4 AGES MODEL of the Universe = RIDDLE of the SPHINX and our BINARY Companion

The following is another attempt by myself to incorporate all I have felt these past 5 years, the blending of many ideas … including Fintan’s I/O theory, using the universal language of archetype that transcends Space/Time and Motion.

Carl Jung claimed this archetypal language could be found within the symbolism found in Alchemy.
Joseph Campbell would agree and add … myth too!

4 AGES MODEL of the Universe = RIDDLE of the SPHINX and our Binary Companion = I/O = WSM = Rodin Coil

Azoth wrote:

that’s fylfot.
or, “it’s a joke”….

I feel like a wan man.

The above card, CARD X is the treasure map.
It is a direct reference to Ezekiel’s Wheel and his prophecy.
It is a mnemonic, a visual aid that I believe was once used by the enlightened to help spread the word, about the ‘WORD’.
It was a primary tool that I used to assist me in my journey through the labyrinth.
It is the treasure map we can use to assist us in finding our inner spiritual gold…the pot of truth at the end of the rainbow.
Shall we continue?
Take out your calculators and cell phones.
If the Dalai Lama wrote a book saying the Universe can be found in an atom, and enlightened gurus suggest it can be found in a blade of grass, well then grasshoppers, I want to suggest that I found the answers using the 9 main numbers, found on all the ARCHETYPAL devices that we use today to do business and communicate…like the ‘cell’ phone.

1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9
* 0 #

And on another thread I would like to discuss the role of * 0 #…but not now okay? Idea

Azoth wrote:

electrons = standing waves = charge rushing in to nucleus. how would this jibe with the sun as electron, traversing the symbolic zodiacal cross? 

damn good question Azoth

NOTE: In the following response to your question…I have provided links to provide reasons for my the development of these concepts…however I feel it is NOT necessary at this time, to link to them to understand this thread…please return to them AFTER you have finished the entire thread.

Another lie of science eh? … no such thing as wave/particle duality … as Milo Wolff suggests there is only one wave/particle … it is the movement that determines polarity.
In the flat quantum world, there are only two movements available.
CW vs. CCW is what determines its ‘identity’…thus the electron turns one direction and its anti-particle rotates in the opposite.
(above is just a re-cap for those following allowing)

I do love Milos theory because it is simple and concise and fits in well with Hans Jenny and his investigations into cymatics. Wink
I also believe simplicity is the key to understanding the complexity.

I have been waiting for a couple of years now Azoth, waiting for somebody to ask a question, just like the one you asked above.

Did the ancients know this, or at least understand it ‘in another symbolic’ language based on archetype?

Do the big, the macrocosm, and the small, the microcosm, behave in similar manners?
Just as the Emerald Tablet suggests, as Sir Isaac Newton, the alchemist earnestly believed?

If the heliosphere of our solar system is asymmetric as the expert now believes, as perhaps the electron and its anti-particle the positron are…what does this mean as we traverse the universe/the zodiac cross?

I am going to take some images from this blog that I wrote in Aug/2007.


The MODEL of big = small was one of the AHAs granted me one day as I playing with numbers = concepts.
A simple game, something a child could participate in and understand.
I could teach this stuff to kids better than adults. I intuitively felt life was a game a child could participate in?
Adults sadly have been taught to be skeptical of simplicity to help explain grandiose ideas…

Start with a WHEEL (circle) = the astrological wheel with ARIES beginning in 0 degrees.

Then we place this square Greek CROSS into the WHEEL as the next image illustrates.
Please note…that the cross inside the circle represents matter and spirit.

CIRCLE = spirit
CROSS = matter

I call the above image…the philosopher’s stone, found in Ireland, thank me lucky charms…I show how it matches up with the Vatican.

Explained here: http://forums.abrahadabra.com/showthread.php?3233-Alchemy-and-Aether-and-a-SS-Theory-of-Everything&p=39723#post39723

And the cosmic meaning of the lucky 4-leaf clover I can share with you too, please note that in the image above, on the right is a 4-leaf clover or the Quatrefoil found in Gothic churches, built by the ‘templars/masons’ etc?
I go into much more detail re: the above symbol at these links here:





In the quantum world they might use a similar concept to symbolize the ‘positron’.

