LAMB SHIFT and the Day the Earth Stood Still

Tyler_JC wrote:

I worry about your mental stability and health (or what’s left of it).

Seriously man, lay off the magic mushrooms for a while…

Let me see how coherently I can relate my last magical mystery tour of duty, the difficult one called the ‘Know Thyself Tour’.
Maybe there is a reason they call them magic mushrooms…?
Maybe you could use a little of the magic I seek, in your life JC?

It has been proven that this magic I seek can even help you heal the sick (simply by knowing thyself, you cure your first patient) or this magic can help you walk on water…(maybe build yourself a Banyan Leaf constructed of ARKetypes, allowing you to float upon the turmoil.)

Here follow powerful archetype images with explanations…these archetypes can be shown to be embedded into many sacred symbols.
Are they connected to each other?
First we look at my avatar.

Forget the letter G for a moment (it is not universally used among all Freemasons), and the Square, and let us just focus on the exoteric and esoteric meanings of the Compass itself.

First here is the exoteric explanation that we and Freemason initiates have been offered and are familiar with. We think of the compass as a tool that allows us to construct a perfect circle and within this circle…stuff happens.

In Freemasonry the principal tenets are said to be contained between the two points of the compass, which are friendship, morality, and brotherly love. When you use a compass to draw a circle, one point remains in the center of the circle. That point represents the individual Freemason. The circle represents the boundaries of his world and the people he comes into contact with. He is to always live by those principles of friendship, morality, and brotherly love, in all his dealings with mankind, and especially with a Brother Mason.

And now the esoteric explanation…which connects with the creative process on a much deeper, basic and essential level.

“In Freemasonry the principal tenets are said to be contained between the two points of the compass”…stop there, nothing more needs to be said…for now.

Let us place two dots on a page to represent the points of a compass.

. .

Now lets build on that concept of two points of a compass each marking a point in space.
One dot becomes a proton and one dot is an electron.
Only ONE essential element resembles this profile of having no neutron.
Numero Uno Element has NO peers.
By virtue of having no neutron it sits alone at the apex of creation.
It is the ONE from which all other elements are derived.
That is what Pythagoras said about the number 1.
2 was not a number that followed 1, it was part of 1.
As was 3, 4, 5 … only to 9.
Thus the wisdom of Pythagoras allowed for only needing 9 numbers to get his philosophical points across. Wisdom is simplicity.

So all other numbers are contained in the unity that the number 1 represents.

Imagine the two points of that compass representing the two protons of two hydrogen atoms in two points of space.
And the two electrons are the lines or orbits that we can trace around each point or center in space called a proton.
This is the most fundamental structure and interplay at the atomic level. Where other atoms begin to form due to the protons and electrons of other hydrogen atoms coming into contact and together forming neutrons and together this trinity of protons, electrons and neutrons somehow forms into the other basic 91 elements, but hydrogen sits at the apex of all 92.
One Hydrogen atom by itself is in a perfect hermaphroditic balance. Hydrogen comprises approximately 92% of all cosmic matter.
And all matter is put together by an essential 92 elements contained within the Periodic Table of Elements. Do not be distracted by the coincidences I present, you may no longer believe in coincidences, you may shift into believing a certain foretold fate awaits us.

So I would also like to suggest the two points of a compass can also represent a relationship between two hydrogen atoms coming together to start a creative process…like the Freemasons…hydrogen likes to build stuff…if a compass can represent the relationship between two people, I want to suggest that it can certainly be used to represent two hydrogen atoms beginning the creative process of building a sequential Table of Elements.

Note in the images above which are electro-magnetic fields of other galaxies that the center spot or the vescia pisces contains what appears to be an eye. This is only significant to mention because for those Freemasons that do not have a letter G in their language, often the All Seeing Eye is substituted.
It is easy to see why in the last image.

And it is not a coincidence that the sacred shape known as the vescia pisces formed by two overlapping circles or ellipses is the area that receives the most light when using the double slit experiment that proved light travels as both wave and particle.

