Kaaba MERKABA and the Ka Ba

Here is a layout of the ISLAMIC Kaaba found in Mecca.

Now go to this blog … or continue to scroll down.


…and see how the same ARKetype of SHAPE can be found and profoundly compared to St. Peter’s Square in the heart of Christian Rome, and the Shrine of the Book located in Israel.

Do they compare.
Only a fool in denial would say no.

Kaaba sounds like Merkaba and the Egyptian Ka and Ba, doesn’t it?
If our roots are in the ORAL traditions … the EWE belonging to ALL 3 herds called Judaism, Christainity and Islam should confirm this.


The same ARKetypes of SHAPE attributed to temple building can be found in China and Peru … everywhere!!!

They are essentially fertility symbols located over Power Centres…representing processes of scalar and stellar evolution…occuring on all levels of the ‘creation’, from the smallest, the microcosm to the biggest, the Macrocosm.

ELECTOMAGNETIC fields is all the BUZZ.

The fact it looks like a KEYHOLE is not a coincidence.
And those not numb and dumb KNOW if you have your intuition turned on … I just provided a KEY to opening the mysteries of the ages as ‘scripted’.

How simple and obvious, as Albert suggested it would be.
As it should be.

ya ya I know …
symbolism means nothing … it only means what we attach to it …

WELL what does it mean when the dysfunctional family, the descendants of Abraham (btw ALL Semites) are fighting over CONTROL of the same damn symbols?


Wishing and waiting for a prophecy?
Some funnymentalists even willing to help and aSSist the script contained within the scriptures in achieving it’s goals…

What if golem is getting close to the truth?

Golem, what does the “G” in the Compass and the Square represent?

God, Goat, Gold or Geometry?
‘Google’ everything I say silly…

selah V



7 thoughts on “Kaaba MERKABA and the Ka Ba

  1. The Unseen video series by HotConflict Discusses Sacred Geometry and the Light Ka Ba as related to the Star of David personal MerKaba.
    Listen to the deepness and prepare for the Ascension of the whole planet.

  2. As the 2013 birth of the age of Aquarius approaches, those trying desperately to suppress the truth will fail at last. More and more people are realising that wisdom only comes to those who open their eyes. Blind faith in the different, but remarkably similar dogma foisted on humanity for the last 2000 years is finally being destroyed and the real spirit of the natural world is rising again.

    Thanks for an interesting and insightful post…

  3. to me GolE M says; Gold Source PoseSSion itvalso’poses consumption,assimilation of it,.. well ;…. ya think??

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  5. Hello Rapahel… great blog man.. opened my eyes to a lot of stuff…
    i wanted to share with you a piece of information that i just stumbled upon… the Saudi Arabian Government has decided to further expand the space surrounding the Holy Kaba… the link below shows the newly proposed design that they have actually started implementing and that would finish in a couple of years… what do you think? of course im sure the newly constructed clock tower has a meaning as well… don’t try to look for it on google maps… it’s not up there yet…

    here’s the link Shortened:


    lemme know what you find out!



    • Interesting…thanks for the link Noor.

      But for now I am more interested in investigating the 5th century BCE building known as the CUBE of Zoroaster.

      The Ka’ba-ye Zartosht (alt: Kaba-ye Zardusht, Kaba-ye Zardosht, Persian: Kaabeye Zartoŝt), meaning the “Cube of Zoroaster,” is a 5th century B.C.E. Achaemenid-era tower-like construction at Naqsh-e Rustam, an archaeological site just northwest of Persepolis, Iran. This enigmatic structure is one of many surviving examples of the Achaemenid architectural design.


      note the size of the base:
      7.30 x 7.30

      And the 3 level or step platform is a reminder that Noah’s Ark was 3 levels, and so was the Bohr modEL of an adam, err I mean atom.

      And on the east wall the inscription by the priest written in 19 lines reminds me of Peter Plichta’s fascination with 19 amino acids. (19+1)

      And the dedication by Shapur I (A.D. 239-70) I find interesting too.

      Note how 239-7 morphs into 1/137?
      Also I find it interesting that the dedication was in 3 languages, similar to the Rosetta Stone being expressed in 3 different languages…is this a clue, why did they use 3 languages to record the event?

      I think it is based on the understanding that often something gets lost in translation, and 3 languages maintains a certain integrity.

      selah V

  6. The first picture is a magnet in the shape of a cube with iron fillings scattered around it. The magnetic field causes the iron fillings to arrange themselves into that pattern.

    “We will show them Our Signs in the universe, and in their ownselves, until it becomes manifest to them that this (the Quran) is the truth. Is it not sufficient in regard to your Lord that He is a Witness over all things?” – [41:53]

    This photogravure etching by Saudi artist Ahmed Mater called “Magnetism” uses iron filings to depict pilgrims circling around the Kaaba in Mecca. It is on display during an exhbition entitled “Hajj: journey to the heart of Islam” at the British Museum in London.


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