Greek ASTRO-logers and NAZIs had King Solomon in a Knot

Here is a post (which I will continually update) where I show how Solomon’s Knot is connected to the Precession of the Equinoxes.

I will use the Greek Zodiac Cross and an Astrological Wheel to show the connections, pointing toward a cycle that became scripted prophecy.

This is great stuff not sure if anyone has made these connections.
(later I found evidence that in the modern era Aleister Crowley did make some of the same associations using the universal mind)

I show how this symbol…

Solomon’s Knot is connected to the next photo illustrating ‘Precession of the Equinoxes’ or ‘The Great Year’ .

Important to understand how the mapping and rotation works.

Longitudinal Lines do run from North-to-South. Increasing in magnitude from West-to-East. Are based on Terra Firma, Earth.

Right Ascension Lines run from North-to-South. Increasing in magnitude from West-to-East. Are based on the Ecliptic Plane(the angle the Earth orbit makes with the Sun) and are fixed in the Sky. Right Ascension is based on the Longitude, the time of day, timezone, daylight savings time and the Local Mean Sidereal Time which equates it with the Vernal Equinox on the Ecliptic Plane.

Latitudinal Lines do run from West-to-East. Increasing in magnitude from North-to-South. Are based on Terra Firma, Earth.

Declination Lines run from West-to-East. Increasing in magnitude from North-to-South. Are fixed in the Sky. The magnitude is simply equal to the Latitude.

Read more:

Precession of the Equinoxes

And to help you understand this blog with more clarity … please watch this video narrated by James Earl Jones … the voice of Darth Vader … and how appropriate is it that he who should narrate this story called The Great Year is the fellow we equate most with ‘Star Wars’ .

What the Great Year essentially documents is the story of our sun’s  journey using the backdrop of the zodiac with us the earth in tow feeling the effects via the seasonal changes.
But those who desire power had to muddy the eternal waters containing the simple truth.
The star’s name documented in the Bible is Sol.
And ironically the ‘star’ is going backwards through its life … and leading by example … this star suggests it is a backward journey through life called … Precession.

By sheer coincidence the same 4 colors spoken of in Alchemy I have already connected to astrophysics in another blog found here:

And to reconcile these two symbols, one having its roots in the esoteric of religion and many varied mythologies worldwide …

Solomon’s Knot… and the other symbol representing science, (above photo of precession) is very simply done … by joining the 13 dots … represented by this symbol below called the Greek Zodiac Cross.

(this blog helps you understand why 13 is considered occult by those who hide the truth…yup I refer to the Vatican)

The Greek Zodiac Cross

Please note the coincidence, the above cross is drawn on a 7 x 7 grid = 49 squares

And Pythagorean reduction demands numbers be reduced to single digits.

4 + 9 = 13
1 + 3 = 4

I love the number 4.

It is necessary to remember and be aware of Pythagorean reduction and Theosophical addition when entering the sublime world of esoteric-ism.

But here is how I would present the concept called the Precession of the Equinoxes, known also as the Great Year to a classroom with a mixed belief system … and thereby not offending anyone but still getting the unifying point across using figurative and not literally interpretations to decipher the symbol.

The student has already been supplied with the knowledge that the Great Year marks the Sun’s journey, as it moves backward (counterclockwise), through the 12 houses of the horoscope.
Spending time in each constellation of the horoscope located on the ecliptic, and each constellation has its turn playing host to the Sun and the vernal equinox, sometimes for thousands of years…and Sol is presently in Pisces. It takes approximately 72 years for each degree traveled, so therefore the cycle presents itself as taking 360 degrees x 72 years = 25920 years.

The 25920 year cycle, the counterclockwise cycle, is acknowledged as having begun in Aries and is soon about to leave Pisces and move into the proverbial Age of Aquarius.

The student is also supplied with a Glossary of Symbols that the student might require to solve what is essentially a child’s game of simple substitution and joining the dots called constellations.

Image above by coincidence taken from page 13 of Collins Gem Zodiac Types -1993

So what I have supplied the student with, the 4 images above, are the images a student needs to be given … to help them understand the bigger picture and these images also help explain why our ancestors left us megalithic structures pointing toward an important future date…a date some of us humbly and with reverence refer to as 2012.

