“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”
– George Orwell

This thread will appeal to those that have been granted the gift of vision, a gift which is not granted until the initiate, the adept learns and practices the ability to ‘let go’, learning how to see and derive new meanings simply by altering one’s own perspective.

Can we connect Hans Jenny and his early CYMATICS videos to the SWASTIKA and Moses and Hermes and Perseus and Milo Wolff and his modern Spherical Standing Wave Theory?

YES, indeed we can, the time has come to let the REAL GENIE out of the bag, a genie called HOPE put back into the box to keep us company.
Let me introduce the good luck genie, and its magic.
Read this short blog, and you will soon realize the genie is always with us.
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Then read this one to see the profound connections I have indeed conjured up. Linking many of those above claims.
Nice images too!
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Then read this one … to gain a simple understanding of wave motion AND how the archetypal mind left us evidence of their intuitive insight.
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Then read this one. Interpreting this plate from 5000 B.C., the way I did, what can I say, I appeared tuned into something. A very good example of my claims, more evidence I am bringing forth, ‘recovering’, to be shared at the Emerald Table.
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This theory is sound because I discuss the role SOUND plays.

It does appear to be my purpose to help resurrect this ancient divine GOOD LUCK symbol that has been tainted with an intent.
A symbol that was at one time associated with YHVH, later Jehovah, the Bab-Ilu know also as the Gate of God.

WHY does my quest make sense folks?

We could use a some GOoD Luck in these end of daze, could we NOT?



KEY 528 = Swastika = ancient Spherical Standing Wave Theory
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“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”


‘SStanding Wave Theory’ *Why moSeS and the Vikings had Horns

What does a viking, moSeS , hermes the meSSenger and resonance (frequency) have in common with the KEY to Universal Movement which has been recovered?

All come with horns or wings attached to them.


Watch the video … listen very carefully … and at 1:11 you will see why all of those ARCHETYPES, viking/moSeS/hermes wear caps with horns/wings.

two frequencies = two directions = LEFT or RIGHT handedneSS
And handedneSS is best defined using the ‘SS’.

(the SS will be explained later)


How does perSeuS  match up with those archetypes above?

The Helm of Darkness is the weapon made especially for Hades (deity) during the war known as the Titanomachy, in which the gods defeated the Titans and sent them to Tartarus.
The helmet was made of pure dogskin, and a pair of wings were attached to it, one on each side, so as to resemble the helmet of the god Hermes.
It rendered its wearer invisible.

Another interesting archetypal significant reference is made to the ‘helmet’ with two wings.

Helmets that look far too much like the wings seen in the Hans Jenny video, re: resonance, demonstrating nicely the two essential movements that are occurring not only in the spore but also suggesting to me, the same thing occurs in an atom, based on frequency.

CW and CCW
Which I feel can be translated into Spherical Standing Wave Theory?

NOW finally watch the video on Resonance … listen very carefully … and at 1:11 you will see why all of those ARCHETYPES, the viking/moSeS/hermeS/perSeuS wear caps with horns/wings…

The movement is described by Hans Jenny as a rotating wave motion.

These TWO movements are the KEY…listen and watch…watch how the flow is outward toward the edges which then loop/feed back into the center, along the bottom rising in the center.
Creating a standing wave…or as we saw in the video, a dome/cap or helmet with wings described as a rotating wave.

AND evidently these wings have the power to make us invisible…


Whether the spore or an electron, as described by Hans Jenny or Milo Wolff, these are the very same movements, translated, as described in Spherical Standing Wave Theory.

So here is the intuitive insight I feel.
First we have two movements available to us as defined by science and mythical/scriptures.

CW and CCW or direction of spin.

These two movements of spin or how the + and – charges might line up, are illustrated nicely by the wings on the helmet of all those significant archetypal role models and heroes, like moSeS and perSeuS, is a clue perhaps to understanding how this helmet and its ability to effect invisibility, might be of benefit as we approach the ‘ZERO GRAVITY’ moment as defined by passing through the dark rift in 2012…or is it happening now?

Those wings on perSeuS helmet could be clue to helping us navigate through a pole shift or a reversal of fortunes.

Should we call it the dark rift or the dark riff, played on a stringed winged godly instrument?  

In music, a riff is an ostinato figure: a repeated chord progression, pattern, refrain or melodic figure, often played by the rhythm section instruments or solo instrument, that forms the basis or accompaniment of a musical composition

Here is what I, and coincidentally other philosophers feel.
The universe is musical.

BTW 528 hertz as a color would be a pale shade of GREEN.

What if?
The creator alchemist or soloist plays a repeated chord (dark riff) and as we paSS through the dark riff we will feel the vibe.
No doubt.
What I learned @ f.U.

https://kachina2012.wordpress.com/2008/1 … ned-at-fu/

The solution is too make love not war using music and all efforts to accomplish this, should be considered ‘fair’.
Spreading compaSSion using compreSSion waves.

The harmony of the spheres MORE than hints at a harmonious resonance playing a role in the end game.

Which I am told is only the beginning of another game.


