The Amphora – the Rosetta Fractal Mandala ~ DNA and the Holy Grail

UPDATE April 6, 2020
The very important KEYHOLE ARK+E+type …
keyholerosettamandalastpete600px archetype
Came across this video on faKebook today.

Using a Clay Amphora to Purify / Detox Tap Water

We feel it is significant to this particular blog post dealing with the Amphora.

The importance of the Amphora to the ancient mind as more than just a container to hold ‘goods’ to be ‘traded’ or ‘stored’ is still not fully understood … this is the conclusion, clearly what comes to mind.
 ~ end of UPDATE ~

Triskelion and spirals on a Galician torc terminal

Vitruvian Man

2D square vs 3D cube
2D circle vs 3D sphere

“The cube and the sphere are the sole working tools of creation“
– Walter Russell

To the reader later in this blog it will be made clear how the yin yang, flower of LIfE, owl eyes/face, the triskele, the ‘crusade crosses’ and spirals and their kissing cousins the swastikas are ALL related using  G E O M E T R Y.

How does MAN measure UP to the EARTH?

The temple of man

The Temple Of Man
Magnum opus

 Rene Schwaller de Lubicz  ‘RS’ wrote several books. 

Two of them have similar titles.

The Temple OF Man which was published in 1957, the culmination of a career and specifically putting a signature on an epiphany he had in 1937.
By coincidence I was born in 1957 and the numbers 1937 are crucial and take center stage in my epiphany.
Is it surprising that I understand RS?

The Temple IN Man was published in 1949.
It was an idea that RS would continue to build on.

And so did I.
I noticed certain numerical patterns associated with the periodic temple of elements and our DNA ‘fit’ alongside the idea that RS was suggesting about temples and man and the universe all overlapping, as the image on the left illustrates.

The numbers on the right is my contribution to the recovery at this point.
There will be more to come.

The Temple IN Man vs The Temple OX Man

Well what can I say the numb3rs seem to add up, I AM now prepared to offer a sequel called The Temple OX Man!
It is starting to look something like this here.

*update link*
The OX TOE – Quest for a Theory of Everything

BUT wait!
Don’t go to that*update link*quite yet, you may not appreciate its contents until you have digested what I AM offering in this blog.

These updates are as of December 6, 2013.
So my advice is do not be distracted by these update links, come back to them when ready.

Birkland Currents

“The cube and the sphere are the sole working tools of creation“
– Walter Russell

I am not sure if I agree 100% with Walter Russell, we may need to add the tetrahedron to this list of building blocks?

Number/Geometry are the bridge between awareness and consciousness, sense and meaning. They constitute the original Cabala. Out of the nine parts of speech, and twelve components of the mind, all possible meaning arises. The structure of the inner world of mind and language mirrors that of the outer world of matter and vibration – geometry and number – field and particle. The outer world, including music and color, follows the same laws of number which govern the inner world. The laws of number and geometry bridge the inner and outer worlds. Thus by understanding number and geometry we understand ourselves and gain a powerful Wisdom tool with which we can make sense of our world, a world which we now know through the science of Chaos is fundamentally disordered, free.
– Arnold Keyserling

Amphora on the leftRosetta Fractal Mandala photographed in Peru on the right.

Are these two images similar IF not the same?
Finding the puzzle on the left was another of those events over the past few years that which helped to confirm what I had stumbled and bumbled upon like an Inspector Clouseau did in fact have real merit.


source of the 2 Puzzles in this blog

It is time that I introduce two puzzles to assist me in illustrating to you the reader how me the square head can connect the Rosetta Fractal Mandala, an image that has altered the course of my life to the idea of measurement concerning both a 2D flat square and the 3D cube.


And here is yet another *update link* that is best appreciated later after completing the two puzzles found in this blog.

*update link*


8^2 = 8 x 8 = 64 = 4^3

In the language of math the grids could be expressed in several different ways.
The square and the cube.