1st Step

Replace the symbols in the Greek Zodiac Cross with the corresponding number you are supplied with from the Glossary that matches the constellation.
So when you are done the Greek Zodiac Cross then looks like this.

2nd Step

And we also know that the Horoscope traditionally starts with Aries, which appears as number 1 in the Glossary.
But Precession implies a backward movement starting from number 1. (or you could start from the 13th dot or astrological sign…in cultures that predate the JC myth, there was a 13th astrological sign located in the center of the web, not surprisingly the 13th sign was a spider.)
So the next dot or constellation after Aries (number 1) in the sequence would be Pisces number 12, followed by Aquarius the 11th sign, followed by eventually Capricorn the 10th constellation in a few thousand years.

Please note in the image above that our HIStory as plotted by Judeao / Christian timekeepers, as having begun in Aries is represented by the RED line, connecting first Aries (1), Pisces (12) and Aquarius (11) …

Starting from the center and spiraling outward, first passing through Aries, then Pisces and then Aquarius, does the elliptical orbit look similar to this…the golden spiral?
…a chiral mirror image of the golden spiral?

So eventually by joining all of the dots / constellations the diagram looks like a ball of confusion or intersecting elliptical orbits forming a very distinctive weave found in many parts of the world…

…in Nicaragua, Central America

…in Tennessee, USA

…all roads and weaves lead to Rome too. Note the 3rd swastika with the Solomon’s Knot at the center.

Yes apparently the sacred weave known as Solomon’s Knot was appreciated on both sides of the Atlantic PRIOR to Columbus discovering and establishing a New World Order … Vatican style …
An anomaly they try to explain using ‘land migrations’.
Why then can we link the ARKetypes in the Tarot (22 cards of the Major Arcana) to the archetypes found in the Aztec Book of Days?
Yes there were 22 days in their ‘calendar’. And here I present another anomaly, the Tarot and the Aztec can be connected PRIOR to Vatican style New World Order colonization.

And then we see the many variations that arise out of this sacred weave…which evidently is a weave connected to the Precession of the Equinoxes.
So anywhere this symbol is found suggests the culture was well acquainted with the Great Year and it’s calculations.

3rd Step

The symbolism that we find connected to the second ring or tier that I have indicated with green squares leads to another aha!

These 4 Constellations 2, 5, 8 and 11 are the same 4 Tetramorphs that appear in western Christian, Judaic and Arabic astrology / astronomy as the 4 Royal Stars, the Tetragrammaton, the 4 Evangelists, the 4 elements, the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse, etc, etc…

The 4 Constellations always represented are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius…and within these constellations are 4 very special stars.
Aldebaran, Regulus, Antares, and Fomalhaut.

The following blog discusses these Arabic 4 Royal Stars and also illustrates how these ARKetypes appear in mythologies all around the world…including Judaism and Christianity:

And these constellations mark when the 4 Royal Stars are in a Fixed Cross position.

The last time they were in this alignment was about 70,000 years ago.
This would coincide with Manly P. Hall who suggested the Great Pyramid was also about 70,000 years old…

Would the Great Pyramid be tracking the Sun’s orbit known as the Great Year?
Well others have already proved that.

And again allow me to present The Secret of Life rotated a magical 135 degrees, thus also re-orientering it back into a Fixed Cross position.

And Solomon’s knot as I have shown on other threads is very…very…very connected to the swastika….

HERE are the first three STEPS to be taken….

And I used the same 3 colors BLACK WHITE RED as the NAZI swastika to show the relationship of the STEPS or evolution/evilution to the NAZI adopted one.


The profound connections I make, exposing and dispensing with all the mystery and bullshit between the 2 sacred symbols, the Swastika and Solomon’s Knot can be found here:

Temple Of Man by Rene Schwaller de Lubicz

Update – December 8th, 2013

I want to give you an update to show you how far I have progressed since posting this in Aug. 2007.
Some would think not very far at all.

