Tibetan and Navajo Cosmology fit the Universal Model

I want to refresh your memories regarding these symbols and their possible connections to each other….

image on left CARD X of the Tarot
image on right
 is a standing wave

What are the connections between all of the various models?



image on left circular European ‘Woodhenge’ 
image on right rectangular sacred altar

Important to note these models usually have a center surrounded by 3 or 4 rings.

That last 2 images summarize the model that extends from the biggest spinning star to the smallest spinning quantum particles/waves…

Starting at the center and moving outward…the stages or ages might be…

  1. Center
  2. Clockwise Orbit
  3. Clockwise Orbit
  4. CounterClockwise Orbit

Now I offer yet another book already written that supports this glaringly obvious pattern uncovered…

Great book written by Peter Gold

It does an in depth comparison of the Navajo and Tibetan traditions/cosmologies.

Guess what?
He has encapsulated both cosmologies for us, so we can rest a bit.
It is uncanny how the intuitive journey has again scored yet another important game winning bulls eye.

[Image: atlantiscross.jpg]

Bulls Eye vs. Atlantis Cross

And it is not a coincidence that a bull’s eye looks quite similar to Plato’s description of Atlantis…why would it be … the eye of the hurricane and the solar system and the standing wave of an electron!

Hurricane vs. Solar System

And it is not a coincidence that if I suggest this model of Atlantis is the model of the Universe that can be found on each and every level of the creation…and that I have indeed struck some more gold…because what if it does in fact represent that metaphorical carrot we will always keep reaching for…the spark within to create an Atlantis?
From the macrocosm to the microcosm…Peter Gold, the Tibetans, the Navajo and our work here all meshes.
Truth is like that…would you expect to find anything else, but a simple truth?

This model also shows how people seemingly unrelated, (the Navajo and Tibetans are practically polar opposite geographic locations…hmm…like in astrology), yet in different and remote parts of the world, we can still connect on a metaphysical archetypal level…

Truth is truth in any language, using numbers, letters, symbols or your hands.
And right now … right hand rules are used.
But that is going to change, I suspect.

Here is a little of Peter Gold’s gold.

Tibetan (left) and Navajo (right) Cosmology

The text that accompanies those archetypal cosmologies supports the Universal Theme that has been uncovered.
Same setup…same mechanics…imagine that Sir Newton?
Center + 3 rings or valances or orbits

In the next post: the swastika in Navajo cosmology takes on a very auspicious role.
And what does this KEY to understanding Universal Movement in all dimensions reveal when placed over these two crosses?


Greek Zodiac Cross and the Chaldean Zodiac Cross
note the 4 KEYs and another wheel in the center

Hey Ezekiel could you explain the wheels within wheels concept?

Remember the expert Dr. Timothy Leary referred to the symbol on the right which is also Solomon’s Knot as LSD.


And you can find lots of LSD in Amiens Cathedral
… along with the priests handing out LSD for free!

Amiens is where the symbolic head of St. John the Baptist is kept.

BLACK with a little gold in the center surrounded by a …
WHITE circle on a …
RED background

BLACK WHITE RED are the ‘magnetic’ strings that connect the SWASTIKA to ATLANTIS and pi

All of the above are coincidences I aSSure ewe ….

2bee continued.




Today Raphael is [2016 AD] known as the 137 SS Mezine Mystic


The Pagan Pope … part I

To be or not to be a Christian, Jew, or Muslim?
I hope there are other ways, JC suggested there are.
JC is the deceased mythical mythologist Joseph Campbell.
As a young man, Joe, not shoeless, was struck by the fact that the western Indian cultures were similar to his Roman Catholic upbringing. Joe a seeker of the truth, by no Occident, left the Roman Catholic church and followed one of its roads to the far east, to study the traditions of the Orient.

Which structure was built ‘first’?
The PIT house … the KIVA or the House of St. Peter (built over a pagan rock)…?

The KIVA started appearing in the American southwest around 500 A.D.
The KIVA evolved from domestic PIT houses…which are in fact the oldest known living structures in North America.
So who copied who?

St. Peter square looks identical to a ceremonial KIVA.
Which structure was built first?
Was it the PIT house / KIVA or the residence of the self-proclaimed mediator between God and humanity?

