4*2*3 The Solution to the Riddle of the Sphinx

This post suggests to answer what the real significance of the sequence ‘4 2 3’ in the Riddle of the Sphinx is pointing us toward.
I believe I am the first to solve this riddle the way it was intended, on another level, on a level I found quite by accident.
Whoa…there I go again, making another outlandish claim.
But have you noticed lately that I actually do provide damn good proof to many of my outlandish, mad claims?

This solution to this riddle and its implied consequences may have arrived just in time for 2012.
Whoa …holy ego … there I golem again by adding a hint of prophecy.
But indeed keep reading and my solution to this riddle, soon you will agree, makes perfect ‘sense’… it compliments the other solution, nicely in reference to the 4 2 3 sequence representing man’s life cycle.
My solution does NOT seek to displace ancient myth or the solution that Oedipus offered … I only seek to add wisdom by applying an esoteric interpretation.
What I am offering is a non-empirical, intuitive, feels right, touchy feely interpretation.
And it is important to know also that in order to solve this riddle it was NOT necessary for me to kill my father nor sleep with my mother.

The Keys I use to get around are always the same Keys. The same underlying archetypes can be found on each level of the matrix…you just need to apply them.

The Riddle of the Sphinx and the sequence as noted ‘4 legs crawling 2 legs upright and then the riddle of 3 legs’ is an archetype code, that again defaults profoundly to a recurring story, the passage of time, the Sphinx was documenting a cycle of time that at one time was commonly referred to as the Great Year or the Platonic Year.
An event later minimized by the historians, and its terminology replaced by science and much later the Great Year was renamed Precession of the Equinoxes. Science took possession of this event, the new breed of scientific astronomers grasped it away from the astrologers and forever thereafter whenever Plato spoke of Atlantis, people thought it mythical and not true.

So let me ask you to visualize yourself kneeling between the paws of the Sphinx and asking the Sphinx a profound question, a question that helps an initate answer the riddle.
Ask the Sphinx if she is a symbol representing the Precession of the Equinoxes?
Now how do you prove such a thing?

I have suggested earlier that the 2 sacred ancient symbols known, as Solomon’s Knot and the Swastika were amulets the ancients wore that were connected directly to Precession of the Equinoxes.
And I wrote about it on this blog…


I used the Greek Zodiac Cross as mediator and Key in helping me unravel those 2 symbols and linking them to Precession.
I have provided 2 links about this esoteric cross that I used to help unlock the Riddle of the Sphinx. The reader may need to acquaint him or herself with the depth of the esotericism.

The Greek cross also has a hidden, esoteric meaning. The four directions correspond to the the fixed cross of the zodiac (Leo, Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius), as represented by the four evangelists; the cross can be divided into thirteen cube, representing the twelve apostles- and of course, the twelve zodiac signs.http://altreligion.about.com/library/glossary/symbols/bldefsgreekcross.htm


Below is a retelling of the original riddle.
It obviously has a Greek source.
Remember the hero who answers the riddle is Oedipus.

First a recap of the riddle.

“What is that which has one voice and yet becomes four-footed and two-footed and three-footed?”-Apollodorus 3.5.7or

“What goes on four legs at dawn, two at noon, and three at dusk?”

-modern interpretation

The solution:

The winged [Greek] sphinx of Boeotian Thebes, the most famous in legend, was said to have terrorized the people by demanding the answer to a riddle taught her by the Muses and devouring a man each time the riddle was answered incorrectly. Eventually Oedipus gave the proper answer: man, who crawls on all fours in infancy, walks on two feet when grown, and leans on a staff in old age; the sphinx thereupon killed herself. From this tale apparently grew the legend that the sphinx was omniscient, and even today the wisdom of the sphinx is proverbial.
-From: Britannica Online

The Sphinx is indisputably one of the most remarkable, if not the most remarkable, of the world’s works of art.…The Sphinx appears unmistakably to be a relic of another, a very ancient culture, which was possessed of knowledge far greater than ours.…There is a tradition or theory that the Sphinx is a great, complex hieroglyph, or a book in stone, which contains the whole totality of ancient knowledge, and reveals itself to the person who can read this strange cipher which is embodied in the forms, correlations and measurements of the different parts of the Sphinx.

…This is the famous riddle of the Sphinx, which from the most ancient times so many wise souls have attempted to solve.

So my solution to the riddle of the Sphinx (Greek version) was quite simple.
I took the Greek Zodiac Cross and counted to 4, 4 times starting from the center.

When I was done, the Greek Zodiac Cross looked like this.
Then the next step involved plotting the sequence of the 12 houses of the horoscope involved in the sequence or journey known as Precession, and in their recognized order beginning with Aries as the 0 degree starting point.
We see them listed here.

But the point must be made. Precession means to ‘precess’ or go backward through the 12 constellations. It will be necessary to list them in ‘reverse’ starting with Aries and we will also list the number from the Key above, the Greek Zodiac Cross, it is the Key that we are using to unlock this ‘Greek Riddle’. Find the sign on the cross and note the number.

#1 Aries 2 …
#12 Pisces 4 …
#11 Aquarius 3 …
#10 Capricorn 2 …
#9 Sagittarius 4 …
#8 Scorpio 3 …
#7 Libra 2 …
#6 Virgo 4 …
#5 Leo 3 …
#4 Cancer 2 …
#3 Gemini 4 …
#2 Taurus 3 >>> back to beginning again …

So the cycle when we plot the 12 constellations from the Zodiac Cross, counting backwards reveals itself as 2, 4, 3, 2, 4, 3, 2, 4, 3, 2, 4, 3 … and the 13th house (return to Aries), in the sequence signals a change.
But the sequence 4 3 2 is indeed not right, it does not coincide with the sequence 4 2 3, unless this glitch was intended.

