Dogon Cosmic Egg – DNA


Dogon Cosmic Egg

The Sirius Mystery

In 1976, Robert K G Temple (born 1945), an American living in the UK, published what was to become a seminal work of Bad Archaeology, The Sirius Mystery. A revised edition was published in 1998 with the new subtitle New scientific evidence of alien contact 5,000 years ago. Some have gone so far as to suggest that this book was the primary inspiration for the so-called ‘New Egyptology’ of Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval and their imitators. Even if this is a rather hyperbolic assessment of the book’s impact, it has to be said that Temple is in a class above most Bad Archaeologists: he presents an apparently secure thesis, backed up with rigorous scientific data of a type that most others in the genre eschew.

…Ultimately, The Sirius Mystery presents no real mystery. It uses discredited anthropological data, muddled mythological interpretation and lots of unconfirmable speculation. It has become a classic text of Bad Archaeology.

Personally I feel we can bring the idea back to what it represents ‘a primordial egg’.
Maybe we can find references to DNA.

The Dogon wear black, white, red, yellow and green in their ceremonial dress.
Soon afterward I started joining the dots that this symbol revealed to me.

Dots once joined that suggest many of the symbols that appear as different symbols are in fact trying to express the same underlying message.

As I have mentioned often, all cultures draw and construct mandalas.
Please note that there are 9 symbols contained within the Dogon oval.
9 is a very common motif among most indigenous in regards to the levels of creation.
9 contains all the numbers between 1-9 within the O.
(the sum of 1-9 = 45 …4 + 5 = 9)
I will suggest the Dogon were trying to communicate a concept of SpaceTime with this symbol.
And I think I prove it.

Not unlike Einstein or Newton, the Dogon evidently had an intuitive understanding of the cosmos … or was it passed down?
The Dogon defined what the 3 Dimensions of Space are, the x, y, and z axis, and then they added the wild factor called Time.


Allow me to present the x axis in the Dogon mandala.
We need to look at the interpretations left us from the above symbol…here they are again.

The Dogon representation of ‘Sirius’ as reported by Marcel Griaule and Germaine Dieterlen, drawn by Ogotemmêli.
The oval represents Amma, the primordial egg and contains:

A: Sigu tolo (identified as Sirius)
B: Pô tolo, the object equated with Sirius B, shown in two positions
C: Emme Ya, the sun of women, equated with Sirius C
D: The Nommo, Masters of Water
E: The Yourougou,  a mythical male figure destined to pursue his female twin turned into the Pale Fox as punishment, his ancestors represents the evil that roams the earth …
F: The star of women, a satellite of Emma Ya
G: The sign of women
H: Woman’s reproductive organs, represented by a uterus, the womb ‘shape’, The whole system is enclosed in an oval, representing the egg of the world.” The oval is “the great placenta from which have emerged, in the course of time, all space, all living beings, and everything in the world”.

The x-axis is not clear or is it?

Can we simply join the two Xs in the above mandala?
The clue was given above …G, the sign of women;

Look at how the two Xs appear to be opposites. They appear to indicate a different direction of rotation…the X situated at (G) appears to be rotating in one direction and the X situated at (A) is definitely indicating an opposite direction.

‘G’ we are told is the sign of women. This is indicating a polarity or charge. We normally associate negative with the female and positive with the male. We also know that direction of movement indicates a specific charge. Hence we are able to reduce everything to binary terms, 1s and 0s, representing positive and negative. And we can see these two Xs have different polarities.
Remember this (A) X is associated with Sirius A.

So I will suggest that by connecting these two Xs represents the x-axis.
Have an open mind for a moment.


We often find twins or siblings portrayed in mythology and folklore.
The twins in Hopi myth are situated at the poles and keep the world rotating around the central backbone or axis.
Again in Dogon myth we are presented with siblings, with twins. Nommo and Yourougou. Nommo is associated with Water as are MANY messiahs. (Water and Blue are common associations with enlightened beings) Christ and Krishna to name two. But I have never seen WATER in the South as portrayed in this mandala … the Kabbalists place water in the west and the Greeks place water in the north.
And the Dogon in the south / southwest.

So let us connect Nommo and Yourougou which represent Northern and Southern Polarities … I associate these with the y axis.

Please note the consistency. This places Yourougou, which represents ‘evil’ in the North.
Again the opposite of where Satan and Hades normally resides … normally they are associated with the south.


Here is the 3rd axis, the z-axis.

B, po tolo, the object equated with Sirius B, shown in two positions

Shown in two positions and it hints at what exists in the Macrocosm exists in the Microcosm. The visible and the invisible, the visible and its shadow.
Please note how the x,y and z axis all pass through the center ‘C’, emme ya, the sun of women, equated with Sirius C.


Not unlike Einstein’s version of 4D “SpaceTime”. First 2D of Space is created and then the 3D and Time were created almost simultaneously.
Time is indicated by the direction of the green swirl of the symbol (F).

And here is what I believe these swirls drawn in the sand were hinting at.

This mandala like so many other mandalas is essentially a representation of the 4 Dimensions we exist in and the creative aspects within. Found represented throughout all cultures through sacred geometry and symbolism.
3Dimensions of Space and 1Dimension of Time.

What is the Space being defined by these 3 axis?

Let us take a look at the Star of David / Hexagram and the Chi Rho for a clue.