Also worth noting when collecting evidence and looking for patterns is the following fact.
Of the 4 Mayan Codices that remain (the rest were destroyed, comparable to the burning of the Libraries at Alexandria and Constantinople), the one called the Dresden Codex helped the roaming Roman/Euro-thieves figure out the Venus Transit cycle.
A cycle that the Mayans paid much attention to.
Along with the cycles of the SUN and the MOON.
Cycles depicted on this mandala, below.
Please note the 4 eight pointed stars…this is a direct reference to light and dark, or morning and evening.
Is it a coincidence that the Vatican imposed a new calender 90 years after Columbus discovered the new world in 1492?
Eliminating 10 days.
One day it was Oct 5th…the next day when you woke up it was Oct. 16th.
That was 1582.
1582 is 528 years after the Chinese recorded an exploding Supernova in 1054.
Not when 528 = KEY in ancient Gematria.
Not when your badge issued 1258.
Not when you were born at 528 am.
Not when the 4/5 numbers you have been tracking for the last 4/5 years are 11258.
Not when you see what I see.

And this ‘alchemy’ symbol / mandala I found in a Peruvian Catholic Monastery, in 2006, helps explain it all.

Black Cross
White Circle
Red Background

The connection to the NAZI adopted swastika is without a doubt NOT a coincidence.
The Pagan Romans also liked those colors. Including yellow representing gold.
Compare the Roman heraldry colors with the 1st Holy Roman Empire known as the 1st Reich, with the NAZIs and the 3rd Reich.
And did a 4th Reich rise from the ashes of a defeated NAZI Germany?

A couple of examples of how the divinity of the swastika lives on…the above connection is obvious.
Can we find a hidden swastika in the above mandala.
In the center of the mandala is a cross.

Can you see the other arcane/occult/hidden swastika now comrade?
The people who designed this symbol at NATO knew what they were doing.
See the gold and green acacia leaves used in the mandala above, and the 4 lines/axis of symmetry?

And the United Nations recognizes the 8 pointed star (8 points = 4 axis, x, y, z and ?) of Venus too.
And is it a coincidence that both Israel and the United Nations use Biblical Blue and White?
Same colors as the Greek flag too.

The Pagan Christ?

The Pagan Pope?

See a slight resemblance between this KIVA and St. Peter’s Square?
Read what it says in the text, re: Chacoan Kivas, about the sub-floor passageway used for theatricks and ritual.
This would coincide with the Black Door and the Basilica … IMHO
(more evidence forthcoming…)

Who copied who?
Who is zooming who?

Baa baa baa baa = how to reinvent the wheel and prosper at the expense of sheeple….
And to my knowledge the indigenous American heathens who built these structures were not mathematically inclined like their Judeao/Christian cousins who arrived with square and compass in hand, to help create a new world order…but the Indians though lacking in technical knowhow still seemed to get the sacred ‘dimensions’ correct…
And though their architecture more than hinted at understanding ‘divinity’ on the level of the Pope, their way of life was rubbed out.
Another trial by fire.
Why do the followers of the Torah, Koran and the Christian BibleS have a penchant for setting fires and burning libraries containing humanities accumulated knowledge?
What makes their western beliefs so special?
The Buddhists have obviously tapped into this divine ARKitectural truth too.
And in the far east, in India, China and Japan, the swastika is a most highly revered symbol.


We note immediately the 2 Pillars in the Buddhist vision.
Did I mention the symbol I found in the Peruvian Catholic Monastery had 2 Pillars?

Are these the same 2 Pillars we find in all Freemason Temples?
Are these the same 2 Pillars referenced in Solomon’s Temple?
Are these the same 2 Pillars referenced in the Tree of Life?
Are these the same 2 Pillars or ribbons, moving in opposite / mirror directions that make up your DNA, your tree?

What colors do these fellas seem to like to immerse/surround themselves in?
Black, White, Red, Gold and a Green Tablecloth?
A Green Tablecloth or a Verde Mesa or perhaps an Emerald Table/Tablet?

Without a doubt the archetypal Pope is both an archetypal Santa and an ARKetypal Satan.
He represents both LIVE and EVIL.
He is both a DOG and a GOD.
Both he and Leonardo know about mirror writing and divination.

But those 4 colors representing the spiritual transmutation process (re:alchemy), and a 5th, the color green are displayed profoundly on 12th century map of Jerusalem.

I go into more detail on this blog re: the above image.

Please note the colors used above:
If my interpretation of this map is correct, it suggests the reason the Knights Templar were disbanded was because the Vatican had become this secret societies real ‘enemy’.
The Knights Templar is represented by the White Knight wearing a Red Cross impaling the side of the Black Knight, which seems to display the 4/5 colors, the predominant colors used by the Vatican Secret Society Men’s Club.

They do love those colors that seem to share in a profound symbolic, mystical arcane archetypal ancestry.
The Pope in this narrative also plays the role of the evil step-mother-fokker…the leader of the Red Barons…
The grand poop-ah, the big malteaser…

Mirror, mirror on the wall?

