CERN = Bab-Ilu and the Gate of God?

RedMahna wrote:
More than 40 years ago, a number of researchers, including Peter Higgs, an English physicist, suggested an answer: perhaps space is pervaded by a field, much like the electromagnetic fields generated by cellphones and radio broadcasts, that acts like invisible molasses.

Nearly 100 years ago AEinstein was duped into NOT believing in a Luminiferous AEther.
Big mistake. Exclamation
ALSO: AEinstein who died in 1955 was NOT aware of ASYMMETRY discovered in 1956 and announced in 1957. (the year I was born)

And not long after this discovery in 1956 re: ASYMMETRY…they sent rockets out to the Van Allen/Christofolios belts starting in 1958 with nuclear devices attached in an attempt to alter those electromagnetic ‘curtains’ or venetian blinds that encapsulate the earth…these Van Allen Belts are in fact two pillars marking entry into our domain…a positive and negative field, acting as sentry.
This thread suggests why ASYMMETRY in the REAL world is more important than SYMMETRY in a theoretical ‘heretical’ imaginary mathematical one…that the LEFT brained expert wankers are in pursuit of….
Can I suggest THEY should balance their own asymmetrical minds first and foremost….if they want to access the secrets….like I have.
This next post suggests how we can all assist in helping balance an asymmetrical world we inhabit.
It is done in fact by breaking some bad habits.

So the reason AEinstein failed to author a ‘theory of everything’ is because he did NOT realize one of the four forces (nuclear weak) caused a breakdown of the SYMMETRY these fellas with calculators want to define.
Essentially what these expert wankers are attempting to do with the knowledge garnered from these LHC experiments is …

Find the God Particle which will give them a formula for Super Symmetry (SS) or Perfection, using math … thus once a formula for God (SS**) has been formulated … man now takes control of the reigns of the domain (finally), we are thus no longer co-pilot of the spaceship / satellite called Earth … we are bustin’ out of this imposed orbit … and forging new frontiers?

Call that pride and ego, symptomatic of the man who fell from grace.
No we are not busting out.
The archetypal Tower of Babel suggests otherwise.

Because of what THEY, the CERN wankers who are NOT conCERNed about, and their silly nilly attempts to define and control the planet earth’s final destiny and resting spot?

2012 plays a role in this foolery?
That is about 4 years away?
What if?

SuperSymmetry (god) vs. Asymmetry (nature and man subject to beta-decay)

Supersymmetric ParticlesIn the early 1970s, mathematical studies of string theory revealed a striking step toward Einstein’s unfulfilled dream of a unified theory — a single theory embracing all forces and all matter. Supersymmetry, as the insight is called, is mathematically complex but has a physical implication of central relevance to the Large Hadron Collider.

For every known species of particle (electrons, quarks, neutrinos, etc.), supersymmetry implies the existence of a partner species (called, with physicists’ inimitable linguistic flair, selectrons, squarks, sneutrinos, etc.) that to date has never been observed.

Physicists believe these “sparticles” have so far evaded detection because they’re a good deal more massive than their known counterparts, thus requiring more powerful collisions for their copious production.

Was he worried that someone might be worried?


Yes I am a bit worried.
These expert wankers spent US$4 billion, and they were missing a vital piece that they will need to find the Higgs Boson.


DUH the BIG BANG you dullards was a SOUND and LIGHT show extravaganza…if it happened at all….a steady state as she blows is another state of affairs suggested.

In 2003 … long after the commitment was made to build this Euro vision, a white man’s elephant … a supernova exploded providing a clue to the ineffable name of god, a SOUND wave/particle was detected when a supernova exploded … the SOUND was 57 octaves below middle ‘C’, far far far far below the threshold of our ability to hear such a SOUND.

That thread above suggests SOUND plays a vital role in how ‘matter’ is created.
My contentions are that GRAVITY = SOUND
What if?
That is why the wankers have difficulty fitting it into their LIGHT show.
Why a theory of everything has alluded them, and the glitzy lights of Nobel fame has deluded them.