And simply by substituting the numbers 1-12 on the CROSS to coincide with their position on the WHEEL yields this ‘galactic’ BLUEPRINT that can be used (IMHO) for either a positron/electron or our SUN and its binary companion.

Binary companion?
FACT: the quantum scientist today operates on the following axiom.
If a particle is found….its anti-particle is assumed to exist also.

So IF everything in the small world operates similar to an ‘action’ in the big world … we can assume/pretend/theorize that our SUN has an anti-sun or binary companion.

Two suns?
Disbelievers go here:

Go Walter Cruttendon go!!!
Ra! Ra! Ra!
You have some fans dude!
Count me in…your theory rocks and rolls through SpaceTime

So now that we have a MODEL that can be applied to an electron/positron or the white SUN/black sun all we need to do … is join the dots through SpaceTime.
That model above represents essentially the 25,812 year cycle that science has called ‘Precession of the Equinoxes’.

I can hear the shouts of disbelief already!!!
But precession is equal to 25,920 years many of you will say!!!
Well I do want you to know that I used Marko Rodin math to arrive at that figure, 25,812.
Which happens to correlate, nearly exactly to my favorite numbers… 11258.
Add 108 years (how many beads on a rosary/is 108 important to the Hindu calendar?), 108 to account for the circle of fifths that suggests signal loss occurs (we live in a analogueworld) and we arrive at the common figure quoted above 25,920)

And what exactly is the relationship between 1 and 8 and 8 and 9 in music and in the esoteric writings of alchemy and the bible narrative?

Shall we continue?

ANY child that can count to twenty (fingers and toes) can count backwards/precess from the #1.
i.e. 1 >> 12 >> 11 >> 10 >> etc… back to 1.

So now we have the path of our SUN or an electron.

A macro/micro MODEL that can be used to make predictions about when/where the electron will appear next OR what 2012 might be about.

i.e. Look at the ARIES in the number 1 position on the wheel.
It resides in the first valance or orbit…closest to the center.
It belongs to the group 1, 4, 7, and 10 (or 1)

1, 4, 7,

We know that as we moved from the AGE of Aries into the AGE of Pisces about 2000+ years ago…much development has occurred…throughout the world….correct?
It has been an age where the amount of ‘energy’ in the world has increased>>>as it would if an electron moved away from the nucleus.

Pisces as we can see resides in the third valance or shell, and it belongs to the group 3, 6, 9 and 12 (or 3)

Ah the magic of 3, 6, 9 finally understood in a new light?

3, 6, 9

However we are moving currently into a new AGE as we all know and some of us are feeling.
The AGE of Aquarius.
Locate Aquarius on the 4 AGES MODEL.
It sits within the second shell/valance and it belongs to the group 2, 5, 8, and 11 (or 2)

YES here we have the numbers I have been tracking relentlessly ‘backwards’ through SpaceTime… 11, 2, 5, and 8.

Which contain the numbers 528 … or in Gematria ‘the KEY’.
Solfeggio 528 hertz heals DNA, and the cell wall, is the claim made by experts?

2, 5, 8  

And please note that 258 is one of the diagonals in the Lo Shu magic square?

And here is where prophecy and my MODEL collide in a very big way.
We know as the electron moves toward the nucleus, it is moving toward a more stable energy state….and the electron must do something.

It must eject photons of light!

OR as I see and feel things in these END of DAZE Times/2012, as the Maya and the Bible thumpers both predict … there will be an ascension/a rapture…which are the photons/energy being released as we move toward …

1/ a lower energy state (hydrocarbons gone bust)
2/ more stability/less complexity

I go into a little more detail on this blog:

Thus what I refer to as the 4 AGES MODEL encapsulates everything big and small…

But the astute will suggest that the MODEL only illustrates ONE of the TWO binary companions.
We must add the binary companion…


And it is that step that takes us to an every higher level of understanding in regards to all of the above and the concept of a BINARY companion.

432 or 423?


Riddle of the Sphinx 

4 legs at dawn

2 legs at noon

3 legs at dusk

shhhh but what happens in the underworld eh?
What happens between dusk and dawn while we shleep?

I only see a semi-circle or an ARCH which became the allegorical ARK, both the arch and the ark are best explained by interpreting the archetypes?

And then we take a quick look at my notes.
By adding a BINARY companion we realize that the RIDDLE of the SPHINX is finally understood…in a new wonderful way.
It appears to confirm what the SPHINX represents.
A symbol representing the STARGATE to our invisible Binary Companion?