KEY 528=Swastika=ancient Spherical Standing Wave Theory
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”

37= Solfeggio = Zoroaster’s Oracles = Seed of Life

Originally Posted by MythMath View Post
Cool, I got a nibble…First, these ‘solfeggio’ frequencies were originally ‘revealed’ to me
by a stranger’s voice in a phone conversation a few years ago…

[My studio (20to20soundesign) address is 2220… ]

I can give ya’ more than a nibble…but then again I also lived at an address for 12 years, namely @ 2220 Queen St…and sometimes of late I want you know, because my research is primarily concerned with finding the inherent Macrocosm = microcosmic ‘connections’, I sometimes call myself the Mm man.
This can be interpreted in another way … the Marijuana mystic

First the ‘solfeggio’ frequencies were revealed to me within the last year…
Sadly I do not play an instrument, certainly a handicap when delving into the Solfeggio frequencies, but I do have my intuitive guide to help interpret other stimuli has sense.
My intuitive lead journey these past 4 years was based on following a path of ‘strings’ related to the number 4.
At this point I just want to add…the next step after ‘String Theory’ will be a ‘Knot Theory’.
People like you and me need to teach people how to tie their shoelaces into little knotzis.

Then I started seeing how certain numbers related to my employee number of 18 years, 52801, kept appearing in many esoteric writings.

And of course if you divide the number 4 by the mystical number of 7 = .571428 which repeats as you know.
If you divide the day of my birth by the month… 3/7 = .428571

Both 37 and 47 as you know in numerology/Gematria are significant.
Actually the thing that becomes apparent about Gematria is the following…
Both the ancient Hebrew and Greeks used it.
The Hebrews who follow the Torah = the Old Testament and the Greeks who helped usher in the New Testament
Gematria being one of the oldest yet simplest codes to understand.
What is important to realize is the importance of number 37 when using Gematria.

So how is the number 37 connected to the Solfeggio frequencies and to the 4 Oracles of Zoroaster?
I did mention I was following the number that represents both creation and destruction, the number ‘4’ for ‘4’ years?

4 is just one of the threads/filaments/paths/journey that exist in the matrix.

Have you seen these?
Here is the gift you have been waiting for MM…

To help us both move forward by combining what we know.
Remember the Persians were the astronomers living at the same time as the Christians who were being persecuted for being to starry eyed…
Important also to remember that the Jews, Christians and Muslims have a long long history of beating each other up and stealing ideas from each other too, of course.
And before they stole from each other…there were the pagans and other indigenous cultures…
Do you think it is a coincidence that only 4 books of the Maya survived and there exists the 4 Gospels?
Is it a coincidence that a vital link can be made between the Maya/Aztec and the Tarot before the crucifix waving Judeao/Christians arrived in the New World?
As you have already shown there exists a connection to the ancient Chinese.
Self-serving religions are what stand between the ewe and mi in learning the universal truth.

This first oracle I offer is called Zoroaster’s Oracles … The Great MIRROR….yeah baby…and I ponder, can it be placed over those 18 frequencies + 18 frequencies you arrived at … using a MIRROR or polar pairs as you call them?
The 37th frequency in your image would be placed at the center?

Why 37?

Here are the other 3 Oracles…should keep you busy while I go back and read the last 9 pages of this thread.
Together we shall overcome the deliberate deceptions that befuddle humanity.

Zoroaster’s Oracles … The Great Star Guide

Zoroaster’s Oracles … The Great Guide

Zoroaster’s Oracles … The Chart of the Spirits




And we cannot overlook the esoteric connection that Zoroaster’s Oracles have to the Tree / Fruit / Seed of Life.
Can we?

Here are some random thoughts I want to share at this time based on my musings.

528 / 582/ 285 / 258 / 852 / 825 / … seem to be connected with the creation or defining of a ‘Space’.
More on that later…

Could another set of the frequencies be concerned with TIME and yet another with MOTION?
The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost = Time/Space/Motion?

As you know in the I Ching there are 3 Laws…

Law of Evolution … (is this the father?)
Law of Change … (is this the son?)
Law of Enantidromia … (is this the holy spirit or ghost?)

Enantiodromia means ‘reversal in extremis’

Reversal in extremis is a paramount concept in the I Ching.

Enantiodromia is a term used in psychology.
Enantiomorphs can be a pair of crystals that are mirror images of each other, and are optically active or the mirror image of a given chiral polyhedron
Enantiomer … one of two “mirror images” of a chiral molecule.

More on this vital clue later…the word chirality is derived from the Greek χειρ (cheir), the hand.
I believe with all my heart the following…

CHiram Abiff = CHeir or chirality = handedness = SPIN baby SPIN
…oh yeah…oh yeah…the time has arrived to let the genie out…

So MM are you left handed or right handed or mixed?
What hand would you hold a mirror with?

McClain Yantra for 432,000. Only this yantra can yield a hexagonal region where tones and their reciprocals co-incide. The hexagon has 37 tones because 37 is a hexagonal number, viz chapter 10 and the cube of Metatron.
[from p 90 of 
Meditations on the Koran by Earnest McClain, Nicolas-Hays, Ney York, 1981]

That image above was taken from this site.

