43 = 64 = DNA = Philosophical Egg = Electric Universe

‘When I am 64’ … A Philosophical Egg
Image taken from the inside cover of Maria Louise von Franz’s book called Alchemy.

This symbol has been on my mind for quite some time.
Now I understand what the profound connection might be.

Please note the numbers 43.
…. and for a moment disregard the obvious i.e.

3 = triangle
4= square/diamond
5= circle

What if we were to interpret the number 43 as 4 to the power of 3?

4 x 4 x 4 = 64

What if that number 4 represent the 4 letters A, C, G, T in DNA?

Thus in combination these four letters form all 64 possible DNA codon combinations.
Yes there are 64 codons in DNA.
The I-Ching uses 64 Hexagrams.
The Eastern scribes subscribe to the 64 Healing Arts.
A competent musician’s hearing is tuned to 1/64th of a second.

Wait a second.
Disregard these coincidences.
But I do want to offer one more clue to unraveling the mystery called DNA.

DNA gives off electro-magnetic fields.

Please please please note image two and three.
Image two and three come from cultures that predate the Egyptians.
Image two can be said to represent 4 spirals to the power of 3.
Could it not?
And what does image three suggest?
The imgae containing 4 spirals around a center?
Look at the direction of each and every spiral in each quadrant.
And then compare it the to lines of force we find in a cubical magnet.

left image: this is what the direction of the lines of force really looks like, demonstrated with a cubical magnet having the top face for the north pole and the bottom face for the south pole (top) as opposed to (bottom)
right image:  this actual graphic mapping of a magnet shows its lines of force by measuring the intensity of the magnetic field every 1/16″ at each point on a grid, covering the entire magnet, as well as some of the field in the area around the magnet. This measurement of the strength of the magnetic field is rated in gauss.

Is a Cube important in the KAballah?
Oy vey.
Do you really want to know the answer?

Are you tired of going around in circles, circumambulating around a Black Cube found in Mecca called the Ka‘ba?

Metatron’s Cube
Metatron is also mentioned in the Pseudepigrapha, most prominently in the Hebrew/Merkabah Book of Enoch.

Here is something to listen to while you ponder the wonder of what I have just offered.
All artists connect to the same source called ARKetypes contained in the ARK of the Covenent found in Solomon’s Temple which is itself an ARKetype based on the human form…

threadbear wrote:

golem, Check out the wheels within wheels biblical reference in Ezekial.
Here, I have time. I’ll take a look. Oh…this is even better. As above, so below. As outside, so inside. As metaphorical, so literal.


Ah yes the wheels are turning.
Or should I say ‘spheres’?
Like this sphere that can be found, where else?
2 Places.
One representing the Christian spiritual center.
And the other location was formerly in the financial heart of Christian America.

The Vatican … please note we have a micro and macro sphere….one inside the other….

The WTC also had such sphere … however it was damaged in 911 … recovered … dusted off and resurrected as a memorial.

Ezekiel the prophet was said to be rather mad you know?
He spoke of the Merkaba.
He was also as crazy as a loon walking on water.
Or a Canadian singin esoteric looney tunes, just like me…

There are many coincidences regarding number 43.
My residence’s address since Jan. 1994 has been #43 … which means if I stay here till 2012 I will have resided at #43 for 18 years.

Card 18 is the MOON card in the major arcana of the Tarot.



6 thoughts on “43 = 64 = DNA = Philosophical Egg = Electric Universe

  1. I have not been following the prez race.
    So is he really out, my main man Sir Rudy?
    I may not be following the race in the US but I can follow those magnetic lines Pallav.
    It is bang on.
    Have a another look.

  2. well the top right box for example in the cubical magnet pic is moving clockwise where as the same top right concentric circles on third image are moving anti clockwise.

    yes indeed he is out! 🙂

  3. Maybe the republicans read my blog?
    Knew Sir Rudy had been exposed.
    Smart move by the GOPs to distance themselves from the 911 Elephant lurking in the shadows…


    I will post a response with pics to show how the fields of force line up with that ancient ancient stone.

    However in that second image, showing a trinity, a wedge of three stones each one containing 4 spirals.
    For what I can see … the spirals ALL go in the same direction.

    Suggesting swastika like gyrations.
    Did you happen to notice that?
    And I will revisit that connection between 4 3 in another blog.

    I will present more evidence showing the profound connection that HAND symbolism reveals, between our L/R hands and our how our thoughts and feelings, molding a world and a humanity would need an accompanying belief system to mirror the external environment being created.
    I would think that is what evolution means.

    There are so many varying beliefs to choose from that use the same underlying archetypes.

    Stay tuned Pallav.
    I will have you soon salivating for more of my treats.


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