432 and 423 

do those numbers ring any bells?
Either in your intuition or at the Coral Castle?

432 = frequency of the SUN?
423 = frequency of the MOON … which is somehow connected to the Sphinx?

Old Testament beliefs believe that after we die……we must pass through the MOON?

And another wonderful poetic archetypal clue left by our ancestors is?
My journey has been notably about chiral asymmetric hands.
…and EL is a god.

In the Canaanite religion, or Levantine religion as a whole, El or Il was the supreme god, the father of humankind and all creatures and the husband of the Goddess Asherah as attested in the tablets of Ugarit.

The composer Handel’s most famous oratorio is called MESSIAH and it was tuned to … get this … note ‘A’ = 423 hertz.

The work is a presentation of Jesus’s life and its significance according to Christian doctrine. The name of the oratorio is taken from the Abrahamic concept of the Messiah (“the anointed one”). In Christianity, Jesus is the Messiah.

And it seems Aleister Crowley and me were sharing some of the same cosmic vibrations…I came across this cross AFTER I had already conceptualized my thoughts…note that the serpent is about to consume its tail…in the AGE of Aries…
‘believe it or not’

For me, this was a wonderful confirmation in opposition to the paradox = Intelligent/stupid well-meaning wankers who have opposed every step I have taken, (on this, the very lonely road less traveled) toward a universal truth?
A truth that can be taught to any child capable of counting backwards from 12?

This is the MODEL that I feel that needs to see the light of day and night.
IMHO time is running out and about to ‘reverse’ itself as the 4 AGES MODEL predicts.
I also feel it gives us a big CLUE as to what HUMANITY should REALLY DO as we approach 2012.

The MASTERS have us on the wrong path?
Are they benevolent or self-serving?
That is the question as we continue to be ‘lead’ toward a final goal?

Hey Gary/Code 9 did you get all that?
If you covet mo’ money down here…..EWE are coming back for some ‘unfinished business’?
My current deal with the asymmetric mirror image devil / lived that exists as part of me too, was the following……

‘please show me the truth and I will set everyone FREE for FREE’ Idea

That was the deal I made with myself.
So go for the gold Gary, go for the gold, INSIDE of you dude.
The treasure map I found leads the seeker of truth inward, because as my 4 AGES MODEL illustrates, that is the path back to the center?

time to go vibrate now and try to understand those ‘3 notes’, the KEYs to the 3 Gates I have identified.
(bill gates = mo’ money is one of them and the bill for our errant human behaviors is about to come due and payable in a cosmic energetic way…)

So thanks for asking that question Azoth.

How does all this blend with Marko Rodin/Milo Wolff/Fintan Duane’s I/O theory….do they all blend?

just ask me if you dare….
and I shall ask my shadow.

After all … “the shadow knows” Cool


the good luck/vital energy in me respects and wishes the vital energy in you good luck in these END of DAZE dude.
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”
-Albert Einstein


30 thoughts on “4 AGES MODEL of the Universe = RIDDLE of the SPHINX and our BINARY Companion

  1. Raph,
    I lied in my PM from 2012 forum. I cannot stay away from these damn machines. I am giving up a lot of demons here at my parents or at least it feels like it… Not quite the cake walk I thought it was going to be. But, I am actually dreaming up here… You might find it interesting that I flew past the full moon, checked back and saw the darkside- then I flew right past the sun, and lo and behold the back side of it was dark, as well. WTF? I just checked the clock… 4:23. Time to go and stare at the scenery around here… Oh, I’ve started dowsing too- I am hoping that will help me turn some of your information into gold for me.

    Thanks for the nuggets,

    P.S. My mom told me she is glad there are people like you out there, because we have just been arguing- well she’s been clearing a lot of emotions at me- I’ve been trying to remain centered (the things I say scare the shit out of her, I think- yeah…). I’m not saying either of us are right- but she appreciates the hope you’ve given. Been watchin’ yourtube too. Cool faves. Thanks again.

