Swastika and Ancient Spherical Standing Wave Theory

Eins Zwei Drei Vier ….. (repeat)

1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4

About face, time to turn around…
…is a clue

How to do the Goosestep

In that video re: Hitler … go back to the end of Part IV.

The crypt tour guide Stuart thinking rather little, takes 3 STEPs into the recessed circle, claims it pertains to the ‘3rd Reich’ and then he russells up the courage to take one more final step, a 4th STEP down into the center of the circle?
Stuart does not ‘see’ the obvious, the obvious that is obvious, but once the veil is removed and you start to ‘see’ the obvious, it becomes quite obvious, obviously.

Need I say it is glaringly obvious one more time?
Okay, it is obvious.

One photo above is a Masonic representation of a ‘cycle’.
The other image of the Greek Zodiacal Cross, with the serpent intertwined was the inspiration of Aleister Crowley.

How do we connect the Macro equinox (precession) with the micro equinox (vernal/annual), to a cycle that is found on all levels, existing between the big macrocosm and the small, the microcosm?

Including Milo Wolff’s theory?
In Wave vs Out Wave = Standing Wave Theory

And beside Milo’s archetypal model is another.
Interesting relationship we see between concentric circles and Phi?

Could Phi represent the transcendental ‘pulse’ that creates concentric wave action…leading to spherical standing waves?

Why 12?

Could the 12 in the temple symbolize the 12 constellations that sit on the ecliptic, further signifying their inherent energetic role, taking part in a journey, tracking our sun through The Great Year, a 25,812 year sojourn?
(re: 25,812…the length of precession is under dispute)
Alchemy was referred to as the Great Work and it takes a Great deal of time.

The next step in the unveiling of the Great Work is quite easy.
Substitute numbers for a constellation/astrological position on the ecliptic.
Each sign is identified on the astrological wheel by a number.
That is the rule, not something I made up.
And the wheel begins with ARIES in the number 1 position at 0 degrees.
Please note that in ARIES the snake is consuming its tail.
Similar to the ouroboros, another symbol that represents a cycle of time.

Room 1258 / the Crypt contains significant symbolism regarding 4 of those constellations that sit on the ecliptic….specifically referring to the 4 beasts of the apocalypse represented by the constellations represented by the numbers 11, 2, 5, and 8.

We find those 4 numbers are ALL on the second orbit / valance, marked in yellow in the above image.
And I used those colors WHITE, YELLOW, and RED for an important reason.
Which becomes apparent later.

And then we join the dots…you can go in either direction.
We can rotate clockwise around the clock/elemental and zodiacal cross 1 >> 2 >> 3 >> 4 etc. OR you can do what the term precession implies, and go backwards or counterclockwise.

Again the concepts of Clockwise and CounterClockwise play a role.
And now we can mention that the Judaeo/Christian Ezekiel’s vision was wheels within wheels….

Here is an earlier sketch I did showing those 4 numbers (11, 2, 5, 8) and their position on the Zodiacal cross.
And I want to mention that beside the Greek Zodiacal Cross is a Chaldean Zodiacal Cross, that I just recently came across.
We can apply the same techniques to the Chaldean Cross because it also represents the Precession cycle…but it has an additional wheel within a wheel.

So it becomes apparent that the movement that is implied by the Precession of the Equinox cycle … by virtue of its movement or path along the ecliptic the Sun actually weaves a ‘knot’.

A ‘knot’ that was associated with and please choose as many that apply…

a/ King Solomon
b/ Sacred temple
c/ Knights Templar
d/ The Ark of the Covenant
e/ The Holy Grail
f/ Swastika
g/ Americas
h/ ancient navigation tool called the mattang
i/ TIME that can be expressed as Clockwise and Counterclockwise
j/ SPIN that can be expressed as Clockwise and Counterclockwise
k/ Polarity that can be expressed as Clockwise and Counterclockwise
l/ Electron vs. Positron that can be expressed as Clockwise and Counterclockwise
m/ Zoroaster’s 4 Oracles
n/ Riddle of the Sphinx
o/ Milky Way
p/ 2012 prophecy
q/ Standing Wave Theory
r/ All of the above?

I am sure I can find reasons/associations from A-Z.
Maybe I post the rest later.

A section of the vast expanse of mosaic floor, found under the floor of the Aquileian basilica. The floor is longer than that of the great basilica. It extends past the presbytery to an undisclosed end. The scenes of Jonah’s tribulation, of which the center panel is shown above, lies further along past the top of the illustration. Solomon’s knot, a Judaic motif, is repeated here as well as throughout the mosaic floors of the adjoining buildings.

I love it.
A mosaic floor filled with archetypal clues.
HIDDEN or veiled under another floor.
By who?

And the circle containing the fixed cross>>> the swastika >>> the quatrefoil actually tells an interesting story … suggesting a progression is taking place.