Or is it…shall we reach/Reich for the top, one more time, for a 4th time?
Mi-ra, mi-ra on the veiling vall …

Holy roaming Roman Empire Batman, this Pope is a combination of the Joker, the Riddler, Ra’s al Ghul, he even wears the colors of the Emperor Penguin and believe it or not, the Pope is Mr. Freeze too!



p.s. black and white images scanned from this book.
A gem I recently purchased for $7.50 in a used book store.
More to come…

PIT House cosmology when placed over St. Peter’s Rock is illuminating.
Indians didn’t keep secrets as well the Judeao/Christians…

MAGIC MYTH and the 3 BLACK MAGI-cians

I would like to add another profound symbol to this eclectic mix of Abrahamic Temple symbols…

As I mentioned before ELECTOMAGNETIC fields is all the BUZZ.

Now lets un-rotate this symbol.

Please read the fine print above…
We find the ‘triangle within the circle’ is positioned where the DOOR is…

Hello Satan, err I mean the Black Magician, err I mean Mr. Pope, can I have the two KEYS St. Peter left you please. The GOLD one and the SILVER/white one?
To open that DOOR in St. Peter’s Square …

btw Did you know the Pope wears the frock he stole from the Goddess he deposed? … true … Rolling Eyes

May I repeat…
The fact it looks like a KEYHOLE is not a coincidence.

Then if we overlay this symbol I found in a Peruvian Monastery …

I added the swastika to show the connection to the colors of the process of Alchemy. ie. black >> white >> red >> gold or yellow

BUT what is far more important is that we must ask ourselves … Why BOTH the Peruvian mandala found in the monastery and the Magic Symbol have 4 STARS in the diagonals or inter-cardinal positions?

These as it turn out are the 4 ROYAL STARS or the Tetragrammaton or the 4 Evangelists, or in China they appeared as the 4 Supernatural Creatures.

And these 4 Stars(specifically Regulas, Aldebaran, Fomalhaut and Antares), together form a cross, and point toward an ancient galactic alignment.
Go here to see how these 4 Royal Stars impact Precession of the Equinoxes.


And those not numb and dumb KNOW (if you have your intuition turned on) … I just provided a KEY to opening the mysteries of the ages as ‘scripted’.

How simple and obvious, as Albert Einstein suggested it would be.
And as it should be.
Rolling Eyes

ya ya I know …
symbolism means nothing … it only means what we attach to it …

WELL what does it mean when the dysfunctional family, the descendants of Abraham (btw ALL Semites) are fighting over CONTROL of the same damn symbols?

It appears as though Judaism, Christianity and Islam are the 3 MAGI-cians.
Wishing and waiting for a prophecy?
Some of the funnymentalists / BLACK Magicians even willing to help and aSSist the script contained within the scriptures in achieving it’s goals…helping to fulfill a prophecy.
Twisted Evil

What if golem is getting close to a truth?

In shock and awed by the Creation

Golem, what does the “G” in the Compass and the Square represent?

God, Goat, Gold or Geometry?
‘Google’ everything I say silly Razz

Kaaba MERKABA and the Ka Ba

Here is a layout of the ISLAMIC Kaaba found in Mecca.

Now go to this blog … or continue to scroll down.


…and see how the same ARKetype of SHAPE can be found and profoundly compared to St. Peter’s Square in the heart of Christian Rome, and the Shrine of the Book located in Israel.

Do they compare.
Only a fool in denial would say no.

Kaaba sounds like Merkaba and the Egyptian Ka and Ba, doesn’t it?
If our roots are in the ORAL traditions … the EWE belonging to ALL 3 herds called Judaism, Christainity and Islam should confirm this.


The same ARKetypes of SHAPE attributed to temple building can be found in China and Peru … everywhere!!!

They are essentially fertility symbols located over Power Centres…representing processes of scalar and stellar evolution…occuring on all levels of the ‘creation’, from the smallest, the microcosm to the biggest, the Macrocosm.

ELECTOMAGNETIC fields is all the BUZZ.

The fact it looks like a KEYHOLE is not a coincidence.
And those not numb and dumb KNOW if you have your intuition turned on … I just provided a KEY to opening the mysteries of the ages as ‘scripted’.

How simple and obvious, as Albert suggested it would be.
As it should be.

ya ya I know …
symbolism means nothing … it only means what we attach to it …

WELL what does it mean when the dysfunctional family, the descendants of Abraham (btw ALL Semites) are fighting over CONTROL of the same damn symbols?


Wishing and waiting for a prophecy?
Some funnymentalists even willing to help and aSSist the script contained within the scriptures in achieving it’s goals…

What if golem is getting close to the truth?