But a little more investigation re: the image and the author ‘E. McClain’ reveals the following info…



Solfeggio Frequency 528 heals ‘DNA’ is KEY to BIBLE CODE

Maria Louise von Franz also demonstrated that terminally ill people dream about plant world archetypes prior to death.
And most interestingly … ayahuasca used by the shamans is a vine
Jack (overheard): Hey Jill … ewe wanna climb my beanstalk?



But let us Z/Soom in on the vine for a moment.


Jeremy Narby …. Now here is an anthropologist who I highly respect … he actually takes the time to make amends, and apologizes for ALL of the self-serving western anthropologists of the past, present and future, who attach a western bias to the indigenous cultures…how wrong is that?
He wrote The Cosmic Serpent and has noted: why is it a ‘drug’ taken from this vine, an hallucinogen that takes you into the realm of florescent dragons and serpents, winding staircases and stairways to heaven, also not look like DNA filaments unraveling?
If the ewe answered NO.
Check pulse…
Actually when I was a FireFighter … the command given from the defibrillator was … “Check Patient Check Patient”.


Wait there is more.


Anybody read Latin?
The ayahuasca vine looks very much like the asymmetrical pillars that we find in all Freemason lodges and in Rosslyn Chapel.
Here we have another great clue overlooked by Danny Brown Shoes who danced with Pope Dorothy wearing the Red Shoes.
Dan Brown was promised fame if he printed lies and being a ewe he didn’t know the damage he has done to the TRUTH.
And he probably just does not realize it, being a very successful ewe takes ewe to a higher plateau, this is true.
But consider this…ewe are still grazing, ewe are still not getting the best view from your new vista….
Ewe are not wise like this fellow…represented by the number nine.
Just a coincidence to a ewe.


Dan Brown suggested the Holy Grail is in fact Mary’s Womb…eh?
Too funny…could have been…but I think the archetypes that serve ALL of humanity should be learned from and not just one self-serving story of Biblical Babel…
According to Dan Brown, Jesus’ descendants are alive and well and the fate of the world now rests in the hands of Dan Brown and his next self serving script?

I want to know something…has Dan Brown become the new Vatican spokesperson?

…oy vey….fly him off to MIaMI…he knows the me, me tune quite well.

It is called the Solfeggio frequency 528 = MI = and science has proved this frequency HEALS DNA and strengthens the cell wall.

Enough with the hysterical heretical scripted HIStorical %$#@ bullshieSSe.
Please, HIStory, it is very painful to observe…

Now let me show the EWE some symbols that represented Jesus or Iesus Salvator in the middle ages.

IS = light
IS = ‘Jesus Saviour’
ISIS = Ish Ish = Light Light = in Egyptian


What we see above is a hand reaching for three symbols.
A circle, the letter Z and the $.

But obviously the Vatican have domesticated the sheeple people into reaching for the wrong gold.
But obviously the Vatican have domesticated the sheeple people into reaching for the wrong gold.
Can I make it any more obvious?


Ever noticed that the $ and the number 4 share the same KEY on your Qwerty keyboard in the 4th dimension?

Let’s take another look at the images you posted.

Image Image

When looking at these symbols humanity uses based on old, ancient knowledge, interpretation is best achieved if we attach what we know about mushrooms, what even a child should know and can understand.

Why is their ‘energy’ considered magical, mushrooms and children?
Why is their ‘energy’ different and used in potions and spells … ?
Mushrooms grow in the Dark. Children grow best in the Dark too.
The Pope obviously only presents an illusion to the sheeple people.
He is veiled.
Without a doubt.


This blog explores the Red on White vs. White on Red symbolism.

https://kachina2012.wordpress.com/catego … -and-time/

What is Dan Brown’s next book about…rumor has it that the Knights Templar are the focus.
Betcha the info is limited and lame in its scope?

Mi goal is too see him, the Pope Emperor who wears the frock of the goddess he deposed, riding naked on a horse through the town square, called St. Peter.
The ewe will be fed only lies as Dan Brown is led by the dark lords through the catacombs of the Vatican feeding his soul…makin’ him feel good about his SucESSES.

Celtic legend relates that a certain hero named Lugh blinded a one-eyed giant by means of a red-hot iron, and this name Lugh is always equated with Lleu, the Welsh word for Light.
The ambiguous ISSI, YSSE, ISSE, or ISSA is related to ESSE, the Latin verb “to be”, and from the eSSe is derived the word eSSence, a philosophic and poetic synonym for the Soul or “Light within”.
-Harold Bayley from the Lost Language of Symbolism

Have you read my SS = Sanctus Spiritus = Holy Spirit thread?
The ewe should.

Go diva go!!!
Go diva go!!!
Ra Ra Ra!!!
SiS Boom…sssss
Go the Baa!!!


KEY 528=Swastika=LUX Polarizer=Precession of the Equinoxes=DNA
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”