Swastika and Sacred Geometry Part 1

Is it possible to associate the swastika to not only the irrational concepts pi and phi, but also to the idea of squaring the circle?
Can we try?

The above sequence of sequential squares is known as the Golden Spiral … comprised of the Fibonnacci numbers 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 to infinity…
It is important to realize it is comprised of squares…spiraling outward…this SACRED geometry shows up in nature, art and architecture.

It is time to go back to basics…to show how the pre-historic swastika helps expose a very deep and profound connection does indeed exist between the Meso or middle cultures, long before science arrived at a concept called c^2 or before Columbus and Cortez arrived on the shores of the Americas.

Allow me to draw Solomon’s Knot.
recall King Solomon was a Jewish King.
Solomon’s Temple was built by King Solomon with the assistance of CHiram Abiff, who had been sent by King Hiram of Tyre.

…reportedly, this symbol was a particular hallmark of the medieval Italian stonemasons known as the Comacines, who imbued it with mystical meaning  a symbol of eternal motion and the intertwining of space and time.…Solomon’s knot is related to the swastika and the shield knot; the knot is often interchangeable for these solar emblems.


Below are 3 sketches I drew.I will show how Solomon’s Knot is related to the Swastika.

I also used in progression the 4 colors of Alchemy in drawing Solomon’s Knot.
The colors if I may remind you are Black  >>> White >>> Red >>> Yellow 

I also used 3 basic shapes (triangle, semi-circle, square) to draw 3 different versions of this rather curious sacred knot that shows up on both sides of the Atlantic.

Do not believe the above ‘scripted’ HIStory of this symbol being attributed to the Italians. I used a triangle to represent the number 3 or a tetrahedron, a square or cube to represent the number 4 and 5 represents the circle or spherical dome.

STEP 1 … draw a black square

STEP 2 … add 4 white lines (I used gray for contrast)

STEP 3 … add 4 red lines

Attention reader:  Photobucket has *censored* as you can see, the image that I later parked with ImageShack, and placed next to it.




TRUE BLUE sad story…about human ignorance calling the shots…why would Photobucket remove that image I sketched showing the relationship between a square, a pin wheel, and a swastika, simply by adding lines?

Can you believe it?
Photobucket censored/removed my little sketch of how to build the swastika using Neolithic sticks and stones technology?

What is wrong with the world?
Sadly Team Photobucket can be used as an example of WESTERN ignorance that buries what it fears or does not understand to the detriment of everybody in the long run back home…

This censorship behavior that was exhibited by Photobucket Inc. is a BIG part of the problem that plagues the world.

(…and I could not bother replacing the other images that follow….thanks again Photobucket, I hope YOU are part of the problem, another anchor holding us ALL back?)

Please note the first 3 colors of the Alchemy process coincides with what we have drawn and ALSO these colors were used in the Nazi Swastika.
A BLACK cross in the center … placed in a WHITE circle and both are surrounded by a RED square or rectangle.

Yes again *Photobucket* decided to play judge/jury regarding a distorted history that seems to have more to do with following a biblical script than anything else.
Sadly I need to replace from other sources maybe up to 100+ images that *Photobucket* has removed because people have complained about this symbol?

These are not coincidences…because in the next step is where I show that we chose which shape our unconscious collective projects externally, an inner architecture is thus outwardly expressed in what we build.

The 4th and final step in Alchemy is the presentation of the GOLD. (remember black, white, red and yellow/gold)

In the sketches please pay attention to the shape of the GOLD temples, ie. Triangle, square or spherical.

Please note that if it were not for my hastily drawn sketches the above sketch using triangles is essentially a square or diamond within a square.

Both of the above sketches can be found with angular or rounded edges and both can be found being referred to as Solomon’s Knot.

But if you look at the Cross that is formed along the x and y axis (the Blue Cross) within the Knot, ending in the 4 golden spherical temples you also see the Greek Orthodox Cross.

But it gets a little more interesting and connecting when using squares.

Now please note that these 4 colors I have been talking about in Alchemy are also the 4 colors employed by the Indian Medicine Wheel…Indians whose ancestors were connected to the Mesoamerican cultures.

The Hopi Indian actually have the swastika as part of their Creation Story!
They incorporate the swastika when talking about ancient migrations that took place between the ages and people being of a certain path…similar to Buddhism, a left and right path are the choices in how we think and feel.

So knowing that the swastika does indeed move in two directions, left and right, counterclockwise and clockwise I experimented with the next cross and placed both swastikas over each other in completing Solomon’s Knot.

What I ended up with in shape is the Peruvian Solar Cross known as the Chakana, a much revered cross in Peru…it is THE cross…employed by the Inca and the Peruvians today.
And in most western sources in discussing crosses and such this much revered symbol is hardly spoken of.

A Chakana (or Inca Cross, Chakana) is an Andean symbol. It is the three-stepped cross representing the southern cross and symbolising the three tiers of Inca life. The lower world, this world and the higher world. The three levels also represent the snake, puma and condor. Many buildings, temples, and religious sanctuaries are scattered with relevance to the chakana. Sacsayhuaman Temple, located in Cusco, Peru, has a stone entrance shaped to form the upper portion of the chakana. Artifacts and jewelry still made by Inca descendants often depict the chakana.


I will need to look at my pics of Sacsayhuaman Temple to see if I snagged a pic of the chakana without realizing it…hmm.Sacsayhuaman Temple … is pronounced ‘sexy woman’.

But who were the first Mesoamericans that Hernando Cortez and other explorers encountered, long before the Maya or Inca?

The Aztec.

First digest the above info and then I will show you how the Aztec are profoundly connected to the European/Asian continents, the connection again is through the swastika, profound connections that suggest a common source of ancestry, connected long before we ‘discovered’ them, they brought us gifts from the west.



*UPDATE/correction* as of April 21/2011

Literature indicates that when gold/yellow was added as another step/stage, it was placed between white and red.

Red then becomes the 4th stage.

Prelude to Chemistry by John Read pages 9-17

God can be neither created nor destroyed only transformed into other forms of God.
There is a penalty for transforming God and it is called ENTROPY.

10 thoughts on “Swastika and Sacred Geometry Part 1

  1. Hello, I was in Peru, Machu Picchu on 07-06-07 and found a beautiful rough cut stone the size of a quarter burried in an Inca wall (a wall with mortar. The stone is flat brown shiny polished granite. It has a cross or swastica design on both sides. At the tip of each line is a arrow or diamond shape on each side. The intersection of the cross has a circle. Perhaps a coinsidence of nature but it is beautiful. I put it in my pocket and have it in the states. Do you know who might help me reasearch it. Thanks PDL

  2. Hello Raphael

    OK, I am interested in finding out as much as I can about this piece. I will take a photo of it and Email it to you. My Email address is pdlimon@aol.com Can yo send me yours so I can attach a few pic’s. PS. I see a small Swasticka type Icon next to your above Email. This is v-e-r-y simular to the design on both sides of the stone. Thanks


  3. My name is Terry Kennedy, and I have solved the ancient riddle of geometry, and can prove the Ancients knew what they were talking about,…Spherical expansion of Twisting Energy. It explains a condition, a freeze-frame…

  4. The points of the Swastika are the interaction nodes of expanding energy that is relative to 90 degrees and is a female value of counter-clockwise rotation

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