Think about it.
A SOUND wave/particle that can be influenced by an observers’ thoughts at a short distance…helps to explain wave/particle duality and the double slit experiment.

Was a SOUND wave(S) then the low BASSline, that was UNDETECTED in those experiments, suggesting those experiments and much of the science technology is FLAWED and a waste of money….because science has no soul.

Man has yet to impart his soul to science, and when he does, we can officially call this latest theory of everything a ‘religion’ too!

And the archetypal myth of the fall of man, unable to use his resources wisely, using his wisdom to enrich ALL life on earth … has an ending.

The allegorical Tower of Babel was struck down by God when ‘humanity’ spoke the same language and conspired an attempt to ‘reach the heavens’, commune with and become ‘godlike’.
It is obvious that mathematics is the ONE language capable of uniting humanity…
God DID not like that…it’s not wise for a soul-less (lacking spirituality) man to fool with Mother Nature.

Card 16 of the archetypal Tarot (Torah) illustrates the final outcome of this silly human endeavor called CERN, the archetypal narrative seems to be shadowing 21st century civilization, a self-fulfilling prophecy suggested in the Tower of Babel, lay on the horrorizon.

Light waves that are traveling perpendicular to Sound waves which comprise the illuminating Luminiferous ether?
What if those SOUND particles are the HIGGS BOSON connected to GRAVITY and phi.

Yes phi…is the spiraling BASSline.
C’mon mon, it is damn obvious.

Remember I mentioned SuperSymmetry = SS?
Funny how the archetypes NEVER change, giving you clue to unspoken motives and a hidden agenda.

That image in the Middle Ages meant HOLY SPIRIT = SS

Yeah yeah yeah, the herd of EWE should be shocked.
Now when you apply a little asymmetrical Kabbalah blah blah black and white magic to unlocking the code…

Hold that image up to a mirror.
You will be given the asymmetrical version.

SS surrounded by 7 doves, when held up to a mirror becomes 22 / 7
And 22 / 7 = 3.142587 is an early approximation of Pi.
But unlike the modern equivalent … the series of numbers ‘142587’ repeats to infinity.

And those 6 digits are the numbers that vortex mathematician Marko Rodin used to design his ‘mathematical TORUS’ or is it a Torah?

And the other three numbers Marko Rodin did not use, 3, 6, and 9 can be traced back to ancient Babylon and to the Ilu of 9, the Ilu of 12 and the Ilu of 15.

Apply Pythagorean reduction
i.e. to a single digit

9 = 9
12 = 3
15 = 6

Those three Ilu 3, 6, 9 are connected to the Freemasons (contained within their 33 levels) and also to Babylon and with great interest an important reference to the Gate of God.
And with great interest the swastika Shocked receives a most honorable mention in ancient esoteric belief.
(read the above text)

And four of those numbers 1258 compose the thread of TRUTH I have been following through 30,000 years of documented history which made me realize that HIS-story is merely a reflection of the archetypes that became the self-serving ARKetypes.

In the END of daze, the herds of ewe and seegullibles, will realize that the mythical THEY were indeed following a biblical script as laid out in the ‘scriptures’, bible babel suggests that an ancient alchemy formula is being used for what ? to achieve ? eh?

Time we let THEY know we are on to THEY and their lies, again.
Part of the never-ending story is that TRUTH is always always always resurrected.
IMHO that is probably what 2012 is ALL about.
Balancing the truth and the lies, in a big way.

Follow the rant?


“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”
-Albert Einstein


2 thoughts on “CERN = Bab-Ilu and the Gate of God?

  1. Knowledge, meditation, contemplation, love, positive thinking and compassion all lead you to the same place inside. Falsehoods, hatred, negative thinking, greed and ignorance will all keep you outside until your soul capacity diminishes and you are the material.

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