    • always welcome jer

      4:23 eh? … I wonder if you flew past the darkside when I was writing this?

      scroll down the blog until you see the my handwritten words written in RED and the words ‘BINARY COMPANIONS’ and the numbers 423 and 432
      you will like what you see…you may want to read the entire blog…



      • Raph,

        Get Ready because here comes another novel from your friend Jer,

        Yes indeed sir- I always read the full thing and review old ones. If you have a hit tracker I’m sure it would classify me as “stalker”(Sorry)!!! I Usually read and re-read multiple times- as I’m sure I’ve noted before I feel more like one of the sheeple and seagullibles most of the time. That’s why I make my utmost effort to truly LISTEN to ANYONE now (but still Trust nothing I have not experienced- which sucks, but it’s what I’ve got)- no matter what my ego tells me about them and well, I just feel like you and I have a lot in common (I was supposed to be born on the 2nd of July, Stayed 20 more days…)- I’ve shared my lucid dreams and had people tell me I was making up “stories”- or was just met with the look of disbelief. I feel I know on some level what being an outcast entails.

        All I’ve ever wanted to know was who and what I am… Always felt like I was supposed to be doing something and all these jobs/money and my “shhtuff” felt hollow. How dare them, the unbelievers (that we are all special- no religious tone meant) and deceivers- but that’s when I tell myself I need to learn compassion… because yeah… I was there, and am just another person myself.

        I should have mentioned that dream also had a flood (total deluge) in it – lucky for me the house I was in was water tight?… The house landed on a renewed earth that was beautiful- absolutely perfect with others there that gave me hope to start anew! Then all these damn bugs attacked and I was takin’ them out with my AR-15… too many damn video games that I wished I’d never have played, though I’m sure there’s a message there. (Mother speaks in metaphor, correct?- or is it Father…? Perhaps just it? heh) After that is when I flew off the planet because I got tired of fightin’, too many bugs- after the sun/moon fly-by I went through some barrier that felt like total electricity- like being strained through an atomic cheese grater (almost reminded me of times I FELL THROUGH the FLOOR on Salvia D, gnarly stuff… scares me where I maybe headed?)- which landed me in a water pipe, that some how Jay-Z was in control of- he opened it up for me and let me out; after which he was trying to make me “cool” at a photo-op like one of his friends, I got pissed, because I don’t care about that shit, he took my purse (?hahaha?) with my car keys, keyed my car, and I ended up resulting to violence as always… Upon waking I “took it back” realized that I just want to love my kids, and live life in peace somehow, though it seems I’m so detuned from nature I often wonder how I will feed the kids when times get worse- which I feel they are. (scared of bugs, fearful of J-HOVA (Jay-Z’s alter ego: Hova…wtf?) I realize I don’t pay you enough, but does this mean anything to you?

        I have done a lot of research on the 432Hz (still need to find someone to re-tune my piano, though I don’t know exactly how- Need to research this more and re-review my notes.) Indeed, I also remember your older posts on the riddle of the sphinx. There are times when I read your blog, everything seems like syncs, and I’m happy- truth chills, but lately everything has just been… depressing.

        I don’t seek professional help because I know they’d just tell me I’m “passive aggressive” and “Obsessive compulsive”; Or just outright friggin nuts… Not to mention “their” drugs have given me a seizure and made me more suicidal than I ever was without them… Nothing like Mother Earth grows! =] My parents think my seeking truth (and mother’s plants…) is the problem, however this, that, and my children is all that’s kept me from death- and at the same time given me hope that there is somewhere where knowledge, love, and happiness rule- not Mo’ $$$. Somewhere where we can just be, without having to pretend we’re something we’re not. Yeah?

        I have a lot of fear, kidney issues, and ringing in the ears. I get weird tones at times, too. I check the clock @ 22,33,44,55 after the hour more often than not. Do you get any of this yourself? I am going to try Edgar Cayce’s Kidney tea- apparently it’s just watermelon seeds? Worth a shot, I suppose- do you have any opinions on him I should know about? Sometimes I wonder what’s screwing with my head- if it’s indeed “not just me”, or just my Shadow, or “Them”… Yeah, I’ll concede I’m paranoid but then again I’ve had almost lucid dreams with those famed “grey aliens”- Not that I believe in external physical Aliens, as it seems true that: There is nothing new under the Sun- perhaps nor above or behind it, either. (Dark side of the Sun will be the name of my first album when I compile enough songs to make one!!!) But I think you know what everyone “else” tells me… Now that I think of it, I’ll go read your blog on your Conversations with Jehovah to see if that clears anything up for me. Thanks for reading as always. I owe you dude.