Do you see the 3 images grouped together the square, the pinwheel, and the swastika, notice beside it the yellow highlighted pinwheel SEED pattern, this coincidence now places us into the Temple Of Man with Rene Schwaller de Lubicz and he would appreciate everything I am putting on the table for discussion.

We are now about to learn how to become Master Builders.

He put it on the table back in 1957 but it has been largely ignored by mainstream Egyptology and embraced only by the fringe.

Well here I am again stirring the pot called what is truth?


*end of update*

So the evidence continues to mount that the swastika is a multi-faceted symbol, unlike any other. And as a symbol to represent the macrocosm, what better a symbol than a symbol connected to the Precession of the Equinoxes, and rather uniquely it can be used also as a symbol to represent the microcosmic realm too, the nano light mill motor a stellar performer.

The swirling, twirling rotational swastika wins with both left and right hands down … from neutrinos to neutron stars … everything spins baby … realm.

Still fooled by the established religions self-serving literal interpretations?

The RED Indian was right … WHITE man speak with forked tongue … represented best by the letter …


And how important would Oral Traditions be in understanding how sounds representing shapes became glyphs and letters?

This following blog helps to answer that obvious reality.

And another thought occured to me this morning…

What does it mean if we begin the orbit in Gemini (era of many creation stories involving twins), followed by Taurus (era of Mithras wrestling with bulls and the beginning of the bullshit) instead of starting with Aries (era of Rams and sacrificial Lambs) followed by Pisces (era of fishermen and Pope’s Rings of Power), followed by the Age of Aquarius (era of 2 wavy lines?)

Interesting that Aquarius has a symbol represented by 2 Waves.

And science is on the verge of maybe redefining what they call the Standard Model.
That means a rewrite about the entire particle / wave / parity theory that has led to a DEAD END.

The new and improved Standard Model will be re-defined using asymmetry based on the 2 ways LIGHT can travel … as Waves and Waves.

Another thought, on the Greek Zodiac Cross above, must we pass through the center first?

Think about that for a moment as I am suggesting an ‘elliptical spiraling cycle’.
Must we pass through the ‘center of the Cross’ represented by the symbol or number 0 / zero, first?
And if we must … what does that imply?
There is a 13th dot / constellation / position on the cross: the center.
Another reason our western patriarchs connected both 13 / 0 to the occult.
Don’t ya get it?

THEY want to maintain that CENTER position where balance and control exists, within the ‘eye of the hurricane’ where all is calm, however outside the ‘eye wall’, the chaos is raging, swirling around you…

And not unlike the kid’s game many of us grew up playing, where someone stands at the apex of a sand castle or on a hill, or my favorite, on top a pile of snow, and all others try to topple him from his lofty roost.

Life is that simple. Isn’t it. Reality reduced to kid’s games played by those who never grew up.
WannaBEE fucking Kings and Queens building their Empires on the shifting sands of time….or maybe an island that will disappear?

My intuition suggests that the deluge occurred as we passed through the center of the Zodiacal Cross.

i.e. the cycle does not simply go around in circles as this image suggests.

All roads in that above image* do lead to the “Holy Roman Empire”, located in the Center of the circle. And the circle has always represented perfection because it is symmetrical.

*And if we hold that image above, next to a mirror, and then rotate it … the chiral asymmetry reveals another clue for the initiate using his intuition is delivered.

What I am suggesting (holding up a mirror to reveal a code) has been done before in solving the mystery of the Lid of Palenque.

But the world / universe is asymmetrical and that means elliptical orbits. And as research continues to suggest … our Sun that we call Sol, has a Soulmate.
Our Sun is part of, in the very least, a binary orbit with a companion star.
Could be a Brown Dwarf which appears Black, could be a Black Hole or it could be an invisible Neutron Star …

… and with a mass at least 1.5 times that of our own yellow Sun, and measuring maybe not more than 10 miles across, it would be like trying to find the proverbial needle in a haystack.

… because ya see all that stuff we call SPACE all around us, the barrier we call the final frontier?

