Solfeggio Frequency 528 heals ‘DNA’ is KEY to BIBLE CODE

Maria Louise von Franz also demonstrated that terminally ill people dream about plant world archetypes prior to death.
And most interestingly … ayahuasca used by the shamans is a vine
Jack (overheard): Hey Jill … ewe wanna climb my beanstalk?



But let us Z/Soom in on the vine for a moment.


Jeremy Narby …. Now here is an anthropologist who I highly respect … he actually takes the time to make amends, and apologizes for ALL of the self-serving western anthropologists of the past, present and future, who attach a western bias to the indigenous cultures…how wrong is that?
He wrote The Cosmic Serpent and has noted: why is it a ‘drug’ taken from this vine, an hallucinogen that takes you into the realm of florescent dragons and serpents, winding staircases and stairways to heaven, also not look like DNA filaments unraveling?
If the ewe answered NO.
Check pulse…
Actually when I was a FireFighter … the command given from the defibrillator was … “Check Patient Check Patient”.


Wait there is more.


Anybody read Latin?
The ayahuasca vine looks very much like the asymmetrical pillars that we find in all Freemason lodges and in Rosslyn Chapel.
Here we have another great clue overlooked by Danny Brown Shoes who danced with Pope Dorothy wearing the Red Shoes.
Dan Brown was promised fame if he printed lies and being a ewe he didn’t know the damage he has done to the TRUTH.
And he probably just does not realize it, being a very successful ewe takes ewe to a higher plateau, this is true.
But consider this…ewe are still grazing, ewe are still not getting the best view from your new vista….
Ewe are not wise like this fellow…represented by the number nine.
Just a coincidence to a ewe.


Dan Brown suggested the Holy Grail is in fact Mary’s Womb…eh?
Too funny…could have been…but I think the archetypes that serve ALL of humanity should be learned from and not just one self-serving story of Biblical Babel…
According to Dan Brown, Jesus’ descendants are alive and well and the fate of the world now rests in the hands of Dan Brown and his next self serving script?

I want to know something…has Dan Brown become the new Vatican spokesperson?

…oy vey….fly him off to MIaMI…he knows the me, me tune quite well.

It is called the Solfeggio frequency 528 = MI = and science has proved this frequency HEALS DNA and strengthens the cell wall.

Enough with the hysterical heretical scripted HIStorical %$#@ bullshieSSe.
Please, HIStory, it is very painful to observe…

Now let me show the EWE some symbols that represented Jesus or Iesus Salvator in the middle ages.

IS = light
IS = ‘Jesus Saviour’
ISIS = Ish Ish = Light Light = in Egyptian


What we see above is a hand reaching for three symbols.
A circle, the letter Z and the $.

But obviously the Vatican have domesticated the sheeple people into reaching for the wrong gold.
But obviously the Vatican have domesticated the sheeple people into reaching for the wrong gold.
Can I make it any more obvious?


Ever noticed that the $ and the number 4 share the same KEY on your Qwerty keyboard in the 4th dimension?

Let’s take another look at the images you posted.

Image Image

When looking at these symbols humanity uses based on old, ancient knowledge, interpretation is best achieved if we attach what we know about mushrooms, what even a child should know and can understand.

Why is their ‘energy’ considered magical, mushrooms and children?
Why is their ‘energy’ different and used in potions and spells … ?
Mushrooms grow in the Dark. Children grow best in the Dark too.
The Pope obviously only presents an illusion to the sheeple people.
He is veiled.
Without a doubt.


This blog explores the Red on White vs. White on Red symbolism. … -and-time/

What is Dan Brown’s next book about…rumor has it that the Knights Templar are the focus.
Betcha the info is limited and lame in its scope?

Mi goal is too see him, the Pope Emperor who wears the frock of the goddess he deposed, riding naked on a horse through the town square, called St. Peter.
The ewe will be fed only lies as Dan Brown is led by the dark lords through the catacombs of the Vatican feeding his soul…makin’ him feel good about his SucESSES.

Celtic legend relates that a certain hero named Lugh blinded a one-eyed giant by means of a red-hot iron, and this name Lugh is always equated with Lleu, the Welsh word for Light.
The ambiguous ISSI, YSSE, ISSE, or ISSA is related to ESSE, the Latin verb “to be”, and from the eSSe is derived the word eSSence, a philosophic and poetic synonym for the Soul or “Light within”.
-Harold Bayley from the Lost Language of Symbolism

Have you read my SS = Sanctus Spiritus = Holy Spirit thread?
The ewe should.

Go diva go!!!
Go diva go!!!
Ra Ra Ra!!!
SiS Boom…sssss
Go the Baa!!!


KEY 528=Swastika=LUX Polarizer=Precession of the Equinoxes=DNA
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”


22 thoughts on “Solfeggio Frequency 528 heals ‘DNA’ is KEY to BIBLE CODE

  1. we could attempt another relationship between white/male… – hebrew “ish”, and red/female… – hebrew “ishto”, through that light from Egypt “ish” reaching so the coincidentia oppositorum, the sacred marriage, the “mysterium coniunctionis”*** finding a snake also:
    ***the knowledge/da’at/t.h.ree of life: “ve-Adam yadà et Chava ishto”.




  2. I enjoy your blog dude, please keep these insights coming! Not too many pages around which have this level of insight, you have something special here.