        Let me know if there is anything I can do for you; I mean it.


      • Wow! This blog is blowing my mind!

        My date of birth is 3 feb 77 or;
        7 7 = 14 use only the 4 (1-0 numbers) 3 and 2 is 432 or 423 if you do it American style.

        My social security # contains 666?

        On 25/1/2004 at 3:10am i almost died in a car accident = 25/1/8/3/1 =112358. not sure if this means anything or not but it’s in step with this blog. The only subjects that interest me since 2005 are all discused & unified here.

      • If it makes you happy, 2004 was a turning point for me also.
        I cannot remember the exact day though.
        Maybe I wrote it down somewhere….

        We can also add new info to the riddle of the sphinx.


  2. Jer,

    I read your work, don’t understand it yet but will keep at it. I do believe that you are on the right track in a big way. I was born 18 July and have found that mid-july types seem to think similarly about most things, big or small.
    Money is necessary to have in the material universe, but we should not have enough to get distracted from the only thing that matters, search for emlightenment. My responsiblity for my kids also saved me from death, so I know where you are coming from, and agree with most of your comments. Been there and being there, done that and doing that.
    And, there are very many people who share that experience and its consequent worldview.


      • Sorry for the confusion Raph. Thanks for letting me vent on here- I wasn’t going to post that thing after I wrote it, but I thought what the hell. Ian I’m just some confused reader. Don’t mind me.

        Take care,

      • venting is good eh?
        but we should stand in front of a mirror when doing it?
        or lay it on me?
        I can handle it dude…

        keep venting
        but remember the golden rules


      • I had no intent to lay it on you directly sir, though I see how posting it pointed at you isn’t really that fair or valuable to anyone; besides that there are more important things for you to spend time on for the whole. It’s always the questions you don’t answer that I end up looking at the hardest, anyway! haha.

        In a way now I see it also as a selfish attempt for my ego to steal some of the time of your readers (Ack, again, not my intent but how I just felt after reading your response). Perhaps it’s to share it with them as well- but I should post my own blog for that. There’s an idea!

        Thanks for being able to handle it. I’m no good with rules and always learn the hard way… No matter what kind it seems. At least I’m learning to laugh at myself again.

        I appreciate your understanding.

        As always- Thanks,


      • what can I say?

        everything happens for a reason…
        follow your intuition…
        because that forms a huge part of what has already been written?

        the word coincidence is a COP OUT!!!

        bad boys
        bad boys
        what cha goin to do
        when they come for you….?


  3. some tidbits:

    Note that the God “EL” is a modern application meant to apply to all pre-Judaic gods. It wasn’t the actual people of the corresponding times who held this belief. As an example, the primary Canaanite God who is now referred to as EL was Moloch, a bird demon from the sky whose symbol was a peacock (much like that of NBC.) Another example would be the god named “Victory” that Roman soldiers prayed to, adopting traditions from the northen parts of what is now the U.K. Few people today realize the origin of such a name, let alone the vast numbers of deities and their purposes that the ancients believed in.

  4. Just found this blog randoomly in google and found the topic quite interesting, but when i started reading, maan You blew my mind dude !
    And i was thinking about that torot card “wheel of fortune” – here again Einsteins words(the ones You quoted at the end of topic) proves to be right. I noticed that the Sphinx sits on the answer of her riddle 🙂 ! The Sphinx’s seat is a wheel, wich originally is designed for spinning(thats what wheels are made for, right ?:) The red guy seems to be spinning it counterclockwise or 423.
    Im sure that means something, symbols are not illustrations afterall. I mean if You draw a symbol, whose meaning you know, You wouldn’t put anything meaningless in your symbol, right? 🙂

      • Raphael,
        I have been intrigued by the information you have acquired. I would like to know more. I am struggling with a whirlwind of symbols and numbers all leading me to one place, maybe you can help pull me out of this maze.


      • maybe
        maybe not james

        can I suggest if you have a question re: symbols

        google the name of the symbol along with kachina 2012 wordpress

        i.e. re: the IHS symbol

        IHS kachina 2012 wordpress

        see if that helps or confuses you James.