It is filled with microcosmic invisible neutrinos, and Macrocosmic invisible Neutron Stars …

But though the Universe is asymmetric, there still exist ‘patterns of design’ we refer to as ‘sacred geometry, and from the smallest invisible objects to the biggest visible and invisible objects that embrace us, everything tends to have a preference for how it wants to spin, left or right, counterclockwise or clockwise …

And of course, the most developed (beyond just a circle or two lines crossed) of the early ancient symbols we find etched in stone and wood and skin, is the swastika20,000= years
The ruse has been so complete … many people believe this divine symbol only goes back to the time of Hitler.

And because the swastika rotates in both chiral directions, only a fool can deny, after the info I continue to present, that this symbol left by the ancients everywhere is making a direct reference to direction or preference of movement … which is essential for establishing a charge, or establishing a ‘polarity’.

negative and positive or 1’s and 0’s

And it is this charge that eventually gives rise to life … eh … Herr Doktor Frankenstein?
Thus these mad doctors /egos / Black Magicians are simply acknowledging a sacred process that can be found in the Kaballah, and the ancient Judaic esoteric doctrines also suggest life begins with a spark. (please may I point out the MAGIcian in the Tarot, Card 1, holding the WAND, he is the initiator of that spark that begins the ‘process of creation’. And this is confirmed by the Hebrew letter called Yod or Yud.
These same prosesses were studied and investigated by the alchemists.
The man who put us on the Moon, Sir Isaac Newton spent more time dabbling in alchemy…than thinking about getting to the Moon.
He would leave such exploits to those who followed.
Sir Isaac Newton believed he could use the secrets of alchemy to help him rise to the heavens … without the need of a manmade ‘spaceship’.

We are now past coincidences and into some facts.

Yod is the first letter in the name of the supreme Jewish G_d called YHVH

And YHVH reveals itself as a 4 Step Program called the SpaceTime or quite simply the Creation of the 4 dimensions.

And 2012 is all about polarity and vibration and zero point energy…and the Earth taking a pit stop on the YHVH Hwy.

A brief moment of rest as the pendulum / prepares to change directions, momentum and polarity.

2Bee continued

update August 22:

Another profound connection and what does it mean?


It is believed that the Enneagram figure is of ancient origin, possibly from within Sufism, while its introduction in modern times is credited to G.I. Gurdjieff. Gurdjieff used the figure in his teachings as a symbol that represents fundamental universal cosmic laws.
-from Wikipedia

And did you notice the ‘open end’ of the Enneagram is represented by the numbers 4 and 5.

Now take a look at that Greek Zodiac Cross.
Remove the numbers 10, 11 and 12.

Take a look at the y-axis, we just removed 10 and 12
How many numbers are left in the y-axis.


Take a look at the x-axis, after removing the 11, we are left with, how many numbers.


And you are left with the numbers 1 – 9 like in the enneagram.

Look at the relationships between the numbers.

You have the numbers 1, 4 and 7 in the first ring / shell, 2, 5, and 8 in the second ring or shell and finally you have the numbers 3, 6 and 9 in the third ring or shell.

Just another damn coincidence eh Gurdjieff ?

No I suspect I have tapped into something.
What I am not sure.
But it has something to do with mirrors, graven images, chirality, asymmetry and the numbers 4 and 5.

Too bad most of the people who appreciate my vision are mostly dead or in padded cells.

…2Bee continued




Thus the primordial Law of Thermodynamics says…
God can be neither created or destroyed, he can only be transformed into other forms of God. However there is a penalty for making vain graven images and it is called Entropy.


16 thoughts on “Greek ASTRO-logers and NAZIs had King Solomon in a Knot

  1. applause for your analysis! great inter linking work. finally i seem to be getting a hang of what you are writing 🙂

  2. I’m an armchair fan of the Very Old Ways. Your postulation is quite interesting.

    This may be naive of me, but wouldn’t the center or zero point of the astrological cross be merely the marker of the beginning and end of one cycle, and therefore properly not a zodiacal sign as you mention, because it has no temporal dimension like a ‘sign’ does.

    Isn’t there number philosophy that says the zero is categorically different in quality from any number because it is essentially only a reference marker to a dimensionless ‘beginning’ of something: an ordinal count, a time duration, etc.

