TREE of LIFE Marx and Hegel

Cloud9 wrote:
Yes, I am an American. I was a democrat until Janet Reno made war on gun owners and killed all those kids in Waco. I am a conservative. I have been a master mason for over 25 years. I am a strict constructionalist when it comes to the Constitution and I very much like John Locke’s ideas.

By your own admission you are an American + Mason + Former Democrat + Gun Owner = ?

Well I want you to know that I am first and foremost a human being.
Also being a Mystic I can still show the 33rd level Masons a thing or two…read on Cloud 9
I have never owned a gun but I do have garden implements, and I am neither democrat nor republican, nor do 5.5 billion other human beings that share the earth participate in your silly political notions.

Here is what a mystic sees, when the task you set for yourself is to find unity in everything…and not division using silly manmade concepts like ‘conservative’ and ‘constructionalist’.

Watch how I ‘deconstruct’ your silly notions…and show how Marx is closer to an underlying truth….

First we have this picture … basically showing how Hegel and Marx differ in their philosophies.

But I actually understand and can see that the two men compliment each other very well.
The two men appear to be ‘images’ of one another.

If we use the earth (where the roots begin) as the firmament and flip one of the trees around we begin to understand that both men are discussing CHAOS vs. ORDER, however from different perspectives.
Hegel saw it beginning as a movement from the ground up, a movement starting from the roots, whereas Marx saw the entire process as descending, ideas being formulated, resulting in an ‘Ultimate Synthesis’.
Of course BOTH men are right.
But Marx is more full on with his SINthesis.

The entire cultural evolution resembles a process similar to alchemy, and according to Marx it results in an ‘Ultimate Synthesis’ and it thus resembles this image as we connect the dots that exist between thesis >>> anti-thesis >>> resulting in a synthesis.

And in science, Quantum vs Relativity is an apt analogy.
And in the esoteric we find another great analogy to the entire process.
Cloud 9 … as a Mason, at what level is an initiate introduced to the following image?

Why do I ask?
Because as an archetype, I think Marx’s Tree above showing the flow or evolution, looks very, very, very much like this one …

And when these images are rotated, and shown together in conjunction with other photos I also offer, thus what if all of the following photographs are ALL suggesting the same damn thing ….?

Cloud 9 has … “ALL HAS BEEN WRITTEN” … ?

The script can be shown arrives in BLACK and WHITE.
Like a zebra, is it black on white or white on black script?
Certainly difficult to tell if the zebra is moving what the color scheme is.
In the photo below reading from left to right, the light begins as ‘white’ and ends as ‘black’.
The two Macrocosmic pillars are illustrated by the Electromagnetic Light Spectrum.
The twomicrocosmic pillars are illustrated by the colored beams of light, representing where we and our illusions currently reside.
Between the infrared and ultraviolet blue pillars.

Another image suggesting the same relationship.

In the image below I have added colored bands of light representing where we enter the tree or ‘time scale’ represented by the EM fields. Our time is represented by the red band light (infrared) and then we enter the UV field as we continue our descent toward the blackness,the abyss.
Need I remind you, we are ‘falling’?

Please note in the image above we can take Marx’s Tree and place it over the image of the mythical Christian Rosencrantz / Rosenkreutz, specifically over the area where we see the 7 burning lamps.

And it is NOT a coincidence that St. Peter’s square below, illustrates the same basic premise of the Electromagnetic fields.
Why wouldn’t it?

And when you go inside the Vatican for a closer look we find more profound examples of an underlying unity.
Count the circles as you move toward the Pope, the Kether, the Godhead, the SUN of God?
I count 3 circles and the fourth is the Pope.
I love 4.
You vanna know about 4?
Don’t ask.

Now count the circles that go up the center of the Tree of Life … we could call the centre aisle the Razor’s edge. Maintaining a centre position, we are constantly being drawn in two directions, by the two energies represented by those pillars. No coincidence a bride and groom take this journey.
Where we have been, where we are, and where we are headed.

Past Present and Future

And finally to tie my entire post back into Morpheus’ thread and to offer a peek at an underlying structure to the Universe as defined by ARKetypes…go here:
Scroll down to the bottom illustration.

After viewing that page, allow me to summarize for those who still cannot see the relationship between the archetypes existing on ALL levels of the Creation.

THESIS is the left pillar on the Tree of Life used by the Kabbalists. This is also recognized as the male aspect. True.

ANTI-THESIS is the right pillar on the Tree of Life and it is recognized as the feminine aspect.

And down the middle, between the two pillars is the Synthesis leading to the Ultimate Synthesis…a journey best described using the ARKetypal 7 sins as a process of cultural alchemy or a SIN-thesis.

So as some of the ewe are starting to realize…

ALL has been written = Past + Present + Future

More proof will arrive shortly.
Always does.
Can I suggest, what if, when you begin to remember, you just can’t stop the flow of info?
Hmm, but why would you want to stop the Truth chills?


By the way if you were wondering…

Raphael is the right pillar
Golem is the left pillar
Golem, what does the “G” in the Compass and the Square represent?

God, Goat, Gold or Geometry?
‘Google’ everything I say silly Razz


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