2 and 3

Definitely do NOT go to this update regarding the numb3rs 2 and 3 until you have digested everything else in this blog.
But I am placing this link here because of the profound underlying associations between the numbers 2 and 3 and the letters Z and W.

*update link*
Story of the W and Z – Sator Square – Twistor String Theory – Miller & Penrose & Plichta & Schwaller & Wedekind & Witten


4^3 = 4 x 4 x 4 = 64

Now here I present the two puzzles hoping to show the profound relationships between several basic geometric Sacred Symbols, the square, the circle, the yin yang, and the seed of life, the flower of life and the tree of life.


The AMPHORA Problem 

What is the area of the red amphora vase we see in the image below?

KEYHOLEAmphoraYinYangbyIvanMoscovich (2)


The YIN YANG Problem

How can you divide a circle into six curved regions of identical shape and size using a compass alone?

i.e. note the SQUARE or the CUBE that contains both 64 codons and 64 hexagrams as depicted by the I Ching  as shown on the cover of the book (a design which the authored has patented).


What is the area of the red amphora vase?


wink wink nudge nudge
know what I mean know what I mean


How can you divide a circle into six curved regions of identical shape and size using a compass alone?


At this point I must point out the similarity to both the 3-legged swastika known as the triskele and the Seed of life, which is the step before the Flower of Life and the Tree of Life.



 4×4 Durer’s Melancholia highlighted the 4×4 magic square of Jupiter
5×5 magic square of Mars associated with two mysteries
Pompeii and the Knights Templar
…and I have a third mystery to add
how and why do magic square ‘anticipate’ string theory?

Jesus and the Miraculous Catch of Fish

i.e.  Fish caught in ThE NET that was placed over the right side of the boat.

John 21:6

“Then he said unto them, Cast out the net on the right side of the ship, and ye shall find. So they cast out, and they were not able at all to draw it, for the multitude of fishes.”



SEEDS, FLOWERS, FRUITS, and TREES of LIFE explained here:
It seems LIfE is best expressed using overlapping circles?
Which brings us back to the idea of the compaSS and the square?

The SS, and square-headed German Swastika Science, was based on the cube?

What a coincidence!
It really does seem more like a design though.


Rosetta Fractal Mandala – a CUBE of DNA – 137 – between two green pillars

What if we imagine them to be associated with the 2 spectral lines of a hydrogen atom associated to the number 137?

*update link*

… and the SEED of LIFE shows up in Crop Circles?


I would expect it, am I blushing green?

*update links*
The Moon – Nazca Lines/Aquaducts – DNA – Crop Circles – RNA

137 the KEY to the Collective Unconscious and The Temple Of Man

AAA Day in the LIfE of the 137 SS MyStic – November 15 – 2013 – Sigma Chi – The Temple Of Man

And as these videos illustrate, the IDEA is all encompassing and complete.

UPDATE March 14, 2022




KEY 528 = Swastika = ancient Spherical Standing Wave Theory

“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”

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37 thoughts on “The Amphora – the Rosetta Fractal Mandala ~ DNA and the Holy Grail

    • that is an interesting site sam

      I always thought of the solar system as an engine with intake and exhaust.
      Ocean wave energy moves more like pistons…they do not roll along as we imagine they do.

      I suspect the aether moves in a similar fashion.
      In a piston type action?


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      • Again Leonordo ‘s code on other links:
        LEONARDO = 12+5+15+14+1+18+4+15 = 84
        The calculated area of the circle is 660 square palms, and the difference between the circle and the square is 660-576 = 84

        The Eye of Horus ratio is {64:63}
        Multiplied with 9 is {576:567}
        Aetos (eagle) and pneuma (spirit) both equal 576

        Circle of earth squared by moon = 31680 = 55 x 576
        31680 – 576 = 31104 = 3 x 10368 = 24 x 432 (radius sun or 432 hertz)

  2. MMaier Atalanta Fugiens 1617

    “Make of the man and woman a Circle, of that a Quadrangle, of this a Triangle, of the same a
    Circle and you will have the Stone of the Philosophers”

    Michael Maier – Atalanta Fugiens (1617)

  3. Yup!
    That symbol is one of The Keys.

    This is the edition from MP Hall’s collection. Hall’s version is coloured . But i saw other editions as well, live and on the net – B/W and coloured – but i can’t tell if the web versions are grayscale because of the graphical conversion process.