    What I’m attempting to suggest is that the center point is just a grapical helper or marker to indicate “cycle starts again”. That may be it’s primary meaning – the spider being a symbol for iterative self-similarity.

    This makes the ‘zero’ or ’13th sign’ a dimensionless/quantity-less symbol that nonetheless, in diagrams or graphical representations, had come to refer to “iteration” and so suggests an idea of time as iteration. Perhaps this explains the apparent paradox of having something quantity-less being used to refer to time, and the mystery of why they employ two fundamentally different KINDS of signs – the ’13th sign’ being as different from the other signs as a zero is from the other numbers. Their graphical co-existence is necessary to the GRAPHICAL scheme of some fancy primates, but may not be necessary in nature!

    There probably isn’t an analogue to “zero” in nature. Deciding where to start referencing the progression of any phenomena (i.e. a zero point) being an arbitrary and limited fiction imposed by the brain in order to extract relative information about the environment. So doesn’t the center “spider” symbol also speak and refer to the crucial function of “the observer” ? Y’know with their eight eyes ‘n all…

  3. So we begin to rotate backward and go through the zero point and pop out in the mirror opposite side of the PHI spiral? Your stuff is so cool!

  4. hello gritz

    yes I feel we are going ‘backwards’…
    we are NOT the leaders we are obviously the followers trying to remember what our ancestors, the leaders had learned…and then it was lost…after the deluge, we became diluted and deluded.

    this is NOT the Discovery Channel, it is the Salvation Station.

    4 Royal Stars are located in each of 4 Constellations that sit the ecliptic. This is the ‘path’ of the Sun.
    Just like our ‘seasons’ change as we orbit the Sun, the Sun would experience similar changes.

    As we move from Pisces to Aquarius…my archetypal investigations suggest the ‘season’ defined by the ecliptic is about to change.
    The winter solstice marks the transition from the shortest day combined with the longest night…the winter solstice marks the TURNAROUND, a reversal leading to eventually the longest day combined with the shortest night…which is the Summer Solstice.

    So what happens when the Sun ‘reverses its direction’?
    Can we learn anything from the microcosmic electron and apply what we learn to the macrocosmic Sun?
    I believe we can.

    Read this next post and apply what you have learned.
    You may see the connections between the electron, the Milky Way, the 12 signs of the horoscope, and Solomon’s Knot…which starts OR ends with a swastika…depending on the direction…
    Clockwise OR Counterclockwise

    I also believe Phi to be an ancient ‘String Theory’.
    But I also believe ‘String Theory’ eventually evolves into a ‘Knot or Nazi Theory’.



  5. the thoughts in me in this moment, are not settled
    as i will absorb this for a week .

    I do feel a connection to the “zero” thoughts above.
    this whole subject, is conneted to so much knowledge,
    I shall begin , an approach of simplafication,
    this subject is joining the seen and the unseen, with the real universe, with our past and future here,
    let ,s add, truth, -spiritual truths are never in conflict they complament each other,. and word symbol in the original greek
    syn-boline means to put things together , unite, make one,
    while the oppiste is dia- boline, which means to seperate
    or tear apart, the breaking of unity, or the one. its where we get Dia-bolic. in truth , just as we are not punished for our anger, but by our anger, our self, cnteredness, blinds us,
    or seperates us from truth and reality
    so it is only in losing your self, that you find , or see .
    by taking ourselves out of the equations, we should see
    this whole reality better. from a selfless, perspective.
    another thought that keeps nagging my heart , is the number
    8, the spiritual principle of receprocity, what go’s around comes around, the side ways 8, the sign for infinity.
    when i heard the words of a nazirean preist, “if you break one law , you break all the laws”, I took for granite that he was not a liar, and if it was true, the the oppisite had to be true, “if we live one spiritual principle we live them all”
    , and it has been said time does not exist, just as when we are in a plane and they announce , ” We are now entering
    american air space, as we are crossing the canadian -american boarder! and as i look out the window all i see is trees every where, (in truth, there is no canadian american boarder, its all in our head.
    there was an experiment , at princton , which was try to dis prove that nothing can be in 2 places at the same time,
    and they did, “they had 1 beam of light, and broke it, and it was then in 2 places at one time, – relating it to the light in our
    minds that transmit thoughts. (sparks) so someone could see the future, (probley becuase it was really, now>
    by shedding our unreal, concepts, and begin to be in the here and now, with a understanding of truth and its simplicty,
    we are then able to see, the truth is always simple and right in front of us.
    so, dec 12, 2012, shall be interesting

    what truths have you seen!


