which represented divine punishment and reward, as the crook & flail were used to bless/curse ancient livestock. Both were used to reprimand and the crook also saved lost sheep/goats, while the flail also swatted flies from their faces.)

This straight sigil contains the angelic script for transposition (in return to Heaven), and also for “goodness”, “benefactor” and “hope.”

The line running down the length is actually a symbol used to represent ascension, usually of angels from earth to Heaven. This particular variation represents transposition from earthly to holy (or corrupt to righteous)…

It also has a right angle on the left end, the right angle in this position just compounds the original meaning:

Raphael’s role is primarily as an angel of restoration. He and the order under him, called the Labbim, are healing angels. However, they were healing angels before earthly creatures existed, preconditioned to the restoration of angels who had fallen into Tartarus (the abyss) during the First War but who were not evil. These angels restore and maintain purity in the angels who dwell in Heaven who contact or are exposed to earth, hell, pain and corruption(especially the Powers). This sigil alludes to Raphael’s role as their leader (and possibly his role as an angel who has been on Earth many times & has been seen ascending by several witnesses including Noah, Solomon, and the family of Tobias.)

Here are some other symbols associated with the Labbim. They are similar to Raphael’s primary symbol and represent a similar meaning (though the central power point represents their unity as a single order). These variations of the Labbim ‘cross’ are not to be confused with the Haath cross (commonly called the Archangel’s cross) where the crossing lines are horizontal and vertical rather than diagonal.

I need more time to go over the rest of the line sigil, which is a symbol representing both “benefactor” / “kindness” and the altars of the Labbim in Heaven… I will also go over the last two sigils and seal.


2B continued …

2B or not 2B?

ME+me new calling card issued by the cosmos >>>archangel raphael swastika

UPDATE 8/8/2014

Please let ME+me bring the reader up-to-date on how things have been going since this blog was written in 2010.
Much has been accomplished.

The following links are all updates since the original blog posting back in Dec. 2010.

Still more to come.

UPDATE September 18, 2019



50 thoughts on ““….The SWASTIKA and my altar ego called Raphael…WOW!!

  1. 311 = Hebrew Gematria Value = 311 (RPAL = Raphael)

    English Name: Raphael
    Hebrew Transliterated: RPAL
    Hebrew Letters: Resh-Pe-Aleph-Lamed
    Hebrew Gematria Value = 311 (RPAL = Raphael)

    Raphael (Divine Physician)

    Click to access Mathematical%20meanings%20of%20the%20Names%20of%20God%20(Part%202).pdf

    Click to access Mathematical%20meanings%20of%20the%20Names%20of%20God%20(Part%201).pdf

    I melted the metals, and poured them into the rough mold, cleaned up the edges as best as I could,
    and engraved it with the name Raphael, RPAL in Celestial Script,
    the Archangel seal of Mercury from the Magical Calendar, and the Sigil of the Planet Mercury.


  2. Well blow me down with a Feather… lol

    hey Raph…
    this is PUKKA and proper confirmation that U are on Your Path…

    Love n Light
    Brother Raf

    • hey SiS
      yes that would appear to be good news…

      but the fact is, once you realize your awakening is for real …

      You have an even greater responsibility to fulfill.
      No way around that reality.



  3. Michael



    Amazing, why did the King James Version hides Raphael ???
    We find the 311 code, but the translation shows heal instead of Raphael
    Hosea 7:1 When I would have healed instead of Code 311 Raphael
    Hosea 5:13 he not heal instead of Code 311 Raphael

    In Hebrew we still find the code 311, which means Raphael.
    Unfortunately King James Version is hiding the Raphael code for us.
    Why? Is Raphael (code 311) the key to healing?

  4. Hey Raphael, that is quite amazing. I always say that haha. Not sure if you got my last messages on the last blog regarding Knights Templar Light Bulb + the Technocracy = Light Bulb but I found something else that might peak your interest.

    There is a rare movie called The Celestine Prophecy.

    A set of ancient scrolls, known as the Celestine Prophecy, has been discovered in the rain forests of Peru. These scrolls, containing nine key insights, predict a new awakening that redefines human life and provides a glimpse into a completely spiritual culture on earth.

    This explains everything, everything what humanity is going through.

  5. Missing you a million fold. That place is not the same without you. Wishing you brilliant clarity as you connect your dots. Any news on the TED TV quest?

