‘SwastiKA’ is WHY they distribute the Bible to Sheeple

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Like if you drill down from macro to micro levels of Quantum mechanics – is there a barrier point or is it infinite?

Hello Oz,

let me suggest the following…
the universe is perfectly created…it is symmetrical

but then due to beta-decay via the nuclear weak force … everything goes for a shit.

3 of the 4 forces are symmetrical but the nuclear weak force (I identify with Hades/Satan/Kali/Yin etc… ) causes a breakdown of parity.

A breakdown of parity is called asymmetry.

The barrier you refer to has been identified … in order to close the loop we would need to bridge the Planck Era.

This barrier is the transition point between life and death…and it is an electro-chemical transmutation…

Welcome to alchemy….

…above image was scanned from a text called The Royal Secret written by I.E. Clark…early 20th century.
written by a Freemason (Phre-mason) who wanted to spill the beans….beans that Pythagoras wouldn’t eat.
>>>please note it is an eight pointed star = Venus

This is a rare once in a life time event. In one 243-year Venus Transit cycle there are two pair spaced 121.5 ±8 years apart.

121.5 ±8 = 1, 1, 2, 5, 8 … is the Fibonacci series but missing the number 3.


Why is 3 missing from the series?
A profound clue….I will leave this thought with you to work through because it is fun to do so…

Below we see the Transit of Venus in St. Peter’s Square.
And the Transit of Venus was discovered by these shitty timekeepers / calender makers (i.e Julian and Gregorian calenders) in the Dresden Codex.
Which brings us back fool circle to the Maya and 2012 and the Tarot and the VatiCAn … who tried to suppress the Tarot.
I just told you.
The game is about TIME and calenders and predicting what?

Because the swastiKA is a KEY and a LOCK to helping us remember our past … that THEY would prefer we forget.
The two swastiKAs are mirror or chiral asymmetrical images of each other.
They thus behave as KEY and LOCK.
DNA and Amino acids have keys and locks too, to begin the process called life!!!
Men and women are looking for either a key to fit the lock or a lock to fit the key…fertility and soul-mates….Si?
Starting to understand folks?

I was born at 5:28 am = KEY 528 = KEY to universal movement (Aztec)= swastiKA = DNA = Gate of God = Bab-Ilu = Babylon

What do you want to know about the swasti-KA?
Imagine if it had been called the swasti-KA Ba?
How about the swastiKA’Bah in MecCA …. can we connect the angular swasitKA to the black cube (prima matera…the lead of Saturn?) in MecCA?
Do swastiCAbalists have a reverence for the swastiKA?
People overlook the fact we can link our past through sounds.
We used oral traditions for 99% of our human evolution…

numbers and letters are recent, a construct of the LEFT HEMISPHERE…symbols are ancient…and were associated with SOUNDS….and pictograms interpreted by the RIGHT HEMISPHERE of the brain….

suggesting our hemispheres are slightly at odds with each other….left vs right.

In conclusion:

1/ the universe we participate in is asymmetrical.
2/ our bodies, brains and hands and feet are asymmetrical.
3/ the swastika is the only asymmetrical symbol capable of joining the invisible dots obscured through the passage of TIME (swastika) and much biblical babel…blah blah baa baa
4/ how does humanity resurrect this ancient divine symbol?

And let these fu*kers know we are on to them…
THEY know the power this symbol holds on the psyche….

Yes there is an identifiable conspiracy to eliminate certain races….to be the winner of the race and THEY obviously CHASE the gold…btw who purchased Bear Stearns for the price of a song?
As the American economy goes into hibernation?

On my blog I essentially show this symbol is the missing link to help us remember….it is the KEY…no wonder THEY have attempted to erase this symbol from western consciousness…or the LEFT HEMISPHERE of the world and our brain…because the macro/micro world is just like that….a narrative….that is why THEY hand out bibles.
To help us follow without having to think about deeper archetypal meanings.




“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”


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