    PS. what we beleive is what we think, which really begins with what we want!

  6. I couldn’t help to notice that the swastika of King Solomon’s knot turns in a anti-clockwise direction. I have been studying the constellations in connection with time, and as I am from the Southern Hemisphere, it is my understanding that the wheel of time turns anti-clockwise as our zodiac is very different from the Northern Hemisphere, our new cycle begins in the zodiac sign Libra! How does this effect the information about the knot of King Solomon, as the above mentioned information given is not related to the South, but to the North? But the swastika does turn anti-clockwise, so the symbol is related to the South, where as the swastika of the Nazi’s is related to the North. What does this mean? In the South, our constellations and planetary positions is reversed, the South is the reflection of the North. There for it is not that you are moving backwards, it is just the balance between the North and the South. To gain better understanding about this symbol, the relation between both the hemispheres should be studied. My hope is that one day mankind’s greatest achievement will be to exist in the balance to bring order, where there is currently still chaos. For example, we cannot be a united world, until we embrace the truth that must be brought forth! See what is in front of your eyes, change the swastika to turn clockwise, and you will discover the truth those are seeking in the North. You can’t base this symbol on the North until you change the direction of the orbit of the sun, to orbit to the right, and not to the left. The truth is out there, the symbol in the centre is a wheel for a reason. Spin it to the right and you’ll get your answers! You do not have to remember what the ancestor’s learned in the past, you need only to look to the South and learn from the information left by the Ancestor’s in the South, to gain the knowledge that it was intended for the South. But to make this information also the North’s, it must be viewed in an opposite direction. Make the necessary changes and you’ll discover truth’s you did not probably expect! The Northern Hemisphere spiral is the North Pole (or Northern Pillar), the Southern Hemisphere spiral is the South Pole (or Southern Pillar), and then there is another pillar separating the two hemisphere’s for us to better understand the meaning of the cross/knot. The North and the South is the twins refered to in the constellation Gemini!

    Also, the Kings and Queens knew that if you take the right action in the right time, it is beneficial to their future! They used their knowledge about the constellations not only as a navigation system, but as a time system to know when to do what. When to dream/vision, when to make note of what you have that you can use, when to focus on your thoughts and placing that on a side of the scale, when to focus on your feelings and placing that on the other side of the scale, when to act on what you decided (choosing between what you think is better or what you feel is better), when to analyse the outcome/consequinces in order to know what necessary changes must be made, when to bring that changes forth to bring balance in your original choice in order to change the effect of your original choice, when to focus on what you want by planning, when to expect the outcome of your decision, when to use what you have to your benefit by exploring new ideas and organising what you have to bring forth structure and to save time, when to believe in that your dream/vision will come true and giving yourself the time to rest. We are not machines but there is a balanced structure given to us to guide us in life “making our wishes come true”. In the end, it all begins with a dream manifesting into reality! Channel your life decisions in the right time and you will live in flow with not only nature, but with the universe. None of us are followers, we all are leaders, leading each our own individualistic life.

    And time do exist, there is a time for everything, a time to sow, a time to nurture, a time to grow, a time to reap, a time to rest, a time to heal, a time to live and a time to die. Search the old ways for the truth our ancestors left it behind for a reason, the new ways is only there to mislead you into loosing direction so that other’s with the power to navigate rules those that allow themselves to be misleaded.

    Be careful of what you choose to believe in, there is duality in all! Follow your instinct!

  7. Hi Raphael,

    Just found your amazingly logical site and as someone who has long felt there’s more to life than meets the eye but not satisfied with the myths offered, it’s a god send – excuse the pun.

    Could you kindly suggest a sequence of books to read / videos to watch in order to better understand what you’ve discovered? i.e. something structured that builds on each idea.