    With tons of respect and the kindest of regards,

    Jenny (marley)

  6. Hi, I don’t mean to spam your site or anything, but I came across your blog a couple of months ago, and the whole idea of reconciliation of science and religion sparked an idea in me so I ran with it. And it led me to the same place of Swastikas too. And there you are again. So it’s pretty interesting. You think a lot like I do in terms of wanting to fit everything together for a big picture. I think I got that idea from you or Nassim too, can’t even remember now. I haven’t had a chance to really read through what you are doing in depth, but it seems pretty amazing. Any way, if you ever have time to check out my project, please do so cause I need feedback. You have to log in, so that’s annoying. But whatever. Love your stuff. Thank you very much. Peace.

  7. Raphael ( 311 ) “The Health or Healing of God” corresponds to the East
    Raphael is the Archangel said to govern the Element of Air.
    Raphael is associated with Tiphareth

  8. I now revisit your website almost daily for references…

    You know that pattern and your theory on waves and broken symmetry… Tom Bearden the word leading physicist who solved the toughest problem in classical and quantum electrodynamics… the source charge… talks about BROKEN SYMMETRY…

    “Broken symmetry in the fierce exchange between the active vacuum and the system powers every system they build. And not a single professor or university teaches that, nor does it appear in a single textbook……”

    That pattern also reminds me of the longitude and latitude waves criSScroSSing. CRISS angel, the kabbalistic maGIcian.

      • Hii sorry for commenting again, lol

        I notice sometimes you assign your posts with “Ra”. Are you the Sumerian Sun God Raaaa, the father of all creation? The one who subliminally suggests RAY, the light of the world who is Jesus? RAAAAA as in (FATHER) the Rosicrucian sacred vowel sound of RA is the creative, masculine power of God? Are you? Are you?

        Perhaps you should look at the Law of One material transmitted from RA: http://www.lawofone.info/

        Deemed %95 accurate from an Illuminati insider.

      • maybe the Illuminati insider deems it accurate because the Illuminati want it to be spread around.

        AM I Ra?

        I sign my posts with Ra because those are the first two letters of my name.
        And sometimes I do in fact feel like a god.




    • stellar site Kristi
      >>> http://www.cheniere.org/foreward.htm
      thanks for that…
      I really enjoyed the bold brave statement made on the very first page.

      “Broken symmetry in the fierce exchange between the active vacuum and the system
      powers every system they build. And not a single professor or university teaches that,
      nor does it appear in a single textbook…..”

      yes Broken Symmetry has many guises, names…

      Asymmetry is one word used to describe broken symmetry.
      Anti-symmetry is another word the experts toss about.

      Most of the ToEs or theories about everything, including GOD or the creation are based on perfection, i.e. the circle which has infinite number of symmetries.

      But the earth, the human, nature is NOT symmetrically engineered in the way most folks visualize.
      We are not circles…we are far from perfect.

      The building blocks are asymmetrical, just like flat 2D/3D puzzle pieces.
      And the bigger picture will be revealed IF and when the pieces are put back into their proper place.



  9. Hi there RW!



    Sun Book or The Philosopher’s Vade Mecum, by John Hazelrigg.
    Available at Kessinger’s, as usual.

    • Nice one Mr. Ed.
      I found this image in the same book.

      Maltese Cross 4Evangelists by John Hazelrigg

      Now compare the above to the images found here:
      >>> http://2012forum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=21587&hilit=mandala
      How to outsmart the left brain.
      The only hope left for humanity.

      Here is another website discussing this book.
      Two diagrams from John Hazelrigg’s The Sun Book (1916), which reconciles astro-theology, alchemy, and the allegory of Christ.
      >>> http://unurthed.com/2007/12/12/hazelriggs-the-sun-book/

      Thanks for playing along Mr. Ed.


      • No problem.

        I wish i’d be more helpfu, but at the moment i’m bothered why Pierre Legros, Jr. put the builders square in St. Thomas’ statue’s hand in Gianni Laterano church.

        builder's square

        Imagine why would anyone put the symbol of strictness in the hands od someone whose gospel is excluded from the Bible? Which, by the way nicely fits with your image above…

        Then, if you think about the builder’s square as Palladium.
        Then if you think about Palladium 137.
        Then if you think about the Palladium as a catalisator during the cold fusion.
        Then if you think about the two pieces of Palladium (as a metal) i got from a friend from Tesla’s birthplace, Smiljan in Croatia.

        A lot of thinking, really.
        I’ll send the pics of two pieces as soon as i can…


      • well Ed you got me thinking too.