The Chi ro became an important Christian symbol when adopted by the Roman Emperor Constantine, representing the first two letters in the name of Christ- the Chi, or ‘ch,’ and Rho, or ‘r.’
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But it is the Star of David / Hexagram against a backdrop of the Vitruvian Man that suggests we have come full circle, it is time to join more dots.

Now finally we get to join the dots and the subtlety of each of the symbols is revealed.

Each symbol is thus OBVIOUSLY suggesting the same thing.
(Is it a coincidence that the ‘hidden’ broken lines forming the cube form a “Peace” symbol?)


Please note all axis pass through the center of the cube also.
This gives us 7 not six positions.
Our 7 positions of perspective I might add.
Left, right, forward, behind, above and below like the faces of a cube.
And the 7th is the inner center that all axis must pass through.

The Dogon and Einstein are connected.
So are eWe and eYe.
Only an X separates us.

X = unknown

Or does it … I contend if X = YHWH as per the Tarot and the Kabbalah, therefore Judaism. (see Card X / 10)
And I further suggested YHWH represents the 4 forces physics has thus identified.
Does not X = Nuclear Strong, Nuclear Weak, Gravity and Electro-magnetism?
Does it not?
X is causing the Polar Bears to drown.
Thus YHWH is causing the Polar Bears to drown, the Apocalypse is underway.
White is often a color used to symbolize impending death.
The Creator is very creative.
The subtly of his messages from the Crop Circles to his underlying artistry that permeates all Creation has been sadly ignored.

Remember it is “Our Father who ART in heaven”.
The Garden of Eden was perhaps a palette.



p.s. But what does symbol (H) represent?

I believe we can make a triangle (or fertile delta) out of it … not unlike the two triangles used in the Star of David to represent the male and female aspects.
I also rotated the Mandala to place Nommo, the Masters of Water in the north not the south.
Interestingly the symbolism then coincides with Greek and Indian myth…where the elements and colors are placed.

The Dogon, like the Egyptians would use ‘magic’ symbols or glyphs.

Basic but profound shapes and their magical meanings. Now if we interpret the Dogon symbol using the meaning of ‘U’, greater insight is revealed.

Update: as the archetypes continue to match up, I find on another level that the X can perhaps be seen as a ‘chromosome’.

The structure of chromatin varies through the cell cycle, and is responsible for the organization of chromosomes into the classic FOUR-ARM structure during mitosis and meiosis.

At this link I explore and discuss that possibility, where DNA = serpents?


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10 thoughts on “Dogon Cosmic Egg – DNA

  1. Hi,

    Regarding your hexagram framing the Vitruvian man illustration:
    I collect Stars of David photos on my Blog, which is dedicated solely to them.
    Can I publish this photo on my blog ?

  2. Wow!

    The hexagram of late has been making its presence know to me.
    It keeps making profound appearances in what I am reading, responses on forums I participate on and even in a dream my youngest daughter had the other day.

    In response to your question.
    Good news and bad news.

    Bad News is because sharing the truth can carry the penalty of incarceration or financial ruin here is my response to your question taken from my ‘about’ page found on this blog.

    Simple Rule to remember…
    Any attempt to present oneself as Prophet with merely profits representing the underlying mission statement, brings forth a tainted self-serving truth and with it, bad karma.

    ALL OF THE IMAGES CAN BE FOUND EASILY BY googling a topic and searching images.
    Remember much of what can be found on Wikipedia can be used freely.
    But satisfy yourself that the info on Wikipedia is good, authentic and verifiable by other sources.
    Easily found.

    Wikipedia, just like our scripted HIStory can be easily altered if you know how…
    Learning how to read intuitively between the lines, becomes a useful talent.

    And here is the Good News.
    Wikipedia in fact has the photo you desire.
    And coincidently, just 4 days ago (and ‘4’ is in fact the path I am on), the picture you inquire about was Wikipedia’s Picture of the Day!

    No it is part of the design as I feel it.
    You and the others have been saying to me, incessantly I may add, hexagram! hexagon! seed of life!…, as I see it, you were meant to draw my attention back to this symbol and the hexagram.

    Thank you.

    Watch for my Hexagon / Hexagram blog.
    You helped inspire it.


  3. Hi Raphael
    While doing some research on concentric circles, I came
    across this interesting photo
    which appears to have a couple of similar symbol glyphs as the dogon cosmic-egg picture. The (coin?) description says..
    “Crude inscription in concentric circles/Anchor in circle decorated with stylized lily flowers. Crude, but nice VF. $225.”
    I don’t see a lily flower, do you?
    Anyway, it does look very old/ancient and it’s listed under Ancient Jewish coins..So which image do you think predates the other? Also, note that it looks to be made of stone and not bronze etc.

    Btw, speaking of similarities, check out this image I sketched recently and then today, again doing some research, I came across a book cover(?) you had posted a while ago on the Pahana! Whoa!!?

    cheers 🙂

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    • What questions am I asking?

      The fellas at Dunderbolts are ignoring a big part of the puzzle.
      They are asking some of the wrong questions in fact.

      LIGHTNING is connected to the swastika … that fact alone changes the narrative because Dave Talbot and company ignore what is in plain sight.

      Robertv if you think you have what it takes to discuss what is in plain sight, heading down an avenue of investigation that suggests the Thunderdolts or Dunderbolts theory has a best before date, feel free to discuss at the above link.

      selah V

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