    Here’s the Collection :

    And Raph, take a close look at part XXXIV, the infamous triangle Cagliostro/Balsamo book :

    • And it is unclear, at least to me, who actually did the original engravings in the Atalanta…
      Was is Matthaeus Merian, De Bry, or Maier himself?
      Anyways, this is from the earliest edition i could find on the Net :

      At least now we can all see clearly how a Hexagram and Square and Compasses are related 🙂

      And here’s an explanation of that emblem, from :

      “The only emblem in the entire collection of fifty found in Michael Maier’s Atalanta Fugiens identified directly with the Philosopher’s Stone is emblem #21, the basis for the painting in the present exhibition. Next to the identification of the emblem reads, “Make a circle around man and woman, then a square, now a triangle; make a circle, and you will have the Philosopher’s Stone.” The epigram reads,

      “Around the man and woman draw a ring,

      From which an equal-sided square springs forth.

      From this derive a triangle, which should touch

      The sphere on every side: and then the Stone

      Will have arisen. If this is not clear, Then learn Geometry, and know it all.” (Godwin, Michael Maier’s Atalanta Fugiens, p. 147.)

      The reconciliation of opposites through their mutual attraction brings man and woman together symbolizing the One thing, the dot or circle. Although they are one, they are also two, equaling by addition three they become the triangle and their multiplicity produces four, the square. From this progression from dot to line to triangle and square, they return again to one, the larger circle, from the union of corporeal love to all-encompassing spiritual Love. Spheres within spheres, a Jacob’s ladder, a golden chain.

      As the One thing, the man and woman alchemically join as “our fruitful hermaphrodite,” the son of Hermes and Aphrodite, to produce the philosopher’s stone in new life. The joining creates the tetractys: two heads, four arms and four legs. To perfect a body in the animal, plant, or mineral realms, the alchemist must separate the one into the four elements of Air, Water, Fire, and Earth. These elements are again separated and refined by fours. Air is divided into the “Air of Air,” “Water of Air,” “Fire of Air,” and “Earth of Air.” Divide the 4 by 4 four times to get the three: 4x4x4=48: 4+8=12:1+2=3. Once these separations are completed, they are recombined into one again to be separated by three principals, sulphur, mercury, and salt. The three principals, once separated, are recombined and subjected to a maximum of seven slow distillations (the one becomes four+three= seven: the circle articulated as square and triangle). Finally, the three purified principals are joined together as One in the form of the universal medicine, the philosopher’s stone, the Miracle of the One Thing, the large circle surrounding all of the work of the one, four, and three in the emblem.

      The master in the emblem points his compass from circle to circle, or as it has been interpreted, from square to circle, demonstrating the squaring of the circle, the quintessential symbol of the marriage of heaven and earth. This puzzle was originally posed by the Delphic Oracle, to construct a square with a perimeter equal to the circumference of a circle.

      Measures, to plot the sky…I use a ruler, thus, until at length the circle has been squared, and in the midst a market place is set, from which the streets are drawn, to radiate as from a star, the beams of which, itself a circle, shine straight forth to every point.-Aristophanes (c.450-c.388 B.C.)

      The actual visual image of the squaring of the circle on these terms depict both the circle and the square overlapping each other, with the four tips of the square being the only part to emerge outside the circle. Draw two vesicas pisces at right angles to each other and approximate this image in the center. It is not worked out geometrically in the part of the emblem which shows the circle completely inside the square. It is generally accepted that the problem cannot be solved with the aid of the geometer’s tools of compass, straightedge, and pencil, two of which are apparent in the emblem while the third (the pencil) is implied by the sheet of drawings.