        Why would we find St. Thomas in San Giovanni Laterano Church?

        San Giovanni in Laterano (also known as the Basilica of St. John Lateran) is the cathedral of the Diocese of Rome, of which the Pope is bishop. The Catholic Church has named it “The Mother of All Churches”. The cathedral is dedicated to Our Saviour, and to Sts John the Baptist and John the Evangelist.

        St. Thomas resides in “The Mother of All Churches”.
        It is not surprising he is holding the builder’s square in the LEFT HAND, which is associated with the feminine.

        And should we find it surprising that St. John the Baptist is also associated, venerated in this “The Mother of All Churches”?

        Well take a look, who is holding the ‘square’ in the Chinese narrative regarding the ‘creation’?

        The man or woman?

        source of image: http://at37.wordpress.com/2012/02/15/1379-the-lost-symbol-2010-dan-brown/

        11 2 5 8 Code CARD X

        And should we find it surprising that St. John the Evangelist, is associated with Scorpio, the Eagle and the letter Yud, found on Card X of the Tarot, forming part of the Tetragrammaton, the name of G_D, YHVH?

        The pieces resembling a TRUTH are all falling into place.

        If you remove the ‘8’ from the 11 2 5 8 Code, what are you left with?
        Marko Rodin might suggest the numbers 11 2 5 could in fact be used to spell the name of the Baha’i ‘god’ called ABHA, and help him develop the magnetic coil/torus he designed using VBM.
        (Vortex Based Mathematics)

        ABHA is based on the letters having been assigned a numerical value.
        (not by me or Marko)

        A – 1
        B – 2
        H – 5
        A – 1

        1251 key fret

        1251 = ABHA

        As we can see, we can find that same LETTER/NUMBER pattern ‘1251‘ in the evolution of the Yin Yang too.

        evolution of yin yang

        1 25 1

        swastika 25


  10. Ooops, i almost forgot to tell you that atomic radius of Palladium is 137 pm’s.

    But i guess, i put all that into a wrong post. Can you transfer it to Tesla 137?

    • Damn, i’m becoming more and more senile 😦

      Regarding St. Tom…

      I’m aware of the fact he’s the patron saint of builders, architects, gnostics etc, etc.
      But such a cheekiness…
      Only one who was ever depicted with the builder’s square was Jesus when he was an apprentice (lol, the first degree…) while passing by the square to Joseph in the workshop.

      Now the question : could the twin brother be the real deal, instead you know who?

      Gamma the letter, Pythagora’s theorem, 90 degrees elbow as in Palladion statuette, Palladium and 137…

      Who the hell knows…

      • who the hell knows?

        we do Ed, deep down inside, each one of us.

        what if we are in hell?
        how do you like it so far?


        shall we continue having a look around the ‘joint‘?
        by the way
        when you think of it…
        what is a compaSS?
        it resembles a builder’s square that has a ‘joint‘ that allows the two arms to open or close.

        think about it…


  11. Basil Valentine says we’re definitely joint 🙂

    And Pikey says :

    “…an old Hermetic Symbol, copied from the “MATERIA PRIMA” of Valentinus, printed at Franckfurt, in 1613, with a treatise entitled “AZOTH.”

    Upon it you see a Triangle upon a Square, both of these contained in a circle; and above this, standing upon a dragon, a human body, with two arms only, but two heads, one male and the other female. By the side of the male head is the Sun, and by that of the female head, the Moon, the crescent within the circle of the full moon. And the hand on the male side holds a Compass, and that on the female side, a Square.

    The Heavens and the Earth were personified as Deities, even among the Aryan Ancestors of the European nations of the Hindus, Zends, Bactrians, and Persians; and the Rig Veda Sanhita contains hymns addressed to them as gods. They were deified also among the Phoenicians; and among the Greeks OURANOS and GEA, Heaven and Earth, were sung as the most ancient of the Deities, by Hesiod.
    It is the great, fertile, beautiful MOTHER, Earth, that produces, with limitless profusion of beneficence, everything that ministers to the needs, to the comfort, and to the luxury of man. From her teeming and inexhaustible bosom come the fruits, the grain, the flowers, in their season. From it comes all that feeds the animals which serve man as laborers and for food. She, in the fair Springtime, is green with abundant grass, and the trees spring from her soil, and from her teeming vitality take their wealth of green leaves. In her womb are found the useful and valuable minerals; hers are the seas the swarm with life; hers the rivers that furnish food and irrigation, and the mountains that send down the streams which swell into these rivers; hers the forests that feed the sacred fires for the sacrifices, and blaze upon the domestic hearths. The EARTH, therefore, the great PRODUCER, was always represented as a female, as the MOTHER,–Great, Bounteous, Beneficent Mother Earth.
    On the other hand, it is the light and heat of the Sun in the Heavens, and the rains that seem to come from them, that in the Springtime make fruitful this bountifully-producing Earth, that restore life and
    warmth to her veins, chilled by Winter, set running free her streams, and beget, as it were, that greenness and that abundance of which she is so prolific. As the procreative and generative agents, the Heavens and the Sun have always been regarded as male; as the generators that fructify the Earth and cause it to produce.