  5. Lots of fascinating symbols. Came to this site looking for “wheels” and Ezekiel’s Wheel. I am a tarot and astrology reader; not only is Wheel of Fortune based on Ezekiel, but so is World, the final and highest card. The four creatures are the four fixed zodiac signs #2,5,8,11; embarrassing to Christians so they don’t mention it. And “the key” which St. Peter’s is built on is also an alchemical and kundalini “serpentine” symbol of the two currents within us, which is “the key” to understanding our divine nature and powers. I didn’t know the Sphinx sits on a wheel; really?

  6. Hello,
    The Sphinx and three pyramids are marker of time of new αώ cycle that will be finished after few centuries in 2,400 ± 50. This is a message send by ancient civilization to us about finished old αώ cycle. Ancient anniversary Zep-Tepi had been sacred to new αώ cycle and was the proof about the beginning of the new αώ epoch.
    We have a greatest epoch of the prohibited History. Lots of artifacts of the pre-flood history are forbidden by false “fathers” of the mainstreams. 30,000 Atlantian or Olmecian artifacts found by Scottish Mineralogist and Archeologist William Niven are hidden in the museums of New York and Mexico. Lots of so called “researches” are written for the money, not for the Truth. They could rise lots of money for the falsification of the our real history. “Fathers” of the falsifications led by Dr. Zahi Hawass and Dr . Mark Lehner have the ostrich position against the modern discoveries made by many investigators. These video clips in the link are taken from the interesting investigations and closely connected to the much more sensational discovery that the Atlantis City. If you know Geology can understand everything!

    The Giza complex is sacred to the global geo-catastrophe that started on 21 October 12,475 (10,465 B.C.) years ago. Sphinx indicates epoch of the event, i.e. Leo’s epoch. Three stars of the Orion’s belt indicate the three Giza pyramids at the event boundary and causeway from the middle pyramid to the sphinx indicates sunrise, i.e. 21-22, 23 October during the event. Of 21 October to 23 October continued EB geo-transfer and terrible earthquakes that formed last global deluge all over the Earth. Under the crust situates huge Magma Ocean. Approximately deepness of the fiery Magma Ocean is measured ~400km. Mantle plumes discovered by many geologists are the proof about powerful liquid waves within the Magma Ocean. The waves are formed by penetration or rapid movement of the fiery liquid masses from the outer nucleus into the Magma Ocean (Asthenosphere). Reversal and recovery of the global Magnetic field, powerful wave deformation of the crust, runaway subductions and kilometers high tsunamis and partially or global extinctions are side effects only.
    The Giza project began by survived Atlantians after 10,465 B.C. and finished approximately in 10,400 B.C. Of course the project had been sacred to last global deluge.Thus minimal age of the Sphinx and three pyramids is that – 10.400+2010=12.410 years. It has no alternative.Whole Elite of the modern Geology want to say to egyptologist that the Sphinx has the much older age but the egyptologists have the ostrich position ??????




    Best wishes,
    K. Margiani
    Founder new field of science Cosmogeology

  7. It needs hard working Raphael.
    The megalithic complex of the Giza sacred to last global deluge in 10,465B.C. To explain each periodical global deluge we have additional proofs as well. There are discovered shift and reversal of the magnetic poles by many scientists. Scientific falsifications are interrelated to the wrong authorities and they have the ostrich position against my discoveries but the reversal events have been discovered by best scientists, best intellectuals of the world. The reversal event has an interesting and only explanation. These events are the proofs about powerful liquid waves within outer nucleus. Only one force of the universe can do it. This is an amazing geological force EB geo-transfer. It causes penetration or rapid movement the outer nucleus masses under the crust and mantle plumes, powerful liquid waves within Magma Ocean, deformation all over the crust, kilometers high tsunamis and shifting all lithosphere platforms over the 1000-1500km. Shift of the geographical poles are discovered by many scientists as well. shift of all lithosphere platforms over the 1000-1500km means drifting of the continents for few days over the 1000-1500km. Only one force of the universe can do something like this – powerful liquid waves under the crust, within Magma Ocean.
    Thus future of the modern geology is that Gradualism + catastrophic plate tectonics [periodical global deluges all over the earth]. It means that every 7,000-13,000 years runaway subduction and drifting of the continents for few days over the 1000-1500km.
    Best wishes,
    K. Margiani
    Founder new field of science Cosmogeology

    • obviously we have both done our homework…
      different courses
      but the same graduation class
      At the end of the sermons given by folks like you and me, the mass of sheeple wanna know what?

      here is what the sheeple public responds with today, as they pause for a moment, distracted by I-pods,text messaging etc…

      “What are the apps?”