Golem, what does the “G” in the Compass and the Square represent?

God, Goat, Gold or Geometry?
‘Google’ everything I say silly…

selah V


4 Rings of Moray Peru

image updated Dec. 12/2013

UPDATE July 27, 2013

Pause the video @6:09 and ZooM in for a close up …

How does it compare to the satellite image I have posted below?
Do the positive
Egyptian MOUNDS  fit inside negative Peruvian RINGS?

But wouldn’t you expect their POV to be different being separated by the Atlantic Ocean?

Do we have another link between Egypt and Peru in addition to a cocaine trade?  

*end of update*

… the following needs to be ‘cleaned’ up.

This post ‘drained’ me.
You will see what I mean.

First thing I did in the  posts prior to this one was show the similarities between the various sacred ‘Fertility Symbols’.

Then I went AHA!, I had forgotten all about a place I had heard about in Peru, but my trip had been cut short, so I made a promise to return. So a couple of days ago, I went back via the Internet.
This gander googled his way back to Moray Peru, to get a bird’s eye view.

But before you continue with this blog please read the following 2 blogs to see how the unique fertility symbolism is shared by EVERYBODY.

The Shrine of the Book and the Shiva Linga

part 1

part 2

Or just scroll to the above posts.

You must re-read those blogs above to really appreciate the undeniable symbolic connections I am presenting today in this blog.

I was not quite sure where to post this next blog.
First I thought I should start a new thread … because it is ‘thread worthy’,
But the images in the post above I linked to, provided by moi, serves as a much needed reference point.

I suspect a few of you will now start to see that the associations I have been suggesting are not imaginations but maybe in fact illuminations.

Funerary statue of an infant with inscription ‘Tiberius Natronius Vemustus’ from the family tomb of the Natronii family…part of the pagan cemetery uncovered beneath the Vatican. Oct. 13, 2006

Just inside the Vatican’s fortified walls, directly below the street connecting its private pharmacy and its members-only supermarket, lies a 2,000-year-old graveyard littered with bizarre, often disturbing displays of pagan worship.

Under one metallic walkway, the headless skeleton of a young boy rests in an open grave.
At his side, a marble replica of a hen’s egg, which to pagans represented the rebirth of the body through reincarnation. Nearby, countless skeletons lie scattered among the remnants of terra cotta vases used in pagan ceremonies.
The underground air is damp with the smell of wet dirt, and the clay tubes used by the pagans to feed their dead with honey and syrup still protrude, fingerlike, from the ground.


The Vatican was built over pagan Sites?
And again we find another profound reference to the BEES, ‘the pagans fed their dead honey’!


So quickly may I show you with a series of photos using various sacred Symbols, sites and or sacred architectural designs, and all are apparently incorporating the same sacred geometry.

I can show you with great drama how Judaism and Christianity reflect common roots and goals.
And then when we take a voyage over the Atlantic to Peru and find pre-Columbian sites incorporating the same basic architecture….what are we to make of such BRAND NEW information, uncovered just yesterday, on August 31, 2007.

Both forums, Survive 2012 and Peak Oil, are the first to receive this exclusive, and it is an expose, suggesting ‘self-serving words get in the way’, of a reconciliation process between all faiths and science.
Those who study what I present, are you getting what I now refer to as ‘truth chills’?
The structure of the theology can be found in the Peruvian Andes too.
So I went flying yesterday.
Come with me and get a bird’s eye view of the Crux of the symbolism.

Enough yakking here are the images.

Of the above images in those blogs I linked, I want to look at two in particular, one taken of The Shrine of the Book and the other one is of St. Peter square.
What is important to realize about The Shrine of the Book is that it contains the Dead Sea Scrolls.
I refer to them as the DSS.

Here we have another clue as to what SS signifies.
How the DSS connect to the SSC?
….yes the DSS suggests why they built the SSC, the Superconducting Super Collider, it has been suggested it is the culmination of 2000 years of science…but that would be another post

Now we take a look at St. Peter laid to rest … the way a Christian God would see him, a bird’s eye view, or a butterfly, an archangel … maybe a plane, can I suggest anything with symmetrical wings so you can spiral ever upward … to take a real G_OD look.

Do you see the similarities in those images?

Note that the WHITE DOME is replaced by the Circle marked by an X or a Cross. At the center of that X, in the bulls eye is an erect obelisk.

And Arthur C. Clarke and his 2001 oddity are both lying on their sides.
Waiting to be resurrected.
The BLACK RECTANGLE can be seen in both photos, the same distance from the domed or circular structures.