      Let us look closely at two of the drawings on the sheet: we find a hexagram within a circle. If we were to place a smaller circle within the inner hexagon, that circle’s circumference would be exactly half of the outer circle. The hexagram itself contains the square and compass symbol of Freemasonry, which can be overlaid upon the image of the squared circle with the four tips of square and compass touching the outlying tips of the square. The other drawing is of an octagon. If we count the inner surfaces of the squared circle we come up with eight. In other words, the octagon is the perfect symbol of the actual image of the squaring of the circle.

      The square, turning upon itself, produces the circle equal to itself, and the circular movement of the four equal angles turning around one point, is the quadrature of the circle.-Albert Pike (Morals and Dogma, p. 771.)

      Manley P. Hall, in his monumental work The Secret Teachings of All Ages (PRS, Los Angeles, 1988) discusses the squaring of the circle in the architecture of the Great Pyramid:

      The entire pyramid is an example of perfect orientation and actually squares the circle. This last is accomplished by dropping a vertical line from the apex of the Pyramid to its base line. If this vertical line be considered as the radius of an imaginary circle, the length of the circumference of such a circle will be found to equal the sum of the base lines of the four sides of the Pyramid. (p. XLII)

      In his extraordinary geometrical study of the temple of Luxor entitled The Temple of Man, (Inner Traditions, Rochester, 1998) R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz describes a diagram dissecting “The Naos of Alexander and the Geometric pi” and concludes, after demonstrating that the architects used..” an already perfect pi of 3.141595, compared to pi as it is presently calculated, 3.1415927…We thus have a method of drawing an almost exact pi in a straight line, which makes a geometric squaring of the circle possible.” (p. 947)

      An examination of the diagram in question in The Temple of Man reveals a relationship between the angle used to get the exact pi and the triangle surrounding square and circle (which are also present in the diagram of “The Naos of Alexander”) in Maier’s emblem 21 if it is turned upside down.

      The squaring of the circle has figured into the sacred architecture of temples and cathedrals for thousands of years. It is no coincidence that the demonstration of this spiritualization of matter found in Atalanta Fugiens, Emblem 21 takes place on the side of a building. We see that the edifice is cracking and falling away to reveal the secret of its design: we have not really run into a brick wall of mystery, rather, we are instructed by what it reveals. And there is more.”

  4. I was researching the swastika. And found this diagram:


    They say that the Vedic mystics gave a name to the Atom, which is “ANU”, in Sumerian “ANU” means sky or heaven…

    Then in sculpture class I had an epiphanEE…
    This is the sumerian cuneiform representing ANU (the carbon atom?)

    I don’t know what the inverted triangles would mean, but I think the carbon atom (which is the basis for a diamond) has more significance than we can imagine right now. The cuneiform definitely depics the asymmetrical/symmetrical universe.

  5. Hey, been reading up on the time when the Earth was without a moon, the romans and greeks wrote about it especially. Have you run across any symbols illustrating this?

  6. Hello Ralph,
    just stumbled upon your great blog today, am *very* interested in your research. Is there a place where it is possible to download all the posts in your blog in one go? I’d love to read/study them from the beginning, and it would be nice to have them on my hard disk without having to save page by page.
    Thanks for any reply you might give me.
    Kind regards,

    PS. btw, I was born on 28.3.1959

    • Sorry but until I put it all together
      You will need to wait for the book…

      Or you can come along for the journey that I took.
      Start with the first post March 2007 and work your way to the present.

      You will see how I start with an idea, and I work it.


  7. Eep sorry for posting so much lately but you’re posts have gotten me thinking….

    Have you heard of Sonoluminescence? A.K.A ‘Star in a Jar’?