Dr. Quantum and the Double Slit Paradox

The letter G often used was introduced in the USA around 1850.
The G represents God or the Grand Architect or Geometry. You need a compass and square to understand the earth and our role within the matrix.
The translation for the word geometry comes from the ancient Greeks, again.
Geometry = geo (earth) + to measure (metre)
G is all Greek to me.

Here are the 4 potential meanings for G that I have come up with.

G od
G rand A rchitect (A = Aleph / Alpha is used too!)
G eometry is an obvious assumption
G reek but this leads us to the less than obvious G amma

So I would like to add another esoteric meaning to the letter G, it could also mean Gamma.
What is the tetra (tetra meaning 4) gammadion?
It is a symbol that Itzhak Bentov, another deceased mystic (mystics who leaves us guessing), saw positioned as God.
But he is not alone in this vision. I had a similar one involving the colors black, white, red, yellow and swirling crosses.
And I guess that is why I too, am writing about it.

Many eastern mystics and indigenous also see this symbol positioned as both Creator and Destroyer.
Below is a sketch from Bentov’s book called “A Brief Tour of Higher Consciousness”
The tetra gammadion is that symbol that we see at the bottom of Bentov’s sketch, the very familiar nefarious symbol above the word ‘creation’.
The tetra-grammadion is just another name for the swastika.
Oy vey.

But we are getting way ahead of ourselves by introducing the Key to Universal Movement.
I want the jury to disregard the introduction of that beleaguered symbol at this time…but I want to add it will take more than 20 years of bad luck known as a Holocaust to tarnish the divinity of this sacred 20,000+ year old symbol.

Also taken from Bentov’s book is this sketch with an explanation.
Also please understand the archetype of two points in space is maintained.
However the two points in space are now the centers of those 2 circles.
They represent now the two points of rest.

However nothing in the world of matter is ever at rest.
Matter does not rest.
Even when you rest…you have a pulse.
What is vibration?
Again the mystic engineer rocket builder Bentov is the source of both my inspiration and confirmation. And as you read Bentov’s definition of a waveform and how he weave’s it into his cosmological vision…can I ask a question?

Does Bentov’s vision resemble in archetypal form the Electro-Magnetic FIELD of ALL Dreams and Nightmares?
Please note how Bentov’s waveform resembles the one I see in the electro-magnetic spectrum.
This is an archetype I suggest I can keep finding in ancient scripture.
The ancients were well aware of x, y, and z space, time and they also were aware (on another level), without a doubt, of the electro-magnetic field.

Briefly let us explore the images that NASA in that graph above chose to use to represent the different wavelengths. The use of the symbols of the buildings, humans, honeybee, the pinpoint, protozoans, molecules, atoms and atomic nuclei is I feel, archetypically profound.
It can be shown how these symbols are themselves in fact representations of a time line.
The human expression of how we interpret the world has gone from constructing temples/buildings representing waveform/vibration, to constructing mythological human archetypes to represent the slightly different waveforms that are still connected obviously, to those sacred temples that has been shown by scholars, that one of the main reasons for their construction was to reflect the cosmos itself in how and where we lived. And this progression soon lead to an intimate expression in regards to the world that engulfed them, how they communicated with each other, using the archetypal oral traditions, relating to the birds and the honeybees, the flowers and the trees and wondering at the same time, how many virgins can be found on the head of a pin?
Get the point I am trying to make here?

Then science helped us to start seeing the world in a more microscopic sense, and things really started getting under our skin, it seemed the deeper we peered into the unknown world and brought forth its secrets, the more this unseen world seemed to ‘bug us out’.
Soon afterward we became paranoid of all hidden protozoans called bacteria, viruses, parasites and those pesky dustmites that have pledged a life of crawling upon our eyelashes as we sheepishly graze on our microwave nuked, sterile grub. Sorry I got off on a tangent called the P2 or the PeePee, known also as the Pastor’s Pasture.