The obelisk also later becomes a reference point, the starting point in the golden spiral.


Now here is where it goes from analogy and speculation to sacred.
Here are 4 things my trip to Peru has revealed.

1/ Sacred Inca cross known as the Chakana … I had never heard of it before the trip.

A Chakana (or Inca Cross, Chakana) is an Andean symbol.  It is the three-stepped cross representing the southern cross and symbolizing the three tiers of Inca life.

The lower world, this world and the higher world. The three levels also represent the snake, puma and condor.

Many buildings, temples, and religious sanctuaries are scattered with relevance to the chakana.

Sacsayhuaman Temple, located in Cusco, Peru, has a stone entrance shaped to form the upper portion of the chakana. Artifacts and jewelry still made by Inca descendants often depict the chakana.


2/  I took a picture of a cross/mandala in a Monastery, that I now claim is the template, a geometric key associated to the NAZI swastika and for a host of other ideas including Solomon’s Temple and Precession of the Equinoxes.

The two gold capped green pillars allows us to entertain the idea of Boaz and Jachin too.
Why not?


3/ In the hills of Moray Peru, there are a series of 4 holes comprised of concentric terraced rings, built into the natural landscape of the terrain…so it appears. The experts are not sure what this site was used for. Speculation is that is served as a laboratory for the Inca botanists.

*News Flash update*

Scientist and Author John Burke will be appearing on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory at 2:00AM September 3rd 2007 (starts at 11:00PM PST September 2nd for those on the West Coast).

John’s groundbreaking book Seed of Knowledge Stone of Plenty provides evidence that ancient cultures understood certain subtle energies.

Taking an electrostatic voltmeter and magnetometer to over 80 sites John found that ancient structures mark areas of geophysical anomalies that produce a natural charge. Seeds exposed at these sites propagate faster and produce higher crop yield versus the control seeds left in the lab. This work shows there is a real purpose behind the myth and ancient practice of bringing seeds to these sacred sites to be “blessed”.

Further studies show the natural polarity of stones at megalithic sites like Avebury are arranged unidirectional with all the south poles facing in one direction and all the north poles facing the opposite. The odds of this being a random event are statistically impossible but no one yet knows the purpose of this ancient arrangement of stones – or how the ancients knew the polarity.

4/ And the 4th thing I found in Peru was, myself, and that higher purpose that for a long time has been resisted here at Peak Oil forum. Sometimes I feel like the Key Man in the Matrix who has a purpose to fulfill.
However once the Key has been provided to NEO to help him unlock the door and enter … then what? … it appears that my purpose has thus been served and yikes ….

Can I offer more speculation about the ‘Rings of Moray’?
That has a nice ‘ring’ to it doesn’t it Frodo?
Take a look at the pictures again of Moray in the above post.

Here is a sketch which can be found online at Geocities, detailing how the pyramids are aligned along the curvature of the golden spiral.
Interesting…others like Robert Bauvel have also linked the 3 stars in Orion’s belt to the 3 pyramids at Giza.

So let us do what The Key to Universal Movement (swastika) does best … rotate … spin … it does the chiral cha cha cha that the Sufis (the Whirling dervishes) were tuned into…


Then we re-orient the ‘Rings of Moray’ to gain a new perspective.

Do I need to draw the Spiral for you?
I hope you can see it, the golden spiral in the fields of Moray.
(though it appears the smallest Moray hole in the lower left is ‘out of the loop’ and not on the line)

So that makes three references to a Sacred Green that I have found.
#1 We have Mesa Verde in the 4 Corners region of the USA, home of the ‘ancient ones’, the Anasazi, that like the Maya, were a flourishing culture that seemed to vanish.
Mesa Verde means Table Green or Green Table.

#2 The sacred Emerald Tablets, studied by all hermetic alchemists were also referred to as the The Emerald Table.
Sir Isaac Newton was first and foremost an alchemist it must be realized. His insights to gravity and calculus were derived from his ‘metaphysical’ experiences that were never revealed.
The ‘power and glory’ structure buried his extensive alchemy notes.

#3 And among the hills and valleys of Peru are the 4 Rings of Moray.

And a 4th reference to green could be this … in the middle ages, the Holy Spirit was symbolized…yup, using green … a beneficent Holy Spirit that would watch over a Green Garden of Eden.