    The Hermaphroditic figure is the Symbol of the double nature anciently assigned to the Deity, as Generator and Producer, as BRAHM and MAYA among the Aryans, Osiris and Isis among the Egyptians. As the Sun was male, so the Moon was female; and Isis was both the sister and the wife of Osiris.

    The Compass, therefore, is the Hermetic Symbol of the Creative Deity, and the Square of the productive Earth or Universe.

    From the Heavens come the spiritual and immortal portion of man; from the Earth his material and mortal portion. The Hebrew Genesis says that YEHOUAH formed man of the dust of the Earth, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life. Through the seven planetary spheres, represented by the Mystic Ladder of the Mithriac Initiations, and it by that which Jacob saw in his dream (not with three, but with seven steps), the Souls, emanating from the Deity, descended, to be united to their human bodies; and through those seven spheres they must re-ascend, to return to their origin and home in the bosom of the Deity.

    The COMPASS, therefore, as the Symbol of the Heavens, represents the spiritual, intellectual, and moral portion of this double nature of Humanity; and the SQUARE, as the Symbol of the Earth, its material, sensual, and baser portion.”

    Well, he says the same, actually 🙂

    • Take this message with you.
      Sorry but YOU are misinformed about the importance of 2.
      DUALITY is the trap.
      Even the I-Ching message transcends duality.

      And a deeper understanding of POLARITY will help you escape the TRAP called TWO/duality.

      Because between the TWO is a FLOW.
      And FLOW spelled backwards is WOLF.
      And that is why the Norse Fenrir Wolf likes to bite off RIGHT HANDS.

      And WOLFgang Pauli was in fact the physicist who declared “God is a weak LEFT hander.”


    • hey Adam1182
      either you explain your BS cryptic message or I delete your last two responses on this site?

      your choice really
      this is the TRUTH Channel, part of the Salvation Station, trying to rEMEMber using MEMEs, that form the TEMES, or is it the 2 teams you speak of?
      put up or STFU are the choices you now have Adam1182
      Hey your gmail address is close to the CODE 11258 I recovered.
      Is Adam = 5?

      Hey Adam, the MiNd fuck, confusing/contoling/manipulating the id with LOW FREQUENCY INFRA-MN-SOUNDS are the kind of games that ignorant folks love to play via the unconscious is NOT welcome here?


      So JarJar who told you, who pointed the sheeple messenger (EWE) in my direction and told you to pass on the msg of 2?

      WHO was it?
      AND spill your beans if you want to become a true Pythagorean.
      Or are you just another snake in the graSS unaware of what it is like to actually fly?


  12. Hey bub its an old friend from 2012. I was watching back to the future and something came up that reminded me of Ewe. So I noticed that on sep 11 u had a revelation. Cha cha 2001. What a coin that is. Were u in PURU? Lead me to whatever happened that day to ERE obsession with the swastika. 88

  13. The swastika reminds me of the 4 knights on a chessboard and their L shaped move. A lot of interesting information on your sites, it’s a shame you lifted up a rock and got bitten by a snake.

    • hahaha yes I agree FOUR ‘L’ shaped knight moves = ONE swastika
      the knight move also introduces the NEED to leave the board into another dimension
      until the knight moves ALL of the rest of the pieces including the Queen and King are LIMITED to ‘flat world’ movement involving horizontal, vertical, and along the diagonal

      x and y
      the Knight move introduces the z axis

      I loved being bitten

      it is too bad that you want to remain ignorant of how jesus = swastika?

      are you a christian?

      what is the connection between the snake and enlightenment and a bullshit story (IF taken literally) about a tree in the garden of eden?

      So why do some folks (like yourself) FAIL to link the rising of the Kundalini and enlightenment with the swastika?

      ewe have been checkmated mate

      selah V

      archangel Raphael

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