  3. in meditation if your fortunate enough to envision the spiralling stairwell follow it with your minds eye pay attention to every breath as it seems an eternity as if you could slowly see blood cells traveling along and you then pass through the womb of the earth and are shot upward there as i saw you will see creation like a grid work and see were we are at and you might quite possibly here someone saying you were here from the beginning and helped create all of this and here you are now on earth to discover your purpose and your creator once again thank you all james

  4. have you had any current DMT moments? I was thinking again about alot of the photos and crop circles they all apear to be a giant keyhole
    i think you found what the door opens and you found the door but we dont have the actual key to unlock the door im sure that 528hz and frequencies help align us to entering but there is something else missing i am sure of it a great key that lines up along certain receptors in our brains and there is a way to do this and another thing is missing that will most likely happen when the polar shift occurs and the electro magnetic fields become reversed it will be a doorway but we cant enter unless we are fully aligned , have you had any recent dreams thoughts or insights?

    • you may find this link helpful.
      I am starting to focus on the MOON, as others have too?
      The MOON I believe to be the LOCK/GATE we need to swing open…
      With ‘humanity chanting’ in the necessary ‘KEY’ of course.
      Now that MOZART has been identified as belonging to the pack?
      The solutions are artistic, poetic and sublime.
      Does the Magic Flute come into play?
      I feel we may need to ‘move the moon’ … soon?

      The solution can be as beautiful or as horrific as we want to imagine?

      I have had no ‘dreams’…. but the 11258 connections seem to be revealing a never ending narrative.

  5. I like the isis , jesus , comment it is quite interesting due to my own syudies , Is there proof of its origin? and 4$ this is ineresting as well. Is there somewhere to study this or is it just a thought?

    • use the internet
      read between the lines with intuition

      search for truth, with an intent
      most of the ‘truth’ gets revealed in bits and pieces….

      enjoy the search/journey back to the source?
      OR forward as we are lead to believe?

      then why do I feel most of journey involved going backwards?


      • With all this simultaneous time, could it be that we already know…recall could surely seem like “going backwards”, could it not?

  6. I love you man! you know I do! 🙂

    I despise their religion though and still find nothing more in it then anti life anti self total freaking apathy you know yet by all means keep looking 🙂

    I find much more in Theosophy 🙂

    You know, at one time in or not so distant past Science was Religon was Knowledge 🙂

    Pretty much every correlation that you have found lends itself to a “fabric” or “construct” ” R SIM” and/or “matrix” theory 🙂

    I watched a show the other day where science admitted that it only recently believed that the moon came from the earth yet ancient people knew this…

    They basically admitted to the “Growing Earth Theory” yet painfully I watched them “not go there” even though they described it perfectly… sigh

    Anyways – take care – I will read on – zeitgeist movie! 🙂

    • hey NEO I love you too fella.

      MOON came from the EARTH?

      I never could get that mythical image of Ouranos being born from the side of Gaia out of my mind.

      What’s with the mid-atlantic ridge continuing to separate…?
      Is the earth going to pop yet another moon?
      A sibling for Luna?
      Will we one day have two moons orbiting the earth?

      hope life is treating you well, remember it is all an illusion…


  7. I see far too many snippets and tidbits of ideas strewn in a very disorganized manner onto here.
    Each thing standing on its own may make some sense, none, or tons..however strewn altogether in this manner on this webpage is a very interesting view into the authorized brain, even if only to see its disorganized thought pattern and the conclusions it can bring one to.

  8. SSo One thing leads to another. Have had a wonderful day peru-sing this site, SSo many connections that I’m sure my Devine friends must have lead me here. Enjoyed all the laughs and jabs and will continue reading and researching…

    I’m posting on this page as it MEntions the Moon and having seen it born from a fiery Hearth once upon a time I been feeling like a sibling be on the way…all that drill baby, drill in the gulf where that space sperm/comet penetrated an aeon ago and then mans abortave attempts at leaking the ambiotic fluids to slow that smitin shite down last year got me a wAUndering if they know, if it slowed it down or if we bee having a preMee…I been accused of havin an overactive imagination and beeing a mental mastURbater beefore so this Lunabird is pretty much ready to hear any mooing turned MEwing that can dish away with the spoon. 🙂

  9. Julia Crowned Jewelz Davis wrote a new note: who are ‘THEY’?…
    Aug 26
    There’s a story humanity needs to unfold, a secret in history one quietly told, a game quite like, chinese whispers, the players in chess, born criminals and killers, who is at the head of the game? Them rich politicians or driving us people insane? Major illnesses, sudden deaths and no witnesses, sex and violence yet the justice is silent, where are these animals? ‘They’ name ‘government officials’ why are ‘they’ quiet at times of a riot [not one which we fight, but SPEAK in our RIGHTS] is this because ‘they’ question this “human” with no aggression, yes indeed so, the book ‘they’ can’t throw, useLESS book of LAW Lies (governed by)Authority(to divide & create) War.
    Mastered through te-L(I)E-vision, controlling the mind into an unseen, unheard dark fearful prison.. Stored in a LI(e)-brary (a storage place an old age name) to store all the lies that drive us insane, sedating our conciousness in which you need awakening from the loneliness, to embrace you in your righteousness, seek peace within you & learn about the divineness..
    Free yourself from this in-visible prison, what I speak is to ‘they’ forbidden, but my love for you people, my word is not hidden, live in vibration ones peace and meditation, it is never too late and never doubt yourself, believing is achieving if fear is not felt, love carries power as it did in the beginning, tropical flowers, the most indigneous beings..
    Just please take a thought of my message I’m teaching, do some research, like me and start preaching, inspire another-the happiness they’re seeking, encourage these numbers so we can all begin dreamin!! Xxxx (THIS WAS a blessed gift of direction for knowledge, link sent to me) the love if FREEquency!! This is TRUE KNOWLEDGE!!

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