And returning to that graph above it appears that the atom, once believed to be the building block of all matter was NOT the last stop on the magical mushroom tour.
It has become clear that the atomic world and the penetration of the atomic nuclei and continuing in our attempts to making unclear nuclear science work for us … is where our future lay.
That is the archetype we do have today. Again back to that graph above of the EM spectrum.
Can I suggest that the atom and its nuclei that we are today penetrating using our sciences, were long ago represented by the pyramid?
In addition to profoundly being a marker for Precession of the Equinoxes was it also a symbol for creation at the sub-atomic level?
This would mean the ancients were intimate with the quantum world.

How beautiful that the ancients would take a basic building block archetype existing on the micro level…and make it the biggest structure of its time…in addition to being an archetype for a very significant event that the experts rarely talk about.
We talk about our life cycle, we talk about lunar cycles and we talk incorrectly about solar cycles where we rotate around the sun.
The solar cycle of 365 ¼ days is NOT the solar cycle.
Is not.
The moon takes about 28-29 days to travel around its center spot, which is the earth.
The earth takes about 365 ¼ days to travel around its center spot, which is the sun.
The sun takes about 25,920 years to travel around its center spot, which is ?
What many call Planet X could be our binary companion…or Planet X could be that center spot that our Sun revolves around. Remember Planet X was only invented to account for a strong gravitational force, indicating a mass other than our Sun is tugging, pulling, beckoning the outer planets Uranus and Neptune. That is how Planet X was given a life.

Some have theorized the center spot our Sun revolves around could be the galactic center…but I would lean toward Planet X being a binary companion as this image simply illustrates.

And together both Sol and its Soul-mate are again in rotation with another star…hierarchal to us…imagine our invisible orbits as the cogs of a wheel in a timing mechanism…like this device?

It is called the Antikythera device and its origin and ultimate use are unknown to the historians. They are confused again because it does not fit the scripted ‘timeline’.
The ‘post deluge’ timeline.
And it reminds me of this image drawn by the alchemist and mystic, Robert Fludd.

The Antikythera device can be used to measure Precession though nobody really knows what kind of Big Bang vision that Fludd had envisioned in his mind, but no doubt in my mind, the gears and wheels were turning in his…Fludd was deluged with thoughts.

Robert Fludd, also known as Robertus de Fluctibus (1574, Bearsted, Kent – September 8, 1637, London) was a prominent English Paracelsian physicist, astrologer, and mystic.

However the Antikythera dates from a time before Precession was even a theoretical concept.
So here is another anomaly of history I present.
This intricate ‘timepiece’ was being used to measure Precession before Hipparchus was actually credited with the discovery of Precession.

HIStory has been a tale best told by liar liar.
Noah after the deluge, from the deck of the ARKetypal Ark went fishing one day.
He caught drift of the SS Minnow and came up with a real fish story, involving hooligans and gilligans.
The rest as they say is hiSStory.

What if our Sun could be placed into the Antikythera mechanism as one of its cogs, or into the mind of Fludd?
Time…time…time…since the beginning of time, we have tried to define it.
Love…love…love…since the beginning of time, we have tried to define it.
Could they be intertwined?

Cogs, why would I say cogs?
Because that is how the Mayans saw the Sun and the Moon and the Earth and the human being.
As this image shows.
The image following is a picture of St. Peter’s Square. It shows the Black Door and what appear to be teeth of a cog or gear wheel.

The solar cycle is something we should refer to as Precession, which takes 25,290 years.
365 ¼ days is the ‘earth cycle’ and NOT the ‘solar cycle’.

Would the ancient and modern social engineers trying to direct our thoughts want us thinking about what might happen hundreds or thousands and thousands of years from now?
Or would our focus be directed toward next month or next year, or at most, the focus would be what you can accomplish in your life cycle?
But the discussion of the true solar cycle called Precession would immediately cause the person to awaken to a fact. Here I present a fact that has been sadly victimized by those Emperors who sought to build empires using only scientific empirical evidence, which can be controlled and monitored.
If we were to start discussing Precession, we would ultimately start yakking about stuff that the Church fathers have told us is phooey.

Why and how is astrology connected to a TRUTH?
The 12 constellations representing the 12 houses of the horoscope are the same 12 constellations marking the ecliptic. And the ecliptic is the path or orbit that our Sun is required to follow on its 25,920 year journey.
Here I offer more proof that the ego of science and pride of accomplishment, liar, liar, first apprehended and then helped bury astrology.
So when I present esoteric evidence that has astrological significance, can I suggest it is significant?