Fixed Cross within the circle is balance…but then we see movement, the ancient graphic artist used the same technique to indicate ‘movement’.
The bent arms of the swastika indicate a counterclockwise movement will thus ensue.
Counterclockwise is the movement of the earth, looking down from above…
And the final shape are four spirals within a quatrefoil = ONE precession cycle.

And the images inside those quatrefoils are suggesting this cycle of time is about the infinite cycle of LIFE that takes place, as a result of this cycle taking place, on earth is where the narratives we see depicted taking place.
I have been suggesting on ALL my threads that Precession, Precession, Precession is what the really important archetypes are all pointing toward.
Or Location Location Location becomes important too when discussing valuable real estate in the solar system.

How difficult would it be, to bury a cycle called The Great Year or a symbol like the swastika within western consciousness?

How difficult would that be?
I will show you that any esoteric understanding of the SUN has long ago disappeared from our consciousness.

What is mainstream consciousness?

Mainstream in my opinion represents about 95% of the people.
About the same percentage of JUNK DNA identified by the ‘gee’ gnome experts.
About the same percentage of Dark Matter + Dark Energy that exists in the Universe.
About the same percentage of the life on earth that gets eliminated when the cataclysms hit.

I then proceed to ask ‘mainstream consciousness’ three questions, that expose their plight as a cult of Sun worshipers who have no idea what they are worshiping.

1/ What does the moon orbit and how long does it take?
2/ What does the earth orbit and how long does it take?

Now here is the question that stumps civilizations that turn rain forests into a sea of stumps.

3/ What does the sun orbit and how long does it take?

“Duh” is the response to match the expression I usually get…is there a difference.
95% of the sheeple will bleat nothing and reach for either the TV remote, a beer, or a bible.
All three reactions are highly predictable.

The extent of their consciousness has been exposed.
I rest mi case.
Most people are sheeple and seegullibles…no offence directed at anybody specifically.
And HIS-story will repeat it itself because the ewe simply don’t learn from it.
They are doomed to rebleat rebleat rebleat.

I now want to illustrate why I identified certain colors with certain valances or orbits.
Why I identified WHITE, YELLOW and RED with certain stages.
It is all about alchemy and change and evolution and reversals of fortune.
Alchemy is the language of archetype that will help us become golden.
Note the stages of alchemy and the colors associated.
Black was not mentioned earlier because it is the center.

1/ blackening
2/ whitening
3/ yellowing
4/ reddening

Rosetta Fractal
I found / photographed this symbol in a Peruvian monastery back in 2006.
It is the archetypal image that I used to unlock these mysteries that I now share on this website…hence the name I now use to identify it.
The Rosetta Fractal Mandala has ‘Standing Wave Theory’ written all over it.

1/ blackening
2/ whitening
3/ yellowing
4/ reddening

On each and every level of the matrix, invisible or visible, the science of alchemy / thermodynamics are at play.

I forgot to mention another interesting observation that occurred in the crypt / Room 1258.
When Stuart was standing in the center of the circle / NAZI world and he looked up what did he see?
Go back and watch the video and tell me if it matches what I found in Pompeii.
In a place called the Villa of the Mysteries.
Remember they found the Knights Templar Magic Square in Pompeii, so it existed at least 1000 years before it became associated with the fighting monks known as the Knights Templar.

That scroll runs the entire length of the perimeter of the room where the archetypal narrative is taking place.

Okay so we have identified one of the images that we see on the wall in the villa.
The same image we see on the ceiling in the NAZI version of Valhalla is on the wall in the Villa.
And the image that alternates with the swastika, the image consisting of concentric squares, I have seen often.
It is known as a ‘lozenge’.

All we need to do is rotate the square into a diamond or lozenge shape.

And the lozenge is associated with the feminine aspect.

And the 3 x 3 square is our friend, the Lo Shu magic square at the very centre…

So let us enter Valhalla one more time.
Remember the Crypt is located below the North Tower.
We look up and see the MALE symbol on the ceiling, above us.
And the circular temple we are standing in represents the earth, the alchemic forge of nature.

It is also the lozenge that helps soothe the bitter pill we must swallow.
It all fits.

In conclusion:
Here is an ancient theory still valid today.

figure 215 above I want to suggest tells an interesting story.
It is actually suggesting the same thing as Milo Wolff.
I see an ancient attempt to communicate Spherical Standing Wave Theory.

>>> Cross within a Circle moves CW or CCW
>>> Swastika
moves CW or CCW
resulting in Solomon’s Knot = Standing Wave Theory

And I think the ancient Polynesian mattang which contains ALL the magic of the Knights Templar magic square, found in Pompeii, is a navigational tool, a GPS, left by the ancients, termed a survival tool by the Polynesians, can in fact be used to help modern man navigate our way through the ‘2012 Stargate’.

Somebody tell those fellas at CERN to stand down.
There is another way to move this mountain, to make us skip like a stone over the surface of the water.

2bee continue




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