    Thank you & please keep up the good work,


    • DS what you have stumbled upon is an awakening.
      My site is more like a diary, its contents mostly meant for me.
      The blogs are ‘triggers’ for when I finally get around to composing my thoughts into the ONE IDEA that flows.
      Eventually these unique IDEAS that have been ‘recovered NOT discovered’, by ME tapping into the EM fIELd will find their way into a book or PDF file.

      For now rest assured this info will always always always be available to a seeker of the TRUTH.
      The EM fIELd is a storehouse of MEMES.
      Every MEMEory of every human that has ever lived or is living now….has been logged and recorded and is still available to you IF you can find that FREE frequency.
      Accidents can happen.

      I am very very close to attaining that ONE IDEA that I can place between Science and Religion as a tool to help with the reconciliation.

      Science = pi = Religion

      That is where I am headed >>> the relationship between a STRAIGHT LINE and a CIRCLE which math wankers have reduced in their utter contemptible ignorance to a simplistic 3.141

      pi is so much MORE than just 3.141

      i.e. how do we connect/associate ‘pi’ to the first letter of Semitic languages (aleph/alif), the word/letter/number/glyph ‘ox’?

      how do we connect pi to ox?

      At the end of my daze the theory I have come up with, ‘sin-thesized’, that I am working toward a child could understand, it is so so simple.
      I call it ‘Hug Kiss’ or ‘ox’ for short.

      H eaven
      U nder
      G od

      K eep
      I t
      S wastika
      S imple

      Did you know on the NANO level using LIGHT frequencies it is easy to show how the four swirly twirly swastika arms can be made to turn in one of two directions accomplishing one of two tasks.

      #1 task is to chop, dice, blend

      #2 task is to grab, catch, embrace, envelop and place into one of four compartments.

      go here and read about Application #6, the amazing NANO LIGHT Mill based on swastika architecture:



      • Thanks for the reply Raphael,

        I’m convinced there are many great distinctions in the concepts that you’re bringing to our awareness.

        After overcoming strong early religious programming (read indoctrination) and then stumbling across the trivium in recent years to see some of the flaws with the purely scientific method, I really resonate with this line of enquiry and wish you well in your quest friend!

        I like your statement that Science = pi = Religion, and I remember hearing a very wise person once say that religion and science are two systems trying to describe the same thing…..

        to me it seems that music = light = colour = sound = energy = frequency = measurement = geometry etc etc, a common thread in everything if you will….

        I was interested to know if you have looked into W.D. Gann’s methods of calculating time and planetary influence…… there’s a great forum called WITS which is largely concerned with the stock broking aspect of Gann’s astrological work but there’s a ton of discussion about geometry, pi etc that you may enjoy.

        Of particular interest, one person on the forum recently introduced something called the “Aso Neith cryptogram” which is essentially a system of numerology but I’ve found its method to be quite good for myself and it’s all about the resonance of particular number combinations – the primes of 1, 5 ,7 the doubling set you refer to in the enneagram 2,4,8 and the 3,6,9 as the third resonant set.

        Anyway, I hope that you can’t get one more piece of the puzzle from that!



    • You will be happy to know that I the first house I lived at was 157 Aileen Ave. Toronto.
      I do love the postal code too!
      upside down we can extract 911!

      important to note:
      do rEMEMber that part of my personal awakening/narrative/story involves the fact I was the ‘911 firefighter who got away’ to tell a story about the evidence he has been ‘RECOVERING’ since Sept. 11, 2001, a.k.a. 911 and I do seem to need to point out that 2001 = ‘3’ AHA!

      How about we place a 3 after 911-3

      You will be happy to know that I was able to place these numbers ‘157’ onto the APEX of the Great Pyramid with the help of ME MEME internet friends who of course I have never met but our profound IDEAS seem to collide profoundly!


      you have no IDEA or perhaps you do DS that you have hit the motherlode of inPHO?
      I have another word blog I began last year after I became even more focused on ME goal, my purpose in LIfE is written on ME personal wailing wall.

      Socrates felt we all had access to TRUTH within.
      I AM out to prove Socrates who played the role of dEvIL’s advocate best, was full on.



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