      • Raphael you are right. I want to say on old tradition of the herdsmen’s in the Caucasus mountains. A Dog and a goat were inseparable members of the folk. Dog – against carnivorous predators, Goat – to keep the sheep folk mass fall down from the rocks.
        Looks like you are dissident and very intellectual mind.
        In your work I found roots of the Atlantians’ culture and knowledge.
        I want to invite you in the scientific team of the best dissidents, best scientists in the world.
        welcome: http://www.neutronrepulsion.ge/neutronrepulsion.html
        at the below of the web page you can find how to join.
        Be well, Kakha

  8. This last message sum it all up Raphael. You’re right.
    Talk to you soon.

    – The slow (but highly interested) guy that is waiting by the window in the class

  9. The Egyptology – pseudoscientific field.
    I’m very sorry but this is the truth. Modern Egyptology is died and needs to be recovered from the new roots. Triumph of the false degrees and false authorities have already produced dead full crisis in the historical sciences as well. Who is the blame?
    1. For decades falsification of the mankind’s history by false degrees.
    2. Lots of “researches” on ancient history, written for the money, not for the truth.
    3. The false dating for the pre-flood (before 10,465 B.C.) and post-flood megalithic constructions.
    4. Absolutely ignorance of the geological data in dating for the pre-flood (before 10,465 B.C.) and post-flood megalithic constructions.
    5. Non-scientific hysteria in the mass-media against true discoveries on forgotten greatest history.
    6. An amazing discoveries by Rene Schwaller de Lubicz, John Anthony West, Dr. Robert shock, Graham Hancock, Prof. Charles H. Hapgood, William Niven and other intellectuals including my ground breaking investigations.
    7. Silence by many Egyptologists about the amazing discoveries.
    8. Selective investigations with disappearance of the many unacceptable data.
    Falsification of the greatest pre-flood and post-flood history, mainly began by first Egyptologists and have come to the extreme limit by modern Egyptologists led by greatest false-makers and false authorities of the historical sciences: Dr. Zahi Hawass and Dr . Mark Lehner. Restoration date of the pre-flood and post-flood megalithic construction does not mean that the amazing artifacts have been built at the dynastic epoch?????
    I’m ready to defend each my word in the debates or in the law-court. I’ve ordered the place in the “scientific graveyard” for the Egyptology. An amazing truth on pre-flood and post-flood history is decoded and all old books on history should be edited to rewrite…
    Position of the “Ostriches’ and ignorantes’ ” have already killed the science and the Egyptology is “rotten to the bones”.
    I’m vary sorry once again on my world announcement – Egyptology as a science has already DIED!…
    K. Margiani
    Founder new field of science Cosmogeology

  10. Sensational news for the mankind and the ground breaking news for the modern Egyptologists!
    Deadlines for the Giza complex (Three pyramids and Sphinx) and other four epochal pyramids!