    The Flask used looks a lot like the Amphora, fusion scientists say that shape of the jar is extremely important to for it to work 😉

    Sonoluminescence is an experiment regarding to implosion physics. The water droplet is caught in a 3 dimensional space of sound, expands and collapses producing light, a.k.a energy. It was hushed by mainstream scientists. They’ve been trying to harness said energy through fiber optics…


  8. A Dutch mathematician found an error in the work of Leonardo da Vinci.
    It is a drawing that Da Vinci was commissioned by mathematician Luca Pacioli. Eos would write this week.
    It is a drawing of a polyhedron with squares and triangles.
    On each square in a square pyramid polyhedron belongs to any triangle and a triangular pyramid.
    But one of the triangles is drawn a square pyramid.
    This was discovered by artist and mathematician Rinus Roelofs when he wanted to draw from the figure itself.
    I understand that Da Vinci made ​​that mistake.
    It is a very complex figure, he had to sign out of his head.
    I can imagine that there might be introduced a mistake said Roelofs.
    To our knowledge there has not been an error in the work of Da Vinci.

    Click to access Eos%20-%20Fout%20van%20da%20vinci%20-%20april%202011.pdf

    • Triquetra Book of Shadows based on a TV show?
      What is your point?

      Hawk U R a high flyer, you can soar, but I sense you are descending into the land of Catholic/Christian superstition based on the ignorance of the facts of life.
      I hope not.
      Correct me if I am wrong, I apologize if I am.

      666 triquetra

      The Triquetra symbol looks like an electron probability cloud for the carbon atom.
      Taken from the perspective of looking down on it from above…take a look at the AUMkara symbol in the chart below.
      (the 4th leg of the carbon atom is thus where we see the other 3 intersect in the center)

      And lo and behold the carbon atom has a 666 configuration.
      And ALL life needs carbon 12 (666) to live.

      666 carbon atom

      2010 news flash:
      Lo and behold CARBON graphene ONE ATOM (adam) in thickness IS going to revolutionize micro-technology.

      Middle Ages ignorance should NOT be tolerated in 2011.
      It will not be tolerated on this word blog.

      Maybe the awakening is in part the slaying of ignorance + Christian superstitions and what else…?

      Funny how the Muslims had science built into their beliefs from the word go, the Christians took the science out till recently.
      NOW as we approach 2012 the superstitious Christians are embracing every scientific breakthrough as a revelation from god?

      Yup the Christians shall receive their awakening.
      Everybody be very very careful for what your inner magnetic U wishes 4.


  9. hey ra pha el,

    thought you might find this site interesting:

    do you think it’s true that the communist hammer & sickle represent the scythe of saturn and the hammer of thor?

    are we caught in the middle of a battle between the adepts of saturnalia and jupiter? i.e the battle between the two ages of pisces and aquarius?

    jupiter = zeus = jezeus = jesus ? there was no letter j in hebrew? o_o


    • sorry Dan the Man but I can use the swastika at the NANO scale to UNZIP your DNA Dan.

      Yup it is a fact of life Dan that the swastika is something YOU ARE IGNORANT about.
      go here for the 21st century science:

      here is the challenge to Dan the Man who spews his phi nonsense VOID of swastika insights.

      Tell me how your work intersects with the engineering being done at the NANO scale that incorporates swastika geometry?

      Time to put Dan Winter the phi Man and Stan Tenen the aleph-bet soup NAZI-rite on the same page. *wink*

      got a sense of humor Dan Winter?

      Show me how phi and the swastika are ‘connected’?
      Can you?
      Have you gone that deep down the hole Dan?


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  14. This is all very nice and i appreciate all you do, i really do.

    But am i the only one who can see the balkanization of epistemology taking place all the time around us, almost that you can discern a curve in time, that must mean that the bifurcation process of history is very near now. just study human happenstance and you can discern something very counterintuitive to that way of thinking, no order without chaos.

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