Pagan Science … 27 – 54 – 108 – 216 – 432 – 864 – 1728

Numerologists researching ancient culture agree that there existed a specific numerical progression of numbers that repeatedly appear in the same context in pagan science;

27 -54 -108 -216 -432 -864 -1782
(zero(s) connected to a number does not change its numerical symbol)

The numbers in this context became the sacred numbers of creation in ancient science 1. These numbers are found to be the main numbers of the cosmology introduced here.
It is known that most Icelandic settlers “hallowed the land” before they cultivated it. According to latest discoveries a hallowing involved ceremonies of creation and fixing the cardinal points on the land. According to the concept introduced here, a primitive mind conducting the ceremony of creation, by measuring and marking the cosmology on to the land, recreates in a symbolical way the size of planet Earth and the proportions of its ecliptical path around the Sun.

In this project we delve into ancient science, travel to deepest space and back in time to six exotic places to redescover some of the earliest cosmology on the planet:
The cycle of Rangarhverfi, 216.000 feet in diameter.
The cycle of Denmark, 432.000 feet in diameter.
The cycle of Somerset, England, 216.000 feet in diameter.
The cycle of Paris, France, 216.000 feet in diameter.
The cycle of St. Peters Basilica in Rome, 216 feet in diameter and to
the cycle of Egypt on the Nile Delta, 216 minutes of Earths circumference in diameter.

Very very and most interesting.
Both the number 432 greatly interests me, the connection between Denmark* and Rome*, and the fact we are discussing mainly cycles.
432 reminds me of the number 423, and these three numbers are connected to the ancient Riddle of the Sphinx…the solution to which, also spoke of a cycle.

In my comparative studies, certain concepts keep manifesting in all belief systems, both religious and scientific.
Reversals representing a reversal of time, entropy, polarity, fate or destiny.
I do want to state that I believe the Grand Architect would have the ability to create a ‘perpetual motion machine‘?
Something the ego of man would love to create…and profit from.

*What connection exists between Denmark (tribe of Dan) and Rome?
Like shooting fish (Age of Pisces) in a pond, full of scum.
It is a barrel of fun…

The author of the above article eventually talks about how the cosmology was based on the cube.
I like cubes too.
Especially black cubical magnets that attract people…like the one in Mecca called the Ka’bah.
These links also explore the connections between sacred sites, cubes and beliefs based on geometry.

27 – 54 – 108 – 216 – 432 – 864 – 1782

I know these numbers very well … they cause me to vibrate.
Pagan frequencies I suspect…
Each worthy of its own station in life.
Rolling Eyes

And don’t be such a thule (or a ‘tool’), remember microcosmic Denmark owns macrocosmic Greenland…and everything hidden under those ice sheets…that just happen to be melting…
An ice free Antarctic and Greenland have yet to be gazed upon by the grazing herd of humanity…what secrets lie buried under ice sheets that can be 2 km thick?

And then there are all those connections between the NAZIs, Hyberborea and Thule.

“Aryan Thule”

Nazi mystics believed in a historical Thule/Hyperborea as the ancient origin of the Aryan race. The Traditionalist School expositor Rene Guenon believed in the existence of ancient Thule on “initiatic grounds alone”. According to its emblem, the Thule Society was founded in 1919. It had close links to the Deutsche Arbeiter Partei (DAP), later the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP, the Nazi party). One of its three founder members was Lanz von Liebenfels (1874–1954). In his biography of Liebenfels (“Der Mann, der Hitler die Ideen gab”, Munich 1985), the Viennese psychologist and author Dr Wilhelm Dahm wrote: “The Thule Gesellschaft name originated from mythical Thule, a Nordic equivalent of the vanished culture of Atlantis. A race of giant supermen lived in Thule, linked into the Cosmos through magical powers. They had psychic and technological energies far exceeding the technical achievements of the 20th century. This knowledge was to be put to use to save the Fatherland and create a new race of Nordic Aryan Atlanteans. A new Messiah would come forward to lead the people to this goal.”

Can I say something profound and original?

“All will be revealed” … after the ice melts and the dams break…

Okay so it wasn’t original, neither are we.

nanu nanu namaste



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