    Giza Complex → ≈ 10,400 B.C.
    1. Red Pyramid → 30 June 10,172 B.C. (1- st Thoth → first epochal heliacal rise of the star Sirius after the global deluge)
    2. Bent Pyramid → 3 July 8,699 B.C. ([2 step] 1- st Thoth → Second epochal heliacal rise of the star Sirius after the global deluge)
    3. Meidum Pyramid → 6 July 7,226 B.C. ([3 step] 1- st Thoth → Third epochal heliacal rise of the star Sirius after the global deluge)
    6. Step Pyramid → 15 July 2,807 B.C. ([6 step] 1- st Thoth → sixth epochal heliacal rise of the star Sirius after the global deluge)
    The Giza complex had been built by survived Atlantians. Using Intellectual and technical forces of the survived colonies the complex was sacred to Atlantis people to revere souls of the people. Using the stellar coordinates of the Sun, Leo and Orion, exact date of the Deluge had been written in the complex. Of course the complex was sacred to last global deluge as well.
    1. Using survived metallic instruments and geo-polymeric technologies Deadline for the Red Pyramid was interrelated to Egyptian epochal new year 1- st Thoth, → first epochal heliacal rise of the star Sirius after the global deluge.
    The pyramid had been built by Intellectual and technical forces of the survived colonies. Red pyramid was sacred to Atlantis people to revere souls of the people.
    2. Using survived metallic instruments and geo-polymeric technologies Deadline for the Bent Pyramid was interrelated to Egyptian epochal new year 1- st Thoth, → second epochal heliacal rise of the star Sirius after the global deluge.
    The pyramid had been built by Intellectual and technical forces of the survived colonies. Bent Pyramid has two steps and was sacred to Atlantis people to revere souls of the people.
    3. Using remaining metallic instruments Deadline for the Meidum Pyramid was interrelated to Egyptian epochal new year 1- st Thoth, → Third epochal heliacal rise of the star Sirius after the global deluge.
    The pyramid had been built by Intellectual and technical forces of the survived colonies. Meidum pyramid has three steps and was sacred to Atlantis people to revere souls of the people. Assimilated generation of the Atlantis people because of inter race wedding: kings, territorial rulers, elites, priests, etc worldwide could not save the ancient knowledge and technologies. Using limestone of the huge pre-flood pyramid, Meidum pyramid had built on base of the pre-flood pyramid. Survived base of the pre-flood pyramid has the pre-flood geographical orientations. Meidum pyramid has the modern geographical orientations.
    ——- For millenniums metallic instruments
    have been eaten by corrosion.
    ——- For millenniums the assimilated generation to primitive
    aborigines could loss almost all wisdom and technologies.
    ——- For millenniums survived cities built by Atlantians
    worldwide have been destroyed by wild tribes.
    6. Using new bronze instruments Deadline for the Djoser’s step Pyramid was interrelated to Egyptian epochal new year 1- st Thoth, → Sixth epochal heliacal rise of the star Sirius after the global deluge.
    The pyramid had been built by intellectual and technical forces of the Egyptian people led by elites – assimilated generation of the pre-flood race from Atlantis. The step pyramid has six steps and was sacred to Atlantis people to revere souls of the people.
    The amazing and impressive things made by Atlantians have been discovered in the Djoser’s step pyramid only. The closed (secret) rooms of the Red, Bent, Meidum and the Giza pyramids are awaiting discoverers still. We have the proofs on archeological working at the dynastic epoch to find the closed secret rooms in the pyramids. Pharaohs were looking for treasures, things, weapons …etc made by Atlantis.
    Symbolical meaning of the four epochal pyramids (red, bent, medium and step) is a Garden of Eden → Dim stars under the Orion’s belt.
    Thus falsifications of the mankind’s History are decoded!
    I’m sure the Falsifiers are “glad”!
    Atlantis had been sunken in the Atlantic Ocean in 10,465 B.C.
    There are many left-handed individuals in the Indo-European race still and among the Negroids as well.
    Ruler of the most powerful country is a left-handed individual – Obama.
    Wandering genes of the left-handed race have many individuals of the world.
    These genes are dispersed in the Indo-European race mainly.
    Suddenly these genes can explode in your generation, please don’t wonder!
    Please don’t wonder if you are an assimilated individual of the natural left-handed race from Atlantis.
    Etymology of the word Atlantian came from Atl-atum “souls of water”
    Most famous pre-flood joke was that – “Even the blood is a blue”
    Name of a member of the aristocracy came from Atlantis – “Blue-blooded”
    Elites of the almost all countries; kings, queens, priests, aristocracy…etc came from Atlantis.
    Everything started from the pre-flood agriculture development worldwide.
    Name of the Atlantic Ocean is interrelated to Atlantis
    Source of all myths and legends generally is interrelated to Atlantis.

    Best wishes

    K. Margiani
    Founder new field of science Cosmogeology

    • hey Ken nice theory

      but my theory says everybody should try to get on the same ONE page.
      your Atlantis hypothesis will always be hard to prove.

      I suggest you try to match your theory with the 3 ANOMALIES, that I can present, as a challenge, pitting the physicist against the mystic in a NO WIN situation.
      Because the anomalies are in fact acausal resulting in past and present merging into a dance called synchronicity.

      This dance is TIMEless.
      The anomalies negate TIME and force both sides, creationists and Darwinians to hold court.

      The mystic is the mediator…
      Ken come join in this discussion here, please do not forget to bring an open mind to the discussions:



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