In metaphor the analogies would reveal the intent of a level playing field, a table or plateau…and that is exactly how the Hopi structured their hierarchy. (shhh, the Hopi it is suggested even had stories about swastikas and the maltese cross in their Creation mythology)

In analogy, the Hopi hierarchy was a wheel that spun on a horizontal plane, like a centrifuge, when it stops everyone can get on or off the ride, in contrast to the western religions where the wheel rotates more like a ferris wheel, and the masters have the controls and they have stopped the wheel from rotating. The illusion is … we sit at the top, get a great view, but who is in control, the Masters control how many get on and many get off, unless you believe you can fly.
So the master of the western religions reveals himself as the guy down below who has his chiral hands on the controls …. yikes. Here is what those levers look like … there are only 2 controls on the panel of this master.

One lever is 1 and the other control looks like a 0.
1 and 0 is the code for controlling the ride…
And the ride looks like this….

And here is where that obelisk in the center of the X in St. Peter’s Square plays its role.
It is the one (1) we are looking for, found in the center of the 0.
And further these two numbers also reveal where we have been.

It is important to know where we have been, to know our PAST, to help understand the PRESENT moment better (ask science), for the simple reason, to anticipate or have some ‘control’ of the FUTURE.
Or at least try to understand the future for the benefit of a collective humanity.
Here is some food for thought till I expand on this in another post.
Semitic tribes (Judaism/Christianity/Islam) are associated with BURYING their dead in a RECTANGULAR BOX (Noah’s Ark and Solomon’s Temple are dimensions for ‘caskets’)

Pagans it can be shown have done essentially two things.
They buried their dead in a CIRCULAR FETAL position and then later, after the gift of controlling fire, they added cremation to the equation.

The clue to solving this equation I found in what is known as the Great Zimbabwe ruins. Once the truth was hatched about the true builders of these ancient structures, how they buried their dead, the connection between how we use our brains, and how we bury our dead was revealed. So until another post where I further expand on this …

Let us assume that the Jews DO represent a ‘chosen tribe’.
Let us assume that chosen tribe represents the number 1.
But that is not an assumption, we all know those 3 tribes ALL believe they are number 1.
I love how myth comes alive…using math.

Golden Ratio – Golden Rectangle – Golden Rule

The above Golden Spiral marking off a ‘Cross’, with an X at the center will be used to illustrate another profound connection to be made in regards to The 4 Royal Stars that appear below represented in 5 different configurations. The underlying meaning was always the same though. They were found the world over because they represented 4 particular stars in the heavens….

Here is a spiral image taken in the Vatican.

And here further, another similar symbol suggesting the same motif … but we can probably deduce, maybe, that the eye of the serpent, whether it be left or right, located in the center of the spiral might indicate which way the spiral is moving, inward or outward, ascending or descending.

Prehistoric Maze Monster Italy

HIStory was written by the victors.

Ya think?

The symbol above belongs to one of those soul less entities called a Corporation.
It has been copyrighted and or trademarked and is on loan to the EC.

European Union flag

So back to Moray Peru for a moment.


Take a look below at the main Ring of the 4 located at Moray.
Please note that there appears to be a RECTANGLE (containing a square) outlined in the grassy knoll, about the same distance that we find the BLACK DOOR in St. Peter’s Square or the BLACK RECTANGLE in The Shrine of the Book.

If you insist that these are coincidences, allow me to show you other temples that seem to follow the same basic ‘blueprint’.
It seems that a master architect, like a Hermes Trismegistus did in fact visit the 4 corners of the globe as myth suggests.
He seems to have left his calling card, the golden spiral, in each location.

What kind of effect do you think they were trying to achieve, the Inca with these concentric circles, with people perched on the surrounding hills perhaps?
I think perspective always plays a role when parable is involved.
Especially in a world that has been divided using smoke and mirrors.

I have some ideas about the ideas being conveyed …

image on left:
The perihelion and aphelion points of the inner planets of the Solar System
image on right:
The perihelion and aphelion points of the outer planets of the Solar System

And if you rotate or flip the above illusion 180 degrees you get still another perspective, resembling the Rings of Moray.

I feel it, the truth, everyday, with ‘truth chill’ confirmations, being fed this great info, I am sharing with you…showing how science and religion can be reconciled, using the symbolism that has been shown to transcend the man made boundaries, because it lay at the heart of a truth, that can be felt.
I am currently working on a post that shows how the Enneagram, the Precession of the Equinoxes and the Periodic Table of Elements are esoterically connected.

I am having a great day, unlike poor Malcolm.
He could use a milkyway-shake from the Milkbar.

Eyes wired OPEN…but lovin’ it.

How about you?


Golem, what does the “G” in the Compass and Square represent?

God, Goat, Gold or Geometry?

‘Google’ everything I say silly

UPDATES October 2013



55 DNA Temples – Holy Spirit – SS – Alchemy Keys and the Keyhole

The Epiphany of Raphael

The swastika and ME will be waiting for ‘we the sheeple’ to tune into the obvious that which has been veiled in plain sight because it is impossible to hide.
I mean how do you hide the Sun or the Moon?