Precession means to go backward and in conjunction with the ‘incorrect’ sequence we ended up with 4 3 2, this numerical sequence does not satisfy the Riddle of the Sphinx which is given as 4 2 3.
Or does it?

Think about this for a moment.
If we wished to go back in Time, if we wished to reverse Time’s Arrow, known fondly as Entropy … we would thus need to employ the sequence 4 2 3 … here is a secret or a riddle worth solving.
Time reversal, the fountain of youth, free energy, entropy reversal are ALL philosophical issues all cultures have tackled at some point…

Can I therefore suggest then that both the Riddle of the Sphinx and Precession of the Equinoxes are somehow related to resetting our ‘time clock’ back to a more beneficial position, closer to a state of minimum entropy and NOT maximum entropy?

The Riddle of the Sphinx therefore suggests we are on the wrong path, but it is a path, which is reversible.

4 3 2 is the wrong path by itself.
But the Riddle is closer to being solved if we see the two sequences 432 and 423, as representing the 2 orbits that both binary companions are on.
And the two companions are Sol and its Soul-mate.
And it can be calculated by employing those esoteric symbols again, that our Sun Sol and its binary companion perhaps intersect or effect each other significantly 8 times in a 25,920 year cycle. I have marked those intersections with a backslash, ‘/’.

/ 4 / 3 2 / 4 / 3 2 / 4 / 3 2 / 4 / 3 2

Depending on your direction of travel, the sequence starting at any 4 can be read as 423 or 432.
As confirmation, those intersections can be plotted and found on this symbol.

Here I have taken the Greek Zodiac Cross and I showed by plotting the sequence of Precession, taking my cues from the constellations marked on the Cross, we end up with a sacred weave known as Solomon’s Knot.

And if you count the intersections on that weave, where they overlap, you will count 8 such intersections.
Below are those 8 intersections as they appear elsewhere, the same divine archetype appearing in St. Peter Square. Do you see where those 8 lines intersect the ellipse?

I came across that image of the Greek Cross with a serpent forming the same pattern.
I know everything in my mind defaults to Precession and the Swastika…
I still need to explain how I believe the Sphinx proves we have a binary companion…
And how once plotted the two orbits look similar to Sirius A and Sirius B.

I am not suggesting that either Sirius A or B is our companion.
I do have a feeling our Sun’s binary companion could be a neutron star…

2Bee continued

A further study of DNA and RNA will be required to find the archetypes.

The two numbers 43 reveals that our ancestors ‘knew’ about DNA and RNA.
And I feel messages were left to be interpreted.
Messages that would have the ability to speak directly to the mind, body and soul.
Again a reminder, there is no need to visit the man made temples…

43 is your temple … literally, figuratively and genetically.



4 thoughts on “4*2*3 The Solution to the Riddle of the Sphinx

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  2. The fixed cross of esoteric astyrology answers the mystery as they incorporate the 12 labours of Hercules with taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarrious, being the symbles of the path of return when the Prodical Son said “I will arise and go to my Father” This is the Sphinx which is the same as the christians cross

    432,000 being the No of years in the Kali-Yuga, this maybe connected

  3. Hello Raphael, 🙂

    First, you need to understand the Rule of Riddles, which dictates that a Riddle can have a Title but the Title MUST play into the Riddle, which the flipside (Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion) dictates that if the Title must play into the Riddle, then the Title itself can be the Riddle but then, the Distraction Riddle must play into the Riddle hidden within the Title.

    With that, there are 7 parts to the ORIGINAL Riddle of the Sphinx:

    “What is that which has one voice and yet becomes four-footed and two-footed and three-footed?”

    The 4 parts of the Distraction Riddle are:

    1. 1
    2. 4
    3. 2
    4. 3

    Then the 3 parts of the Title are:

    1. S (Symbol for Entropy)
    2. Phi (Golden Ration)
    3. nX


    So while I love how you formulated your answer, based on the 423, you answered the Distraction Riddle and you only used 3 of the 4 parts, instead of answering the True Riddle hidden in the Title, because the first four parts are all about the Universe and I’ll go ahead and give you the answer, but you’ll have to figure out all the why’s, plus I’m not going to give you the 3rd part (nX) of the True Riddle, you’ll have to figure that out. 😉

    True Answer: God/SourCe

    The Universe, this Verse of ONE that we reside within, is only PART of God/Source. 😀

    But don’t let that fool you, that One is not the One in the Riddle. 😉

    Also, since you like Riddles, here’s the Riddle of RA:

    Reminisce-Anamnesis Riddle (Riddle of RA)

    Man as Sine
    Mas as Nine
    Cries Mine

    The Riddle is comprised of only two words and the anagrams of these two words:

    Reminisce & Anamnesis

    The first two lines are each anagrams of Anamnesis (Socrates/Plato version) and the last line is an anagram of Reminisce, so the Riddle is a 2 Word Anagram Limerick Riddle and currently the only one in existence. Can you figured it out?

    And if you want to take a break from figuring out either, here’s one more Limerick Riddle for you:

    The naUght-kNot Riddle

    If y0u are thoUght naUght
    And eYe am kNot thoUght
    Then Now is Then
    And Then is When
    What y0u and eYe can’t be taUght

    Ribbit 🙂

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