Time to get back to finding that missing day that NASA and the Vatican are hiding from us.

Back to vibrations.
Max Planck said to Albert Einstein that everything defaulted to vibration.
As the above image and the EM Field illustrate.
The Tibetan Buddhists also suggest everything defaults to vibration.

So that makes a Fearsome 4some who believe everything is about ‘good vibrations’.
I appear to be in good company with the Dalai Lama, Itzhak Bentov and Max Planck.
Can I suggest the 4 of us, as winners of the ]Higher Than Thou Feelin’ Good Society are entitled to a flight?
And of course it is important to distinguish that the recipients of the ‘Spiritual’ Mile High Club or those who seek to unify, should NOT be confused with the other ‘Mile High Club’, they simply prefer to fly united.
Here is tomorrow’s fight pattern folks.

Be 4warned the flight pattern involves experiencing the Rapture for brief moments.
Rapture or what I can offer is the closest thing to a feeling of rapture that I can offer a human being without actually killing them.
What is rapture?
Letting go.
How do we let go?
Turn off the gravity.
Ask Albert how to turn off the gravity.
Albert’s notes suggest you need to find the acceleration switch.

Now if you go to this site…
And scroll down the page you will see that if our Sun has a binary companion it would accelerate and slow down depending on its relationship to its own center or point of rest and its binary companion.

So consider what I have offered as archetypes.
I will be back to build on these archetypes allowing us to probe ever deeper…combining this thread ultimately with the *new and Improved* Riddle of the Sphinx, involving the sequential numbers 423.

However I found this today and it is also pertinent.
In a very very big way.
It is called the Lamb Shift.
Considering lamb, sheep, goats, shepherds and such are used in the Bible, and also by me in parable and rant as we both poke fun at a humanity that apparently prefers to be herded.
And what Lamb Shift implies again on the level of archetype is so profound and funny and will ultimately allow me to go even deeper in understanding…and composing a ‘Mythological Theory of Everything’.

More evidence that the Creator has an incredibly sublime sense of humor laced with paradox and irony.
I will discuss the Lamb Shift in more detail in another post.
Time for a break, rake some leaves.

Briefly what is Lamb Shift?

In 1947, Hans Bethe was the first to explain the Lamb shift in the hydrogen spectrum, and he thus laid the foundation for the modern development of quantum electrodynamics. The Lamb shift currently provides a measurement of the fine-structure constant α to better than one part in a million, allowing a precision test of quantum electrodynamics.

And why was it called the Lamb Shift?

Another interesting coincidence about what I see as our electrified future unfolds due to a morphing EM field of Dreams and Nightmares.

Here is another woolly fact: untreated or UN-treated wool conducts static electricity much more readily.

Can I suggest the herd of sheeple and their wool have been left UN-treated.
Where UN = United Nations.
Baa baa black sheep have ewe any wool?

Baa, baa, black sheep,
Have you any wool?
Yes sir, yes sir,
Three bags full.

One for the master,
One for the dame,
And one for the little boy
Who lives down the lane.

Baa, baa, black sheep,
Have you any wool?
Yes sir, yes sir,
Three bags full.

2Bee or not 2Baa continued…




2 thoughts on “LAMB SHIFT and the Day the Earth Stood Still

  1. RALPH omg. I always had the most difficult time understanding just exactly what you were trying to portray to me (the reader). It’s a fucking trip that “the system” does love to teach me about itself lol, but it does it in the most peculiar way. First it sends me to college (loading me up on all kinds of technical, complicated not quite “understood “information”) then throws me backward all the way to the beginning to learn A.B.C. this post and the previous two I have read regarding the lamb shift, hydrogen atoms, binary systems, Atlantis archetype have all just gave me the “snap” that taught me what the 4 ages model REALLY IS. Now I just have to grasp the master builder code… time to go back and read. Interestingly enough, I found these particular links, through that girl MJ, whose blog you linked to yours.

    What a wow mom. The zigzag.

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