“The swastika represents a schematic of the solar wind pattern and was worshiped by many ancient sun worshiping civilizations”
– Maurice Cotterell

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth”

-the Buddha

UNIVERSAL Fertility Symbols

These images help show how Mesoamerica is more connected to Mesopotamia than THEY who write the HIStory are letting on…
Images from Peru are last.

HINDU symbol.




And this symbol I found in a Catholic Monastery in Peru last year, and it hints at the same basic underlying structure.

Also while in Peru I read about a place called Moray.
At Moray there are a series of 4 circular terraced holes marked by concentric circles. At the time I took note of this ruin because the ‘experts’ are not quite sure what the purpose was, though they speculate it was a ‘laboratory’.
And because I love the number 4 … I thought I would lend the experts a cheery chiral hand in solving yet another puzzle…

Damn right it was a laboratory Exclamation

Do you see a resemblance to the above pictures which all seem to be referencing ‘fertility’?

I do.
But call me crazy.
Rolling Eyes

All the above symbols can be traced back to this symbol…

This next image slows the process down and you can see the relationships between squares and rectangles literally and figuratively unfolding … using numbers that equate to shape.

This is all sacred stuff.
It is the stuff the SS Collider is looking for…
Yes the SS Collider is the culmination of 2000 years of science.
The Superconducting Super Collider is a 54 mile track shaped like a Torus built in TexaSS, designed to recreate a microcoSmic version of the MacrocoSmic Big Bang, all in a laboratory setting.

Ja oder Jah.
Yes way … YaHVeH



gee I am still in awe

54 mile track or TORUS = 5 + 4 = 9
There are those numbers again!
Rolling Eyes

The following was found in ancient Babylon.

4 is the length and 5 the diagonal. What is the breadth ?
Its size is not known.
4 times 4 is 16.
5 times 5 is 25.
You take 16 from 25 and there remains 9.
What times what shall I take in order to get 9 ?
3 times 3 is 9.
3 is the breadth.

Golem, what does the “G” in the Compass and Square represent?

God, Goat, Gold or Geometry?

‘Google’ everything I say silly Razz


NEOPO wrote:
Do you believe the following:The word “God” derives from the ancient Jewish word Jad-Havah which means “male and female” and since the builders of these religions were male chauvinist then of course “God” was male.

Personally, my belief system is continually evolving.
I think that is a good thing.

here is an example: what if this is true … according to the Maimonides, God has no body and is essentially unknowable.

Jewish (maybe all?) Mystics, by contrast, make a distinction between the unknowable, Ein Sof, and an androgynous Zer Anpin.

And the Zer Anpin is spoken of in the Sefer Bahir.
And the Sefer Bahir is also known as the Book of Illumination.
I like that word … Illumination Cool … now I feel like continuing.

Zer Anpin: In Sefer Bahir, this is the aspect of God’s generativity, God as Creator. is understood to be the androgynous divine source of life that is mirrored in the human genital forms.
-Rabbi G.W. Dennis

So yes it appears everything defaults to the generative powers …
And in ancient symbolism, there is one symbol that immediately ‘pops’ into mind. The east Indian Shiva Linga.

great info found here

And for those of you that think I might be drifting a little off course talking about genitalia when we were talking about butterflies and bees (all exhibiting sacred geometric design), please try to stay with me.

First of all, fellas, once down on all primal fours, here is a question for those of you still practicing the Oral Traditions* … what do those labia lips all swollen look like? wings of a butterfly? a flower? smell the nectar? dive in and smell the rose … but the analogies do not end there.

No they do not.
Let us place my attempts aside, those efforts trying to express something difficult with humor, a humor intentionally connected to the creativity that was meant to humor us. The subtle and the sublime interconnections of a mathematical puzzle that the elusive ‘graviton’ confirms we are indeed one. We just can’t prove it empirically.
Scientists think they will know it…fundamentalists feel they already do … and many of us are stuck in the ‘middle earth’, where the battles seem to rage endlessly, stuck in the cycles of Buddhist Samsara.

Samsara, the Sanskrit and Pali term for “continuous movement” or “continuous flowing” refers in Buddhism to the concept of a cycle of birth (jati) and consequent decay and death….etc…etc….

So what does all this have to do with butterflies, bees, and symbols of generative proCREATION?
Here comes the end of the road I promise you.
And it is a cul-de-sac.

Have you ever heard of the Shrine of the Book?


