MONEY not Religion was the MOTIVE for 911

AirlinePilot wrote:
-Unstable religious zealots who want to destroy everything that is not of their kind.

Whom is in whose sovereign country, destroying everything?
Last time I looked AP, both the US and Israel are considered OCCUPYING FORCES by UN definitions, making what I like to call … ‘matter chaos’.

And in contrast I only see Muslims, here in American ‘markets’ making commerce NOT war…

Below I present more quotable quotes by AP, blah blah blah drivel (directed at the newbies on this forum, I guess, who else?), more of the same AP propaganda to weaken the hearts, more of the same since the drums starting banging your favorite tune back in ’91…eh?

‘I Am a Dandy Yankee Noodle’.

AirlinePilot wrote:
-The Muslim world has this as an open tenet of it’s teachings.

Let me remind you of the Holocausts carried out by the Christian Vatican.
Let me remind you of the Holocausts carried out by the Christian Vatican.
Let me remind you of the Holocausts carried out by the Christian Vatican.

And like you said “It’s leaders tout it at every turn”.
The Pope has ALWAYS had a militia at his disposal.

The Crusades
Teutonic Knights, Knights Templar, Knights of Malta and others all descend on Jerusalem … and later Richard the King of England is seen meddling about…


90 million dead
Books and History burned in a trial by fire.

targeting pagans and jews and gypsys…anything non-Christian

THE WWII Holocaust
Hitler was a Christian didn’t you know.
4-6 million Jews and gypsies dead….

AP you want more history and even some HERstory that those who wrote HIStory will not share with the ewe?

AirlinePilot wrote:
-They call for the downfall by force of the Western world. -Many of it’s members will and have committed suicide to further these principles.

And what would you call an American who joins a military campaign who knows NOTHING of the enemy other than stuff your kind spew … stuff I refer to a WMD.

W ords of
M ass
D eception?

You are a Liar Liar
I respect the crazy Muslims who look people in the eye before they blow them up MORE than a fucking Yank sitting in a tank blowing up women and children from a distance…
EWE are a goof…

AirlinePilot wrote:
-Its a fact.
-Nope, no motive there, none at all, I dont see nuthin!-Give me a break.

Yes facts … exist on BOTH sides of the fence littered with dead Iraqi.
But you must present both AP…otherwise it is called propaganda.

For a proper synthesis to take place…an anti-thesis must exist to a thesis.
Here is what I call my SIN-thesis. I believe it reflects both sides rather well.

You show me a pic of Osama Bin Laden counting the gold, counting the insurance money, no longer needing to remove the asbestos insulation in his cave, proud owner of prime real estate in downtown NYC…where coincidently get this…

This is where the Freedom Tower will be constructed and what do THEY have planned for 2012 in regards to the Freedom Tower?
(pssst…here I have provided another MOTIVE for the illusion called 911…2012 is a bigger deal than the sheeple realize, there will be a huge ritual performed…freemason symbolism suggests it…)

AP you are easily lead astray as investigator, as sleuth, keep yakking and you will continue to prove my point to the newbies that happen to read your drivel…it won’t be long before we chase your sorry ass off this site…so you can regroup…get a new identity and then you can return and try to establish some new kind of coherent game plan with your scheming schematics.

Figures LIE and LIARS figure…
Newbies I present AP.

AP are you familiar with the MOSSAD saying “By Deception We Shall Do WAR”

If I was going to bring down the Twin Towers…who would have the better technology?
The Mossad or the CIA creation called Al Queda, or Bin Laden on the run using a laptop?

See what happened AP…you forced my hand.
Would Larry Silverstein be a Zionist?
Would Zionists be connected to the formation of the state of Israel?
Would Zionists be perched on high in Washington?
Would Zionists be having lunch with the Mossad?
Which brings us to the question of what does a Zionist believe in, that would be important if the Zionists are fucking around with the system?

Maybe we should ask Leo Strauss about secular and non-secular Zionist beliefs.

So that all brings us back to my original premise…who has the motive and the ability to pull this off?

The caveman Bin Laden?
Or those who got a bit too greedy and tipped me off to a bigger ruse…MONEY…all that money made that day…on AIRLINE stock.

Now would the Bin Ladens of the world care…the US blamed them anyway…I would have collected on those options…who put in those options…can’t that be traced?

Who stood to gain on the stock trades?

Zionists are not driven by Religion.
Zionists are only driven by Power and Glory over both the Secular and non-secular sheeple…makes no difference to them…

Nope AP, all of the above suggests, the sleuth in me says ‘deception play’ called the Hail Mary.
Like I said AP you best to leave your radar on full time, until you find that intuition switch.

The reason I resort to attacking you personally is because you are such a goof.
What is a goof?
Brains without wisdom….a very dangerous human being.

Nothing more dangerous than a goof, because it means the EWE lacks heart.
THEY programmed EWE real good.



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