I had not until last week.
And when I started doing the ‘G’, meaning I started ‘googling’ the Shrine of the Book, my intuitive curiosities were amply rewarded.
Quickly here are some pictures of the complex known as the Shrine of the Book

Which symbol represents the male generative powers?
Which symbol represents the female generative powers?
Interesting color selection.
Interesting Black 2001 rectangular building shaped monolith lying on its ‘side’.
Interesting womb like white dome, like a time tunnel or a wormhole … but a white hole, is there such a thing?
Interesting because this basic archetype of structure is found everywhere.

A known and undisputed fact about the ancients is that they tried very very hard to structure their environments, especially the Sacred Temples … as reflections, mirrors or maybe extensions of how they interpreted the cosmos.
Like this photo shows.

And this one also shares the same basic structure.
But it is called the Universe of the Lamas

And this symbol found in a Catholic Monastery in Peru hints at the same basic underlying structure.

But the symbol above is even more revealing as our dear PO departed (crucified?) friend Raphael tried so hard to illustrate is that the symbol uses the colors of alchemy (i.e.in the proper sequence, starting with a black center), which dealt with the spiritual concerns, the transmutation of the individual and it at the same time this is also a symbol for what we call PRECESSION.
So this symbol is a symbol that can be applied to both the Macrocosmic evolution of our Sun but also as a symbol that can be applied to the Microcosmic Man.

The shrine is built as a white dome, covering a structure placed two-thirds below the ground, that is reflected in a pool of water that surrounds it. Across from the white dome is a black basalt wall. The colors and shapes of the building are based on the imagery of the Scroll of the War of the Sons of Light Against the Sons of Darkness, whereas the white dome symbolizes the Sons of Light and the black wall symbolizes the Sons of Darkness.

A white circle or dome and a black rectangle.
A circle we know is considered perfect because it exhibits perfect symmetry.
But why a rectangle?
Rolling Eyes

There is a code I could share with you, it is not a secret, but it once was.
This is quite simply a numerical code that can be found in myth, folklore, symbols and all ancient scriptures.
This is how you know it, and recognize it best for those of you who have studied sacred geometry, or maybe a little Dan Brown History found in the Da Vinci Code.

Question I do ponder since making these connections … what color should the rectangle be?

This next image slows the process down and you can see the relationships between squares and rectangles literally and figuratively unfolding … using numbers that equate to shape.

I ponder if they got the color symbolism correct or what is it pointing toward?
So I googled white hole.

In astrophysics, a White Hole is the time reversal of a black hole. While a black hole acts as an absorber for any matter that crosses the event horizon, a White Hole acts as a source that ejects matter from its event horizon. The sign of the acceleration is invariant under time reversal, so both black and white holes attract matter. The only potential difference between them is in the behavior at the horizon…

So I wonder … does the theology present itself as pursing the concepts of ‘Time Reversal of a Black Hole?’

Massive Black Holes are found in the center of all the galaxies, surrounded by thousands of mini or micro black holes…the Universe is kinda like an Austin Powers film.

The consistency of these revered symbols suggest to me how I should spend these end of days … it has become clear to me, it is all about finding compassion and love through shaggin’.
Yeah baby.

Speaking of which I am still looking for an apocalyptic shaggedelic gal.
A woman who knows she is a groovey goddess**.
Someone who is willing to run naked with me, through the fields of pairs and opposites, among the nymphs, fairies, cheery chiral bees and butterflies, eating mushrooms and smoking herb or maybe eating herb and smoking mushrooms?
Will it really matter?

This is what is all about evidently.
A script given to humanity, if they want to survive … if we want to continue to exist … it is a simple equation … my lingam cries out for a yoni to call home…with a white dome or black dome.
It don’t matter…

Too long a post?

For those of you who want more black vs white light shed on this discussion, I must refer you to one of Raph’s posts.


Enjoy the post.
I did very much.


And if you want to read how the 4 colors of Alchemy connect to AstroPhysics in a very ‘Raphael manner’ of mystical conjecture and connection read this blog.

4 SACRED Colors and AstroPhysics

So this guy got the boot eh?
I have read some of the other posts, (sharing information?), thoughts of others here, and though I must admit, everybody is a capable messenger of truths, (Hamlet’s Mill proves this), I still wonder why Raphael disappeared, do NOT pass GO or the Hall of Flames, (along with ALL his posts) … and yet others are allowed to battle it out in PO hell…known as the Hall of Flames?


NEO did I answer your question about my evolving beliefs about what is GOD?

** anybody heard from Emma?


gee I am in awe
Golem, what does the “G” in the Compass and Square represent?

God, Goat, Gold or Geometry?

‘Google’ everything I say silly Razz